Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Were Nice (Or Mean)

You’ve seen everything he’s ever acted in and read everything he’s ever written. Your favorite celebrity has changed the way you buy products or even think. You want to dress like them, talk like them, heck, you want to be them. But how does that saying go again? You should never meet your heroes because they’re sure to disappoint you?

The Terminal, Catherine Zeta-jones, Tom Hanks
The Terminal, Catherine Zeta-jones, Tom Hanks. Photo By Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

We understand that celebrities get annoyed from time to time, with the constant paparazzi presence and selfie requests from fans. But you’d think they would be a little more understanding when it came to interacting with the people who keep them relevant: their fans. But don’t get us wrong, not all celebrities are rude. Some actually treat the people around them with respect.

Let’s take a look at our list of which celebrities are actually really rude or surprisingly nice in real life!

Tom Hanks – Nice

While most celebrities wear a different hat depending on who they’re around, there are the rare few that are genuine all the time. Tom Hanks is one of those guys. The two-time Oscar winner is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and the internet is filled with real stories about meeting the actor in real life.

Tom Hanks
Photo By Matt Baron/Shutterstock

He has changed flat tires in the middle of a snowstorm, taken selfies with lost phones, and chatted up unexpecting fans at baseball games. But our favorite story is from his time shooting the film Angels and Demons in Rome. Tom and the film’s crew were near the Pantheon when he saw a bride and her father trying to approach the chapel. He stopped filming to escort them to her wedding. What a gentleman!

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Mean

Catherine Zeta-Jones has formed quite the reputation over the years. While the stories vary, the theme remains the same: the actress is difficult to work with and rude to fans. One woman shared the story about the time she went to an early screening of The Mask of Zorro when she was only eight years old. After the showing, the then-young girl joined Catherine and the rest of the actors at an after-party.

Catherine Zeta-Jones during the press conference at the Guildhall
Photo By Ashley Crowden/Athena Pictures/Shutterstock

She excitedly ran up to Catherine and told her that she, too, wanted to become an actress. Catherine then allegedly looked her up and down and said, “You’re pretty enough, I suppose,” and then continued her conversation. It looks like someone needs a lesson on how to talk to fans, especially little kids.

Keanu Reeves – Nice

In second place for the nicest man in Hollywood, behind Tom Hanks, is Keanu Reeves. Stories of the accomplished actor’s kindness and genericity are definitely an Internet favorite. He gave up his seat on a crowded subway, he’s acted out the famous matrix slow-motion scene for fans, and even bought an ice cream cone just so he could autograph the receipt for a young fan.

Keanu Reeves
Photo By Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

But our favorite Keanu Reeves story is when he took unexpecting fans on a road trip. Just recently, Keanu was on a commercial flight that was forced to make an emergency landing. When everyone got off the plane, he took pictures and then organized ground transport to San Francisco. The whole way there, he told stories and facts about California and even played music from his phone. Talk about a warm welcome!