Extraordinary Body Art Photos That Changed the World

Body art isn’t just any type of art. With conventional art, you get to draw on a canvass or any other medium. With body art, the medium is a human being that moves. Even with the arduous task of getting your medium to stay still, many artists do amazing, unbelievable, and sometimes downright crazy stuff.

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Artists explore different options, and they often get famous when they achieve the impossible using unconventional means. Take an artist who achieves a 3D image of a beach on the body of a beautiful model or an artist that combines body art with body posture to create a tiger. In the name of art, we present these mind-blowing attempts by global artists.

Who Says You Cannot Paint the U.S. Flag on Your Body?

July 4 will forever remain in our hearts as we celebrate America’s independence. While people host carnivals, start massive fireworks and organize family reunions, why not paint America’s flag on your body? The U.S. flag is beyond just the red, white, and blue; it’s a symbol of harmony, justice, peace, valor, hardiness, perseverance, and vigilance. The flag symbolizes the sacrifices of 13 colonies and the continuing sacrifice of the people that stand for a united country.

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And while you are at it, you should stay far away from fireworks and flames, primarily if you use oil colors that aren’t dry yet—or you may soon become barbecued. The world loves patriotic young women, especially those that paint haphazard red, white, and blue patterns on bare stomachs and breasts. Now, that’s something you don’t see too often. Happy 4th of July!

Take Yourself on a Favorite Sea Voyage with Art

Everyone loves art and sea voyages; so, why not build a bridge between the two worlds by painting your favorite voyage on your body? For lovers of art and travelers, this painting is genius and intimate, and it represents everything man yearns for—freedom, beauty, risk, and eternal life.

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You may not be able to afford a trip over the Atlantic, but you can buy up some paints, a few brushes and start your voyage right in your living room. While you are at it, you can have a few shots of Grog—the favorite drink of the British Navy.

Oh! The Beauty of the Galaxies Staring Right at You

Did you know that there are more than a hundred thousand million stars in the galaxy? The stars of the universe are more than the sands of the earth. What better way to express the magnificence of our world than to paint the sublime look of the dark clouds on a beautiful star-aligned night?

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Isn’t the painting just riveting? Of course, it won’t always remain that way because, at some point, she has to take a bath. You could commission a photographer to take a professional shot of the artwork and sell it as an NFT. I don’t think you could get the $2.9million Jack Dorsey got for selling his first tweet as an NFT, but you should get a decent hundred thousand. And who knows, someone might just pay a million dollars because it’s worth it.

The Perfect Selfie is Only Six Faces Away

According to Forbes, in just two minutes, people took more photos in 2019 than the number of photos taken in the past 150 years before 2019. In 2019 alone, more than 657 billion photos were taken globally, and the number increases exponentially with every passing year. There is an obsession with facial and body beauty, and people will go a whole nine yards to create memorable pictures.

Source: Instagram/@designdain

But can any facial modification beat surgery and complex makeup? Absolutely! Dain Yoon executed a perfect, albeit eccentric idea, creating a selfie of many faces. Imagine the model asking you to look into her eyes. With each eye staring right at you and each eyeball telling a different story, it’s too easy to assume that Dain Yoon is perhaps mad.

Winter is Coming: How about a Winter Home Built on Your Body?

When Emma, also known as the Movie Mayhem Makeup, left London to further her career as a body art painter, the world was not ready for her genius. Today, Emma fights for everything right through her works, from global warming to cancer, equality, and more. We would love to talk about her social cause, but her winter home is breathtaking—more so like HBO’s Game of Throne’s season’s premiere.

Source: Instagram/@movie_mayhem_makeup

We don’t even want to think about how she gets it done. Honestly, most of her body art will scare the spineless. This piece is one of the nicer ones she came up with. On her Instagram story, she claimed that her two kids helped her with the art. Emma, make sure your kids help you out more often because we hope to see many other less-scary body arts like this priceless winter piece.

Is Spider-Woman Coming to the Big Screen, or is it just Props?

When Spider-Man 1 came out in 2002, it was a riveting experience. The movie sold out in theaters across the country and grossed $825 million at the box office. The movie was elaborately cute, and Tobey Maguire soon became a fan favorite. As we wait for the next Spider-Man franchise, Spider Man’s No Way Home (which, by the way, might still be moved from December 2021 to 2022), a spinoff isn’t such a bad idea.

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We are thinking, ‘Spider-Woman: The Beginning.’ We cannot predict how much our thought of a spinoff would make at the box office, but it should be successful from this beautiful spider woman body art. The body art is simple; yet draws attention to itself. It’s an art worthy of a separate comic book, don’t you think?

Find the Perfect Country for Your Next Vacation with this Body Map

Tour the coastal line of Europe; escape to the Eskimo’s city; travel around the world; wherever you go, our human map will be your guide. This painting tells an incredible story—a story of bravery, risk, and a determination to do what you’ve always postponed. It’s time to pack your bags, book that flight, and travel the world.

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We cannot guarantee you that airport security will let you carry a human map. We don’t think the model will be too keen on following a total stranger over the Atlantic either, but you can take a screenshot of her back. Bring home some cute souvenirs from your journey. Bon Voyage!

Try Sneaking up on Your Boyfriend with this Body Art Idea

The only time we saw a person blend into an environment this good was in Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jr. was a genius mastermind (in the movie), but this painting is a real-life genius. We can imagine her trying to sneak up on her boyfriend with this trick.

Source: Instagram/@designdain

We imagine he would run for his dear life. Tricks aside, how did she turn herself into a chameleon? These body art painters often come up with downright naughty ideas—and this one tops that list. While we appreciate your efforts, dear, we simply cannot remove the thoughts of you painting your whole body holding a stone and sneaking up on your boyfriend. Now, that’s a trick we’d like to see.

In the Beginning, there was Eve, Adam, and the Forbidden Apple

In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth, and he put Eve and Adam in the garden. Of course, we all know the creation story, and this body art tells it beautifully so. More importantly, the artist enunciates the model’s curves and creates a story of the biggest Biblical betrayal.

Source: Pinterest

To be honest, if we were Eve, we would probably want a taste of that apple—it’s delicious to the eyes. Sometimes, we think about how life would be if Eve had not eaten that apple. There wouldn’t be social media, Netflix, or body painting. We probably would be running around the garden playing games.

A Loop of Calls Coming from Inside the Face

How do these people do stuff like this? Where do they even get the idea? If this was a movie, then this painting is probably John Wick cause it’s so incredible. It’s making us look over and over again. You would notice only the phone call from a first glance, but when you give it a closer look, you will notice that the artist regenerates herself in every loop. It’s like living in a matrix.

Source: Reddit

Every time an artist creates something worthy of praise, we should give a round of applause because God knows it’s not easy to have a model sit still and let you paint over her face. We hope she doesn’t scream when she looks into the mirror.

A Mind-Blowing Halloween Costume for Your Amusement

If you love the Grinch character, you should see this impeccable artwork as it reveals the protagonist. Let’s step out of character for a moment and appreciate the artist’s level of detail. It’s exhilarating. If we could, we would pay a million dollars to have that piece of art hanging on our office walls.

Source: Instagram/@movie_mayhem_makeup

Talking about hanging the piece of art on our office wall, we almost forgot the human face and neck of the mediums. The sweating, nagging, and the need to use the restroom will just ruin the art. Imagine if body art models hung on walls of art museums; it would be extraordinary. But we surely can’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

2 Two-faced Women Staring at You

Everyone is two-faced, at least at some point in life. People often judge other people, and while you would imagine that the judges are saints, they end up doing something even worse. This imaginative face painting tells the story of hypocrisy, lies, and yet, friendship simultaneously.

Source: Instagram/@designdain

We remember when Drake said, “If you are trending because of a controversy. Do not respond. Wait for three days, and someone else would have done something stupider than what you did.” Drake is on point with his life tips, and so is the painter. We love how both women seem to bond even though they are both two-faced.

Make a Statement with Your Art

Art is a game for the bold and the fearless. Take this woman, she still stands conspicuously even with the busy and vibrant backdrop. The shades of green, purple, wine, and yellow, all rhythmically drawn over her beautiful body, are exotic. This image makes for an evil character with a good heart. We think she looks like a melanin-witch from a Harry Porter series.

Source: Bella Volen

Did you guys notice the wand? And now, the picture has become even more enthralling. She is a real witch—or maybe a confessor. We cannot get past our editor imagining what she would do if a snake suddenly appeared from the bushes. Will she curse the snake with her wand or run off?

A Creative Remake of Mystique

While many people think that the Mystique costume can be easily replicated, this body paint’s detailing, blending, and structuring for light reflection is fantastic. This piece of art is worthy of its place on our list. We like how the artist draws over her beautiful figure. It’s exotic and erotic.

Source: Reddit

Anyone familiar with the X-men franchise will know Mystique. Mystique isn’t a superhero but a villain and an accomplice of the supervillain, Magneto. She could change her form and modify her body into anyone she pleases. This is the work of a thorough professional, and we will certainly keep it in the gallery.

Let’s Make a Flamingo and Call her Dinky

While the painting is excellent, we don’t know if it’s convincing enough to play a flamingo prank on a person. If you check the model’s back, you will notice incredible transparency and the texture of flamingo feathers. The colors are also stunning, bright, and beautifully laid out. As a piece of art, we give it ten stars, but as a flamingo, maybe eight stars.

Source: Imgur

Flamingos are the cutest, so when we saw a human remake of the animal, we could not help but smile. To be honest, many-body artists have done a better job at recreating an animal (you should see the human tigers on Instagram). However, we still appreciate the painter and the model’s efforts. It’s pretty impossible to keep a perfect flamingo pose.

Be Careful; the Enchantress will Seize Your Souls

When the movie, Suicide Squad was released in 2016, the audience anticipated a tremendous theatrical release. They were disappointed, and Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie a 26% on the Tomatometer. Today, however, the movie has gone on to make over 700 million dollars in the box office, so it’s not unusual to see body painters remaking some of the casts.

Source: Instagram/@roxyqueflexx

The Enchantress, an evil woman from the past and the main villain in the superhero movie, has been remade on this beautiful bodybuilder—and it’s an outstanding effort. The Enchantress isn’t a clean woman, and the painting depicted the evil dirt to perfection. For the record, we love this painting. You cannot be sure that this bodybuilder doesn’t have enchanting powers.

Sexual Assault is a Punishable Offence: Seek Consent Before You Touch

Sexual predators lurk everywhere. These people will violate unsuspecting victims from playgrounds to hotels, restaurants, public areas, and even within your close circles. Many body painters use their art to preach a message. Yes, we stand with the artist, John Vagabundo, against all forms of sexual abuse and assault. Listen to the sounds of the oppressed and speak up when you should.

Source: Instagram/@designdain

The intimacy of this body art is indescribable. It powerfully connects with the audience. It stands out, and it says, ‘Fight for me.’ In today’s world, you can do a lot by spreading information on the meaning of sexual abuse. We have the power to make the small changes that we can. Only by minor changes will the world become a better place.

We think Hollywood wants a Movie Starring the Enchantress and Mystique

The Enchantress and Mystique within one body are just too creepy for our taste. We love superheroes, but a painting that perfectly blends both villains is worthy of applause. We’d like to ask the painter, ‘How do you come up with such ideas?’ Do people just think to themselves, ‘Let’s find a way to scare people?’

Source: Instagram/@kaypikefashion

When you get past what the Enchantress can do, especially with the power of the Mystique, then you can truly appreciate this level of professional painting. The art looks like it came straight from a comic book. If the artist can achieve this, we feel like he can create a combination of Thor and Captain America.

Peacocks do not Fly, but they are Incredibly Beautiful

Peacocks are the loveliest birds on the planet. When they spread out their wings, your heart will melt. This painter decided to create his garden on a model’s body. We can see a peacock, a dragonfly, and something that looks like a tarantula (check her hands). Imagine going to the zoo to see animals, and this woman jumps right at you.

Source: Bella Volen

The model has a beautiful glow about her, and her smile speaks volumes of rebirth. Women are life-givers; of course, they don’t go about giving birth to peacocks. The cycle of life is simple: human beings are at the center of existence on earth, and women are at the center of the human race. So, we know what we mean by, ‘Women are life-givers.’

Look Closely, and You Will Be Amazed

When we first saw this piece of art, we thought it was a painting of a bird and a shadowed reflection beneath. We were right, yet incredibly wrong. This is by far one of the most iconic body art paintings you would ever explore. Look closer and start with the beak of the bird. Do you notice a leg? Do you notice it part blacked out to create the texture of space?

Source: Imgur

The painting is a genius body art created by a brilliant artist. He allows the model to lie down to her back as he masterfully covers her with luminous paint. The beak is a part of her raised leg, accentuated by contrasts of pure black and a blend of orange, yellow, and white, to create the illusion.

Support Your Favorite Team by Literally Wearing their Jersey on Your Body

Fan support is an integral part of the sport. A perfect example is the violent behavior shown by the English fans after their fatal loss to Italy in the EURO 2020 competition. Many fans go as far as tattooing their favorite sport’s logo or name on their skin, giving the names of their favorite players to their children, and booing the opposing team during playoffs.

Source: Pinterest

Body painting your favorite team jersey on your body is another way to pledge allegiance and support to your team. In this painting, the artist manages to crest a crop top design on these two beautiful women. The painting is executed so well that they could go to the stadium to watch their favorite team play, and they would blend in without security alerts.

Tigers might not make great pets, but do they make for excellent body art designs

The tiger stripes make for the perfect body art design, but beware, only the savviest painters can achieve perfect tiger patterns. The painter, in this case, accentuated the colors and patterns through complicated painting techniques. The model, whose face is just as fierce as a tiger’s, made the painting even more real. Look out; we may have our modern-day tiger-woman.

Source: Instagram/@movie_mayhem_makeup

While tigers are loved, at least from a distance, people do not dare house them as pets. Imagine your baby eating his meal, and the tiger keeps staring at her like a meal. You can just paint yourself as one since you cannot pet a tiger because of the fear of mortality. Don’t forget to add the whiskers.

The Music Resides within You

There is a great saying, ‘The music lives in you.’ This statement is true and even more accurate with this piece of exotic art. While she couldn’t possibly paint in all the musical instruments, she managed to put some Vinyl. The artwork is nostalgic and ignites old memories of legendary artists who recorded their albums on Vinyl.

Source: Pinterest

Today, the world has changed. Every artist releases their products on streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Imagine if you could hear some of those records on Vinyl. Imagine the sounds of the oldies, the subtle crack, and the soothing rhythm of the song’s instruments. If you are a fan of music from the sixties to the nineties, you should love Vinyl.

Don’t Spend All Your Day on the Couch or You May Become a Couch Art

Binge-watching your favorite movie is fun—except for the part where you must sit on your couch for an extended period. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle has many consequences, including weight gain, risk of obesity, and increased risk of getting a heart attack. Research now shows that you may fade into your couch if you sit on it for too long.

Source: Instagram/@designdain

We do not have substantial evidence for our claims, but the woman has become the couch from the picture. The statement, ‘He lives in you,’ is true in this picture. The lady lives on the couch, and the couch lives in her. We wonder how she can take a shower with all the space her newfound body will occupy. On a serious note, you should avoid sitting down for too long because of the health consequences.

We Found You a Date for Movie Night

Going for a blind date is amusing if the girl that walks through the door is beautiful. If the girl that walks in looks like the woman in the painting, you will most likely run for your dear life. The painting isn’t ugly; the problem is that it’s a bit unconventional, and you may become famous for dating a fairy.

Source: Instagram/@kaypikefashion

Some people think that people who undergo incredible body manipulations are attractive. If you are one of those men, you’d be disappointed to realize that she’s not a real-life person but a work of art by an ingenious artist. If you love the art so much, you can commission a good body paint artist to recreate the same effects on your girlfriend or wife.

Get Your Paint Ready for Your Next Cosplay Project

People love to dress up as their favorite Marvel, DC, anime, or game character. Many of these movies and animations have garnered an undeniable cult following. We all know the effort these studios put into making their characters life-like; so, honor their works by wearing one of the character costumes as paint.

Source: Pinterest

Your favorite superhero makes you feel like anything is possible, including achieving total body restructuring through painting and creativity. So, dream it, paint it, and live it. You may worry about showering or cleaning your body, but what is a few days of filth to the satisfaction of looking like Iron Man? Who knows? You might as well gain one or two superpowers.

Hide in Plain Sight and Come Out when They Least Expect it

Do you find yourself in a crowd, and you want to hide? Do you hate the conversation? Are you a celebrity who is tired of the excessive attention from fans? Do you just want to have a cup of coffee in peace? Whatever your circumstances, you can transform yourself into the background and remain unseen for as long as you want.

Source: Pinterest

You can take the form of your wallpaper or your favorite bedspread and just stay still. You can also use this technique to play a heavy prank on unsuspecting people. We have seen so many times where people hide in plain sights, like statues, and come out when unsuspecting pedestrians walk by.

Look here; We Have a Butterfly

This is the perfect costume to announce a new product launch. Just commission a painter to turn you into a colorful butterfly and a graphics designer to put the words, ‘I will fly’ underneath. The Fly Emirates should take a cue from the creativity of the art. Sometimes, you need symbolic messages to attract the proper attention.

Source: Pinterest

From the picture, you can see the glow in the model’s eyes. Be rest assured that she enjoyed the creative process. The tears that smeared a part of the paint makeup were tears of joy. Who would not be happy to get painted into one of nature’s amazing creatures?

Let Your Emotions Out. Do Not Bottle Them

Your emotions are valid. You can be happy just as much as you can be sad. It’s okay to cry. It’s OK to jump around your house aimlessly. If you express your feelings, you may become vulnerable, but you will undoubtedly see someone that will love you as you are. Live your life just as this body painter depicts.

Source: Instagram/@designdain

Don’t hide your personalities; don’t bottle your emotions. Let it all out. Speak to people. Be happy and stay around positive and motivated people. On the other hand, the Enchantress, Mystique, Thanos, and their accomplices, should never be allowed to express themselves.

What Year did you Realize that a Female Cat is Called a Queen?

We also just found out. After DC Comics released the movie Cat Woman, starring Halle Berry, many people subconsciously thought all cats were feminine. There are also male cats; however, this feminine depiction of Cat Woman is a beautiful tribute to Halle Berry and the works she has achieved as an actress and a model.

Source: Pinterest

The body art reflects the paint as it gently expresses itself with the model’s curves. The result is a defined and impeccable Cat Woman persona—with all the beauty, innocence, and class. Our only discontent is that Cat Woman’s whip, a significant part of her costume, is absent in this body art.

Explore the Landscape Architecture of a Koi Pond

This painter once again shows us that her strength comes from an honest representation of ideas and objects. In this painting, she doesn’t attempt to create the illusion of a Koi Pond; instead, her artwork is a professional symbol of the health benefits of Koi ponds and the surreal effect they ignite when set as decoration backdrop.

Source: Instagram/@movie_mayhem_makeup

If you cannot see beauty in this Japanese-influenced Koi art, you may need an optician. The simplicity of the process and almost child-like features of the painting places this body art ahead of many other art attempts. And again, the silent and slight smile of the model, the painter, gives us goosebumps. We give it a whole ten.

Another Koi Painting for those that can Imagine

If you can imagine it, then a body art painter can make it happen. In this case, the Koi fish and the beautiful backdrop flows seamlessly with the model’s fantastic shape. It’s pretty impossible to take your eyes off this life-like and intimate attempt at the Koi pond. Every plane, angle, color, depth, and hue, are masterfully explored by this painter. The model also stands still, professionally and sensually, leaving us blown away.

Source: Pinterest

The piece is vibrant, incredibly intimate, and tells a thousand stories. The painter’s choice of color is impressive, and the power within each stroke as he remakes her body into an exotic backdrop is infallible. The model looks endlessly, as if unaware that a masterpiece is drawn over her body. What more could you possibly want? What more?

Close Your Eyes and Allow Your Lucid Dreams Take Over

It’s dark and empty, but her neon-lit body is vibrant. She doesn’t smile, yet her eyes glow, drawing us into her lucid dreams. This body art is incredible because it teaches us that it’s okay to stand out now and then. Whenever you are in a bad situation, stand out with your positivity. Be the light that shines through the darkness, and make people smile.

Source: Imgur

Tell us what you feel. Do you feel a presence? Are you scared? Remember, you are not hallucinating; you are free. You are standing in front of an incredible masterpiece, and, yes, your mind is under its control. If we had the choice to take a painting home, we would certainly take this luminous body art. But then we would have to worry about the model’s health and capacity to pose like that for extended hours.

Oh My, It’s Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn isn’t the female version of the Joker. The Joker is charismatic, but he is also a devil incarnate. The Joker is terrifying. And that’s why people prefer to dress like his eccentric girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Does this costume represent the nuances of Quinn’s colors and inner fire?

Source: Instagram/@kaypikefashion

We cannot over compliment Harley Quinn’s body or this beautiful depiction of how she looks because we do not want any problems with the Joker. This art is bold, charismatic, fiery, and fearless. It represents Harley Quinn’s love for the extreme, her kneecap-cracking baseball bat, her infectious smile, and her almost innocent look. This art of work isn’t a joke. It’s a masterpiece.

When her Face is all Over the Place

Sometimes, you cannot get away from your woman’s presence. Everywhere you turn, she appears. This art is a perfect representation of someone who has her ears in the right place. In this instance, the artist subtly paints her face over her ear. The incredible work is so subtle you might even miss it the first time. Beware because once you see it, you cannot take your eyes off it.

Source: Instagram/@designdain

The intricacy of the design, the small space the painter had to work with, and the striking resemblance of the ear-placed face and the bigger one tells us that the artist isn’t terrified of trying and achieving impossible structure. It’s easier to draw or paint a more prominent face structure from a smaller one, but drawing a smaller face beside your ear lobes and turning a part of your ear into the nose is breathtaking. This piece of art is breathtaking.

There’s Nothing Terrifying About this Take on a Halloween Christmas Classic

Any fantasy movie fan should know Sally in the classic ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ Once again, Emma recreates a movie character to apparent perfection. Many people are not great fans of Sally—because she is a creepy ragdoll, but with this painting, you almost would aspire to look like her.

Source: Instagram/@movie_mayhem_makeup

The detailing doesn’t attempt to modify the body into Sally. Everyone can still see the painter’s face—and that’s what makes this piece and other similar pieces priceless. In one look, you get to experience two personalities—a ragdoll and the painter’s calm personality. It’s incredible and numbing at the same time.

Masterpieces are Simple and Thorough

Not every painter starts a project to create a masterpiece. Some just allow their imagination to run wild, and then, voila, they create a piece that will be talked about for generations. What’s better? Not every masterpiece should be colorful and extravagant. Sometimes, you just need a blend of black with golden laces.

Source: Pinterest

Did we mention that this art was done over a live canvass—a beautiful canvas? We love the soot as it seems to spread endlessly, marking its territory. We also love the golden emerald on the face, conspicuously showing off rare beauty and incredible craftsmanship. Would you ask the model out on a date if you had the chance, or are you still wondering if the black paint can be washed entirely off?

We Need More of these Avengers

Nothing beats a beautiful superhero saving us. What could be better? This painter, obviously fraught with a wild imagination, has given us the feminine version of four superheroes. We would advise you to tread lightly if you are a supervillain. Just because they are women does not make them any less powerful.

Source: Pinterest

Heroes are who we want them to be. Beyond the surface, this beautifully crafted body painting represents equality. We do not have enough superheroes in the Marvel and D.C. world, and we have so many men that there isn’t a need to create one. If DC and Marvel cannot give us more women, this painter has given us just enough. You would not mind if Thor let you touch her hammer, would you?