These Celebs Can No Longer Afford Their Luxurious Lifestyles

While we all know the infamous cases of Johnny Depp and Lindsay Lohan and how domestic and drug abuse respectively led them both to lose their once fabulous careers, other less known celebs also were very rich and famous in their heyday but are now struggling to make ends meet.

Lisa Marie Presley – Being the daughter of the famous Elvis Presley didn’t guarantee Lisa Marie Presley a lifestyle of riches. While her father was one of the most famous singers to ever have existed and made a name and money for himself, Lisa Presley would learn what money means the hard way. In February 2018, she was in the middle of a divorce when her divorce papers revealed that she was $16.7 million in debt.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley
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Lisa apparently sunk into so much debt because of a defaulted mortgage and a series of unpaid credit card payments – something she says her financial manager let her into because he mismanaged her funds. She is now caught up in a legal feud with him and hopes to receive $100 million in damages due to negligence.

Curtis Jackson – 50 Cent

Curtis Jackson – more commonly known by his stage name, 50 Cent – is still hugely famous because of the number of hit songs he has produced over the years. His numerous music nominations mean that he has been able to ride the wave of his fame and launch his own clothing line, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t trouble in paradise.

Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent
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The rapper released an adult video with Lastonia Leviston without her consent in 2009, landing him in a legal case of $7 million worth of damages. That would have been enough to land 50 Cent in hot waters – but that’s not all. He was also charged to pay $16 million in 2014 after his business plan with Sleek Audio went bust.

Rupert Grint

As part of the famous trio in the multibillion-dollar Harry Potter franchise, Ron Weasley was played by actor Rupert Grint. While his fellow actors, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, continued to bolster their fame by taking on more acting roles, Rupert Grint struggled to land suitable roles after saying goodbye to the Harry Potter world with the eighth movie.

Rupert Grint who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise
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Already struggling, things took a turn for the worse when he was handed a bill for $1 million in 2016 as an alleged result of poor accounting advice. This meant that he had to pay the IRS costs and although the actor tried to file an appeal, he ended up having to pay. It seems like he was true to his character – “Red hair and a hand-me-down robe. You must be a Weasley.”

Brendan Fraser

Once upon a time, Brendan Fraser was in almost every Hollywood action movie. The star of The Mummy franchise was so popular that it seemed as if action movies were incomplete without him. But things were soon to change for the dashing buccaneer. In 2007, he found himself in the middle of a divorce, and that’s when his career started spiraling downward.

Brendan Fraser
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A few years later, in 2013, Brendan Fraser was in a financial mess and was said to be petitioning the court to reduce his $900,000 annual spousal payments after the divorce. The reason? He said his earnings weren’t even near to what he was supposed to be paying and he couldn’t keep up. It really is a sad state of affairs for the once-famous star.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was one of the most famous child stars of her time. She started her career on Nickelodeon’s All That and The Amanda Show, which propelled her onto her teenage roles in chick flicks like She’s the Man and What a Girl Wants. But unlike other child stars who moved onto more serious roles, Bynes started falling back despite her initial stupendous success.

Amanda Bynes
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It seemed that Amanda Bynes had started using illegal substances. That, along with her struggles with mental health, meant that her once plastered-everywhere face was nowhere to be seen in the ever-changing Hollywood world. It really is a tragedy that the star that was once in all the top chick flicks and very sought-after has now disappeared entirely.