Made in Japan: Brilliant Inventions Only Available in Japan

It seems like there is so much technology in the modern age we live in, with fascinating innovations that improve our quality of life every day. It feels so normal to live a life where we could go on the internet and have everything you want delivered right to your door. If you look bad at history and see how people lived in the olden days, we should feel extremely appreciative and lucky that we were born into this era.

a picture of a Bath Pillow and Smartphone Holder
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Although you might think everything already exists, there are always more ways to revolutionize the world. Some of the most creative minds seem to be in Japan, considering they have developed some nifty inventions that I would never even think of. From eye drop glasses to a burger eating napkin shield, check out these interesting Japanese inventions you never knew you needed.

Bath Pillow and Smartphone Holder

Nowadays, there is a condition called Nomophobia: Anxiety caused by the fear of being separated from your mobile phone, also known as Phone Separation Anxiety (PSA). If you suffer from PSA or are just addicted to your phone, don’t worry! Japan is here to help you out.

Bath Pillow and Smartphone Holder

There is no better way to unwind than a nice calming bath. However, at some point, we need to get out, check your phone and deal with life, right? Wrong! Now, your mobile device can join you in the tub, and there is no reason to cut your relaxation short. This cool invention is convenient for everyone. From anxiety-filled millennials, or children who want to watch TV in the bath.

Eye-drop Glasses

Everyone has used eye drops at one point or another. They help with dryness and redness, but they aren’t the easiest things to use. I mean, the instructions are simple and straight forward: squirt a drop or two in each eye. But if you’re by yourself, the process is a little more complicated.

eye drop funnel glasses

You have to tilt your head while holding your eyelid open with one hand, and the drops in the other. I know I’m not the only one who gets eye drops all over my face when I try to use them. I never thought much of it; it’s just part of the eye drop routine. Well… now, it doesn’t have to be. These eye drop glasses offer a simple way to apply drops.

Burger Eating Napkin Shield

Sure, a nice dinner is a common and convenient place to go on a date. But watching someone chaw down food isn’t always elegant. Especially when you are eating something with your hands… like a hamburger. Someone trying to get their whole mouth around a burger isn’t the most attractive thing to watch, so many times, people stick with the food they can eat with a fork, at least when they are on a date.

Burger Eating Napkin Shield
Source: Pinterest

Thanks to Japan, you no longer have to eat your finger food hidden away in your room. This cool napkin allows you to maintain your beautiful smile as you’re scarfing down your meal. This is in no way limited to burgers; you can eat whatever you want back there.