Hilarious Party Behavior You Will Only See In Las Vegas

There’s a reason why they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It’s because you can expect the craziest and wildest things possible to happen during a trip to Sin City.

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Whether you’re there for a weekend getaway or a bachelor’s party, everyone is in a party mood by default which leaves a lot of room for shenanigans. These pictures capture some of those shameless moments.

Trashing the Wedding Dress

This bride was probably feeling so excited at her bachelorette party in Las Vegas and decided to take her wedding dress for a spin before it was time to walk down the aisle. It’s the last thing you’d expect from a bride since most people prefer to not put on the dress until the big day.

Source: Tumblr

She returned to her suite and changed into her dress- a reckless act no doubt, considering there was a big possibility that she could ruin the dress if she spilled a drink on it or got it stained somehow. We are left to wonder where her bridesmaids are and why they didn’t talk her out of it.

Getting Treatment at the Heart Attack Grill

You can’t really say you have you’ve completed a trip to Vegas if you didn’t stop by at the Heart Attack Grill for an unhealthy snack. This famous Vegas hamburger joint used to be located in Tempe, Arizona and serves large portions of meat and fried food.

Source: Reddit

The Heart Attack Grill is a hospital themed restaurant. The waitresses go about serving customers dressed in nurse costumes. Orders at this joint are called prescriptions and all customers (patients) are draped in hospital gowns.

Goofy Couples in Vegas

The verdict is still out on whether the best way to enjoy Vegas is to go alone or to do so with a romantic partner. Many who have visited Sin City with their spouses have admitted to having a better time than when they visited while being single with hormones raging and all out for some action.

Source: TripAdvisor

Like the couple in this picture, you just have to figure out a way to spice things up and have more fun on your visit. This couple decided to wear matching pillow covers on their head with hilarious messages for everyone to read. We can only imagine how this picture would bring smiles to their faces anytime they see it.

Permanent Reminder of Bad Behavior

People do dumb things when they get drunk and if there’s anywhere you can find plenty of dumb people, it’s in Vegas. The girl in this photo had too much to drink at a bachelorette party in Vegas and thought it would be a cool idea to write how much she was enjoying the vacation on her body.

Source: Pinterest

Fortunately, the thought of the pain of getting a tattoo stopped her from following through on that idea. But she opted for the next worse thing by having one of her friends write it with a permanent marker instead. Definitely a souvenir she’ll carry with her for a long time.

A Sleepyhead at the Poker Table

This girl has just flown into Las Vegas on a long flight from the far East and couldn’t wait for all the fun to start. She desperately wanted to play a game of poker before her family arrived on the next flight.

Source: Flickr

Her parents were not keen fans of poker so stealing a few rounds of the game before their arrival would be a great idea. What she wasn’t banking on was the fact that she would end up snoozing off on her seat after just two rounds.

Friends Being There for Friends

There’s nothing like having kind friends to help you get through tough times. The guy in green was going through a painful breakup and his friends decided to take him on a weekend trip to help him get his mind off it.

Source: Reddit

What better way to do this than to take a trip to Las Vegas? It seemed the trip was going well, and he was starting to feel much better. But when they reached this beautiful spot overlooking the city, his sorrows came flooding back and he lay on the floor curled into a ball. But his friends quickly joined in to spoon and comfort him.

Pissed at the Slot Machine

Slot machines have to be one of the trickiest of casino machines. If you’re lucky, you can win a jackpot after putting in just a few coins or it can take away all your money and leave you totally broke.

Source: YouTube

It’s difficult not to get addicted to a machine like that. The guy in this picture has probably fallen victim to this. He has just lost all his money and is now taking his anger out on the machine that has put him in financial trouble. Just another night in Vegas.

Welcome to Vegas, The Fun Starts Anywhere

This is the type of taxi you want picking you up on a wild night out with friends in Las Vegas. The sign on the back seat confirms the rumors about Vegas and how no amount of fun is off-limits in the city.

Source: Reddit

The sign reads “attention: smoking and drinking, along with laughing, yelling, singing, screaming, running, jumping and other lewd acts are permitted while riding this specific taxi.” In simple words, why wait till you get to a club when you can start having all the fun right now. In the driver’s words, ‘Welcome to the Sin City baby!’

Cheaper than Therapy

This sign just outside a place called Lee’s Discount Liquor in Las Vegas is recommending booze for your sorrow as a cheaper alternative to therapy. Why pay for therapy when you can just drown all your troubles in alcohol?

Source: Reddit

Of course, this person is just trying to make sales. It’s okay to drink booze, but it doesn’t take your troubles away. So, if you need that therapy, you should get it notwithstanding. It’ll probably help you sort through your feelings and solve the deep psychological issues troubling you.

Home Sweet Home

Sleeping Ralph here is obviously a Vegas fanatic. All his friends are aware that he’s one person that wouldn’t miss a trip to Sin City for any reason. He’ll be the first person to hop on a plane to Las Vegas anytime the opportunity presents itself.

Source: Reddit

If they had any doubt about Ralph’s enthusiasm about Vegas, this picture is all the proof they need. Ralph went up to his hotel room and dragged his mattress all the way down to the casino and went to sleep. We guess the saying is right, that “home is where the slot machine is.”

Interesting Choice of Outfit

Las Vegas has a notorious reputation for fun and adventures. There’s no shortage of bewildering things you will see on a night out in the party capital of America.

Source: Reddit

There’s no official dress code in the city when everyone is all about fun and happiness. Nothing seems to be off-limits, including wearing a balloon hat featuring an exotic dancer- probably a strange sight anywhere else but in Sin City.

Getting a Little too Close

Asides from the abundance of casinos and nightclubs, something else you’ll find in a lot of in Las Vegas is street performers. It’s a common sight around every strip in the city and it’s not only humans that put up an interesting performance for willing passersby.

Source: YouTube

Adorable furry creatures like this monkey sometimes put up a show too and they tend to get a good measure of audience too. In this case, the redhead is the ape’s number one audience, and he seems to be getting a little too handy with her. Hopefully, the show was worth it.

Salute the Dedication

Las Vegas is a top destination for throwing bachelorette parties. It has become synonymous with the city in a cliché way. Of course, some people see that cliché as a perfect opportunity to make some quick bucks.

Source: Flickr

Like this man who decided to wear a skimpy black dress, wear some makeup and wear a sash that says “bachelorette”. His fan with the word “tips” written all over it is the final piece of costume that tells you what his elaborate custom is about. Maybe he took things a little too far, but you have to adore his dedication to his art and leave him some tips perhaps.

The Aftermath of a Wild Night

When you see a group of fully grown men falling asleep at their table in the middle of star bucks, things obviously went a little too well the previous night.

Source: Tumblr

From the drooling faces of these men, it won’t be wrong to guess that none of them winked in their sleep through the night. We’re all for it anyways. As long as they don’t end up missing their return flight, it’s perfectly okay. After all, having a wild night out is what Las Vegas is known for!

Don’t Drink & Tat

Someone was definitely a little tipsy when this tattoo was getting drawn. It could be the tattoo artist himself, but we can’t put it past this guy himself. Or maybe they both were.

Source: Reddit

Next time you have “getting a tattoo” on your bucket list in Vegas, we recommend not getting drunk first, so you don’t end up handing the tattoo artist the wrong lyrics to your favorite song like this dude did, or walk into a drunk man’s tattoo shop. We can’t begin to imagine the look on his face when he sobers up only to realize he got the wrong tattoo.

They Don’t Mind the Judgment

Probably the last thing you’d expect to see in a male bathroom is a poster of girls checking out the manhood of the males placed just behind the urinals. We don’t know what the person behind this smart ad was thinking when they came up with this idea, but it sure worked.

Source: Pinterest

We have seen many pictures around the web that were taken in this bathroom. It’s a hilarious picture, and we assume a lot of men go to the bathroom just to take a cheeky picture for the internet even when they don’t need to pee.

Rated-R Minnie Mouse

You’ll probably spot a lot of performers dressed as Disney characters around the strip when you’re in Vegas. But it’s not every day you get to see one in a state like this guy in a Minnie Mouse costume.

Source: Tumblr

This guy in costume got too carried away and ended up in like this. We can only hope that no child was around to see this sad sight. Imagine being a parent having to explain to your kid why Minnie Mouse is holding a beer bottle slumped down on a street corner.

All Is Forgiven Here

This church sign put a spin on the old “What happens in Vegas…” adage. Of course, we all know why the things that happen in Vegas need to stay in Vegas has to stay in Vegas is because it’s mostly shenanigans and bad behavior that you probably don’t want out in the open.

Source: Pinterest

But much more than keeping a sealed lip about it, if you’re the religious type, you’ll probably want forgiveness for these things too. It’s a good thing churches like the one run by Pastor Allen F. Harrod are willing to accept you for who you are and assure you your sins can still be forgiven.

Switching Costumes for Bigger Roles

You’ll probably recognize this guy from earlier in this article. He’s the same one that dressed up in a bachelorette costume earlier around the strip of Las Vegas asking for tips.

Source: Reddit

It seems dressing up like a lady is this guy’s preferred routine. The look he went for this time is the newlywed bride. We’re not sure if this look would win him more tips than the bachelorette dress. But from the look on his face, it doesn’t seem to be going all that great.

When Nature Calls

During a hard night of partying, this woman had to go to the restroom. But the space was probably taken up, so she had to wait outside. But in her drunken and tired state, fatigue got the best of her, and she ended up dozing off right there outside the stall.

Source: Reddit

Her friends eventually came around to wake her up, but they did take a picture of her in this hilarious state first. That’ll remind her to always tone it down a little when it comes to having fun in Vegas.

Too Good to Resist

Slot machines have been around since the 19th century, so if there’s any machine the oldies will be drawn to at a casino, it has to be the old puggy. So don’t be surprised if you see the elderlies around slot machines in Vegas.

Source: Deviantart

Like the old dude in this picture, he was exhausted after playing at the machine for hours and decided to take a nap. These girls decided to take a picture with the sleepyhead, and they got some good ones. Who would resist such fun?

Not Everything Stays in Vegas

Sexually transmitted diseases are definitely a serious matter. But it’ll be impossible not to let out a smile after reading this sign. It’s a smart quip that is borderline threatening but still a friendly reminder not to let the Vegas shenanigans get overboard so much that it puts you in trouble.

Source: Tumblr

The sign is right though. Memories of all the fun you had in Vegas can be buried, but STDs will stay with you long after your wild weekend of reckless fun. It makes sense to check for STDs occasionally and take steps to protect yourself from them.

Badly Behaved Barista

Josh came in late to his work as a barista at Starbucks yet again, despite his boss warning him several times. Now he’s tired of his tardiness, he’s been told today would be his last day at work.

Source: Reddit

In a classic vengeful employee case, Josh has decided to do whatever pleases him today since he won’t be returning tomorrow. That includes writing Court Knee as Courtney on a customer’s order. We’re not sure this will do much to help his case though.

Planking on the Slot Machine

Planking is commonly regarded as one of the hardest workouts ever. This routine involves suspending the body at a flat level while pivoting on one area of the body. It is a tough exercise and probably the last thing you’d expect a grandma to be doing.

Source: Tumblr

But everything is possible when you’re excited. The grandmother was so psyched and excited by her slot machine winnings that she decided to celebrate it in the weirdest way possible. She got on top of the machine and did a plank- just another regular sight at a Las Vegas Casino.

Strange Vegas Couples

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are quite common in Vegas. The same goes for weddings. There’s just something about the free-spirited atmosphere of the city that makes couples feel like eloping together to tie the knot.

Source: Flickr

Things can get quite reckless when you’re in Vegas. In the best-case scenario, you find yourself at the altar with someone you are engaged to already. But things can be a lot worse when you are Elvis next to a stranger dressed as Marilyn Monroe with a bouquet in your hand.

Friends and Foes

The last thing anyone would ever expect to see is superheroes and villains sitting down at the same table with no care in the world. But that’s the sort of thing that happens often in Vegas.

Source: Reddit

In this photo, Batman and two of his arch-nemesis, the Joker and Bane are sitting casually waiting for their order to arrive. Even though we know these are just men in costumes, seeing all three of these characters together this way still feels a little weird.

Not so Super Mario

Mario and his sidekick Luigi might seem like the happiest characters, but if you think about it, being a short pudgy plumber living in a mushroom kingdom is a bit depressing. The thought of that alone would make you want to drink your sorrows away.

Source: Reddit

It seems this was exactly what these two iconic Super Mario characters decided to do. We just hope they succeeded in their mission of rescuing Princess Peach before they decided to hit the pub.

One Night Stand

At a costume bachelor’s party in Las Vegas, you’ll find lots of strange and interesting characters like this guy dressed up as a nightstand in this photo. It’s slightly humorous and even funnier when you discover he’s the senior brother to the groom.

Source: Tumblr

This dude who had been married for about 30 years did not know what a Vegas Costume party meant which is why he showed up this way. We can imagine he spent months planning this costume only to realize he’s the only odd one out at the party.

Cool Cat In Shades

On the streets of Vegas, you’ll find different types of street performers trying their best to impress visitors enough to get some tips. For Rebecca Lemon, her act involved dressing up her cat in cool shades. Tourists looking to snap a photo with the cool-looking cat would often leave tips for her.

Source: Tumblr

Her little stunt worked for a while, and she admitted to earning as much as $200 from tips on a good day. But when animal rights activists got wind of it, they reported it. Now that using animals to make a profit like this has been outlawed in Vegas, the 45-year-old had to pack up her act.

Wild Vegas Mohawk

For most people, their first trip to Vegas is just them marveling at all the weird things they encounter in the city. But this guy arrived in Vegas in the hardest core way possible. He went all out to get his hair made into an enormous mohawk canvas with flamboyant Las Vegas colors.

Source: Imgur

We can only imagine how much work went into making his hair like this. First, he must have taken months to grow the hair to that height. Then the barber went to great length to create that mohawk before the graffiti artist took over. At the end of the day, the result was no doubt impressive. Talk about hitting Vegas in grand style.

Grandma in the Vegas Spirit

Here in Vegas, the shenanigans are not limited to any age group. Both the young and old can participate in the fun. Granny knew this was what she signed up for when she allowed her bridge partners to talk her into a Vegas trip.

Source: Reddit

After a few drinks, Grandma was finally broken out of her shell and ready for some fun. Her girlfriends got her to wear a paper hat with the words “I went to the prom with Jesus” written on it. We can only imagine how the rest of the evening went. But from the looks of things, they’re up to a good start.

Connected by Britney

For Courtney and her husband, their love story began at a Britney Spears concert. But the last thing she could have ever expected was that she would be saying yes to the love of her life while standing next to the very person that has brought them together in the first place. It was a flood of emotions for her.

Source: Pinterest

This moment would no doubt go down in history as one of the most remarkable moments of her life. Even as she stuck out her hands to get the ring, she couldn’t take her eyes off Britney who was at stake with her.

Too Boozed up for Dinner

All this poor girl wanted was a calm night at home properly binge-watching her favorite TV show. But her friends would have none of that. She was going through a bad breakup and her friends wanted them to do something to get her minds off what was going on, so they suggested they go to a party instead.

Source: Tumblr

The result is what you see. After partying all night long, she finally returned home to some fast food. Unfortunately, she was too boozed up to eat her food when it arrived, and she just slept off with a slice of pizza on her chest.

Going all Out with the Halloween Costume

This girl was attending her first Halloween party in Las Vegas after just moving to the city recently. She figured the most fitting Halloween costume would be to dress up as one of the biggest casino games which were quite spot on considering it was the allure of the casino that drew her to the city in the first place.

Source: Pinterest

It was indeed a flamboyant outfit and we’re sure she’ll get heads turning in the party. Even after discovering she was the only one with an over-the-top costume for the party, she was still all smiles in her photo.

Bad Shot after too Many Shots

To celebrate their big win, Timofey Mozgov and the rest of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates decided to hit the nightclub XS in Las Vegas. The time was received warmly by a screaming crowd and an enormous billboard in their honor.

Source: Facebook

Mozgov decided to take photos with some fans to make them happy but even though everything looks great in this photo, rumor has it that things didn’t go down as planned. He had grabbed one of the girl’s phones for a shot, but he was too drunk to hold the phone steady and he ended up dropping the phone shortly after taking the shot.

No Fun Parties

Even though the vibes of a party should be fun and free-spirited, if it’s a business related-event, certain behaviors are considered off-limits by many. Most people would still consider it a professional environment and expect everyone to act appropriately.

Source: Pinterest

But such rules are hard to follow on a Vegas trip even if it’s a company trip. After downing a few drinks, the girl in the picture is ready to get the party started. But from the look on her colleagues’ faces, they don’t seem to agree with this behavior. Loosen up people, you’re in Vegas.

How to Snap Photos when you’re Drunk

People always try to look their best on camera. But when you’ve had one too many drinks, taking a cute picture is anything but easy. Even trying to pull a cute duck face will be as extremely difficult as these five women found it.

Source: Tumblr

Posing with a kissy face at the camera is one of the most popular ways people take pictures. The duck face makes your face look slimmer and your mouth more appealing. Just don’t try to do it when you’re drunk. You may not like the results.

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

There are plenty of ways to have fun at the party capital of the world. The next time you’re in Vegas, you should have a go at a mechanic bull ride at any of the several grill houses around. It’s not as dangerous as an old west Rodeo ride, but you’ll still get a slight cowboy feel.

Source: Flickr

Just make sure you are not entirely tipsy like the girl in this photo. She sure didn’t make taking that ride look like fun. We just hope she didn’t get hurt because that fall looks like a bad one.

Pictures for his Crush

At first glance, it might look like the guy in the picture is a bit too young to be drinking. But he is out in Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday. He thought it would be a cool idea to take a dip in an overflowing Jacuzzi and send the picture to his crush.

Source: Pinterest

As it turned out, the idea was not as appealing as he had thought it would be as he did not get the expected outcome. The girl replied to his picture with laughing emoticons. What a bummer.

Now that’s How to Party

Scratch what we said earlier about office parties being official and appropriate. There’s absolutely nothing bad in laying it all down when you’re out partying in Vegas like the folks on this bus did. Everyone on the party bus seems to be enjoying the ride.

Source: Flickr

But the main star of the show has to be the dude in the blue shirt hugging the pole and giving everyone a thrilling performance. The expression on everyone’s faces shows they probably didn’t know he had a hidden talent like this.

Alan Garner’s Doppelganger

It’s hard to talk about a bachelor party in Las Vegas without some reference to the Hangover movie. The epic comedy had viewers roaring with laughter at the shocking, hilarious, and absolutely relatable scenes from start to finish.

Source: Pinterest

Alan, one of the four main characters in the movie, played by actor Zach Galifianakis was one of the goofiest characters in the film and the guy in this photo happens to look just like him. Now everyone at every bachelor party he attends will want to take a picture with him.

Forcing a Smile

Chewbacca is one of the most recognizable characters from the Star Wars franchise. He is the legendary Wookiee Warrior, a rebel fighter, Han Solo’s friend, and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, there are plenty of things we know about this character.

Source: Reddit

But from this photo, maybe there’s a bit of information about him we probably didn’t get to see in the movie. This real-life Chewbacca seems to have a thing for gambling too. From the look on his face, the force doesn’t seem to be aligning in his favor.

Shocking Characters in Vegas

In case the expression on his face does not express it enough, the guy in glasses couldn’t be feeling more out of place than he does right now. This would be his first-time visiting Las Vegas, and despite all the warnings he must have gotten in advance about the many peculiar characters you’re likely to meet in Sin City, nothing could have prepared him for this moment.

Source: Pixabay

It’s not every day you get to meet a fully grown muscly man donning a feather boa and heavily padded bra. To say he was shocked would be an understatement in this case.

Cheesy Cupid’s Cabin

This is the perfect hotel room for those who don’t mind their expectations for the night being out in the open from the onset. This cheesy Las Vegas hotel room is fitted and decorated to get the mood going.

Source: Reddit

Love is in the air in this dimly lit bedroom featuring a heart-shaped bed and rose red colors. There are cupid paintings on the walls and mirrors all over the room, even on the ceiling, to add a sensual twist to the mix.

One Last Dare

The dude in this picture has spent the past three days partying hard with his friend. That’s three days of eating anything but something actually edible. Now he’s had it with all the booze and was ready for some real food, preferably something deep-fried and cheesy.

Source: Tumblr

But when he arrived at the restaurant, his friend dared him to do a plank on the counter just to prove how much he needed the food. He quickly obliged and they took the chance to snap some embarrassing photos before letting him off the hook.

Sailing Down the Grand Canal

If you’re staying at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, then you should consider taking a fancy sail in a gondola down the Grand Canal like this little munchkin puppy and her pet parent is.

Source: Tumblr

Draped in a fancy striped shirt with a straw hat to match, the poor little pup will probably spend the whole trip wondering how on earth he ended up here. But his owner seemed to be too hungover from partying hard the previous night to notice the dog’s uneasiness.

Quick Naps Before Take-Off

The McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is different from any other airport anywhere else in the world. It’s unlikely you’ll find such a large number of people from different walks of life in such a sad pitiable state as the people you’ll find at this airport.

Source: Imgur

The tourists in these photos, like many others that that have passed through this airport after an eventful time in Las Vegas arrived fatigued from all the fun they had. It’s a small price to pay for a weekend of full self-indulgence and reckless adventure. Hopefully, they don’t miss their flight out of Vegas.

A Rocky Horror Wedding

As people that live in Las Vegas will tell you, the classiest people come to Vegas for their weddings. If you’re one of those that prefer themed weddings, there’s hardly anything classier than a Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Source: Reddit

The Elvis theme is another popular option with many people, and you could go for it too. But it has been used so much that it has now become cliché. There’s better way to officiate your wedding than Dr. Frank N. Furter himself and his creation, The Rocky Horror Show.

Unlikely Union of the Forces

In many other places, weddings are an elaborate event that takes months of planning leading to a solemn day. But like everything else in Sin City, Las Vegas weddings are much more lighthearted and fun.

Source: Flickr

This happy couple decided to show their love for the Star Wars movies by having a Star-War-themed costume wedding. To add a more hilarious spin to the whole event, the bride was dressed as Yoda and the groom came as Darth Vader. Although sworn enemies’ galaxies away, the pair now joined in conjugal bliss somewhere in Vegas.

Garfield Hits Rock Bottom

Garfield here was just like any other housecat you know. But despite the warning by his teachers to avoid that slippery slope and just say no, he just couldn’t resist the small slice of lasagna when he was offered.

Source: Pinterest

Then he figured he could have on more bite, and one more after that. And before he knew it, he was hooked and couldn’t just get enough of that cheesy. And that kids, is the story of how Garfield ended up here as a street cat. Don’t be like Garfield kids, just say no.

Pants on Fire

The girl in this picture could blame the dryer for getting underwear stuck on her hoodie. But considering she’s in Sin City, where the wildest things go down, we doubt anyone would believe her.

Source: Reddit

The more likely explanation was that things got a little out of hand the night before, and she was now standing in the middle of a Starbucks with the evidence stuck all over her. We can imagine the feeling of embarrassment when she eventually realizes the reason behind the strange look everyone has been giving her all morning.

No Drinks in Jail

When a cop yells a command at you, you should most like comply. Unless you are about to go to jail for a long time and you’re holding the last beer you’ll be having for a long time. This guy figured there won’t be any drinks for him for a while and decided to just go for it.

Source: Imgur

Even though the Police officer was yelling at him to stop drinking, he continued chugging the cold bear right there in the middle of the street. Failing to follow instructions will probably extend his time in jail, but he at least got the satisfaction of finishing his drink.

Will he Break?

Considering all the things most people do when they’re in Vegas, they’ll prefer if those things indeed stay in Vegas. The guy in this picture seen stepping out of a steamy shower had recently come back from a trip to Vegas and had repeatedly assured his fiancé that nothing shady happened in Sin City.

Source: Pinterest

But she didn’t believe him, and she decided to try a different tactic to get him to tell the truth. She figured if she scared him, he might bulge and tell on himself. After all, fear is a good motivation, to tell the truth.

Going all Blue

The extravagantly dressed woman in this picture is at a concert of the Blue Man Group band and she’s a huge fan of the band. She has followed them to nearly every one of their shows in the United States.

Source: Pinterest

We doubt if that’s enough of an excuse for her over-the-top dressing, but it sure gives you some context to why she’s dressed that way. A blue dress, blue gloves, and bluestockings seem like a little too much blue on one person. She even added a little blue flower to her hair to top off the look.

Explicit Warning Signs

No smoking signs are so common; it’s hard to imagine anyone would misunderstand it. But it’s always better to err on the side of caution and make instructions as explicit as possible rather than assume that people would automatically get it.

Source: Reddit

Like this sign at a Las Vegas hotel, they didn’t want anyone assuming that the no-smoking sign applied to cigarettes alone and had to plainly spell out that the no-smoking rule applies to everything including marijuana. At least no one would have any excuse and they’ll be able to avoid any unpleasant situation altogether.

No Longer a Rarity

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time that women were not welcome at the gambling rooms of Las Vegas Casinos. Today, women now work at the tables as dealers or play the games themselves and are no longer a minority.

Source: Flickr

We have to give tribute to the efforts of poker princesses like Valerie Ross, Vanessa Selbst, and Jennifer Harman whose knockout wins made this possible. Now when you walk into any casino in Vegas and everywhere else in the world, you can see more women, thanks to the efforts of these ladies.

When Lilo was Wild

It would be an injustice to finish this article about life in Vegas without mentioning Lindsay Lohan. The actress can be regarded as a celebrity face of Las Vegas thanks to a notorious partying lifestyle. So, here’s a picture of her in Vegas having a great time at a pool party.

Source: Pinterest

She may look a little whack, but you’ll probably find several pictures of her like this on the internet. When Lindsey is in the party capital of the world, it’s only normal she stays in character. Lilo is on a newfound healthier path now, but we can’t help but miss the old her once in a while.