Photos of Meghan Markle That Have Never Been Seen Before

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is the talk of the town today. It’s not uncommon to see her face plastered all over the news, social media, and even magazine covers. Everyone knows what she is up to, what she wore yesterday, and where she will be dining tomorrow. Everyone follows the Duchess’s activities avidly, but there aren’t too many who knew of her life before becoming a royal.

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Believe it or not, Meghan Markle had one of the most exciting lives, even before she married into the British royal family. She may now be one of the most talked-about women in the world today, but there was a time when she went about living an extraordinary life on her own. And these rare and unseen photos of the famous Duchess are here to prove it. These photos show that Meghan is a woman of her own making, and rightly so!

Meghan And Her Dad

Meghan was born into a family that was already thriving in the entertainment industry. Meghan’s father, Tom, worked on several Hollywood hits as a lighting director. He also worked on the popular TV show “Married with Children.”


Meghan’s father is now retired and has taken up residence in Baja. Having always enjoyed a close and intimate relationship with her father, Meghan, however, ended up with a soured relationship with her father in her adulthood.

Family Above All Else

This is an adorable snapshot of where Meghan came from and gives us a great insight into who she was when she grew up. Featured in this photo are her dad, who she sits close to, and her estranged half-sister Samantha.


As we all know, her relationship with her half-sister is also quite rocky these days. Samantha happened to reach out to the Duchess earlier this year, but Meghan refused to mend the relationship. We wonder what happened between them.

A Champion of Social Justice

Most 12-year-olds have very few desires in their heart. Give them some video games and a packet of chips, and they are satisfied. But not Meghan Markle. Even when she was 12 years old, she was a highly self-aware girl conscious of social rights and justice for all.


Because of her efforts, a sexist commercial by Ivory had to change the wording on their commercial from “Women are fighting greasy pots and pans” to “People are fighting greasy pots and pans.” Way to go, little Meghan!

Adorable Little Meghan

Here’s a cute picture of Meghan from when she attended elementary school at Red Schoolhouse. This adorable picture proves one thing for sure – she had the face for acting even in her childhood.


Although Meghan had what we might call a relatively “normal” childhood, her rise to fame might not afford the same kind of childhood to her son, who was already one of the most famous people on earth even before he was born. The Duchess and her husband, however, wish to provide a grounded childhood to their son.

Queen of Homecoming

Meghan was famous even before she became famous. That is, she was famous in her school as Queen of Homecoming. That’s right, the Duchess was actually a Queen before she became a part of the royal family.


Meghan attended an all-girls school, but the school’s administration was kind enough to allow the members of the other sex during dances and special occasions. But the bigger question is, how does Meghan look exactly the same as she does today?

Meghan Was A Goofy Kid

Here’s another photo of Meghan as the cute and goofy kid sitting next to her now estranged father. Did you know that it’s not only Meghan who won a lottery in life by marrying Prince Harry? Her father won the actual lottery early on in Meghan’s life, to the tune of almost a million dollars.


However, her father ended up squandering most of the money away with some bad investments. But not before he invested some of it on Meghan herself by footing the bill for her private school.

She Had an Idyllic Childhood

Whatever her relationship with her family is these days, there is no denying that Duchess of Sussex enjoyed a blissful and idyllic childhood. Her parents were always the kind of people to ensure that little Meghan got every opportunity in life.

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Which is why she is where she is today. One of the main influences was Meghan’s pre-school, “Little Red Schoolhouse” in L.A, a premier school in Hollywood for kids between the ages of 3-6. The school places great emphasis on acting as well, and we all know what came out of that!

A Kind-Hearted Persona

Meghan is known for her outstanding philanthropic endeavors as a Duchess today. However, this is not just an act for the cameras. Meghan has always had a philanthropic streak in her, ever since she was a child.

Source: Twitter

The goodness in her comes from her efforts in her childhood when she and her family would regularly visit hospices and nursing homes to provide the needy with meals and other essentials. It’s no wonder that she is involved in so many philanthropic projects these days!

Beautiful Inside and Out

Everyone would think that Meghan Markle is lucky to have married Prince Harry, but one of her teachers from her Catholic all-girls high school had this to comment on Meghan’s engagement. “He’s so lucky.”

Source: Imgur

Everyone, including her friends and teachers, knew that Meghan was always headed for greatness in her life. In fact, they even say that there were numerous “signs” that pointed her down this path. These signs only prove one thing. That Meghan is just a beautiful human being, inside and out.

Daddy and Her Little Girl

Thomas and Meghan Markle had the best father-daughter relationship during Meghan’s childhood. And this sweet little snapshot is a testament to that. Now, however, there seems to some dissent between her and her father.


Several rumors are milling around, speculating on the reasons why Meghan and her father aren’t on good terms anymore. Apparently, Thomas and Prince Harry had a heated conversation a while back, and Tom hung up on the Prince!

Meghan With Her Nephew

Becoming an aunt is one of life’s most precious moments. Here we see young Meghan with her baby nephew, who is only one member of her very large extended family. Now, of course, Meghan is an aunt to a bevy of royal nieces and nephews.


Here’s a little titbit from the Duchess’ royal life. A few years ago, the Duchess and her husband received a lot of flak from everyone around the country for a cute little birthday message they had left for her nephew, George. The reason? They hadn’t mentioned his title in the message!

Time to Feed the Ducks

This is a happy photo all around, especially for the ducks that are blissfully swimming away in the background. And they are happy because little Meghan, in her jeans and flats, has just finished feeding them all sorts of treats, including popcorn and bread.


This photo is an excellent reminder that Meghan came from a place just like us. Especially because of the Disney shirt that she’s rocking. Well, it’s safe to say that her sense of style has evolved a lot since then!

Meghan, The Sorority Girl

This image was Meghan when she was a student at the Northwestern University of Communications, where she studied International Studies and Theatre. It comes as no surprise that Meghan was highly participative in extra-curricular, and she even did an additional theatre program at the University.

Source: Twitter

Meghan was also a part of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, and she also went abroad to Madrid for a semester on an exchange program. What’s more, the Duchess even interned at the American embassy in Buenos Aires. What a CV!

Going to Catholic School

Meghan was a saint ever since she was born, and this Catholic school girl uniform that she’s wearing in the photo is excellent proof of that. Meghan attended Immaculate Heart High School, where none of her classmates had anything bad ever to say about her.


Unfortunately, Meghan had to miss out on her 10-year high school reunion that happened recently. However, she had an excellent reason for skipping out on this special occasion. She was in labor giving birth to her son, the newest member of the royal family!

Meghan’s Active Dating Life

Here is a picture from Meghan’s pre-Suits days, when she pretty much dated regular guys just like the rest of us. And the lucky guy featured here is the maître D’ of the steakhouse where she spent her graduation party.


Interestingly, even when she was in college, Meghan had been auditioning for as many roles as possible. Notably, she landed the role of a nurse on the hit soap opera “General Hospital” before she found her big break as Rachel Zane on “Suits.”

Candid With a Friend

Here is a precious snapshot of Meghan laughing with her friend in school. According to reports, Meghan was incredibly popular even in school, as she was nominated for both Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen.

Source: Pinterest

Meghan won Homecoming Queen and lost the Prom Queen’s title, but this was of no consequence to her. With a heart as generous as hers, there was no way that she would let the loss get to her. She congratulated the winner as graciously as she always carries herself.

Time for a Little Picnic

This is a snap of little Meghan picnicking in the park with her dear mother, Doria. She had always had an intimate relationship with her mother, who was the first person to know about her Royal Engagement even before the prince proposed to her.

Source: Imgur

As it turns out, Prince Harry had actually asked Meghan’s mother for her hand in marriage. After getting engaged, Meghan announced her retirement from Hollywood, to nobody’s surprise. It would have been difficult to juggle her royal duties with her duties to the film industry!

Cross-Country Road Trip

This is a rare picture of Meghan with her then-best friend, Ninaki Priddy, with whom she went on a cross-country road trip to celebrate her graduation. Things between the two girls aren’t as friendly anymore, and we’re not sure why.

Source: Imgur

However, Priddy spoke up for Meghan when her estranged half-sister, Samantha, released a slanderous book against the Duchess. Priddy’s statement, however, came as a shock to many. She stated that while the Duchess has never had malicious intent towards her sister, the person in this picture “isn’t there anymore.”

Group Picture with the Sorority

Meghan was a part of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at her alma mater, where she attended university during 2000 – 2003. This is a group picture with her sorority, who happened to keep in touch with her even after graduating.

Source: Pinterest

In fact, Meghan was even congratulated by Laura Wayward from the Alumni Association of the University. Wayward also happened to mention another royal connection that the university had with the royal family. In the 90s, Princess Diana had visited the university campus.

Class Picture for University

Meghan has carved a special place for herself in her sorority group at university, especially for cutting such an inspirational figure.


Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Cari Hahn, one of Meghan’s sisters at the sorority, released a statement to that the sorority was built on a foundation of philanthropy and the philosophy of giving back. It is heart-warming to see that the Duchess lives by these sentiments even after all these years.

Meghan And Her Wild Streak

It might surprise you to learn that Meghan was no always a goody-two-shoes. She had a wild streak too, which she liked to indulge in now and then during her days at college. This is a photo that most royal members wouldn’t be proud of, mainly because of the playboy tank top, but not Meghan!


This Duchess has nothing to hide. In fact, it’s even out in the open that Meghan had a fake ID, which she had made to get jobs outside her college. Of course, she used it to party with her friends too!

Yearbook Picture from High School

Just take a look at those curly locks on the young Duchess! Not many people know this about her, but Meghan Markle was actually brought up with another name when she was young. She was actually Rachel Meghan Markle, but she liked the name Meghan better, which is why she decided to stick with it.

Source: Pinterest

Meghan, as a young girl, had pretty much a normal childhood. Little did this smiling girl with curly hair know where she was headed in life!

At Buckingham Palace

If there ever was a royal foreshadowing in real life, it would be this one. This is a picture taken almost 15 years ago when Meghan went on a visit to the palace where she would spend a lot of her adult life at. The trip was made with her then-best friend, Ninaki Priddy.

Source: Pinterest

Meghan’s half-sister has claimed that Meghan is a “social climber” and began dreaming of becoming a princess from a young age. Perhaps this is the trip where she began dreaming of this!

Flower Girl at a Wedding

Meghan and Harry got married on May 19th, 2018, when Meghan became the most talked-about bride and woman in the world. However, she has been prepared for weddings ever since she was young.

Source: Twitter

Here is a picture of her, smiling broadly, as she acts as the flower girl for a family wedding. How could she have ever imagined that when she herself walked down the aisle, she would be doing so in a stunning custom-made dress and getting married to a Prince!

Meghan and the Rugrats

Did you know that Meghan actually made an appearance on Nick’s News when she was just 12 years old? That’s right. But her love for Nickelodeon started much earlier, with the beloved 90s show, the Rugrats.


This picture is not only a testament to Meghan’s love for the show, Rugrats. It also shows us her half-brother, Tom, who reached out to Meghan recently pleading with her to reconcile with the rest of the family. Of course, as well all know, this did not go down well with the Duchess.

Meghan and Her Father

As we have already mentioned, Meghan had an incredibly positive relationship with her father when she was young. However, the relationship has been on the rocks for ages now, and rumors abound for a reason behind this.

Source: Twitter

Rumour has it that in 2018, Meghan actually wrote a profoundly personal and heart-warming letter where she warned her father not to believe everything he saw on the internet. Her father, unfortunately, published the letter on social media, thus widening the rift between the father and daughter.

Always on the Set

Here’s a rare picture of Meghan with Ted Ginley making rounds on the internet. As a child, Meghan lucked out because her father worked on the sets of popular movies and TV shows, including the famous TV show “Married with children,” where Meghan met numerous celebrities even before her own stardom.

Source: Pinterest

While meeting Ted Ginley was a significant moment in her childhood, the Duchess now spends her life with some of the most significant people on the planet.

Born an Actor

Meghan had always caught the acting bug, right from her days at Little Red Schoolhouse. Here she is acting in a play produced by the school, where she appears in pigtail braids and a cute little swan skirt.


Unlike many others who attended this school, Meghan stuck with her passion for arts and entertainment, and look where she is now!

All About Those Curls

This beloved Duchess has several photos of her with super curly and bouncy hair, which is only a testament to her bi-racial background. Seeing her with curly hair is something we need to get used to, as these days she wears her hair straight most of the time.

Source: Imgur

It is noteworthy to mention that Meghan is the first royal family member with a mixed heritage background.

Deal or No Deal

Meghan was always one to grab every opportunity that presented itself to her. Here, we see her as a gorgeous briefcase model for the nationally televised show “Deal or No Deal.”


She moved on from the show after a few years. Meghan told “Esquire” magazine that her time with the show proved to be a fantastic learning experience for her and helped her set her priorities in life straight.

Princess before Duchess

As an actress, Meghan got to be many things in life, including being a princess in a play before she became a princess in real life. Here she is like Sleeping Beauty in a school production.


It might surprise you to learn, however, that Meghan is not actually a princess, despite being married to Prince Harry. Her technical title is “Duchess of Sussex.” Oh well, being a Duchess is just as good!

Shining With Ashton Kutcher

Meghan found herself playing a small role on the set of “A Lot Like Love,” with Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet, where she played alongside Kutcher as a character that meets him on an airplane.

Source: YouTube

These days, the Duchess is no longer involved in show business. She rightly states, “I think what’s been so exciting [transitioning] out of my career and into, as you said, the causes I can focus even more energy on, very early out of the gate, [is that you] have a voice that people listen to, a lot of responsibility.”

Her Father Was Her Inspiration

Meghan has always been proud of her bi-racial background. Her father has European ancestry, while her mother is actually descended from the slaves in Africa.


Meghan narrates an incident where her father helped her be proud of her descent with Barbie dolls arranged to emulate her own family, with a black mom doll, a white dad doll, and colored children. Inclusive and inspirational, indeed!

She Is an Inspiration Herself

The Duchess of Sussex has found every opportunity to speak out against racial injustice and the injustice meted out towards women in society.

Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

According to her statement, she found it difficult to land roles because of her color. She “wasn’t white enough for the white roles and wasn’t black enough for the black roles.” How unfortunate for a talented actress.

Educated Like Her Mother

Meghan’s mother and father worked extremely hard to provide every opportunity to their little girl. And Meghan attended some of the most prestigious schools and universities all her life.

Photo by Gareth Fuller – WPA Pool/Getty Images

This is life similar to her own mother, who even had a master’s degree of her own. Meghan, however, does not need a Master’s degree anymore. She’s married to a Prince!

Meghan, The Calligrapher

Before her big break on “Suits,” Meghan had to perform several odd jobs and gigs to keep herself afloat. One of the talents which she put to use was her skills as a calligrapher.

Photo by Victoria Jones – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan even worked on the invitations to famous singer Robin Thicke’s wedding. Between the years of 2004 and 2005, the Duchess worked in a tiny store in Beverly Hills where she taught others the skills of calligraphy.

Meghan Has Impeccable Taste

Meghan is a woman of many talents, and being a fantastic entrepreneur is one among them. In 2016, Meghan actually launched her fashion line by linking up with Reitmans, the Canadian retailer.

Source:, Copyrights: Universal Cable Productions

The fashion line’s main aim was to enable women to pick out amazing clothes without spending too much money. Chic and affordable seems to be its motto!

Always A Women’s Advocate

The Duchess has always been a champion of women’s rights, right from when she was 12 years old to now. In 2017, Meghan visited India, where she spoke out about the lack of sanitary facilities for the country’s women.

Source: Photo by Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

She is also associated with numerous organizations that work relentlessly towards women’s upliftment, including Smart Works and Hubb Community Kitchen.

A Proud Feminist

Meghan Markle has never been one to shy away from taking a stand. She has always been proud to be a feminist, and she even admitted to this at the UN Women Conference in 2015.

Source: Photo by Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

While Meghan has fraternized with various political field members, including Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau, she is not the biggest fan of Donald Trump, whom she calls “misogynistic.”

Not A Technical Princess

Meghan is considered a princess in the royal family, but she will never be given the title “Princess Meghan.” She is instead the Duchess of Sussex, which is a confusing affair, we know!

Source: Photo by Owen Humphreys – WPA Pool/Getty Images

As it turns out, Meghan was not the first American or even the first actor to have become a royal. Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco in the 50s when she became Princess Grace and quit acting, just like Meghan.

A Column With Vogue

Rumour has it that Meghan has been closely working with the editor of “Vogue” to promote her philanthropic actions. She even chose to feature 16 inspirational women in the magazine, something which garnered a lot of popularity.

Source: Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Now the Duchess has her own dedicated column where she writes about her philanthropic endeavors and works for charity.

Meghan, The Yoga Warrior

Yoga is definitely an essential part of Meghan’s life, as she grew up with her mother, who teaches yoga for a living. In fact, she even considers yoga to be a huge part of her “perfect days.”

Source: Imgur

She says that she would love to get in at least one session on a perfect day before a yummy sashimi lunch. Meghan has several pictures doing various yoga poses published by the “Daily Mail” for those interested!

Issues With Her Family

It is no secret that Meghan’s relationship with her family is on the rocks. Her half-brother Tom, who has been featured in this photo, has run into several problems in recent years, even being arrest for a DUI.

Source: Pinterest

Tom has also had alcohol problems but kept it under the wraps because he did not want to give the Duchess a bad rep by association.

Sabotaged by Her Own Family

Meghan has had her fair share of humiliation by her family members. Still, her half-sister Samantha takes the cake for publishing her book about the Duchess, “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister,” which was later renamed to “A Tale of Two Sisters.”

Source: Twitter

This, of course, did nothing to help matters with Meghan’s relationship with her half-sister or even the other family members.

Drama in the Family

Meghan’s father, unfortunately, decided to embarrass the Duchess by staging numerous pictures, which made it look as if he was about to fly to the royal wedding, despite being uninvited to it.

Source: Pinterest

This was around the same time that her half-sister published her tell-all book about Meghan. When it comes to drama, it looks like the Duchess’ family are experts!

Aunt to an Anti-Semitic Niece

Noel Rasmussen, Meghan’s young niece, was found to be anti-Semitic with a dark past. The niece had also attempted to “sell her soul.” Several notes of Rasmussen’s previous writings were discovered where she made anti-Semitic suggestions through visual representations.

Source: Imgur

The girl apparently even had a dark fantasy where she dreamt of blowing up a building someday. We wonder what caused such a dark turn to Rasmussen’s life.

A Proud American

While members of the royal family consider Meghan to be too “American,” the Duchess is proud of her American roots, making her a bold and independent woman.

Source: Photo by Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images

It is precisely because she’s bold that she caught the eye of the Duke of Edinburgh. Meghan is determined to give her son, Archie, the same kind of well-rounded upbringing she herself had.

Nude Photos on Vacation

A nude photo scandal is definitely one of those things that the royal family will want to avoid. Unfortunately, for the Duchess, she had to face one such scandal herself when there were nude photos of her floating around on the internet in 2019.

Source: Photo by Jeff Vespa/Getty Images For GQ

However, Meghan is not the first Duchess to have a nude scandal to her name. Kate Middleton underwent the same thing back in 2012! Luckily, nude scandals today are not as problematic as they were back in the 1940s, and the Duchess is now in the clear.

A Great Sense of Humor

Meghan is really the whole package because she also has a great sense of humor that was enough even to make Queen Elizabeth snort in laughter!

Source: Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

This is one of the main reasons Prince Harry, a free spirit, found himself drawn towards her. He would never have been able to be with someone boring. Thank god Meghan is wickedly hilarious! Even her friends and co-workers agree that Meghan is one hilarious lady.

A Divorcee in the Royal Family Again

Meghan has actually been married once before and to a tall blonde, handsome talent manager and producer who goes by the name of Trevor Engelson.

Source: Photo by Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Meghan and Trevor dated for an extremely long time, seven years to be exact, before they finally tied the knot in 2011. However, not two years later did they suddenly part ways due to “irreconcilable differences.”

What A Rock!

Much like every other bride out there, Meghan couldn’t resist the urge to show off her engagement ring, which was specially designed by Prince Harry himself and cost over $150,000.

Source: Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

This is actually a trilogy ring and is one of the most famous engagement rings in the world. This is a ring that even has pieces of Diana’s ring incorporated into it. No wonder Meghan likes showing it off!

A Fairy Tale Engagement

The fairy tale couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a storybook proposal story. Prince Harry didn’t go overboard in his proposal but instead went down on one knee when they enjoyed some simple home-cooked chicken.

Source: Photo by Daniel Leal-Olivas – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The couple announced the engagement in November 2017, but when Prince Harry was asked when he knew she was “the one,” he unhesitatingly replied, “from the moment I met her.” Isn’t that romantic?

California to Kensington Palace

Meghan grew up in sunny California, where she spent most of her days sun-soaked on Los Angeles’s beaches, which her husband grew up in the immaculate and well-maintained Kensington Palace.

Source: Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images For Benefit Cosmetics

Sadly, there was a recent incident where the Duchess was criticized for her appearance at Wimbledon. She had ordered her bodyguards not to allow any pictures to be taken of her during the event. But who can blame her for wanting just one nice outing without any pictures?

Separated From Her Fur-Babies

It is a real hassle to deal with all the necessary tests to move our beloved four-legged friends overseas. This is why Meghan decided to leave her dog, Bogart, back with a friend in Canada.

Source: Pinterest

Guy, the beagle, however, is sure to be spoiled to death these days. Also, just how adorable is this picture? We’re sure that Meghan loves her fur-babies no matter where they are.

Some High-Profile Friends

It was the town’s talk that Meghan Markle invited the famous sportswoman Serena Williams to the royal wedding. Here she is, in a photo side by side with the famous American tennis player.

Source: Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for DirecTV

Meghan is also friends with one of India’s most-loved celebrities, Priyanka Chopra, and George Clooney’s wife, Amal, who works as a human rights attorney.

A Great Relationship With Mom

Things with Meghan’s family might be a bit rocky these days, but this is fortunately not the case with her mom, Doria. Doria has stuck with Meghan through thick and thin, even being present for the birth of her royal grandson, Archie.

Source: Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Meghan’s mother has also made a great impression on Prince Harry, who believes that she is “amazing.”

Yoga Is Her Thing

Yoga was a part of Meghan’s fitness regime when she was pregnant with baby Archie and continues to be a part of her post-pregnancy workouts as well.

Source: Pinterest

Yoga is a great postpartum workout, as Meghan’s mother Doria will tell everyone who is likely to listen. Meghan gets her love for yoga from her mother, Doria, who worked as a yoga instructor in Los Angeles.

Maid of Honor

Years before she got married, Meghan had the honor of attending one of her friend’s weddings as the maid of honor in a beautiful, peach-colored dress. The bride at the time was Meghan’s friend Lindsay.

Source: Photo by Rob Newell – CameraSport via Getty Images

At her wedding, Meghan was surrounded by some adorable little bridesmaids, all of whom were under 10. The helpers who walked with her down the aisle included Zalie Warren and Princess Charlotte.

Meghan Loves a Good Laugh

This is a picture from Meghan Markle’s 2016 birthday celebrations. Here, she is with her friend, Markus Andersen, with whom she seems to be having a great time.

Source: Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

Andersen is not only a dear and close friend of Meghan’s, but he is also the one who introduced Meghan and Prince Harry to each other. Andersen set up the meeting at one of Soho House’s houses, where he works as a consultant.

An Advocate for Humanity

As one of the most public figures in the world today, Meghan has taken her philanthropic efforts to a new level. Not only did she act as a youth counselor for One Young World in the years 2014 and 2016, but she is also an active supporter of the Myna Mahila Foundation.

Source: Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images

Prince Harry is no different from his wife, and he has a string of philanthropic endeavors attached to his name as well, including Sentebale, a charity that he founded in 2006. The primary mission of this charity has been to help Bostwanian children with AIDS and HIV.

Best Friend Priyanka Chopra

Andersen may have introduced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but it is actually India’s sweetheart, Priyanka Chopra, who helped take their relationship to the next level.

Source: Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In 2016, Priyanka and Meghan became friends at an all-women’s event for “ELLE,” where they apparently hit it off immediately with each other. They have continued to remain good friends, even today.

Adorable Little Girl

Let’s go back to little Meghan, as she is one of the cutest young girls we have seen in a while, especially with her voluminous curly black hair and yellow hairband!

Source: Pinterest

Surprisingly, a psychic predicted that Meghan would be highly ambitious and would not let anything get in her way. The psychic went on to say, “She will be terrified of failure, very bossy and dominating by using charm, wit, and drama to get what she wants.”