Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Might Not Be Such a Fairy Tale Ending Afterall

Meghan Markle figured out the tough way that marrying a prince isn’t the happily ever after she expected. Not long ago, she publicly stated that “it isn’t easy” being part of the royal family; this begs the question of whether Harry made the right decision in his marriage to Meghan.

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Megan spoke about the first days after she and Harry first met, sharing with her BFF, Lizzie Cundy, that Harry was terrific. Back then, she didn’t understand how hard it would be to maintain a relationship with a royal. Don’t be fooled by their smiles; the couple is secretly discontent.

Flippancy at Royal Functions

A short while ago, during the Trooping of the Color, an event to mark the Queen’s birthday, it became apparent that Meghan and Harry were having relationship problems. When all royal attendees are supposed to face front and sing during the national anthem, Meghan turned around to say something to Harry.

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Harry scolded her, telling her to face the front. Another attendant said that she looked like she might break out in tears when Meghan turned back around. Harry must have been appalled that she would be so disrespectful of the protocol practiced at the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

How to Raise Their Son

The royal family’s treatment of Meghan and Harry’s son Archie is reason enough for Meghan to second guess her decision to marry Harry. People didn’t understand why Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip chose not to attend baby Archie’s christening. Though the Queen reportedly missed Prince Louis’ christening the year before as well.

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The Queen’s previous truancy did little to calm Meghan’s troubles. The snub only deepened the chasm between Meghan Markle and the royal family, stirring up fears that the two may want to raise Archie and future children with different values later in life.

Too Much to Give-up

To join the royal family, Meghan has had to give up so much. It doesn’t seem worth it to sacrifice everything for someone else. Even the most commonplace things suddenly became off-limits for Meghan. She is even barred from posting selfies online or sitting with her legs crossed.

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As a royal, Meghan can no longer get her nails done with a colorful manicure. She is also not allowed to dress casually in public anymore. Furthermore, Meghan cannot vote, even in America, as royals are prohibited from voting or expressing political opinions. How much sacrifice will be too much for Meghan?

Exes Everywhere

Too bad for Meghan; even marrying into an exclusive family with bodyguards everywhere isn’t enough to keep away the pesky ex. After the drama at the Trooping of Color event, Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy was spotted flying into London just to make sure that Harry was alright during these trying times.

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The former lovebirds are said to have remained close friends since their split. However, royal correspondent Phil Dampier believes that Harry is still in love with Chelsey and wanted to marry her. Dampier speculates that the two would have tied the knot if Chelsey hadn’t had second thoughts.

Last Call

It recently came to light that Harry shared one last heart-wrenching phone call with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy before he married Meghan Markle. Royal author Katie Nicholl reported that her Source believed it was the former couple’s final call, the last goodbye before Harry moved on with his life.

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The call was very hard for Chelsy, who cried and threatened not to attend the wedding. In the end, she came to celebrate the royal matrimony and to show support for Harry. She also promised him that she wouldn’t object to his and Meghan’s union.

A Package Deal

The old folks used to say that when you marry somebody, you marry their whole family. Meghan Markle learned this the hard way. She has done her best to win over various members of the royal family. Alas, she has also entered into quite a few verbal battles with others.

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The Suits star allegedly made sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, cry while pressing her to get only “the very best” bridesmaid dress for Meghan and Harry’s nuptials. Apparently, Prince William counseled his younger brother not to hurry into marriage, voicing doubts about the choice of Meghan.

Broken Dreams

Becoming part of the royal family forced Meghan Markle to put so much of her life and dreams aside. Of course, she wasn’t the first contemporary to have to leave behind their career to become royalty. She was following in the footsteps of those who came before her, like Kate.

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Prior to her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton was a successful photographer and web designer. She had no choice but to leave behind her interests when she married into the royalty. For Meghan, not only did she have to re-evaluate her dreams, but her alternatives also suddenly became extremely limited.

High Maintenance

Prince Harry may regret marrying Meghan Markle in the end because she tried too hard to change him. Duncan Larcombe, the former royal family expert for The Sun and biographer of Harry, has hinted in the past that Meghan may have drastically influenced Harry’s largescale shift of behavior in royal settings.

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Harry’s team always found him to have a pleasant temperament, but ever since one became two, things have changed. According to Duncan, together, Meghan and Harry are a high-maintenance couple. Furthermore, Duncan stated that Harry has become irritable and standoffish, undoubtedly, far less agreeable for his staff.

Not Marriage Material

Meghan Markle had to leave behind her successful career as an actress to tie the knot with her Prince. This sacrifice alone is reason enough not to have married Harry. Meghan Markle was an extremely talented performer who starred in the television show Suits, a series about a Manhattan Law firm.

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Meghan wasn’t the only actress to give up on her thespian passion, to become royalty. Grace Kelly also left behind her acting career when she married Rainier, Prince of Monaco. During Meghan and Harry’s engagement, Prince Phillip supposedly told Harry that royals merely date actresses; they don’t marry them.

Too Extra

Harry might have second thoughts about becoming Meghan’s husband if only because of their opposing temperaments. Prince Harry may be considered a rebel compared to other royal family members, like his brother Prince William. But set side by side with Meghan, he suddenly seems quite pious and self-contained.

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The Prince always flawlessly follows royal protocol and seems modest and polite. Whereas Meghan, his wife, is far more extroverted and unrestrained, she is pretty sociable and open. Her informal demeanor may not be the best match for Prince Harry’s introverted personality, let alone the rest of the royals.

History isn’t on Their Side

Maybe if Meghan had listened more in school, she would have had second thoughts about marrying into royalty. In the past, other common women who married into royalty didn’t have it easy. One prime example being Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. Diana didn’t fare well during her marriage to Prince Charles.

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Diana became extremely depressed while married to Charles and even developed anorexia; she seemed far better off once they broke up. Likewise, Grace Kelly, while married to Rainier III of Monaco, had it hard. Kelly, a Hollywood star, was never genuinely excepted by her husband’s family.

Good Friends Lost

When they became involved, Harry and Meghan both left behind many of their close friend groups. The Prince struggles to keep ties with Astrid Harbord and Tom Inskip, some of his oldest friends. Another friend of the Princes has publicly blamed Meghan for Harry’s withdrawal from his former social crowd.

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Like her husband, Meghan, to has grown apart from her friends since getting hitched. Her former close friend Lizzie Cundy, British TV and radio personality, said that Markle “ghosted” her once the couple grew close. Meghan’s childhood best friend Ninaki Priddy recorded that she didn’t recognize her friend anymore.

True to Herself

Another reason for Meghan to have misgivings about her marriage is that she cannot fully be herself. Being in the royal family is incredibly demanding and requires fortitude. Even so, the former Suits star is always attempting to stay true to herself, as much as she is allowed under royal restrictions.

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Some of the most prominent signs of Meghan’s rebelliousness are in her outfits. Royal experts have brought to light Meghan’s tendency to wear sleeveless clothing in public. Furthermore, she’s gone barelegged publicly on more than one occasion, which though not an official law, is considered taboo for female royalty.

Hard Life

It’s pretty apparent that if Meghan had chosen to marry someone less conspicuous, she would have a way easier time fitting in. Nick Ede, a prominent PR expert, has speculated that Meghan has gotten herself into an unachievable task. Is it possible that her husband’s family will never fully accept her?

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Ede claims that Markle has been working four times as hard to fit into the royal family as she ever had to as an actress on Suits. Even learning lines and acting on camera pale compared to the protocols and etiquette one must learn to mature into royalty.

Childhood Fantasy

Meghan Markle has said, on the record, that she wasn’t much interested in the British monarchy before wedding Harry. Oddly, her friends claim quite the opposite. For instance, childhood best friend Ninaki Priddy has hinted that Meghan was utterly obsessed with the House of Windsor from a young age.

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To Priddy, it seemed that Meghan had been scheming towards this her entire life. Meghan’s former friend believes that Harry’s wife got exactly what she planned, and Harry fell for her innocent act. Priddy further suggested that Markle also like being the center of attention and fantasized about fame since childhood.

Public Harassment

If it wasn’t hard enough being constantly criticized by her royal contemporaries, Meghan has also constantly had to deal with haters from throughout the British commonwealth. Not only on television by famous personalities, but Meghan has been smeared and besmirched in hateful Tweets, posts, and more throughout social media.

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Public relations representatives from Kensington Palace have done their best to keep such gossip out of the news. They have filed numerous lawsuits, working hard to stop slanderous narratives about Meghan from reaching the public. Furthermore, Meghan’s friends, former co-workers, and family have all been harassed and questioned by the public as well.

Family Feud

Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William have always had an extremely close friendship. Sadly, ever since Harry’s entanglement with Meghan Markle, the two have grown apart. The relationship between the royal couples, rebellious Harry and Meghan versus conservative Kate and William, is strained to say the least.

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Apparently, Meghan has pushed Harry into being more independent as a couple; this became evident when the Duke of Sussex quit The Royal Foundation, a philanthropic association formed by him and William. Following the newlywed’s move out of Kensington Palace, signs directed to a possible altercation between the royal couples.

Across the Pond

The reality of Meghan and Harry’s opposing cultural backgrounds is enough to stir up problems in their union. Even at the beginning of their relationship, the British public was highly perturbed by Harry’s choice to date a woman from “across the pond.” People were shocked their Prince chose an American!

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All commoners who have married into royalty have had it hard. Even so, Meghan Markle’s circumstances seem to make her aim to fit in even more challenging. Being an American with no royal ancestry has made her endeavor much more arduous. Primarily when considering the turbulent history between the two nations.

Loves Famous Englishmen

Hopefully, Meghan Markle considered the pros and cons of entering the union of marriage with Harry. If she wanted him mainly because he is a famous British guy, she should have thought it through. Her ex-friend Lizzie Cundy exposed that Meghan begged to be set up with a famous Brit.

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Lizzie Cundy even wrote about it in her autobiography. She stated that the then single Meghan loved English men and asked Lizzie to fix her up with a famous one. Evidently, Markle always preferred British guys because of their polite compliments, dapper style, and seductive English accents.

Barred Access

Usually, when marrying royalty, one receives lots of benefits. Meghan Markle probably thought she would get to live in fancy palaces and wear royal jewelry. Alas, Queen Elizabeth II barred her Granddaughter in-law’s access to the Royal Collection. So, Meghan was forced to adjust her expectations.

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Royal commentator Gavin Gray reported that Harry bickered with the Queen over Meghan’s jewelry request. Apparently, Harry told the Queen that “Meghan gets what Meghan wants,” the Queen did not take his insolence well, answering, “oh, no, she doesn’t.” It seems Meghan’s indulgence has created a chasm between Harry and the Queen.

Mind the Gap

It appears that while Meghan’s energies have been focused on trying to win over Harry’s family, she seems to have neglected her own. Rumor has it that they have grown further and further apart. Meghan’s family comes from the other side of the socioeconomic scale than the House of Windsor.

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It’s possible that Meghan’s family feels that she has become arrogant since marrying Harry. When the couple just began dating, Samantha, Meghan’s half-sister, started denigrating her immediately, calling her pushy and spoiled. Meghan isn’t on speaking terms with her half-brother, who blamed her for his homelessness and unemployment.

Lenient Laws

From the start of her relationship with Harry, Meghan has been busy manipulating various royal family members to her will, even Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has been relatively lax and lenient with the Suits star, even letting her come to the royal Christmas party before being married.

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Likewise, the Queen agreed to let Harry wed a divorcee in a church of England. This practice was unheard of beforehand and marked a first for the House of Windsor. Their marriage may be a breach of tradition, but it is also a step toward modernity for the Church and Crown.

Shared Struggle

Recently, the controversial couple has been vocal about their struggles to balance their life as new parents with their royal responsibilities. Many royal family members voiced their concerns about the couple’s confessions after watching their new documentary “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey” about their trip to Africa.

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The young family’s documentary has been broadcast worldwide and shows how close-knit the two are with their son, Archie. Furthermore, Harry also voiced various concerns. But Meghan deeply opened up about her struggles dealing with the ongoing media coverage, the paparazzi, the rumors, and the pressures inherent in their lives.

I’m Not Ok

Viewers have been commenting on a particular part of the film. Meghan talks about her struggles being a member of the royal family while also getting married and having a baby all so quickly. People were shocked to hear about the unbearable stress under which the young mother was.

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Furthermore, Meghan hinted that the royal family hadn’t shown her much support. She went into detail regarding the vulnerability she felt being pregnant while facing so much pressure. The balance between their public life as royals and their private life as newlyweds and new parents hasn’t been easy.

Ridiculous Rumors

Meghan and Harry may also be bickering about rumors of past conquests that have been cropping up. For instance, Meghan had accused retired soccer player Ashley Cole of trying really hard to date her before she met Harry. But Cole’s brother has stated that Cole would never have chased Meghan.

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Some say that Markle made up the whole thing in an attempt to be featured in the British tabloids. Matty Cole claimed that Ashley would never go for a girl like her and that the story was nonsense. Maybe Harry was disturbed hearing that his wife would lie for attention.

Media Massacre

The last anecdote brings us to one of the biggest questions about Meghan and Harry. How much coverage do the couple honestly want from the media? On the one hand, it’s been reported that Meghan is desperate for attention and obsessed with fame. On the other hand, the media have not been kind to her.

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She has stated more than once that the media are out to get her and want to ruin her reputation. Though a former friend of Meghan’s, Lizzie Cundy, claims that Meghan would beg for coverage from the media. Is it possible that even for Meghan, fame became too much?

Manipulative Minx

Meghan Markle’s ex-friends seem to be suggesting that Meghan and Harry should never have gotten married; Lizzie Cundy keeps saying that the former Suits star is manipulative. Cundy even called out Meghan, saying that she had exposed a whole new side to herself since becoming a part of the royal family.

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Other former friends of the Duchess of Sussex have hinted that Meghan only married Harry because of her ambition. She has been called a social climber, and it was also rumored that Meghan’s acting career wasn’t going that well, and she was looking for alternative ways to gain fame.

More Money, More Mess

It would seem that as a member of the royal family, one can have unlimited funds, considering that they are millionaires. But even so, many have commented on the frivolous over-spending of the newlyweds. Apparently, the Queen herself criticized their reckless spending, being such a notoriously frugal monarch herself.

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To complicate matters, Meghan is still required to pay taxes in America as a US citizen. There’s a possibility the couple’s royalties may also be fair game as part of the couple’s official income, therefore subject to taxation. Sometimes more money means more problems, especially with dual citizenship.

Very Un-British of Her

The public has shown concern over the fact that Meghan encouraged Harry to speak out about the death of his mother, Princess Diana. She influenced the Prince to open- up about his intimate, emotional struggles in a 2017 interview for a podcast about mental health called Bryony Gordon’s Mad World.

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Many found it inappropriate for a royal to be so candid about mental illness. Meghan is held responsible for convincing her husband to take the interview and publicly speak about matters some think should stay private. However, Harry stated that staying silent about these matters can kill a person.

Let Down the Crown

The couple may be having second thoughts about their union due to the fact that they have disappointed the Queen with their approach towards their royal responsibilities. Reporter Richard Palmer has explained that many sources believe that Harry and Meghan have been using their mental health to excuse their bad behavior.

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Sources show that the royal family has expressed concern for the couple’s struggles with pressure and emotional issues but are simultaneously disappointed. The two have neglected their royal obligations and ignored tradition on more than one occasion. Their blatant disregard for custom has hurt the Queen’s feelings.

Gone for the Holidays

Another heart-breaking reason to end things with Meghan is that she stole Harry away from home at the most magical time of year, the December Holidays. For Christmas, Meghan dragged Prince Harry and their son Archie to Vancouver Island in Canada to visit her mom, Doria Ragland.

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The Queen showed mixed feelings about her Grandson’s absence during the Christmas Holidays, publicly showing her support towards the young family’s trip. Though in private, she expressed her disappointment at their decision to leave the country at such an important time of the year for such an extended vacation.

Life-changing Choices

It cannot be ignored that Meghan and Harry’s union has forced the star to make some tough choices. Many of these concluded in outcomes that went against her very personality and nature. Yet, the latest decision Meghan has made is a decision that appeals far more to her than others.

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A statement has recently been posted on their Instagram that rocked the core of the Royal family. The post stated that “After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution.”

Financially Independent

The public was shocked and curious what the enormous change that they were planning. Apparently, the couple had deliberated and decided to step back as senior members of the royal family. But that wasn’t all; Harry and Meghan decided to begin establishing financial independence, not wanting to be dependent on the Crown.

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While marketed a mutual decision made by the couple together, many people believe that Meghan probably had to convince Harry to make such a drastic move. But all things considered, only 5% of the couple’s budget going forward will not be covered by the Duchy of Cornwall.

Gone for Good?

Worst of all, it seemed that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and their son Archie would be immigrating halfway across the world. Possibly closer to where Meghan was born and raised? Much of the British public highly resent Meghan for convincing Harry to leave the UK and move to North America.

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Harry would be giving up on his family so that Meghan could be closer to hers. There has been much speculation as to where they were planning to move. Some guessed Canada, while others believed that the couple would choose somewhere closer to California to be near Meghan’s mum.

Offended the Older Royals

Yet, one more reason that Meghan and Harry should have never tied the knot is how their joint actions have hurt the feelings of many members of the royal family. Whether in a direct or roundabout way, the two have stepped on many toes and ruffled many feathers.

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Their choice to step down as senior royal figures alone has hurt and disappointed many royals. Worst of all in is a known fact that the Queen herself is most disappointed in them. Elizabeth II even hinted towards her bruised feelings in her annual Christmas announcement on television.

Grandson Gone

They chose to move away and take Archie with them, which is another reason for many to speculate whether Meghan was the right choice for Harry. All their royal family members truly adore the young child and would be delighted to have Archie stay with them in the UK.

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Sadly, seeing Archie alot is no longer a possibility for the royal family. Specialists have reported that Meghan and Harry are hellbent on raising Archie as an ordinary kid; this is admirable on the one hand but could also lead to an identity crisis for the young master moving forward.

Law Suits

Meghan’s continuous fight with the media seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes by. She has even had to file a lawsuit against Mail on Sunday over a copyright claim. It seems that the paper published a private letter written by her to Thomas Markle, her Dad.

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If Meghan had never married Harry, she would not have to deal with this kind of thing. Maybe moving away to North America and giving up their place as senior royal family members will make it harder for British tabloids to dig up dirt on the couple.

Embarrassing Encounters

If Meghan was not prepared to deal with encountering the royal family, maybe she should not have married into it. The Daily Mail reported that Meghan feels “some trepidation” at the thought of having to go back to the United Kingdom and make their secession from senior royalty official.

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This return visit would signal the end of the couple’s royal duties. Katie Nicholl, an expert, has reported that Meghan is experiencing “sadness” and attempting to “put on a brave face.” Could Meghan be having second thoughts about her bold decision to step down? We’ll never know.

Enough is Enough

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fateful choice to leave behind their royal responsibilities does not come without a price. It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth II has cut away many of the privileges the couple used to have when still upholding their traditional duties to the Crown.

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Omid Scoobie, the royal correspondent for ABC, has claimed that the Queen recently informed Meghan and Harry that she soon intended to stop paying for their security. A transition that will surely not be easy for the couple, considering that their security is estimated to cost about 25 million dollars a year.

Risqué Divorcée

Many have speculated whether the most significant reason that Harry should not have married Meghan Markle is her recent divorce. Meghan was only married to her ex, Trevor Engelson, for less than two short years. They met in 2004 and moved in together for a while before getting married in 2011.

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Meghan and Trevor divorced in 2013. The former flames blamed their separation on the struggles of maintaining a long-distance marriage. At the time, Meghan was filming Suits in Canada, while Trevor lived in the US. Meghan’s status as a divorcee is considered highly unusual in the British royal family.

Too Much Attention

Meghan should have learned from some of Harry’s exes’ experiences. In an interview with The Times, Chelsy Davy said that the media attention she had to deal with during her relationship with Harry was “crazy and scary and uncomfortable.” One of the main reasons Davy got cold feet and didn’t marry Harry.

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Similarly, Cressida Bonas broke it off with Harry saying, “she could not take the public scrutiny and being judged by total strangers.” So even for someone as famous as Meghan Markle, the pressures and exposure of marrying British Royalty may be unhealthy and entail just too much pressure.