Cote de Pablo’s Private Life That Resulted in Her Departure From NCIS

Not many actors or actresses affect our life the way Cote De Pablo has had. The actress who rose to fame after debuting in the popular police procedural television series NCIS has turned the show around. She was loved by the team, her critics, and fans alike until she decided to quit the show for good.

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The reason is rather complicated. She has always been a very private person and thus doesn’t show much of herself to many. But fear not, because we were successful in peeping into this beauty diva’s personal life and decoded her reasons to have made such a pivotal decision in her life!

The Humble Beginning Of a Waitress

As successful as Cote is now, her beginning was humble at best. As soon as she had completed her degree in theatre from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, she found herself out of work. Like all aspiring actresses, she wanted to hit big on Broadway and become famed and successful.

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But alas, the competition in New York was so tough that she just couldn’t make it big or at least small at these at all. After losing multiple auditions, the young star was quickly out of money and decided to work minimum wage as a waitress to make her ends meet.

The Completely Relatable Story That Gave Her Thick Skin

Our beloved Cote was only ten years old when her family moved to America from her home in Chile. The new country and the new school were just too much for a 10-year-old to get used to. Things were moving too fast, too soon for her.

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Seeing her struggle to at least fit in with any group of kids, her parents finally agreed to enroll her in a performing arts school. That was when she understood the beauty of acting, and that was how she learned the group she would fit in wasn’t a group but a stage to perform.

Fifteen-Year-Old Budding Actress With So Much Potential

When you realize your passion as early as possible, you will have the advantage most others don’t have, that is time. Cote quickly realized that she wanted to be on stage and nowhere else and found her first acting job in a TV role at fifteen.

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At a young age, she became the Latin American talk show “Control” alongside Carlos Ponce from “Entertainment Tonight.” It was not a role that would lead her to stardom, but it gave her the experience she desperately needed later on in her career.

The Dream Life Was Just a Secretary

Not many people know of this titbit, but Cote’s original dream was to become a secretary before she enrolled in an art school. She is quoted to have said, Believe it or not, I wanted to be a secretary, much like Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Secretary. I had clips all over and markers, and you know, the old-fashioned typewriters… I like to follow direction… and, by the way, I became an actor, so I’m kind of doing it anyway.”

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Little Cote just didn’t know better at the time, but she was actually infatuated with the job of acting like someone instead of actually being that someone. She soon found out her true goal was in acting, and the rest is history.

Her Real Name Was Changed to Cote de Pablo!

When the 10-year-old moved with her family to Miami, Florida, she quickly found that most of her American peers had trouble pronouncing her real name, Maria Jose de Pablo. Of course, being from Chile, it was hard to fit in any group for her, and so, in an attempt to make things easy, Maria decided she would be called Cote.

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In her words, “…I told them to call me Coty. Then I found out there was a beauty line called Coty, and I hated that! So I changed it to Cote [KOH-teh]. A lot of people don’t get it, but in Chile, if your name is María José, they call you Cote.”

The Teacher That Inspired Her to Chase the Potential She Always Had

One of the first things Cote De Pablo noticed as soon as she moved to the United States is that she would struggle a lot. All of this was just because she couldn’t speak English like the rest of her peers. She recalls on “The Late Show” that one of the only words she knew back in the day was “run.”

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Her teacher found out about her struggles and decided to add her to the track team o help her form new bonds and get her to learn some language. She says, “Before I knew it, I was a little track and field star. And I remember, he would say in the middle of a competition, he would scream and get very red and scream, ‘Cote, run!’ And that’s all I knew”.

The Terrible Choice to Make: Broadway or Television?

Any person that knew her well would know that Cote’s original choice of acting was musical theatre. Everyone would have expected her to keep on this track until the very end. Little did she or anyone else know that life had other plans for her?

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She was offered a musical on The Mambo Kings Broadway and NCIS at the same time. She was bound to take one and leave the other. Both were a long commitment and could not be done simultaneously. Finally, the Mambo Kings got canceled, and she was left with NCIS.

The Television Show That Changed Her Life!

When Cote was offered the role of Ziva David, an ex-Mossad officer that joins the NCIS team, she had absolutely no idea of what to hope or expect from the future. This was her first major break, and a multi-year contract would mean long-term financial stability.

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However, characters in TV shows are written on the spot and according to the wishes and perceptions of the public. If Ziva had to survive, Cote had to nail it. She worked extremely hard on learning and preparing for her character. She even learned an Israeli accent, and it paid off extremely well!

Cote’s First Time With Romance

If you have ever watched the TV series “the time of your life” you will surely recognize the actor who plays Diego Serrano. Both of them ran into each other in the year 2000 and immediately fell in love. What would come of it was a complete fifteen-year relationship!

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The duo is known to be overly caring for each other and help one another grow so much. Cote says that had it not been for Diego, she probably would be the most boring person in the entire Hollywood!

Cote’s Biggest Challenge In NCIS

Every character played by any actor is unique and special. Naturally, all actors face many difficulties and require loads of prep time to fully take on the persona of the character they are going to play. It was particularly difficult for Cote.

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Just two days into her role as Ziva David, the producers asked her to learn and memorize an entire Hebrew telephonic conversation. But to properly learn Hebrew was beyond difficult. She supposedly spent the better part of two days trying to get the Hebrew “r” sound right.

The Petition From Fans to Bring Back Their Favorite Character

Ever since Ziva David showed up on our screens, fans have always loved her very much. She was a pivotal character to the series, and her loss was greatly missed by most of the NCIS community.

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The outrage was great that fans started an online petition to show up at CBS studio’s door and ask them to return Cote to the show. CBS was filled with so many letters and requests that they decided to give Ziva a mind-blowing offer to come back to the small screen.

The Results of Pushing Herself: Health Concerns

Cote’s a determined actress, and she is blessed with a talent not seen in many people. Her hard work, struggle, and determination helped her gain much of her success in her acting career. However, we all have our limits, and we all can only control so much of our life.

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Her health would eventually start getting in her way and thereby limited her acting potential. She suffered quick weight gain and all for reasons she initially didn’t know about at all. Soon,

The Fairy Tale Relationship That Wasn’t

Her first love Deigo Serrano didn’t quite get along after a while with Cote De Pablo. But, soon after their fifteen years, they understood that they were different people and wanted different things.

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While Cote is a well-reserved person who likes to stay home most of her time, Deigo is the kind of guy who wants to party and go out multiple times a week. In a way, they were polar opposites that complimented each other.

The Heartbreak She Had to Overcome

It’s always tricky to quit on someone who you love and adore and have known for so long. And it is tough to get over your first breakup after spending time for fifteen years together. But Cote and Diego knew that it was time to call it quits.

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The secret of why they quit on each other is one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. No matter how hard the tabloids tried, no one has successfully found out neither the reasons nor the circumstances of the couple’s break up.

Cote and Her Spiritual Awakening

Die-hard fans of Cote De Pablo all know how rigorously religious Cote really is. She was born and raised in a religious catholic home and thus had a lot of effect on her personality as a whole. However, when her grandmother got sick with cancer, she had a completely different experience.

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She was beyond hurt with seeing her grandmother in such bad shape. She recalls sayings she was angry and doubted god’s existence entirely and said, “If you exist, you will take my grandmother within twenty minutes. If you don’t, I’ll never believe in you again.” And just like that, her grandma had passed away in the next ten minutes.

The Biggest Fear in Cote’s Life

Cote De Pablo became famous for her character Ziva David, an ex-mossad agent. That’s equivalent to being a CIA agent in America. So naturally, one would think that she would be okay with using guns.

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But according to her, she had never been near a gun, let alone fire it before taking on the NCIS role. This just goes on to show how amazing of an actress Cote De Pablo really is. She made sure that none of us ever found out about this through her acting.

All Required Stunts Are Done by Herself

While she has never liked guns and generally stays away from them, Cote would always do all her stunts while on the sets of NCIS. She said “In one episode…we had to pretend the truck was moving so we had to keep ourselves moving the whole time. I remember my knees were all bruised up because I had to fall so many times.”

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Her reasoning behind all this is that she would always feel fulfilled when she went home after a whole day of stunt work. This actress just loves to do the best work of her life in a breeze!

Cote Often Got Injured on the Set

Due to her reserved lifestyle and her choice to keep her life as private as possible, there are not many people in Chile that know Cote De Pablo. To them, she is just another regular person walking on the streets.

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Cote says that although she would have liked to be an inspiration to all the young and budding actors and actresses, she likes the fact that she’s unseen in people’s eyes. So she is even surprised when someone in her hometown Santiago recognizes her!

Cote Is One of the Few Not on Social Media

It is a well-known fact that Cote treasures her privacy more than anything else in the world. Perhaps that’s why she doesn’t even use any social media accounts to at least reach out to her fans.

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She does not fall short of criticizing any celebrities that often complain of having no privacy but still remain on social media. This is also why the paparazzi find it difficult ever to find anything interesting about her. Nothing ever leaks out!

Singing Is One of Her Favorite Things to Do

We all love our Cote De Pablo in all her acting ventures. But did you know she loves to sing more than she loves to act? In fact, her career began in the Broadway musical theatres by participating in musicals. She was even offered a major role in one of those Broadway musicals called the Mumbo Sings.

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Despite gaining massive success in the TV world, she has still maintained her heart for the theatres. She was even able to convince her producers for the NCIS TV series to show off her skills in one of the episodes in the series.

The Only Path She Follows Is Her Own!

If the last ten years are any indication, we all know Cote to be an actress with a strong personality that just has to shine both on and off the screen. The only path she has ever followed is her own.

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the actress does not even budge in her stance with her family on various issues. She’s known to confront head-on and always stand up for herself and the character she’s portraying.

Cote’s Net Worth Is Higher Than You’d Think

Cote De Pablo hasn’t only been famous with just her fans alone. She has also been able to garner the attention of top producers in the industry with her really great reputation to be a great actress to work with. All of this has given her a leisurely net worth of four million dollars.

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Rest assured, all her hard work and determination have paid off. Her humble beginnings are satisfied, and she has only begun. We know for certain that she isn’t about to stop anytime soon either.

Our Dear Cote’s an Old Soul

Most people in Hollywood would think they were born in the limelight and would only live in that limelight. Cote’s nothing like that. She is a self-proclaimed old soul and generally tends to stay away from the spotlight.

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She has come from a humble background right from her childhood and till her adult life too. So her choices are mostly down-to-earth and usually away from extravagant treasures.

How Cote’s Life Is Always Balanced

Cote lives a rather busy life and keeps herself occupied as much as she can. So, in order to make sure she is healthy and balanced, Cote always does yoga. She does it out of habit every day.

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Ever since one day she got a severe neck injury while performing her own stunt on the television series NCIS, Cote has been rigorously practicing yoga and does the Vinyasa yoga at least four to five times a week.

Her Favorite Role Was In “the 33”

Soon after leaving NCIS, Cote landed a role in the movie “the 33”. It was a movie about the 2010 Chilean mining crisis when 33 miners were stuck underground for 69 days. She played the role of the wife of one of the miners.

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In an interview, she said, “I’m Chilean, so it really hit close to home…I saw the first, the second, and the third [miners] come out, and I remember I was just a mess! It was an incredible thing, and the world was glued.” With Roger Ebert.

Cote’s Religious Beliefs Are Always Firm

In these “modern” times, religion is not something that’s particularly popular, more so in Hollywood. But when did Cote ever follow the sheep? She does not attempt to hide her religion, nor does she ever keep it wrapped.

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She always talks about the evidence there is about a higher power in every place around us, especially in nature.

It’s Really Hard Being Separated From Family

It’s no secret that an actress is most productive when she is readily available in Hollywood. For a hard worker like Cote, it’s a must. This often comes in the way of her spending time with her family.

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Her sisters live in New York, and her mom lives in Chile. Then her brother and father live in Miami, Florida. This makes her vacation planning a nightmare, and although she has reached heights in her career, she’d rather spend time with her family.

Her Inspirations and Mentors

Cote has taken inspiration from a lot of places and people. Two such amazing people were Mark Harmon and David McCallum. She met them for the first time on the sets on NCIS and quickly connected with them and learned a lot from them.

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Both Harmon and McCallum played different characters on the show and have been part of the NCIS legacy for two seasons more than Cote has been as Ziva. They have been a great help to her in learning about her role and place in the show and growing into the character of Ziva.

Cote Broke So Many Hearts When She Left

While fans worldwide were left heartbroken with Cote De Pablo leaving NCIS, they were not the only ones who were hurt. All the cast members of NCIS were left with a lot of pain when it was decided. Mark Harmon especially was hurting pretty badly.

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His character Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs spent a lot of free time together with Ziva David, Cote De Pablo’s character. The two had a father-daughter bond on-screen. He even publicly stated that “I don’t know how you define this show any longer without Cote.”

Cote’s Family Just Like Ziva’s Is Broken

Much like Ziva, Cote’s parents struggled in their marriage as a kid and decided to be divorced when she was just ten years old. This resulted in her moving to Miami, Florida.

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After the split was complete, Cote’s father moved to the United States along with the kids while her mother remained in Chile. This had a really big effect on our 10-year-old Cote, and she had to adjust to her new environment quickly.

Cote’s Younger Brother Is a DJ

While Cote loves to sing, her younger brother is a maestro in mixing music. He is a DJ in Miami, Florida currently and, according to Cote, is a really great artist.

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he has managed to book some of the higher-class elite-style parties in Miami and has been progressing his career really well for a long time now.

Cote de Pablo Is a Romantic and Does Nothing to Hide It

As of today, Cote De Pablo is single, but that doesn’t stop her from being a hopeless romantic either. She is a dreamer and always blushes in hopes of having her prince charming.

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“I still get very excited when people say they fall in love. It doesn’t matter how old you are, falling in love is a beautiful thing. And I still act like I did when I was a teenager. I get fluttery and tap dance around. I’m never afraid of making funny faces or being completely goofy.” This is how cute she talks about her love always.

Cote Always Tries to Hang Out With Her Loved Ones

As much as Cote is dedicated to her work, and as much as she loves to live privately, Cote always makes attempts to stick with her family and friends. She’s the kind of person that misses their family all the time.

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She’s the kind of person that would skip the most luxurious party to stay at home with her family and binge some TV series or have a movie marathon! This exact nature of hers is what made her so different from her Ex-boyfriend.

Her One Unbreakable Health Rule

Most people in the Hollywood business are very busy and are always traveling. This makes it hard to have a proper diet at all. Cote, too, faces the same challenge in her life. But, with her determination and willingness to work hard, Cote is busier than a buzzing bee.

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But there is one health rule that’s unbreakable to her. She vows to take no less than 8 hours of sleep every single night! According to her, it helps to remember her lines well.

Her Other Rule: No Plastic Surgery!

The life of Hollywood limelight is glamourous, to say the least. But that’s not all. The constant stress of work, flashing lights, tabloids, and everything else make it almost impossible to have better part of self-esteem.

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This is why most people undergo plastic surgery because every single part of their flaw is magnified in the media lens. Cote isn’t most people. She strictly remains away from the knife, saying it is important to flaunt natural beauty and present realistic expectations of women.

Cote’s Favorite Is Game of Thrones

Cote is much like a house cat. She stays indoors as much as possible and interacts with the people she loves. This Queen marches to her own drum, and it’s no surprise that she has a favorite show that’s not NCIS.

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Her favorite is the game of thrones which she often watches with her family. Apparently, she loves the show so much because she loves to see women in beautiful, long hair with and corsets and a lovely wardrobe.

She Is Always Grounded in Nature

While most Hollywood celebs find it hard to be grounded due to the constant nagging of the paparazzi and the continuous attention they keep getting, Cote has been able to stay grounded in her own way.

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She found her answer was nature. She is not the type to go on luxury tours but rather enjoys staying close to nature with as few strangers visiting the spot as possible. The more secluded an island is, the better.

She’s an Award Winner

Cote De Pablo is an amazing actress, and nobody can say no to that. She won the Imagen award in 2016 under “the best-supporting actress” for her role in NCIS.

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what’s more, that’s not the only recognition she has received. She has been nominated for ALMA awards under various categories several times and had one “Outstanding Actress in Drama Television series” in 2010.

She’s a Multilingual Star!

Spanish and English are not the only languages she has mastery of. Cote can also speak fluently a total of 10 languages: Spanish, English, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Pasto, German, Russian, Italian, and Turkish!

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When most of us struggle to learn just two languages in school, Cote’s the genius that has managed to learn several while also juggling her acting career!

Cote’s Strong Belief Is That She Will Be Reincarnated

We have seen how strong the faith of Cote De Pablo really is. She is an ardent catholic and makes no effort to hide it. She has always been open about her beliefs, and similarly, she says she believes her soul will definitely be reincarnated someday.

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She says she knows and feels that this is not her first time on earth and that her soul needs more than one life to purify itself and will have to make at least a few more tries to get the job done.

We’re Waiting For You, Cote!

Cote De Pablo is in no way your ordinary actress. She is the top of the cream in everything she does. While most people would want a high life and enjoy luxury, she would rather kick back and spend some time with her family.

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It is this feature of her that makes life so worthy to see her on the screen. For now, she’s keeping fans busy and guessing about what she’s going to do next. And we cannot wait to see what that is!

Life After NCIS for Cote

Cote was never planning to leave the show. She loved working with different people on the NCIS set. But it was something she had to do because of how her character Ziva was being treated.

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In the years to follow her exit, she has worked on “the 33” and CBS’s miniseries “The dovekeepers”. While she loved working for them, she hopes to land some long-term roles that allow her some creative freedom to showcase her talents more.

Cote Is a Proud Immigrant

Cote loves her home in Chile and is also proud of her heritage from there. However, she is also a proud American because of how welcoming and kind the country has been for her. She strongly fights for immigration rights and advocates on their behalf as much as she can.

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She says she knows how difficult it is for immigrants to make it into another country and believes given the opportunity, everyone can become successful in life.

Cote Has Multiple Social Media Accounts Made by Her Fans

We all know how much Cote loves to stay away from social media and how much she likes the secluded life. But her fans love her so much and cannot stay away from her. That is why most people have created lots of social media accounts in her honor.

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There are several social media accounts on various platforms for people to follow as much as possible. Although Cote doesn’t manage any of these accounts, she is portrayed in light and down-to-earth light in all of them.

Her Reputation Is As Good as Ever

Every actor and actress has their own number of haters and trolls that, for some reason, can’t seem to stand them. Cote is no exemption to this. Despite all this, she has maintained to stay away from real-life drama and controversy due to her private lifestyle.

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She has been on good terms with almost all her work colleagues and has maintained good relations with them all through her career. This is bound to give her some starring roles in the future sometime.

Was an Actress, Now a Producer

Cote is extremely talented and pristine. Her acting is always dedicated and flawless. But she is putting on different shoes now. In her latest project, she is to be a producer alongside Michael Weatherly, her friend from the NCIS set. They are together producing a new series called “MIA” for CBS.

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The show is about a newly minted homicide detective who is placed alongside a by-the-book experienced partner. It follows the rookie’s life and how she struggles to balance her undercover plot!

Cote Inspiration Is So Much More Than Money

Most Hollywood stars only become famous by carefully choosing the roles that work well for them. That way, even if the film’s not a success, the star’s acting will be noticed by future producers and filmmakers.

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cote says money is not a deciding factor at all for her. That there are lots of deciding factors for her that don’t necessarily translate to money. It’s always about enjoying the life of acting and career building.

Loved By the Whole Masses

While the fans love Cote for acting, and she has loads of recognition in the field, she has even been complimented on her beauty and has successfully wooed CBS productions as well.

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Back in 2012, the production house took to Twitter to announce Cote De Pablo had won the award for TV line’s “Ultimate law-enforcement crush.” An award just to show how well she can mesmerize everyone around her.

She Always Learns Her Lessons

Due to her longing to do all her stunts all the time, there was once an accident that resulted in quite a serious neck injury while on the sets of NCIS. It was quite serious, and she had to take a break from work for quite some time. All this happened because she had not taken enough preparation time to learn her stunt well.

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This is the only known major accident cote has faced in her career while on the set. Ever since this, she has often made sure to have as much practice as possible before dangerous stunts to avoid such incidents.

She Has Never Bowed Down to Pressure

Cote De Pablo isn’t one to follow society’s norms or rules in her life. This Queen marches to her own drum. She never makes any attempt to back away from her beliefs during interviews.

Lauren Holly and Cote de Pablo during CBS Summer 2006 TCA Press Tour Party - Arrivals at Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, United States.
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At various points in her life, she has always been grilled by the media about marriage and having children. However, she maintains that she won’t be pressured into doing anything she doesn’t want to and will do whatever she feels like doing when she feels like it.

Fans Can Only Speculate

This woman barely has a public life. She always keeps things wrapped in her social circle and stays away from the public view. This has left fans no choice but to speculate on what’s happening in their favorite actress’s life.

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Many fans have taken to social media to speculate that the onscreen chemistry between Cote and Michael weatherly on the sets of NCIS gave rise to a rift between Cote and Diego that eventually led to their split.

The Real Reason Behind Her NCIS Exit

NCIS was a godsend to cote. She quickly rose to fame with her character of Ziva David and was able to gain much fan following and acting experience from her role. She has said she was never planning on leaving the show. Then why did she leave the show so abruptly?

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In her own words, Cote has claimed she was not happy about how the screenwriters were treating her character. She felt Ziva was not being done justice, and Cote claimed Ziva was being sidelined at all points and could no longer accept the role.

The Instant Chemistry Between Weatherly and Cote de Pablo

It is not unusual for producers to ask people in auditions to work alongside characters to see how they would have their chemistry. Our beloved Cote did her audition alongside Michael Weatherly, and the duo has hit it off ever since.

Source: CBS

According to Cote, Michael had gone off script and touched her hair and said,” you remind me of Salma Hayek” they had to control their laughter and try to do the remaining serious lines. The producers were sure that this duo would be a hit due to her fiery nature and his flirty attitude.

True Partners Both on and off-Screen

The onscreen chemistry between Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David has always managed to leave us in awe. The two have always hit it off perfectly, and we simply couldn’t get enough of them. And now, Michael and Cote are back together to produce their own TV series, and we simply can’t wait for it to happen!

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The chemistry between the two is more than work-related and due to Cote’s way of living in secret, we barely know anything about her. So let us just hope there will be something in the mix soon.