Where Are The World’s Largest Franchise’s Cast And What Are They Up To?

It’s been 20 long years since the first movie of Harry Potter was released, and the amazing cast that you now know the names by heart met. You might have seen pictures of the stars on various latest award shows and series and thought, ‘man, has it really been that long?’ It’s been over eight years since the last movie came out, but the feels and the magic they have incorporated into you still stay the same. Unfortunately, however, none of the cast has remained the same in their acting careers.

Starting with our three main characters

Harry Potter – Danielle Radcliffe

This boy living under the cupboard thought he was neither a wizard nor anything out of the ordinary but yet went on to discover so many great things, make amazing friends, and conquer all his fears. The 11-year-old boy, who impressed the casting directors with his spectacular acting skills and the right eye color, is now 31 years and has acted in over 40 movies since then. Some of his latest movies and series are ‘Imperium,’ ‘Miracle Workers,’ ‘Busy Tonight,’ and ‘The Beast Of Burden.’

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Daniel Radcliffe took up many versatile roles as he wanted to explore all characters. You must have heard somewhere that Daniel is going to be the next batman. Danielle even acted in Netflix exclusive shows like Horns (where he plays a character accused of rape and murder), Swiss army man (where he plays a stranded and desperate character), and what if (where he plays a character that underwent many failed relationships). He scared the audience in ‘The Woman In Black’ and proved to the acting world that he is more than capable of doing any role he is given. Not just the adventure roles.

Ronald Weasley- Rupert Grint

The red-haired, awkward yet brave boy who was 12 years when he aced the huge chess game and sacrificed his safety to let his friends save the day has grown so much since then. He was a common schoolboy obsessed with the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter books and did not shy off from taking the step when the opportunity showed itself. So when he heard the casting call, he immediately signed up and did his best.

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After the movie series ended, he kept to a quiet life. He opted to go for smaller and quiet roles. He also does voice acting now. He is happily married and has an adorable daughter. He acted in the comedy series ‘The Sick Note’ and the crime novel ‘Snatch.’ He starred in many dramas like ‘Driving lessons’ and ‘Cherrybomb’ when he was still young. His latest works are ‘Nothing Like A Dame’ and ‘The Servant.’

Hermoine Granger – Emma Watson

Yes. There’s no one that does not know the absolutely gorgeous Emma Watson. Even out of the character of Hermoine, she was consistently winning hearts. She was just turned 11 when she first said, ‘it’s Leviosa, not leviosar.’ She gained many fans with her bold character and absolutely adorable acting skills. She is now 31 and supposedly engaged to her boyfriend for a year.

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She gained even more praise with her aesthetically pleasing acting in ‘The beauty and the beast’ and the latest ‘Little Women.’ Her Series, ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is one of the most-watched on Netflix. She is even a UN ambassador, a campaigner for equal rights, and a fashion icon. She had not only shown her charm in the acting field but has done many charity works and influenced a lot of young artists.

Albus Dumbledore- Michael Gambon

The best mentor and teacher anyone can ask for, the one that has always got your back and will leave you hints even when he is no longer alive. Professor Dumbledore was played by the 62-year-old Irish actor who portrayed the image of wisdom and knowledge beautifully. Michael Gambon has acted in 97 movies in total and 40 movies since the Harry Potter series ended. He is now aged 80 and still very much active in the scene.

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He was recently seen in ‘King Of The Thieves’ and ‘Little Women.’ The ‘King Of Thieves’ was so famous that there are even some games named after it. His Netflix movies Paddington and Cranford show his amazing acting skills. Aging showed up to be in his favor as he was cast for many gentleman roles in thriller movies like ‘Maigret’ and the ‘Hollow Crown.’ He even played many supporting family roles in movies like ‘Wives And Daughters’ and ‘The Casual Vacancy.’

Professor McGonagall –Maggie Smith

The strict yet kind and caring professor that everyone liked was a real-time in-demand silver screen actress before she was cast for the role of Professor McGonagall. Queen Elizabeth II even made her a Dame for her contribution to the performing arts. Her stage plays and dramas were very popular in her hometown, Britain. She worked in over 60 films, and 70 stage plays.

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Her latest movies are ‘The Lady In The Van’ and ‘My House In Umbria’, for which she won an Emmy. She achieved many awards in film and drama along her journey. She is a widow with two sons and five grandchildren. She is now 86 and peacefully resides in a house in Pulborough. She is basking in her glory from her acting days and is spending her life in a pretty old-school fashion.

Rolanda Hooch –Zoe Wanamaker

The professor who made us all sit on our household broomstick and imagine we were sorting up the skies. If not for her, Harry would not have been the famous seeker. She taught him and all the other students how to say and play quidditch. The spiky-haired professor is much more than just brooms and games.

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She has played many fun spirits roles. She worked on many dramas and TV shows as a British actress. She played Princess Marie in ‘Mr. Selfridge.’ She makes the audience laugh and coo at her adorable, witty, and versatile acting skills.

Professor Trelawney –Emma Thompson

The spooky and weird professor who could see the future and sometimes go too deep into her brain is one of the actors who achieved stardom due to their roles in Harry Potter. Just remembering the scenes where she stares at the grim in the teacup and shivers when Umbridge throws her out, anyone can tell what an amazing actress she is and how deep she gets into the character.

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After Harry Potter, she used her acting skills and played many versatile roles. Be it a weary, tired wife or a silly doctor, she’s worked in many hit films. She even played a part in ‘The Beauty And The Beast.’ She is also a strong environmentalist and has conducted many campaigns towards protecting the earth. Some of her movies are late night, love actually, and the latest sensation, cruelly.

Hagrid – Robbie Coltrane

Everyone wants a guardian and friend like Hagrid. Someone who would barge into a hall full of students and defend the right one, someone as sympathetic as to shed tears when you win, and someone as quirky as to store pet spiders and dragons. Without argument, Hagrid’s character has been the most comforting and beautiful character in all of the franchise. He was the one who bought Harry to the Dudleys and also the one who carried Harry from the fight with Voldermort.

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The now 71 years old actor was around 50 when he starred in the Harry Potter series. The most loved giant has been doing a fantastic job in all the films he acted on. He starred in a popular UK crime drama before he was cast in Harry Potter. His role as ‘Mr. Hyde’ in ‘Van Helsinki’ had earned many kudos. He can play both the good guy and the bad guys. Though he is rather quiet nowadays and has opted to voice act, Robbie is still a very versatile talent. He voiced many characters in Pixar movies.

Professor Flitwick –Warwick Davis

The man who took us to ‘Swish And Flick.’ The number of teenagers and even adults who would take a stick or a pen and say ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ and hope to lift whatever they are pointing at is many. The man is a little dwarf, but the impact he made with his character is nowhere small. He was an actor, television presenter, comedian, and filmmaker. He is now 51 years and married.

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He is known for his roles in ‘Willows’ and ‘Star Wars.’ He even has a special talent agency that he founded. This agency specializes in recruiting talented people fewer than 5 feet. He even released his autobiography in 2016. He starred in the ‘leprechaun’ series and the chronicles of the Narnia series. He has two children who are also dwarfs and very talented.

Professor Sprout – Miriam Margolyes

You should be thinking of the greenhouse scene and how Neville fainted with the screams. She could cure all the petrified children with the mandrake potion. Professor sprout’s character may be short in the movie, but she was responsible for Neville’s interest peak in herbology. This lead to him giving Harry the necessary herbs that would help him win the Triwizard tournament.

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She acted in famous movies like ‘H Is For Happiness’ and ‘Miss Fisher And The Crypt Of Tears.’ She acted for many animation films like ‘Mulan,’ ‘Balto,’ ‘Cats and Dogs,’ and ‘Maya The Bee.’ She even has her own show, ‘Miriam’s Big American Adventures’, where the straightforward star travels places and solves problems. She is also known for her humanitarian work.

Remus Lupin–David Thewlis

No matter how his character initially started in the movie, he was the one person who always believed in Harry and helped him as a close friend would. The wizard turn werewolf professor was very powerful and showed his skill while battling the death eaters in the last parts. Unfortunately, he could not survive the war but lives in our hearts forever.

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After Harry Potter, he acted in many movies and was nominated for many awards. He even won a golden globe award and an Emmy award. His comedy, Fargo, was the one that got him those awards. He played lead roles in ‘An inspector calls’ and ‘The mercy’. He is with the DC universe and stars in justice league, wonder woman, and their other works.

Horace Slughorn – Jim Broadbent

The professor always seemed to be in a state of confusion. What about Voldermort using him to gain information on the darkest magics and his memory being tampered with? One can associate his face with that dilemma. The Slytherin used to organize special dinners for students he saw potential in, and it was at these dinners that some dark secrets would come out.

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The actor Jim Broadbent though is very successful in his acting career. He starred in famous movies like ‘The legend of Tarzan’ and ‘The sense of an ending.’ He even starred in the famous TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ as Ebrose. The latest films he acted in are ‘Six Minutes To Midnight’ and ‘The Duke.’

Madam Pomfrey – Gemma Jones

The nurse who could stick broken bones back together and bring petrified students out of their daze. Madam Pomfrey is a blessing to all the kids who always seem to get themselves in trouble. With her caring, motherly nature, she never failed to bring back the kids from their bad health and accidents.

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She has been the center of British films for many years. She is juggling 80 years of age on her, but no one can tell when they look at her face. She has starred in many famous movies and series after Harry Potter. Her role in ‘Pride And Prejudice,’ the famous Netflix series, and ‘Bridget Jones’ diary’ are the most popular ones right now. She also acted in the British series Capital.’

Gilderoy Lockhart- Kenneth Branagh

The supposedly famous book writer whom many women fawn upon, including Ron’s mother. His character is like a fresh wind but also wants you to yell at him. He brought comedy to the serious scenes of Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, and if you look closer his character gives you the fact that not all teachers are suited for their jobs.

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In real life, his acting has been very much real, and women do fawn upon him. He is an actor, producer, director, and even a screenwriter. His role in ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ shows that he can act in any role given to him. He also appeared in the famous movies Cinderella and Belfast. He is a member of the marvel family and had appeared in Thor and Avengers, The Infinity War.

Olympe Maxime–Frances de la Tour

The headmistress of Beauxbatons magic academy. She is the mighty yet delicate woman who was even taller than Hagrid. She played the love interest of our lively giant Hagrid, and she was the model mentor to Miss Delacour during the Triwizard tournament. The strong half-giant witch is just like any other actor off stage.

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In reality, she is not as tall as they showed her to be on the screen. She recently played a mother role in the drama series ‘Outlander.’ Her other movies are ‘Alice In Wonderland,’ ‘The Lady In The Van’ and ‘Into The Woods.’ Recently, she appeared on the famous show ‘Enola Holmes.’ Her strong presence may fool some people into thinking that she only takes on those roles, but she even acts well as a compassionate woman.

Neville Longbottom – Matthew Lewis

From the small awkward guy who bought the final winning points to Gryffindor in the first part to the still awkward young adult who could yield the sword of Gryffindor, Neville Longbottom showed us many emotions and made us feel what it’s like to be that one awkward person in the group. Yet, he did not give up, and even when the entire world seemed to be against him, he stood firm on his beliefs and proved himself worthy than most of the students.

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In real life, Matthew Lewis is a dashing, handsome actor who has created havoc in the hearts of many fans. He is a famous British sitcom actor. Some of the amazing works he starred in are ‘Me Before You,’ crime dramas ‘Happy Valley’ and ‘Ripper Street.’ He starred in the ITV drama ‘Girlfriends.’ The latest movies he starred in are ‘Baby Done’ and ‘Villain’. The 32-year young actor is still taking up the acting world by storm.

Fred and George Weasley–James and Oliver Phelps

The series wouldn’t be what it is without the twins. Know for their notorious acts and carefree nature, the Weasley twins brought fun, and the high-school feels to the series. All children would have dreamed of running out of the exam hall throwing their papers into the air just like they made the students do. Fred and George were there beside Harry from the beginning to the end as a duo, but unfortunately, only one survived the war in the end.

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In real life, they are now 37. James is known for his charity work. He has climbed three mountain peaks of the UK to raise money for the Teenage cancer trust charity. Both the twins now have their own cast show named ‘Normal Not Normal.’ They have many upcoming movies lined up, one of them being ‘Own Worst Enemy.’ Both the twins are married and are leading a successful life.

Draco Malfoy – Tom Felton

The young blonde boy’s character shows us exactly how family and influence can change innocent young kids. To prove their worth, how kids sometimes take the wrong path and succumb to evil. Draco was portrayed as evil and mean, but as you grow, you can understand the boy’s intentions and how he was helpless in more situations than one.

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Tom Felton is a renowned actor and has starred in many great movies like ‘Feed’ and ‘Ophelia.’ Did you know that Tom is also a fantastic singer and musician? Some of his songs are ‘If You Could Be Anywhere’ and ‘Holding On’. His role in the ‘Rise Of The Planet Of Apes’ is also very notable. In his latest show, ‘A Babysitter’s Guide To Monsters’ he plays an unrecognizable boogeyman.

Cedric Diggory -Robert Pattinson

A literal heartthrob. Your heart must’ve beat loud when you first saw the Hufflepuff fall off a tree and greet Harry and then must have broken into pieces when you saw his ghastly pale dead body. He was the model student and the perfect friend, anyone, could ask for. He stuck true to his house as a Hufflepuff and showed his loyal and warms self in the Triwizard tournament

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Gregg DeGuire, FilmMagic, Getty Images

What did he do in real life? Anyone who knows Harry Potter, the world of wizards and magic must know Twilight, the world of Vampires and Werewolves. Robert Pattinson has his very own franchise with which he stole many hearts. Very often, the two franchises collide, and fans have theories as to which is the best. We all know that both are. He introduced the world of vampires to us as Edward Cullen and is now being cast for many big orioles. Some even say he caught be the next batman.

Cho Chang – Katie Leung

Harry Potter movies took us through many phases of childhood, teenage and young adulthood. One of such phases was young and first love. With the amazing and adorable, shy Cho Chang acting as Harry’s first love interest, most teenagers’ hearts skipped a beat as they longed for such beautiful first love. It even takes us through the prospect that not all relationships work, and that’s okay too.

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Off of the Harry Potter movies, Katie Leung has played in many British TV series and movies. She even played alongside Jackie Chan in the movie‘The Foreigner.’ Her latest works are ‘Roadkill’, ‘The Nest’ and ‘Locked Down.’ She is still very much gorgeous and is acting in all types of roles.

Dean Thomas –Alfred Enoch

One of Harry’s Gryffindor friends, he was there from the very first movie to the last and has grown well. He fought bravely alongside Harry in the final war and had shown his skills. The gang wouldn’t have been complete with his witty remarks and bubbly attitude. He was popular and even dated Ginny Weasley at one point.

Source: Pinterest / Photo by Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Off the Harry Potter screen, Alfred Enoch is the same popular and bubbly guy. He prefers theater to the flashing lights of the movie industry. Yet, he starred in some fantastic movies like ‘Executive Order’ and ‘Tigers.’ He played the lead role in the famous TV show ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and impressed audiences.

Ginny Weasley – Bonnie Wright

Here comes the real heroine of the show. Since the beginning, she had a crush on her brother’s best friend Harry and supported him silently. She was always a daring and brave girl despite her age. Her character was shown more in the second part, and she was so close to losing her life. In the later parts, she shows her devotion and love to Harry by fighting hard alongside him and pushing him to believe in himself.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Amanda Edwards, Getty Images

Now, the 30-year-old gorgeous actor has starred in many movies and TV shows like ‘The sea,’ ‘Before I sleep,’ ‘A Christmas Carol,’ and ‘those who wander.’ Her humanitarian deeds are on par with Emma Watson’s. She is often campaigning for women’s rights. She is also a passionate environmentalist who has dedicated her time to making the world a better place.

Seamus Finnigan–Devon Murray

The Rouge and naughty little magician who always seemed to blow up whatever he is working on. When you think of Seamus, you think of the spiky hair and dust face with the shocked expression and a broken wand in hand. Though he was known for blowing up stuff in the charm rooms, he was a great friend and companion.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Facebook

This 30-year-old actor has opted for smaller roles since Harry Potter and has kept to his homeland, Ireland. He is an award presenter. He is happily married with children and runs a stable farm in Co Offlay. The kid who would not be quiet in the classrooms has opted for a quiet life in reality.

Lavender Brown – Jessie Cave

The young and pretty witch who was head over heels for Ron and acted as the changing force for Ron and Hermione’s relationship. She spent most of her time fawning over Ron and snuggling with him. Some may get annoyed by this character, but hey, it’s just young love.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Paul Treadway, Barcroft Media, Getty Images

Jessie Cave is not only a talented actor but has many other creative sides. She became a successful cartoonist in 2015. She also published her own book, Lovesick. Some of her works are ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish,’ ‘Tales Of Tales,’ and ‘Great Expectations.’ She even worked on the famous show ‘Black Mirror.’

Romilda Vane –Anna Shaffer

One of the many love-struck girls who crushed on Harry. The black curly-haired witch even brewed a love poison to get Harry to love her, but we all know how that one ended. She thought that Harry was the chosen one and just could not stop staring at him.

Source: Reddit / Photo by Tim P. Whitby, Getty Images

Anna Shafer, was cast in the famous British soap opera, ‘The Hollyoaks’. For years, she played the character of the adorable Ruby button. After that, she opted for smaller roles, but the gorgeous lady has not once stopped turning heads.

Luna Lovegood- Evanna Lynch

Luna’s character has a major impact on Harry and his life. That is why he named one of his children after her. She was a perfect Ravenclaw, calm, airy in her own way, knowledgeable and always resourceful. She played a major role in the final war and even had Neville Longbottom fall for her.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

The gorgeous blonde actress Evanna Lynch hasn’t stopped after Harry Potter. Her calm and serene vibe landed her many roles. Her talents are vast and not limited to acting. She took part in the US dance show ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ She recently played a lead role in the Irish movie, ‘My name is Emily.’ She is a popular actress all over the Atlantic. She even appeared on ‘The legend of Tarzan.’

Pancy Parkinson – Scarlett Byrne

The student who was enticed by the love potions. This long-haired slytherin witch had only few scenes, but she bagged them all. She was one of the few cast members who decided to take a different route after the Harry Potter movies ended.

Source: Twitter / Photo by Michael Bezjian, Getty Images

After the movies, she married the heir of the playboy empire Cooper Hefner. She married the man in 2015. She now has a child. She had her own cameo in the Playboy magazine. She appeared in the movies ‘Lake Placid,’ ‘Sky Bound,’ and ‘Eye Lashes’ for a short amount of time.

Padma And Parvati Patil–Afshan Azad And Shefali Chowdary

The Indian women who went with Harry and Ron to the great ball. They were also a part of Dumbledore’s army. In the bass scenes, they are showed dressed prettily in beautiful Indian attires. These Gryffindor sisters were always great fans of Harry.

Source: Reddit / Twitter/ Photo by Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images

Among the sisters, Shefali hasn’t done much since Harry Potter and is now running her own YouTube channel. However, she does amazing makeup tutorials and videos. As for Afshan, she is an Instagram celeb. Married and expecting a child.

Moaning Myrtle – Shirley Henderson

The girl who lost her life to the basilisk and roamed around the girls’ bathroom as a ghost. She was seen whining and crying all the time in the bathroom stalls. She played a major role in showing harry the clues in both the 2nd and the 4th movies.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Alan Weller, FilmMagic, Getty Images

In real life, she is just like all the British actresses. She dedicates her time to her work and plays all types of roles. Her recent role in “Stan and ollie” has been a hit. It looks like she no longer just cries and whines in the bathroom stalls.

Gregory Goyle – Josh Herdman

The side kicks of our villain boy Draco, Crabb and Goyle. They followed Malfoy around and did whatever he told them to. They were adorable and funny even though they were on the bad side. Everyone remembers the scene where Harry and Ron disguised themselves as Crabb and Goyle with the polyjuice potion.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by John Phillips, Getty Images

In real life, Josh Herdman has a surprising passion for mixed martial arts. He was amused by the ways of jiu-jitsu and trains to become a fighter. He appears in some movies like ‘Robin hood’ and ‘Cage Fighter.’ All in all, the little boy grew up to be a fighter.

Oliver wood – Sean Biggerstaff

The captain and keeper of Gryffindor Quidditch team. He was the one who taught Harry how to become the seeker and familiarized Harry with all the various balls used in the game. So it can be said that Harry wouldn’t know how to catch the snitch if it weren’t for him.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Roberto Ricciuti, Getty Images

Even in real life, Sean Biggerstaff is a sportsman who is known to ride horses. He has taken up many drama roles and has increased his platform as an actor. Recently he was seen snatching audience’s hearts in the audio series ‘Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter.’

Victor Krum –Stanislav ianevski

The strong muscular hero and the king of quidditch. He was known all over the Wizarding world for his power, and many young witches lost their minds over him. He participated in the Triwizard tournament and had a brief, fleeting romance with our Hermoine.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Tumblr

The actor Stanislav though is very kind and humble. He took up many motion picture roles after Harry Potter and aced each one of them. His recent movie, Hostel II, is a sequel to Roth and he played the character Miroslav in it. He is still as muscular as ever.

Fleur Delacour- Clemence Posey

The swan like beauty of Beauxbatons. She represented her school in the Triwizard tournament and turned out to be as skillful as Harry. She, as professor Moddy said, was not at all a fairy princess. She was strong, beautiful, and determined. She even fought alongside Bill Weasley in the last parts.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Francois G. Durand, Getty Images

The actor Clemence, though not a witch, is as beautiful as the character. She graced her way through many movies and TV shows after Harry Potter. She was a fashion model before she was cast into Harry Potter. Her acting career skyrocketed in 2017, and she also gave birth to an equally elegant child.

Cormac Mclaggen–Freddie Stroma

He was dedicated to the sport quidditch and always played well. The player also won many hearts of the young witches in his time on the broom. He was as handsome and stunning in real life as he is on the field.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Desiree Navarro, WireImage, Getty Images

His role in Harry Potter paved a path into the silver screen and the movie industry. He played many great roles in movies and dramas. He even appeared on a season of the famous series ‘Game of thrones’. His work ‘Pitch perfect’ is a blockbuster and had fans gushing over him.

The parents and the family

James Potter –Adrian Rawlins

Though his appearance in the movie was brief and limited to scenes of flashbacks and picture frames, his character had the most impact on Harry as James was his father. He died protecting his son and left his own with many possessions and thoughts. His invisible cloak, for one, is very famous.

Source: Reddit / IMDB

In real life, Adrian is a successful British actor. He is known for his work in ‘The lady on the black.’ He recently appeared on the documentary series ‘Chernobyl’ on Netflix. Some of the recent movies he appeared on are ‘Darkest hours,’ ‘Undergods’ and ‘Without Remorse.’

Arthur Weasley – Mark Williams

The head of the read heads. He is the perfect family man. He is also a great guardian to Harry. He loved his children and also was up for mischief from time to time. He played a very important role in the fights against the death eaters and worked hard to save the ministry.

Source: Pinterest / Photo by Mike Marsland, WireImage, Getty Images

Mark Williams is a great comedy actor. His wit and timely acting made many audiences laugh and filled them with content. The crime movie ‘Golden Years’ is one of his latest works. He is also a writer and a producer. The Marksman is his most recent work.

Petunia Dursley – Fiona Shaw

Is she more of an evil, jealous sister or more of an evil aunt? Up to you to decide. Though she was not so friendly towards Harry and his Wizarding interests, the actor did a good job playing the role of the mean aunt. She used to make Harry do all the chores while she was obsessed with her boy Dudley.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Images

The actor Fiona though, is nothing far from loving and beautiful. She was into comedic scenes before Harry Potter, but her career took a bright turn after the movies ended. She even won a BAFTA award for the thriller series ‘The Killing Eve.’ She is now just a friendly neighborhood actress.

Molly Weasley – Julie Walters

She was like a blood mother to Harry. She was always concerned and caring over Harry while being strict with her own children. Besides being a household mother, she was also a powerful witch who defeated Bellatrix and saved her children. Everyone remembers her iconic line from the scene.

Source: Pinterest / Photo by John Phillips, Getty Images

The actor Julie though, was established before the Harry Potter movies were made. She played many strong roles and gained herself a name. She plays the character of Rosie in the recent Mamma Mia movies. She is known for her versatile acting range. Her latest acts are the secret garden and the queen’s corgi.

Amos Diggory – Jeff Rawle

He started the 4th part with the role of a friendly neighborhood soccer dad taking the kids to watch a soccer game but sadly had to end it losing his son. He was a great friend to the Weasleys and also knew Harry’s parents. He was also the main contributor to the ministry of magic.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by David M. Benett, Getty Images

The actor Jeff also sports an equal kind and easy-going vibe. He performed in the soap opera ‘Hollyoaks.’ He starred in many TV shows like Father Brown and The State Of Unions. He also voice acts. He even works as a narrator and narrates various projects.

Bill Weasley–Domhnall Gleeson

The brother that was away to study dragons. He married Fleur Delacour and fought alongside Harry in the war. It was at their wedding that the initial hints of the war took place. He was the eldest of the Weasley brothers. He was ready with advice whenever Harry needed him.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Albert L. Ortega, Getty Images

The actor Gleeson is a great fan of movies and franchises. He played in the famous movie series ‘Star Wars.’ His character Hux was one of the bad guys, and Gleeson aced that role well. He even played the good guy roles in the movie ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin.’

Sirius Black –Gary Oldman

The character is associated with so many emotions. He was first portrayed as a criminal, but then we get to know that he is the best of all people and was always looking over Harry. He was Harry’s godfather and the only family that he had left. His death in the movie was heartbreaking to everyone, leading to Harry almost going over to the dark side.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Alberto Pezzali-Pool, Getty Images

The actor Gary though is very much alive and running up and down the movie industry. He played the famous character of Winston Churchill in the film ‘Darkest hour.’ He even won an academy award for this role. He is still in the movie business and acts perfectly.

Nymphadora Tonks – Natalia Tena

The Hufflepuff witch who could change her hair colors and shapes of her body parts. She was one hell of a fierce fighter. She was married to Lupin and fought well in the war. She was an active member of the Harry Potter protection squad but unfortunately could not make it through the war.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bros. / Photo by Carlos R. Alvarez, WireImage, Getty Images

Natalia Tena changes up her roles in the acting scene just like she changed shape in the Harry Potter franchise. She is a beautiful and talented actress. She has been recently cast up to feature in the YouTube science fiction series “Origin”, in which she will play the part of Lana Pierce.

Bellatrix Lestrange – Helena Bonham Carter

She was the crazy witch that escaped from the prisons of Azkaban and stayed by Voldermort’s side all through the series. Many people hate her because she was the one who killed Sirius Black. Her characteristic laugh and amazing acting skills earned her many fans, though.

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In real life, Helena is a very gorgeous and light-hearted actress. She did do some quirky roles, like in Sweeny Todd. She is a fashion icon and takes up the red carpets by storm whenever she arrives. Her previous marriage was to Tim Burton. She is playing the role of Princess Margaret in Netflix’s new movie.

Lucius Malfoy – Jason Issacs

Draco’s father and a loyal servant to the Dark Lord. You can remember him with his long blonde mane and cane. He tortured Dobby and was strict on Draco. But if you look closer, you can notice that he too was in the clutches of the Dark Lord and sadly had to obey or pay with his life.

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In real life, he sports the look of a perfect handsome young man wearing eyeglasses. He starred in many movies and TV shows like ‘World War II’ and ‘The OA.’ His wife is a documentary filmmaker. He has two children and lives a quiet happy domestic life, unlike when he was a Malfoy.

Narcissa Malfoy – Helen McCrory

Even she was on the list of the Dark Lord’s loyal servants. She did not shy away from protecting her son. She made Snape take a Vow that he would always protect Draco. With her vintage hairstyle and dressing style in the movie, she was always seen worrying about Draco.

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The British actress is now barely recognizable as Narcissa. She has been playing many movie and drama roles before and after Harry Potter. Recently she was seen starring in a series ‘Fearless.’ She even appeared on ‘Peaky Blinders.’ It is sad to say this, but she recently passed away due to cancer. She will always be alive in our hearts.

Dolores Umbridge – Imelda Staunton

Hands down the most hated character of the whole franchise. The way she treated students and the teachers was unspeakable. Her educational methods were what brought her downfall, and this character gives us the point of view of how some teachers see it fit torture their students in the name of disciplining them.

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In reality, though, the actress Imelda is as kind as a saint. You can just tell by looking at her off-screen pictures. She has also won many awards like the BAFTAs and Olivers. She recently was cast on the feature-length film project ‘Downtown Abbey’ with her Harry Potter co-star, Maggie Smith.

Rufus Scrimgeour – Bill Nighy

With his dark eyes, long hair, and keen look, he may be easily mistaken for the bad guy be he was so not. He was an Auror before being replaced by the minister of magic. He led the fight against the dark wizards in his pursuit of the good. He sadly could not survive and lost his life in the movie.

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In reality, he is a perfect gentleman. He was known even before Harry Potter. He could do any role given to him. He even appeared on ‘The pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘About time’. His career was bright in 2015. He was even one of the GQ’s 50 best-dressed British men.

Rita Skeeter – Miranda Richardson

She is not mainly a bad guy, but she did play the part of an annoying news reporter. She manipulated and jumbled the words said by Harry and his friends in the interviews and wrote what the public would want to read. Gossip. Much like the normal media and press.

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After sniffing out gossip in the wizard world, she went on after amazing movie and drama roles for herself. She recently played the role of Patty Bauman in the drama ‘Stronger.’ Her beauty is nowhere near fading, nor is her talent and working skills.

Peter Pettigrew – Timothy Spall

The small mouse that created so much havoc. He was responsible for the revival of the Dark Lord. He shows up in the third part and stays till the end creating all sorts of trouble. He was apparently Harry’s parents’ friend, but well, in the end, he was just a pawn in the plans of the Dark Lord.

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His acting skills in the Prisoner of Azkaban themselves show how much of a talented and versatile actor he is. He was a star even before harry potter and used the fame from his Pettigrew days to his advantage. He was recently seen playing the role of Davies in the play ‘The Caretaker.’

Voldermort – Ralph Fiennes

Here comes the main Villain. The greedy Slytherin who wanted all the power to himself and did not stop until he achieved everything. He firmly believed that there was no place for muggles in the wizard world and created a revolution against the muggles. He killed Harry’s parents in his seek for power and hence started the whole franchise.

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In reality, though, he is just another actor whose face was packed up with makeup to look like that. He made his mark in the world of acting long back. He won an academy award for his versatile acting skills. He is still taking up the acting world by storm. He plays both the villains and the kind guys. He recently played an impressive part in the Lego movie series.