80 On-Screen Geeks Who Are Surprisingly Cool in Real Life

Throughout the world of TV and cinema, there have been many nerds. Whether it’s the stereotypical geek with glasses or a smart scientist, we’ve seen them all. When they are played by great actors, you can get tricked into thinking that they are nerds in real life.

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Take off the glasses and goofy clothing, and a lot of these great actors are really cool. Here is a list of all the great nerds that we’ve seen over the years and what the actors are like in reality.

America Ferrara – The Not-So-Ugly Betty

America Ferrara was a curious cast for “Ugly Betty” as she is, well, very pretty. But the show did that old trick of putting on some glasses and dorky clothes. In the show, she played an awkward teen from Queens who got into all types of hilarious messes.

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She won many awards for her roles and has also starred in another sitcom, “Superstore.” Away from the cameras, she’s been known to fight for many causes. This includes getting more Latinos to vote, championing women’s rights, and trying to reunite immigrant families.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s Talented Mind

Criminal Minds is a TV institution and one of its best characters is Dr. Spencer Reid. He has an IQ of 187 and is always coming up with genius ways to look at the crime scene. He’s a pretty cool character but still a nerd.

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Back in the real world, one of the coolest things he’s ever done is become a minister and officiated the wedding of his costar Paget Brewster. As well as a minister, he’s also worked as a painter, illustrator, and author. Oh, and he’s even modeled for Tommy Hilfiger.

The One where he’s not a Geek

Has there ever been a better comedic character than Ross Geller? We’re not sure if d because it was a brilliant character or because it was so brilliantly played by David Schwimmer. The paleontologist was constantly making himself look stupid.

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After “Friends”, Schwimmer has continued to be an A-list star but is also a super-smart graduate in real life. Along with that, he’s also a committed social activist, especially for sexual assault victims. There’s nothing cooler than using your fame for such great work.

A Real Life Nine-Nine out of a Hundred

Anyone who’s worked in an office has probably known an Amy Santiago; Someone who’s a stickler for the rules, loves their stationery, and wants to plan everything. It’s a character that Melissa Fumero plays perfectly in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Away from the Nine-Nine, Fumero is happily married with two kids and her pregnancy was even written into the show. She’d been in many great shows and has even directed an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A geek on the screen, a cool cat away from it.

The Gorgeous non-Geeky Gilmore Girl

While she’s been in many shows and movies, many people will only ever see Alexis Bledel as the nerdy girl from Gilmore Girls. She played the role of Rory brilliantly as the high achieving, book smart girl from the small town.

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Bledel was a model when she got the role and has continued to model for some of the most famous magazines. Unfortunately, her relationship with Milo Ventimiglia didn’t last but it was pretty cool that she transferred that on-screen romance to the real world.

The Real- Life Legend Theory

There is perhaps no greater nerd in the history of television than Sheldon Cooper. He has a genius level of intelligence while also being incredibly awkward. It’s a show that doesn’t make fun of nerds and instead celebrates them with charm and wit.

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His life has seen him work alongside many superstars, including Rihanna in the movie “Home”. He’s also happily married to the Art Director Todd Spiewak. Having a home in both New York and LA is incredible and it’s fair to say Parsons is living a cool life.

Live Cool and Prosper

The late, great Leonard Nimoy played one of the best geekiest roles of all time. He was the iconic Spock in “Star Trek” and served his role well as the guide to Captain Kirk. The part-human, part-vulcan has super-intelligence and was brilliantly played by Nimoy.

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While Nimoy is no longer with us, his legacy lives on. As well as being an actor, he tried his hand at songwriting, singing, writing, and as a photographer. He also had one of the best-ever guest roles in The Simpsons in the legendary episode “Marge vs. the Monorail”.

The Geek Who Got all the Girls

Wilmer Valderrama was brilliant on “That ’70s Show” as he played the foreign exchange student who could never quite master the American culture. It was full of awkward moments that always made you cringe.

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It’s fair to say, however, that Valderrama came of age and has long since shaken off that nerdy tag. That’s in no small part to him being incredibly handsome. Those good looks have allowed him to date many top stars such as Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Demi Lovato.

Modern Geek is Actually Really Cool

In “Modern Family”, Ariel Winter plays the role of Alex Dunphy who is seemingly the only sensible character and sandwiched between her stupid elder sister and younger brother. She wears geeky clothes and is dedicated to her studies.

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Away from that dorky character and the clothes Winter is far from geeky and she has no worries about showing off her voluptuous figure. She cares very little about what anyone else thinks and you can’t really be much cooler than that.

Clueless? More Like Incredibly Cool

Paul Rudd is now an A-list star, but he got his film debut in the rather geeky role of Josh in the film “Clueless”. He played a college nerd who read Nietzsche for fun and cared about foreign policy, social issues, and the environment.

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Since that film came out, he’s gone on to star in many fun and diverse roles, including being Ant-Man. Away from film and TV, he does plenty of charity work along with being a co-owner of a cady store which is surely every kid’s dream come true.

Chuck Away That Geeky Character

The computer geek, who suddenly becomes an asset for a security agency is a very common character trope. In “Chuck,” that common part is played by Zachary Levi who lives with his sister and works in a superstore.

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Back in the real world, Levi loves his cars and motorcycles while also being an avid gamer. He’s gone on to star in quite a few superhero movies so he’s basically living out his childhood dream. He’s also an ambassador for the mental health charity Active Minds. Very cool!

The Secretly Cool Big Sister

Both the Deschanel sisters are pretty cool but it’s Emily who is known for playing a TV geek. She’s brilliant as the forensic anthropologist in the show “Bones” where she’s known for those incredible chiseled facial features.

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The older sister to Zooey, Emily is an animal rights activist and became a vegan after watching a documentary. She speaks her mind and we love her for it. She’s also starred in some great animated comedies such as “American Dad!”, “BoJack Horseman”, and “The Simpsons”.

Leave the Old Dorky Life Behind

Here is another blast from the past. “Leave It to Beaver” came out in 1957 and one of the star characters is played by Jerry Mathers. He played The Beaver and it laid the groundwork for the geek trope by doing many classically nerdy things.

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While he was a geek on the show, in real life Mathers was never short of women, getting married three times and having three children in the process. A former member of the Air National Guard, he’s also helped to raise awareness of Type 2 diabetes.

Podcasts and Music Videos for this Star

In “Parks and Recreation”, Adam Scott plays an overly professional state auditor by the name of Ben Wyatt. It works perfectly as a character that is meant to be boring usually ends up being the only rational adult in the room.

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When he’s not being an amazing actor, he runs his own music podcast which has had a range of brilliant guests. He’s also appeared in R.E.M’s music video for their song “Drive”, which is also pretty cool. He’s far from the boring character he plays on the show.

The Pretending to be a Geek Years

In “The Wonder Years” we saw Danica McKellar’s character Winnie Cooper be incredibly smart and one of the best characters in the show. It was the main character’s crush on her which was a huge part of what made it great.

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Away from the show and it seems McKellar is still that smart! She has written a lot of math books for teens and has even co-publishes a math theorem at UCLA. We think that teaching others is always a cool thing to do.

Pretty Little Pretend Geek

Mona is a very complicated character in “Pretty Little Liars”. Played by Janel Parrish, Mona Vanderwaal used her intelligence to get back at all the popular girls. To do this, she uses a combination of her hacking intelligence, along with being a language expert.

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The real-life Janel is a lot sweeter. We saw this when she got to be on the show “Dancing with The Stars” where she got to show off her moves and great personality. She’s also appeared on many other great shows, as well as some music videos too.

The Actor Living His Best Life

In “The O.C.”, Adam Brody’s character was somewhat of a loner. The character, Seth Cohen, was awkward and shy. This led to him being bullied by the popular kids and you always felt sorry for him when watching.

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While Seth Cohen may have struggled to fit in, Adam Brody didn’t. He’s married to the beautiful Leighton Meester and has two kids. Along with this, he also started his own band called Big Japan and has even co-written a comic book mini-series. He’s living his best life.

30 Reasons to Be Cool

The hopeless single woman who’s married to their job has been done many times on TV and film. Tina Fey plays that role perfectly in her hit show 30 Rock. The character Liz Lemon has a disastrous dating life and eats nothing except for off-brand Cheetos.

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The real Tina Fey is a comedy legend who has been given us laughs for many years. This includes plenty of brilliant “SNL” skits. She’s also happily married with two kids and does a ton of different charity work, which is as cool as it gets.

Scrub off The Geeky Image

J.D. in “Scrubs” is such as great character and it could only ever be played to perfection by Zach Braff. The daydreaming doctor can never seem to stop his life from being in a mess as he hopelessly tries to build his friendships and love life.

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Aside from Scrubs, Braff has been in a whole host of amazing TV shows and films. He’s also dating stunning actress Florence Pugh and is the proud owner of a Porsche. Added to all of that, Braff also amazingly has a pilot license.

Boy Meets the Cool World

A kid who cares about the environment and only wanted to eat organic vegan foods? Well, that seems pretty normal these days. In 1993, however, Danielle Fishel’s character Topanga Lawrence in “Boy Meets World” was seen as a weird outcast.

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Since being on the show she has graduated from California State University and become a math tutor. She’s had many acting roles since but has also turned her talents to directing on several different shows. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also done plenty of modeling.

From Velma to Al Capone’s Wife

Everyone loved Scooby-Doo as a kid and a lot of us probably still do. Those live-action movies were a lot of fun, in no small part to Linda Cardellini who played the super-geek Velma Dinkley. The character is everything you’d expect from a nerd.

Photo by Morgan Lieberman, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by Warner Bros.

While Cardellini was brilliant at playing a nerd, she sure doesn’t look like one. The beautiful actress has made a move away from kids’ movies, even playing the role of Al Capone’s wife! She’s incredibly talented but we’ll always have a soft spot for her as Velma.

Fringe Geek to Being Super Cool

Jasika Nicole is another brilliant and beautiful actress who is known for playing a geek, this time as the character Astrid Farnsworth in the show “Fringe”. In it, she has majored in linguistics and music as well as a minor in computer science and is fluent in five languages.

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She also played the head of pathology in “The Good Doctor” but isn’t a real-life nerd. She married her long-time partner Claire Savage in 2013 but perhaps the coolest fact about Nicole is that she designs and makes her clothes!

Person of Cool Girl Interest

Amy Acker’s character in “Person of Interest” is a complicated one. She’s an occasional assassin and a genius-level cyber villain. She developed a relationship with The Machine before eventually becoming the voice of it.

Photo by Michael Tullberg, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by CBS

Acker’s real relationship is her marriage with fellow actor James Carpinello, and they have two children together. She studied ballet and modern dance in her youth as well as being a model. She’s smart too, getting a degree from Southern Methodist University.

Fake Silicon Valley to Real Life Star

In “Silicon Valley” we see Kumail Nanjiani play a funny and adorable programmer by the name of Dinesh Chugtai. Like many on-screen geeks, he is brilliant at coding and has his heart set on developing an app with his buddies.

Photo by Gary Gershoff, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by HBO

Off-screen, Nanjiani isn’t that dissimilar from Dinesh. At the age of 18, he moved to the US and graduated from college with a double major in computer science and philosophy. While life imitated art, he’s also gone on to brilliantly play a wide variety of different roles.

Family and Coolness Matters

Is there a more quintessential nerd than Steve Urkel? He has the glasses, a quirky sense of style with those high-waisted pants, and an annoyingly high-pitched voice. He was everything an on-screen geek is meant to be.

Photo by Noam Galai, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by ABC

We do get a glimpse of his cool on “Family Matters” though when he changes to Stefan Urquelle after drinking a magical potion. That was much more like the real Jaleel White who started off acting in commercials at the age of 3 and now makes his own cannabis products.

The Poker Playing Spider-Man

Spider-Man is perhaps the geekiest superhero of them all. Tobey Maguire perfectly plays him with his awkward ways as he tries to come to terms with his new powers. Eventually, the character ends up quite cool as he starts fighting evil.

Photo by Donato Sardella, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by Sony Pictures

Away from the successful movie, Tobey Maguire has always been cool. He’s appeared in a wide range of epic roles and has won various awards. He’s also become quite a good poker player, appearing in many tournaments.

Supernatural Nerd to Supernatural Cool Levels

We love an on-screen geek who turns into a badass character and that’s exactly what happened to Felicia Day’s character Charlie Bradbury in “Supernatural”. She was a hacker who has a Dungeon and Dragons tattoo who eventually became a hunter.

Photo by Gabriel Olsen, Getty Images / Source: Tumblr

The beautiful Day loves gaming and even wrote and starred in the Dragon Age web series. Added to this, she’s even launched her own production company and has appeared in a musical. We love a geek who has made a living out of their nerdiness.

Revenge of the Pretend Nerds

The ’80s were the time when the role of the on-screen nerd really blossomed. Never was that more obvious than Robert Carradine’s character Louis Skolnick in the show “Revenge of the Nerds” where he played your typical IT geek.

Photo by Steve Granitz, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by 20th Century Fox

A member of the notable Carradine family, he grew up in Hollywood and was always destined to be a star. Coolness runs through the family, and he’s appeared in a vast range of TV shows and movies since the ‘80s and is still very busy to this day.

Can’t Buy Me Cool

Being a racing car driver is pretty much the coolest job anyone could wish to have. Patrick Dempsey has been living that dream for a while now, even competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He also proudly owns a vintage and sports car collection.

Photo by Arnold Jerocki, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Touchstone Pictures

He’s perhaps most well-known for his role as Derek Shepherd in “Grey’s Anatomy” it was in another role where he got his geeky title. He played Ronald Miller in “Can’t Buy Me Love” as a dorky unpopular kid but a lot has changed since that film came out in 1987.

The Ice Cool Lawyer Years

Another geek in “The Wonder Years” is Paul. He is played by Josh Saviano and is a character that is a complete dork in every sense. He’s very smart but he has those geeky glasses along with a quirky walk and constantly suffering from his allergies.

Photo by Lars Niki, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by ABC

While he was a successful child star, Saviano decided to stop his acting career and instead pursue a career in law which he has successfully done, graduating from Yale. He was briefly tempting back into acting, playing a lawyer in “Law & Order” for three episodes.

Harry Potter and the Girl Who Became Cool

Hermione Granger is a brilliant character creation. Played by Emma Watson in the Harry Potter series, she uses her intelligence to remember a wide range of wonderful spells. Her dedication to her study becomes a valuable asset in the fight against evil.

Photo by Taylor Hill, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Warner Bros.

The reality is that Emma Watson has always been smart and even graduated from Brown. She also loved her sports as she played lacrosse in college. She’s now fighting for a wide range of different causes, and you can’t say cooler than that.

The Fresh Prince of Secret Cool

When you think of Carlton Banks you think of a hopeless dork but also that timeless dance that he’s been asked to do time and time again. Next to the super-cool Will Smith “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” needed a geeky sidekick.

Photo by Jim Spellma, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by NBC

Being funny is in the blood of Alfonso Ribeiro and you can see this when he hosts “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. It’s a very cool job and whenever you see him interviewed, he comes across as a great and humble guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Matilda Magic’s Up a Great Personality

It needed a special actress to bring the role of Roald Dahl’s Matilda to the silver screen. She did it perfectly in playing a kid who was hated by her family. The child’s genius was out of place but eventually became adopted by her loving teacher.

Photo by Amy Sussman, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Sony Pictures

She retired from acting and hasn’t appeared in a film since 2000 but has kept herself busy writing and doing other types of acting work, usually in voice roles. She’s written a few books and if you follow her on social media, you’ll love her sharp wit and intellect.

Spy Kid Secretly Becomes a Cool Adult

“Spy Kids” is a great show which puts a kinder face on the world of espionage. In it, Alexa Vega’s character Carmen Cortez needs to change into a secret agent to save her parents. It’s a cute role where she uses her smarts and skills.

Photo by Tommaso Boddi, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Dimension Films

No longer a kid, Vega is now the mother of three children and lives in Hawaii. She’s a brilliant singer and has lent her voice to the soundtrack to a few soundtracks. She also competed in the 21st season of “Dancing with the Stars” alongside her husband.

Declassified Coolness Survival Guide

“Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” was a great show on Nickelodeon and Daniel Lee Curtis has one of the best characters on it. He played Cookie who was known for being a cyber nerd with a built-in monitor screen on his glasses.

Photo by Toby Canham, Getty Images / Source: Reddit

Take one look at him now and you’ll know that he’s far from a geek. Dashingly handsome, he’s also incredibly talented. Aside from being a great actor, he’s also tried his hand at being a comedian and rapper. It’s a very cool set of skills to have.

The Geekiness Terminator Returns

There are not many more infamous roles than “The Sherminator” in the American Pie franchise. He’s one of the best geeks of all time with quotes that have been constantly repeated. The helpless dork is a great comedic character who lives for Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Photo by Getty Images / Source: Twitter

It’s clear to see that in real life he’s a great guy but also has a great comeback story. He had to take a job as a waiter in 2014. There’s nothing wrong with that but he managed to get back to his dream job and has appeared in three films since.

The Amazing Handsome Superhero

As we’ve already mentioned, there perhaps isn’t a geekier superhero role to play than Spider-Man. This time we’re focusing on “The Amazing Spider-Man” where we see Andrew Garfield play the nerdy Peter Parker who gets those amazing spider skills.

Photo by Gregg DeGuire, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Sony Pictures

Back in the real world, Garfield is pretty damn cool. He dated fellow A-lister Emma stone which is no surprise with his good looks. He’s also starred in many incredible movies, most notably for his Oscar-nominated role for Best Actor in Hacksaw Ridge.

The Geek-Playing Is Actually Supercool

“Juno” is a wonderful film that tackles a lot of subjects that other films avoid. Michael Cera plays your typical unpopular school kid whose life gets turned upside down when he gets his love interest, Juno, pregnant.

Photo by John Shearer, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Fox

It’s a charming film and showed how good Cera was at playing that geeky character, as we also saw in “Superbad”. Away from the cameras, Cera loves his music and is a great singer and bass player. He even released his own album in 2014.

From The Office to Music and Comedy

“The Office” is an absolute cringe fest with many characters making your toes curl. One of those characters is Andy Bernard who is played by the brilliant Ed Helms. The character is an insecure man who can never quite have the authority his position deserves.

Photo by Michael Kovac, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by NBC

Helms said that the character is an extreme version of himself. In truth, Helms is everything that the character wishes he was. The actor is not only a successful actor but also a great musician and comedian. He’s a great talent and very cool.

The Arrested Coolness Development

“Buster Bluth” is a very odd and quirky character who is played excellently by the genius of Tony Hale. The character’s quirkiness is probably exemplified by his strange relationship with his mother as he often players the mama’s boy role.

Photo by Axelle, Bauer-Griffin, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by 20th Century Fox

Away from the hit show, Hale has had many brilliant roles and has even voiced the character of Forky in “Toy Story 4”. He married make-up artist Martel Thompson in 2003 and the two of them have a daughter together.

The Geeky Riverdale Kids Grows Up

The name “Jughead Jones” kind of gives it away that the character is going to be a geeky one. It was a character on the hit show “Riverdale” which was played by Cole Sprouse. The role was based on Archie Comics and made Sprouse into a teen star.

Photo by Axelle, Bauer-Griffin, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Warner Bros.

If you follow him on social media, you’ll see how cool he is, especially when he’s trolling his brother Dylan. He’s blossomed into a handsome man and looked nothing like the dorky character that helped lift him to teen stardom.

The Cool Women are from Mars

Tina Majorino’s most geeky role came in the brilliant “Veronica Mars”. She played a brilliant hacker who previously worked for a software company. She helps the title character Veronica in her investigations and is a fantastic on-screen nerd.

Photo by Jason Merritt, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

In real life, of course, her hacking skills are next to non-existent. When you see her in interviews and that beautiful smile, it’s clear to see that she’s very cool. She’s gone on to star in many cool shows such as Bones, True Blood, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Dana’s World Is Actually Very Cool

“Wayne’s World” started off as a skit on SNL and as soon as it did, you knew it was going to be hugely popular. Dana Carvey played the role of Garth Algar who was the dorky friend of the apparently cooler Wayne.

Photo by Axelle, Bauer-Griffin, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by Paramount Pictures

They went on to make a hugely popular film but that isn’t all Carvey did. He did many more SNL skits as well as being in a wide range of film and TV roles. He’s also a brilliant stand-up and impressionist, as well as being a screenwriter and producer.

Coolness Runs in the Family

In “Rushmore”, Jason Schwartzman plays the role of Max Fischer. He’s a star student in an elite prep school where the show gets its name from. His geekiness includes using his spare time to do extracurricular projects.

Photo by Venturelli, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Touchstone Pictures

Jason Schwartzman is far from a geek and a movie star and Hollywood director in his own right. He’s the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola which means he’s also the cousin of Nicolas Cage. It’s clear that coolness runs through his blood.

Sherlock Should Have Deduced She Was Cool

You can’t help feeling sorry for Louise Brealey’s character in Sherlock. The brilliant doctor Molly Hooper has a crush on Sherlock, which is never reciprocated. She is also often a victim of the detective’s cruel honesty.

Photo by Eamonn McCormack, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

Other than starring in such a hit show, there are other reasons why Brealey is so cool. She is a brilliant writer and has done work writing scripts as well as music scores. She has also narrated various audiobooks which shows how talented she is.

Alyson the Geekiness Slayer

Hannigan rose to fame with the lovable nerd Willow in the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was a doting ally of Buffy before she was able to gain her own magical powers and become a powerful character on the show.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb, Copyright by Warner Bros.

On the set of “Buffy”, Hannigan met co-star Alexis Denisof and has two children with him. After “Buffy”, she went on to start as Lily in another brilliant show, How I Met Your Mother. She’s living the dream and has a bunch of awards to show for it.

Two and a Half Measures of Cool

We’ve seen it many times on TV and in film. You have a confident and charismatic character with a friend who is a total geek. While Charlie steals the show in “Two and a Half Men”, it’s Jon Cryer’s character Alan who brings some balance to the show.

Photo by Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Warner Bros.

He’s a hopeless character but that’s far from true in real life. Jon Cryer is not only an actor but he’s also brilliant at writing and directing. He is also the voice of Lex Luthor in the animated series and is married to actress Sarah Trigger. Unlike his character, Cryer very much has his life together.

This Firefly Has Some Amazing Ancestry

What a legendary nerd catalog Jewel Staite has. She’d featured in many great shows such as the X-Files, Stargate Atlantis, and Blindspot among many others. She’s probably best known, however, for her role as Kaylee in the show Firefly and the spin-off film Serenity.

Photo by Phillip Chin, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Fox

She’s a frequent visitor to Comic-Con and much loved by her fans. Staite also has an incredible family tree with ancestors from Britain, France, Ireland, Canada, and Iroquis. The brilliant actress is as cool as they come.

Freaks and Geeks to Bands and Bosses

The title of “Freaks and Geeks” kind of gives it away that anyone in the show is going to be a huge geek. That was true of John Francis Daley’s role of Sam Weir who was labeled as ‘Sam Queer’ by bullies and has typical nerdy and anxious behavior.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by NBC

Not content with just being a successful actor, Daley is also a brilliant musician as he sings and plays the keyboard in the band Dayplayer. That isn’t the end of his talents as he has screen written many movies, such as “Horrible Bosses”.

Getting The Attention She Deserves

Sue Heck is the archetypal overlooked middle child who never quite gets enough attention despite her best efforts. This included trying to disappear to see if she was noticed. It’s a geek you can help but feel sorry for.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by ABC

The actress, Eden Sher, has no such worries about getting attention and is not happily married to screenwriter Nick Cron-Devico. She’s also a brilliant vocal actress as we see on the “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” show on the Disney Channel. She’s multi-talented, brilliant, and cool.

Peter MacNicol’s Long-Term Love

Not a geek in the traditional sense, John Cage is more as an odd eccentric whose quirky antics are a great part of the show. Played by Peter MacNicol in the show “Ally McBeal”, he provides many comic moments that help to make the show brilliant.

Photo by Jeffrey Mayer, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Fox

Since “Ally McBeal”, he’s been in many great shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Another cool job was voicing the Mad Hatter in the “Batman: Arkham” video games. He’s also been married since 1986 and there’s nothing cooler than a long, loving relationship.

Community Star Has Marathon Amounts of Cool

Danny Pudi is brilliant in the show “Community”. He plays Abed Nadir who is obsessed with pop culture. His matter-of-fact way of speaking is hilarious, but his knowledge also means that he can often predict the outcome of his group’s antics.

Photo by Michael Loccisano, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by NBC

Off-screen, Pudi has a successful family life as he’s married to Bridget Showalter with whom he has twin boys and a daughter. He is also a brilliant runner and has regularly competed in marathons which you wouldn’t expect from such a successful actor.

The Odd Couple to the Solo Star

“The Odd Couple” follows the story of Felix Unger, played by Tony Randall, who needs to move in with his friend Oscar after his wife throws him out. It was one of the best shows of the sixties and seventies and was one of just several great roles Randall had.

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The series won him many awards and even got him the Gold Medal Award from The Hundred Year Association of New York. As well as being an established actor, he was also a brilliant comedian and singer. He was a hugely talented and cool man.

The Little Brother Becomes Super Cool

The show Frasier just wouldn’t be the same without David Hyde Pierce. He played the title character’s brother who was known for his sharp wit and snarky comments. He was also overly fussy and loved a good textbook.

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He married his long-term partner Brian Hargrove in 2008 and has done many cool things throughout his career. He’s starred in many great TV shows and films, as well as several theatre productions. Added to that he’s also done plenty of work for Alzheimer charities.

From Country Bumpkin to King of Cool

Jack McBrayer knows how to make a character his own and nowhere is that more obvious than with Kenneth Parcell in 30 Rock. The eternally optimistic country bumpkin was always eager to please anyone he could and worked relentlessly had.

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He’s gone on to have a wide range of different roles and has even been in a Mariah Carey music video. He’s also appeared in video games and on Broadway, so it shows how talented he is. Brilliantly talented and obviously very cool.

Gabrielle Carteris Fights for Her Cause

Beverly Hills 90120 is a show that is full of rich and fashionable kids who are the very opposite of a geek. The character of Andrea Zuckerman, brilliantly played by Gabrielle Carteris, is the one that bucks the trend by being more sensible with many words of wisdom.

Photo by Steve Granitz, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

After the show, Carteris ditched the braces and glasses. Incredibly, she went on to be the vice president of SAG-AFTRA which is a trade union that represents many working in the industry. It’s a vitally important role and one that she’s perfect for.

Cheers to the Secret Cool Character

Dr. Lilith Sternin always looked out of place in Cheers but that was the point. The stylish socialite was played by Bebe Neuwirth firstly in “Cheers” before taking the character into the spin-off “Frasier” where she hangs out with the gang after marrying Frasier.

Photo by Djamilla Rosa Cochran, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

Away from the show, she’s very different. Known for being very charitable, she is a renowned animal lover. When she’s not giving up her time and money to save animals, she loves making pottery and is also a former dancer, which is a pretty cool skill set.

From Zeros to Heroes

In “Heroes”, Masi Oka’s character got to live out the fantasy we all have. One day Hiro Nakamura had a boring office job but that all changed when he developed superpowers. While special, the character remained a geek at heart.

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Oka went on to play other cool roles such as Doctor Max Bergman in the great show “Hawaii Five-0.” but has done a lot more than acting. His first job was actually with the special effects company that George Lucas founded and he’s also worked as a producer.

Being Real Life Scientist is Pretty Cool

Another legend of The Big Bang Theory is Mayim Bialik who plays Amy Farrah Fowler. Her on-screen relationship with Sheldon Cooper is probably the nerdiest couple of all time. It turns out Bialik is super-smart in real life too.

Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Warner Bros.

The actor has a Ph.D. but isn’t the geek they make out in the show. Take away those glasses and dorky clothes and it’s clear she’s a beautiful woman too. Being a neurobiologist, actress and author is a pretty awesome set of skills.

The Secret Life of a Private Investigator

Seinfeld was a major hit and one of the reasons for that was its brilliant side characters. One of them was Newman who accompanied Kramer on many crazy schemes. Wayne Knight is also famous for the disastrous character of Nedry in Jurassic Park.

Photo by Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Reddit

A great fact about Knight is that he used to work as a private investigator, which is a pretty cool job. He’s also had a brilliant career and is still working on great films. He might often play the goof on-screen but away from it, he’s one cool guy.

The Geeky Bones Star Who Dated a Model

“Bones” is a pretty nerdy show and one of its best characters is Dr. Jack Hodgins who is played brilliantly by T.J. Thyne. He might have a wealthy family, but he’d much rather spend time in his lab examining a wide range of different creatures.

Photo by Jordin Althaus, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Fox

Away from the show and the actor isn’t quite as interested in bugs. He’s co-starred along with many cool actors but is also pretty cool himself. Surely, he must have been to be engaged to the stunning model Leah Park.

The Goth Queen Owns a Bake Shop

Is there a better on-screen geek than Abby Sciuto? The goth geek is beloved by many who resonate with her free spirit. On the show “NCIS” she is played by Pauley Perrette and is a vital member of the team with her brilliant scientific mind.

Photo by Graham Denholm, Getty Images / Source: Reddit

“NCIS” is far from her only great role as she’s also had the honor of playing Lois Lane in “Superman vs. The Elite”. Perhaps the coolest fact about her is that she has a great business mind and co-owns Donna Bell’s Bake Shop. It’s named after her mother and is in Manhattan.

Third Time Lucky for Don Knotts

In “The Andy Griffith Show”, Don Knotts plays the role of Barney Fife. He’s thinks of himself as smarter than anyone else in the room and was overly confident. For everyone else looking on, they could tell that he was a huge geek.

Photo by Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by CBS

It was far from his only great role, but he did get five Emmy Awards from his time on the show. Attracting the opposite sex was never a problem for him either, being married three times. The last one stuck until he unfortunately passed away in 2006 at the age of 81.

The Big Bang Theory Strikes Again

Bernadette is a brilliant character in the hugely successful “The Big Bang Theory”. She blond-haired geek doesn’t appear until season three but soon becomes a hugely important part of the show. Played by Melissa Rauch, the character fits in well with the rest of the geeks.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Warner Bros.

She’s played much cooler roles such as Harley Quinn in the animated series “Batman and Harley Quinn” and even appeared in “True Blood”. She is, of course, a beauty in real life but has always been proud of the geek she plays on the show, which is pretty cool.

Cheers To Another Real- Life Cool Guy

John Ratzenberger is another great actor who helps to make “Cheers” the great show that it is. He plays Cliff Clavin who is known for delivering an endless number of facts. The problem is that not all of them are very true.

Photo by Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by NBC

Aside from “Cheers”, Ratzenberger has been a favorite of Pixar films, appearing in almost all of them such as Hamm in “Toy Story”, Underminer in “The Incredibles” and Fritz in “Inside Out” as well as many, many more. Anyone who brings that much joy to kids is very cool.

Kevin Weisman Has Many Cool Interests

In “Alias”, Kevin Weisman’s character Marshall Flinkman has an eidetic memory which means he can recall any image from memory. His awkward babbling is an endearing part of the show but the gadgetry he creates is also very useful.

Photo by Steve Grayson, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Reddit

After “Alias”, Weisman continued acting in a wide variety of different roles. He’s also a founding member of the award-winning theater troupe called the Buffalo Nights Theater Company. Added to this, he also loves his yoga and is a vegan.

Rainn Wilson Is Actually Pretty Dope

The character Rainn Wilson plays in “The Office” is just pure genius. He always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room but everyone else knows that he’s far from it. Dwight Schrute is the punchline of most jokes in the show and is the office dork.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by NBC

Thankfully for Wilson, he avoided being typecast in such roles and even voiced Lex Luthor in numerous animated films. He’s also co-founded a digital media company, written a bestseller, and has become a climate change advocate. All very cool indeed.

A Version of Tatiana Maslany is Very Cool

You can’t just talk about one role that Tatiana Maslany played in “Orphan Black” as she had to play several different clones but managed to give them all a unique spin. This also included the role of Cosima who ended up being the geek of the group.

Photo by Christopher Polk, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by BBC

The role required plenty of make-up as Maslany is stunning, as can be seen by some of the other characters she played. She won many awards for her roles and has also lent her voice to many great video games and audiobooks, as well as featuring on podcasts and in music videos.

Absolutely Fabulous on Screen and off Screen

On the show “Absolutely Fabulous”, Julia Sawalha has the curious role of Saffron. Despite being the youngest on the show, she happens to be the most mature. In a world of craziness, she’s always the one with the sensible voice.

Photo by Jeff Spicer, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

While they tried to make her look as ugly and plain as possible, it’s clear that she’s a real-life beauty. He’s continued to work on a wide range of roles and has appeared in many sitcoms. She’s a brilliant actress but never let the fame get to her.

Dear White People, DeRon Horton is Cool

In “Dear White People” we got to see DeRon Horton play the role of Lionel Hughes. In the show, he plays a typical geek in many ways. He’s painfully shy and ends up being a loner. He’s a nerdy character but that’s far from the DeRon Horton we see in real life.

Photo by Paul Archuleta, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

Horton had a curious upbringing as he was born in the state of Texas but was actually raised in Saudi Arabia. Away from his geeky roles, he’s the epitome of cool. He’s still only young and we think there are big things to come from him.

Shannon Purser Being Cool is Not a Strange Thing

The eighties were the height of nerdy characters. In “Stranger Things”, we see a new show go back to that time and play on those old stereotypes. Shannon Purser plays the role of Barb who looks like the typical geek and tries to keep her best friend Nancy on the right path.

Photo by Desiree Navarro, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

When not starring in the hit show, Purser is a beauty who has many different interests. She’s an amateur visual artist along with being a musician. We also love the fact that she’s an advocate for mental health awareness. A great person and very cool.

Emily Bett Rickards Fights for a Cause

Emily Bett Rickards was only meant to play Felicity Smoak for one episode in “Arrow”. Such was her acting ability and ownership of the character; she was kept on. She helped balance out the show with plenty of light moments to balance out the dark.

Photo by Frazer Harrison, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by The CW Television Network

Away from the show, she has done plenty of charity work, mainly for the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. Added to this she also helped found an acting scholarship with Vancouver Film School. She’s clearly a lovely person.

Happy Days for Anson Williams in Real Life

Trying to compete next to the king of cool Fonzie, the character of Potsie Weber was always going to look nerdy. In the show, the name ‘Potsie’ was actually a nickname due to his love of pottery and he always ended up being a patsy.

Photo by Gabe Ginsberg, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by ABC

Acting roles were didn’t come often after “Happy Days” as Williams instead focused on the cool job of being a director. He’s worked on many great shows such as “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “Star Trek” and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

Gillian Anderson: The Cool Files

The X Files has a legacy as one of the greatest sci-fi shows on television. One of its star characters was Dr. Dana Scully who was excellently played by Gillian Anderson. It was a geeky character in a show which was beloved by nerds.

Photo by Mike Marsland, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by Fox

Outside the show, Anderson grew up as a punk outsider in a small English town. She was never afraid to be a little different which included shaved and dyed hair. If not caring what others think is cool, then Gillian Anderson is the queen of it.

Gilligan’s Island Stars Escape to Cool

In “Gilligan’s Island,” Russell Johnson played the plant-loving Professor Roy Hinkley who wanted to get research for his book but ended up being a castaway on the island. He was the brainchild behind many ideas, but they were usually messed up by Gilligan.

Photo by SGranitz, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Wikipedia

While it was quite a geeky role, Russell Johnson had already played much cooler characters in other shows such as “Twilight Zone”. Added to his brilliant TV exploits, he also reached the rank of first lieutenant in the air force and flew combat missions in WWII. Not only cool but a hero too.

Growing Pains Led to a Cool Adulthood

A lot of sitcoms play on the middle child being a little bit quirky and that’s exactly what happens in “Growing Pains” where Tracey Gold plays the role of Carol Seaver. She tried desperately to be cool, but it never really worked out for her.

Photo by Bobby Bank, Getty Images / Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright by ABC

The reality is that Tracey Gold has always been cool. She got married back in 1994 to Roby Marshall and they’ve had four great kids together. She’s also really cool for overcoming anorexia in her youth and becoming a role model

From Fake Radio to Cool Video Games

One looked at the character of Les Nessman and you can tell that he’s a nerd. You see the classic coke-bottle glasses along with a bowtie, narrow shoulders and an awkward gait. Added to this, he has a job reporting farm news.

Source: Pinterest

The actor, Richard Sanders, is very different. Added to his decades of acting experience, he is also a brilliant screenwriter. He’s also leaned his voice to video games. He may play a geek in “WKRP in Cincinnati” but in the real world, he’s far different.

Mary Lynn Rajskub is a Comedy Genius

Chloe O’Brian from “24” is an awkward character with limited social skills. It’s her abilities on a computer that helps to make her such a force but also seen as a nerd. He’s the mission control for Jack Bauer but she’s also done plenty of other roles.

Photo by Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

Her filmography is extensive and she’s still getting a vast array of roles. She’s also a brilliant comedian and has spent plenty of time on the comedy circuit. It’s a great journey for someone who used to be a ticket-taker at a movie theater.

Community Star Has Many Talents

Anyone following music in the last few years knows that Donald Glover is no geek. He got that reputation from playing Troy Barnes in Community. He plays a sensitive jock who joins a study group to try and stop failing his Spanish class.

Photo by Emma McIntyre, Getty Images / Source: Reddit

Aside from acting, Glover is also a comedian, singer, writer, director, and producer. Quite the repertoire. His coolest role is surely his rapper alter ego Childish Gambino. He’s been hugely successful in making some incredible songs.

The Good Place to the Cool Place

The Good Place is full of great characters and Chidi Anagonye is certainly one of them. It’s a role played by William Jackson Harper and the character is a professor who used to teach morals and ethics, which all sounds quite boring.

Photo by Leon Bennett, Getty Images / Source: Tumblr

With Harper, the show does that classic trick of giving someone some glasses and a nerdy haircut and pretending they’re not attractive. In real life, he’s a looker and a talented playwright as well. He’s cool as ice, but you wouldn’t think that from watching the show.