The 2022 Version of the Dance Moms Cast

With all its drama and shade-throwing, as well as the tremendous skill of the young dancers, Dance Moms, which premiered on Lifetime on July 13, 2011, centered around the Abby Lee Dance Company (or ALDC, as fans call it), rapidly gained a following. Of course, the show frequently shifted its focus away from the complicated and amazing dance routines and toward the backstage drama involving the girls’ families and dancing instructor Abby Lee Miller. The show soon gained a cult following and was dubbed Lifetime’s version of the Real Housewives franchise.

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Regardless of all the turmoil and catfights, all good things must come to an end, and Dance Moms was no exception. Dance Moms: Resurrection, the eighth season of the reality show, was effectively a relaunch in 2019, with an almost entirely new group. But how do the original Dance Moms cast members look these days, and what have they been up to?

Ava Cota – On the show

Fans of Dance Moms will recall Ava as the 10-year-old dancer who auditioned for the ALDC in Season 3 and was hired as a full-time member in Season 4. Unfortunately, at the conclusion of the season, Abby chose to dismiss Ava from the team for being too tall, resulting in an uncomfortable incident in which the infamous dancing teacher forced Ava to stand next to the squad’s second tallest female to demonstrate their height disparity.

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In Season 4, Ava was brought back to the ALDC as a part of the Junior Select Ensemble, with the purpose of challenging Kendall. The ballerina promptly joined her mother’s dance team at JC’s Broadway Dance Academy and was subsequently seen as a member of the Candy Apples squad in Season 5. It appears those 30 hours of weekly training are paying off.

Ava Cota – Today

Ava Michelle Cota had a rollercoaster three seasons on Dance Moms, where she competed with the Abby Lee Dance Company, was forced off by Abby Lee Miller for being too tall, and then became one of their top opponents. Ava has put her long legs and tall stature to good use as a successful model.

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She’s even made an appearance at New York Fashion Week. Her mother, the youngster acknowledges, has always been her modeling inspiration and has now made the entire professional move herself. Years of dance have aided Ava in perfecting her balance and mobility. Ava has kept herself quite busy since leaving the program, and she is currently the star of the new Netflix movie, Tall Girl.

Vivi-Anne Stein – On the show

Vivi-Anne Stein is one of the stars of the Dance Moms series who is often overlooked. When she first appeared on our screens in Season 2 of Dance Moms all those years ago, this little dancer stole the show. Even though the daughter and mother were only a part of the Abby Lee Dancing Company for a short time, they were featured in the program for their “rivalry” with Abby Lee Miller and the dance team when they left ALDC to return to the Candy Apples Dance Center.

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Vivi-Anne was a member of Candy Apples Dance Center throughout the season, and she attended all their group dances. Vivi-Anne claimed that she disliked wearing costumes and makeup for her concerts but enjoyed getting on stage and performing. Perhaps that was the end of her dance career before it ever started?

Vivi-Anne Stein – Today

Since the end of the program, many fans have wondered where this 14-year-old went. Vivi-Anne continues to dance and even tours the world with her mother and the Candy Apples, and frequently performs in their presentations. Vivi-Anne, unlike her famous friends, does not have a significant following on social media, but her mother does, and based on the photographs Cathy publishes of her not-so-little-anymore daughter, she appears to be doing well post-Dance Moms.

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Getting away from Abby’s fury was probably a factor. It appears that we will have to wait a few years to watch her take over the internet. According to Cathy’s Instagram, Vivi has switched her focus from dancing to cheering, as the now-teenager is a member of her high school’s cheerleading squad.

Nia Sioux – On the show

Nia Sioux, another original Dance Moms cast member, was faced with her fair share of drama and squabbles on the show. Nia Sioux, believe it or not, is the only dancer to have featured in all seven seasons of the program before it was terminated in 2017. Nia wasn’t always in for a pleasant experience.

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Nia held her own and even learned how to master a difficult signature technique — the death drop, in which the dancer falls to the ground in a split-legged pose — despite Abby’s constant placement of her in the lowest rows of the pyramid. Nia’s mother, Holly, was often concerned that her daughter was being pushed out of the group and frequently screamed when Abby planned a new dance.

Nia Sioux – Today

Sioux remained on the show despite the departure of other fan favorites such as Chloe Lukasiak and the Hyland sisters. Nia has always expressed gratitude to the show for launching her into the spotlight. Now, it appears like she is going to put her celebrity to good use. Nia’s road to acting has been one of her numerous adventures. The adolescent has gone on to star in the dance flick “Summer Dance” and become a social media sensation.

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If that wasn’t enough, Nia has also recently started a blog where she discusses all her personal ideas with her admirers. In 2021, she co-hosted the podcast “Adulting with Teala and Nia” with Teala Dunn and starred in the TV movie “Imperfect High” as Hanna Brooks. She’ll be seen in the film “I Am Mortal,” which is now in post-production.

Brooke Hyland – On the show

Brooke and her sister, Paige, were formerly the eldest members of the ALDC elite squad but were fired from the program after Season 4 in 2014. This dancer was on Abby’s squad before the competition even started, and it was evident that Brooke was one of the coach’s favorites from the outset. Brooke, on the other hand, began to lose interest in dance as time passed.

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Brooke had been dancing for years by the age of 13 and appeared to be growing weary of it at times. Abby quickly turned chilly toward her former star pupil, which resulted in a major brawl between Abby and Brooke’s mother, Kelly. Not long after, Abby reported that Brooke and her sister, Paige, had been removed from the team following the confrontation.

Brooke Hyland – Today

Brooke appears to have exploited her departure from the program to begin a new chapter in her life. She explained throughout the series that she was missing out on normal high school events because she was so focused on dancing. The adolescent frequently felt as if she was missing out on all the customary fun that others her age were having, so she saw the departure as an opportunity to put her dance shoes away forever.

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Brooke graduated from high school and is currently a student at Ohio University, following her tenure on Dance Moms. She is still well-known owing to her 3.2 million Instagram followers. Nia appears to be a good friend of hers since the two were seen hanging out with her in late 2020.

Kalani Hilliker – On the show

The Arizona native first appeared on Dance Moms in 2013, and after earning a permanent spot on the ALDC top squad, she was swiftly elevated to a regular cast member. She had a tiny part in ABC Family’s Bunheads and competed in Season 2 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Kalani initially met Abby on her reality program, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, where her versatility and abilities earned her the coach’s favor.

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Kalani quickly joined the team, only to leave when her mother, Kira, moved to Arizona. The duo subsequently returned to the program when Abby asked if Kalani would take her old spot on the team, and the dancer stayed with the coach until she departed with many of the other dancers to create The Irreplaceable.

Kalani Hilliker – Today

This adolescent was always regarded as one of the show’s most well-presented dancers. Kalani appears to have been able to turn her passion for fashion into a full-time job. A luxury sock brand called KH by Kalani, a clothing business called Mod Angel, and even a dancewear line called Kalani Collection are just a few of her numerous endeavours. Even though Kalani confesses she remains friends with some of the dancers, it appears that her future is now poised to be in fashion.

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Kalani began focusing more on acting in 2018 when she co-starred in “Swiped”, a coming-of-age romantic comedy with Noah Centineo. In 2020, the “Dirt” actress drew outrage when she was photographed with a Blue Lives Matter sign and then disclosed that she voted for former President Donald Trump in his re-election bid.

Kendall Vertes – On the show

Kendall Vertes began dancing at 18 months and lasted on the program until Season 7 as a 9-year-old. Since her debut in Season 2, this dancer has been in and out of the show. Kendall was scheduled to take over for Vivi-Anne, but due to her actions, she spent most of her time on probation.

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Kendall joined the Candy Apples at the end of Season 2 after returning to Abby’s squad at the end of Season 1. Kendall continued to perform with Abby until the second part of Season 7, when she and many other members of the team left to join The Irreplaceables, their own dance troupe.

Kendall Vertes – Today

Since her time on the program, Kendall has been quite busy. The Irreplaceables have continued to perform with the dancers, and the group spent the summer of 2018 touring America and Europe. Kendall has also debuted in the music industry with a few tunes. Kendall K has released many albums and singles under her stage name, the most recent of which was “Girl Talk” in 2018.

Source: Instagram/@kendallvertes

Unfortunately, her departure from the program soured things with Abby, and the two clashed when it came to terminating their business agreement. Thankfully, it appears that everything has been put behind them. She began anchoring “The Kendall K. and Friends Show” on CBS-TV in 2021. She also provides daily updates on her Instagram feed, which has over 8 million followers.

Chloe Lukasiak – On the show

Chloe Lukasiak is a familiar face to fans of the original Dance Moms. She was skilled, blonde, and constantly begging for Abby Lee Miller’s praise, which the teacher only gave out on rare occasions. Chloe first appeared on Dance Moms when she was 9 years old. Unfortunately, Maddie Ziegler was always Chloe’s biggest rival.

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The two dancers were frequently pitted against one another, but it appeared as if Maddie was meant to win – literally. Abby would frequently position the girls on the pyramid according to her liking, and no matter how hard Chloe worked, Maddie would always beat her to the top. After it was believed that her coach ridiculed her physical condition, the dancer finally quit the program.

Chloe Lukasiak – Today

Lukasiak and her mother were obviously involved in a lot of drama in the program, but since leaving in 2014 (though she returned for a brief appearance in 2017), she’s been doing her own thing, and she’s skilled. Lukasiak has a hugely popular YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers. Lukasiak also creates vlogs about her travel and cooking exploits, as well as movies about her daily life and routine.

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Chloe acknowledges that quitting the show in Season 4 was a drastic lifestyle adjustment that she wishes had never happened. The kid is now said to be one of the many who will return in Season 8 to say her last farewell to the rest of the cast. Chloe has become engaged in a variety of initiatives in her leisure time including some tiny acting parts, but it’s her book club that has everyone talking. Chloe aims to inspire followers with her favorite readings.

Paige Hyland – On the show

Paige Hyland, Brooke Hyland’s younger sister, had a bad time on Dance Moms as well. Unfortunately, it appears that things were tough and never going to be simple for either of the girls. Kelly, Paige’s mother, frequently expressed her dissatisfaction with the coach’s treatment of her daughter.

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Paige tried her hardest to keep up with Chloe and Maddie, but she was frequently forced to dance in groups rather than solos. As a result of one of these conflicts, Brooke and Paige were expelled from the squad. Fans couldn’t help but notice that Paige was seldom given a solo performance and that she was constantly targeted by Abby.

Paige Hyland – Today

The coach even took this star’s mother to court after her withdrawal from the program prompted such a performance. The allegations against Kelly were eventually dismissed, but it appears that it was all too much for Paige, who has stopped dancing completely. Instead, it appears that the adolescent has switched to volleyball.

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Paige even modelled at New York Fashion Week, indicating that she is on her way to becoming a fashion sensation. The 20-year-old is currently enrolled at West Virginia University, according to her Instagram. Paige is gaining fame on social media, with over 3 million Instagram followers and over 900,000 on TikTok, where she occasionally shows off her dance talents.

Maddie Ziegler – On the show

Maddie Ziegler was one of the few dancers included in the series’ premiere episode. When Dance Moms began filming, Maddie Ziegler was 8 years old. She stayed with Abby until the midway point of Season 6, as if that wasn’t enough. On the other hand, the dancers and the other moms were frequently irritated by Maddie and Abby’s connection.

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Maddie’s mother, Melissa Gisoni, proudly announced in the first episode that her daughter was the favorite pupil of Abby Lee Miller, the controversial and rigorous teacher of the prestigious Abby Lee Dance Company. Many people suspected the coach of favoring Maddie over the other girls, especially because she was repeatedly nominated to the top of the pyramid.

Maddie is still one of the best-known contestants from the competition. After starring in several of Sia’s music videos, the kid moved on to work with her. In fact, Ziegler and Sia are so close that Ziegler revealed to late-night presenter Jimmy Fallon that Sia is her godmother. Maddie has even accompanied the artist on tour.

Source: Instagram/@maddieziegler

That’s not all, though. Maddie has also written her memoirs, acted in a few films, and recently shared photos from her time working with Tiffany & Co. on social media. It appears that this young celebrity still has a lot more to offer. In addition to her lucrative music video career, Ziegler has won a part as a member of the Jets in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of West Side Story.

JoJo Siwa – On the show

JoJo was a late addition to the Dance Moms franchise, debuting in Season 5. JoJo was in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition when she was just 9 years old before she joined the official squad. When JoJo and her mother, Jessalynn, were initially presented to the world, they were accused by the other children of being too noisy.

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Despite this, the young dancer was asked to join Abby’s team in Season 4 and stayed with them until Season 6. JoJo then was given a deal with Nickelodeon that she and her mother couldn’t pass up. Unfortunately, it appeared like her dance career was coming to an end.

JoJo Siwa – Today

Despite her youth, JoJo has established herself as one of the most successful dancers in the series. Claire’s Accessories has also secured an agreement with JoJo to design a full line of her distinctive bows and bags. JoJo has also become a massive social media celebrity, with her YouTube account garnering over 12 million subscribers. She also has over 37 million TikTok followers.

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From acting to singing to vlogging, the 18-year-old does a little bit of everything. She was recently seen in Nickelodeon’s dance film “The J Team” (2021). She’s now participating on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, where her foxtrot with dance partner Jenna Johnson received the first flawless score of the season.

Asia Monet Ray – On the show

This dancer met Abby for the first time during her competition show rather than on Dance Moms before making the switch. During Season 3, Asia Monet Ray joined the cast. Asia was taken onto the ALDC squad when she was 8 years old, and she pushed other talents like Mackenzie. Abby was amazed by Asia’s youth throughout the tournament and wanted to improve her abilities.

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Throughout Season 3, the kid continued to perform with the squad until she had a change of heart. After determining that a career in competitive dancing wasn’t for her, Asia left the show. She was on the team until the finale of The Big, Not So, Easy, when she and her mother chose to leave since Asia no longer wanted to compete.

Asia Monet Ray – Today

There seemed to be nothing Asia Monet Ray couldn’t accomplish. In addition to her work on Dance Moms, Asia has had several acting roles, including parts in the drama “Sister Code”. Following Dance Moms, she starred in her own Lifetime reality program, Raising Asia, which aired for one season in 2014. Asia has also dabbled in acting, with appearances on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and FX’s American Crime Story.

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When she’s not on TV, this young lady is hard at work in the studio, releasing a variety of music. The 16-year-old is focused on a music career these days, having published her track “Real Life” in 2019 and posting song covers to her YouTube profile, which has around 500,000 subscribers.

Elliana Walmsley – On the show

The young dancer is well known for being a part of the Abby Lee Dance Company’s tiny squad. Elliana Walmsley joined the cast of Dance Moms in Season 6, when she was 8 years old, and it was difficult not to like her right away. She walked in with a lot of personality and excitement, which made her stand out.

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She started out on Abby’s “mini” squad and worked her way up to the elite. Elliana and her mother continued the show until the conclusion of the seventh season, when it was cancelled. She won Miss Petite Dance America before making her television debut, and she studied at Joffrey Ballet.

Elliana Walmsey – Today

Elliana is still tearing it up on the dance floor. She even received the opportunity to perform in the Dance Divas Nutcracker in 2017, allowing her to carry out her ambition of dancing on the New York stage. Her ultimate desire is to travel to New York, join the American Ballet, and dance alongside Misty Copeland, the legendary dancer.

Source: Twitter

In addition to dancing, Elliana is a cheerleader with the Cheer Central Suns. She has amassed a massive following on social media, with over 2.1 million Instagram followers. She worked on a video with Brooke Butler. On September 1, 2020, she was introduced on the Vibe Crew Instagram account. She was cast in the sixth season of the Brat series Chicken Girls in 2020.

Brynn Rumfallo – On the show

Brynn Rumfallo originally debuted on Dance Moms as a guest in Season 5, but she barely stayed for three episodes before disappearing without explanation. When she returned in Season 6, fans were surprised to see her, and she and her mother became regular characters on the program.

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Fans will likely recall her from the episode “Brynn’s Major Moment,” in which she was given her first big solo and demonstrated that she was good enough to join Abby’s squad. Brynn quit Dance Moms in 2017 after Season 7, but she never lost her passion for performing. Rumfallo has graduated from the ALDC, although she continues to dance professionally and for enjoyment.

Brynn Rumfallow – Today

Brynn and her mother quit Dance Moms when Abby did, and Brynn’s mother, Ashlee Allen, subsequently claimed that the show’s producers forced the children to do dances that were inappropriate for their young ages. Brynn took a break from dancing after the show because she believed it had ruined it for her. Instead, she appears to be much more interested in cheering and simply being a typical adolescent.

Source: Instagram/@brynnrumfallo

According to her Instagram, Brynn is also a competitive “pommie” at her high school, which makes her appearance on a cheer show more natural. The Casteel Pommies are a gifted group of cheerleaders and dancers that execute a blend of cheer and dance. In February 2019, Brynn revealed on Instagram that the team had finished second at Nationals.

Camryn Bridges – On the show

Camryn Bridges was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and is an American dancer and model. She is well-known for her roles on Dance Moms as a member of The Irreplaceable and as a member of B. Elite Dance Academy. Fans weren’t sure if Camryn Bridges would return when she originally auditioned for Abby and the Dance Moms’ team in Season 4.

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In Season 7, she reappeared and was finally invited to join Abby’s exclusive squad. However, everything changed when Camryn was forced to choose between staying on ALDC and joining The Irreplaceable, a new gang formed by members of the elite. In the end, she felt The Irreplaceable was the place for her.

Camryn Bridges – Today

As seen by her frequent posting of stances and routines on social media, Camryn is still dancing. She also enjoys everything that comes with being a typical adolescent, such as prom and celebrating her Sweet 16. She recently stated, however, that she had mixed views about her experience on the show.

Source: Twitter

She said that while it had been an incredible opportunity and experience, it had also been very stressful and emotionally demanding, and she was glad to be done with it. In addition to being a dancer, she is also a well-known model. True Joy Active Wear represents her, and she models for them to promote their products and services. Her mother and McKaylee True are the founders of the firm.

Cheryl Burke – On the show

Cheryl Burke is a dancer, model, and television personality from the United States. She is best known for being a professional dancer on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, where she was the first female professional to win the competition and the first professional to win the show twice in a row. People assumed Dance Moms would be cancelled the moment Abby Miller walked off the set, but the producers had a backup plan and quickly hired Cheryl Burke as the girls’ new coach.

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Cheryl’s coaching style was clearly distinguishable from Abby’s, and she made it obvious that while she was rigorous, she did not believe in shouting at the kids. She subsequently said that she didn’t want her students to be frightened and lose their passion for dancing because of the incident.

Cheryl Burke – Today

Cheryl is most known for her time on the reality show Dancing with the Stars, where she was one of the top pros and twice won the competition. She took a break from Dancing with the Stars for a while to pursue other projects, but she’s back for season 27 this year, partnering with actor Juan Pablo Di Pace.

Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Burke has also been open about her highs and lows during her recovery journey, which began in 2018 when she stopped drinking. In September 2020, the Dancing with the Stars pro claimed she had been clean for two years, citing major life upheavals like her engagement to Matthew Lawrence and her father’s death as the catalyst for change.

Lilliana Ketchman – On the show

Lilly and her mother were introduced to viewers in Season 6 of Dance Moms, which aired in 2016. Season 7 included them, but Season 8 in 2019 featured them even more prominently. Lilliana first appeared on the program in the sixth season as a member of Abby’s small squad, before moving up to the elites the following year.

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Lilliana’s charming and adorable nature was evident from the start. With her signature pigtails, Lilliana became easy to distinguish, yet it was evident that she had been picked for big things. Abby had hand-picked her to join the team and had high expectations for the solo dances she would do.

Lilliana Ketchman – Today

Lilliana continues to dance, and she has stated that she enjoys honing her ballet talents. Her stint on Dance Moms helped her break into the mainstream, where she has amassed a large following and landed modelling and brand-representation positions. She has a sizable social media following and likes showing off her latest photo sessions and dancing abilities to her fans.

Source: Facebook

Lilliana and her mother have stated their desire to return if Dance Moms is renewed for an eighth season. Lilly has been concentrating on her YouTube channel, Lilliana Ketchman, and has been having a blast working and producing with other YouTubers. “She also recorded her debut single, Underneath, which will be published together with her music video very soon!” exclaimed her ecstatic mother.

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein – On the show

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein was presented as Abby Lee Miller’s enemy in the early seasons of the Dance Moms, with her studio, the Candy Apples, serving as a competitor to the Abby Lee Dance Company. Cathy Nesbitt-Stein began the series as a dancing mom, visiting Abby’s studio with her daughter Vivi-Anne. She soon departed, however, and decided to open her own dance class, Candy Apples Dance Center.

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The Candy Apples quickly became Abby’s fierce enemies, and fans enjoyed the rivalry and battles between Abby and Cathy. She was only meant to appear for the first season, but she was so popular that the producer decided to bring her back for four more seasons.

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein – Today

After the drama of Dance Moms, both Cathy and Vivi-Anne appear to enjoy a very regular and happy existence, which is surely a breath of fresh air. The cause of Cathy’s departure from the program in Season 5 sparked a lot of speculation among viewers. She subsequently said that she was just too busy to dedicate any further time to the show.

Source: Twitter

She has continued to manage her own studio, which consumes a significant amount of her time, as well as support her daughter and pupils at competitions. According to her Instagram account, Cathy is still a dance instructor. On her many social media accounts, you can frequently witness her coaching and mothering talents in action.

Abby Lee Miller – On the show

The Dance Moms series that aired from 2011-19 is most known for its rambunctious heroine, Abby Lee Miller. Many say that Abby Lee Miller was always the show’s actual star. Abby Lee was the owner of the Abby Lee Dance Company and the instructor of the top dance team featured in the series.

Source: Lifetime

This instructor took over the dancing academy and used every trick in the book to get the best out of her young charges. Her questionable dress choices and training tactics, on the other hand, caused her to conflict with many of the show’s parents. As if that wasn’t enough, there were a few instances where the parents got aggressive, forcing Abby to dismiss them from the squad.

Abby Lee Miller – Today

Abby’s actions, which included publicly demeaning, belittling, and yelling at the dancers, caused several of the girls to leave the program. While this conduct made for interesting television, it was also too much for some of the show’s alumni. Unfortunately, Abby’s life has taken a turn since her days on the program.

Source: Twitter

After illegally declaring herself bankrupt, the coach was sentenced to prison and was staying in a halfway home when she learned she had cancer. At first, doctors thought Abby had a spinal infection. There’s a potential, though, that she’ll never be able to walk again. Despite this, Abby has maintained contact with a few of her former students and hopes to return for Season 8 of Dance Moms.