From Secret Divorce to Shocking Split: Jonathan Scott’s Love Life

Jonathan Scott and his brother Drew gained millions of fans around the world for hosting “Property Brothers,” the hit reality TV show. But the sibling dream team isn’t the only relationship in Jonathan’s life that has influenced his fanbase and made international headlines.

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Fans were excited when he started seeing TV producer Jacinta Kuznetsov, and it appeared that the two considered each other as their soulmate. The world was shocked in 2018 when the pair announced that they were breaking up. What could have occurred to this couple to make their relationship end?

Recipe to Be a Perfect Couple

They looked like they were a perfect couple to those who saw Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov together. Their Hollywood good looks and apparent love for each other led the public to believe that they had the perfect relationship on and off screen.

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It made it even more shocking when they announced they had decided to break up. However, it was much less shocking to their inner circles since they knew that there were things in Jonathan’s past that would spell disaster for even the most solid relationships.

Destined to Be Entertainers

That isn’t the only thing they were destined for! Due to the encouragement of their dad, who had always involved them in the upkeep and repair of things around their home, Jonathan and Drew Scott developed an intricate understanding of property management throughout their childhood.

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And when they turned 14 years old, the two brothers moved with their dad to Alberta, Canada, for an awe-inspiring project—building their own house! The foundations were laid for a future in property entertainment—but a number of obstacles still lay between the brothers and superstardom.

Twinning in All Areas of Life

Many twins are known to have a particularly strong bond with each other, and Jonathan and Drew Scott are no exception. Though many relatives may find their sibling bond strained by their different hobbies, the Scott brothers’ relationship only grew stronger thanks to their mutual interest in real estate.

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They both went to the University of Calgary and graduated together with business management degrees. The two were obviously destined for a bright career connected to property—but the avenue they would take was not an ordinary one.

Passionate About Property

While everyone else was partying their way through college with fraternities and keg parties, the Scott brothers prioritized their time differently: they were already planning for their futures. From the beginning, they were already laser-focused on their goals.

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The two pooled all their savings together and bought a house close to their university campus. The brothers began repairing it straightaway, going on to resell the fixed-up property at an impressive profit. They now had their first successful experience under their belt—and they were just getting started.

A Flair for Real Estate and… Magic?!

After Jonathan and Drew Scott graduated from the University of Calgary, they got right to work and began the crucial foundations for an impressive career in real estate. But Jonathan Scott didn’t forget that his first sample of ambition had come from a very different source.

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In addition to his passion and flair for real estate, Scott also had a genuine love and talent for performing—starting from his time as a magician. Would he manage to find a way to blend these two very different life aspirations?

Where Business Meets Performing

Astonishingly, Jonathan did find a solution to fuse his love of real estate management with his enthusiasm for entertaining others through performing. As the brothers continued to build a successful career in property, they ended up catching the attention of several TV producers—who wanted more of these skilled and charming real estate gurus.

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Sure enough, the sibling partnership soon got their own reality TV show—the now super successful “Property Brothers.” But the Scott brothers had no concept of the level of stardom that they would achieve—and the dating experiences that would follow.

Building an Instantly Successful Empire

Those close to the Scott brothers weren’t surprised when their TV show became an instant hit with viewers. What was not to like? They were really knowledgeable and skilled while also remaining charming and hilarious. All this, coupled with their fantastic chemistry, made for great television.

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Before they could spell “Scott,” they had expanded into a bona fide empire—with the ‘Property Brothers’ coming out with their acting debut, book series, music, and radio show. Their professional lives were going from one success to another—but soon behind the scenes, events would also make an exciting turn.

Real Estate’s Most Eligible Bachelor

It appeared that Jonathan Scott’s life couldn’t get any better. He had an exceptionally successful TV career and had finally figured out how to pull off his ultimate goal—to fuse his love of real estate with his passion for performing.

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As if that wasn’t enough, every day he got to go to work with his best friend, his twin brother Drew! But when he wasn’t on screen, there was still something important missing from this TV star’s personal life. He had everything he dreamed of—except for someone special to share it with.

From Charitable Citizen to Suddenly Smitten

Even though Jonathan Scott had what people considered an ideal life, he was still searching for the one thing that was missing—to live a loving life together with his soulmate. Little did he know that romance and love were right around the corner for the romantic Scott.

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In 2015, he went to an animal rights charity event. Upon arrival, though, raising money for animals was the last thing on his mind. He was instantly smitten by the sight of a beautiful blonde also in attendance. But did he have the guts to introduce himself?

Using Social Media to Find His Cinderella

As the night came to an end, Jonathan was filled with regret as he realized he had missed his opportunity. The event was over, and the mystery blonde had already gone home for the evening. But he wouldn’t let that fact keep him from following his love dreams.

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He asked remaining party guests if any of them had caught her name. Once he found someone who knew it, he went straight to social media to search for this unknown Jacinta Kuznetsov. Now that he had a name and her online profile, did he have the confidence to send a message?

Constructing the Perfect Introductory Message

Scott was ecstatic to have actually been successful in finding the blonde woman who had caught his attention that night. But now that he had uncovered her social media accounts, how would he go about reaching out to her? He felt incredibly nervous thinking about sending her a random message like this.

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But, at the same time, he also didn’t want to be creepily watching her online presence without saying anything. So, he conjured up the nerve to finally message her about going out with him. It was a go big or go home situation. Would she enjoy his message?

First Date? More Like Initial Interrogation!

Scott was surprised and thrilled when Kuznetsov not only messaged him back but happily agreed to go out with him! The reality TV star was elated to actually have a date with the mystery woman from the charity event. However, the date did not go so well.

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Being rather inexperienced when it came to dating, Scott kept firing off questions without letting the conversation take its natural course. By the end of the date, Kuznetsov was pretty fed up and told Scott she was tired of his inquiries! Were they over before they had a chance to begin?

Second Date for Second Chance

Luckily for Jonathan, Kuznetsov chose to give him another chance. The blonde beauty agreed to go on another date with him so that they could start again with blank slates. Scott was so happy, but now he was even more anxious than he had been for the initial date.

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His first date etiquette had really turned her off last time—so now he had to really step up his dating game. Would he be able to pull out all the stops to win her over by showing her his real personality, or was he going to mess it up again?

Second Time’s the Charm

Honestly, Jonathan Scott’s first attempt to win over Kuznetsov on their initial date had gone so poorly because he was concentrating way too hard on making a good impression. He had also tried to steer things according to how he believed their date was “supposed” to be.

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But things needed to flow more and take their natural course. When he got that through his brain and relaxed, their second date was a complete 180, and the chemistry between the two was obvious to everyone in the room. And this would serve as the beginning of a beautiful romantic relationship.

Develop a Loving Relationship

Soon after, Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov fell deeply in love. Gone were the nights where Scott directed the conversation with strange and boring questions. The two became very comfortable with each other as they continued to develop their loving relationship.

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Scott was over the moon—with his wonderful career and relationship. His life was now complete. But he was cautious with this new addition to his life, so the couple kept the relationship secret until they were in a position to publicize it. Soon the world would find out about the couple.

Officially and Publicly Dating

After the pair had basked in their romance for some time, they felt ready to publicize their relationship to their viewers and fans. The world celebrated when both Kuznetsov and Scott announced on their respective Instagram accounts that they were officially dating each other.

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Fans were excited to see the two stars posting pictures of each other all over social media, sending a clear message that they were very much in love. Who could’ve known that in a short time, there would be tests and tribulations they’d have to work through together?

Girlfriend Appearances on “Property Brothers”

Jonathan’s social media accounts weren’t the only place that Kuznetsov began making high-profile appearances. Loyal viewers of the brothers’ mega-popular reality show, “Property Brothers,” were happy to see her showing up on their screens every so often, allowing them a glimpse into the happy couple’s picture-perfect life.

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Drew Scott’s girlfriend Linda Phan also started to appear on the show, and it looked like the two brothers’ lives were quintessentially idyllic. But as so often happens with reality TV stars, things were about to become much more complicated away from the cameras.

From Maui to Marriage?

It looked like things were following the life plan for Jonathan Scott. Not only did he have a mega-successful career with his brother, who doubles as his closest friend, fulfilling his biggest dreams, but he was also head over heels in love with his beautiful girlfriend.

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In December 2016, Scott and Kuznetsov went on a romantic holiday getaway to Maui. As word got around about their dreamy vacation, so did rumors of a possible engagement. Fans were anxiously waiting to see if they would return from the island of Maui with an exciting announcement.

Returning Without a Ring

Scott and Kuznetsov had an incredible time on their couples’ Christmas vacation to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Both of them shared a series of cozy photos, taking in the breathtaking views and the needed time together away from the public.

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But despite the romantic atmosphere they found themselves there was no evidence that Scott had popped the question. Fans were confused—just what was happening here? Their holiday photos exuded joy and love—but could there have been trouble in paradise? Fans were worried about the couple’s future.

Rumors and Theories and Misconceptions, Oh My!

Fans were getting increasingly confused about the actual relationship status of Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov. There were times when it looked like the two were meant to be together and committed to each other forever. But at other times, it looked like they still considered the relationship in its early stages and were taking things slow.

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Despite being blatantly very much in love, viewers began to assume that there was a secret obstacle that was keeping the couple from taking the next step. But not even the most loyal of fans could’ve guessed what they would end up revealing.

Full House: Scott Family Edition

Even though fans were bamboozled about whether Scott and Kuznetsov were ever going to exchange vows, some other happy news was soon shared with the public by the giddy couple. Jonathan Scott and Kuznetsov were moving in together! Plus, Jonathan’s twin brother, Drew Scott, was also moving in with his girlfriend, Linda Phan!

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To make the brother’s news even more exciting, all four of them were going to move in with each other! Living with your twin brother and both of your girlfriends—the ideal scenario or an example of what never to do? Only one way to find out…

A Surprise Break Up Bombshell

Even though many people were curious about the logistics of how the two happy couples would deal with living together, no one could have guessed the shocking announcement that Scott and Kuznetsov were about to share with the public.

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In early 2018, Scott uploaded a photo to Instagram of himself and Kuznetsov with a caption saying that the couple had decided to break up. He shared that the split was cordial and that the two stayed friends. But many speculated if that was actually true—and looked to see what Kuznetsov had to say about the situation.

An Uncommonly Respectful and Impressive Split

As fans looked to Kuznetsov’s page to read her side of the story about the breakup, they were pleasantly surprised to see that she also had considered the split from Scott a respectful and friendly one. Everyone was impressed by both of their behavior.

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They were much more respectful than most public breakups between celebrities. But the question that remained was: What had split up the seemingly happy couple if they still had mutual respect for each other? Well, a dark secret from Scott’s past came to light.

Bearing Scars of a Past Failed Marriage

There was something from Jonathan Scott’s life that he had kept private before now. As fans loved the social media posts from both him and Kuznetsov, they were inspired to find a relationship as adoring and open as theirs.

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They had no clue that Scott was still carrying the weight of a previous, private relationship. Scott had been married before. He and Kelsy Ully, his ex-wife, had been married for two years before getting a divorce in 2010. Was this why he was reluctant to pop the question to Kuznetsov?

Team Brother or Team Girlfriend?

After Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov announced their breakup, the media and fans began to speculate what might be the actual reason behind their split. One specific rumor that started to spread around this time was that the couple’s relationship had been strained due to Scott’s close bond with his brother Drew.

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Although they had originally moved into a house for four people, the two couples ended up moving apart, with Scott and Kuznetsov going to Toronto. Could Scott’s close relationship with his twin brother have created too much tension in his romantic relationship?

The Overwhelming Celebrity Lifestyle

Another rumor that began making its rounds in the tabloids was the real reason behind Scott and Kuznetsov’s shocking split. The rumors alleged that the lifestyle of a high-profile celebrity, like Scott, had become too overwhelming for the blonde beauty.

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Although she worked as a producer before dating Scott, their relationship launched her into the public eye in a way she could never have prepared herself for. Could it be that the demands of fame were just too overwhelming for Kuznetsov and put too much strain on their relationship?

Bittersweet Family Events

As Scott attempted to move past this chapter in his life, a meaningful event was about to occur that would cause him happiness and disappointment in equal measure. About a month after he and Kuznetsov had broken up, Scott flew to Italy for his brother’s wedding to Linda Phan.

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Even though he was overjoyed for his brother’s good fortune, he couldn’t help but get emotional when he thought of his own recent heartbreak with Kuznetsov. Little did he know, there was still hope for his romantic future—in more than one way.

Thank You, Next

Despite how tough and gut-wrenching it must have been for Jacinta Kuznetsov and Jonathan Scott to go their separate ways after being so in love, the two of them have been truly influential in the way they have publicly dealt with the split and moved on.

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The two of them remain friends and sometimes still work together on the “Property Brothers” set. To see a breakup between two people in the entertainment industry with so much mutual respect is nothing less than a miracle—and has allowed both of them to move on in unexpected ways.

Working Through Feelings With Work

After Scott and Kuznetsov broke up, it wasn’t long before fans began wondering when they would see either of them start seeing other people. But for Scott, his first concern was to focus on his work and let himself fully heal before getting into any new relationships.

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When he was asked about who he was intimate with at the time in an interview with People magazine, he jokingly answered that he was pretty preoccupied with fourteen construction projects. Scott wasn’t ready to jump into anything new—but it was a vastly different story for Kuznetsov.

Quickly Finding New Love

Jonathan Scott’s strategy was to take some time for himself and concentrate on his work in the aftermath of his shocking breakup from Kuznetsov, though her strategy was completely different. Despite the heartbreaking split with Scott, Kuznetsov found love again!

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This came much sooner than she ever imagined—and she recently shared that she’s engaged. Yes, you read that right—less than seven months after breaking up with Scott, Kuznetsov verified that she was going to be married to her new boyfriend and long-term friend Will Allen.

A Post-Engagement Pre-Wedding Getaway

After everything Scott and Kuznetsov had overcome together, no one could be reluctant to allow either of them a chance at true happiness. That’s why fans were so notably delighted and moved to see that that Kuznetsov had gotten engaged to Allen.

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The newly engaged couple flew to the Caribbean island of Roatan in celebration of their recent milestone. “Will only answer to Ariel from now on,” she wrote in a caption on one of the Instagram posts she uploaded from their trip. But the trip wasn’t all fun and games.

Once a Fundraiser, Always a Fundraiser

When we think back and remember that Scott and Kuznetsov first met at a charity event, it’s unsurprising to hear that the blonde producer is still very much involved in fundraising and charity work. Whenever she can, she makes time to give back to those who need it.

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Even on her celebratory vacation, Kuznetsov took time to feature the issues that Roatan and the surrounding areas of Honduras have with education and poverty. Scott might have been proud to see his ex-girlfriend’s fundraising efforts if he wasn’t preoccupied with his new love.

Who’s That Girl? It’s Zooey!

After taking some time to reflect and allow his heart to heal after the surprising split from Kuznetsov, Scott eventually opened up to welcome a new partner into his life. And that new girlfriend is Zooey Deschanel, the star of “New Girl,” the popular Fox sitcom!

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The couple kept their romance a secret in the beginning but have since publicly confirmed it with numerous loving social media posts. “This amazing person makes me truly happy every single day and fills my life with love and joy,” Deschanel captioned a photo with Scott on her personal Instagram account.

Every Structure Starts With the Foundation

Let’s go all the way back to the beginning to fully understand Jonathan Scott’s past and how this played a part in the eventual end of his relationship with Kuznetsov. The Scott brothers and their family lived right outside of Vancouver, Canada, on a horse farm.

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Their creative and artistic parents inspired them to pursue their dreams and live independent lives from childhood. It was obvious that both of them had the means to make it in entertainment. But no one could have pictured the successful journey upon which they found themselves.

The Next Harry Houdini?

Scott understood from an early age that he was meant for a career in entertainment, but initially, it seemed like his journey to stardom would take a very offbeat path. Originally, Scott was driven to become a famous magician, performing notable card tricks and sleight-of-hand for captivated audiences.

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But while he was working his way to be a top magician, the young star-to-be discovered more about the darker side of the entertainment industry—and the young magician had an abrupt and surprising change of heart. We can only imagine how he would’ve turned out had he continued down that path.

The Future Looks Bright

Reflecting on Scott’s romantic history, it’s fair to say he has experienced plenty of ups and downs. Although he originally hid his first marriage from the public, as he got used to being in the public eye, the TV star has started to share more and more details with his fans about his life off screen.

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It’s evident that despite their split, he and Jacinta Kuznetsov still have a good relationship and close friendship. The respectful and admirable way that these two stars split, setting the stage for new love for both of them, is an inspiration for all of us.