99 Face-Palm Moments That Will Make You Question Humanity

Life is an error-making, error-correcting process. Mistakes are sometimes important for learning, and equally important is our ability to learn from other people’s mistakes. That’s because some mistakes can be really bad for you. It even gets trickier and more painful with the presence of the Internet.

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That’s because with social media platforms, everybody gets to laugh at you. Those who refuse to learn from their own life experiences and all the mistakes others make are bound to make some stupid and even dangerous mistakes. Here are some pictures of people that will definitely make you question human intelligence.

Soap Bars or Candy Bars?

Soap bars now come in different shapes and sizes. We’ve got to admit that soap companies are getting creative! Some bars of soap look so much like candy that they make us salivate. The fact that this girl mistook her soap for a candy bar—well, that’s pretty stupid.

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The girl who shared this picture claimed that she sent the soap to her friend as a gift. It turned out that the friend mistook it for candy. She knew her terrible mistake the second she bit into it (and tasted it). Honestly, the smell didn’t ring a bell?

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Ensuring people have a couple ways to understand a traffic sign is good, but don’t mess up one of them. What makes this blooper so funny is that they’re writing “SOTP” instead of “STOP” when the spelling is right above them on that bright red sign. It’s a little sad that two people could be this ignorant.

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Someone should take a picture of this and give it to the local city council. They need to see how people’s tax dollars are being spent and hard at work. Somebody ask these guys, “C’mon! Are two heads really better than one?”

Where Did You Find These People?

We’re baffled on so many levels. First, where is this? It appears to be a random sink and countertop in the middle of a park. Second, it seems to be rather expensive. So how come none of the presumably hired professionals who built it noticed that the measurements were extremely off?

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Not only is the sink too far from the edge of this huge countertop for a normal arm to reach it, but why is it so small? We’ve got so many questions, and we’re sure you do too. But there isn’t just one answer. One thing we do believe is that the installer must not have completed their plumbing apprenticeship.

Just Call 911 Already

This is just asking for disaster. We can hear an ambulance coming already. Protective glasses are one piece of safety equipment that should never be overlooked. But when you forget to bring them along, don’t get creative with whatever you want to call this. Yes, getting sharp splinters, flames, or dangerous substances in your eyes can seriously harm you.

Source: Reddit

The effects can be permanent. And it is really difficult to adapt to life without sight. But this guy clearly doesn’t see the other danger in this situation. Does he like taking chances, or is he just very ignorant of the existence of danger in life? We sincerely hope we’re wrong about hearing an ambulance, but maybe someone should call 9-1-1 just in case.

Geography in a Geology Class

It’s difficult not to lose faith in the American educational system at times. While it has clearly produced some incredible minds over the years, it has completely failed other people—like this woman. She traveled to New York and tweeted a photo.

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Okay, that’s pretty normal, right? But wait! The caption says, “goodbye america! HELLO new york!” Sigh. Where should we even begin with this? It’s so astronomically wrong that we can’t even bring ourselves to address it. She then concludes by stating that she learned geography in a geology class. Good lord!

Concrete Idea at the Wrong Address

Getting to the correct address is easier than ever before in today’s world. It’s difficult to be lost nowadays, thanks to advanced technologies. Even yet, it does happen now and then, especially if you’ve never been to an area before. These two fellas were in for a bad day.

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That’s because they arrived at the wrong address to deliver their product. Despite their hilarious post, we’ve got two questions to ask (don’t blame us). First, were there people in that area who just stood there and watched 6,000 bricks being unloaded without saying anything? And second, did these guys ever double-check the address and match it up with a number on a building?

You Can Call Me Naive

At some point in our lives, we’ve all looked for something only to discover that it’s been right in front of our eyes the whole time. While frantic nervousness or confirmation bias for your familiar surroundings can explain it, this person takes it to a whole new level.

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When you’re looking for something, it’s usually because you left it somewhere you don’t usually leave it. Or maybe it was because you were in a rush and put it in another pocket. But one guy blew these reasons out of the water by looking for his phone while holding it in his hand!

Two’s Company, but Three’s a Party

Phone. Wallet. Keys. These three things are what every man looks for whether he’s getting into his car or getting out of bed after a nice night out with the boys. It was the former in this case. But there was a problem—the keys were still in the car, and the car was locked!

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Well, he did what we all would do in this situation. He called AAA for help. But we’re sure he didn’t see what was coming next. The “help” made the same mistake, locked his keys in the van, and had to call for help. Hey, at least the first guy was in like-minded company while they waited for the second AAA guy.

To Be Forewarned Is to Be Forearmed

We hope this dude’s boss wasn’t around when this happened. It would be difficult to explain why he was blatantly ignoring the warning signs and endangering company property. We don’t know what these things are, but it clearly says “DO NOT DOUBLE STACK” in all caps.

Source: Reddit

That alone indicates that whatever this is, it’s pretty pricey and fragile. Perhaps the guy was in such a hurry to end his shift that he chose to take the risk nonetheless. He probably said, “What could go wrong?” Well, a lot actually—like losing your job.

A Lesson in History and Science

Some people are either oblivious to reality or deliberately ignorant of the facts that contradict their narrative. The first error this fella made was believing that electricity was invented by America. Not only is that horrible enough, but what about that comment that Tesla is just a car, not a person.

Source: Twitter

And who do they think the Tesla—that “electric” car—was named after? We’re sure it wasn’t a dish, a plant, or a politician for that matter! Since they kept arguing about Tesla, we really don’t believe they’ll ever get their history . . . or their science . . . straight!

Make Up Your Mind Already

This has to be one of the more understandable of the weird and odd situations that people find themselves in on this list. There appear to be two different rules for people who want to buy some sweet pastries at the self-service bakery section. Indecision is a big problem for everyone.

Source: Reddit

While it’s obvious that you can’t reach the pastries from the red line, how do you get to the “STAND HERE” spot without breaking the rules? These are some oddly worded signs. The criticism is legitimate, but it also raises the question, “What’s the problem anyway?” No one reads directions in the first place, much less obey them. Who reads these things?

A Car or a Tent?

While it isn’t the most common thing in the world to paint your rims a different color, many people still want to do it. We think this guy wanted to stand out with his very creative idea of covering up the car to protect it from paint spray instead of just easily removing the rims.

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While we admire him for wanting to paint his rims a pretty color, he definitely should have realized that what he was doing was out of the ordinary. Didn’t he realize that wheels and rims come off of a car? This looks like a camping tent, not a car.

Need a Manual for an Umbrella?

The purpose of an umbrella is to provide a small roof above your head to prevent you from getting soaked by the rain. It’s no fun being caught in an unexpected rainstorm without an umbrella—but this guy doesn’t seem to know he’s doing anything unusual.

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The fact that he’s holding an umbrella isn’t the issue. And it doesn’t look like the umbrella is broken. However, because he hasn’t opened it, it’s essentially useless. We’re trying to create a sort of explanation for this obvious face-palm moment, but we can’t think of any!

What Did You Do?!

Computers overheating is a pretty common problem that many people face. It could be due to an outdated machine, or maybe it just can’t handle the amount of software and games it’s running simultaneously. So many people just get a bigger and better computer to handle the workload.

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But that’s an expensive option since new computers can cost well over a thousand dollars. That’s why most people end up upgrading or updating their current computer. But the repair guy for this overheating computer had another idea. He gave it some special “venting” to release some of the heat. It looks like this person would’ve been better off buying a new computer because the damage this “repair” guy caused made the computer beyond repair.

Comprehension Should Be Taken Seriously in Schools

Getting a ticket, especially a parking ticket, is a nuisance. This car could have been there only a few moments when a parking attendant saw it as an opportunity to swoop in and give the car owner a parking ticket.

Source: Facebook

This person took to social media to express their frustration about the situation. We perfectly understand that since it’s something many of us do. Although you’ll expect someone to reply with a spicy meme or a funny comment, what this person asked beats that and just makes you wonder, “Really?”

Was That Really Necessary?

With all the face masks and social distancing measures in place since the coronavirus pandemic began, it has become increasingly difficult to hear and understand people. This woman wanted the employee to speak louder, and then she does something unexpected, and not particularly impressive.

Source: Imgur

To get a better view of the cashier and hear better, she manages to sneak her entire body behind the protective cover. While we should give her an A for effort, given the current circumstances, it was probably not the best idea. You can never exaggerate social distancing enough!

Stupidity Is a Talent

There’s no denying that the coronavirus has sparked dozens of new and outlandish conspiracy theories, as well as a true lack of information from scientists. There are concerns about how the disease spreads, its rate of reinfection, and even its origins. And these remain relevant scientific questions.

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But there are other speculations concerning the disease that appear to be a little too far-fetched. In all honesty, you’ll agree with us that it’s quite absurd to believe that a disease is attracted to light. It’s a virus that’s spreading to people. It’s not a moth! Halogen light? Really?

Take Your Money at Your Own Risk

Typing your PIN while you can’t even see the keypad can lead to pressing incorrect numbers. And that is risky. The ATM successfully took his card, but now he must type in the correct PIN number. If he gets that right, then he might try to reach his money, which brings a whole new set of challenges.

Source: Reddit

Should this guy have avoided the challenge and the risks and looked for a better ATM? But beyond that, what about the person who designed this ATM in the first place? Who made it like this anyway? What were they thinking? What was the logic behind this? We really don’t know.

I’m Just Here for the Paycheck

There are few things more troubling than someone who lies on their resume and lands a job. The person is delighted that they finally got a job, and now they have to cover up their lack of knowledge or credentials in order to get that paycheck and keep food on their table.

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This person was probably asked about their knowledge of procedural compliance and standards enforcement—two crucial abilities when keeping a workplace safe during the pandemic. While he would most likely deny service to anyone without a mask and make people stay six feet apart, who’s going to make him obey the rules?

You Can’t Tell Me What to Do

Finding a parking space in a packed lot is stressful. This girl found a solution by creating her very own private parking spot in a Walmart lot. She clearly didn’t know (didn’t care?) that she had pulled into the space for the shopping carts.

Source: Imgur

We get the feeling that karma wasn’t far away, and retribution happened quickly. Looks like someone called a tow truck to the scene soon and moved that car quickly. Imagine the price she had to pay to park at Walmart that day!

What in the Name of…

We must admit that we hope this photo was either staged or the result of a bizarre practical joke among friends. This isn’t just a dumb joke or a mistake—it’s incredibly unpleasant and downright disgusting. There’s absolutely no excuse for this, and we’re at a loss for words.

Source: Twitter

Urinals can be found in many countries, and even people who have never seen one have probably noticed one in a movie. Oh well, even if this girl accidentally missed the memo, she’ll never forget it now, given the numerous comments she undoubtedly received after posting this.

It’s the Thought That Counts

If there’s ever anything like an honest mistake, this is one of them. A girl’s boyfriend went on spring break to Florida and brought his girlfriend back a jar of seashells he had gathered on the beach. What a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind present! But there’s just one problem . . .

Source: Twitter

Among the pretty shells were some pistachio shells someone had spit out onto the sand. The poor girl didn’t have the courage to tell her man that Florida beaches can be dirty and there was some garbage mixed in with the shells. But we commend the boyfriend and give him an A for effort. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Living Life on the Edge

Yes, we agree it doesn’t clearly state anywhere that you can’t sit on this box. But most people would know that sitting on a fragile glass mirror is a bad idea. This lady, however, either didn’t read the warning or was willing to take a chance.

Source: Facebook

Perhaps she’s had a long, exhausting day looking for new furniture to buy and just needed to sit down to rest for a while. Or maybe she’s just someone who loves to take risks that others won’t take and likes living life on the edge. She’s indeed living on the edge.

Too Close to the Fire

One thing many mothers constantly repeat to themselves many times while their kids are growing up is that “it’s the thought that counts.” You can’t get angry at what your kids do in their innocence. But as sweet as children are, they make lots of mistakes. After all, that’s how they learn.

Source: Reddit

This mother’s cute son wanted to make her happy by making waffles for her, as she had done so many times for him. Unfortunately, the little one was unaware of what happens to plastic plates when they’re placed in the oven. We’re sure he knows that now.

Plugged In, Not Charging

Today, the difference between people under 30 and those over 30 is quite wide. And that gap can be summed up in two words: technological savvy. To put it another way, the younger you are, the easier it is to operate cell phones, computers, apps, and other techie things.

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On the other hand, those on the older side of the age spectrum often have trouble even turning on a laptop (much to the amusement of their kids). Take this mother, for example, who mistakenly thought she was charging her phone. You’ll immediately know she comes from a different time.

Acrophobia Has Nothing on Him

Nope, this man is definitely not scared of heights. You don’t need anyone to tell you that he’s not affected by tall buildings as he teeters on the small ledge to clean the outside of his high-rise windows. Honestly, we are all for cleanliness in our lives and certainly encourage it for everybody.

Source: Reddit

But please don’t risk your life for it! Cleaning your windows casually on the outside of a high rise without any safety equipment (or shoes) is like playing Russian roulette, and we don’t see the appeal. All it takes is a strong wind, and it’s curtains.

Shoes Straight Out of the Stables

It’s difficult to keep up with all the continuously changing fashion trends happening in our world today. But we have a feeling this one isn’t going to stick around for long. The woman who took this photo is making quite a fashion statement that pretty much sums it all up.

Source: Twitter

It looks like the girl has hooves, which isn’t something most people want. It doesn’t even look comfortable. The only way anyone would willingly wear this is if it was part of a Halloween costume. It would also certainly work for a character from a Disney movie like Spirit or Black Beauty.

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

High school was an eventful time for many people. Some of us took risks that make us laugh now. And you know that you probably forged your mom’s or your dad’s signature at one time or another. But this one is in a league of its own.

Source: Imgur

You have to fill out a fake permission slip correctly in order for it to be believable. This rule-breaker was obviously too young to figure that out. But hey, extra points for chutzpah and daring to risk it all to showcase his artistic talent on stage.

The Simplest Homemade Pizza

With so many easy homemade pizza kits available in stores, anyone can now be an expert pizza chef. But while anyone who has never even cooked before can successfully make this classic Italian dish, some will still find a way to mess up this simplest of things.

Source: Imgur

You can see that the pizza is lovely and would have come out fantastic if the crust had been okay. What was wrong with it? Was it too thin? What if the toppings were too heavy? Did they just not follow directions? Whatever it was, this person had to learn the hard way. Unfortunately for this wanna-be cook, people can’t eat what-ifs. Better luck next time!

This Is an Expensive Mistake

People ignore you when you advise them to read the manual before using a product. After all, what could go wrong? Well, a lot actually. So here’s a piece of advice. When you buy a pressure cooker, read the manual carefully to learn how to use it properly.

Source: Facebook

And yes, you should read it before you start cooking. We don’t even want to think about how much this disaster cost in repairs, but it certainly was a hefty sum. This is ironic considering the whole objective of a pressure cooker is to spend less money and time on cooking.

Read That Again . . . Slowly

Seamstresses, dressmakers, and home décor experts find it challenging to find high-quality fabric. After all, if they choose the wrong one, their entire work will be rendered useless. While getting passionate about correct textiles is not the most popular thing in the world, it means a lot to some people.

Source: Twitter

But who are we to pass judgment? However, it appears in this interaction that someone mistook the comment for something very sinister. We can only guess that it was unintentional to mistake some cloth for a group of people, but duh! People don’t tear or wrinkle like a piece of cloth. Maybe use some context next time.

Don’t Do it Yourself Then

For years, DIY face masks have been all the rage, especially among people living a natural lifestyle. And what could be more natural than nourishing your face with items you already have in your kitchen pantry? After all, if you’re all about the organic lifestyle, your kitchen will reflect it too.

Source: Tumblr

Right? It turns out that just because something is natural and nutritious when consumed doesn’t necessarily imply it’s also good for your skin, particularly on a sensitive place like the face. Unfortunately, this girl didn’t do her homework beforehand, applied a turmeric facial mask, and now resembles Bart Simpson. Ugh!

The Greatest Uno Reverse Card

There are many things in this world that are inconvenient, and one of the worst is having your car stolen. Dealing with insurance, police, and rental agencies while looking for a new car is a tremendous stressor. Unfortunately, many would-be prisoners who commit this crime never get caught.

Source: Twitter

But it appears that karma was on someone’s side in this case when two car thieves crashed into one another. Imagine their expressions when the cops arrived and they discovered what they had done. And what had happened to both of them? This is Netflix material!

New Girl but Same Old, Same Old

It’s common to show off your significant other on Instagram. After all, many people do it. Why not let the world know who owns your heart? While showing what you two do together is a personal choice, some people choose to live on the edge of what is appropriate.

Source: Twitter

But the last thing this person could have imagined was a mirror that exposed him. This shot, while revealing, raises more questions than it answers. For example, who did his nails? If he did that himself, then maybe he needs to focus on sharpening his skills!

Going against Manufacturer’s Instructions

With the rise of fake news, foreign actors, and Internet trolls, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around—and not all of it is politically driven. Some of it is far more personal, such as this person who thought a microwave could power up a cell phone.

Source: Reddit

Well, the only way to find out is to try it and see, right? Actually, that’s not the only way. Ever hear of a Google search? That could have saved this person some stress and the cost of a new phone. We hope no one else tries this.

Money Isn’t Always the Answer

Being ill in the hospital is a difficult experience for everyone involved. From seeing doctors, waiting on test results, and trying to recover, it is safe to say that it is a difficult time for anyone. And if you’re reading this from the hospital, we hope you get better soon!

Source: Imgur

This woman’s young grandkids felt they could brighten their grandmother’s day by raining cold, hard cash on her. Even though they had good intentions, we don’t think that’s what Grandma needs right now. Her face says it all. She probably gave them all that money in the first place!

Nobody Needs to Know That

Getting pregnant is one of the most wonderful experiences a couple can share together and celebrating their child’s birth is an unforgettable joy. Even for couples who do not yet have children, visiting places where they met or shared a special moment can be immensely memorable.

Source: Reddit

People would expect these memorable places to be in a decent restaurant, a beautiful park, or at home, but we’re sure an abandoned building is not on the list. We can’t say what would make this couple happy, but we think they should keep the location of their baby’s conception to themselves.

Are You Sure You’re Describing the Same Thing?

Nobody really has life figured out completely, so trying to explain what life means can be difficult. It’s something that requires years of knowledge to understand. People who have gained some valuable knowledge usually try to explain themselves in simple, easy-to-remember words.

Source: Facebook

But in this case, the guy most likely did not think this through. Comparing the twists and turns of life to a circle completely misses the point. Don’t circles go in a perfect path and make a perfectly round shape? So, what kind of circle was this guy talking about?

The Apple of Your Eye

Being happy with your children for even the tiniest accomplishment is nothing new. It should be a common pattern for parents to show their love and improve their child’s self-esteem. Some parents, on the other hand, should know what they’re talking about before publicly praising their children.

Source: Facebook

It’s normal for parents to want to brag about their child’s accomplishments, but when it reveals their own incompetence, it’s not the best thing. Maybe this mom should sit in on her daughter’s spelling class next time! We’re sure it’ll go a long way because she certainly needs it.

Keeping the Show Going Non-Stop

The show must go on, and many happy concertgoers have no idea how much work goes into making those events as spectacular as they are. Look at this guy up there. He’s putting his life in danger just to make sure the lighting is perfect.

Source: Facebook

We have no idea how he got up there safely or how they plan to get him down, but that’s the price you pay when you’re dedicated to your profession. Next time you go to a show, give a little thumbs up to the guys backstage. It could go a long way!

No One’s Going Anywhere

People have come up with some creative ways to secure items in their vehicles when they should have gotten a trailer. You don’t even need to go too far. Just look at any IKEA parking lot on an average weekend, and you’ll see several examples.

Source: Facebook

But the straps on this guy’s truck look a little strange. There’s something that’s just not quite right. Should we tell him? Yes. He did a great job of securing that ATV, and isn’t going anywhere once he hits the road. But that’s where the problem begins; he isn’t going anywhere either!

Great Job, Captain Obvious

Young love—full of adventure, excitement, and discovery. Although most youthful relationships don’t last, there is no doubt that every relationship teaches you something new. Good, bad, or ugly, there’s always a lesson or something similar to take away from them, so they are not a complete waste of time.

Source: Reddit

This young woman’s takeaway is most likely to ensure that her boyfriend respects her more in their most private and intimate times. We do think he has other things he should be worried about, though, like the look on the woman’s face, for example. She doesn’t look too impressed . . . or satisfied.

They’re the Same Person, Dude

In today’s world, everyone should be worried about protecting their personal information and identity. With so many ways to steal your info, the question isn’t whether someone will steal it, but when. Hackers use sophisticated tactics to obtain your information, but they also use classic scams such as the Nigerian princess one.

Source: Twitter

If you’re wondering how someone might fall for such blatant fraud, just show them this post, and you’ll have your answer. We can’t understand how someone has failed to realize these two pictures are the same person, especially at a time when we’re blessed with search engines!

We Wouldn’t Look There

It’s terrifying to lose a friend or loved one, and you never know if they’re okay or even alive. Members of the community are always willing to help find the person, even if they’re strangers because they would not want someone they care about to be in that same situation.

Source: Imgur

However, when someone joins their own search party, you begin to wonder if they were truly lost or if there is something fishy going on here. Maybe it was a botched prank, or they probably had one drink too many the night before. We have no words.

Maybe the Criticisms from Boomers Are Justified

Millennials get a lot of flak from Baby Boomers for pretty much everything. Though most of what they say is incorrect based on a skewed perspective or outright lies, there is some truth to some of their remarks. And there are some cases where you feel maybe the criticisms are justified.

Source: Twitter

With folks like this, it’s clear that Millennials are at least somewhat to blame for some of the criticism they face. The code on the back? Really? Thankfully, a handful of illiterates don’t speak for the whole generation. We hope she didn’t post her mother’s maiden name too. That would be bad.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Let’s be honest. We’ve all needed a way to open a bottle at some point. Family gatherings, special meals, and girls’ nights are all good examples of how a lack of planning and overbearing visitors may try to ruin the day. So, does desperation result in innovation?

Source: Facebook

Before you get out the knives, scissors, and whatever else you see people doing online to open bottles, it’s generally a good idea to take inventory of what you have on hand. All these ladies had to do was look up a little and find the solution to their problem.

Didn’t Think This Through

Pizza preferences are just as personal as political opinions and affiliations. You don’t need to question another person’s feelings or preferences; these are highly personal matters. Do you like pineapple? Anchovies, perhaps? What about no cheese? All these ways of eating pizza are equally valid.

Source: Facebook

However, for people who are unable to set aside their pizza differences and compromise, ordering many pizzas is the only option to satisfy everyone. But getting two pizzas and splitting them both the same way is probably not the smartest way to compromise. He certainly didn’t think this through.

Discovering New Energy Sources

The universe is full of surprises and discoveries that humanity has yet to uncover. Every year, scientists, astronomers, and researchers add to our ever-expanding knowledge. Even technologies and systems that have been known for a long time can contain nuggets of information that are just waiting to be uncovered.

Source: Reddit

Nuclear technology is one of these technologies. With all the misconceptions flying around about this remarkable process, it is evident that scientists still have their work cut out for them. This happened a few years ago, so we hope they have at least learned the difference.

So What Did They Do before 1748?

Running isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, but it sure is useful. People use it every day for several purposes, and it comes in handy whether you need to escape a dangerous situation or get back to the TV before the commercial ends.

Source: Tumblr

While you’d assume that running would have been invented for as long as humans have been on two feet, it appears that someone got a bit sneaky here with a search engine. If humans couldn’t run before 1748, then how did they go faster when they needed to?

It’s the Same Thing

Non-alcoholic drinks should always be available for a variety of reasons. Some people may have to drive or just don’t want to drink that day. Whatever the reason, having a decent collection of soda, tea, coffee, and juice on hand is always a good idea.

Source: Tumblr

While it is not the most popular choice, some people enjoy non-alcoholic beer (not great but still a valid option). It appears this person doesn’t know much about non-alcoholic wine. After all, it’s nothing more than grape juice.

Take Your Geography Class Seriously

People can be quite clueless, especially when it comes to foreign countries. We can’t blame people for not understanding much about a culture they’ve never explored or lived in. But we’ve all seen maps of the world since we were able to walk.

Source: Facebook

And we know how it’s laid out. While it is understandable to mix up Latvia with Lithuania, or Cameroon with Gambia, claiming that an entire huge continent is Mexico, one small country, is preposterous. It’s unclear whether this was a joke or the work of someone who missed too many geography classes.

Pretty Much How They Work

Many good combinations exist in the world that simply makes sense. There are some things that just seem to go together and bows and arrows are one of them. After all, one cannot function without the other. We admit there are many varieties of bows, and that can be confusing.

Source: Reddit

You’re not Oliver Queen (the Green Arrow) but knowing what a bow and arrow is—especially one that resembles Cupid’s bow—is quite simple. Though this person’s confusion is perhaps understandable, it does make you wonder how they could mess up this metaphor so badly. Well, everybody’s different.

Who’s Gonna Tell Her?

People’s reactions to the coronavirus have been bizarre. While some people are driven by fear or worry, you must take a step back and acknowledge that some of this has gotten out of hand. This lady believes she’ll filter out the virus by breathing through a snorkel.

Source: Tumblr

But unfortunately for her, snorkels do not work that way. She looks pretty confident in this picture, and we get the feeling she thinks she’s being very innovative in these times. Hopefully, someone was kind enough to tell her that snorkels don’t work like that.

It Doesn’t Work That Way

People have been looking for ways to capture the power of perpetual motion for centuries. While science has essentially ruled out the possibility of a useful invention, laymen and inventors alike have long been fascinated by the idea of anything that powers itself and can run forever. And they want one.

Source: Facebook

The people who own these devices probably believed they have discovered one, but we’re certain it doesn’t work that way. They put their phone into a solar charger and then charged the charger with the flashlight on their phone. Is this perpetual motion, or will their phone undoubtedly consume more power than it gets?

Why Have One When You Can Have Them All?

We’ve seen customers make mistakes in grocery stores and supermarkets. Some of them include returning products to the wrong spot, leaving carts full of items in the aisles, spilling things, and so on. However, this is one of the funniest face-palm moments we’ve ever seen in a store.

Source: Facebook

Instead of taking just one shopping basket and shopping for his items, this guy took all of them and the wheeled caddy to boot. We really don’t know why he did this, but maybe he wants to buy all these baskets and the cart too. Who knows?

A Million Ways to Cook Eggs, but Not This Way

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods in the world. They’re high in protein, very versatile, and can be cooked in a million different ways. Dropping a couple of eggs into a pan of boiling water and waiting a few minutes is one of the simplest ways to make them edible.

Source: Facebook

This person was trying to make boiled eggs and was baffled why it was taking so long. When they went to check on the eggs, they found they had put the saucepan on the wrong burner. Oh well, at least it’s not the worst cooking fail.

It’s Technically the Right Number, Just the Wrong Person

Have you ever gotten a text from someone who mistook you for someone else? Dealing with someone who has the wrong number might be aggravating, but usually the conversation ends by just saying, “You have the wrong number.” But some people don’t understand the concept.

Source: Twitter

This employer texted a total stranger their business schedule for the week, and the person tried to inform them that they had the wrong number. Apparently, they didn’t realize they had the RIGHT number, but the WRONG person. The right person just risked his job and didn’t get his work schedule.

Of Course, It’s a Search Engine

The year is 2022, and people all over the world are gradually becoming more accepting of those who do not fit the hegemonic mold that is traditionally expected. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are becoming more understood than ever before, yet some people remain oblivious.

Source: Twitter

They just don’t get it, and we mean that literally. This person met a transgender person on Tinder and had no idea what it means to be transgender. After being told to Google it, they assumed it had to be another search engine. Maybe something like Google? Ugh.

’Til Death Do Us Part

People will always have fake IDs. It can be a serious crime, but police usually let it slide when it’s only teens pretending to be grownups. But it can be a serious thing when adults try to pass themselves off as someone they aren’t.

Source: Reddit

We’re sure these cops took this fake ID seriously, but they also probably couldn’t help but laugh at how badly it was done. Isn’t this guy just a little bit familiar with driver’s licenses? Usually there’s only one person in the picture, dude. Their love must be so strong that they’ve become inseparable.

That’s Not How It Works

Some people simply aren’t prepared for the responsibilities that life throws at them. This woman’s sister was expecting a child, and the gender had not yet been announced. She immediately took to Twitter, claiming she couldn’t wait to find out if she’d be an aunt or an uncle.

Source: Twitter

We presume she thought she’d be considered an uncle if the child was a boy and an aunt if the child was a girl. That is most emphatically not how it works. We’re relieved she’s not the one having the baby, or she might be wondering if she was going to be a mother or a father. But seriously, some people’s education needs to be questioned.

That’s Kinda Dodgy, Dude

One of the most exciting holidays is Halloween. There’s candy, scary movies, and costume parties. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice (or scary) Halloween costume? This couple appears to be quite excited to create a romantic costume together, so they chose everyone’s favorite comic superheroes: Superman and Supergirl.

Source: Reddit

They apparently skipped the research phase of their outfits, though, since they were unaware that these two are cousins—totally related to one another. Yeah, this is starting to seem a little strange. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of Lois Lane? Once again, people need to use Google more often.

That’s Pretty Useful, Isn’t it?

While there are some excellent landlords, it is a widely held belief that most landlords are trying to defraud those who rent from them. We understand. Either scam or be scammed. Most tenants are used to this and don’t put up much of a struggle.

Source: Reddit

But make no mistake. Renters will do everything they can to be snide and disrespectful to their landlords. When the landlord requested a photo of the “broken hot water” in this residence, the renter responded sarcastically by sending a photo showing water gushing out of the sink.

You Can’t Be Too Sure

In today’s world, it appears that there is every real possibility that the people we interact with online are robots. You could be having an argument on Twitter, and the other account could be a bot. Have you recently matched up with a stunning woman or man on Tinder?

Source: Twitter

They, too, could be a bot. This is a fairly common occurrence. That is why most websites have verification procedures. While we appreciate them, we think they’re a little unnecessary when interacting with someone face to face. Why not just pour some water on them to see if they’re a robot? Duh!

Okay, What’s Going On?

Karen’s cousin Becky appears to be in town. After all, you’d expect that a roped-off area around a register would indicate that it was closed to most people. But Karen and her folks believe any register means an avenue for managers, discounts, and viral social media videos.

Source: Twitter

Nobody knows what Becky is saying or what’s going through that poor employee’s head. However, management has most definitely been notified, and this screenshot will almost certainly be used as a thumbnail of one of the greatest freak-out videos in the near future.

Both Are Red Hot Chilis

Nothing beats going to watch one of your favorite bands perform live. How exciting it is to wait in line, enjoy the pleasure of being around like-minded fans, and experience the joy of singing along to your favorite music. That is simply unbeatable—unless you purchase tickets to an even BETTER band by accident.

Source: Twitter

This person meant to see the Red-Hot Chili Peppers but instead bought tickets for the Red Hot Chili Pipers, a bagpipe band. She may have been frustrated at first, but we’re sure it didn’t take long for her to realize the band’s brilliance. Talk about stumbling on greatness!

His Face Says It All

If you’re a teacher, one of your most important goals is to help your students succeed. Even if they make some comical blunders along the road, it’s your responsibility to remain calm and help them get back on track. Even the best teachers, though, have their breaking points.

Source: Facebook

This math teacher was taken aback when he noticed a student write “syntax error” as her answer on the board. In her defense, she was simply jotting down the result from her calculator. Still, how could she have not realized her mistake? His expression shows how irritated he is.

The Most Enthusiastic Cop

We’re not going to pretend that we love parking tickets or are happy they exist. But we understand why they’re necessary. In our current world, people park like they’ve lost their heads. Picture the chaos if there was no punishment for bad parking. But some cops are far too eager to issue tickets.

Source: Imgur

Yes, this parking job seems to be a shambles, but how could anyone think this was a real car? This piece of art deserves better. It was an overenthusiastic cop either just doing his job or trying to meet his monthly quota.

We Wouldn’t Know If You Hadn’t Told Us

Oh, yeah, we needed to know this. This person mounted a smoke detector on the ceiling of this house and then filled in the “Installed on” tag. The purpose of this label is to remind homeowners of the date the smoke detector was installed.

Source: Reddit

They instead wrote WHERE it had been installed. While they weren’t exactly wrong, we have to admit that making a note of where it was installed was a waste of time. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t know this without the note. Common sense is not common practice.

They’ve Got to Be Kidding

If you spend enough time online, you’re likely to run into someone spouting something completely absurd. In fact, if you look in the right places, you can easily come across statements like these daily. They’re everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and pretty much anywhere online.

Source: Imgur

This poor, ignorant soul posted a Facebook status claiming that some people were insane for believing that the events depicted in the film Titanic were true. We completely agree with the person who commented on this one. Seriously, let’s hope they were joking. If not, well, then they need to learn a few things.

Time to Move Out

There comes a point when stupidity stops being amusing and poses a significant health risk. While we’re sure this person’s roommate meant well, we can’t help but think the time has come for them to move out as soon as possible. They started heating a pot on the stove.

Source: Tumblr

And then they left it. Before anyone could notice, the pot began to melt and fuse with the stove’s burner. After the whole ordeal, their kitchen was no different than a room in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. That’s some seriously bad cooking skills.

Hide and Seek: Key Edition

It’s usually a good idea to keep several spare keys in case of an emergency. While we recommend giving a spare key to a good friend for safekeeping, it may also make sense to hide your spare key somewhere close to your house. If you’re going to do that, here’s some advice.

Source: Twitter

You should choose a good place to hide that key so no one can find it. We understand the concept of hiding a key under a mat, but maybe a mat with lots of holes in it isn’t the best option. This plan definitely has lots of holes in it.

The Solution Is Right in Front of You

It’s strange how some people make things so difficult for themselves. When looking for an answer to a problem, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the best solution is right in front of you. The guy in charge of this office announced that there would be a mandatory meeting.

Source: Facebook

Okay, that sounds normal, right? But one of the employees just had to take a picture. You might ask why. Because they taped the message . . . to a clipboard . . . rather than simply using the clip on the clipboard, why did they need a clipboard in the first place?

Why Do People Just Embarrass Themselves?

Everyone has a moment in their lives when they say something so blatantly wrong that they will never be able to take it back. Don’t lie, we’ve all had moments when our brains seem to totally shut down and refuse to perform properly. Don’t say that happens only to other people!

Source: Facebook

We’re going to give this person the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s what happened when they posted this. After all, the existence of a zero (O) birthday candle should be self-explanatory. Perhaps they were joking? They had to be joking, right? We’ve given up all hope. Ugh!

Forgive Him, for He Has Sinned

There are some things they don’t teach in school. You just know. We have a feeling this guy is about to get into big trouble! Who could blame his wife for getting mad? It’s common sense that plastic cutting boards and heat aren’t great together. And stoves aren’t exactly cheap.

Source: Twitter

Yeah, this guy left a “Sorry Honey! :(” message, but he really needs a stronger plan. A gift card and an offer to pay for some delicious takeout that evening are both good ideas. (Of course, if she wants a new stove, he’ll have to pay for that too.)

The Spelling Bee Champion

Have you ever noticed that there’s one word you always misspell? It doesn’t matter how many times you write it down; it just never sticks. Even after practicing it, you still manage to write the word incorrectly in a bunch of different ways. Yes, we agree that it’s annoying!

Source: Twitter

While this might be a common inconvenience for most people, some folks are like this person who thinks Atlanta is spelled the same forward and backward. She should leave spelling to the experts. But hey, at least the first two letters spelled backward are correct, so maybe we can give her a B- for effort.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

Even if it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t trust everything you see on TV or the Internet, some people still do. While those at-home science experiments make for fantastic videos, they don’t reflect the amount of planning and preparation that go into creating and cleaning up these experiments.

Source: Reddit

One adventurous DIY scientist decided to join these popular social media scientists in their quest for clout. While he accomplished what he set out to do, it was most likely not as he had hoped. We do know he lost his microwave in the process. Was it worth it?

Read the Recipe Carefully

We’ve all met one of those overconfident home chefs who scan through a recipe and instantly declare, “I’ve got this!” But there’s a reason why it says at the top of every recipe, “Read through the entire recipe before starting.” If they don’t, they might regret it later.

Source: Imgur

They might miss something that’s critical to the recipe’s success. It could be the temperature of the oven or some substituted ingredients that aren’t 1:1. Even though we’re not sure what went wrong with this strawberry snowman dessert, no one needs to tell you something doesn’t look right. We know someone messed up.

It Is Now Your Mistake

There is a reason why parents and grandparents are so adamantly opposed to their children getting tattoos. It’s because they understand what a permanent mistake it commonly turns out to be. But here’s a young man who has refused to listen to his parents or anyone else who was older and wiser.

Source: Facebook

When he slammed the door and dashed to the tattoo parlor, he may well have exclaimed, “It’s my life!” If only he had gotten his favorite, inspirational song title right before the needle began to buzz. And what about that “Jon Bovi” disaster? He’ll have to carry those mistakes forever.

That’s Not a Smart Choice

Patterns on clothes can be risky. Placement is key, whether it’s different shades of the same color or something bolder like multi-colored images and shapes. In this case, well, we can all see what this dark circle looks like. This grown man appears to have suffered a rather awkward accident.

Source: Facebook

Instead of sneaking a photo of him, this person should have done the right thing and discreetly advised his fellow human being that he needed to put on some less embarrassing clothes. Shall we blame it on the manufacturer of the shorts or the guy wearing them? We’re not so sure.

Heating Up the Bread

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly made bread in the morning. Most of us, though, hardly have time to eat breakfast, let alone bake bread that early in the morning. So a few minutes in the oven with store-bought bread is almost as nice, right?

Source: Facebook

And then there are those people who are so tired before their first cup of coffee that they make all sorts of ridiculous blunders. For example, they’ve been known to put their toothbrush in the freezer or put a loaf of bread on a plastic cutting board and slide it into a hot oven. Why would anyone do that?

Putting Up the Tent

What is typical dad behavior? Of course, it’s the foundation for dad jokes. Dads refuse to use a map or ask for directions because they “know exactly where they’re going.” And as it turns out, dads sometimes learn the hard way how to put up a tent. We have two words for you, sir: tent posts.

Source: Tumblr

A tent is no match for the wind unless tent posts are strategically and solidly positioned in the ground. This was most likely not how this father envisioned his relaxing camping trip. That’s what happens when you don’t do your homework and read those directions. Or maybe you could ask for help.

Happens to the Best of Us

Quite frankly, we have no idea what this girl did wrong here. The dough on the left looks nice, and she certainly put in a lot of effort. But for some reason, it didn’t turn out like the bread snowman it was meant to be.

Source: Reddit

Perhaps the problem was how the bread rose or the temperature of the oven. Whatever it was, something went wrong with this recipe, and the girl’s disappointment is clear. Hopefully, it doesn’t crush her spirit too much and she doesn’t give up on her fledgling baking career.

If It Doesn’t Bend, It Breaks

Is this guy really balancing on a bunch of wine bottles that could break, cut him up, and cost him hundreds of dollars in wasted wine? What is he thinking? It looks like he works in the store and is trying to put up a sign.

Source: Twitter

And we understand how inconvenient it is to move all those bottles, get a ladder, and climb up. But shortcuts aren’t always the best idea. He’s either very confident in his own balancing skills or in the strength of the wine bottles. Neither makes sense to us though.

She’s Got to Be Kidding

Some high schools have removed sex education, maybe due to budget cuts or parent complaints. But it looks likes the schools that haven’t taken it out aren’t doing a very good job of teaching our kids about the birds and the bees.

Source: Imgur

This mother appears to have missed out on sex ed or had a very bad teacher. It’s understandable for a father to wonder if his partner has been unfaithful, especially if the baby looks drastically different from him, but this woman just doesn’t understand that you can’t cheat on yourself.

Where Did You Get Your Degree?

Unfortunately, in today’s era of the Internet and free interior design software, it’s becoming increasingly easy to create all kinds of forgeries. For example, if you’re a computer guru, you can easily come up with a Harvard degree and a license to practice just about anything. But as it appears, these fakes can do some real damage.

Source: Twitter

We’re suspecting that a fake degree in architecture was pretty easy to come up with here. How else can you explain two giant steel beams slicing through the middle of a corridor (apparently where people are supposed to walk)? Sure, you can squeeze through this, but it’s definitely challenging and problematic.

Broken Car, Broken Comprehension

It is both smart and appropriate to document a car accident. Taking photos from many angles will best demonstrate the amount of the damage and provide proof of what happened in the accident. This woman, on the other hand, didn’t get the memo from the insurance company.

Source: Reddit

When they asked her to send pictures, she definitely did that—just not the right type. Perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt because maybe her insurance agent was really cute. After all, love sometimes finds us in the most unexpected places!

Set the Timer and Oven Temperature

Even frozen, ready-made items such as french fries or pierogis have optimal cooking durations. Although no actual cooking skills are required to “cook” these items, you must set the right oven temperature and, more crucially, a timer. Somebody apparently appreciates a little additional color to their meal.

Source: Facebook

But being burned to a crisp (no pun intended) isn’t anyone’s intention. That’s exactly what happened to this happy-go-lucky home cook. We hope they learned a valuable “cooking” lesson through this ordeal and didn’t make any more hideous-looking fries and pierogis.

Need to Improve Your Cutting Skills

We’d really love to know what this man used to cut this fish. A machete? A katana? It must have been something sharp for it to neatly slice through that solid wooden board like that. Did he need something that sharp to cut off a fish’s head?

Source: Facebook

A simple fillet knife would have sufficed, allowing the excellent cutting board to be unharmed. We’re also not deceived by the simple knife in the picture. There’s no way that knife could have caused all that damage. There’s certainly something fishy about this picture.

Accident Waiting to Happen

People who are afraid of ladders apparently have good reason to be. Accidents involving ladders are quite common. People use them for everything from replacing light bulbs to complex home construction projects. Walking under ladders, standing on ladders, carrying ladders—any activity that involves a ladder—should be done with extreme caution.

Source: Imgur

This guy, on the other hand, isn’t interested in superstitious ladder crap. He also didn’t seem to have time to ask a friend to help him hold the ladder while he was up there endangering his life. This has to make it to “1,000 Ways to Die.”

Do Not Try This . . . EVER

There are those who are fearless risk-takers and natural-born daredevils. And this guy is undoubtedly one of them. As ridiculous as this sounds, it’s difficult not to be impressed by how he’s basically laughing in the face of death. Again, we see someone risking their lives with a ladder.

Source: Facebook

We’re not sure why this guy didn’t get the necessary professionals and safety equipment up there instead of being the only person using just a perilously close-to-the-edge ladder. Someone needs to talk to this guy. The first question should be, “Is everything okay at home?” We really need to know.

Things Are Falling Apart

Whatever you do, don’t rent a truck like this the next time you need to move. This is bad! As you can see in this picture, the driver of this particular truck doesn’t seem to know that his truck is actually on the verge of collapsing.

Source: Twitter

But at least the guy who took the picture clearly noticed it. And no, those big bungee cords aren’t going to convince anyone that they’ll hold it all together. A cop will pull this guy over sooner or later and have a field day. We wish we could see the look on the truck driver’s face.

What’s Going on Here?

Why is this dude in a dunk tank all by himself, right next to what appears to be electricity? There’s even a sign that says “DANGER” all in caps. We’d like to know the story behind this picture because it doesn’t look like a state fair to me.

Source: Reddit

And we doubt this grandpa is putting his life in danger on purpose for some dumb game. Hopefully, he was able to flee before anything awful happened. We also hope the person who took this picture had 9-1-1 on speed dial and was being very careful—just in case.

Thin Line between Smart and Stupid

There’s no way to move a large ladder like this if you don’t own a truck or an SUV. So it’s generally best to ask someone who owns one to help, or maybe you could hire someone to do it for you. You could also do what this guy did.

Source: Reddit

We’re getting a little nervous simply looking at this photo. It looks like an accident waiting to happen, and we’re not very comfortable with it. He would only have to suddenly slam on the brakes on the highway to turn this scene into a very terrible accident.

This Is Why We’re Professionals

Sure, this appears to be extremely dangerous, but it also apparently worked in some ways. These workers needed to lift some big stuff up there, and the forklifts weren’t tall enough. What is the solution? Simply life up one forklift with another forklift, and the problem is solved!

Source: Facebook

The mistake seems to be having two guys on the upper forklift, which is already lifting a large load. It appears unsafe since the entire structure may collapse with them right in the middle. This could really turn bad in a split second. We hope it didn’t.

Part of the Weather Report

Watching the weather channel can be boring. No offense, but unless you’ve got plans that depend on the weather, who tunes in? That’s why many studios have gone to incredible lengths to improve ratings and viewership. Almost every trick in the book has been tried, including funny costumes.

Source: Reddit

They’ve also tried cheesy jokes and guest appearances. One thing that hasn’t been tried is putting that weatherman right in the middle of the weather itself. Whether this was done on purpose or not, which it most likely was not, there is a significant probability that more people will tune in the next time.

No Longer Needs His Toes

When it comes to renovating a property or using any kind of tools, it’s always a smart decision to put on sturdy safety shoes or boots. That’s because no matter how careful you think you are, heavy or sharp objects could fall on your feet at any time. So it’s best to stay safe.

Source: Twitter

This is basically construction 101. You don’t want your bare feet to be what catches a falling object. But it appears like this guy here is comfortable with any heavy or sharp object falling on his toes. He has chosen the risky road to learning.

Time to Call for Help

This is a hilarious photo, and we would be laughing if it weren’t for the impending danger this person is in. It looks like they were mistakenly locked out while cleaning the window. Climbing out there was never a good idea in the first place.

Source: Twitter

But we can completely see it happening. Since most windows like this one don’t have an outside handle, it’s impossible to get back in if it slams shut and somehow locks. Maybe he should have thought about this beforehand. But for now, hopefully help comes his way soon.

Yet Another Ladder Situation

What is it about ladders that make people believe they are invincible? This is just another case of someone gambling with his life by using a dangerously tall (and wobbly looking) ladder. Guys, this is a ladder, not King Arthur’s shield. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a professional or not.

Source: Facebook

There’s absolutely no way this is safe. It’s a good thing he’s wearing a helmet because that’s what’s going to save him if he falls. But it won’t help if he gets electrocuted. We hope he gets good pay because he appears to have done this more than once.

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