Four Dudes Named Paul O’Sullivan Formed a Band… All by Chance

It all started with a guy from Baltimore, Maryland. With the power of social media at his fingertips, he formed a band of talented musicians. It began with a dude named Paul O’Sullivan, and then another guy with the same name showed up, and then another, and another. That’s right: the band consists of four men named Paul O’Sullivan. What are the chances, right?

The Paul O’Sullivan Band
The Paul O’Sullivan Band, featuring Manchester Paul (top left), Rotterdam Paul (top right), Baltimore Paul (bottom left), and Pennsylvania Paul (bottom right). Source:

And to make it even more unique, the four of them are from separate cities in three continents. All four Paul O’Sullivans conceptualize, compose, and record their individual parts for the master recordings, and even managed to make a music video for YouTube!

A Band of Four Pauls

“It started way back in 2014,” said the Paul from Maryland. “I had a friend of mine who found his name twin on Facebook and even had dinner together. That got the wheels turning. So, out of curiosity, I started looking at Facebook and looking for my own name group.”

Paul O'Sullivan (@paul_osullivan), Twitter
Source: Twitter

That’s when he realized that these other Pauls were all musicians. Before he knew it, he found a singer, a bass player, and a drummer. Together with his guitar work, the band was complete.

What Started Out as a Joke…

It started off as a joke: a super-group of Paul O’Sullivans, but after it got going, they wondered if there was something real going on. Maryland Paul is on guitar and vocals, San Diego Paul is on the drums, Manchester Paul is the bass player, and Dutch Paul is the second guitarist and lyricist.

Paul O’Sullivans
Source: YouTube

They made a music video for YouTube, and they have thousands of hits already. “The next thing is to find a way to play the song together live, that’s the dream. Personally, I would like to parlay this into something more. We’ll see, but I’m just so proud of what we’ve done to this point. I’m happy right now just to see where this ride goes.”