Meet Pawn Stars’ One and Only, Chumlee

Since “Pawn Stars” debuted in 2009, the show has built a strong global and loyal fan base. Unique or expensive items aren’t the only things we’ve seen on this show. Pawn Stars has also produced some celebrities, and Chumlee is one of the fans’ favorites.

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As fans expect celebrities like Chumlee should be the perfect role model to everyone, but life puts us in unforeseen situations. Some years after the show’s first season in 2009, Chumlee is seen pleading guilty to certain criminal offenses. What happened in between? Let’s look at the life of Chumlee behind the scenes of Pawn Stars.

Not a Bookworm or Scholar

Chumlee is now a rich celebrity, but he probably never imagined himself living this life as a child. He was born and raised in Nevada. Chumlee wasn’t doing well in school and found it difficult to keep up with school activities, so he dropped out.

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He despised schoolwork so much that he paid others to complete his projects and assignments. Despite all this, Chumlee is currently living the American dream. His story emphasizes that having a college degree is not the only way to make it. So, what started it all for him?

Time to Meet Chumlee

Chumlee was not his birth name. He was named Austin Lee Russell when he was born on September 8, 1982, in Henderson, Nevada. The nickname Chumlee came to play when he was about 12 years old, and there is a story behind it.

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There was a walrus in the 1960s show “Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales” that Austin’s father thought looked like his son. The walrus had a name sounding similar to Chumlee, so the dad chose it (there are other versions of how Austin’s name came about). It was a sweet name that rapidly became popular among Chumlee’s classmates. As his career in show business progressed, he continued to go by that moniker.

Making Friends and Growing Up

Chumlee met another small boy, Corey Harrison, when he was a child, who would become a significant part of his life. Their excellent banter has become a huge part of “Pawn Stars” today, and none of it is staged; they relate as they are in real life.

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At the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the boys hang out, and Corey’s family accepts him completely. It first opened in 1989 on the Las Vegas Strip. Rick Harrison, Corey’s father, and Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Corey’s grandfather, were the two guys behind it at the time.

Being the Newcomers and Getting Used to the Job

Chumlee and Corey understood the store very well and were offered jobs when they grew up. Chumlee took over the counter at the age of 21. He was in charge of writing sales tickets and vetting potential purchases to ensure they were feasible.

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Chumlee set his sights on a few objects in particular: sneakers. He began to gather a collection, and he was always finding the best bargains where others would not have been as lucky. He was great with this collection. However, life, like everything else, had its ups and downs.

Facing Death and Looking for New Hopes

Chumlee’s father died just two weeks before the season premier of “Pawn Stars.” He developed pancreatic cancer and died at the age of 54 after a long battle with the illness. Chumlee’s foundations were shaken to the core by this as he was fond of his father.

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On the show, Chumlee has spoken about his loss. When asked whether he wouldn’t pawn something specific, he said his father handcrafted some wooden artifacts that he would never sell. His dad’s death also prompted him to undertake some life choices.

The Original Casting of the Show

Chumlee almost didn’t make it into the series. The Harrison family was at the center of the show’s conception, including Richard “The Old Man,” Rick, and Corey, his grandson. When it was time to bring in more crew members, Chumlee was a top choice.

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With his great sense of humor, he stood out. Chumlee didn’t take it seriously at the time, thinking he’d just be himself and joke with others like he always did. As a result, he became the show’s clown. However, it also resulted in some less-amusing outcomes.

The Clown of the Village

The Harrisons continually make jokes about Chumlee, but he seems to shrug it off. Chumlee has a history of making blunders, probably not due to a lack of intelligence but rather not being mindful. However, not all of the “mistakes” are simply laughed off!

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According to Corey, Chumlee made several of these mistakes at the store before the show started. An item that was pawned was mistakenly damaged right after purchase by the shop, and it cost thousands of dollars to repair. The Harrisons nonetheless were understanding and still maintained Chumlee at the store.

A Wave of False Information

Fans of “Pawn Stars” were taken aback by an item published on Internet Chronicle in May 2013. Chumlee died of an overdose, according to the report. The blog didn’t stop there but continued to write other bizarre things that caused huge concern to people.

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There were some genuine reactions from people close to Chumlee. The next year, eBuzzd concocted a similar narrative, claiming Chumlee had died of a heart attack due to a lack of traffic. All these stories were completely false. Chumlee’s bad luck didn’t end there, either.

Being an Offender of the Law

Chumlee had a rough year in 2016. He was accused of assaulting an employee at the pawnshop and suspected of having illegal items in his possession. The cops arrived at his home with a search warrant, and what they discovered was shocking.

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Chumlee was found with methamphetamine and marijuana, and 11 weapons, only four of which were registered. He was arrested and agreed to plead guilty. Chumlee was sentenced to a year of probation. Although it was a difficult year for him, something positive came out of it.

Building His World

Chumlee met Olivia Rademann, and they decided to take the plunge and start dating in 2016. Unfortunately, given everything else going on in Chumlee’s life at the moment, the timing wasn’t ideal. But she stood by him, and in May 2018 Chumlee proposed to her.

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Olivia, a student, was on vacation in Hawaii with Chumlee when he proposed, and it was like a dream come true. When Olivia completes her education, they intend to establish their firm. After all, Chumlee has already demonstrated that he is capable, to the rest of the world.

His Brand of Merchandise

Rick, Corey, and the older Richard Harrison have all created a successful career out of “Pawn Stars,” and Chumlee has developed his own line of items based on the show. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop currently makes more money selling “Pawn Stars” stuff than they do selling antiques.

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T-shirts, plates, and mugs are among the merchandise available. Chumlee is so focused on his line that he sold half of his Gold & Silver Pawn Shop stock. Rick Harrison paid $155,000 for half of Chumlee’s stock in 2010. Was it a bad idea to make that move so early in the series? Most likely not.

Chumlee’s Incredible Weight Loss and Transformation

When fans saw the new Chumlee, they were taken aback. He had shed 160 pounds (73 kilograms) and was almost a shadow of his body. Chumlee revealed that he lost nearly 100 pounds by “completely removing all manufactured meals” and then having gastric bypass surgery.

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“It was time for me to get healthy,” he said. “I was 320 pounds when I started, and now I’m down to 225.” Chumlee also stated that “everything in moderation” will be his new slogan. In the gym, he recently captioned a selfie promoting self-satisfaction.

Being a Talented Music Composer

Chumlee is also a trained DJ. He schooled to become a DJ. He claims to have turntables at home on which he spins records regularly. He had a unique stipulation for his first major job, at a Vegas lounge, requesting Girl Scout Cookies and gorgeous ladies.

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People have asked him his preferred music genre, and he prefers old school. He also loves a bit of hip hop, and he’ll throw in some Top 40 if you ask nicely. He hasn’t been DJing much since 2016, but that hasn’t stopped Chumlee from finding other ways to earn money.

Sticking to the Candy Store

Chumlee has been a fan of sweet things, so it’s no surprise that he decided to open his candy store. After 13 seasons of “Pawn Stars,” Chumlee said that he hadn’t left the show, but it was time to pursue his own business too.

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Chumlee works with his brother, Sage Russell, in the store. It’s right across the street from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and this generates revenue for him because people may stop by Chumlee’s candy store for a treat while waiting in line outside the pawnshop.

Getting a Sneak Peek

The TV show has increased the popularity of The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and its employees much beyond anyone’s expectations. Every day, around 4,000 individuals visit the business. How amazing is that? It all makes sense now why the waiting lines are long.

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Some visitors get to see the store’s antiques, coins, fine art, and collectibles. Many others, however, only purchase “Pawn Stars” goods in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Chumlee. To many people’s dismay, seeing him or any of the Harrisons is becoming increasingly unusual these days.

Who’s on the Other Side of the Counter?

On a regular day, none of the famous four on the show are likely to be seen staffing the store’s counter, as this would just obstruct business. As the boys’ popularity grew, so did the number of individuals who came in for autographs and photos.

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As a result, visitors often see workers they have never met or heard about before. They can stroll around the shop and buy some items, still hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars, but with no luck. As a result, what you see on television may not represent actual life.

Is the Show Scripted?

Many people believe reality television is true reality. But people have discovered that “Pawn Stars” is heavily contrived. Indeed, the show is set in a real pawnshop, and the stars are the original proprietors. Still, several components aren’t exactly as they appear on the show.

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Customers fill out a form regarding the item they want to bring, before the show, and it is examined. The customer is also checked, and if it’s all green they are invited to the show. So, it’s not as simple as it appears, yet some bizarre objects still make it to the show.

What People Invest In

What makes “Pawn Stars” so intriguing is that people would try to pawn all kinds of strange stuff to gain money. One of many funny incidents was when someone demanded a large sum of money in exchange for musician Slash’s driver’s license. How hilarious!

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Topping the list of weird items seen on the show is the Japanese “adult” collection that dates back 250 years! These erotic paintings depicted 12 different sexual acts and seven human skulls in a duffel bag. Aside from the creepiness, the stars thought there was little demand for them, so it was a no-no!

The Start of “Pawn Stars”

It’s now the History Channel’s most popular show. On the other hand, most networks dismissed Rick Harrison when he offered the show’s concept. Leftfield Pictures didn’t look at all the many pawn businesses in Las Vegas until the late 2000s. Rick had finally become rich.

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The History Channel was looking for a counterpoint to its military lineup. Chumlee’s wit turned out to be a critical factor, and he became a tremendous success as a result. He’s almost as famous as some of the celebrities who have been featured on “Pawn Stars.”

Celebrity Appearances by Famous People

Many celebrities have made cameo appearances on the show because they enjoy it. Some celebrities have included the vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, newswoman Katie Couric, and TV host George Stephanopoulos. Joe Elliott and Phil Collen of Def Leppard have also been on the show.

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They also contacted Steve Carell to confirm if the outfit from his film “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” was for sale. Bob Dylan also showed up on the show when he was in town for a concert performance and signed an autograph for Chumlee. Naturally, when a star appears, the viewership skyrockets. However, this has an impact on the shop in other ways.

What Is the Influence of the Show?

The shop closes to the public when the show is being filmed. As a result, ordinary folks looking to pawn their belongings may choose to do so at another shop. According to the shop manager, Travis Benton, sales may fall due to this.

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Given that filming takes place five days a week, this means that a significant amount of potential revenue is missed. However, the guys believe there’s balance because many people come to the business. However, the shop has other problems.

Who Wants a Legal Battle?

The original manager of the “Pawn Stars” series, Wayne Jeffries, sued Harrison and Chumlee in 2012. He also took out a case against the History Channel and A&E Networks. The guy had beef. Why? It was all down to a spin-off series called “Cajun Pawn Stars.”

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Jeffries was fired from the show because he made false statements to TMZ. He wasn’t given the share promised after the show premiered, either. He sued with the hopes of gaining $5 million, but the case was dropped. More legal battles ensued for the “Pawn Stars” crew, though.

The Cast Is Served Again

In 2014, the cast was again issued with legal papers. This was concerning melting some antique coins. This was not a problem in itself, as it’s legal, but where the coins had originated from wasn’t quite so clear, and questions were coming up.

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The pawner who provided the coins in question stole the coins from her uncle, and he decided to sue the store. According to Nevada law, pawnshops must keep valuables for 30 days before selling them. He couldn’t get the coins back because they had been melted. The “Pawn Stars” crew were fortunate that the legislation does not apply to coinage.

More Stolen Items Pawned

Before “Pawn Stars” premiered, someone attempted to pawn stolen goods. The guys didn’t recognize for 24 hours that a set of earrings worth $40,000 were pawned by a man when he came into the shop. The diamond earrings were genuine, but they were stolen.

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The victim received her money back, so it ended well for her. The thief was sentenced to prison. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop didn’t do so well, losing $40,000! Rick Harrison shrugged it off, explaining that this was sometimes the price of doing business.

Taking a Step in the Right Direction

Since he was a small child, Chumlee has always been a little on the hefty side. He weighed more than 300 pounds when he reached adulthood. Anyone can understand how this would negatively impact his health. However, his father’s death was the catalyst for change.

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Chumlee’s father’s illness and death caused him to take stock of his health. He decided to eat clean and have a healthier lifestyle. He began exercising and practicing mindfulness and meditation too. Chumlee shed nearly 200 pounds after getting gastric sleeve surgery.

What’s In the Future for Pawn Stars?

In January 2018, “Pawn Stars” broadcast its 500th episode. It was a unique one, with silver utensils previously owned by Paul Revere and a suit worn by George Washington. The show is so popular that it has spawned nine spin-off episodes on the History Channel.

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Fans are still excited to see what happens in “Pawn Stars” 16 seasons later. Season 17 premiered in October. The four guys were on the road this time to see what they could find. As a result, Chumlee will return to television screens with his unique brand of humor while exploring strange knickknacks from around the world and loving his body!

The Most Stunningly Expensive Items That Have Been Seen on” Pawn Stars”

Finding a diamond in the rough or any secret or family buried treasure is always exciting, especially when it appears to be a pile of old garbage at first. This is one of the many reasons we all enjoy watching Pawn Stars on The History Channel.

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There’s no limit to how unpredictably expensive or invaluable these items may turn out to be. Continue reading to find out the most expensive goods to be pawned yet in the shop. Can you guess how high it could get? Let’s find out…

A Ship’s Bell from 1602

Worth: $15,000

When a woman told the Harrisons her antique bell was from 1602, they doubted it because of their experience with forgeries. The woman said the bell belonged to a Dutch East India Company ship, but it was difficult to believe due to the bell’s appearance.

Source: History Channel

The Harrisons had an expert come down to the business and inspect the bell thoroughly to verify the woman’s story. Fortunately, the bell turned out to be the real deal, and not only were her facts and story true, but it was also worth $15,000!

The Godfather Autographed Script

Worth: $12,000

When an autographed original script for The Godfather arrived at the pawnshop, it was exciting and immediately examined by signature specialist John Reznikoff. The script was appraised at $2000 by Reznikoff, once he discovered it was signed by none other than creative Al Pacino himself.

Source: History Channel

The Pawn Stars offered $500 to the screenplay vendor, but he declined. The script went for $12,000 at a subsequent charity auction, a price likely boosted by its appearance on the TV show. Reznikoff was also proven to be utterly incorrect regarding the autograph, whch in fact was signed by Al Ruddy, the film’s producer.

A 1715 Spanish Gold Coin

Worth: $18,000

This isn’t just any kind of coin you’ll find in your coin bag or at the market. A woman who claimed to have inherited this coin brought it into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, convinced that it was worth a lot because she believed it was genuine gold.

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The Pawn Stars brought an expert to the shop to look, and the coin was really from 1715 and was part of a treasure sent to Spain from Cuba. After some haggling, a deal was struck, and the guys paid $11,000 for the coin.

Isaac Newton’s De Natura Fossilium

Worth: $20,000

De Natura Fossilium is history itself. The book was originally published in 1546 as a guide to silt, minerals, and rocks. The manuscript belonged to Sir Isaac Newton, which made it extremely valuable. An expert was summoned to the store, and it was truly genuine.

Source: History Channel

A page within the book indicated that it had once been part of Isaac Newton’s library. The expert brought in appraised the book at $20,000, but the owner ended up selling it for only $7,000. This transaction made room for more gain for the “house.”

Mask of an Egyptian Mummy

Worth: $30,000

In this episode, the Harrisons got the chance to hold a mummy’s mask in their hands (how cool!). Doc Phineas Kastle, an antiquities specialist, appeared as a guest and carefully inspected the mask that allegedly came from a historic Egyptian burial site.

Source: History Channel

Doc Kastle concluded that the mask was genuine and valued it at $22,500, though he cautioned that it could fetch even more due to its rarity and uniqueness. As a result, the vendor demanded $30,000, which the Pawn Stars also agreed to pay.

Polish White Eagle Emblem

Worth: $30,000

Rick Harrison paid $6,000 for this gold and stained-glass bird, not knowing what he was getting himself into. Fortunately for him, it turned out to be historically significant. An authenticator arrived at the pawnshop to analyze it, and it was discovered that the emblem was created in Russia.

Source: History Channel

He said the quality was comparable to Faberge, and the logo depicted Poland’s national symbol, a white eagle. When Poland was partitioned into three pieces in 1795, the greatest of which was annexed by Russia, the piece was created, and the Harrisons handsomely paid $30,000 for it.

The Book of Mormon from 1842

Worth: $40,000

The Book of Mormon and the Mormon Church served as a cornerstone of faith for many early pioneers in the American West. The Book of Mormon was first published in 1830, and its fifth edition was published in 1842, which is the edition that made it onto Pawn Stars.

Source: Wikimedia

Rebecca Romney, a rare book expert, was summoned to the shop to examine the book to determine how genuine it is, and she valued it at $40,000. Rick and the book’s owner agreed to a purchase price for the book of $24,000.

Spanish Gold, 1544

Worth: $50,000

If you’ve ever fantasized about finding buried pirate treasure, you’ll remember this piece. This bar of Spanish gold from 1554 made its way through the doors of Pawn Stars, and it came with an incredible story. The gold bar was discovered in a 1554 shipwreck.

Source: History Channel

The owner brought it to the business after discovering it in his attic. The bar may be worth $24,000 if melted down, but its historical value made it worth over $50,000. The shop purchased the gold bar for $30,000 to add to their treasure collection.

A Gold Coin from 1915

Worth: $70,000

Not all transactions happen at the shop. Occasionally, the guys arrange meetings to inspect objects of interest that require them to travel. Rick was in such a situation when he drove to Florida to buy this 1915 octagonal Panama-Pacific gold coin from a coin show.

Source: History Channel

This rare coin, valued at about $70,000, marked the completion of the Panama Canal. After some negotiating, Rick was able to negotiate the price down to $67,500. Following that, he swiftly flipped the coin and sold it to a private customer he knew was interested.

From 1961, a Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Worth: $70,000

This star guitar that came through the shop doors is special. Vic Flick, a famed guitarist and a guitar teacher who had famous prodigies like Jimmy Page, previously owned it. Vic Flick also contributed to the original James Bond theme song by playing guitar.

Source: Pixabay

Flick himself came into the business to sell the old Stratocaster, and no one had any idea who he was at first. However, after learning more about the guitar’s history, the guys were eager to get it off his hands and paid $55,000 for it.

A 1932 Ford Model B Roadster

Worth: $75,000

Rick returned to the shop with his son to purchase a 1932 Ford Model B Roadster. Despite the car’s modest cabin, he decided to buy it after just one trip. This immaculate Ford was later appraised on Pawn Stars and judged extremely valuable.

Source: Flickr

Rick summoned Danny Koker (who you may recognize from Counting Cars) to inspect the vehicle. He estimated the car’s value to be roughly $75,000, after additional evaluation. Rick talked with the seller for a bit, lowering the price to $68,250 and closing the sale.

A Hertz Penske GT Mustang from 2014

Worth: $75,000

Only 150 Hertz Penske GT Mustangs were ever produced. The first ten were given to VIPs and Hertz executives, while the others are highly sought after by collectors. A test drive was required because this is the only six-speed manual gearbox GT Mustang on the market.

Source: Flickr

Rick summoned NASCAR racer Joey Logano to take the car for a spin, and Joey stated that the automobile was easily worth $75,000. Rick stuck to his guns and offered the seller a solid $60,000, which he eventually accepted and drove away with.

A Bronze O.J. Simpson Statue

Worth: $80,000

Flavor Flav, the rapper, brought a bizarre piece of art. The O.J. Simpson bronze statue originally stood by O.J.’s pool at his home in Los Angeles. Flav wanted to sell it for $125,000, but the Harrison’s only offered $80,000 for it.

Source: History Channel

Flav has decided to keep the statue and is still waiting for a befitting six-figure bid, according to TMZ. Flav attempted to return the statue to O.J., but he was turned down. It’ll be interesting to see the statue’s final selling price.

A Faberge Brooch

Worth: $80,000

This naïve seller who walked into the business never imagined she’d be selling one of the most valuable artifacts ever shown on Pawn Stars. She stated she got the spider brooch from a relative and anticipated obtaining only a couple thousand dollars for it.

Source: Wikimedia

Rick surprised everyone by offering $15,000, as he had quickly realized what it was worth. The seller accepted the offer. As it would later turn out, the Faberge spider was valued at $80,000, even though Rick got it for nowhere near its true value.

A Lincoln Roadster from 1932

Worth: $95,000

“Uncle Phil,” a classic car collector and private seller, came to Rick with this amazing classic car that he had bought from a museum. Phil was looking for $100,000, which didn’t sit well with Rick even though he truly loved the car.

Source: History Channel

The car was fantastic, but Rick Harrison knew it would be tough to sell it because the market for these types of vehicles was relatively small. He eventually gave Uncle Phil gold as payment, graciously accepted when the price was reduced to $95,000.

A Super Bowl Ring from the New England Patriots

Worth: $100,000.

Brock Williams, a former New England Patriots defensive back, visited the pawnshop to sell his championship ring as collateral for a loan he had taken out. Even though the item’s authenticity could not be questioned, he sold it to the shop for merely $2,600.

Source: Flickr

This ring was stunning, with 143 diamonds studded in a white gold structure. Rick and the world-famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop now own the ring, valued at $100K today, because Brock never returned to settle the debt, so more assets for the guys.

A 1922 Peace Dollar Coin, Proof-Grade

Worth: $100,000

The Peace Dollar coin was produced starting in 1922 and is one of the most precious coins made in the United States. Coin collectors are willing to pay significant sums of money for what was once worth merely a dollar, and its owners are lucky chaps.

Source: History Channel

The seller won this coin in a poker game, and was initially asking only $20,000 for it, not really knowing its full worth. Rick was able to bargain the price down to $80,000 when an expert assessed the coin was worth $100,000. When the deal was struck, everyone was pleased.

Stephen Stills’ 1941 Gibson Guitar

Worth: $105,000

A Gibson guitar from 1941 can sell for lots of money on its own, as they’re priced for the exquisite craftsmanship and clear tones. Stephen Stills, however, was the original owner of this guitar. The old Gibson guitar found its way to the shop mysteriously.

Source: Tumblr

Without the celebrity ownership, the guitar would be worth around $75,000, but after an expert determined, it had originally belonged to Stephen Stills, the value increased to $105K. The seller made a deal with Rick for $85,000, and both were satisfied with the deal.

3,000 Ounces of Pure Silver

Worth: $111,000

Rick was skeptical when a seller came into the shop with 3,000 ounces of pure silver. The seller, Jeff, had to have it wheeled into the shop. His father advised him long ago to invest in silver, and he was now ready to sell.

Source: History Channel

Two hundred pounds of silver bricks and coins in bags sat on the table, and Rick was wise enough to have the silver tested, and the findings came back clean. The transaction was finalized when Rick offered Jeff $111,000 for the big amount of silver.

Original Spider-Man Artwork Signed by Stan Lee

Worth: $5,000

In this episode, a gentleman brought in an original Marvel Comics artwork from the Spider-Man series. Putting a value on comic books can be challenging. Chumlee had already made some questionable comic book purchases, but he could regain his reputation this time.

Source: History Channel

The fact that Stan Lee signed it made this artwork stand out. Chumlee was aware that Stan himself was in town and had the famed writer come down to the shop to confirm that the signature was, in fact, his own.

Four Gold Bars

Worth: $128,000

Not everything that comes through the doors of the pawnshop is bought, but this offer was excellent. Each weighed 2.2 pounds. These gold bars were precious and part of a treasure trove. It was a no-brainer for the Harrisons to invest in them.

Source: Wikimedia

The Harrisons at the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop struck a deal and subsequently sold the bars for a total of $128,000, or $32,000 each. If you ever have the chance to get your hands on a gold bar, you should take advantage of it.

Coin of the Roman Empire

Worth: $150,000

This “Ides of March” Roman coin was brought by a vendor named John. He purchased the coin from someone else a while ago, as a coin collector. John was well aware of the coin’s worth and would not part with it for less than $150,000.

Source: History Channel

An expert further examined the coin, and he agreed with the seller that it was worth $150,000. Rick tried to haggle and offered $140,000 to John, but he was turned down, and John took his coin to another store.

The 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Guitar Owned by Mary Ford

Worth: $150,000

This exquisite Gibson guitar belonged to Mary Ford, and it was yet another Gibson guitar with a prominent owner. You might wonder who that is. According to the vendor who brought in the item, it was not just an aunt of his but the wife of famed musician Les Paul.

Source: Flickr

Les Paul was a very famous and innovative guitarist of all time. This antique guitar was made especially for his wife Mary, who usually performed with him. The object was professionally valued at $150,000. The Harrisons reduced their offering price to $90,000 and sealed the transaction.

Original Artwork, “Where the Wild Things Are”

Worth: $350,000

Maurice Sendak’s picture book “Where the Wild Things Are” (1963) has always been a favorite among children. Who doesn’t like the story’s imaginative spirit and stunning illustrations? Rick was immediately interested when a dealer approached him with some original artwork from the book, and he bid for it.

Source: History Channel

Originally, the dealer was seeking $350,000 for the illustrations, but Rick could get him down to $250,000, and a deal was struck, making both sides happy. This original and expensive stash of art has been added to the pawnshop collection.

The 35th US President’s Cigar Humidor

Worth: $575,000

It’s unusual to come across a former US president’s cigar humidor. So, it was difficult to put a price tag on it. Some of JFK’s old cigars were still inside it, and since it also belonged to “American Royalty,” it was difficult to determine its value.

Source: History Channel

Rick offered $60,000 to the seller since he believed it had some value. However, a comparable humidor was recently sold for $575,000 by Sotheby’s, making Rick’s $60,000 bid, which was accepted, seem insignificant. Well, another unusual cigar humidor that came in the door.

Jimi Hendrix’s 1963 Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Worth: $750,000 to $1,000,000

The 1963 Fender Stratocaster guitar was brought in by a seller who claimed Jimi Hendrix formerly owned it, and the Pawn Stars needed to be sure it was real. The serial number on the guitar matched with the one owned by Jimi Hendrix.

Source: History Channel

After being appraised by a called-in guitar expert, it was confirmed that the guitar was worth between $750,000 and maybe even $1,000,000. The owner eventually turned down Rick’s proposals of $500,000 and $600,000 to await a greater offer elsewhere.

The Suit of George Washington

Worth: $2,500,000

George Washington is remembered for many things in history, but It’s not every day, however, that you come across the American Revolutionary leader’s suit. This three-piece suit that belonged to the United States’s first president was discovered on the special 500th episode of Pawn Stars.

Source: History Channel

Dating back to the 1750s , Rick was shown the outfit by a private dealer he visited. Rick backed out of the transaction because the seller demanded $3 million. The price was decreased to $2,500,000 but was still too high for Rick to offer to purchase this most-significant collectible.