Only Available in Japan: Products We Wish Came to America

Japan is a destination that’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists, especially Americans. The folks were lucky enough to visit this massive country fall in love with it immediately. The interesting culture, combined with its unique style, makes Japan a truly magical place. In addition to its incredible food, philosophies, and politeness, Japan is known for its innovation and amazing products that are foreign to us Americans.

A bunch of Japanese products sitting on a table
Source: Pinterest

With technology advancement on a worldwide scale, it seems that most business endeavors have shifted to apps and digital marketing. With iPhones, people have the internet at their fingertips and don’t put much thought into anything else. Luckily, Japan’s creativity didn’t turn completely digital. They have some outstanding items that are seriously so creative. From smartphone toilet paper to Pringle flavored noodles, here are some remarkable items that are available in Japan.

Smartphone Toilet Paper

It has been scientifically proven that your smartphone has more germs than your toilet sense. It makes a lot of sense; think about it. Most people are attached to their phones and bring everywhere with them… including the bathroom. Well, here is a product that may help with all that unwanted bacteria.

A piece of Japanese smartphone toilet paper with instructions on how to use it and connect to the wifi
Source: Flickr

It’s only called toilet paper because it comes in a packaging that resembles toilet paper, but it has a whole different purpose. It’s designed to clean cell-phones. Thanks to Japan, you no longer have to worry about smudges, dirt, or germs on your phone. That’s right, scroll, browse, and text with no care in the world.

Noodles That Taste Like Pringles

Okay, so the person who thought of this is definitely a genius. One of the most popular food products in Japanese culture is noodles. It would probably be difficult to find a restaurant or café in that gigantic country that doesn’t serve noodles. Well, get ready to have your mind blown when you see the noodles they sell in the grocery stores.

A green container of Pringles sour cream and onion ramen noodles with Japanese writing
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One delicious food item available in Japan is Pringle’s flavored noodles! That sounds incredible! We know Pringles is an American brand, but they teamed up with a local Japanese company to create these! Who else thinks they need to bring these yummy Pringle flavored noodles to America ASAP?!