Unscripted Scenes in Superhero Movies: For the True Fans

Everyone loves a hero, right? Of course, you do. Saving the world is important. Superhero movies are more popular than ever and for a good reason! Whether it is DC, Marvel, or any other type of superhero movie, most actors stick to the script.

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Sometimes though, actors can ad-lib, and it can lead to some fantastic results. Those improvised lines have become some of the most memorable of all time. They show the genius of the actor and help to make a much more authentic scene. Here, we take a deep dive into some of the best-unscripted scenes from superhero movies.

55. Iconic RDJ Line: “Please be a Secret Door”

Robert Downy, Jr. has helped to make the Iron Man character a much-loved part of the MCU. He is an excellent actor and no stranger to improvisation, as we see in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” He gets free reign in this scene, looking for a secret door. What happens next astonishes all watching the movie.

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He says his line without hesitation, “Please be a secret door.” Then, once the wall gives way, he adds, “Yay.” With a modest exclamation, who thought that the lines were not part of the script? He made it up on the spot, and it’s a part of what makes him an actor loved by all Iron Man fans for his quirkiness.

54. Hemsworth Battlefield Tension Breaker

A fierce battle takes place in “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018). Everyone sits at the end of the seat, waiting in anticipation. What is going to happen? Will the Avengers win the battle? Of course, they will. So what takes place next remains in everyone’s mind for a long time.

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Amidst the fighting, Thor runs into Captain America. Standing still and chatting, Captain takes note of Thor’s buzz haircut. He says, “You got a haircut?” Then, hysterical without too much thinking, Thor replies, “I noticed you’ve copied my beard.” What a battlefield tension breaker.

53. You’ve Just Got to Love Tony Stark

Now, if you did not know, John Favreau lets RDJ eat on the set. In “The Avengers” (2012), you notice “Iron Man” constantly snacking. Yes, Robert Downey, Jr. is a snacker. He hides loads of food on the set during a shoot. Jon Favreau finally surrendered, letting him eat while the cameras roll.

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It’s incredible how his snacking habit became part of the film. The truth is that it’s part of his training routine. He needed to gain 25 pounds of that muscle for the Iron Man movie. So, he needed to add 5,000 calories a day to achieve the results.

52. Chris Pratt’s Self-Deprecatory Humor

Nothing is more humorous than the self-deprecatory humor of Chris Pratt in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” scene. Peter Quills (Chris Pratt) is confronted in the Orb scene by Korath (Djimon Hounsou). An unscripted moment helped to give a lot of laughs.

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Chris Pratt proudly proclaims he is Star-Lord with Djimon Hounsou (Korath) bluntly answering, “Who?” It was Chris’ way of making light of the fact the Star-Lord is one of the lesser-known superheroes. It adds another significant element to a brilliant film.

51. Spider-Man Makes a Move on Iron Man

Yep, unbelievably, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) spontaneously made a move on Iron Man. The truth is Tom Holland veered off the script in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” You see him hugging Tony Stark when leaning across. The part became a hilarious hit in the editing room.

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Spider-Man hugs him, saying, “Okay, all right!” RDJ responds with an improvised gesture saying, “It’s not a hug. I am just grabbing the door for you. We are not there yet.” It made us laugh seeing this. Who thought it was unscripted? We didn’t know at first.

50. Improv Real Punch in the Face by Deadpool

One of the most hysterical and violent films is Deadpool, and it’s brimming with improv lines and descriptively graphic insults. One of the wittiest scenes in the film is when Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) throws lines around. Here you see him strapped to a gurney making fun of Angel Dust’s abductor (Gina Carano, ex-MMA fighter.)

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He calls her “Henry Winkler, Criss Angel, Mindfreak,” looking at her face. All you see is a blank stare, then he takes it a step further, equating her to a “less-angry Rosie O’Donnell.” It’s such a fun film to watch, and it’s no surprise with all the great improv.

49. A Dark Scene Punctuated With Levity

Tom Hardy playing the role of evil Bane astonishes viewers with his unscripted scene in “The Dark Knight Rises.” He actually gets it right to punctuate a dark stage with lightheartedness. He is readying himself with an explosive attack on Gotham City stadium.

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Bane just killed the astrophysicist, breaking his neck with one sharp twist, in front of the whole crowd. As it happens, the “Star-Spangled Banners” sung by a boy starts playing. He stops, listens, and, unprepared, comments, “What a lovely, lovely voice.” That is thinking on your feet and amazes all.

48. Ant-Man Lines Written by Paul Rudd Himself

Everyone knows Paul Rudd as a sharp comedy writer for “Anchorman” and “Clueless.” Well, it is no surprise that he co-wrote the screenplay for Ant-Man. During the shoot, he improvises a lot, as seen in the following scene.

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In the dramatic reunion moment between Scott Lang (Paul Rudd,) his ex-wife (Judy Greer), and her new hubby (Bobby Cannavale), the image of him with their daughter is priceless. You can see the stunning look on both the other actor’s faces.

47. Wolverine’s Cameo Hugh Jackman Made the Cut

Hugh Jackman showed up for the “X-Men: First Class” (2011) shoot as Wolverine. The scene took eight takes. First, Logan (Hugh Jackman) sits with his cigar-smoking contently, enjoying a drink. Then, Erik (Michael Fassbender) and Charles (James McAvoy) approach him to join the CIA mutant program. Jackman changes the last line ever so slightly.

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Logan keeps smoking and drinking, telling them plainly, where to stick their offer leaving the F-bomb dropped. Those last words stuck. Unbelievably, the F-word he used perfectly landed and showed how to use it effectively.

46. James Mangold Tells Actors to Just Improvise

Another great Jackman moment is when Professor X (Steward) and Logan (Jackman) had a long conversation with off-the-cuff filming of “Logan” (2017). X-Men director James Mangold told them to ad-lib.

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James Mangold said, “Why don’t you talk a little bit more about your history.” So they made up the story about a mutant school during dinner. Guess what? One line made it to the film. It’s great when a director shows a little faith in their actors.

45. Joker’s Slide to Madness Improvised More than Once

Joaquin Phoenix goes off the rails playing the role of ‘Joker.’ This scene earned Phoenix the Oscar nomination for Best Actor. The portrayal of Joker’s gradual slide into madness was improv more than once. The cast and crew stood dumbfounded.

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Phoenix started clearing the fridge of all the contents and then climbed into the refrigerator. He is one actor that makes unscripted scenes dreamlike and real at the same time. Before the film came out, many thought he was perfect for the role, proving them all right.

44. One Cannot Forget the Joker Fake Clap

Another Joker moment but this time by another actor. In “The Dark Knight,” Heath Ledger’s performance was legendary, but sadly, he did not live to receive the Oscar for the role. After finally being locked up, Jim Gordon enters, telling everyone to stand clear from the clown terrorist. He does not want to give the Joker’s lawyer anything to use in his defense.

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As Gordon apparently returned from the dead, promoted to City Commissioner, colleagues give him warm applause. The clapping dies off, but the Joker continues. It wasn’t part of the script and was improvised by Ledger during the film.

43. Iron Man’s Emotional Rant to Captain America

Robert Downey Jr. improved the opening scene in “Avengers: Endgame.” During the early set of the movie, he improved a hard-hitting line. Tony Stark returns feeling a little delirious, malnourished, and exhausted. While recuperating, he has a confrontation with Steve Rogers.

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With the intense moment, one would think things are warming up. All that comes out is one improvised word sealing the diatribe “liar.” He has nothing for Captain America, no coordinates, clues, strategies, or options. Zero is just a liar.

42. Michael B. Jordan Improvised “Hey Auntie.”

One is hard-pressed to deny that Killmonger is an excellent MCU villain. The character portrayed by Michael B. Jordan is brilliant, but what he ad-libs is even better. After meeting his relatives interviewed by Wakanda’s leadership, he tries his best to prove he’s a descendent of the tribe.

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After one of the leaders confirms his line, Michael catches everyone by surprise, yelling out “Hey auntie,” to the Queen Mother. While it shows a lack of respect, one must agree it is funny.

41. Make-A-Wish Kid Comes Up With the Best Movie Line

During the “Thor: Ragnarok” film shoot, kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation visited the set. One kid told Chris Hemsworth he should say a line encountering Hulk in the arena. Hemsworth loved the idea of running it past director Taika Waititi, who loved it as well.

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The hilarious exclamation made by Thor seeing Hulk is, “We know each other; he’s a friend from work.” From that day, the director, Waititi, encouraged the actors to ad-lib resulting in another improv, the “Thor’s snake story” we mentioned earlier.

40. Benedict Cumberbatch Veers off The Script

In a dramatic moment in “Avengers: Endgame,” Doctor Strange (Cumberbatch) gestures to Tony Stark. He raises one finger to him, giving him the go-ahead. It’s an intense part of the film and one that is brilliantly acted.

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Stark returns a strange look making the scene memorable to all. But the best part Cumberbatch made it up as Director Scott Derickson never included that part in the scene.

39. Want Some Blueberries Captain America

We already mentioned the snacking obsession of RDJ’s. For example, in the lab scene in “The Avengers,” Tony got hungry. So, he randomly offered Bruce Banner and Captain America a blueberry package in the middle of the stage during the shoot.

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The berries came from Iron Man’s stash and were unscripted. However, they kept the scene, making it a big talk with all Avenger fans. It is the type of randomness that we love from RDJ and why he often makes this list.

38. M’Baku Ad-Libbed Without a Word

After the confrontation with CIA agent Everett Ross in “Black Panther,” Winston Duke’s accentuation shuts down the agent brilliantly. It’s a moment that a screenwriter could have carefully crafted.

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He freely let out a loud bark, silencing Everett Ross. The grunt was unscripted but fit the moment perfectly. It’s a great point of the film and a funny way to shut someone down.

37. “This Drink I Like It” Another!

The next scene of Thor trying coffee for the first time is priceless. Not only for moviegoers but the president of Marvel Studios as well. They loved it and kept it. It’s one of those charming Thor moments that helps to make his character.

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Thor shows his Asgardian manners as Chris Hemsworth delivers his line. “This drink, I like it!” However, it does not stop there. He adds, “Another!” What amazes all is the look on everyone’s face smashing his mug to the ground. Hemsworth said later, “I felt like doing it.” Everyone loves it.

36. One of the Funniest Lines in “Avengers: Infinity War”

The best part is that it wasn’t in the script. One of the funniest characters in MCU is Drax. Do you need proof? Drax the Destroyer delivers the funniest line ever. Do you still need evidence? Check out the scene as he adds to a conversation between Peter Quill and Tony Stark while lying under Stark’s foot.

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Drax (Dave Bautista) responds to Tony Stark, “I’ll do you one better. Why is Gamora?” Yes, he was supposed to say, “Who is Gamora?” However, the line made up on the spot slipped in, and we tip our caps to that man. It became a favorite meme of “Dawn of Justice.”

35. A Total Random Teardrop

The Joker teardrop is no joke in the opening shot. It was unscripted and random. The fact is Joaquin Phoenix unintentionally added it, but thankfully he did because it made for an amazing moment.

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Phoenix (Arthur Fleck) looks at himself in the mirror, putting on a smile with his makeup. Then, empathy strikes the sad clown triggering a single tear dripping down his cheek. It blurs his makeup; priceless!

34. Did Star-Lord Drop The Orb On Purpose?

The debate if Chris Pratt dropped the sought-after orb of universal destruction on purpose is still on. According to director James Gunn, Pratt accidentally dropped it. Or did he? The truth is still hard to find.

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In the director’s cut commentary, Pratt insists he did it on purpose. Neither scenario was in the script but made the cut. So we believe Pratt 90%, as he is a prankster. Or he could just be claiming it’s true, and it’s a great scene.

33. One of the Most-Love Lines Comes from RDJs Kids

One of the most loved lines appearing in “Avengers: Endgame” is when Tony Stark says goodnight to Morgan, his daughter. She said, “I love you 3000.” in a heart-warming moment where she’s trying to tell him she loves him more with the biggest number she could think of.

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In real life, RDJs daughter said those words to him, and he wanted to use them for the film. That personal touch allows the scene to have a more human feel, which pulls on your heartstrings. It shows his value to the films he appears in as he’ll always come up with great ideas.

32. Ant-Man Ad-Lib Finally Makes the Cut

Everyone knows comedian Tim Heidecker enjoys making lines up as he goes. In ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp,’ he couldn’t stop delivering them. Unfortunately, not all the improv is seen, but a few gems make it into the final cut.

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As Tim Heidecker stands over the boat, he says, “Me eat people.” and the whaleboat captain Daniel Goobler starts to scream. Heidecker’s brilliant acting and humor helped to bring an extra dynamic to the character and make the film even better.

31. Spidey Learns How to Web

Tobey Maguire portrays the younger Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” in 2002. He also threw out a few improv lines playing the role. As Peter Parker was learning to web, he was able to add some of his own lines to help give the scene a better comedic feel.

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Peter finds himself on the roof of a skyscraper. Desperately, he tries out different hand gestures to make the webbing shoot out of his wrists. The best part was when he ad-libbed some catchphrases, “Up, up and away web!” Then, to add to the hilariousness, he adds, wait for it, “Shazam.”

30. Death of Iron Man Made Upon the Spot

Yes, ‘Avenger: Endgame’ enthusiasts, the Tony Stark death at the end was more or less impromptu. But why did Tom Holland do it? He explained that the directors and actors left out the emotional scene to prepare the actor better emotionally.

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It’s crazy that such an important scene was unscripted, but the director had faith that his actors would deliver some authentic emotion. We think it worked perfectly as it allowed the world to say goodbye to such a brilliant character that helped make the MCU so big.

29. Extemporary Dance Performed in Joker

Arthur Fleck kills his first victim. What he does next will blast your mind and was a moment of unscripted genius. Why? The script states that Phoenix needs to look into the bathroom mirror pondering over his crime, but he decided to do things differently.

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Instead, the Joker dances in the dirty latrine lights swaying a violin of “America the Beautiful,” as seen way back when Nicholson was the Joker. It’s a role that demands something a little different, and Phoenix delivered perfectly here.

28. One Hungry Improviser Star-Lord

Chris Pratt Is a master improviser and shows off those skills when Nova Corps holds Star-Lord and his team captive. They stand waiting to go into the criminal lineup. So, what does Pratt decide to do when it is his turn for the criminal lineup?

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He gives Nova Corps the finger. Yes, you heard right. He pretends his middle finger is part of an imaginary wind-up machine in his hand. The best part being his pretend shock that he didn’t know his imaginary machine would make such an obscene gesture.

27. Actors Improvise an Entire Boat Scene

In Wonder Woman 1984, the boat scene was entirely improvised. Yes, you heard right. Chris Pine and Gal Gadot showed their incredible acting skills with this scene. So, what was the bonding conversation? Marriage, Diana’s origin, and more.

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It wasn’t the only great bit of improv in the movie. Patty Jenkins tweeted that Pine improved one of the funniest moments in the film, yelling out his break-dancing line. It was one of those moments where everyone on the set laughed.

26. Ben Affleck Lets the S-Word Slip

In “Dawn of Justice,” Ben Affleck’s Batman amazed all. He thought it would be funny by showing the gravity of his situation by saying, “Oh SH*T” when facing monster Dooms Day. Batman is human, after all, and it was a very human response.

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Oh my word, Batman never swears. However, Affleck admitted the improvised line in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” worked. The scene helped make Affleck’s batman a little different from all the ones that came before him.

25. Hanging up Thor’s Hanger

Everyone knows how Chris Hemsworth enjoys hamming it up. So, it is no surprise that in “Thor: Dark World,” he keeps his trusty hammer on his coat rack when he enters the apartment.

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It was his bright idea as to where else would one put it. One thing is sure, it was a bit of comedy relief, and everyone appreciated it.

24. Agent Carter is Not Supposed to Touch the Cap

Oh, boy, but she did in an unscripted moment. Seeing Chris Evans without a shirt for the first time, Atwell (Agent Carter) could not fight back and touched and quickly moving her hand back.

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Even if it was an unscripted move, it made the final cut with no contest. Who can resist as the camera loves Cap’s glistening shirtless torso? Atwell said she got swept up at the moment seeing Chris without his shirt.

23. Robert Downey Jr. Saves another Take

In “Captain America: Civil War,” Tony has an intimate chat with Peter Parker. Tom Holland forgets to move over and let him sit down. What does RDJ do? Well, instead of doing a retake, he decides to ad-lib to save a take.

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He goes with the flow, telling Holland, impromptu, to move even if it was not in the script. But his line, “I’m gonna sit here, so you move the leg,” made the day. RDJ must be a dream to work with, as he just makes everything work.

22. Jackman Throws Some Comedic Lines

Jackman improvised one of the best Professor X Wolverine lines. In the first superhero flick, “X-Men,” everyone knows Jackman throws in some comedian lines. In one of the scenes, Professor Xavier introduces Wolverine to the pack of X-Men.

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In the script, it says, “What do they call you, Baldie?” But, instead, Jackman exclaims, “What do they call you, Wheels.”

21. Uber-Creepy Joker Jack Nicholson

One of the most remarkable moments of inventiveness is the creepy little dance of Nicholson’s when making his departure leaving Vicky Vale’s apartment. It happens after the famous confrontation with Bruce Wayne.

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Joker’s words riddles will always stay with us, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” It took Bruce Wayne by surprise before Joker shoots him. It’s a classic moment in superhero cinema.

20. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Cries

During the making of “Thor” (2011), Anthony Hopkins, director of the crew, requested improvised lines for the cast’s “I cast out” scene because the depiction of Thor’s banishment performance was so intense and dramatic at the same time.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com/ Copyright: Paramount Pictures

It drove Loki and Thor to tears, not laughing ones but real tears. As Hopkins, who is a phenomenal actor, had free rein, the key scene was brilliant.

19. Zachary Levi Gets Silly

The truth behind this “Shazam!” story is director David Sandberg was not convinced about Zachary Levi telling him about the idea during the toy store fight. Zachary threw a Batman toy at Dr. Sivana during the dispute.

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David finally gave the star a take, and the proof is in the pudding in this scene. It worked. Watching Levi hurl the Batman at his nemesis while shouting “Get him, Batman” was genius. It’s a surprise Sandberg didn’t like the idea straight away.

18. Spider-Man’s Last Words Improvised

As the wind winds down in “Avengers: Infinity War,” half of the universes’ life is dust caused by Thanos, including Spiderman. In the emotional scene, seeing Spidey in Iron Man’s arms, the script’s final words are, “I’m sorry.”

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However, it was not working for directors Anthony and Joe Russo. The requested Spidey to wing it with, “I don’t want to go.” It was a much more emotional moment than in the original script and helped to make the movie even better.

17. Peter Tries Getting Out of Deep Space Mission

The young Peter Parker in “Spider-Man: Far from Home” is not keen on fighting like a superhero. He objects to a mission request from Nick Fury, trying to claim that he is just a “friendly neighborhood Spiderman.”

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The best part is Fury does not have it. Off the cuff, Samuel Jackson told Spidey, “BEEP, please, you’ve been to space.” It was a great moment, showing Fury’s frustration at the superhero not being prepared to make the most of his powers.

16. Hawkeye Ranting About Quicksilver

One of the funnier moments in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is when Jeremy Renner rambles about Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson.) You can quickly see the love-hate relationship between the two characters.

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Hawkeye looks at Quicksilver and pulls an arrow aiming it but gets sentimental and reconsiders muttering all the way. Hawkeye is one of the most underrated characters in the MCU but still gets a few great moments such as this one.

15. Zachary Levi’s Hilarious Ad-Lib Moment

In ‘Shazam!” Captain Marvel is effectively a kid aged 14-years-old, which gave the cast many ideas for hilarious moments. It allowed for Zachary Levi to act much goofier than your average superhero.

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He added some of his lines, but this was perhaps the funniest. Levi was addressing the security guard, Mr. Moran, and instead of calling him by his correct name, he said, “Thank you so much, Detective Moron.”

14. Classic Scene Ad-Libbed by Chris Hemsworth

So, what is the unscripted scene making Chris Hemsworth the star of the show? Thor and Loki stand side-by-side in “Thor: Ragnarok” in the elevator, breaking into an unprepared exchange about needing to get help.

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The famous words were delivered, “Get help.” Directors told the actors to wing it, and Hemsworth went with the iconic line. It’s just one of many great scenes that we get to see between Thor and Loki.

13. Doctor Strange Benedict Ad-Lib

In “Doctor Strange,” Wong, the librarian, has no first or last name. Dr. Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch) requests books from Wong about astral projection. So, the librarian shoots Strange down, saying, “You’re not ready for that.”

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Cumberbatch, without recourse, snips back, saying, “Try me, Beyoncé” in an odd and funny line. In the script, Cumberbatch was just meant to say, “Try me.” Who knows what prompted him to add the famous singer’s name, but it was kept in the cut?

12. Chris Hemsworth’s Creativity in Thor

Loki and Thor have competitive relationships as brothers. In the following scene, Hemsworth just breaks into a childhood story. All made up. It shows off his creative skills to come up with a short story on the spot.

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He says that when the two of them were kids, Loki changes into a snake, as he knew he loved snakes. He tells his story that he went over to admire the snake, but Loki turned back and stabbed him. It was a very on-brand story for Loki.

11. Birds of Prey Hangout Day Made the Cut

Ella Jay Basco (Cassandra Cain) and Harley Quinn enjoyed a hangout day. They munched on snacks, ate burgers and fries, and enjoyed themselves. Cain said that the day was “super fun and didn’t feel like work at all,” which is probably true when you’re getting paid to chill out all day.

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The best part is that director Cathy Yan was the mastermind of the idea, letting the girl stars laze around to add it in as a laid-back scene. It’s all improvised, and it’s great to watch.

10. RDJ Makes an After-Credit Scene

Yes, RDJs thinking of his stomach again with only one thing on his mind, Shawarma. In the following “The Avengers” scene, the Cap announces, “We won.” Downey breaks into a celebration speech following one of the most epic battles ever seen in cinema.

Source: YouTube

“Alright, yay. Alright, good job, guys. Let’s just not come in tomorrow.” He says as the gang head off for something to eat. They go to a Shawarma place. RDJ had that brilliant image of a bunch of superheroes eating in a smashed-up restaurant. All Downey Jr’s idea.

9. Samuel L. Jackson Just Cannot Help Himself

Yes, superhero fans, Samuel L. Jackson does it again with an off-script move in the next scene from “Captain America.” The posthumous examination of a Skrull is taking place, and as Nick Fury attends, he stands looking at the defeated alien lying on the table.

Source: YouTube

As he finishes the conversation, he starts to walk away, but he turns back to the Skrull and pulls up the sheet to look at what he has down below. Yes, that was all his doing and not part of the script. An odd moment in the film but also very funny.

8. A Perfect Rally Chant Word

In the Black Panther movie, Chadwick Boseman improved the best part ever on a battlefield, and no one expected it. King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) shouted, “Yibambe.” In return, the troops echoed it back, and it was an epic moment of cinema.

Source: YouTube

The word in Bantu, a South African language, means “hold fast” or “don’t give up.” However, in Wakanda’s fictional land, the calling out of “Yibambe” was a brilliant war cry from a brilliant actor who’ll be sorely missed.

7. Ewan McGregor’s Ad-Lib Line is a Winner

Playing the role of Black Mask in “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey,” Ewan McGregor comes up with many one-liners on his own in the movie. In this scene, he shouts, “Woo, who’s having a good time?”

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Following up with “It’s not a party without little drama, am I right?” According to director Cathy Yan, the actors are super funny and always throwing in lines. McGregor has had countless great roles, so there’s no surprise he knows what works.

6. RDJs Quick Witted Mind

Throughout RDJ’s movies, it’s clear that he is an actor that takes his roles very seriously. RDJ is an actor that lives his character even when off-the-cuff. Most of his lines come out hilarious or even heartbreaking, as seen here.

Source: YouTube

As you see in the image, he and Doctor Strange have a serious talk. Peter Parker steps in, interrupting the superhero pro. RDJ cuts him off with a quick lip: “The adults are talking.” Just hilarious is all we can say and the type of quick wit we associate with Tony Stark.

5. Hilarious Interview Part in “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Michael Rooker knows when to let the dialogue roll in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It happened when Yondu obnoxiously talks about Broker in gibberish, and you guessed right. This part was impromptu. It was brilliantly acted.

Source: YouTube

According to Rooker in an exclusive Comic Book Movie interview, the scene created on the spot was “quite a special experience.” and we do not doubt that. The acting in the film was very special to get that mix of comedic brilliance and high drama.

4. What’s Up with Medium-Length Ponytails

If you watched Harley Quinn closely, as many people undoubtedly did, you might have noticed something strange in one of the scenes. If not, let’s remind you. It’s the moment just before being thrown in jail where Harley sports long bleach-blonde hair.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com/ Copyright: DC Entertainment

She goes into the jail, and suddenly, her hair transforms into two medium-length ponytails with blue and pink coloring. She also has fluffy pink slippers, a cup of tea, and a book. It’s an unscripted moment that adds to the insanity of the character.

3. The R-Rated Deadpool Improv Lines

We already know Deadpool is R-Rated and is a much better film for it. Many of the lines are unscripted, with many by T.J. Miller’s character Weasel. However, a few of his many graphical jokes never made it to the screen and were cut from the movie, but thankfully some weren’t.

Source: Moviestillsdbd.com/ Copyright: Marvel Entertainment

When Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) first reveals his appearance to Weasel, he makes ugly graphic analogies about his face. It’s a brilliant flood of insults with a lot of improvisation. It must have been very difficult for Ryan Reynolds to keep a straight face.

2. Mera Jumps without a Parachute

One of the best scenes in Aquaman is where Mera jumps out of the plane without a parachute, still believing that she has superhuman powers. It allowed for a brilliant moment from Jason Momoa with his off-the-cuff lines encouraged by director James Wan.

Source: YouTube

Here Momoa reacts to the pilot’s shock after Mera (Amber Heard) jumps out of the plane, “Redheads, you gotta love them!” he quips. It’s a brilliantly delivered line, especially with Aquaman jumping out of the plane similarly, adding further shock for the pilot.

1. The Most Iconic Ad-Lib in “Iron Man”

Everyone was surprised when Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) announced that he was Iron Man. You must agree this was a bold move. But the best part, it fits Tony’s persona as a superhero. RDJ embodied the role and never more so in one of the most iconic moments in film history.

Source: Reddit

In the “Iron Man” 2008 movie, director Kevin Feige kept the impromptu line, and yes, RJD became the Marvel Comic Universal improv king. It changed the whole direction of the MCU films and gave them the confidence to create their paths while still being loyal to the comics.