The Jackson 3: Michael Jackson’s Kids Are All Grown Up

Popstar Michael Jackson had an iconic career and tons of hit singles. Even today, his songs, such as “Thriller” or “Billy Jean,” are still frequently played. Aside from a significant musical legacy, Michael also left behind three children when he died in June 2009.

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Since his untimely death, his three kids, Prince, Paris, and Bigi, have come of age and have started pursuing their own careers. With a name like Jackson, it is no shock that Michael’s children are used to fame. The children have even continued in the spotlight, modeling and hosting a YouTube channel.

The Children’s Mothers

In the 1990s, before his children were born, Michael Jackson was married to Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley. However, the star-studded couple divorced after a few years, reportedly because Michael Jackson wanted kids and Lisa Marie did not. Just months later, Jackson married Debbie Rowe.

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Rowe was working as a dermatologist’s assistant at the clinic where Michael went to treat his vitiligo. The couple was married a mere three months after Lisa Marie and Michael broke up and quickly had two children, Michael Jr., and Paris. They stayed together for two years before divorcing, and Michael got custody.

Michael Joseph Jackson, AKA Prince

Although a short marriage, Rowe and Jackson’s union was a fruitful one, and Debbie birthed two children. The first kid was Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., who was named after his father. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 13th, 1997. Michael Jr. was nicknamed Prince.

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Following Michael Jr.’s birth, Michael brought him back to Neverland Ranch, while Rowe went to a friend’s house. Michael Jackson just wanted children, and Debbie agreed to have them with him. And so, the kids grew up in the spotlight, living at Neverland Ranch and reaping the luxuries of wealth and fame.

Professional Family Portraits

Being his first-born son, Michael Jr. always held a special place in his father’s life. When he was young, Michael would have Michael Jr. dressed in fancy little outfits and hired professional photographers to photograph him. The doting father wanted to remember every moment of his son’s childhood.

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Michael Jr., or “Prince,” has shared how loving and supportive a Father Michael was and explained that he brought magic into every aspect of their lives growing up. The young man took his father’s death very hard and, even now, tries to honor Michael’s memory every day.

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson

Michael and Debbie’s second child was a girl named Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. She was born on April 3rd, 1998, in Beverly Hills, California. Her middle names Michael and Katherine are after her father and grandmother, while her first name was given to her because of a pact between Michael, LaToya, and Kathy Hilton.

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The three had promised that if any of them had a daughter, they would name her Paris, which is also why Paris Hilton got her name. Paris Jackson was also brought straight to Neverland Ranch, and not long after her birth, Debbie and Michael ended things.

Growing Up on The Neverland Ranch

Growing up on the Neverland Ranch, the children were surrounded by a world-class amusement park featuring a carousel, a Ferris wheel, a rollercoaster, and more. However, Michael put education first, and only when the kids finished studying were they allowed to spend time in the theme park.

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On its grounds, the Ranch also had a zoo, formal gardens, a stone bridge, a waterfall, and a lake. The Neverland property had three railroads on it, and the children could ride on them in their private electric train. Today the Ranch is owned by American businessman Ron Burkle.

Wearing The Latest Fashions

As a fashion icon himself, Michael Jackson made sure to dress his kids in the latest fashions and cutest, most expensive children’s brands. Often the kids were decked out in fancy clothes; Paris is formal dresses with headbands or bows and the boys in suits and slacks.

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As they grew older, each of the kids developed their own personal sense of style. On the other hand, Michael continued to wear his signature sequined get-ups until his passing in 2009. Today Paris has a very distinct and exciting style; she often wears colorful, flashy, and bohemian looks.

Prince Michael Jackson II, AKA Blanket

Though Michael Jackson never married again, he still wanted more kids. In 2001, he used a surrogate to bring his third child, Prince Michael Jackson II, into the world. All of Michael’s children have his name as one of their names. However, Prince Michael Jackson II’s nickname has an odd origin.

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When the baby was born, Michael held him out of their Berlin hotel room with a blanket over the baby’s head. Furthermore, while growing up, often the kids had coverings over their faces when in public to shield them from the prying paparazzi, giving Prince the nickname Blanket.

I Won’t Grow Up

Though influenced by many great works of art, one story stuck with Michael Jackson above all others; it was the J.M. Barrie story, Peter Pan, which later became a Broadway musical and a Disney film. The book tells the tale of a boy who won’t grow up and was used as inspiration for Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

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Peter Pan escapes growing up by flying to a magical place called Neverland, where all lost boys live. In Neverland, children live among Indians, Mermaids, and Pirates. Michael Jackson’s children grew up on the story and would even perform the play wearing handmade costumes.

Trying to Avoid the Paparazzi

As one of the most famous people in the world, the paparazzi often accosted Michael Jackson. However, the star tried his best to protect his kids from the flashes and the exposure to the media while they were young. To avoid the cameras, the kids would wear gauzy scarves or costume masks over their faces.

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The masks, scarves, and blankets didn’t do much to deter the prying paparazzi, and the children were photographed anyway, giving Blanket his nickname. They eventually got used to the attention, seeing that they had no choice as children of such a famous celebrity.

Friends With the Hadid’s

Michael Jackson decided that his three kids should all be homeschooled because of the paparazzi and the media. Since they learned from home, the only problem was that the three children had less of a social circle. Thankfully for them, many of their father’s friends had kids, and they made friends.

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For instance, Michael was close friends with Mohamed Hadid, the father of Bella and Gigi Hadid. The famous modeling family even helped Paris to become a model. Paris Jackson and Paris Hilton are also friends, continuing their parent’s friendship. The siblings are also close with Jaden and Willow Smith.

Quality Time with the Family

Michael Jackson had always wanted children, and it was essential to him to spend time with his family. The pop star did his very best to ensure that they have quality time as a family far from the media’s flashing cameras and prying eyes.

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The children and Michael also spent time with their grandparents and other members of the Jackson 5. Of course, the paparazzi still managed to capture pictures of the family on private outings. Unfortunately, Michael passed away and never got to see his kids reach adulthood.

Losing Michael Jackson

No one expected Michael Jackson to pass away at the young age of fifty. However, on June 25th, 2009, the singer overdosed on a combination of medication. Some suspected foul play, while others believed that the star had been addicted to his subscription drugs.

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The singer had been in good health at the time of his passing, and doctors declared the cause of death to be drug interactions. After losing their father, Michael’s kids stepped out of the spotlight for a while and moved in with their grandmother, Katherine, who became their legal guardian.

A Big Support System

Luckily for the kids, the Jackson family is enormous, and after Michael died, their grandmother Katherine and their cousin T.J. stepped in and helped raise them. Despite the love and support of their extended family, Prince, Paris, and Blanket missed Michael, their doting father who had cared for them their whole lives.

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Having been raised solely by their dad, the Jackson children weren’t in contact with their mothers, and Blanket didn’t even know who his mother was. Aside from their family, the children also had the support of their Godparents and family friends such as Diana Ross and Macaulay Culkin.

For Better or For Worse

Everything changed for the kids after the loss of their father. Their grandma Katherine Jackson moved them to her home in Calabasas, California, where they were enrolled in a local private school. Suddenly, instead of living and going to school at their private home, the kids were at school with other children.

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Michael’s older sister, La Toya Jackson, was adamant that private school was the correct change for the kids. She thought it was crucial that they learn how to make friends and develop social skills instead of being sheltered and only hanging out with family friends.

Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2010, the Grammy Award ceremony gave Michael Jackson the Lifetime Achievement Award. All three of his kids attended the Grammys on Michael’s behalf. The two older children, Prince and Paris, pridefully accepted the prestigious award posthumously for their late father.

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In Michael’s honor, his kids wore black clothes at the Grammys. Lionel Ritchie presented the award to them, and they addressed the crowd, thanking their family and friends for supporting them and thanking Michael’s fans for being there for him in life and death. The children thanked their late father for sending a message of love through his music.

Hosting Entertainment Tonight

In 2013 when he was just sixteen years of age, Michael Jr., better known as Prince, made his show business debut. He appeared as an on-air correspondent on the talk show Entertainment Tonight. On the show, the young man interviewed James Franco, Zach Braff, and other celebrities.

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During the interview, Prince asked the famous actors how they recommend getting started in show business. He explained that he wanted to become a well-rounded star and excel in acting, directing, screenwriting, and producing. Prince explained that he’s not musically talented like his father, although music holds an important place in his heart.

Starring on the Small Screen

Just a few months after appearing on Entertainment Tonight, Prince cameoed in the last ever episode of the CW’s 90210 reboot. The episode aired in May 2013, and despite his small role, the young man showed promise and portrayed his character well.

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He played a young teenager who had been at a concert and gotten injured. Even though his part was only a cameo, Prince still had a few lines in his scene opposite Jessica Stoup, who played Silver. The episode’s director praised Prince and said that he was at ease in front of the camera.

Going to University

Since 2013, Prince changed his direction and decided to pursue a college education instead of continuing on the screen. He wanted to succeed in the entertainment industry but believed that a degree would help. The young man knew that producers needed business savvy and signed up for classes at Loyola Marymount University in California.

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In 2019, Prince graduated from Loyola Marymount with a degree in business administration at the age of twenty-two. T.J. Jackson attended his cousin’s graduation and praised him for achieving his bachelor’s, learning so much, and always giving back to others.

A Loyal YouTube Following

After graduating from university, Michael Jr. Was ready to start his next adventure. Now he collaborated with his younger brother Blanket, who prefers to be called Bigi these days. Together the brothers began a YouTube show, on which they review movies with their cousin Taj Jackson.

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On the YouTube show, they talk about new releases and critique films. The first movie they reviewed was Avengers: Endgame. They have also reviewed the series Game of Thrones and the films John Wick, Aladdin, and Batman, among others. Prince also owns a non-profit organization called Heal Los Angeles Foundation.

The Importance of Family

Michael Jackson made sure that all three of his children understood the importance of family. Therefore, the fact that the two brothers started a YouTube channel together is exciting, and it shows that they have stayed close, despite the tragic loss of their dad.

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Furthermore, Bigi generally prefers to avoid the spotlight. He is still young and most likely traumatized by being a target of the paparazzi as a child. Not to mention the media flurry that surrounded their family after Michael’s death. So, his decision to appear on their YouTube show is surprising.

Paris All Grown Up

Paris is all grown up and has even been romantically linked to musician Gabriel Glenn and model Cara Delevingne. However, Paris denied being in a relationship with Cara, saying that they are just friends presently. The model has, however, confirmed that she’d been romantically linked to both men and women.

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The rumors about her relationship with Delevingne being reignited started after the two attended the 2021 Oscars as each other’s date. However, Paris hasn’t acknowledged the speculations about her love life and has only discussed the deep feelings of betrayal she felt after her breakup with Glenn.

Working Through Emotional Baggage

Although it may seem that the Jackson’s had easy lives, blessed with fame and vast amounts of money, they actually had it pretty hard. Recently Paris has been more open about the struggles she has been through; she shared how hard it was to lose her dear father at the young age of eleven.

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Furthermore, the controversy surrounding him has taken its toll on her and hasn’t been easy, and the young woman still has PTSD when near flashing cameras. The model has also shared how hard it was to come out to her very religious family.

An Alternative Education

Due to her struggles when she was a teenager, Paris was sent to a private school in Hurricane, Utah. The school is called the Diamond Ranch Academy and is for troubled teens. However, Paris has stated that the Diamond Ranch contributed to her PTSD.

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The young woman shared that she had bad experiences while at boarding school after her friend Paris Hilton spoke out against the establishment. Her family had good intentions when sending her there as a girl. However, the school turned out to be the wrong choice for Paris.

The Walk of a Supermodel

Known for her unique beauty, Paris quickly got a modeling contract with the global agency. She started her career in 2017 after appearing on PEOPLE magazine’s most beautiful list. Her agency signed her after she modeled on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

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From then on, Paris has walked numerous runways and been photographed on the cover of Vogue and other magazines. Despite her reservations about flashing cameras, the lens loves her, and she is on her way to becoming a supermodel. In 2017, the up-and-coming talent was nominated for “Choice Model” at the Teen Choice Awards.

The Talk of a Role Model

Paris almost passed on a career in modeling to study psychiatry. However, in the end, she realized that doing so would be a waste of the privileged platform into which she was born. Instead, while modeling, she works hard to show young women that beauty can appear in many different forms.

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Paris does her best to be a worthy role model and volunteers for many important causes. She has been very active as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Furthermore, she strongly advocates for mental health awareness and has spoken out about her own struggles.

From Modelling to Music

Modeling and activism aren’t all that Paris does; she is also on her way to becoming a pop star like her father. Paris began her singing career in 2018 when she recorded a few songs with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Glenn in a musical duo called The Soundflowers.

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Since then, she has broken out as a solo artist and signed a deal with Republic Records. In 2020, the talented young lady released her first single and music video called “Let Down,” as well as her debut album called Wilted, which stole No. 1 on the iTunes Alternative Albums chart.

Paris Jackson’s Ink

Paris Jackson stands out for her unique sense of style and her many tattoos. The multi-talent loves getting inked and has around eighteen tattoos. Among her body art is a sunflower, a feather, many different animals, some geometric designs, a skull, a tribute to the film Donnie Darko and many more.

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Paris also has a tattoo in memory of her father. The piece is on her right forearm and displays Michael’s distinct eyes and signature curl, with an intricate mask adorned with animals and designs over the rest of his face. Furthermore, she has matching chakra tattoos with Macaulay Culkin.

His Memory Lives On

Though the King of Pop may be gone, his memory will live on forever. In 2018, Michael would have celebrated his sixtieth birthday. Instead, a public event was held in his honor. Paris attended it with Michael Jr. The Elizabeth Taylor Foundation awarded Michael Jackson, and his kids accepted the award for him.

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Michael’s memory also lives on through his music. From his childhood as a member of the Jackson 5 and until his death, the singer greatly influenced the music of various genres. Furthermore, he revolutionized dance with moves like the moonwalk and the robot.

Paris in Fashion Week

In January 2020, Paris was invited to walk for Jean-Paul Gaultier for Paris fashion week. It was the famous designer’s last ever runway show, and Paris was incredibly honored to be a part of it. Consequently, the collection’s energy was very similar to Paris’s own fashion aesthetic, full of bright colors and very boho-chic.

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Paris had an opportunity to show off her own personal style in film and television as well. Making her transition into acting, she is scheduled to appear in the controversial indie film Habit in the role of a lesbian, female Jesus.

The Famous Godparents

Paris is also set to appear in the tenth season of Ryan Murphy’s FX show, American Horror Story, and has already debuted in the spinoff series American Horror Stories. She also appeared in the films Gringo and The Space Between and the show Scream. From who did Paris get her acting chops?

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Maybe Paris got her acting talent from her star-studded godparents. Michael asked two of his closest friends to godparent for his children, who were the light of his life. Both extremely famous actors, Elizabeth Taylor, acted as the children’s Godmother and Macaulay Culkin as their Godfather.

Who Is the Father?

Macauley Culkin has remained close with the Jackson children, but some would say too close. Stars are constantly plagued by scandalous rumors. Perhaps the oldest gossip about Michael Jackson and his children is that Michael might not be the biological father of Paris and Prince.

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Speculations arose regarding Michael’s children’s legitimacy because of the nature of their parent’s marriage and since they bear no physical resemblance to their dad. Some busy-bodies claimed that Macauley was their biological father, but he and the Jackson’s denied the allegation. Considering the closeness in age between Culkin and the kids, it isn’t very likely.

Don’t Press the Panic Button

As one of the most famous stars in the world, with a large cult following, Michael Jackson had to be wary of security on his property. The doting father wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, he and his kids would be able to alert their security guards and receive assistance.

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So, each room at the Neverland Ranch was set up with a panic button to be pressed in order to call security only during emergencies. Blanket pressed the panic button for laughs one time, and everyone on the property went into panic mode.

Other Claims to Fame

Macaulay Culkin is not the only one of Michael Jackson’s friends who has been rumored to have fathered the Jackson children. Former child actor, Mark Lester, has been asked whether he was the donor for Paris and Prince. Lester hasn’t denied the claim or confirmed it, only stated that it’s possible.

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The Oliver! star has claimed that Michael asked him for a donation and that he was happy to help out his friend. Lester claimed that other members of Jackson’s inner circle, like Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson, also donated, and therefore it’s hard to say who the father was.

Daddy’s Little Princess

No one likes to talk about parents playing favorites, but Paris believes that she was her dad’s favorite. She doesn’t want to start a competition with her brother’s but has always known that she was daddy’s little princess.

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Although it is clear that he loved all of his kids, being so close to her dad is also the reason why his passing was so hard on Paris. Paris likes to think that her father would be proud of her and believes that she and he had a lot in common.

Struggles With the Spotlight

Michael Jackson spent his whole life in the limelight, beginning from his early childhood as everyone’s favorite member of the Jackson 5. The pop star was robbed of his childhood and developed a complicated relationship with the media and the paparazzi. Michael tried to relive his lost childhood as an adult at Neverland Ranch.

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As young adults, Michael’s children are old enough to comprehend what the media has been saying about their father, and it has not been easy for them. Paris has spoken out about the rumors surrounding her dad and defended him in the media.

Decorating For the Holidays

The extended Jackson family are religious Jehovah’s witnesses, and Michael too practiced their religion and didn’t celebrate holidays or birthdays. However, when he became close with the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, she made him fall in love with the holidays. The first time Michael decorated for Christmas was in 1993.

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After that, he never went back; always a fan of ornaments and flashy aesthetics and décor, Michael enjoyed getting Neverland Ranch all set up for the holidays. It was a magical experience for his children to have their mansion and grounds enveloped in holiday cheer every year.

Only on Special Occasions

Even though the kid’s childhood home, Neverland Ranch, had its own private theme park, the rides weren’t open every day. Michael had the money to spoil his offspring but wanted them to grow up as independent and self-sufficient adults and therefore put their education first.

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So instead of letting the kids go to the amusement park all the time, Michael allowed it only during special events or if they received good grades in their homeschooling assignments. The King of Pop made it clear to his children that they needed to work hard to achieve their goals.

The Children’s Trust Funds

However, when Michael Jackson died so suddenly, his children received their inheritance. Initially, they were only supposed to gain access to their trust funds when they came of age. Their father left them enough money to continue living the way that they had until his death.

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Each one of the children received about one hundred million dollars. Michael didn’t only own the rights to his own legendary music; he also held the rights and collected the royalties from 251 of The Beatle’s songs. Jackson had purchased The Beatle’s catalog in 1984 for 47.5 million dollars.

From Blanket to Bigi

As he has grown older, Prince Michael Jackson II has decided that he has outgrown the nickname Blanket. No longer interested in being known for something covering his face and being bullied for it, he changed his name in 2015. The teenager’s new name is Bigi Jackson.

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The young man felt that Blanket no longer suited him and that it was a childhood nickname and instead chose a name with a meaning that he stood behind. The name Bigi means idealistic, inspirational, and sensitive in German and is a good choice for the shy little guy.

Not A Normal Childhood

Bigi had always wanted a normal childhood, though as a Jackson, that was impossible. The sensitive young man lost his father when he was just seven years old and was primarily raised by his grandmother Katherine and cousin, T.J. He has tried to maintain the most low-profile life he can.

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Nowadays, Bigi has graduated high school and spends his time working on his YouTube channel, along with his brother and cousin. Bigi is also a massive fan of comics and knows everything about the world of comic books and movies.

All Grown Up

Bigi may be the shyest of the Jackson children, but he still shows up in public for specific events. He attended his older brother’s university graduation, happy to show support for Prince. Bigi has also attended the Grammy’s with his siblings and appeared on The X Factor and E! News.

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Bigi turned 18 in 2020 and has expressed his dream of becoming a director. He’s expressed regret that he didn’t inherit his dad’s talent for song and dance. Bigi tries his best to keep away from the spotlight and would rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

An Eighteen-Year-Old Millionaire

At only nineteen years old, Bigi is a multi-millionaire and recently bought his first house. The home is a 2.6-million-dollar mansion in Calabasas, California. Calabasas is the neighborhood that Bigi and his siblings moved to after losing their father, and other members of the Jackson clan have homes there as well.

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The area is known for its famous residents, among them the Kardashians, Drake, and Justin Bieber. The grounds of Bigi’s new home host a large swimming pool, spa, and patio. Inside, a sweeping staircase leads to six bedrooms, a private gym, and multiple fireplaces.

Reconnecting With Debbie Rowe

Although Paris and Prince’s mother wasn’t a part of her children’s lives when Michael Jackson was alive, she did return to the picture when Paris was fifteen and Prince sixteen. The children’s mother was allowed to visit them, and Paris has opened up about their relationship on Willow Smith’s show, Red Table Talk.

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Paris explained that her relationship with Debbie is more like a friendship and described it as very chill, which she loves. She shared that they have some similar tastes in music and that she sends Debbie the music on which she’s working.

There For One Another

The Jackson family are practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses, although Paris has taken a step back from the religion, which hasn’t been easy for her extended family. She explained that some of her family have a hard time excepting her for who she is and shared that she sees them only around the holidays.

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Being Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jackson’s don’t celebrate the holidays. However, they still get together as a family. Despite being distant from some of her extended family, Paris and her brothers have maintained a close relationship and are always there to support one another.