Nannies Tell All: Secrets About the Rich And Famous

Whether it be stylists, hairdressers, or makeup artists, A-listers are constantly surrounded by their precious entourage. And while most employees keep quiet about their celeb bosses, there’s one type of help who isn’t afraid to speak up – the nanny.

Kim Kardashian giving North West a kiss on the cheek with both of them wearing a headband with cat ears / Charlize Theron with her son Jackson on hr lap and Sean Penn sitting next to her at an outdoor event during the day / Ben Stiller wearing a headband posing while getting his make up done in a scene from Zoolander / Sienna Miller and Jude Law posing on the red carpet
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They’re one of the most valuable assets in any celebrity parent’s life (how else would they get some peace and quiet?). But too bad nannies get nothing but a massive headache in return. Some celebs are so demanding they even force them to wear a wig or eat a specific diet. Here are some first-hand confessions of what it’s like to work for the rich and famous.

Kate Gosselin Demands 24-Hour Shifts

Celebrity mom Kate Gosselin is probably the scariest one on this list. She’s hired more than a dozen nannies for her eight children, but none of them seem to stick around. According to one former nanny, Kate is a neat freak who drives everyone around her crazy.

Kate Gosselin on the red carpet at an NBC event
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Gosselin has ridiculous demands. She expects her nannies to work 24-hour shifts with zero days off. That means sleeping over at the Gosselins and going away with them on family trips. And while five-star vacations seem tempting at first, with an employer like Kate, you’re better off at home.

No TV, No Magazines, No Sugar, No Salt

Madonna looks ageless. She’s fit, healthy, and can probably take down a lot of people in an arm-wrestling battle. To maintain that level of wellness, she follows strict diet rules, and so do her kids. Madonna insists that her kids follow a macrobiotic and kosher diet. This means no fast food, no sugar, and barely any salt.

Madonna on the red carpet in a sleeveless army printed dress with long black gloves
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Now, who has to deal with those strict guidelines? The nanny, of course. Madonna’s clean lifestyle isn’t easy to put up with. Her nannies have to run around and look for organic this and organic that. But the singer’s strict rules don’t end there. She doesn’t allow her kids much television, newspapers, or magazines. Let’s hope she allows them books!

Never Be Friends with the Enemy

If you work for Victoria, you have to watch your back at all times. Posh Spice has zero tolerance for anyone who doesn’t follow her rules, not only during the shift but after work hours as well. Beckham’s nanny, Abigail Gibson, learned this the hard way.

David and Victoria Beckham on the red carpet
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She kept a watchful eye on the couple’s three children and proved to be extremely helpful around the house. But that didn’t matter to Victoria. When her sister dished to her that Abigail had been speaking to Victoria’s ex-beautician (whom she ended with on bad terms), she lost it and went ballistic on the poor nanny. Abigail quit shortly after the blowup.

The Biggest Kardashian Diva

On-screen, Kourtney Kardashian seems like the most reserved one in her family. And when you think of divas, you probably think of Kim or Kylie. But don’t be mistaken, according to Kourtney’s nanny, she’s the biggest diva of them all.

Kourtney Kardashing posing looking over her shoulder on the red carpet
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The reality star’s ex-nanny revealed that her employer was rude, bossy, and unappreciative. She would constantly call her phone to check up on her and the kids. And not in a caring way, but in a belittling “I don’t count on you” sort of way.

No Blonde Policy

If you want Mrs. Simpson to hire you, you better not be blonde. Or pretty, for that matter. Well, I guess you can be a little cute. But never blonde! Jessica’s hubby has a thing for pretty blondes (obviously), and this worries the former country singer.

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson on the red carpet wearing all black
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She wants to be the only blonde bombshell on her hubby’s radar, so if you have golden locks, you better dye them black, or brown, or some dull color that won’t (god forbid) excite him too much. We wonder if she has any other criteria, like being a good, caring human being? We hope she doesn’t hire people only according to their hair color.

You’re Not Just the Nanny. You’re Also Superman, Spiderman, etc.…

Gwen Stefani has shown us her quirky side countless times throughout her career. A pirate in Rich Girl, a cheerleader in Hollaback Girl, and Mad Hatter in What You Waiting For, it’s clear Gwen loves to play dress up. And so do her kids – Apollo, Kingston, and Zuma.

Gwen Stefani in a long crème dress with red, silver, and gold accents at the Grammy Awards
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Her two sons, Apollo and Zuma, are obsessed with comic book heroes! They love dressing up as Superman, Batman, Spiderman (and any other “man” you can think of). So, if you’re watching over them, you’re forced to throw on a costume and join the party too. According to one of their male nannies, he’s had to dress up like so many characters that he’s already lost, count.

Six Nannies Around the Clock

With two A-list celebs as parents, the Knowles kids are seriously living the dream. Whatever they need, whenever they need it – it’s there. This is probably due to Beyonce’s choice of hiring not one but six nannies to keep an eye on her little ones.

Beyonce and Jay Z sitting in chairs at the Grammy’s
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This isn’t too outrageous when you think of it. Both she and Jay-Z are extremely successful and have a lot to deal with professionally. With so much time away from their little ones, they have to hire as many nannies as needed to make sure Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir are being treated properly.

No Hugs for Halle Berry’s Kids

Another busy celeb, Halle Berry, is aware that her kids spend a lot more time with the nanny, and she gets pretty jealous about it. So jealous that she doesn’t allow the nanny to kiss or hug Nahla and Maceo! She’s scared they will get too emotionally attached to this stranger who isn’t their loving mom.

Halle Berry posing on the red carpet with a high ponytail
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But the nanny isn’t a stranger. And we find it weird to restrict loving gestures because you’re worried your kids will love someone else more. We wonder if the nanny sneaks in some hugs when Halle isn’t looking. They’re so adorable, it’s hard to resist!

Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Isn’t Allowed to Wear the Same Outfit Twice

Kim Kardashian is a jaw-dropping fashionista who never ceases to amaze people with her incredible choice of clothes. So, of course, she wants nothing less than haute couture for her daughter, North West. One nanny dished that the little girl is not even allowed to wear the same outfit twice.

Kim Kardashian giving North West a kiss on the cheek with both of them wearing a headband with cat ears
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To ensure she doesn’t break the rules, North’s closet has a digital organizer that lets her know whenever she’s already worn something. Honestly, there are so many things I can say about this. But let’s just leave it at this – Kim Kardashian is teaching her daughter all the wrong things (at least when it comes to clothes, and sustainability and ethics, etc.).

You’re Not Allowed to Drink Coffee

Gwyneth Paltrow is all about healthy living. Her wellness brand Goop explores everything from proper skincare to the best types of food. She passes her knowledge on to her kids and, apparently, to her nannies. She makes sure they follow a strict diet to set an example when they’re around her kids.

Gwyneth Paltrow sitting on a couch in front of a white neon sign that says ‘goop.’
Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr / Goop / Getty Images

This means no caffeine, no wheat, and no dairy for Gwyneth’s nanny. I guess this makes a little bit of sense. Your diet does affect your energy level and overall mental health. So if you’re hiring someone to watch over your kids, you want to make sure they’re in the best shape possible to do so.

Angie’s Kids Are Surrounded by Bodyguards

Angelina and Brad’s kids are more famous than any of us will ever be. They’re constantly in the spotlight, and the paparazzi love to relentlessly stalk them. It looks like everyone just wants to know more and more about this interesting family.

Angelina Jolie with four of her children on the red carpet
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And that’s why Angie hired trained, ex-military bodyguards to keep a close eye on her kids. It’s a smart move because the world is full of creeps. But one nanny mentioned that the kids aren’t always happy with the over-protective guards and often cause trouble in order to get them off their backs.

Mariah Fishes Compliments from Her Kids Every Night

According to Mariah’s former nanny, the singer craves compliments to the point where she forces her kids to shower her with praises every night before bed. She wants them to tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is. We know Mariah’s a diva, but this is taking it to a different level.

Mariah Carey posing on the ground next to her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with her two children standing next to her dressed in white
Photo by Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Usually, becoming a mom grounds you. But in Mariah’s case, nothing can kick the diva out of her. We wonder what Monroe and Moroccan think about this nightly routine. Come to think of it, if my mom were Mariah and would sing me to sleep every night, I wouldn’t mind showering her with compliments!

Katie Yells at Her Nannies for Letting Suri Be Too Creative

As kids, we’re usually unrestrained, creative, and imaginative. It’s only when we grow older that we lose some of that innovative spark. And it looks like Katie Holmes is making sure this won’t happen to her daughter because little Suri is allowed to do as she pleases with the house’s décor.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes holding Sury in 2008
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Even if that means painting the walls of her bedroom. Well, on second thought, it depends what color. The celeb’s former nanny confessed that she was fired for letting Suri paint the walls black. So the problem here wasn’t the fact that she colored the walls, it was just that Katie didn’t appreciate her choice of color.

Nicole Has a Strict No-Sugar Rule

Is there anything better than seeing a kid’s face lighten up after a bite of cake? Or after a sip of chocolate milkshake? I know, I know… sugar is bad. But avoiding it at all costs is a bit over the top. Well, not for Nicole Richie, who forbids her kids any type of sugary treat.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden posing with their son and daughter with two characters from Yo Gaba Gaba
Photo by Charley Gallay / Stringer / Getty Images

If you’re working for Nicole, you better make sure to follow the golden rule. No matter how much the kids beg, you can’t give them any processed food. I wonder how the Madden household celebrates Halloween!

Julia Roberts Forces Her Nanny to Wear a Wig

While some jealous celebs don’t allow hugs between nannies and their kids, others deny the nanny’s existence altogether. Julia Roberts, for example, doesn’t want her kids to feel that their mom isn’t present, so she forces her nanny to wear a wig that resembles her hair!

Julia Roberts posing on the red carpet with a black off the shoulder dress
Photo by Anthony Harvey / FilmMagic / Getty Images

We doubt that did the trick. It’s hard to imitate Julia’s captivating smile and lively eyes. Her kids are already in their teens, so this nanny confession is probably irrelevant today. But it’s still outrageous. Did the nanny have to wear a wig out of the house too?

Kris Jenner Lost Her Mind Over Brocolli

Kourtney inherited her bossy nature from her mom, the queen of all divas – Kris Jenner. According to former nannies, Kris was a horrible employer. She forced everyone around her to do exactly what she wanted and had little patience for mistakes.

Kris and Bruce Jenner posing in all denim with all of their children
Photo by Maureen Donaldson / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

One nanny described how Kris “lost it” over broccoli. She once forgot to buy the healthy green (a very human mistake), and that caused Kris to go nuts! But all things considered, the former nanny admits that she got used to Jenner’s wild mood swings and that working for her wasn’t all too bad.

You Can’t Talk or Look at Charlize Theron

Former nannies don’t have good things to say about Charlize. Apparently, the actress is totally impatient and doesn’t want her employees to talk to her. We know this sounds like a far-fetched rumor, but some actors who have worked with Charlize have made some similar claims.

Charlize Theron with her son Jackson on hr lap and Sean Penn sitting next to her at an outdoor event during the day
Photo by Joe Scarnici / generationOn / Getty Images

Some employees claimed they were afraid to even look at the actress. All of this sounds pretty off. I mean, what do the babysitters do if they need to ask her something? We really hope Charlize isn’t that impatient all the time.

Heather Mills Expects You to Work Eight Days a Week

Heather Mills is Paul McCartney’s ex-partner and mother of his daughter, Beatrice. And as tempting as it is to care for legendary Paul’s daughter, you might want to think twice. Heather is one tough employer who never gives her employees a break.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney photographed in a diner from outside with their nanny and daughter
Photo by Paul McMullan / Photoshoot / Getty Images

Not even when they’re on maternity leave! One former nanny confessed that when she took a break from work after giving birth, Heather nudged and called her every other day to see when she was coming back. Heather is also known to overwork her employees and make them stay beyond normal work hours. We’ll pass… Sorry, Paul.

Sarah Jessica Parker Has Instructions for Everything

Sarah Jessica Parker is extremely picky about certain things, and it seems like she doesn’t trust her nannies at all. She writes down specific instructions for things like how to apply eye drops to the kids and exactly how hard they should blink.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick with their son and two daughters at a Broadway show
Photo by Walter McBride / WireImage / Getty Image

She’s also very strict about the type of body wash her kids use. The nannies have to replenish whatever has finished, and not by replacing the bottle, but by refilling the same container. This also means that the nannies have to thoroughly clean the bottles daily.

Jessica Alba’s Nanny Wrote a Book

Okay, okay…not all celebrities are horrible employers. For example, Jessica Alba has been known to be one of the sweetest celebrities to work with. Her nanny, Connie Simpson, has worked with her for over 10 years, and Alba has praised her so much that Simpson became famous for her caregiving tips!

Jessica Alba and her nanny Connie posing on the couch with her baby
Source: Instagram / @nannyconnie

She even wrote a book called The Nanny Connie Way. With so many celebrities who barely trust their employees, it’s refreshing to hear about someone like Jessica Alba, who clearly feels that she has a lot to learn from the people around her.

Kate Middleton Has a One Nanny Policy

It’s not easy to be royalty, just ask Kate Middleton. Her schedule is packed with things like charities, formal dinners, and of course, teatime. But she doesn’t make things easy for herself, and when it comes to her kids, she has a one nanny policy.

Kate Middleton and Prince William in ski gear with two of their children
Photo by John Stillwell – WPA Pool / Getty Images

But having one caregiver meant that she was out of help once her nanny called it quits. Nothing too scandalous happened, she was just over 70 years old and wanted to retire. We have a feeling that working for Kate isn’t too bad! They probably get a lot of benefits, like delicious food, 5-star trips, and luxurious cars.

It’s Very Uncomfortable to Work for Mick Jagger

Working for Mick Jagger is rather…unique. The unrestrained musician is known to let it all loose in concerts and go completely wild. But he lets loose around his employees as well! He introduced himself to one of his kid’s nannies wearing nothing but his birthday suit.

Mick Jagger with two of his daughters and L’Wren Scott at a fashion event
Photo by Dave M Benett / Serpentine Gallery / Getty Images

He stepped out of the shower completely naked and held his hand out to shake her hand. But that didn’t scare the nanny off, on the contrary, it turned her on. The two ended up having an affair. Ridiculous… Mick Jagger has been unfaithful to Jerry way too many times.

Courtney Love Set Her House on Fire

Imagine having Courtney Love as your mom. Daughter Frances Bean Cobain made it clear that it’s no easy deal and that Courtney is sometimes way too much to handle. When Frances was in her early teens, her mom’s crazy temper got so bad that she had to file a restraining order against her!

Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, and Frances Bean when she was a baby posing outdoors
Photo by Vinnie Zuffante / Getty Images

One male nanny admitted that Frances didn’t grow up in a healthy environment. And that Courtney was a huge hoarder who covered the house in the trash and redundant items. She also lit the house on fire once after falling asleep with a cigarette!

It’s Not Always Funny Around Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller looks like such a down to earth, funny guy. Probably because of all the comedy roles he’s played in his career. But a former employee who worked with him on the set of Zoolander admitted that things aren’t always funny around this actor.

Ben Stiller wearing a headband posing while getting his make up done in a scene from Zoolander
Photo by Paramount Pictures / Getty Images

When the assistant was guided on how to treat Stiller, he received such thorough instructions that would drive any sane person mad. He described a never-ending list of dos and don’ts. Exactly how many ice cubes to put in his iced tea, what cup to serve it in, etc.…

Mary J. Blige Renovates Places Wherever She Goes

While most celeb demands are unbelievably ridiculous, this one is kind of reasonable (but none of us have the money to do it). While on tour, Mary J. Blige asked for a private, brand-new toilet seat in her dressing room.

Mary J Blige on the red carpet in 2019
Photo by Leon Bennett / Getty Images

Can you imagine? Having the money to demand a squeaky-clean toilet seat just for you? Just think of the millions of people who have stayed in hotel rooms before you or used public toilets in malls and parks. If we had the money, we would probably renovate bathrooms as well.

You Can’t Call Kourtney by Her Name

Kourtney strikes again! In addition to constantly calling her workers to see if they’re doing their job, the eldest Kardashian also demands to be called a certain way. Not Kourtney, not ma’am, not even Ms. Kardashian. If you want to get this diva’s attention, you must call her – madam.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick at a fashion show
Photo by Ethan Miller / AAG Adriano Goldschmied / Getty Images

A former nanny confessed: “I once slipped up and called her Kourtney, and she threw a hissy fit. I never made that mistake again!” Seriously…? What is up with the Kardashians? They genuinely believe they’re royalty. Pretty sad…

The Lowes Have Reached an All-Time Low

Nanny Jessica Gibson hated working for the Lowes, and she made no attempt to hide it. She accused Rob of “placing his hand inside her pants” and “grabbing her buttocks without consent.” She said the couple’s treatment was “offensive, insulting, unwelcome, mean, perverted, crude and lascivious.”

Rob Lowe and his sons posing in the street
Photo by Janet Mayer / Star Max / GC Images / Getty Images

Ouch. Seriously, ouch. And she wasn’t the only one who lashed out. Another former nanny confessed in tears that she “could no longer put up with Mrs. Lowe’s conduct towards her.” She described the work environment to be “sexually offensive and hostile.”

The Nanny Had the Hots for the Husband and Was Immediately Fired

Nanny affairs are so common that they’ve become a boring cliché. And Kyle Martino wasn’t about to become one. He fired the nanny right after he received an awkward (yet flattering) text from her. It read, “Girl, did I mention to you how hot and sex (sic) my Boss is … too bad he seems not to like thick Latin women…”

Kyle Martino and Eva Martino at a dinner event
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz / BAM / Getty Images

She obviously wanted to send it to a friend but was probably so caught up with thinking about Kyle that she typed his name instead. Martino told his wife, Eva Amurri, about the issue, and she posted about it on her blog, calling it a “traumatic and bizarre experience.”

This Nanny Sold Her Steamy Diary to the Tabloids

Jude Law really messed up his life when he cheated on Sienna with the family’s 26-year-old nanny. It was all over the news because the young mistress couldn’t keep a secret. She went all out with the details of the fling when she sold her sexy diary to the tabloids.

Sienna Miller and Jude Law posing on the red carpet
Photo by Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

She described in detail how the couple’s children found her in “daddy’s room, tucked up in his arms.” Can you imagine what Sienna must have felt? Having to read what went on behind her back? Having everyone else read what went on behind her back?