The Stunning Love Saga of Richard Gere & Alejandra Silva

There is nothing about Richard Gere that screams normal or typical. He’s captivated the world time after time, and he’s only expanded this tendency in the past number of years. This actor is married to Spanish activist Alejandra Silva – they were married by the spring of 2018, and now they are raising two kids together.

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Each of them has a child from a previous marriage as well. Their oldest’s name is Alexander; but, their youngest’s name hasn’t been revealed yet. Recently, though, the couple has shared a big surprise – one that Richard and Alejandra have kept to themselves until now.

Keeping Family News Private

For any Hollywood actor, they know that once it is discovered that they are in a relationship, the paparazzi will be hounding them. The Geres have gotten pretty skilled at timely announcements to the general public. No one outside of family knew that Alejandra was pregnant with Alexander for a handful of months.

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Only in December of 2018 – an impressive two months before the due date – did she finally publicly confirm that she was pregnant with another baby. All the same, she did it in a way that was special and required a couple of long plane trips to Tibet.

Blessed by the Best

Keeping family news private is hard enough amongst friends, but when the world is watching, it’s just downright impressive. When she got comfortable enough to announce the pregnancy officially, Silva realized she needed Alexander blessed by the spiritual Tibetan Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama himself.

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Luckily for this couple, the Dalai Lama had some free time in his busy schedule! After the Dalai Lama finished blessing their baby, Silva uploaded a post on Instagram. She shared with her followers that they wouldn’t announce until after the Dalai Lama. Then, she shared how thrilled she was in both English and Spanish.

Two Chances at a First Impression

Gere and Silva really set a high standard when it concerns celebrity stunts. The actor’s fanbase was understandably taken by surprise and utterly shocked. But there are more surprises with the lengthy relationship between Gere and Silva. The two initially met because Gere is a longtime friend of her family.

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The two of them actually first met when Silva was a kid. Still, in 2014 the two met again, and many factors were different. Despite the fact that there still remained an age gap of over forty years, Silva was an adult at that point and was managing an Italian hotel.

Turning Fireworks Into a Date

It was at that point when a mutual friend happened to reunite the two old friends. At that second first meeting, the fireworks were aggressively flying. Both Gere and Silva recall that union igniting a strong connection between them. It was only a matter of time to see what would become of it.

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Gere took the initial step, bringing a bouquet of flowers to Alejandra, after which she happily agreed to go out with him on a date. Since then, Gere has continued to give her romantic gestures. As expected, for those who know Gere, that shouldn’t be a shock.

Gymnast and Almost Philosophy Major

Gere was born in Philadelphia, though he spent the bulk of his childhood growing up in New York state. He attended a high school in Syracuse, where he was a competing member of the gymnastics team. He was so talented with gymnastics, it turns out, that he was awarded a scholarship to the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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The future Hollywood star never ended up earning his college degree. That was his initial plan, though, and had even decided to study philosophy. But in the end, he found himself being pulled to theater and performing. This was his first move towards acting.

From American Gigolo to Chicago

Gere’s breakout into films came from a number of smaller roles in TV movies back in the ’70s like “Chelsea D.H.O.” He got his breakout part in 1978 when he starred as Bill in “Days of Heaven,” and then he truly became a big-time actor thanks to “American Gigolo.”

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He only went up from there, starring in hit after hit, including well-known romance movies “Pretty Woman” and “An Officer and a Gentleman.” His acting brought him more than celebrity status: in 2002, his part in “Chicago” won him both a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe.

The Dalai Lama’s Influence on Gere’s Career

Despite his high level of success, Gere has appeared in far fewer movies than back in his glory days. It’s because of his relationship with the Dalai Lama. Gere has been getting fewer offers ever since Hollywood has been getting increased direction and funding from China.

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For years, China and Tibet have disagreed on whether or not Tibet is an integral part of China. Due to Gere’s disagreement with China’s position on this matter, movies that cast him don’t perform as well on the international stage. Gere has managed to star in several indie films like “Norman” and “Three Christs.”

Star-Crossed Lover to the Stars

Gere has been a tabloid page regular ever since he made it big, and it’s primarily due to his star-studded love life. Before he settled down in his first marriage, he had relationships with actresses Priscilla Presley, Penelope Milford, and Kim Basinger, all before tying the knot in 1991 to model Cindy Crawford.

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He and Crawford were only married for four years. Nevertheless, it was less than ten years before Gere married former Bond girl Carey Lowell in 2002 – that marriage finished after a bit more than a decade itself and ended with a lengthy and painful divorce.

A Fulfilling Religious Journey

Many celebrities go through a spiritual phase during their career, but very few have it stick as a lifestyle change. This movie star took a different path and changed religions. Gere converted to Tibetan Buddhism from Methodist Christianity. When Gere was in his twenties, he became engrossed in the religion when he was introduced to several monks.

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As we already shared, he would go on to meet with the Dalai Lama – by that time, Gere had been a practicing Buddhist for many years. He’s now an activist for Tibetan independence, which means he’s never allowed to enter China.

Who is Alejandra Silva?

Alejandra Silva was born in 1983 near the Spanish region of Galicia. Much like Gere, she did not grow up in her birthplace. Instead, she was raised in Madrid, where her father, Ignacio, was a businessman and held the position of vice president to the celebrated soccer club Real Madrid.

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Silva had done a lot to make a name for herself in the business world even without her family’s assistance, both working as a hotel manager in Italy when she and Gere reconnected, and she additionally worked at an aviation company as a sales and marketer.

Business With a Side of Activism

Like many children born in Europe, Silva didn’t spend her entire life in only one place. And she definitely didn’t spend her whole upbringing in Spain. She earned many of her qualifications through a school in Dorset in the United Kingdom but then decided to return to her native country of Spain to continue studying marketing and advertising.

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But this woman is more than just your typical businesswoman – she’s also put her skills to use, creating positive things for the world through her activism. She’s dedicated herself to various different causes and continues that work to this day.

Spotlight on Her Activism Projects

With such an eclectic background, we can understand why Gere was so smitten with Silva! She has a fierce belief in doing the right thing for people and the earth. She’s found (and started) several worthy causes to promote. In 2007 she teamed up with actress and Czech model Karolina Kurkova, getting involved with the Beautiful Life Fund, which provides welfare assistance to kids.

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A few years later, she worked with Real Madrid’s African Initiative Project, which organizes soccer matches to help underserved kids integrate into communities. Her talent as a marketer and businesswoman helped grow both of these organizations.

First Attempt at Marriage

Another thing Silva has in common with her current husband is that she, too, has had more than one chance at finding love. Back in 2012, Silva tied the knot with Govind Friedland, who had earned himself millions of dollars through being a mining magnate.

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It was actually thanks to Friedland that Silva ended up being in charge of the Hotel Villa Treville on the Amalfi Coast in Positano, Italy. During one of her managerial shifts at the hotel, Silva eventually had her reunion with Gere that would turn her world upside-down and lead her down another surprising life path.

Serious Connection Drew Them Together

For both Gere and Silva, they were two people who learned that they had not married the right person for them the first time around. After separations and during divorces, the two adults were reintroduced in 2014 by a mutual friend.

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After that reunion, Silva shared with the U.K. Publication Daily Mail; they had both felt a serious connection between them after making eye contact with each other. This powerful glance is said to have lasted for multiple seconds. Apparently, the pair couldn’t stop stealing glances at each other all night and are still looking at one another to this day.

Relocating to New York

Longing looks soon grew into an actual, adult relationship. Love grew between the two very quickly, and Silva decided to pack up her belongings and move to New York City so that she could pursue this with Gere. As Silva and Richard bonded more, Silva found herself being drawn towards his religious beliefs, too.

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During an interview with “Hello!” magazine, she discussed her journey with, and eventual conversion to, Buddhism. She discussed her eternal gratitude to Richard for showing her to the religion and that her life had unquestionably changed. We only hope that she means in a good way.

Getting Closer Through Messy Beginning

For all of the good that existed between them, there was also a fair share of complications that they had to face together. The relationship between Gere and Silva wasn’t only the easy parts of falling in love. Both of them were dealing with divorces while they were seeing each other.

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In the same interview with “Hello!” Silva talked about how she saw her relationship with Gere as a love story, only with a pretty complicated first couple of chapters. She discussed how overcoming these challenges so early on actually made them closer as a couple.

A Dragged On Divorce

Gere and his ex-wife Carey Lowell officially filed for divorce in 2012 after nearly a decade of marriage. It would take them about four years to finalize everything. After ten years of being married, Gere was mentally preparing for a big payout, particularly since, at that time, Gere was worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.

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The question of how the money was going to be split up between Gere and his ex-wife was what dragged the divorce on for so long. The custody proceedings concerning their son, Homer, were finished up quickly. The divorce agreement was kept private.

Parting Ways as Friends

During Gere’s messy divorce, Silva was married to Govind Friedland from 2012 to 2015. By that point, they didn’t last very long, and the divorce was much less painful than Gere’s proceedings. Silva’s divorce handled an even more considerable amount of money since Govind Friedland is the heir to a $350 million fortune and had done well for himself on the side.

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The two publicly appear to have gone their separate ways agreeably. Sometimes, Silva is photographed with her child from the marriage, Albert. Love might have fizzled out over three years, but their friendship remains.

A Sizable Difference in Age

No couple is perfect, but it seemed like Gere and Silva had a lot more obstacles to overcome than most. While the two divorces were kind of problematic, we’re confident that you’ve noticed another possible sticking point between these two. The 30+ year age gap between them is substantial.

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In Silva’s interview with “Hello!” she mentioned that she didn’t mind at all. Jokingly, she said that Gere had promised her that they’d spend at least twenty years together. How Gere knows he’ll live that long is an interesting tidbit – but why two decades? What’s supposed to occur then?

Raising Quite a Few Eyebrows

In Hollywood, looks play a large part in how people, especially couples, are perceived by the public. With Gere turning 72 years old in 2021, it’s little to no surprise that a few eyebrows are raised when the two are out on a public date together.

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Yet it is clear as day to anyone who spends quality time with the couple that they are very much in love with each other– there’s no part of this relationship that is kept a big secret. Both of them have answered questions about the 33-year age difference – and have both brushed them off.

Here’s to Another Thirty Years

As is true, being a Hollywood celebrity, people offer their opinions about other people when no one asked for them. Gere has fielded his fair share of criticism for not only tying the knot with someone so young, but she’s also someone that he had known when she was still a kid.

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In addition to their interesting initial introduction, with Gere’s kids getting older, some have been curious about whether it was a bright idea. Gere looks like he is healthy, and the best-case scenario is that Gere has thirty more years to spend with his family.

When True Opposites Attract

Silva has assured naysayers that Richard still has lots of energy and is, in all honesty, much more active than she is. She says she has to work extra hard to get to his level. Can someone convince us that Richard Gere is even human?

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How could a 70-year-old look so great and be fit? People close to the couple note they are so in love. Silva has reported that he knows how much she loves him. She thinks that she brings him a sense of stability, especially since she wasn’t a model or into acting.

Heaps of Praise for Her Man

For all of those who have negative things to say about this couple or want to cast doubt on their success, Silva will continue to praise her husband twice as much to counter the negativity. She genuinely seems to care for him very much.

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Silva will state in interviews how lucky she is to be loved by, and love, a man like Richard Gere. She describes him as one of the most passionate, attentive, humble, sweet, generous, and hilarious men she’s ever known. Silva’s also mentioned that he tells her how important she is to him every single day.

Most Romantic Birthday Present

It’s obvious that their love is authentic. It shouldn’t come as a shock that the two ended up becoming man and wife. Silva remembered Gere’s marriage proposal very fondly and appreciated the thought he had put into it. The best part? Gere had kept it a private proposal.

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Gere really knows his wife to know that small aspect would impress her so much. Silva didn’t share all of the details of the proposal gave interviewers the basics. She said that it took place on her birthday in St. Paul de Vence, inside of the most romantic hotel she had seen.

The Wedding of Their Dreams

The wedding between these two sweethearts took place in April 2018. Silva describes the day as a fairytale wedding and claims that every part of that day is a favorite memory of hers. They had the ceremony and reception at Gere’s ranch in New York. Silva exclaimed that she felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

Source: Facebook

The pair did everything they could to create a spectacular event for each other and all of their invited guests. They wanted something both exotic and extravagant for their wedding day, and Silva expressed that she felt like she was in a fairytale.

Down to the Last Detail

The bride and groom put in tons of work to get the ranch to look like something that resembled Indian myths and folklore. They specially shipped in tents from Jaipur, an Indian state capital, and decorated the entire area with a combination of Tibetan prayer flags and colorful flowers.

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Their family members and close friends arrived several days – some a whole week – before the date of the ceremony, so there was an abundance of time and helping hands to get everything set up. Still, one of the significant aspects was transportation to bring the guests to the wedding.

Special Wedding Delivery Service

Richard and Silva showed up to the main ceremony in a tuk-tuk, a small vehicle seen in many southern and south-eastern Asian countries as personal transportation, delivery services, and taxis. Silva told “Hello!” that Gere drove the vehicle, and it truly surprised all of their guests.

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Silva also attempted to describe how Gere reacted when he saw her in her wedding dress for the first time. Though it’s a difficult feeling, to sum up with words, we feel confident that you can accurately guess by starting with the emotions that were running through their minds and going from there.

The Joining of Two Caring Souls

This union of caring souls is not just a surface-level one; it gets much deeper than that. Both parties of this couple have a determination to help others who need it – remember Silva’s activist work – and they have both taken steps to commit themselves to the Tibetan people and Buddhism.

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Silva shares that Gere was able to see past the physical and look into who she is. He was able to recognize her commitment to being a humanitarian, effort to be a good person and an even better woman, and their joint work became a dream.

Cinco de After Party

But the luxurious and colorful wedding wasn’t the only way the couple chose to celebrate their new union. The celebrations continued into the following month of May when they hosted a large party at their ranch – which is supposedly called “Pound Ridge,” for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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This event was over the top, just like their wedding ceremony had been. They had an exclusive guest list with a plethora of extra-special VIPS: a group of Tibetan monks. The reason for the monks being there or what their takeaways were from the celebration is still unknown to this day.

Gushing About Each Other

This couple loves to celebrate their love for each other together and love gushing about each other in interviews. For example, during his interview with “Hello!” magazine, Richard had a seemingly endless amount of praise for Silva.

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He definitely didn’t hold back his feelings, claiming that he was the happiest man on the planet – who could argue with him? He was happy to share his feelings during the interview, and this Hollywood star had a number of good things to say about the most essential person in his life. He essentially jumped at the opportunity!

High and Genuine Praise

This successful actor even named off some of Silva’s strongest qualities. He talked about how he is lucky to be married to not only a woman who is beautiful, but who is also intelligent, sensitive, dedicated to giving back, silly, patient, forgiving, knows her way around the kitchen, and can make some of the tastiest food he had ever eaten.

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There you have it, folks; this relationship is real. Silva has described Gere as considerate and loving, but Gere says that his wife is forgiving. Neither of them is perfect, but they choose to focus on the other’s strengths.

The Gift of Being Spanish

Gere didn’t stop there! He continued to name some of his favorite qualities of Silva’s. He added that she was a vegetarian, a fantastic mother, and makes time to meditate daily. She, based on Gere’s description, has an angel’s touch, and she’s Spanish.

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He purposefully highlights this due to his claims that it’s a fantastic trait because she’s from the country of kings and queens and also known artists such as Buñuel and Cervantes. All positive things, Mr. Gere, all positive things. We guess the whole Spanish vibe is about enjoying what you have, and that sounds good with us.

Professional Actor and Casual Songwriter

Obviously, Gere’s new wife wasn’t about to let her husband upstage her by stopping her extravagant praise of the man. She’s said that Richard makes her feel like the most appreciated woman in the world and that she tends to truly feel like she’s living in a real-life fairytale.

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She has described countless times about just how beautiful their romance and new life together is, adding that, without a doubt, she feels enamored with Richard – the movie star apparently writes a new song for her every single day! Our question is, where he gets the time?

And They Live Happily Ever After

We just love a celebrity couple that can’t stop talking about how happy they are in their relationship. But despite their personal happiness, there is no shortage of people who have freely shared their comments about the couple. The love between them is obvious to those who know them.

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Guests who were at their wedding told “People” magazine that the couple was extremely happy. The friend of the couple went on to say that the couple looked extraordinarily comfortable together, that the pair seemed to have fun together, and that they’re gleefully anticipating their future together.

Welcoming More Geres Into the World

The eager couple wasted very little time after their wedding ceremony and didn’t take long to deliver the next generation of Geres. Their next blessing came with the birth of their son, Alexander, as previously mentioned, in February 2019. This new bundle of joy was some of the happiest news for Silva and Gere.

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This newborn was a surprise, and even after this addition to their family, the couple managed to shock the tabloids with some noteworthy news about their relationship and family less than a year after the birth of Alexander. Yep, the family was expecting their second baby.

Keeping It Under Wraps

The first magazine to report this news was Spain’s “Hola!” Silva was already pregnant with Gere’s second child, and despite the couple having kept quiet about the new baby, they eventually shared the information and stated that the baby was due to arrive in the spring of 2020.

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The magazine also reminded readers that this announcement was similar to the time the couple waited until after the Dalai Lama had blessed their son. The delivery went smoothly, and the happy couple now has their hands filled with two kids under their roof, but that’s not the end to the story.

Keeping Some News to Themselves

In April 2020, Gere and Silva revealed that their second child had arrived. This baby, also healthy, was the couple’s second son. The parents brought the baby home to join his brother as they settled down to raise their kids and bond with the newcomer at their ranch, Pound Ridge.

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People thought they knew the whole story, but it turned out that Gere and Silva had another piece of news that they hadn’t yet shared with the world. As it turned out, there was an additional piece of information concerning the baby that Silva and Gere had kept to themselves.

What Is His Name?

From the beginning of their relationship, Silva and Gere had come to the decision that they were going to be selective about what, if anything, they would share with the public about their personal business. So when they made the announcement, they only shared the baby’s gender.

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Their son’s name was unknown, and despite announcing the birth in April, no one really knew when the child was born. It’s like Gere avoided the Hollywood trend of sharing a little TOO much – most likely due to Silva being a much more private person and taught to keep things to herself.

Both Had Been Parents Before

Like we mentioned before, both Silva and Gere had been married before finding happiness with each other. During both of their respective marriages, they each welcomed a child, meaning that Alexander’s arrival wasn’t the first time either of them had taken care of an infant.

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Each of them has kids from previous marriages – Gere has an older son, Homer, from his marriage to Carey Lowell. Silva has a child named Albert, which she welcomed during her earlier marriage. The chances that they would be four for four of just boys is highly unlikely but quite an interesting fact!

Gere’s Oldest Son, Homer

At only twenty-one years old, Homer James Jigme Gere is already exhibiting his father’s charm and handsome looks. With a movie star father and a model and actress mom, there was never any doubt that Homer would end up finding his way into the spotlight, but he’s managed relatively well through it all.

Photo by George Napolitano/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Even when his parents came to the decision that they were getting a divorce in 2013, Homer handled the situation well and was supportive of his parents’ choice to separate. It’s always tough for a child – including older ones – to be mature about his parents’ divorce.

Public Quality Father & Son Time

Homer has been seen countless times at public appearances with his dad, and as we’ll read about later, Gere still thinks the world of his first kid. Homer and Gere both appeared together at the biggest kids’ film festival in Europe, the “Giffoni Film Festival,” which took place in Italy.

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Gere was the recipient of a special award, and even though Homer was donning a casual outfit, he expertly walked the red carpet alongside his father. In 2017, Homer and Gere went on a vacation with Silva, who connected pretty well with her future stepson.

Keeping a Low Profile

When Silva was still married to Govind Friedland, she welcomed their only child and her first son in 2012. The then couple named their child Albert. It would only be another three years before Silva would enter into divorce proceedings in 2015. Albert – in addition to his father – mostly stays out of the public eye.

Photo by Europa Press/Getty Images

Friedland is a geological engineer, mining expert, and chairman and creator of the company GoiEx Uranium, and a director and co-founder of Ivanhoe Industries, which is the origin company for numerous solution-based companies working with gas, manufacturing, mining, oil, and water exploration.

Pair of Proud Parents

Both Silva and Gere have proved themselves to be dedicated parents to their children. We then discovered that Silva and Gere had also hoped for more children of their own before they even got married. Silva mentioned this very thought to “Hola!” all the way back in 2015.

Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Before she was reintroduced to Gere, she was saying she hoped to eventually have a second child. It’s not so shocking that she now has three. At the same time, Gere is just as happy to care for his third child, too. Here is what we call a pair of proud parents.

There For His Children

When some people get older, they become more cautious about life gambles. So while many older folks might be a little hesitant or concerned about having another kid at such an advanced age, Gere, in his seventies, wasn’t the least bit worried.

Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

When the U.K. Newspaper “The Sunday Times” interviewed him and inquired if he had any hesitations – about making it to teach his son about growing into an adult man, providing him a positive male role model, or just doing the simple things like spending time together – he assured them that he was not worried.

Being an Older Parent

Gere definitely isn’t the first senior citizen to welcome a new baby into the world. And certainly not the first celebrity to do it! He isn’t even the first movie actor to become a new father at such an advanced age – classic Richard Gere, always pushing the limits of his craft.

Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images

Charlie Chaplin might be the oldest of the group, having welcomed his son Christopher at 73 years old. Robert de Niro also has a place on the list and was high up there at 69 when he welcomed his daughter Helen into the world. Gere is among good company.

A Truly Committed Father

Gere is committed to all of his kids, including his oldest son Homer, or his and Silva’s first son, Alexander. Gere referred to his son Homer around the time he welcomed Alexander into the world when he did an interview with the website Bang Showbiz NZ.

Photo by Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images

Gere described his oldest son as incredibly intelligent, sensitive to others, and kind. He also said that Homer has him beat in areas like smarts, strength, speed, height, and just in general. Gere finished his answer by reiterating much he loves Homer. To be fair, Homer is young, and Gere is in his seventies.

An Instant Feeling of Happiness

After a tough divorce like Gere’s, it would be typical for him to have many years of sadness. He has been fortunate to skip that stage because of Silva. She has brought many new additions to Gere’s circle, and the two sons are only the beginning!

Photo by Venturelli/Getty Images

Bang Showbiz NZ questioned Gere if it was love at first sight with Silva for him, and he confirmed it. He said that, at least from his perspective, it was instant for him. He said her presence made him immediately happy. We wish this joyful couple and dedicated parents the best!

Takeaways From Richard and Alejandra

Who knows, perhaps they are holding onto another surprise for us by announcing their third pregnancy? But there’s no real reason to speculate just because they aren’t covering the tabloids; maybe they’re just blissfully happy with their domestic life.

Photo by Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto/Getty Images

There are several life lessons we can learn from the romantic story of Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva. It’s never too late to find love, even if you feel like you are getting a little too old. No matter if your previous romantic life wasn’t a winner, the perfect someone could be out there searching for someone just like you.

May We Find That Kind of Love!

While neither Silva nor Gere had a life with too many complaints in it, it’s always possible to find a way to end up enjoying your experience more than you were before. This rare couple had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to come together and build a loving relationship. That resulted in an even happier marriage and two healthy children.

Photo by Gabriel Maseda/NurPhoto/Getty Images

May we all find our loving other half out there somewhere. As this loving couple stands as an example for us, it’s definitely a possibility for those who are searching for their special someone.