62 Bizarre Things Homeowners Found in Their Homes While Renovating

We found some weird items and structures from homes in different neighborhoods, and they were so hilarious we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. Hopefully, we’ll be able to figure out what some of these builders or architects were thinking.

Source: Reddit

But we’re not making promises because some of these items aren’t just funny, but strange and ridiculous. You’d be surprised what people kept in their homes. Have a great time reading this list of bizarre and funniest items and structures found in homes being renovated.

A Toaster Lasting the Test of Time

When this couple saw this house, we’re 100% certain that they weren’t expecting to see this when they walked in (not like we’re intentionally trying to rhyme or anything). When the realtor takes you on a house tour and you find a built-in toaster, there are two possibilities.

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You either overlook all other shortcomings of the house and fall completely in love. Or, you run away because such appliances make houses more expensive and it’s not that important. Would we say this built-in toaster is unnecessary? Maybe not, but we could find cheaper options.

Space in a Farmhouse

This farmhouse owner is very convinced that this building must have had a lot of beautiful family memories made in it, as he often came across lovely memorabilia. On this day, he chose to work on the walls and made some interesting discoveries. What did he find?

Source: Facebook

After removing layers upon layers of wallpapers, he found an incredible one with images of a space rocket and a base giving the warm illusion of being somewhere else, particularly somewhere out of this world. Kudos to whoever lived here. They have excellent taste.

Perhaps, There’s an Unseen Anchor

We don’t want anyone jumping to the conclusion that this chain has no purpose. The owners of this old home are convinced that this chain is just one of those weird and unexpected items that are found on ancient sites, but we beg to differ!

Source: Imgur

If they dig deep enough, they may find a treasure chest, and the chain could be the final clue on the map. Don’t give us that look – we love pirate movies, and we love adventures…lol. Anyway, we’d advise them to leave the chain alone. It’d be shocking to find it is holding the house pillars.

A Home in a Home

Honestly, this is the kind of discovery we look forward to. These weird things are just crazy. How beautiful is this mini home? The buyers walked into this house and found that the former homeowners had built a complete cute little house for the kids under the staircase. We adore this!

Source: Imgur

If every other feature of this house is this lovely, then these buyers just hit the jackpot. We hope they can introduce us to their realtor soon enough. You can see that this little basement house is fully furnished and ready for the kids to play in. Love it!

The Four Seasons Window

Now you probably think we’re talking about a window from one of the luxurious four seasons hotels and resorts, but this is not the case. This is the window of a local man’s house where the trees reflected from the angle are of different types and colors.

Source: Facebook

It produces an image that looks like four weather seasons transitioning into the other. The truth is, not everyone would see this immediately. It takes a mind that pays attention to details to notice such art. Others may also look at it and see something different. Art is truly subjective, we must say.

Bowling in the Porch

This man makes a striking discovery while renovating his home. He found 150 bowling balls covered with concrete under his porch. Why would anyone do that? We’re guessing the old owners of the house once had a bowling center, but why are they now buried in the porch?

Source: Reddit

Perhaps they ran out of business and closed the bowling alley but didn’t want to throw away the merchandise. So, what better way to preserve it than to keep it underground? It sounds like a great idea until you forget to take it along with you when moving out.

Painting the SIM Card

Not to take you on a short wall painting class, but we’ll need to restate the basics. First, ensure the surface is smooth before you apply anything to it. Secondly, ensure that the paint is almost dry or completely dry before adding anything over it. We believe that whoever painted this ceiling needs these lessons.

Source: Facebook

It looks like a SIM card case or frame was stuck on the wall before the paint was applied, and the painter went on without noticing it. It’s either that or some kids were in the mood to play pranks by sticking the SIM case to the wall. Anyway, the preserved SIM card case gives the wall a weird and unusual feel.

Here! Thank You, Next!

If this picture irritates you or freaks you out, then that goes for all of us. We’ll be quick to move on to the next picture. By all indications, we can see that this passage to the basement door of this house hasn’t been walked through by any human lately.

Source: Tumblr

Huge bugs and spiders have made a home of these walls, and they don’t seem ready to move out anytime soon. Well, unless they’re all killed by fumigation or captured and taken out to some sort of preservation center. One thing we know for sure is that these homeowners need to decide and fast!

A Cost-Free Air Conditioner

When you buy a new house, and you have that traditional tour, one thing you would never expect to see is a well under the floors. This homeowner lifted a piece of wood from the floor and had this discovery. Now, what’s he going to do with this extra ‘fitting’ in his home?

Source: Imgur

From the caption that ran across the picture, we can already tell how they feel about it. They think it’s a creepy hole that ghosts live in. Therefore, we believe this well will be filled up with stones until it reaches floor level. Then, the homeowners will probably cover it up with the hardest wood ever. Easy peasy!

Where Does the Wall Lead to?

A key knob in the wall? We love adventures, and so we love seeing this. What’s more thrilling than trying to discover what ancient doors this key knob may lead to? Our bubbles were busted when we found that this is, in fact, part of the tool kit for firefighters or emergency response teams.

Source: Facebook

It’s not a mystery keyhole, but it’s called a ‘Knox Box’ with a small hole that houses all the keys to the doors of the building. So, it’s more like a panic or emergency key safe, get it? Yes, this wall is unique, but it isn’t another clue to a hidden treasure chest or anything like that.

More of the Teeny Tiny Cutlery

Well, we sure haven’t seen a fork this tiny in a while. This homeowner found this tiny fork while working on their new apartment, and it’s natural to wonder who would use such small cutlery? It is more than ten times smaller than the size of a palm.

Source: Facebook

We’ve concluded it may have belonged to a pet, or perhaps, it’s part of a play kit for Barbie dolls. People on social media don’t share this same thought. When the homeowner shared the picture on Reddit, many said supernatural creatures used this mysterious fork, and he should be worried about finding the remaining set.

Fishy Flashback Biology Friday

This picture interests us a lot because it not only allows us to go back in time, but we also get a chance to take another lesson in biology. This couple discovered a fossil under their kitchen flooring, which appears to be at least two decades old.

Source: Facebook

The fossilized fish is thought to be a Knightia eocaena, an ancient fish that was originally present in the Green River Formation, which now encompasses sections of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. On the one hand, we think this is cool, and on the other hand, we’re screaming, ‘what the heck?!’

Weird Fluffy Cuddly Toys

It’s easy for kids to immediately get attached to items they perceive as theirs. Because of the innocence of children, they can love anything and anyone, and that’s why we don’t find this fluffy hairy toy weird, as labeled by social media.

Source: Reddit

A new homeowner found dozens of this toy stuck between the walls of the bathroom, and he believes it’s a strange toy. Plus, why would anyone have dozens of the same kind of toy? It’s simple. They’re probably for sale. This toy looks like seagulls, but on a closer look, it may be some kind of cute sponge to convince children to bathe more often.

Door Permanently Shut and Painted

Some home designs will simply leave you wondering and trying to figure out what that part of the house was ever used for. This is the plight of this couple as they find doors in their home that have been turned into a wall to hang frames.

Source: Tumblr

Even more interesting, this door has been painted over and now seems to be a permanent wall. The only thing giving it away is the knob that is still on the door. When the door was broken down, it led nowhere but had a tiny room. What can this room be used for? A couple of things we believe, one of which is to play hide and seek.

The Bird in the Attic

This sounds a little poetic, doesn’t it? Well, poets draw inspiration from real-life events and places. Attics are naturally known to be very creepy, so one must have their expectations in line while journeying down there. As this worker goes into the attic at the restaurant he works for, he finds something unexpected.

Source: Tumblr

He first discovers the big scary shadow of a giant bird and leaps out of fear before his gaze catches a little bird enjoying the coziness of the restaurant’s attic. Now, all that’s left is for the worker to summon enough courage to walk past the bird and get to work. Meanwhile, how did this bird enter the attic in the first place

Another Box to Open

Oooohhh… you’re probably as curious as we are to find out what’s in this safe. It is with great disappointment that we announce to you that while the homeowners went down to their basement and found this box, they thought they’d find interesting discoveries inside, but alas! It was empty.

Source: Tumblr

Now we have more questions than answers. Why was the box taken down there if it was empty? Are we missing something? After some research, we realize that the box was placed there in the 1800s. Now, we’re extra curious about what was kept inside.

The Toilet Seat of Revelations

People claim to find a lot of inspiration when sitting on toilet seats, and maybe, we finally found the reason why. This toilet seems to be filled with great light that fits the description of something heavenly. What if all toilets did this every day?

Source: Reddit

The homeowner who took this picture burst our bubbles by explaining to us that this wasn’t the case. A window casts light on the toilet, and the light reflects profusely on the white toilet seat. Add the natural light with that of the camera flash, and there you have it! The holy toilet…lol.

The Paper is Dried

We strongly believe this is a good sign, and this homeowner has lucky stars. Not everyone finds money while trying to clean the dryer in their new house. He didn’t find some old valueless coins in the vent, but real paper money worth over a hundred dollars.

Source: Reddit

This is more than enough motivation to continue cleaning the house. Hopefully, they find enough money to throw themselves a nice little housewarming party. Technically, the house paid for itself. Lastly, we wish more homeowners had such monetary discoveries, and pray that you remember us in case you find a bag of money somewhere in a building.

Door After Door

This home’s designer took the ‘girl next door’ idea literally when he constructed the rooms so that they made a straight line down the hallway, and the residents only have to take one step to go next door. There are good and bad points to this idea.

Source: Imgur

The good part is they’re so close, they get to watch out for each other. The bad part is they may be a little too close to afford one another any privacy. Here’s our conclusion. It’s kind of a pretty design, but it’s way too close for comfort.

The Kettle on the Rooftop

A nursery rhyme can be constructed out of this, we believe…lol. It’s baffling, anyway, as we can’t seem to quite put our finger on what’s happening in this picture. Did the kettle magically find its way up there, or was this an intentional act by the residents of this house?

Source: Facebook

Maybe they were trying a new concept, but social media wasn’t feeling this one, and we all know the internet is now the court of approval. Other than the fact that the kettle thing is a little weird, we love how it’s well placed.

The More Rooms, the Merrier

When a house is being sold to you, the features and designs may be exaggerated to make it seem perfect, but in the long run, it may not be as it was presented. This house was said to have a hidden room, yet the homeowner didn’t discover it.

Source: Facebook

When he drove a bus inside his garage, the floor cracked open. Lo and behold, a secret room was discovered outside. Now, they know where the room is, but where is the entrance? Yes, the quest is on!

Home Out of Bound

What is missing in this house? A front door. How do the residents of this house enter the building? Probably through the window, a back door, or rather the building is out of bound. It may be out of bounds, but it doesn’t look abandoned.

Source: Facebook

With the lawn properly mowed and no cobwebs, it shows that the house is still occupied by residents. But, they don’t seem so welcoming to the neighbors since there’s no door at all. There’s no ‘trick or treating’ in this house. Try the next!

The House in a Basement

People are naturally scared of going to the basement, as it’s always dark and creepy. But, something isn’t right with this basement. It seems like someone lived in the basement as it has a functioning toilet at the top of the stairs. That’s new and strange.

Source: Facebook

We would have said this is quite innovative, but it makes it difficult for anyone trying to run away from something creepy in the basement…. maybe a ghost? The unnecessary toilet makes it too easy to trip and fall down the stairs. Don’t give us that look…we’ve seen a lot of horror movies.

More Honorable Stones for the Building

Well, if we’re going to pay thousands of dollars for a home, we should at least get what it’s worth out of it. This show of deceit is so unpleasant to watch. Years after moving in, a homeowner found that their home was made of gravestones.

Source: Facebook

This realization can plague the homeowners with nightmares by just thinking about how many gravestones were in the building. Could it be that grave sand was also used while constructing this house? Goodness…That’s witchcraft!

The Toilet Desktop Workspace

We already established that people claim to be easily inspired when they’re on the toilet, and this home designer or owner clearly understood this and took it to a whole new level. The item beside the toilet seat is a retractable table that can be used to hold almost anything.

Source: Imgur

With this table and the cute little lightbulb below it, whoever uses this toilet can come in with a laptop, books to read, wool to crochet, and anything they’ll be needing a table for. We love this innovation; it inspires us to even boost our critical thinking further.

Beautifully Shadow the Numbers

This shadow of the numbers three and six used to be mysterious until the homeowners figured it out. The sun reflects on the house number from the door and creates a shadow. For some reason, we think it’s lovely. The designs from the number plate are in full view, and the glittery design under the sun is simply attractive.

Source: Imgur

What made it more mysterious is that this only happens in summer. But now that the mystery has been unveiled, the homeowners can now take cute pictures of it and share them on social media. Luckily, it’s gone viral. You should take a cue from this!

Room Behind a Shelf

Why would a bookshelf be without books? Probably because if books were on it, they would fall every time the shelf is opened. This is not a shelf but a door that leads to another room. What if you were a guest in this house?

Source: Facebook

Your innocent self might rest on the shelf and flip it over, leading to this discovery. This room is fully furnished and cleaned. It could be a cool guest room or just a room to get away from all the noise, especially in a house filled with kids.

An Ancient Fire Extinguisher

Well, here’s one thing to pawn off at the pawnshop. In this picture, we are presented with a fire extinguisher from a building that is over a century old. This building was once a hospital but is now a home belonging to a family.

Source: Reddit

Now it’s time to decide whether to remove the extinguisher or leave it for a firey day. Either way, it should be tested to find out if it still works well or works at all. A 112-year-old fire extinguisher shouldn’t be relied on.

Beehive in a Wall

One thing we love about bees is their buzz. It cannot be silenced. This homeowner observes a vibration in his home after a while. Afterward, he embarks on an investigation and comes back to the exact spot of the vibration. As seen in the picture, he finds a beehive.

Source: Tumblr

We now have more questions after this discovery. How did the bees stay alive inside the wall for that long? Were they planted there, or did they intentionally find the spot and make it a home? I guess we’ll never know. Now it’s time to call a beekeeper to evacuate this hive!

Newspaper Survives Two Centuries

Technology has improved, but newspapers haven’t changed that much. It’s still text, pictures, and big headlines, and this is proof of it. This newspaper dates as far back as 1902, and although most of its edges are gone, it’s still legible enough to read through.

Source: Facebook

As this homeowner works on decluttering her home, she comes across this newspaper, and it is a clear indication of how old this home is and how long people have lived in it. We’d like to get the address of this house. We’re quite sure we’ll find some old antiques.

Frog Under House Arrest

At first sight, we thought this was something fetish, but apparently, it’s only a statue. It’s kind of hard to keep pets in place, even stuffed ones, and so maybe, that’s why this frog was tied to a rooftop. Or, maybe a parent is trying to teach a child a lesson.

Source: Facebook

Sometimes we must be practical with kids, and this can be one of the extra steps to show a child how life works…lol. Hopefully, the statue will be taken down at the end of the lesson because it’s a little creepy, to be honest.

Two Walls and One Building

There are many aha! moments waiting for new homeowners while working on their new homes. As this young man tries to get rid of his wall plaster for a replacement, he finds another wall in the back. But not any kind of wall – an unusual wall.

Source: Imgur

Two days after buying his home, he noticed a massive stack of old bricks that might be over a hundred years old behind the plastered wall, and he decided to take a picture and share it on social media. Maybe his home could be featured in a movie soon.

Too Many Secret Doors

Are we to believe the point of secret doors is to have places to hide yourself and other stuff in them? But, when there are too many secret doors, it could get too confusing. This homeowner already found a ‘second’ secret door in their new home.

Source: Imgur

From the look of things, there are more secrets to be discovered in this house. It’s mysterious, but we love it. As always, we focus on the bright side, and in this case, this house is a very good spot to play hide and seek. We’d love some playtime in this house.

Face to Face Toilet Arrangement

There are times that people are inseparable, and doing everything together keeps them happy. Whoever designed this home was either attempting to minimize the use of space or trying to foster closeness of the residents in the relationships. The result was this toilet design.

Source: Tumblr

The homeowner bought this house and found two toilets facing each other. This is creepily cute and has added a new meaning to the idea of being inseparable. Why face each other while pooping? It’s easy to solve this problem. Simply render one of the toilets inactive.

Another Box to Open

People are different and unique, and that’s why houses have different items that represent people’s experiences. This is another old box that was found under a house, and the homeowners are curious about what may be inside. The box looks dirty and ancient, and we’re worried about what may be inside.

Source: Reddit

The homeowners stated that it made a heavy thud every time it was hit, and something moved inside. This shows that the box has some contents. As we all know, empty vessels make the loudest noise, and this is a direct translation of the saying.

It’s a Kitty Fence

We love this wooden fence because it’s charming. You don’t get to see a kitty-shaped fence like this every day, so we’ve marked it as one of our favorite houses on this list. The woodworker responsible for this is quite innovative, we must confess.

Source: Facebook

Maybe this fence will attract more cats to our home, and we can share our lives with them. On this note, it is our pleasure to announce that we are getting a kitty-shaped fence for ourselves. We want a design that gives us a breath of fresh air.

A BFF Pact Renewal

People move to new homes but often leave symbols of their memories behind. Some memories are stuck in the building forever, and that’s what happened in this case. As this homeowner tries to work on the walls, he takes off layers of wallpapers until he finds this pact.

Source: Facebook

The statement written in October 1997 stated that they would eat their overalls if ‘Spice Girls’ were still popular by the time the room was renovated. The pact is now over 20 years old, and we hope the owners know they don’t have to eat their own clothing.

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Do you enjoy playing board games? Many of us do. In case you didn’t already know, there are different sizes of board games available. People who enjoy board games collect the rare sizes. Not just that, these fans also acquire various versions or components of their favorite games.

Source: Tumblr

When you’re a fan, there’s no going back. You’re stuck forever. This homeowner purchased the property from a monopoly fan. The floor of this property is designed to look like a monopoly board. We hope the former owner paid all his debt before selling the property.

Living in a Samurai’s Home

What did it feel like to be a Samurai? Or a Knight? Some of us have thought about this before. But, have you ever thought of what it would feel like to own a Samurai’s home? Old houses come with their own set of mysteries. The homeowner was repairing an old house.

Source: Imgur

It was built over a hundred years ago. So, it’s only normal to come across items from that period while refurbishing the space. While cleaning up layers of grime from the property, the owner discovered a samurai sword. How lucky! We can only imagine what it’d feel like holding it!

Laying Up Treasures on Earth

The house has a safe floor. When buying a new house, pay attention to what the agent has to say. This house’s floor is safe, but it’s not what you’re thinking of. What we’re saying is that this property has a safe in the ground. No, we’re not kidding. See…

Source: Reddit

When the carpet had to be removed because of a water overflow, the owners discovered a safe on the floor. This house is actually secure. Even if someone tries to rob them, they can never predict where the owners put their valuables. Someone has been laying up treasures on earth.

Trying to Make Concrete Sandwiches

We believe in minimalism in today’s world. Everything is so simple these days. In fact, the designs appear to be becoming more minimalistic. But, when we look back in time, we are often taken back by the grandiose designs of so many things. Everything was so…big.

Source: Facebook

If you’re wondering how big things were, then here’s an example. This homeowner got a toaster from the 1970s. The issue is that the toaster is enormous, and it is attached to the wall. The fact that it still works is even more astonishing.

A View of the Ocean

If you’re like most people, you like to book a hotel room with a view of the water every time you’re at the beach. That’s something everyone appreciates. But, it’s impossible to get ocean view rooms every time due to the style of each hotel.

Source: Tumblr

Impossible? Let’s see…. This hotel took the challenge seriously and designed its windows. Their idea was to have it look like there’s a ship sailing on the horizon from the window’s shadow. So, everyone gets a beach view. You’ll agree with us that whoever thought up that idea deserves a raise!

A Place for the Little Ones

Homeowners go to great lengths to make their pets feel at home in their homes. With their brilliant minds, some people go beyond the concept of creativity. Some people come up with lovely ideas that will melt your heart. Take a look at this sweet gesture:

Source: Facebook

This homeowner made a spot in his yard for a hedgehog and placed a small signboard there. The information on the signboard is helpful, but we are blown away by the idea the homeowner came up with. We hope our little pal is having a good time there.

Finding Safety in Electricity

Safes have become common in most homes today. The best part about having a safe inside a home is that you have the liberty to hide it anywhere. Some people have taken that too far. People keep their safes in the most bizarre places. You would never think of it.

Source: Facebook

You’ll be astonished to learn about the locations and methods used to hide or disguise safes today. The days of hiding safely behind a picture are long gone. A phony socket was discovered by this homeowner. They then discovered a hidden safe behind it after attempting to remove it.

Always Paw Your Territory

We stumbled on one of the most adorable masterpieces from the early 1900s. After the work on this home’s cement slab was completed, a dog chose to bless the site by stepping on it. It’s always nice to mark your territory, and this dog was probably doing just that.

Source: Reddit

We love dogs, too, so we were thrilled to see what happened to the cement slab when it dried. The homeowners through the years were most likely dog lovers because not one of them tried to fix the mark. The paw lives on!

A Stroll to Nowhere

A war is brewing. And, it’s a war between homeowners and architects. This is something we can already foresee. It’s in the air, and it may not take long. Why? Architects are creating ridiculous designs, and homeowners are helplessly going insane. Take a look at what this homeowner got.

Source: Imgur

This place has a staircase. So far, everything seems to be going well, right? Guess where the stairwell leads you? Nowhere. To the wall. Great job. Right now, we’re at a loss for words. What was going through the architect’s mind? We’ll need this architect to describe their thought process.

A Window No One Can Use

Okay, now this is getting out of hand. Architects, y’all better be ready to give us some answers. And make it quick! We’ve found yet another intriguing design. This homeowner purchased a home with a window that is directly above the front door. It doesn’t sound too bad yet, right?

Source: Reddit

But wait till you hear something astonishing; the window isn’t accessible. Yeah, that’s right. You can only see it there. Unless you’re neighbors with Superman, there’s no way to reach it. Could someone please inquire as to the specific purpose of this window with the building’s architect?

A Soap from Nowhere

You may occasionally come upon artifacts from past decades. Apparently, artifacts aren’t the only thing people stuble upon. You can also come across items from places that no longer exist. While moving their belongings, this homeowner discovered a bar of soap. That may not sound unusual, but it’s not the end of the story.

Source: Facebook

This soap had the name of the country it came from inscribed on it, which is nice. Yugoslavia is the country’s name. We’re not trying to give you a geography class, but if you look for this country on a map, you won’t find it because it no longer exists.

Did Superheroes Live Here?

As previously stated, ancient houses are full of mysteries. There are so many twists that raise questions. You might come across items you didn’t expect to see there. Someone here, for example, discovered a hidden room behind the wall shelf. Sounds like the Avengers might be around. Right?

Source: Facebook

The most amazing thing was that the room was fully furnished on the inside. This means it was not only intentional but was frequently used. We can see comfortable sofas inside the hidden chamber. We sometimes wonder if folks hid there for some alone time.

Tetanus Waiting to Happen

When this person was remodeling their bathroom, they discovered a stack of old, rusted razor blades. While this tetanus nightmare may appear strange, having a gap behind the medicine cabinet or in the bathroom to dispose of razors was quite common in the past. Strange, right?

Source: Facebook

Men used to just toss their blades after shaving and dispose of them in these spaces before the invention of modern razors and developments in shaving technology. It’s clear to see how far grooming technology has progressed when looking at this pile of rusted blades. We suddenly feel safer.

A Coffin with a View

We’re sure when these construction workers stumbled upon this grisly discovery while building a church in South Carolina, they must have been terrified. An iron coffin known as a Fisk coffin was hidden away in the church’s infrastructure; these coffins were built with glass windows to see the deceased’s face.

Source: Imgur

The airtight coffin was used to keep bodies safe from diseases or to keep them safe till burial. Fisk coffins were much more expensive than regular coffins, and they were used to bury society’s affluent and more distinguished people. So, they were looking at a notable human.

Dates From the Past

Another one for the history lovers. Have you ever wondered what calendars looked like in the past? The Aztecs of ancient Mesoamerica used a complex calendar system etched on a stone known as an Aztec sunstone or calendar stone long before humans started hanging calendars with adorable puppies or centerfolds.

Source: Imgur

The Aztec calendar year was a little bit different. It had 365 days and 18 months, each of which corresponded to different deities or elements of the Earth. We have no idea where this guy got this ancient relic or why they chose to mount it on their wall.

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

This Reddit user’s older neighbor used to tell him that their homes’ second stories were originally connected by a bridge. Well, it just sounded absurd, so the poster didn’t believe his neighbor. Not until they started refurbishing their apartment. The older guy knew what he was talking about.

Source: Facebook

They found a doorway that faced the neighbor’s house, which was only five feet away. It turns out that linked apartments were prevalent throughout the 19th century when the houses were built. While it may have been appropriate many years ago, we’re guessing this new tenant values their privacy.

It Pays to DIY

How many times have you imagined stumbling on a huge box of cash? This person lived it! Apparently, they decided to renovate the house they’ve been living in for years. A dusty green metal lunch box was tucked into the rafters of their 1940s home.

Source: Facebook

Stacks of money were meticulously wrapped in a newspaper with the year 1951 on it inside the box. As if that wasn’t enough, the homeowner soon discovered another package stuck between the rafters. The box was even heavier this time than the first. It had about $45,000 in it!

The Reward for Cleaning Up

At this rate, we’re about to abandon this and do some cleaning too! Most people know they’ll spend a lot of money on renovations before starting. This person’s remodeling, on the other hand, resulted in his becoming $25,000 richer after he discovered a stash of priceless antique coins.

Source: Reddit

This Reddit user discovered 83 golden Swiss franc coins while cleaning up a pile of coal in their home. Known as Vreneli, these coins were struck between 1897 and 1949. The coins are 90% gold and are valued at almost $300 each! It’s not a bad reward for a little cleaning.

Did Da Vinci Live Here?

This image may appear to be a modern painting or a magnified view of hard candy at first sight, but what you’re seeing is actually layers and layers of paint. This Reddit user was renovating a home furnishings store when they discovered this intriguing hole in the wall.

Source: Imgur

It’s fascinating to see how interior design trends have influenced paint color choices over time. Nowadays, we’re unsure anyone would give such a design a second thought. Given the fact that lead-based paints were only phased out in 1978, we hope this contractor is wearing a mask!

Taking the Train Home

Wooden railroad ties have been used to build railroads throughout history. These ties, or wood planks, hold the rails and allow them to be held straight and spaced properly. Besides train lines, these wood planks have been used for a variety of reasons, including home construction.

Source: Facebook

Enough of this description, here’s a good example of what we’re talking about. Do you think it’s a good idea? Unfortunately, creosote and other harmful chemicals have often been used to treat these wood planks. As a result, reusing railroad ties for residential construction is prohibited in several nations.

Strange Art in a Hotel Room

Due to the sheer large number of people that travel through most hotels, there’s a strong possibility you’ll encounter some unusual things. And yes, someone found something strange to share. This Reddit user chose to share some one-of-a-kind artwork they discovered while refurbishing a hotel.

Source: Facebook

When creating this unique picture, the artist chose one of the hotel bed headboards as their canvas. We’re curious as to why the artist chose such a discreet place for their work and how they could move the supposedly heavy bed to paint the rear of the headboard.

Spoils From the War

Finding an item during a renovation doesn’t necessarily have to be a creepy or terrifying thing. Even though we understand some of the things here have been horrific, once in a while, you can come across a fascinating historical artifact. During their home renovation, this Reddit member discovered an ancient medallion.

Source: Reddit

The medallion came from the Civil War era and was given to members of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). GAR was a veteran’s group for Union Army soldiers and other members of the armed forces who served in the American Civil War.

Hidden Artwork in the Bathroom

When a home has been passed down through several owners, it’s easy for some of the home’s unique qualities to be lost or hidden, depending on the current homeowner’s preferences. A magnificent picture of a harbor and boats was lovingly sketched on the wall of this Reddit user’s restroom.

Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, the drawing was done directly on his bathroom’s now-corroding wall. Given that the house was constructed in 1905, it’s plausible that the drawing is well over a century old. But we have to say, what a talent this person was. It’s a shame that it’ll soon be gone.

Not All Doors Should Be Opened

Many people would be terrified if they discovered a closed door in their basement. Thankfully, the story behind this menacing entrance is far less terrifying – the hatch goes to the outside of the house and was constructed as an emergency exit if the house collapsed due to a tornado.

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The hatch’s design prevents powerful winds from opening it from the outside, but it may be readily opened from the inside by someone in the basement/tornado shelter. Humans have always learned to survive, regardless of what conditions they’re exposed to. And, it’s great to see how they coped.

Creepy Clowns in an Old House

This one give Annabelle vibes, and you can already see why. There are a few things that many people can agree on, and one of them is that clowns are creepy. It doesn’t even end there. Clowns were discovered beneath an ancient house’s deck. It gets even creepier.

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This Reddit user decided to share a disturbing photo of several clown sculptures they discovered while renovating their home. Aside from the fact that these painted toys are odd and bizarre, we’re also wondering how they got under the deck in the first place.