90 Ways People Make You Question the Human Race

Honestly, we’ve all made some very bad decisions or done something stupid. It’s usually not funny when it happens, but months or years later when we look back on it, we have a good laugh and sometimes even share it with friends and family members.

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But nowadays, with Twitter and Instagram, the whole world might also be laughing at you…forever. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve made the dumbest mistake of your life, wait until you see our spectacular pictures of people with the worst critical thinking skills. You may not be as stupid as you think.

Two Tires to Cushion the Fall

It always seems like the greatest plan until you try it. The light that turns on when you think you’ve figured something out is really bright. But the realization that “no, maybe I’m not that smart” is epic. This is one of those cases.

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They say two heads are better than one, but there are three heads here, and we’re not sure they’re as good as one! Well, they put two tires on the floor ready to cushion the fall. What could go wrong, right? We’ve seen the GIF. It went terribly wrong.

He’s Got to Be Kidding

Sometimes you see things and wonder what exactly was going through the person’s mind. Here is a good example. We have so many questions, and you can’t blame us. Did the mailman have a beef with the owner? How did he even fit the package into that mailbox?

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But the biggest question is for the package owner. How badly do you want your package? Is it enough to dismantle your mailbox? We get the feeling the mailman was trying to be funny because could this really happen by mistake? There are many question marks here.

Time to Bathe with the Kitty

We think we’re not alone when we say household cats don’t generally like to take a bath. It’s pretty much in the rule book. Although it’s not true for all felines, many household cats have an aversion to water. As it appears, we’re more than certain our friend here learned that.

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This young man needed a bath and felt it was a good chance to spend quality time with his cat. Not surprisingly, the cat wasn’t in the mood! But hold on a second. Why did this man want to share his bath with a cat? Naked? Um… okay!

Use Once…and That’s the End

One look at this picture and you can see everything wrong with it. But according to the contractor who made this, these closet doors are perfect, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. Maybe this construction guy needs to go back and get some more training.

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It’s one thing to make a mistake and admit it…”Oh shoot! My bad. I’ll fix it.” But saying the doors are perfect? Really? So let’s say we fill the closet with clothes and then close the door. Now what? Do we leave the clothes there for someone in the next century?

A Bone to Pick

This one took us completely off guard, and you can see why. The caption under the social media post said “almost choked on my oatmeal.” We completely understand why! Since a drawing of a bone looks nothing like the love sign, which was most likely the plan, we’re unsure what to think.

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We understand the sentiment, but we strongly advise you to remove this from your vehicle before someone misinterprets it. We like the joke, but you should start scratching that sticker off right away! Like ASAP! You can read the urgency in the tone. Well, it’s not our fault!

Got Your Work Cut Out

The job of a court reporter isn’t an easy one, and their job is probably one of the hardest. And as it appears, it must also be difficult for some people to follow instructions—even the most straightforward instructions. These people make their job even worse.

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The instruction was simple enough. It’s probably the simplest instruction known to mankind—okay, maybe we’re exaggerating. But it clearly states to “verbally respond to my questions.” And what happens next? Of course, a nod. No, a court reporter really can’t “take down a nod or a shake.”

A School for Pumping Gas

Filling a gas tank isn’t that difficult, is it? You might want to think again. In fact, some people need to ask for help since obviously no one ever taught them how to do it. This lady needs all the help she can get.

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If she doesn’t think she needs help, it should raise some red flags. This might not end well for her, the passengers in her vehicle, or anybody in the vicinity. Maybe there should be training for filling your tank with gas because this lady could really use some lessons.

Traveling by Road…or Van?

We’ve all had that one time when we tried to cut costs as much as possible. We become engineers or mathematicians in the twinkle of an eye. This fellow took things too far. It’s one thing to try to save on transportation costs, but this rises to a whole different level.

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This is hilarious and unsafe at the same time both for the driver and the other vehicles on the road. Well, we hope this driver doesn’t brake or accelerate unexpectedly because maybe, just maybe, they will find out that the cost of towing a vehicle isn’t that expensive after all.

A Volcano on the Plane

Have you ever seen what happens when you combine Mentos and a carbonated drink? This one is straight out of a YouTube video. But we get the feeling that the YouTube content creator probably forgot to tell people what happens if they try it. This person found out, but it didn’t end well.

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Are you thinking about it? Don’t. No, seriously, don’t try it—especially on a plane. We’ve been told it’s like an erupting volcano. For the curious cats still thinking about it, this combination causes an explosion with lots—lots—of bubbles. Again, don’t do it.

This Doesn’t Look Good

No, this doesn’t look good. We really hope this story has a happy ending because we already fear the worst. As you can see in the picture, the skid marks lead all the way to an unfortunate stop at a large hole in the ice, presumably made by something big.

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First, it’s not always safe to walk on ice. Authorities repeatedly warn people not to venture out on ice. But here, it’s not just walking. This person was driving on frozen water. We weren’t there, but we can still ask why. We hope they’re alive so they can learn an important lesson.

Reach for the Skies

If you’ve read many stories, you’ll know that mankind’s quest to touch the skies has spanned centuries. We’ve always been fascinated by what lies beyond in space and the entire universe. And even now, mankind continues to advance this quest. But apparently, it’s not just NASA that’s interested.

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This human is trying to live up to her own quest to reach for the sky. We’re sure in the history of mankind’s quest that this is the first (and only) time a stepstool has been used to try that. Or perhaps there’s a rope only she can, see?

Carpentry 101: The Doorknob Goes on the Other Side

There are two things involved here; either they never teach this in carpentry school because it’s common sense or it’s the first thing they teach, and you forget it when your training is done. Whichever one it is, this person needs either common sense or carpentry classes. We reckon both.

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Do not put the doorknob on the same side as the hinges! Or was this carpenter trying to be innovative? This “thinking out of the box” has gone way beyond the box. We truly hope this was just a DIY project and nobody was paid for this disaster.

A Faster Way to Do It

Christmas is a lot of fun—you know, the gifts, the songs, the family, the friends coming together, the food, and the tree. It’s so beautiful to see. But Christmas ends. And when it does, we need to tidy up. And that is where it can get tricky and tiring.

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In this picture, it looks like this person tried to find the fastest way to clean up their Christmas mess. Why drag the Christmas tree all the way down the stairs when you can simply toss it out the window? The neighbors won’t notice, will they? After all, it’s a tree amongst trees.

Stuck in the Middle

We don’t think anyone needs to tell her. At this point, she must realize this was some poor planning. Not everything that looks great in your mind looks so great in real life. She probably thought, “What could go wrong?” Well, this! This has gone wrong.

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But wait a minute, who knows? Maybe she’s up to something. Could it be an ingenious design? Of course not! Now she’s stuck in the middle. If you want to know if watching paint dry is as boring as they say, you know who to ask!

Safety First at All Times

This one could have easily been worse, but fortunately for him, he’s still alive to regret not listening to the number one rule of working with heavy machinery. There’s a reason we’re told to tie our hair back or wear a hairnet. But in this case, maybe it’s time for a beard net.

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We get the feeling he wished he would have suggested it to HR! We hope he wasn’t too attached to his beard. It’s a lesson learned, and next time we’re sure he’ll be the first to observe safety precautions. Today it was his beard, but it could have easily been something more precious.

What Happens If I Press This? Oh!

Many of us are inquisitive. In our defense, it’s the nature of mankind. So, we can’t help it. How else do you think we were able to get to the moon or explore other planets? That’s right. We always want to find out more about what’s around us.

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But while these quests have ushered humanity into the next level, not every curiosity ends well. This one in the picture certainly didn’t. It started with the question, “I wonder what will happen if I press that.” And swoosh! All white! At least they’ve got their hats on, right?

Twist On, Twist Off

Besides knowing how to pump your gas tank full, another important life skill everyone needs is knowing how to use a corkscrew. We’ll all need to know that at some point in time, but not when the bottle has a twist-off cap. As you can see, not everyone knows this.

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Apparently, this person thinks that as long as there’s a bottle of wine involved, it calls for a corkscrew. Oh well, at the very least, we’re certain there was a happy ending because how could there not be when a bottle of wine is involved? Cheers!

The Flying Dead Man

For the umpteenth time, please tie things down. We can’t stress how important that is. Earlier we saw someone who put their car in a van. We hoped they never had to brake or accelerate suddenly. We don’t know how that ended, but we can see how this one turned out.

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Nobody wants to see their dead relative on the freeway. Why not just put them to rest one last time? We reckon this was a very embarrassing moment for this family. And the broken rear windshield means the funeral and burial aren’t the only expenses on their bill.

A Watched Pot Never Boils

We’ve all heard the famous saying “a watched pot never boils.” Whether that’s true or not, one thing we’re sure of is watched or not, it certainly won’t boil if the pot is on the wrong burner. As this picture shows, the eggs are just chilling instead of warming.

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Whether it’s because the person was too hungry or absentminded, we can’t say. To be honest, many of us have experienced this when we were really hungry. We left the kitchen and expected a cooked or at least half-cooked meal when we came back. And there it was—only a silent pot.

Please Read the Instructions Carefully

Admit it! Many of us don’t diligently read the manufacturer’s instructions before using a product, right? We’re all guilty, especially when it’s a product we’re used to. But hopefully this person learned to always read the instructions carefully first.

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In this case, it would have been better if they had read it even before buying it because it was written clearly on the package— “30-Minute Auto Shut-Off.” So, you really can’t blame the manufacturer. They did give a heads up. So maybe next time, raise up your head and do a little reading!

Surely That’s Not How They Look

Considering the two bottles of Jack Daniels in the back of the picture, somebody must have had one too many shots before baking these beautiful babies. You don’t need to be a fan of these to know they don’t look right. They certainly should be going into the oven and not into the mouth yet.

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Either the baker took too many drinks or needs to take more classes. We hope these were served while people were still sober enough to know that something was off. From the look of things and considering someone took a picture, we’re guessing there was some sort of damage control.

Looney Tunes Right in Front of Our Eyes

We cannot help but feel that Bugs Bunny will at one point stick his head out from behind the car and say the infamous, “What’s up, Doc?” Trust us, we had a good look at this for some time, and the questions just kept coming. We’re sure we’re not alone.

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The biggest question of all on your mind is probably this: “Where the heck did that piano come from, and how did it land on the car?” We’ll have to ask the young man. File this under “have you ever wondered how something got where it is?”

Everyone Needs a Hug

Hugs feel so good—well, from the right people. This snake loves its owner so much that it can’t help but wrap itself around her and give her a tight hug…with some kisses too. Awww…so sweet. Makes you just want to get yourself a pet snake, right?

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Or maybe you should wait a second…Mayday! Mayday! This doesn’t look like one of those hugs. In fact, we can see some red, the kind of red that looks like human blood. Maybe they had a quarrel because the snake doesn’t look so happy, does it?

Who Needs a Bike?

Why buy yourself a bike when there’s one waiting for you unguarded and unsecured? Either the owner didn’t think this through, or someone promised them a new bike if this one ever got lost or stolen. Whichever it is, this bike will certainly be gone before they’re back.

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And what if this was their favorite bike? It’ll be one mistake they’ll never make again in this life again or the next life, if there’s anything like that. Here’s a piece of advice—no matter how much you’re in a hurry, don’t forget to lock up your bike!

Another Amateur Baker on Our Hands

We already saw some unbaked croissants, and now this. And here’s the crazy thing. This atrocious excuse for bread isn’t the only problem here because we’re trying to figure out who gave this person access to an industrial kitchen in the first place. How did they ever get in there?

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It’s clear that this person didn’t know the first thing about bread. It’s supposed to rise, but, well, someone seriously needs to go back to their baking classes. Quite frankly, the easiest solution would be for this person to find a new passion before someone gets sick from their food. This passion is clearly not going to work out.

Just Ask for Help

If this was only on his back, he could have blamed someone else for a sloppy job of applying sunscreen. But he clearly did this to himself because it’s also on the front. You wonder why he couldn’t ask for help. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to stay out in the sun so long after all. He should probably have just stayed in the shade.

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Oh wait! We just got struck by an idea. We think it’ll be great for him. Maybe it’s not so bad. He could sell these pictures as an ad for sunscreen on a stick. But next time, fella, just ask for help.

Finish Your Driving Lessons

You should finish your driving lessons so you don’t crash into other people, but you should also learn to read road signs. Quite frankly, this is what happens when you’re also a total jerk. It serves him right. If someone doubts whether karma exists or not, show them this picture.

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We’ve all experienced something similar when someone walks all over the wet floor we just cleaned. Remember that feeling of disgust and anger? Well, this guy pretty much saw a road under construction and rode right on the wet cement. Did he think he’d actually drive through it and that he’d get away with taking this shortcut? Now he’s sunk. Good luck getting anywhere now.

Attention All Units…In Pursuit

Have you ever met people who just love their jobs so much that they hurry up every day to get to work? Yeah, this state trooper is one of those guys. Apparently, he was in such a big hurry that he forgot about the gas nozzle and just ripped it right off the gas tank.

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This guy was so dedicated. He just wanted to get the bad guys so badly that he forgot. But wait! He could’ve been a hero for doing this if he was trying to stop an offender. Yeah, maybe he was in hot pursuit—but take a better look. Looks like he’s in hot pursuit of a Big Mac and fries.

What Does She Think She’s Doing?

To be fair to this woman, this is very inventive. But it’s not the right way to carry a shopping cart. There’s a reason they come with wheels because no one needs to tell you your groceries will be very heavy, right?

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You know what’s funnier? She can see how others are wheeling their carts. Isn’t that supposed to ring a bell? Maybe she wanted to be different. Hopefully she doesn’t injure her shoulder while she’s at it. She gets dibs on this style, though, just in case it becomes a thing.

“Small Car Only?” Come On!

Finding a parking space has got to be one of the hardest tasks we face. Seriously, you can drive around an entire parking lot before finding a good enough space. And it’s even more difficult if you have a big vehicle such as a van or truck.

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But it appears this isn’t the only hard task because reading is obviously a problem for this driver too. It clearly states, “Small Car Only!” right there on the wall. You don’t have a small car, and someone could hit you on the way out, but okay, let’s still park there. Come on!

Men of Timber but No Caliber

We’re never getting out, are we? We’ve repeatedly stated how important it is to tie your stuff down before putting it in the car. It genuinely feels like this is a life lesson that needs to be taught. So many people can’t be making the same mistakes just for fun.

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This is a disaster of epic proportions. These guys have obviously never hauled wood in their car before. Isn’t it obvious that if the pieces are that large and so close to the windshield that you need to put something between the wood and the glass? I guess not. Just secure the wood, guys!

Oh Boy! Mom Brain!

Look what we have here. First, parents (wink wink: old people) simply don’t do well with electronics and technology. Chargers, headphones—they all look alike to them. And if you’re wondering what we mean, this is a case study. This mom is charging an iPhone.

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Just like earlier when we saw someone trying to boil eggs but forgot to put the pan on the right burner, this mom has done something weird. We hope her child didn’t just post this blunder online but also helped mama out.

Helicopter Parenting—Not Feeling It

Kids love to play a lot, don’t they? First, they and their toys are everywhere (and let’s not talk about how they don’t pay bills). They just eat, sleep, and scatter their toys everywhere around the house. And this time, it’s in dad’s hair!

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This puts a whole new spin on helicopter parenting. It’s not the type we’re familiar with, and even this father doesn’t seem too happy about it. If he ends up getting a bald spot, we’re certain that chopper is going out of commission for a really long time.

Playing With Fire…and Soot!

One of the first few lessons we learn as kids is to not play with fire. Sometimes we get told not to, but most times we learn on our own. From this picture, we’re sure someone forgot to teach this kid not to play with fire.

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It’s never okay to put your face in front of an exhaust pipe, kiddo! And that’s not all; it’s dirty stuff, but what kind of injuries might be under all that soot? Hopefully, he grew up to be reasonable and has learned a thing or two about playing with fire.

Strike a Pose…Say Cheese

Today, when people see really nice things they’d like to remember, they whip out the camera to take a picture. It could be a beautiful sunset, an inviting landscape, or, in some cases like this, a very small meal. Taking a picture of this tiny bit of food is more important than trying to get full on it!

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Apparently, this woman thinks this beautiful dish is missing a little something. At least she looked pretty…probably her only consolation. We’re sure she’ll be having a good laugh about this one for a long time.

Use at Your Own Risk

We know packaging is very important in marketing today, and yes, this looks like a beautifully packaged product. But it could actually be dangerous. Why? Two of the words—Surface Wipes—should have been printed in larger, angrier looking, red bold letters. And somewhere it should have said “Not Toilet Wipes.”

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But why are we saying this? We cannot for the love of everything pure and holy imagine someone wiping their private parts with a surface wipe meant for scrubbing and killing cold and flu viruses! But it does look like it will at least kill 99.9% of bacteria down there in 15 seconds!

The Icing on the Cake

We were already salivating, but not all that glitters is gold. In this case, not all that looks delicious is…safe. This looks great, but it’s not icing that’s dripping all over the oven. It’s melted plastic! And not only will you have to clean your oven, but your house will also smell like burnt plastic forever!

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We’ve seen our fair share of terrible bakers today, haven’t we? But how do you “accidentally” cook the plastic chopping board? People, next time you feel like baking, make sure the food is on an oven-safe pan. Otherwise, prepare to buy a brand-new oven.

Sitting on a Keg of Gunpowder

Quite frankly, we’ve seen many dumb ideas, but we’re unsure if any can top this so far. Not only is it a terrible, irresponsible, and messy idea, but it’s like sitting on a keg of gunpowder. We hope he at least made it home safely.

Source: Imgur

This is an accident waiting to happen. Imagine some guy flicks a lit cigarette out the window in the direction of this truck. One spark and this guy and his truck are toast. It’s all good to be innovative, but we hope he doesn’t pay with his life. And we hope he never does this again!

The Protector of the Screen Protector

The way phones are made these days—so silky—it seems like they’ll fall out of your hand any second. You need to keep yours safe or you’ll be in the market for a new one soon. No wonder the screen protector industry is booming…or so we hear.

Source: Imgur

This is actually rather cute. This lady mistook the plastic that was protecting the screen protector for the screen protector itself. It’s vital to take care of your phone, but it’s also important to know what you’re doing. We’re struggling to see the entire screen and pretty sure she is too!

This Guy’s Too Hot to Handle

These pictures are not only full of dumb ideas, but we’ve also seen people trying to become the next Tesla with their inventive ideas. We agree that waiting for your shirt to come out of the dryer is annoying, but patience, they say, is a virtue—and an important one at that.

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It seems that a quick fix like microwaving your shirt instead of waiting for the slow dryer has backfired. We’re hoping that wasn’t his lucky shirt. Oh well, he can buy another at the Salt Lake Community College student store. And maybe be patient next time, fella!

Just Print Screen, Right?

Another fantastic idea gone wrong. Ha! We cannot deny this one was a good thought, but it sure didn’t pan out exactly as this person intended. Maybe there’s a good reason why computers come with a print screen feature. And someone needs to get familiar with Ctrl/Command + P.

Source: Imgur

There’s a reason they put that feature there, right? So please use it next time, okay? We don’t want to be wasting the toner, do we? But just so we don’t sound like we’re criticizing you, it really was a good thought. We’ll give you that!

Time to Charge My Phone

Having a low battery and not being able to charge your phone must rank among one of the worst feelings ever. Imagine enjoying some great content and scrolling through funny memes only to get a “low battery” message on your screen and there’s no charger in sight. Ugh! The absolute worst.

Source: Imgur

But look at this person’s added pain when they buy that new charger. These plastic wrappers for chargers are terrible…so hard to get open. Imagine feeling good that you’ve purchased your charger (a pretty pink one at that) only for this to happen while cutting open the package. Well, I guess it’s time to go back to the store.

Maybe a Professional Could Have Helped

Have you ever had a fantastic idea in your head and just couldn’t wait to bring it to life? It could be fashion-related, work-related, or just a dope design idea you thought of and really believed it would be amazing.

Source: Imgur

We’ve got the feeling this woman was feeling that too. Credit to her, she clearly had a specific artistic style she wanted to bring to life. Or wait…maybe she’s on the run and was trying to disguise the getaway car. In any case, a professional could have helped her a lot.

She’s Having a Rough Day

We can’t tell you how she got herself into this situation, but she’s definitely having a very rough day. Her slumped shoulder tells you the whole story—she wasn’t expecting this to happen. Well, no one goes out hoping to get stuck in concrete!

Source: Imgur

If you ever need a reason to justify why you shouldn’t walk around while you’re on your phone, let this picture be a constant reminder that it’s just not safe. We can only hope she wasn’t wearing her favorite shoes! Hopefully, help comes for her soon.

Keep Your Eye on the Lashes

People, whatever you’re doing in life, make sure you stay focused and keep your eyes peeled. Okay, maybe don’t take that advice literally because this person probably did. What we mean is that you should pay attention when you’re curling your eyelashes and not peel your lashes off!

Source: Imgur

Well, it looks like it’s too late to salvage anything here, and this person is most likely already sporting a bald eye. Fortunately, we have things like fake eyelashes to swoop in and save the day. It’s one of the best inventions if you ask me.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Technology has done us a world of good. So many things are easier, faster, and better nowadays. Imagine speaking with or texting your loved ones and getting a response in real time like they’re right in front of you. What a time to be alive! But it comes with some negatives too.

Source: Imgur

One of the flipsides of technology is that it’s making us less and less sociable by the second. This fella was pointing this out, but in an attempt to show how bad it has gotten, he forgot one important thing. Yeah, how did you get this picture, buddy? Yeah, that’s what we thought!

Focused on the Big Prize

As kids we loved using claw machines, didn’t we? Almost any quarter we laid our hands on went in the slot of a claw machine. But it wasn’t fun how the machine almost always took our money without giving us a prize. We sometimes left unhappy and in search of our next quarter.

Source: Imgur

But this girl was having none of that. She got sick of the claw machine taking her money and getting nothing in return, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, she’s now trapped inside, and getting her out will take more than a quarter.

Dumb, Dangerous Death Wish?

We can’t explain how this happened. The only part of the car that is covered with snow is the windshield, one of the most important parts of the car in this case. But this driver didn’t seem to care. Did they think this was funny or something?

Source: Imgur

It’s not only dumb but very dangerous. Of course, they have their GPS on and it’s working perfectly fine. So, what could go wrong? Guys, please don’t try this. We have no idea what was going through this person’s mind. All we can hope for is that they didn’t get hurt.

Who Needs Lids Anyway?

There are warnings plastered on virtually every wall at gas stations. You would think these signs were enough to make any sane human know it’s dangerous to play with gas. But not this particular human. He probably felt the warnings were for lesser men.

Source: Imgur

That’s our only explanation. Do you have any? Why on earth would anyone carry fuel around in containers without lids? What’s the plan here? Well, at least he brought some plastic bags along. So we have nothing to worry about, right? A piece of advice here: safety first, people!

Automobile? How about Snowmobile?

It looks good, doesn’t it? So cool! Well, we believe there are two possibilities here. The first one is that the owner of this convertible forgot to check the weather forecast after parking his car. Or maybe it was just an unexpected snowstorm that hit suddenly.

Source: Imgur

He obviously forgot to put the roof back up before he left to go wherever he was going. I’m sure he’ll regret that! But the car looks cool, right? We imagine it’ll take a pretty long day to clean up this one. Good luck with that, buddy.

So You’re Not Going to Open Up? Okay Then…

This delivery worker must have been confident that no one was home here. He must have knocked on the door and no one answered. Otherwise, this is ridiculous. Or perhaps he was aware that someone was home and decided to make them pay. Well, they did pay. This delivery person probably ruined their plans when they couldn’t get out the door.

Source: Imgur

But while we call the delivery person’s behavior absurd, why would someone hear a knocking and refuse to open the door? Is there a bounty on their head? The delivery person has added to this person’s troubles. Hopefully, the person got out to go to work and didn’t lose their job! That would be a shame.

Safe and Secure; What Could Go Wrong?

Really? This has to rank among the dumbest things a person has ever done. It is both hilarious and stupid at the same time. Who ever thought this was a good idea? The person certainly didn’t think this through. It’s unclear which vehicle will crash first.

Source: Imgur

But we all can agree that eventually they both will. At least this person was trying to be safe, which is more than we can say for most people in these pictures. That’s got to count for something, right? The thing is that in the end, this could end very badly!

No One Is above the Law

We all have moments when logic and reason are temporarily suspended, and we have a brain fart. Some of us are usually lucky, and the only consequence is a slightly bruised ego that comes with the realization that maybe we aren’t as smart as we always thought we were.

Source: Imgur

This guy wasn’t so lucky. Everyone on the road saw his big, goofy mistake. He must have been in a bigger hurry than the rest of them. Why else would that driver want to use the closed-off lane? Well, he’s certainly not going anywhere for a while.

The One-Time Parking Lot

Sometimes doom occurs because of one person. The first person to park here in this icy not-a-parking-lot must have thought they had done something brilliant. They were definitely thinking it was clever to park here and left grinning from ear to ear. They most likely went and told people how smart they were.

Source: Imgur

Well, maybe not so smart because he clearly forgot that there was something called the sun. That big yellow ball in our solar system decided to show him what it could do. The look from the officer tells the whole story—that feeling of helplessness. Sorry!

It’s the Effort That Counts

It’s always good for people to be aware of automobile maintenance and get involved in taking care of their cars. But we don’t need anyone telling us that this is clearly not the way to go about it. Where did she get such an idea? A fire extinguisher? Really?

Source: Imgur

Those wheels must be on fire! That’s ghost-rider-level stuff right there, don’t you think? Sometimes we need to pay attention to warning signs and instructions on things like this. Surely everyone knows that, right? Well, maybe not everyone.

It’s a Car, People

A car and a boat are nothing alike. Pretty much anyone except maybe a two-year-old knows that, right? But we can’t find any toddlers in this picture, which makes us wonder why this ever happened. We know Mercedes is a super car brand, but certainly not this super.

Source: Imgur

It seems that something needs to be done ASAP—like getting all their valuables out of the car. It doesn’t look like the Mercedes is getting out anytime soon. And it could be curtains for the car if it spends too long there. These people don’t even look that bothered though.

The Whomping Willow Car

Do you remember the Whomping Willow tree in Harry Potter? Well, someone might have taken it literally and felt their trunk was a secret passage into a bigger space. That is genuinely the only explanation we can give for this. Even if it wasn’t her car, she should have known better.

Source: Imgur

Although Ikea products are not assembled, it is still unclear how these people planned to get that box into the trunk. Seriously, how on earth did you think that box would fit? Either it’s our whomping willow theory or she temporarily forgot she wasn’t driving a pickup. Why else?

You Wanted a Flat Screen

It doesn’t matter how grown up you are, you get excited when you get something new that you’ve always wanted. Maybe it’s a TV—a flat-screen TV to be precise. We’re pretty sure this guy was grinning ear-to-ear when he got one. But he certainly wasn’t grinning after this happened.

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Sometimes our bad decisions give us a good laugh, but others make us cringe. He’ll relive this moment for a pretty long time, especially if it makes it to some popular social media site. This person certainly learned a valuable life lesson. Secure the TV to the wall before you let go!

Never Lose Your Keys

Losing your keys is one of the worst feelings, right? No matter how much you love being outside, the realization that you may not be able to get inside for a while is irritating to say the least. This person obviously didn’t like that feeling and wanted to do something about it.

Source: Imgur

To be fair, she came up with a great idea to keep track of the keys to her padlock. But that’s not the only thing she came up with. As it turns out, she’ll never be able to unlock this lock again either. Maybe she should just use a regular old key finder next time.

Cookies to Die For

We all have a favorite cookie that gets us salivating even at the thought of it. Maybe it’s grandma’s recipe or just something one of our friends introduced us to. But we all have that cookie we could die for—well, not literally die for!

Source: Imgur

With the look of things, someone probably took it literally here. No, we don’t want to die for our cookies. It makes us wonder, do you eat these cookies at wakes and funerals, or do you eat them and then die? In either case, we’ll pass, thanks!

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Oh! Look what we have here. Another Harry Potter in the Whomping Willow story. No, that’s not a real Harry Potter movie. We do appreciate this guy’s tenacity. But unfortunately, that’s never going to fit, at least not unless his car is a magical tree.

Source: Imgur

We get that feeling that he must have thought this through and said, “What could go wrong?” or “If I get the angle right, it will fit.” Well, that’s what could go wrong. Those two guys across the street should give him the number for U-Haul.

Hiding in Plain Sight

We’re pretty sure this picture was taken after consuming another type of alcohol. Why? The corkscrew is literally right there next to the knife they’re using. Hopefully, they got sober real quick and realized that the best way to open the wine was right next to them

Source: Imgur

Earlier we saw someone use a corkscrew for a twist-off cap. And we thought, why? Now this one needs a corkscrew but instead, what do they use? Yes, they’re using a knife! They’ve never seen an army knife, have they?

A Pool of Blood?

There are a number of pressing issues in society today. And it’s always a good idea to bring more attention to them in any way possible. It was breast cancer awareness month, and this company wanted to turn the fountain pink to raise awareness. Good idea, right?

Source: Imgur

But it appears they didn’t quite get the pink color they were hoping for. We wouldn’t want to be on this building’s maintenance crew. It seems the person in charge was either color blind or used a little too much color and thought no one would notice. Kudos for the effort anyway.

The Leonardo da Jeanci of Our Time

Doodling is one of the best ways to clear your head and think straight. While scribbling absentmindedly, you could stumble on a brilliant idea that will make everything feel better. But maybe this person should have thought about it carefully before doing this with the cap off.

Source: Imgur

Maybe this person will be labeled as the artistic type from now on—you know, the Jackson Pollock of our time. Or maybe Leonardo da Vinci? Well, they get to choose who they want to be like. But honestly, hopefully, they learned their lesson already.

Is Watching Paint Dry As Boring As They Say?

Well, here’s someone who will be able to tell us the answer to that question. Earlier we saw someone painting their living room floor with this same strategy. And we also saw a Jackson Pollock in the making. No offense to the amazing artist. Just kidding, art lovers.

Source: Imgur

But here’s another example of a painter with bad planning skills. What was he thinking? From the looks of this guy, we think he realized his error too late. We hope he enjoys the view and lets us know if watching paint dry is as boring as they say.

We Should All Know Our Boundaries

It’s obvious that we’ve been talking about the dumbest ideas and the worst possible critical thinking skills humans can have. But actually, this one could pass for a not-so-bad idea, which is a breath of fresh air considering the debacles we’ve already seen. So what happened here?

Source: Imgur

Let’s see. This guy’s next-door neighbor used duct tape to seal a crack in their garbage can lid. But someone must have mistaken the tape for the person’s apartment number. They decided to keep the trend going, which isn’t such a bad idea. Talk about ingenious.

The First National Bank of Peppa

To be fair, it costs money to be outgoing these days. If you like the outdoors and enjoy doing a lot of activities like Peppa the outgoing preschool pig, then you’ll find yourself dipping your hands in your pockets more often.

Source: Imgur

That was probably what motivated this design—or not. We’ll try to explain what we can deduce here. This “artist” must adore muddy puddles or be the mother of a youngster who thinks Peppa Pig belongs on a five-pound bill. Undoubtedly this is one of the cutest fails on this list.

Can I Have Some Privacy, Please?

The purpose of doors in our everyday life cannot be overemphasized. We all know why they’re in offices, schools, and shopping malls. But there’s one place they’re very useful, and that’s in a toilet stall. They do an important job there—to give people some privacy when they’re taking care of their business.

Source: Imgur

But what happens when the door isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do? We’re hoping this is at least the men’s restroom and can be used as a urinal. Women would be subjected to far more exposure. Men, it looks like you’ll have to take one for the team.

We Are All Human

We can’t help but laugh at this gaffe, as much as we adore Starbucks. It’s wonderful to know that a multinational chain of coffeehouses and roasteries can make mistakes. As wonderful as their products are, they’re obviously also human after all.

Source: Imgur

We hope the door to that vehicle wasn’t kept open too long. But it was open long enough for the world to have a good laugh. And hopefully that message isn’t true and their baristas are taking our orders and making our latté’s with great care. I’m sure that’s not too much to ask.

The Game of Walls

The Cleveland Browns aren’t the greatest team around, and they do need some work to improve. But apparently, they’re not the only ones needing improvement. Is this what the Browns are saying? “And for just an extra $10 per ticket, you can forego watching the game and just stare at this concrete wall for three hours!”

Source: Imgur

Look at it this way. If these are the only available seats, save yourself the trouble and just watch the game on TV from the comfort of your recliner where there’s no massive, view-blocking wall between you and the game. What were they thinking when they built their stadium?

The Spirit of Peeing Has Left Me, Thank You!

There are people just waiting to prosecute anyone who messes up a public bathroom. And quite frankly, we can see where they’re coming from. No, we’re not saying we agree (kinda agree, to be fair), but we do understand their frustration. Why would anyone do that to their fellow humans?

Source: Imgur

But what if other toilet users didn’t do this? What if the toilet manufacturer did this? How raunchy! Maybe we should choose a different stall to go to the bathroom. Who thought this was a good idea? Gross!

We Need a Balcony Too

Well, say no more. When you look at the upper balcony, it looks nice, right? Imagine just opening your door and going out there in the evening with a glass of wine and a book, and looking out over a beautiful street. It’s a great place to unwind. But wait! What’s going on in the lower balcony?

Source: Imgur

If you’ve ever played Sims, you’ll recognize this layout. We were unashamed fans of the heinous act of locking the Sims in a room or on a balcony and then removing the door to see what they would do. But it’s not exactly what we expected to see in real life.

In Sickness and in Health

The vows say “in sickness and in health.” Right? So this groom is probably justified for not saving his new bride. When he responded “I do” to his vows, he didn’t say he would save his bride from falling into a body of water.

Source: Imgur

Even though he appears to be reaching for her, he doesn’t seem to be willing to bend over any farther to save his falling bride. Just jump into the water, man! We suspect that maybe his silk shirt was just too expensive to sacrifice it for his new bride.

Fishing 101: Hook, Line, and Sinker

When you first learn to fish, you’re taught how to cast the line and hold your arms in the proper position. But it doesn’t look like this man attended the first and most important class. At this point, we’re tired of telling people not to skip their training classes!

Source: Imgur

It seems like this guy wants to cast his line far out into the sea. However, he overlooked the crucial principle of only using his arms and not his entire body to complete the task. There are many fish in the sea, and this is one ambitious man who wants to catch a big one.

Maybe a Door Shouldn’t Be Here

What happens if you and your house don’t agree on where a door should and shouldn’t be? Simply insist on what you want. After all, it’s your house. You pay the bills, and you’re doing the work. What’s the house going to do about it? Honestly, nothing.

Source: Imgur

But people will laugh at you. A zig-zag door that gently fits around an impediment will make most people think “hey, maybe a door doesn’t belong here.” Let’s look at it as a fantastic example of the Tetris concept. Talk about bringing 21st century technology and gaming to life!

Anti-Liquid Soap Dispenser

There’s so much we want to say about this. And we’re pretty sure you’ve got a lot on your mind too. We’ll start with this—Whaatt! What is going on here? It looks like the maids at this hotel had something else on their minds that day or ran out of liquid soap.

Source: Imgur

Well, the instructions said to “put soap in the soap dispenser.” And if we’re being fair, they did put soap in the soap dispenser. It’s called a soap dispenser, isn’t it? At least someone is obeying instructions, right? It’s more than we can say for others.

The Ultimate Call to Action

And here’s another case of paying attention to instructions. But surely it should be like this! Someone took the message of this ad too seriously and thought it was time to smash some glass—break it—and make a genuine mess, a true “glass act” if you ask me! What is wrong with people? Jeez!

Source: Imgur

Advertisers want to create the most impactful ads for their audience and cause them to take some kind of action with great calls to action (CTAs). Well, there’s your action. Maybe they should be careful how they word their ads next time so there won’t be some kind of “glass warfare.”

You Need to Work Out

Exercise is an important part of our lives. Everyone should work out, right? Is this one of those innovative designs that forces you to work out in order to get what you want? To get your money, you have to complete a decent climb and do a solid squat.

Source: Imgur

So do you want your money or not? Even if it isn’t the most comfortable or convenient ATM in the world, your glutes will thank you. Who needs to go to the gym when you can kill two birds with one stone? You’ll be in shape before you know it!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The next line to the lyrics says “gently down the stream.” But a quick glance at this picture and you know there’s nothing gentle about the boat or those terrified faces. It would be an understatement to say these people are self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies. I think I’d rather stay at home.

Source: Imgur

Solid ground can be found indoors. It’s preferable to be on solid ground. I used to think I could be persuaded to try kayaking, but one look at the fear on these faces tells me that’s no longer the case. No, I’ll pass. Thank you very much!

In Your Face, Amigos!

Fishing is an art that necessitates deception. It’s not just putting the line in the water and voila, a fish gets caught. But when we say fishing requires trickery or deception, we didn’t say who deceives who! There are two parties involved in fishing: the fisherman and the fish.

Source: Imgur

Fish, on the other hand, frequently outwit the fisherman. This fish swam right up to the fishing poles and in front of the fishermen, almost as if to say, “In your face, amigos.” The joke, of course, is on the fishermen. Better luck next time, guys.

Washing the Faucet Handle

We understand that some inventors want to be different. They want to produce the same thing but in a different style, so people gush at their creativity. But there’s nothing creative about this design. We don’t know whether to wash our hands or just keep washing the faucet handle.

Source: Imgur

There’s literally no use for water to run onto the handle of the faucet. Imagine all the ridiculous watermarks and the general pointlessness of it all. When it comes to bathroom designs, we’ve seen some real stinkers, but this one appears to take the cake for creativity.

Everyone Gets to Watch

We can’t believe someone in their right mind would install a television like this. Who stands to gain from the small half-screen? Do the residents have to chat through the wall to find out what’s happening on the side they can’t see? What was going through this person’s mind?

Source: Imgur

There’s being dumb and then there’s being mentally unstable. They’ll probably brag how they bought one TV for two rooms. Whatever inspired this weird creation, it appears they had genuine (even if horribly flawed) intentions. Well, they say it’s the thought that counts, right?

Killed by Nail-Biting

Nail-biting appears to be one of the least dangerous ways for people to cope with stress. But as this stressed-out woman bites her nails, a news headline next to her screams, “Killed by Nail-Biting.” Maybe we need to be more conscious of our environment. We don’t want a tragedy on the train.

Source: Imgur

On a different note, what could that news story be talking about? We’ve thought about all possible outcomes, and we can’t possibly think of a way nail-biting could kill someone. We’ll need to check that report out. In the meantime, stay safe, guys. Don’t bite those nails!

License and Registration, Please

When we first saw this picture, the first question we had was “where did he get his boating license from?” Maybe there should be cops on the water who stop boaters and ask for their boating license. Too bad there isn’t such a thing. But we definitely need to ensure safe waters!

Source: Imgur

Many people believe there aren’t many differences in driving a boat and driving a car. While you might be able to get away with driving over a pothole in a car, driving over rocks in a boat is a little more difficult. Hopefully, this guy didn’t get hurt.

Blocking the Camera That Matters the Most

The best and worst part about current technology is that everyone has access to a camera. Professional photographers would most likely describe it as having too many chefs in one kitchen. How else will you describe having 50+ people at a wedding doing the same thing as you?

Source: Imgur

All those other cameras would be wonderful to have around if one of them wasn’t obstructing the view of the camera that mattered the most. There goes the memory of the bride’s beautiful day. Please put that camera down, ma’am. Yeah, you. Thanks.

There’s Love in Sharing

Is this some kind of art piece or what? If not, we’d love to see a live demonstration of how its inventor designed the thing to be used. For instance, how are you supposed to get inside the ridiculously small space in the first place?

source: Imgur

We know there’s a popular saying that goes” there’s love in sharing,” but quite frankly, I don’t want to share a toilet with someone else when I’m taking care of my business. It’s called “my” business for a reason. Let’s stick to that, shall we, guys?

It Was Nice Knowing You

It’s safe to assume that you’d rather be reading this on a beach somewhere. But we’re not here to make you feel awful for not being somewhere warm and sandy. You know, we’d love to say have a laugh or two while enjoying the sun on your body. But think again.

Source: Imgur

One glance at the two girls buried in the sand will have you wishing for dry land and hoping they can hold their breath for an extended period of time. We genuinely hope their parents are close by and the lifeguard isn’t taking a nap.

Not a Very Sweet 16

A sweet 16 birthday with a big, colorful cake! Ooh! It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Put aside all the news, politics, school loans, and work and think back on how sweet it was to be 16. Try not to cry when you realize you’ve long ago lost your childhood.

Source: Imgur

Anyway, happy birthday, sweetie! I baked a cake for you. Oh my! Life isn’t looking so easy and flawless any longer. But welcome to adulthood, sweetheart. You’ll be experiencing these little disasters for the next 50 or 60 decades! We wish you good luck!

So, You’re Not That Dumb

There are people in this world who do things that leave you scratching your head and wondering “why?” From a disastrously careless approach to health and safety to folks who appear to be completely naive, this collection of humorous pictures represents some of the dumbest things you’ve ever seen.

Source: Imgur

What we have here are genuine head-scratchers and hysterically ludicrous and mind-boggling situations of people acting stupid to the point that you must wonder, “What the hell were they thinking?” It really makes you question the intelligence of mankind. And if you think you’ve never done anything dumb or stupid, think again.