Mick Jagger’s Life Story Is Anything but Ordinary

Even in his 70s, the magnificent Mick Jagger exudes flair and swagger, but how did he become such a cultural icon? Part of it is undeniably his distinctive appearance and distinct style, as well as his naturally charming demeanor and game-changing musical skills. But the rest of it boils down to the unique situations and individuals he’s encountered throughout his life.

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Although his most intriguing and long-lasting connection over the years has undoubtedly been with his bandmate Keith Richards, the remainder of this list of very significant people in his life will astound you! Mick Jagger continues to astonish the world by living life on his own rebellious terms, from branching out from the destiny of his own family tree, to having a definitive rock ‘n’ roll love life, to fathering a number of incredibly successful offspring.

Michael Philip Jagger

Although we all know and adore him as Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones’ magnificent frontman was born Michael Philip Jagger on July 26, 1943. His mother, Eva Ensley May, was a hairdresser and a stay-at-home mom, and his grandfather, David Ernest Jagger, and father, Basil Fanshawe “Joe” Jagger, were teachers. Mick appeared to be destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. But if there’s one thing we know about Mick Jagger, it’s that he’s a free spirit who does what he wants.

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He’s been called one of the most popular and influential front men in rock ‘n’ roll history. He is still regarded as a sex figure and a counterculture icon. Jagger’s celebrity has been dubbed “a watershed moment in rock ‘n’ roll.” He is regarded as a “Dinoysian paradigm [of] perpetual youth” who “broke the way for everyone else” since he is still performing in his older years.

Raised in the ‘Burbs

As a child growing up in the Dartford suburbs of Kent, England, Mick Jagger was influenced by his parents. In fact, Jagger has stated that one of the most important individuals in his life was his father. He not only inspired and motivated Mick, but he also led and taught him how to effectively use and distribute his energy and strength in whatever he did.

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Mick Jagger has undeniable regard for his parents, claiming that his father has always been a far more dedicated worker than he has been. “[My father] puts forth a lot more effort than I do.” But I believe people did back then. “I don’t believe they were given time off,” Jagger told The Guardian. However, it was someone else he met early in his childhood who would pave the way for him to pursue a career as a music producer.

“As a Kid, I Was Always Singing”

For many people, music has always been an important part of their childhood. Parents use music to calm and soothe their children, communicate love and delight, and engage and connect with them from the moment they are born. Parents may capitalize on these instincts by studying how music can influence child development, boost social skills, and benefit kids of all ages. Mick Jagger was always interested in music as a child, which comes as no surprise. As a kid, he used to like listening to and singing along with songs on the radio, as well as seeing musicians perform on TV or in movies.

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In his memoir, according to Rolling Stone magazine, Jagger said, “I always sang as a youngster. I was one of those children who simply enjoyed singing. Some children sing in choruses, while others enjoy strutting their stuff in front of the mirror. I used to sing in the church choir.” What a lovely gesture! He had no idea that things would change for him when he entered primary school.

Childhood Companions

Many band members meet and start their musical groups while they are in their teens or early 20s, but Mick Jagger met his musical partner much earlier. Little Jagger began singing as a toddler, and in 1950, he met future guitarist and historian Keith Richards in elementary school. Mick and Keith rapidly became great friends and went on to form separate bands with friends and classmates, but they would reunite in the early 1960s.

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Even though they didn’t start the band until they were in their early 20s, Mick and Keith had already developed a strong bond. Unfortunately, Jagger was transferred to a different school, and without the easy access to social media that we have now, the two drifted apart and eventually lost contact. So how did the two wind up back together? We’ll find out soon. Mick was torn between continuing his economics studies and pursuing a career in rock, but it was Keith, the hyperactive guitarist, who pushed him toward the latter.

Getting Back Together at the Railway

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger would eventually cross paths again, but that was in 1960 after a 10-year separation. When Jagger, now a young and inexperienced college student, ran into Keith on the Dartford Railway Station platform, he was on his way to the London School of Economics.

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Although Jagger was pursuing a career in business and economics, he couldn’t disguise his enthusiasm for music, as we discussed previously. As the two began to catch up, it was discovered that Richards had a particular fondness for rhythm and blues. What a thrilling prospect! Nobody could have predicted that this fortuitous meeting would permanently transform the face of music.

Three Adolescent Guys, One Apartment

The beginning, they say, is sometimes the hardest. Richards and Jagger, astonishingly, were ready to take their passion for music to the next level and wanted to begin performing together. The teenagers finally moved into a small, typical, starving artist flat with another musician, Brian Jones, and they all shared the same bedroom.

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In fact, during a 2016 interview on their YouTube channel, Jagger and Richards admitted that they paid £2.50 per week for the apartment (about $75 per week nowadays)! They couldn’t even afford that some weeks, yet the landlord was gracious enough to overlook it.

When Your Mother Assists You from Afar

Even though Jagger was born into a middle-class family, the three musicians lived the life of starving artists. “When we originally moved here, both Keith and I’s mothers used to do our laundry for us, and they used to bring it out. They would magically deliver clean clothing,” Jagger joked on their YouTube page.

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Regardless of their housing situation, they would always invite people over and play LP albums on their record player, which was resting on the “horrible, brown, stinking floor.” But, strangely enough, it would be that filthy floor that would ignite some magic, and years later they would be glad for the small beginning.

Choosing the Right Name

Forming a band might be simple but deciding on a name that is good for all parties is when the difficulties generally begin. Some bands spend months attempting to come up with the appropriate name for their group, but the three young people were fast to come up with a moniker once they were ready to take themselves seriously as a band.

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They contacted a local, hip jazz magazine one night in the hopes of being able to place an ad to promote their new band. During the YouTube interview, Richards stated, “Brian is on the phone right now . . . then they ask, ‘What’s your name?'” They realized they needed to come up with something soon that they could all agree on. It occurred to them as they were seated on the filthy, old floor of their modest flat.

“The Rolling Stones Blues”

“Still on the floor, we had the Muddy Waters album on the flipside, and the first track was called ‘Rollin’ Stone Blues.’ ‘This is costing us money, Rolling Stones,’ we murmured as we looked at it. And that was the end of it, ” Richards continued in the YouTube interview. As excited as they were to finally be creating an actual band, Jagger remained with his business studies for the time being, which he considered a good decision given how difficult it was to break into the scene.

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They took the Rolling Stones name in 1962. The name comes from a line in Muddy Waters’ song “Mannish Boy”—”I’m a man, I’m a rolling stone”—and the band eventually became Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones (who died in 1969), Bill Wymann, and Charlie Watts. They had no idea, however, that adversity would be just what they needed to get things moving.

Many Unpaid Performances

Initially, the three would work for no pay, barely scraping by. In fact, part of the reason Jagger opted to continue his education was because he was worried that the band wouldn’t be able to make ends meet, and he wanted to ensure he had a backup plan. When did the Rolling Stones first perform?

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In the summer of 1962, the narrative begins. Alexis Korner’s band, Blues Incorporated, performed a regular Thursday night concert at the Marquee Club on Oxford Street in London. But the hidden fuel that sparked their wonderful, rebellious music in the first place was the cause of things being so difficult.

Bringing Southern American Flavors to the UK

There’s something special about being a popular band in town. It means you can try something different. The band members were all fans of American-style blues and were eager to bring that new Southern flavor to England. The locals, on the other hand, were not having it and were only interested in “old-style” jazz, which Jagger, Richards, and Jones refused to participate in.

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But that wasn’t the only thing that happened. They were ready for something a little more daring, innovative, and even scandalous. “Before we were famous, we were rebellious on our own tiny level,” Jagger told The Guardian, “Because we were extremely unhappy because we were performing all this blues music, and nobody wanted it.”

The First Official Line-Up of the Band

Not all improvement is immediate, but it is always worthwhile in the end. The band began to gel between 1960 and 1962, and they felt that they were finally heading on the right path. Jagger opted to abandon his studies to devote his whole and undivided attention, time, and energy to the band.

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Mick Jagger was the primary vocalist (and harmonica player) by 1963, with Keith Richards on strings and vocals, Brian Jones on strings and keyboards (and harmonica), Bill Wyman on bass, and Charlie Watts on drums. And, even more exciting, they were about to get their big break!

Shows Became Sold Out

How do you tell whether a band is on its way to the top? Apart from other metrics, you may observe them selling out shows. The Rolling Stones became a great hit faster than they could have imagined and were performing sold-out events in no time! And it appears that some very special VIP visitors slipped into one of their gigs—none other than the iconic members of the Beatles.

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After the show, the two bands met together, kicking off what would become a legendary “friendly rivalry” between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The Beatles, in fact, were the ones who pushed and motivated the band to move away from playing covers to writing original songs.

“I Wanna Be Your Man”

The band’s output in the 1970s was extremely prolific; consider the album Sticky Fingers released in 1971 that has since gained international acclaim. While they began by playing cover songs by rhythm and blues singers and bands, after the band was formally formed, they began to compose some of their own popular melodies.

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After meeting the Beatles, the Rolling Stones were not only delighted about the prospect of composing their own music to record and perform, but they also received some advice from them! The Rolling Stones recorded and released the 1963 smash single “I Wanna Be Your Man,” which was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The Race to the Top

In 1965, 1966, and 1971, the band rushed to the top of the music charts, releasing a slew of sassy, bluesy albums and hit singles such as “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” “Paint It Black,” and “Brown Sugar. “With their bluesy rock ‘n’ roll oriented tunes, they were not only becoming one of the most popular bands in the UK, but they were also gaining international notoriety.

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The evil guys had done a fantastic job. They have 120 singles, 25 compilation albums, 30 studio albums, and 23 live albums to their credit and are considered one of the best-selling bands of all time. Talk about remarkable! Their musical approach, however, was not the only thing that set them apart.

Syndrome of the Lead Singer

The powerful pair of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger has always had the audience enthralled. Fans and the media are well aware of their love-hate relationship, especially since they appeared to be on the verge of breaking up in the 1980s. So how have they been able to continue composing and performing together for more than half a century?

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It all boils down to finding the best technique to deal with the Lead Singer Syndrome. “It’s an odd balance. . . . It’s critical for the front man, so to speak, to be completely assured. That he has a band behind him who will not crumble if he attempts anything.” In 2010, Keith Richards joked with FORA.tv that “the band might not feel the same way about the lead vocalist on some days.”

The Rock and Rolling Lifestyle

A band that is full of discord achieves very little, and they were fortunate enough to realize that in the beginning. As much as he admires and respects his bandmate, Richards wrote his own personal biography, Life, in 2010, which seemed to delve into the depths and shadows of their relationship without many boundaries—revealing strong emotions between the two.

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Even with the facts out in the open, Keith Richards still adores Mick Jagger as if he were a brother he never had. “Every gig is different,” he explained to FORA.tv. It’s why I’ve never gotten tired of doing this. Because whether it’s the Stones on stage in 1963 or now, there’s still that same spirit of adventure . . . so yes, we can rock and roll.”

Is Their Love-Hate Relationship Similar to That of a Married Couple?

Even though the band has had its share of snubs, at the end of the day, they couldn’t stop composing and performing incredible music together. Even still, fans and the media can’t help but wonder whether the dynamic duo’s relationship feels like they’re married at times. “I’ve known Keith for a long time and work with him,” said Jagger. “Having been in a previous marriage, I know how different a marriage is.”

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This is a collaborative effort. You’ll always have problems with the folks you work with. “They may be really demanding, irascible, and mind-bogglingly difficult at times, but you have to try and get on with it,” Jagger told Reader’s Digest. The two have gone through a lot together, but at the end of the day, music is at the heart of their friendship and collaboration.

Swagger on Stage

Being a well-known band in the 1980s gave them a lot of clout. The band clearly put out some excellent music, but that was just part of the story. Mick Jagger’s charming, promiscuous attitude and swagger on stage were the other half of what made them so renowned and loved.

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From his deep, sexy baritone singing voice to his vivid falsetto range, from his slim and lean figure and promiscuous dancing routines to his trendy, tight, yet flowing apparel, Jagger has been winning the hearts of admirers left and right for decades. But there were a few unique females who managed to claim Jagger’s heart.

Marianne Faithfull

Mick Jagger seemed to enjoy love as much as he did music, and he seemed to be just as rebellious and promiscuous when it came to the norms of love as he was when it came to the rules of music. He was known and continues to be known for his multiple conquests, both during the Rolling Stones’ heyday and now. But the stormy, on-again, off-again relationship he had with singer and model Marianne Faithfull was one of his most well-known.

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He met and fell in love with the singer-songwriter during the early years of the band’s career. Not only did their emotions clash, but they also collaborated on music. Faithfull and the band teamed up on the smash song “Sister Morphine,” which appears on their acclaimed Sticky Fingers album. Their romance lasted from 1966 until 1970, although it appeared that after they split up, Jagger’s heart wouldn’t be shattered for long, if at all.

Marsha Hunt

Marianne Faithfull had taken Jagger’s heart during the band’s early years, but before their relationship ended, someone else had snatched his attention. Marsha Hunt, an American actress, model, and singer, was in the spotlight after starring in the critically acclaimed stage play Hair and becoming the face of the Black Is Beautiful campaign.

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Both Jagger and Hunt were in committed relationships with other people when they met and fell in love with one other. After finally parting ways with their valued lovers, their forbidden love only lasted a short while. According to rumors, Hunt was the inspiration for the song “Brown Sugar” from the renowned Sticky Fingers album. But a number-one hit song isn’t the only thing that Jagger and Hunt’s love brought into being.

It’s a Girl!

While their relationship only lasted from 1969 to 1970, the couple welcomed a lovely baby girl named Karis Jagger into the world in November 1970. She was Mick Jagger’s first kid, the first of several children he would have over the years. Karis developed an interest in show business as she grew older, and she worked on the production teams for films, including The Rain Crew in 1997 and Patch Adams in 1998.

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Karis was raised in a famous middle-class family. She was no exception to the norm that some of us grow up to be the persons we wished to be when we were kids. As a kid, she was interested in performing and traveling. Mick wouldn’t have to wait long to welcome another child into his family.

Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías

It’s safe to say that Mick Jagger’s love life has been anything but average thus far. Surprisingly, the anti-establishment and renegade Casanova had no qualms with marrying. In fact, he’s been married twice in his lifetime. In 1970, Jagger met and fell in love with Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías, a stunning fashion star (now formally known as Bianca Jagger). The British beau and Nicaraguan native married in France in May 1971, nearly a year later.

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Even though their marriage lasted little more than a decade, the two were recognized as one of the most gorgeous celebrity couples in the world at the time. But, according to Bianca, the marriage was doomed from the start. The wedding almost didn’t happen because Jagger had her sign a pre-nuptial agreement that morning. “My marriage terminated on my wedding day,” she subsequently revealed, despite her agreement.

Jagger Welcomes Another Girl!

Bianca discovered she was pregnant with Jagger’s kid shortly after their relationship began. The wedding couple brought their gorgeous baby girl, Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger, into the world in October 1971. Jade, like her gorgeous mother, dabbled in modeling but discovered her real passion was design. Jade told Verve magazine, “Creativity is simply another method of engaging with people.”

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That sounds cool, right? But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree since one of her most well-known lifestyle design ideas, called Jezebel, combines fashion, design, and, you guessed it, music. Her interior design style is a unique blend of elements from Manhattan, Morocco, and India. What a fantastic idea!

Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall, a lovely American actress and model, was one of Mick Jagger’s most significant relationships and by far the most serious. Hall and Jagger met and fell in love in 1977. While the two were undeniably another attractive celebrity couple, there appeared to be a lot going on behind closed doors.

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The two married in a ceremony that was subsequently deemed invalid, and throughout the years, they welcomed four lovely children into the world together, which is why they parted more than two decades later with a heavy heart. To say Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall had an on-again, off-again relationship would be an understatement.

There Are Four More Children to Add to the Family Tree

In 1984, after nearly a decade of marriage, Jagger and Hall welcomed their daughter, Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger, who is currently a working model in New York. Jagger’s first son, James Jagger, was born a year later and is now an actor and musician. Georgia Jagger, who is also a prominent professional model, was born to Hall and Jagger a few years later, in 1992.

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Finally, in 1997, when Jagger was 54 years old, the couple had another gorgeous baby son, Gabriel Jagger, who is said to be a superb painter! Obviously, the pair had a lot on their plates, but what was Jagger like as a parent?

Keeping the Family Strong

If Hall and Jagger appeared to be so happy and busy with their excellent jobs and a full home of adorable children for almost two decades, what happened? Unfortunately, the pair broke up after a photo of Mick Jagger with another woman (model Luciana Gimenez) was published. And, as much as they loved one another, Hall felt that it was best for her and the family as a whole to separate.

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In an interview with The Guardian in 2010, she said, “Everyone hates to give up on a marriage. You believe your family has disintegrated. However, we were able to keep the family together and pleasant. It’s not the end of the world if you [split up]. It’s far worse to stay in a bad marriage. That sets a bad example for the kids.”

A Fantastic Father

Mick Jagger, the legendary front man of the Rolling Stones, has become a parent many times, but it appears that he has an advantage in the league of great fathers. Even though the breakup with Hall was difficult and emotional, it’s apparent that she still had respect for Jagger years later.

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Indeed, she has stated that while not always the finest spouse, Jagger was always a fantastic parent. “He is devoted to his children. Hall told The Guardian, “He was very good at helping kids with their homework; he loved history; he was good at taking them for walks with the dogs; he loved outdoor activities, bike trips, and playing cricket.”

A Rocky Path

As previously mentioned, Mick Jagger was always a devotee of love and followed his own set of rules when it came to it. And it’s safe to say that his brief romance with Luciana Gimenez, a Brazilian model and TV anchor, was anything but conventional. For one, Luciana is pals with Jagger’s current girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, a 32-year-old American ballerina he began dating in 2014.

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But the two had a particular tie that would keep their lives entwined for the rest of their lives: Gimenez gave birth to Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger, a lovely baby boy, in 1999. Unfortunately, certain legal concerns made it a hard start for Mick Jagger and his newborn son, but they are now on good terms and can maintain a close connection.

One of the Most Insightful Loves

The friendship between Jagger and designer L’Wren Scott was one of his most endearing. For the first two years of their relationship, they kept their romance private and away from the public eye, until they went public together at Mick’s 60th birthday gala in Prague. They fit together like two gorgeous and fashionable jigsaw pieces, despite their famous five-inch difference.

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Unfortunately, Scott’s life was tragically cut short, and their great existence together came to an end. “We spent many lovely years together and had established a great life for ourselves,” Jagger said on Facebook. “She had a strong presence, and her talent was much acknowledged, even by me.” Jagger, despite his heavy, crushed heart, was not about to give up on love.

Welcomed a Newborn at the Age of 73

Mick Jagger had unexpectedly progressed in the public eye, and it doesn’t look like he intends to stop. It’s no surprise that his offspring have dabbled in modeling, acting, or some other sort of artistic and cultural expression—especially considering the iconic British rock star has a penchant for foreign models.

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But what fascinates me about his parenthood is that no matter how old he gets, he always tries his hardest to be a good father to his children. Even today, following the birth of his eighth kid, he continues to amaze. Mick Jagger and his current girlfriend, American ballerina Melanie Hamrick, had a baby, Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger, in 2016, when Mick was 73.

Sir Michael Phillip Jagger

Mick Jagger’s family tree is without a doubt one of the most complicated in the world. But he seems content with his eight children, five granddaughters, and one great-grandchild! The wonderful Mick Jagger has a lot more up his sleeve than being a loyal and caring family guy and a famous and industry-changing rock musician.

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In the early 2000s, all of that changed, despite the fact that he previously fled from England to escape paying taxes and the entire concept and genre of music the Rolling Stones established is fundamentally anti-establishment and rebellious. Sir Michael Philip Jagger was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of England. What a bizarre situation!

Surprises Galore

Despite obtaining several accolades, prizes, and titles throughout the years, the 77-year-old rock musician continues to live an active life! He likes cricket and soccer, and has been known to be a bit of a fun fitness freak, in addition to producing new songs and traveling the world.

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Over the years, he’s earned a reputation as a generous philanthropist, founding a nonprofit organization to support music through the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford, Kent, England, and his Red Rooster Program. It’s impossible to predict what he’ll do next, but one thing is certain—the wonderful Mick Jagger will always be full of surprises!