Alan Jackson’s Daughter Reveals All About Her Dad

Country music fans have long loved Alan Jackson. He’s an incredibly talented musician but also appears to put his family first. It makes you like him even more as he avoids the trappings of fame to focus on what’s important.

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While he always seemed like a great family man, we recently heard first-hand what he’s like from one of his daughters, Ali. We take a look at what she said and how Alan Jackson became the huge star he is. Let’s get started!

An Incredible and Successful Career

Where do you begin with Alan Jackson? The man has had incredible success over several years, which includes 17 American Country Music awards. Along with that, he’s had 35 number one singles, with 14 albums that have also hit the top spot.

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With all that success, it would be understandable if it all went to his head. This is especially true if you take into account 80 million records. When you hear what happens when he walks off the stage, you’ll probably be as happy as when you hear his music.

He Learned About Equality and Respect from an Early Age

Growing up in Newnan, Georgia, the talented Jackson was raised in an environment that respected women. The country star has four other siblings who all happened to be sisters. He grew up in a strong and loving family, which would have a huge influence on him.

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He also had a very religious upbringing. He attended church from a young age and had parents who were devoted Christians. It enabled Jackson to grow up as a God-abiding citizen and one who is content to nurture his faith and let it guide him.

His Singing Started at Church

Heading off to Church wasn’t just about paying his respects to God. It also gave Jackson a taste of what it was like to sing in front of an audience. He enjoyed the singing, but it wasn’t something he gave much attention to.

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At that time, he had no thoughts about making a career out of singing, and it was just about having fun. Being a professional musician wasn’t something he had considered. He was happy to live the simple life he was used to from the down-to-earth childhood he’d had.

Jackson Heard About a World of Possibilities

Playing music for a living hadn’t crossed his mind until he heard what was out there. His close friend started playing him some country music, and it sparked an interest. The voices of Hank Williams Jr. and others stirred something up inside him.

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As you can imagine, for many kids who heard that for the first time, it inspired him to start a band. He continued to make music for a while but only ever saw it as a hobby. That changed at the age of 27 when he and his wife moved to Nashville’s home of country music.

Love at First Coin Toss

Everyone has a story about finding their true love, but Alan Jackson’s story is quite a funny one. He first saw his wife Denise at a Dairy Queen restaurant. He saw her sitting at a table close by and didn’t know how to get her attention.

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Instead of introducing himself and delivering a cheesy chat-up line, he opted for another tactic. He tossed a coin in her direction, and it attracted her attention. The two had instant chemistry as the tactic worked.

A True Love Blossomed

After sitting at the restaurant, Alan and Denise walked back together to her home. He asked her out for a date, and much to his delight, she said yes. The two then started dating, and the love started to grow from there.

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It gave Alan a chance to show off his car, which at the time was a 1955 Thunderbird convertible. The two loved driving around town and spending plenty of time together. Fast forward to 1979, and the two got married with a love that still burns brightly today.

Working Hard, Waiting for his Break

As we mentioned, by this time, the two love birds were living in the world’s music capital. While he may have been in the great city, his music career hadn’t got off the ground. He was working hard in the mailroom of the Nashville Network.

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It was the love of his life who helped find him his big break. As a flight attendant, she had the chance to meet the Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell. She told him all about her husband, and he soon offered his help to get Jackson’s career kick-started.

Campbell Helped Start His Journey

It was Campbell who helped Jackson get his first record contract, which he signed with Arista Records. Soon he’d release his first single, “Blue Blooded Woman,” which he did in 1989. It was from the album Here in the Real World, which was released a year later.

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The fifth single released from that album would go on to be the biggest. It would sail to number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and was the first of many. It’s a great song and showcased his ability to make hits.

The Success Continued for Jackson

That early success was just the start of his journey to being a country music star. After four more number one songs, his third album, A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ‘Bout Love), would also hit the top spot. It was the first of his albums to do so.

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The ‘90s would see success following a constant stream of hit songs and great albums. His biggest single was “Chattahoochee,” which won Single of the Year at the 1994 CMA’s. A year later, he was granted membership to the Grand Ole Opry. He’d become a superstar.

He Showed a Weakness of Character

After the success of his first album, a huge tour followed, and Jackson was soon to spend many days on the road away from his young family. That tour made him a profit, and while he continued to be prudent with his cash, his morals started slopping in other ways.

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It was around this time that he made the biggest mistake of his life. This was made all the more painful as it was also the decade that his three daughters were born in, who meant more to him than anything in the world.

The Perfect Life Showing Cracks

Of those three daughters, the oldest was born in 1990. After the birth of Mattie Denise came his second daughter Alexandra Jane, affectionately known as Ali. In 1997 the family was complete as the couple would have a third daughter, Dani Grace.

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From the outside, Alan Jackson’s life couldn’t be going any better. He had a very supportive wife who was understanding of the time he had to spend away from the family. It was a level of support that, unfortunately, wasn’t reciprocated.

Nearly Gave It All Away

Jackson was blissfully married for nearly two decades before he had a moment of madness. He nearly threw away many years of strong love for a brief affair. His moment of weakness was one that nearly cost him everything.

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Even for a man like Alan Jackson, the trappings of being on the road were too much, and he couldn’t resist temptation. Initially, his wife couldn’t deal with the betrayal, and the couple separated in 1998. It had all fallen apart.

His Luckiest Break So Far

Forget his record contract; surely Jackson’s luckiest break was his wife deciding to give him a second chance. It came after the pair had been separated for several months. The two met up in private and decided to talk things over together.

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Jackson was given another life, and this time, he wasn’t going to make the same mistakes. Denise wrote a memoir in 2007 and detailed how hard it was to leave everything in the past. Instead, she decided to focus on having a great future together as a family.

National and Personal Tragedy Affected Jackson

As with everyone in the US, the events of 9/11 had a profound effect on Jackson. The events inspired him to write the song “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning),” which perfectly summed up how we all felt at the time.

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That song helped him achieve mainstream success and was a fitting tribute to such a tragedy. It won Best Country Song at the Grammy’s, and it was dedicated to those who had their families torn apart from the horrific attack.

Personal Tragedy Was To Follow

Fast forward to 2010, and Jackson was to get the news that every man would fear, his wife Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was an understandably difficult time for the family but thankfully didn’t have the worst outcome.

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After two years of treatment, Denise was given the all-clear, and the hugely painful and stressful time was put behind them. Jackson said it was the hardest thing he’s ever been through and credited his wife as the strongest person he knew.

Focusing on His Family

Alan Jackson has always been proud of raising three daughters. He showcased this love on his album Thirty Miles West. He had a song called “Her Life’s A Song,” in which he wrote about his beloved girls and what they meant to him.

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In his interviews when promoting the record, Jackson would speak about how proud he was of how far they’d come. They were all grown up now and finding their paths in life, something that he proudly supports with a huge amount of pride.

Keeping Their Feet on the Ground

It must be hard to raise children to be modest and kind when they are surrounded by wealth, but Alan and his wife Denise made every effort to keep their feet on the ground. This included downsizing from a large estate to a house that was much more modest.

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He talked recently about how he wanted them to grow up as strong and independent women. He wanted them to “go out and take on the world” rather than relying on his wealth. He also noted that all he wants is for them to be happy and healthy.

Jackson Has Always Stayed Humble

Jackson has achieved an incredible amount in his career. It was in 2017 that he was to achieve one of the highest honors of all. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame but still struggled to come to terms with his talent.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine, he’d say that he didn’t “feel quite worthy” of the honor. Due to his induction, his daughter Ali decided to pour out her emotions on her Facebook page.

Parenting Wasn’t an Easy Road

Being a parent isn’t always easy, and sometimes children rebel against the way they were raised. That happened with Ali. In 2013 she was charged with assaulting a police officer. She was drinking under the legal age and resisting arrest.

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We all make mistakes, especially in our youth. She reached a plea agreement and received community service, anger management training, and an alcohol safety course. Ali was very remorseful of her actions and has seemingly matured a lot since then.

Ali Pours Her Heart Out

It was on that Facebook post that Ali wanted to tell the whole world about her father. She mentioned how the whole world sees him as a great musician, and impressive songwriter, along with being a talented vocalist, before getting personal.

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She wrote: “I see you as my best friend, the guy that taught me that how you treat people matters more than anything else and taught me just how to stand on my own two feet.” She wanted to show the whole world what a great guy he is.

The Father Every Daughter Wants To Have

That wasn’t all that she said in her Facebook post. She described him as “every daughter’s dream father,” saying she could always count on him. It was great to hear that the man behind the music was such a loving father.

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He not only fills their home with love but also understanding. Ali praised her father for allowing his daughters to follow their dreams and ensuring that they became a reality. It’s a Facebook post that went viral due to its positive message.

Fans Shared Their Positivity

After making her passionate post, Ali was inundated with positive messages from those who love her father’s work. One wrote about how his songs were wonderful and that “you knew he was a dedicated family man,” and they could see why his daughters were so proud.

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Others mentioned how lovely it was to see such a positive message. You always hope that your favorite musicians are good people, but it was great to hear it from someone so close to him. Others stated that the post was a beautiful tribute to him.

His Daughters Are All Grown Up

It must be weird growing up with a hugely famous parent. His trio of daughters have now all grown up and started to carve out their career paths. The two youngest daughters have now left home to spread their wings.

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Jackson’s eldest daughter Mattie has become a qualified sommelier. She has used those skills to open up her own business as she now owns a bar in Nashville. You get the impression that Alan Jackson is very proud of how his daughters have grown up.

Jackson Has Managed To Stay Grounded

He may have made mistakes in the past, but Jackson has stayed committed to making up for any wrongdoings. He has also stated that he’s never worried about being a star or in the spotlight. He always aimed to make music the priority.

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He’s had a wonderful career, but it’s far from over yet. He’s still releasing great music and won’t compromise the music he loves to fit into something else. We can’t wait to see what the rest of his life and career has to offer.