Hidden Details and Easter Eggs in the Shrek Movies

In the popular movie Shrek 2, different scenes were shot in a bar called The Poison Apple. This bar is comprised of several shady regulars. However, many hints make it clear that the place is a bad spot.

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In the Poison Apple bar, there are different signs right behind the bartender that would make any normal individual have to rethink and probably leave the bar. Alternatively, if you feel risking your life for a cocktail is a great idea, this Poison Apple bar is the right place for you.

Does That Justin Look Familiar?

Shrek does a very good job of taking on unique fairytales and characters in them. Shrek helps twist these fairytales into something ironic or dark; this is something we’re all familiar with as it’s often shown in movies. But at all times, we get to encounter classic references to the modern pop norm.

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For instance, here, in Fiona’s bed place. Right in the tower where she resided before Shrek rescued her, she was surrounded at all times by a bunch of old posters and paintings on her wall. One of these paintings is the popular “Sir Justin,” who looks very much like Justin Timberlake.

That Energetic Ariel Cameo

Just like most animated movies that were produced in the 2000s. Shrek isn’t frightened to be confronted by adult jokes in any situation. This is a great one when Cameo from the popular Little Mermaid makes up an obstinate Ariel in the opening scene of Shrek

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A montage from Shrek and Fiona’s honeymoon was used to start the movie; the next scene showed the two ogres kissing each other by the beachside. However, a destructive wave comes in and knocks the princess off, and Shrek finds himself kissing a mermaid that looks just like Ariel.

The Only Part of the Glass Not Damaged

We love Dragon in Shrek a lot. Why we love her is still kit understandable as she started as a scary, mean animal always protecting Fiona’s tower, she fell in love with the donkey. She suddenly became a loyal fighter to the donkey’s supporters, Shrek and Fiona.

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In this delightful scene, the Dragon has helped save the day as she flew right through the windows and devoured Lord Farquaad, preventing his marriage arrangement with Fiona from happening, so Shrek could’ve Fiona all to himself. The window the Dragon destroyed also damaged Lord Farquaad’s image. That’s a great symbolism!

What Was Big Bad Wolf Reading in the Movie?

Both in the first and second part of the Shrek movie, we notice the Wolf having around in a nightgown; with the nightgown on, it was obvious that he had eaten Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother and worn her outfit. But in the second part of the movie, the animators tried to develop the Wolf character and try as much as possible not to present a subtle reference to much older themes.

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He Wolf was reading the Pork illustrated, a popular magazine in the movie. The magazine is a spoof of sport and its popular swimwear. He saw devouring a piece of bacon while reading the magazine.

A Hint to Fiona’s Upbringing

Shrek transformed everything we already knew about fairytales and the life of a princess into something different. According to the movie, the charming princess went through a reverse transformation and became an ogre, but this transformation was a good thing. She didn’t try to fight her ogre identity; she embraced it instead and even married an ogre.

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As much as this plot twist surprised us, there were some hints that the princess was an ogre. When she assembled flies for her husband, she was found licking her fingers afterward.

Hollywood Signing Homage with this Movie

A larger part of Shrek 2 was shot in the Kingdom Of Far Far Away, Fiona’s hometown. When Dinkey, Fiona, and Shrek were traveling to Fiona’s hometown, we noticed that they were close to their destination as we saw the sign at a distance.

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The font, the way the alphabet is positioned, and the sign is on a hill… it’s no doubt a reference to the popular Hollywood sign. The sign is quite similar to the American filming industry and has been encounters in several movies. This is just the only time it was subtly referenced in an anime.

From Poison Apple to Happy Apple. Strange?

In the episode Shrek Forever After, a creepy bar from Shrek 2 was noticed. However, The Poison Apple transformed into the Happy Apple. This is where Fiona and Shrek’s children Farkle, Felicia, and Fergus have their birthday parties.

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It’s interesting to see that this once dreaded location where all ogres run away from, transform into a nice place where everyone including ogre kids throws parties and have fun!

Recreating a Mouth-watering Scene

During that sweet honeymoon montage from the second part of Shrek, another tidbit that made viewers happy was the homage to the popular and heroic Spider-Man Scene. No doubts, you’re aware of the scene we’re discussing. The romantic kiss between Mary Jane and Peter Parker in the first-ever Spider-Man movie, where Tobey Maguire was the main cast.

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In Shrek, the Peter Parker-like kiss happened when Shrek got stuck in a forest trap, and his wife Fiona came to his rescue. The flip was superb, and it was difficult choosing who the hero was in this scene.

Lord Farquaad’s Conception Scene

Lord Farquaad, the main antagonist of the first part of the Shrek movie. This act is despicable and hilarious, and he is so full of himself and arrogant. He often edits unique artwork to make himself fit into these works.

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That’s right! You probably didn’t get to find out that the painting positioned behind his bed is meant to be that of Sandro Botticelli’s. Lord Farquaad had edited the classic painting by replacing Venus’ picture for his picture. Talk about a guy who rates himself highly.

Julie Andrews Nods Repeatedly

Queen Lillian, Fiona’s mother, was perfectly voiced by Julie Andrews. Knowing this scene derived from the third part of the Shrek movie is much more fun. Fiona’s mother hits her head against a wall accidentally, and this incident makes her a bit loopy. She was found humming to herself a few minutes after; the humming wasn’t seen as random.

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If you listen carefully, you’ll notice that she was humming the Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins and the popular song Favorite Things from The Sound Of Music. In order words, she was humming two of the most favorite songs from popular movies.

Starbuck’s Only Copycat in the Movie

Starbucks is just as American as the popular apple pie at this stage; those white and green takeaway cups could be noticed in several movies. The Shrek movie has its very own famous coffee shop house; that’s a Starbucks spoof.

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Farbucks Coffee and its numerous cups can be noticed in the movie background in Far Far Away multiple times, and the logo looks exactly like Starbucks. And just like the popular Starbucks, Farbucks is positioned on every corner in the street.

Lord Farquaad’s Disdainful Act

Lord Farquaad isn’t a nice person; we could see that from the movie. But out of all his wrong deeds, this might be the worst of them all….. Farquaad declares riot against all kinds of creatures in the fairytale; he held some famous characters captive during the war. Some of these characters include; Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear from Goldilocks.

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Later in this scene, when the war happened, we noticed the latter two crying profusely at Shrek’s house. Why are they crying, and what even had befallen Mama Bear? Well, Lord Farquaad’s Carpet has the right answers to that.

A Splendid Surprise Making All Characters Happy

Donkey and Dragon went from enemies to lovers pretty fast in the first part of the Shrek movie; they eventually got married. However, Dragon wasn’t sighted in the second part; what could have happened to her?

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Dragon reappeared during the final credit and adequately revealed a very happy surprise to her lover, the Donkey, and viewers. She also gave birth to their offspring, dragon-donkey hybrids, adorable creatures.

Gretel and Hansel’s Final References

The Shrek universe is a typical representation of the mishmash of virtually all the unique fairytales we are aware of and are passionate about, but only with lots of twists to spice it up. There are several references to the classics all through these movies.

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In the second movie, we notice that Fiona and Shrek reside in this cute gingerbread house for their honeymoon. It’s Hansel’s Honeymoon Hideaway, and it’s the abode of the famous witch Hansel and Gretel. The Fairy Godmother had mentioned this witch in her fairytales.

Where Does the Muffin Man Reside?

In the first Shrek movie, Lord Farquaad had maltreated Gingy, the gingerbread man; he had pressured him to tell him where he could find the muffin man. The gingerbread man made his appearance in Shrek 2, and we finally got to know where he stays.

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His house is located on Drury Lane, and we probably should have noticed this fact earlier. The popular nursery rhyme has always mentioned that the muffin lives on Drury Lane.

The Beauty and the Beast Nod Coming From a Spilled Potion

This happened when the main act Shrek poured out the massive pot filled with a magic potion in the fairy Godmother’s home; on this day, hell broke loose. Anyone the potion touched will transform into something else. Humans became birds, and swans turned into dancers.

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We also noticed that two of the Fairy Godmother’s workers transformed into two main characters, the clock, and candelabra, from the popular movie Beauty And The Beast. This little nod was one of the best things that happened to viewers of Dreamworks movies.

Gingy is Entirely Patched Up

Recall how poor little Gingy lost his leg in Shrek 1? He was several tortured by the arrogant and evil Lord Farquaad and lost his leg in the process. But this damage was so much for a little icing to fix.

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You could argue it’s not right to include torture scenes in animated family movies, but at least in the world of Shrek, having your legs ripped off your body isn’t a good method of torture. Worried? Well, you don’t have to be, as Gingy is fine in the sequel.

The Popular Fairytale Princesses Nod

There are several fairytale nods in this movie, and in all cases, just the processes get lots of attention. These are just two of the different bod s you could come across throughout the four parts of the Shrek movie.

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Donkey, Shrek, and Fiona passed by Rapunzel’s tower in Shrek 2; Cinderella’s main castle gate has her precious name and slipper on top, the fairies keep glowing, and they were then used as lamps, leaving them looking like Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell.

The Donkey’s Potentially Devastating Backstory

Every animated movie needs a hilarious sidekick; Donkey is Shrek’s hilarious sidekick. Sidekicks in animated movies aren’t always given much depth. However, Donkeys are more mysterious than we presumed.

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We don’t know much about the donkey, but some assumptions were made that the donkey was originally a human who was cursed to remain a donkey for the rest of his life. This adequately explains why most people treated the donkey like a strange character, even in animated movies where all characters and creatures talk.

A Member of the Royal Family Prince Charles, Stops By

We were looking forward to seeing different fairytale references and even come across a cultural reference in this movie. But one thing we weren’t expecting was a Royal Family member creating a Cameo.

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We are quite curious as to how they came about this scene. Do you need to seek permission to add a royal scene in animated movies? We’re not so sure about this, but it’s quite clear that Prince Charles was the one in Fiona’s mirror during the musical number for the popular The Kind Of Maiden The Prince Would Marry.

Let’s Check out the Store References

The Shrek universe is has nothing in common with our world. However, we love the creature of this franchise as they tried as much as possible to make it so relatable. A part of the reason for this act is all the references they managed to include in the movie, fairytale magic, and parodies.

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You should check out Main Street in the popular Far Far Away, for instance. Versarchery, Tower of London Records, Banana Kingdom, Burger Prince? These names all sound familiar, yeah? They are different.

Cops Little Spoof

If you love show cops, you probably appreciated the parody representing it. Far Far Away has its own cops show, which they call Knights. The Knights is also a popular animation in the Shrek movie. We didn’t get to know much about the Knight as it only came up in a scene.

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We noticed Shrek’s friends watch the Knights on the TV, and the show’s style makes it obvious that it’s in no way different from Cops. Our assumptions weren’t wrong in any way.

The Frog’s Past Life in Shrek

King Harold may be the princesses’ father, but he was also born a frog, not a human prince. This might seem illogical at first sight, well it’s expected.

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In the second part of Shrek, we also see a few hints to how his life went as a frog. For instance, his bedroom and bed murals have a unique green, frog, and pond central idea. And there was also a Hilario scene in the movie where a female frog accosted King Harold asking if he knew her. An old concubine, we presume.

Yes, They Decided to Go There

This one right here is far beyond naughty, and in an interesting league, we’ve not come across a Disney movie. In the second part of Shrek, Shrek disorganized the fairy Godmother’s home by spilling a pot filled with a potion. We see the conveyor belt, where Fairy Godmother’s workers adequately label different potions. One of these potions was labeled Viagra.

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We don’t have to tell you what a magic potion symbolizes; you should have an idea; you should also understand that magic potions are not supposed to have places in children’s movies… yet it was used in Shrek back in 2004/2005!

Farquaad represents a caricature of one of Disney’s Executives

Imagine how interesting the inspiration is behind a popular animated movie character like Shrek. Well, because the character is Lord Farquaad, the appraisal wouldn’t be so much.

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The Disney Executive were talking about is Micheal Eisner. Eisner was famous for being quite strict and complicated to work with. He was even fired in 2005 due to this act. Shrek’s executive producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, who occupied the post at Disney for a long period, didn’t find it easy working with Micheal. He saw to it that his caricature was used to represent Lord Farquaad!

That is a Little Weird and Absurd

Eager to find out what more jokes are are concealed under the surface alongside innocent storylines in the Shrek movie? Well, we’ve got you covered. This all happened in Shrek the Third.

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In Shrek The Third, Fiona case across a concealed door. How does one open up a concealed door? By simply tilting the horse’s butt, so it be touching the frog’s mouth…. or in other words, by simply making the frog peck the horse’s butt. This is quite silly, but the viewers will find it funny.

What About Jack and Jill?

In Shrek 2, Shrek Experienced something most of us will fall in love with. He drank a potion labeled “happily ever after,” and he transformed into a stunning young Prince Charming with a few seconds. That’s not all, he goes out, and three women start a conflict, arguing who will be the first to touch Shrek.

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As Shrek, looking very confused, complained about a slight migraine, one of the young ladies around him rushes to provide water. She returns with the water and tells Shrek her name, “I’m Jill,” she mentioned. She was Jill from the popular nursery rhymes.

Subtle Reference for Pop Culture

In the second part of Shrek, King Harold desperately wants Fiona to marry the popular Prince Charming. So instead of respecting her decision not to marry Prince Charming, he gave her a love potion just as most wicked parents do when their daughter doesn’t want the husband they choose for them.

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The potion was labeled IX, which represents the Roman representation of the number 9. So technically, the live potion meant love potion number nine, which directly references the popular 1992 rom-com Love Potion.

Shrek 2 Starts With a Distinct and Interesting Fairytale

In Shrek 1, the opening scene comprised a book of fairytales that Shrek tried to comprehend. Shrek 2 also started with the same scene, but instead of seeing unique fairytales, we were faced with the fairytale used in the first Shrek movie.

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This is seen as a superb way of giving the audience a good recap of what happened, in case anyone had forgotten in the few years that passed until the second Shrek was released. It immediately puts us back into the naughty fairytale world, Shrek.

Fully Updated Swamp Sign

If there’s an animated movie where the main character deserves a happily ever after scenario, it’s Shrek. Ostracized and stigmatized his whole life for being a beast (green ogre), but still, at this, he gets his dream girl and also makes a couple of friends in the process.

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In the second part of Shrek, the sign placed outside his home saying “Beware!Ogre!” has been revamped, depicting his new life. His wife has finally moved in; now, he’s very happy living in his little cottage with his dream girl and close friends.

All-Star Has Finally Returned

Shrek has made his entrance into the world a good one back in the year 2000. And with a blockbuster animated movie, we mean Shrek is coming out and dancing to the tunes of All-Star by the famous Smash Mouth.

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This is the kind of song that we were used to hearing back in the ‘90s high school movies. This song is way beyond enticing as it puts its viewers in a perfect position of beckoning loyal Shrek fans from scratch. In Shrek 3, nostalgia happened as the Shrek interrupted a school’s assembly playing the popular All-Star song by Smash Mouth.

Why Does Shrek Look that Way?

Ever wondered why Shrek had that appearance? The wild imagination of the animated movie creators wasn’t the only source of Shrek’s look. A real person inspired the creators. Maurice Tillet, born in Russia in the early 1900s, and led a quite awkward life ever since, was the inspiration for the Shrek character.

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He was a smart individual, understanding over 14 languages. He was affected by a rare disease that affected his bones, making them grow bigger disproportionally; this made him quite different from every other human and even scary. Maurice, however, made the best out of his physique by becoming a successful wrestler. He was the perfect inspiration for Shrek.

Are Ogres Hidden in Plain Sight?

Shrek and Fiona are the only Ogres we are aware of. But some viewers claimed to have sighted an ogre in Shrek 1, hiding all this while. Thelonious, Lord Farquaad’s executioner, a huge guard always covered in the armory at all times, looked a lot like Shrek, only that he didn’t have green skin.

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Who knows, he could’ve been an ogre. He also got quite emotional at the end of the movie when the princess transformed into an ogre. It was almost like he wished Shrek and Fiona the best all along.

How the Story Relates to Real Life

Shrek is a lot more than taking unique fairytales and turning them into something funny or sophisticated. It also confronts real-world issues, and it does this through the challenges that the ogre faces.

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Shrek represents the minority in typical society. The majority looks down on him; he is mercilessly judged and sometimes stigmatized because of his looks. Then when he elopes with the princess, her father refuses to accept his daughter getting married to an ogre, a creature from an entirely different race. A lot of people in the world are treated just like Shrek was treated.

Prince Charming Continuity Malfunctions

Did you think that an animated movie would lack continuity errors? Well, you should probably think again. In the second part of Shrek, as Prince Charming was trying to kiss the princess, she turned him down like every woman would do. She headbutts Prince Charming, knocking the prime out in the process.

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Just a few seconds later, Prince Charming was back on his feet, throwing the fairy Godmother who was his mum, her wand. A few seconds after throwing the wand, the prince was knocked out again. That we presume was a glitch!

Ogres and Mud Baths

Ogres love to save mud baths; this is a fact known by all in the Shrek world. But to bring mud into the animation world, and especially show how the mud stains their skin, was a little too difficult for animators back in 2000/2001.

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Liquids are very difficult to animate today, but animation technology wasn’t at the level where it’s today back in the day. The animators during that time had to take mud baths, and this was to study how mud works on the skin. Talk about subjecting yourself to debris for art!

Farquaad’s Baseless Plan

Like every other villain in animated movies, Lord Farquaad had a stupid plan that he felt was a master plan, something he was eager to achieve. Only that in this scenario, the plan was baseless.

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Farquaad wanted to get married to beautiful Fiona so he could claim the throne. However, he had already acquired all the power he wanted; he could easily have claimed the throne without even having to marry Fiona and getting himself into trouble. But at the end of the day, it was obvious that Lord Farquaad’s plan was baseless. He allowed his ego to control him; he wasn’t thinking straight.

The Original Shrek Was Looking Different

Man, are we glad the Shrek movie animators weren’t glad about their first output of the Shrek movie! That creature positioned on the left looks way less likable than the Shrek we’re used to.

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The first drafts we were exposed to had Shrek looking like unique ogres in fairytales; they were wart-covered and described as sinister. The movie animators were worried that a protagonist like Shrek would easily win the love of the audience. So they decided to revamp Shrek’s appearance, making him look more sophisticated.

Several Technical Glitches

If you wish to learn a lot more about how the Shrek character was made and get familiar with the glitches in the movie, get your hands on the DVDs.

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On the DVDs, you will notice scenes that made Shrek look like a horror movie. A few other examples of these glitches include Shrek having long legs, Fiona’s hair moving around like its entity, and Godmother’s guard without arms/legs… however, these are all just results of glitches that the animators were able to correct easily.