Epic Wedding Disasters Caught on Camera

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most magical day of your life, the beautiful gown, delicious cake, stunning flowers, and of course, all the attention on the bride and groom. Of course, everyone wants to remember this long-awaited day, so a photographer is a necessity. With so many pictures trying to capture every moment of your perfect day, some of them are bound to not go according to plan.

A group of people gathered for a wedding photo and a guy jumping/falling in front of the cameramen
Source: itsblossom.com

From photobombs to straight-up epic fails, no one’s wedding day is completely flawless. Sudden surprises will always happen, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. These little unexpected moments are what make your wedding truly day truly special, and those memories will remain in the wedding album for years to come.

Here are some of the most hilarious wedding fails and epic moments that were captured during the biggest day of these couple’s lives.

Falling Down

So there is a fun wedding tradition where the happy couple smashes the wedding cake into each other’s face. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these newly-weds didn’t get to experience that. Just as they were about to cut the cut, it tipped over, and the photographer captured the memorable moment. This is certainly something they will never forget.

Wedding cake falling down after couple tries to cut it
Source: YouTube

This was a potential wedding disaster, but thankfully, they don’t look too disappointed. A wedding is about two people falling in love, not about cake, right? The groom’s face in this picture is absolutely priceless, and the bride looks like nothing in the world can take that smile off of her face.

Where’s Waldo

Something just doesn’t look right here, and once you figure out what, it’s absolutely hysterical. At first glance, this photo seems unbalanced. Why aren’t the groomsmen surrounding the bride evenly? Why is the one on the far left not have a boutonniere or a matching pink tie like everyone else? This photo is just confusing altogether.

couple standing for a photo on their wedding day and a guy is lurking in the corner
Source: Reddit

However, if you take a closer look, you will eventually find the humor in this picture. Did you find it? If you look in the background, there is a guy dressed like Waldo peeking out from behind the tree. Talk about the ultimate photobomb. I definitely need one of these guys at my wedding.

Photo Bomb!

Jumping in a wedding photo is probably the most classic and traditional poses of the entire wedding party. This guy looks extra-excited about this wedding picture… either that, or he drank too much. He looks like he is about to go crowd surfing, only there is no crowd. He’s about to fall flat on his face.

A group of people gathered for a wedding photo and a guy jumping in front of the cameramen
Source: magazin.pluska.sk

Or maybe, he just wanted to photobomb the picture. He doesn’t look like he belongs with his t-shirt and jeans in front of the other fancy wedding guests. Either way, this bride and groom have a moment to remember from their wedding. Even though he ruined the group picture, this guy’s hilarious action pose is priceless.