Are These The Unluckiest Car Owners in The World

Whether you think your car is just a way of getting around or you tend to it like it’s your most precious possession, you have to admit that sometimes cars can be a little, shall we say, temperamental? You never know what is going to go wrong with a car. It can break for almost no reason, then suddenly start to work again. It can stop at the very worst possible second. You can lose your keys and find yourself transport-less. All of this costs time and money.

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You might think that by looking after your car like the baby you consider it to be, nothing will ever go wrong. However, the car owner on this list all thought the same thing, and some of their escapades were indeed troublesome and unexpected! You have to admit. It makes you wonder whether it’s not just more comfortable to walk everywhere and get the exercise instead.

They Knew They Should Have Gone For The Horse & Carriage

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, and of course, you want everything to go smoothly. Unfortunately for this couple, the smooth side of things didn’t go according to plan!


Halfway down the motorway, their trusty stead decided to be not so trusty anymore and blew up in a rather spectacular fire display. They say weddings should have fireworks, but we’re not sure that’s exactly what they meant.

Old School Parking is The Best

We’re all about technology these days, and for the most part, it works well. However, for this poor car owner, opting for an automated parking system didn’t serve him well at all. Sometimes, the old way is better!

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If you’re going to have one of these systems, take a lesson from this owner’s book. Always close your car door before setting things in motion. This mistake is going to cost a rather pretty penny to fix, that’s for sure.

Got Your Keys? Er, No

You can see the plus points of an armored vehicle in a war zone. They keep you safe from bullets, allow you to make it to your destination without being harmed, etc. However, sometimes’ indestructible’ really isn’t the best type of vehicle to have.


Rule number one of owning such a vehicle – always check you’ve got your keys before closing the door. Nothing can break into this type of machine; that’s what they’re built for. They’re not getting back in that vehicle very soon!

Patience is a Virtue (Especially in a High-End Car)

Traffic laws are there for a reason. Making an illegal U-turn could land you in boiling water, but it landed them in unset cement instead in this owner’s case. Do you believe in karma? It’s certainly a good argument!

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Do you feel sorry for this owner, or do you think they got their just desserts? It’s going to be pretty tough to clean all the dried cement off the front of that relatively high-end car, but perhaps that’s what happens when you decide you’re above the law?

Did This Guy Break a Mirror?

If you believe in superstition, you’ll know that breaking a mirror is an evil omen. That’s the only explanation for this guy’s run of bad luck. Not only does he have a damaged car to deal with, but now he has a parking ticket too!

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First, someone crashed into the back of his car, causing damage to the rear. However, the impact pushed his car up on to the sidewalk at the same time. What happened then? He got a parking ticket! You couldn’t make this stuff up.

That’s What We Call Bad Luck

Dropping your keys down a sewer grate is bad enough news. However, it’s not usually a massive problem because you can reach in and grab them or raise the grate and get them. Unfortunately, that’s not possible when your car is parked over the grate.

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In a very stark run of bad luck, this car owner dropped their keys only to find that lifting the grate to retrieve them was going to take a feat of superhuman strength – they would have to lift the car literally. Bad luck, indeed.

A Speedy Tow Truck

Your car breaking down is already a pretty bad event in the middle of your day. Not only do you anticipate a costly bill to fix it, but you have to try and find another way to get around for the rest of the day too.

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However, this owner’s day got even worse when they received a speeding ticket while their car was on the back of the tow truck! How fast was the truck going? That’s a double whammy of bad luck that would undoubtedly derail this owner’s day.

Good Intentions or a Tantrum?

As a parent, you want to do things with your children as a family. So, when this owner’s child wanted to help wash the car, they were only too happy to let them. It wasn’t until the car dried that the damage was discovered.

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It turns out that it wasn’t a sponge in the child’s hand they were so diligently rubbing back and forth with, but a rock. Yes, this car now has a rather spectacular circle of scratches rather than being gleaming and clean. Kids, hey?

Did it Really Need a Repaint?

You could argue that this accident was good luck or bad luck. Firstly, it was good luck if the car owner was thinking of repainting the car in the first place. Job is done! However, if they weren’t considering it, it’s a huge chunk of bad luck.


A truck carrying a massive shipment of white paint lost its load on the road, just as the car behind was a tiny bit too close. Rather than spilling on the road only, the car got a repaint. There isn’t a speck left uncovered!

When Parking Isn’t Your Strong Point

Sometimes we do not think when we drive. It sounds dangerous, but it’s more that we’re on autopilot, and we do everything in sequence. However, that can be dangerous and too costly when you forget vital details.

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One of the critical things to remember when parking your car? The handbrake. This owner totally forgot, and his luck got worse because he lives next to a car dealership. His car ended up rolling down the hill and bumping into a brand new car. Always pay attention!

An Extremely Lucky Escape

We can only assume that lady luck was on the side of this driver. The truck in front lost its load with a massive sheet of heavy wood flying off the truck and almost slicing the car’s driver behind in half.

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Thank goodness there was no-one on the passenger side; otherwise, this accident could have been deadly. Always check that your truckloads are entirely secure before setting off. This is one accident that could easily have been avoided and could have been a lot worse.

It Wasn’t The Car That Should Have Been Painted

We can only assume by the presence of a tin of paint in the garage that this owner was planning on painting something in his house. However, his car got a redecoration instead when he backed over the tin and exploded white paint everywhere.

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The situation gets worse when you see that the car window was rolled down due to the heat. Not only did the exterior of the car get a painting, but the interior too. Always look behind before you reverse!

The Day The Car Went For a Swim

Engaging your handbrake when parking is a must-do. However, this car owner obviously forgot to do that and allowed his car to go for a swim in a murky river instead. Not the best ending to a day.


The car is almost entirely submerged on one side, which will cost a lot to fix. Not only that, but a truck is going to have to come and pull it out—all of that from merely forgetting one small basic point of parking.

The Sinister Side of Car Ownership

Car thieves are the worst. Taking an expensive vehicle from someone and driving it away takes a special kind of spite. However, this owner’s situation was about to get much worse when the police tracked down the car’s whereabouts.

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It’s bad enough that the thieves took the car but then torch it and let it burn to nothing but a shell? What was the point of taking it exactly? Let’s hope this owner’s insurance company manages to do something for him.

A Bolt Out of The Blue

Lightning strikes are pretty rare – thankfully. However, this car owner found out that they’re not completely unheard of after their BMW was struck by lightning whilst parked up. We can only be grateful that nobody was inside at the time.

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The windshield is completely smashed, and you can see the hole where the strike hit on the bonnet, burning straight through the metal. It’s kind of fascinating and kind of terrifying all at the same time. Will the insurance cover it? Let’s hope so.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

As if having your car broken into and your laptop stolen wasn’t bad enough, this owner ended up with the police knocking on their door, asking about their whereabouts to rule them out of a serious crime.

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The real thieves didn’t only break in and steal the laptop. They also stole the number plates. They then put them in a stolen car and went out to rob a small business establishment.

This Guy Wasn’t Expecting Takeout

Fish and chips are a delicacy in many countries, but this guy wasn’t expecting a day’s catch to fall onto his windscreen quite so out of the blue! A passing bird accidentally dropped a huge catfish onto this car, causing quite a lot of damage in the process.

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It must have been a pretty heavy fish for the bird to have dropped it in the first place, but look at the mess it’s made. At least the guy has dinner sorted out, but unlucky for the bird too.

Daylight Revenge Complete

Sometimes being the bigger person and walking away with your head held high is just too hard to do. That’s obviously the case for whoever was wronged here! Rather than letting it go, they decided to graffiti their ex’s car instead.

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Do we wonder what they’d done wrong? Had they cheated? Had they stolen? It must have been something pretty bad to cause this level of destruction, and so publicly too! We’re intrigued. We want to know more!

That’s What Happens When You Go Pumpkin Throwing

Pumpkins are pretty heavy. To carry one is difficult, but to throw one? That takes some strength. It turns out that pumpkin throwing is an actual thing,’ and that’s what this car owner found out their dismay.

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Just like watermelons, pumpkins shatter on impact. Upon hitting this car, it didn’t only shatter and cause a mess inside the open window but dented the actual door at the same time. How heavy was this pumpkin? And how strong was the person who threw it?

When Potholes Attack!

When your car tire suddenly develops a huge bulge, and you’re not sure how it got there, you’d be forgiven for being totally confused. However, this car driver found that the city’s potholes were totally to blame.

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We all know how driving over a pothole, no matter how slowly, can be a nerve-wracking event. It turns out that doing so can also cause your tires to swell up and be undrivable. It’s time the city council filled the potholes in!

When The Mechanic Makes Everything Worse

When you take your car into the mechanic’s workshop for repairs, you expect to drive it away the next day like the new car you had years ago. However, this owner found that spending more than $2000 on repairs didn’t mean his car was going to drive like a dream.

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Rather, it blew up in flames and ended up completely irreparable instead. You have to wonder whether this mechanic was actually qualified, or was there something extremely wrong with the car that went undetected?

Beware – Bad Luck Comes in Threes

Owning a convertible must be a wonderful thing. You feel proud whenever the sun shines, and you can drive with the top down. Unfortunately, it also means that unscrupulous folk can rip a huge hole through the convertible roof if they feel the need to do so.

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Not only did this owner have his roof ripped, but it also rained cats and dogs that night, soaking the interior. That’s two lots of bad luck down. You have to worry about what the third lot is going to be.

Look Out Below!

There are some risks in life that you can be aware of and avoid or manage, but when a random act of nature decides to come and hit your car quite literally on the bonnet, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

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This owner minded their own business when a huge boulder came rolling down the mountain and hit their car. Can you imagine the terror? Not only is a massive rock hurtling towards you, but it’s going to cause a huge amount of damage to your car.

Always Be Prepared

Of course, if you’re going to go camping in bear territory, you need to make sure you have everything on hand to keep you safe. Unfortunately for this owner, leaving a can of bear mace on the inside of the windshield is going to be useless if a bear comes for him.

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That rare possibility turned out to be the least of his worries that day, as the sun heated the mace and caused it to explode inside the car. Not only did it break the windshield, but it covered the inside with mace, rendering the car undrivable for a while.

Perhaps the A/C Is Better Than The Window?

During warm weather, always consider what may come your way if you drive with the window down. We can only assume this driver wishes they had used their A/C instead of having to deal with this mess.

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Whilst driving down the road and minding their business. This owner was hit by a huge slurry of rotten potatoes that was intended for the field full of cows a short distance away. The entire inside of the car was coated in the slimy substance. We bet that took some cleaning.

When Your New Car Gets The Wrong Kind of Bath

When you buy a new car, it really is your pride and joy. A sparkling, high-end car is even more of a precious item and something which you show off to anyone who deems it necessary to listen. However, this owner was devested that their new baby ended up with a bath far too soon.

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A passing garbage truck decided to accidentally spray the two weeks’ old car with garbage juice as it passed by. Whilst it’s entirely possible to clean it, surely it takes some of the literal shine off the new purchase?

Was The Ground Hungry?

When you’re driving down a road, minding your own business, you really don’t expect to suddenly nose-dive into a huge hole. Not only that, but the hole is so deep that it up-ends your car and leaves it pointing at the equator.


It might surprise you to learn that this rather odd occurrence happened in the USA and not in a rural part of an undeveloped country. Let this be a lesson. Look out for hungry roads when you’re out driving!

A Sunken Car, A Lost Boat

A day out on the open seas sounds like a wonderful way to spend a few hours; however, you need to get the boat to the water in the first place. The best way is to drive close to the water and allow the boat to make its way in slowly. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well for this owner.

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The biggest mistake they made here is underestimating how soft the sand was. Not only did the car sink into the sand, but the sand was far deeper than anticipated. Basically, the car sank, and the boat didn’t make it to the water.

When You mind Your Own Business …

We all have days when we want just to stay home and chill out with our family. This owner was doing just that but smelled a particularly rancid stench and went outside to check out where it was coming from. To say they were shocked would be an understatement.

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A garbage truck had set alight, damaging not one car but two and melting the entire side of their house. Now, if they’d chosen to go out for a drive, you could argue that the damage would have been far less. Choose your day’s activities wisely!

That Car Didn’t Need a Bath

Underground parking might sound like a good idea, in theory. That is until it rains so much that the parking lot becomes flooded, and your car has a bath that it really didn’t need. The outcome? Rust needs to be fixed, and we can only imagine what other damage.

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Of course, these are freak accidents that can’t be anticipated, but perhaps parking on the street level would have been a better idea. That is probably what this car owner wishes they’d done in the first place.

Wow, You’re Strong!

You wake up in the morning. You’re not really with it,’ but you head out to your car, ready to go to work. You unlock the door and pull the handle. Then the entire door panel detaches itself, and you still can’t get into your car.

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That is definitely not the best way to start the day, and for this owner, it probably confused them for a few minutes before really understanding what was going on. Either way, it would have been costly to fix.

This Car Was an Innocent Bystander

When you park your car, be very wary of where you choose to leave it. This owner parked their car in what can only be described as a particularly ‘dodgy’ part of town. When they returned the following morning, they found their car had been an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting.

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You wouldn’t expect a bullet hole to be found in your car when you wake up in the morning, but that’s exactly what happened to this driver. We can only be thankful that the owner wasn’t in the car when the shooting occurred.

Look Out For Flying Wheels

You would think that a McLaren dealership office would have pretty strong glass to protect the precious vehicles inside. Well, that isn’t the case here. This dealership window got hit by a stray wheel from a passing truck, smashing the window and the parked McLaren inside.


Thankfully, nobody was inside at the time, but you can clearly see the damage to not only the window but the very expensive McLaren too. How the wheel flew with such force is beyond us!

Honey is Good For Health, But Not For Cars

Honey is tasty and has many health benefits, but it’s a nightmare to clean up when you spill it. So, imagine this driver’s chagrin when they spilled an entire pot on the floor mat of their car.

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Not only will they probably need to throw the mat away and replace it, but we all know that ants and other creepy-crawlies love a bit of honey. It might smell nice, but the stickiness will be around for weeks afterward!

Making Unsweet Music

Piano music is relaxing and beautiful, but when you hear a piano being dropped from a great height, the sound isn’t so wonderful. So, imagine how it sounded when it landed on a car! The noise would have been deafening.


We have to wonder how the piano actually managed to drop onto the car in the first place. Even if it was pushed out of a window or from a balcony, surely it would have shattered more than it did? The car, however, was totally shattered.

When Budgeting Goes Wrong

There is nothing wrong with taking up a deal and trying to save a little cash here and there – it’s to be recommended! However, when you pre-pay for a service, you expect that service to be accessible for at least the foreseeable future.

Source: Reddit

This guy decided to pre-pay for a year’s worth of car washes. Great thinking, right? Yes, until the car washing business decided to close. The owner turned up for his wash only to find a demolished site. Bad luck!

That’s Not Supposed to Happen

Wheels are supposed to stay attached to your car, go around and around, basically getting you from A to B with ease, right? While tires are able to be detached and changed. You don’t expect the entire axle and the tires to literally fall off while you’re reversing.

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Unfortunately, that exact thing happened to this owner. While nobody had a clue what had caused the entire wheel compartment to come unstuck, we can only say that, really, ‘that’s not supposed to happen!

Parking Really is Expensive

We all know that car parks are expensive these days, but if you happen to have a trailer attached to the back of your car, the entire thing becomes even more costly. If you’re using an automated barrier system, you may find yourself paying twice.

Source: Reddit

That’s what happened to this car owner. Having pressed the button and gone through the barrier, the sensor only recognized the car and not the trailer, dropping the barrier down in-between. The owner had to pay again to get through.

The True Cost of Winter

When the snow comes down in buckets, it has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, that means that roads are blocked, and cars can’t get through. Thank goodness for snowplows! They’ll free up the roads and get traffic moving again in no time, right?

Source: Reddit

Well, yes, but they might also scratch your car as they’re moving past and end up causing you a hefty amount of cash to get it fixed. Thankfully, this owner’s damage was only cosmetic, but it’s not a bill you need during the cold, winter months.

What’s in a Word?

The Fiesta Flame sounds pretty impressive, right? It’s a car that sounds like it goes fast, it’s reliable, and it’s a car that people will notice for all the right reasons. That is until the F falls off the back of the car, and you end up driving a Fiesta Lame.

Source: Facebook

That’s exactly what this poor owner had to contend with when the F fell off the back of his car. Did he continue driving around with a literally ‘lame’ car, or did he go to the garage to get it fixed? Let’s hope it’s the latter!

I Just Wanted to See What You’re Up To

You’re chilling out, enjoying the evening with your family, feet up, and relaxing when suddenly a car decides to join you in the living room. That’s literally what happened to this family while they were enjoying an evening in.

Source: Reddit

Did the car owner become bored and lonely and just wanted to see what they were doing? Surely they could have just rung the doorbell like a normal person? Either way, the combined cost of fixing the car and fixing the front of the house would probably have been pretty high.

Earning Your Stripes

It’s a good idea to be mindful of where you park in general, but there are some situations you can’t foresee. For example, how are you supposed to know that there are painters around the area? The cones could have been a clue, perhaps.

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This owner didn’t look at the cones before deciding to park their car in this very unfortunate spot. Rather than arriving back to their car in the same state they left it, it had suddenly earned its stripes – literally!

Dude, Where My Car?

Maybe the owner drove a little too fast and couldn’t brake in time; maybe this is the result of a riotous party. Whatever the reason, a rather sleek-looking sportscar ending up submerged in a swimming pool isn’t something you see every day.

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The next question is, how do they get it out of there? It will be very clean once they extract it, but what about the seats and everything inside? Soggy isn’t the word, but rusty might be! Let’s hope this is an exhibition stunt or something.

When a Hungry Bear Visits

If you live near the woods, the chances of a bear taking a stroll during the evening hours and looking for food scraps is pretty high. Of course, bears can be dangerous, so it’s best to steer clear. Despite that, they’re curious creatures.

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This owner found out just how curious one particular bear was when they woke up to bear-shaped footprints all over their car’s roof and bonnet. It seems that walking around it just wasn’t an option!

One Good Deed Deserves Another … or Not

This guy borrowed his neighbor’s truck to do some errands. To say thank you, he was going to top it up with gas – a neighborly and good thing to do, right? He then found out why the neighbor never topped up the gas tank.


Inside the gas, the cap was an extremely large and angry wasp nest. Could that be why the truck remained unused a lot of the time? Judging by the size of those wasps, it could just be. Perhaps just say ‘thank you for letting me use your truck’ and move on!

Not The Best Reason to Clean Your Car

Cleaning a car’s interior should be done regularly, but it’s not a job that most people relish. It’s even worse when something has exploded inside the car and caused the entire interior to be coated with stickiness.

Source: Reddit

This driver left a can of sparkling water inside his fancy Lexus. Unfortunately, the harsh winter temperatures took that can and turned it into a makeshift missile, exploding everywhere. Be careful what you leave in your car!

It’s Better to be Safe, Than Sorry

Before you reverse your car out of the garage, it’s always good practice to check behind you, just to be sure there’s nothing that could cause damage to your car. This driver failed to do that and ended up backing over a pair of plyers.

Source: Facebook

The worst thing? The car was brand new, and it was their first outing in the car for good measure. A burst tire might not sound a terrible thing, but it’s not something you expect before you’ve even taken your maiden voyage!

Realignment Gone Very Wrong

Most drivers know that if your car tends to move to one side when you’re driving, it’s time to get it realigned. It’s a relatively easy job for a highly trained mechanic. However, you need to be sure that you’re choosing the right mechanic. A realignment should not look like this!

Source: Twitter

Not only did the car not end up aligned properly, but there was cosmetic damage to deal with too. You don’t expect to bring your car out of the mechanic’s workshop looking worse than when you took it in!

Those Golf Balls Get Everywhere

An afternoon at the driving range is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. It probably was for this driver until they returned to their car, only to find a golf ball lodged in the wing mirror.

Source: Reddit

Of course, inexperienced golfers can’t control a golf ball’s direction that well; hence, these pesky balls are often found in the strangest of places. Would insurance cover this random occurrence? Probably not.

Neighbors From Hell?

A little spot of DIY is therapeutic, but you do have to be careful to follow all etiquette guidelines before you dive right in. For instance, if you’re going to paint your garden fence, you should probably warn your neighbor so they can move their car.

Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, that’s not what this person did, and instead, they continued with their repaint, unperturbed. The driver was less than impressed to find orange specs all over their red car. Would you be happy? This could be the start of a neighborly war!