Caught You! Most Embarrassing Math Mistakes on the Internet

The internet is an unforgiving place. Any mistake you make, typos or otherwise, is available for the world to see. And you know what they say, once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. Even if you delete something, you can bet someone shared it, saved it, or screenshotted it first. We see it all the time, particularly when it comes to celebrities. However, even us regular folk can make an error online for everyone to laugh at.

Math themed conversation
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That’s why you should be very careful and recheck your work before posting it online. But most people think they are smarter than the internet, and make embarrassing slipups. Everyone makes mistakes; it might be overconfidence, carelessness, or ignorance. Numbers are confusing, so math mistakes are almost always evident. Whether it’s a trick question or a simple addition problem, there are some of the funniest math errors on the internet.

Stay Confident

The trick to math problems is to take your time, focus, and read through it very carefully. I hope this guy has a creative mind because mathematics doesn’t seem to be his strong suit. It’s funny because of how confident he is about his incorrect answer. He even asked for harder math questions.

Math themed conversation - my sister is half my age
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However, I do have respect for this guy. If you are going to be wrong, be wrong with confidence, right? It’s okay, though. To be fair, it was kind of a trick question. Just to clarify, if your sister was half your age when you were six, she was three, making her three years younger. Therefore, if she is 70, her sister is 67.

That’s Not How You Add Percentages

Writing an intriguing post that will get people to click on a link to the source material is no easy feat, trust me. One way to do it is to bring up statistics and dive into the information. Specifically, if it has to do with health. However, this guy’s attitude makes his comment come across as even more ignorant.

Math themed conversation - How You Add Percentages
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I’m sure in his mind, this makes perfect sense, but I think it’s safe to say he never took a statistics class. If 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands after the bathroom, it certainly doesn’t mean that 96% of the population does. You can’t add up percentages like that. I’m sure he eventually realized he made an embarrassing mistake.

You Can’t be Serious

This person shouldn’t have triplets for other reasons. She should really start with one and see what happens. She clearly doesn’t know what triplets are. It means that you are carrying three babies at once-one pregnancy. If you are pregnant for 27 months, it’s because you got pregnant three different times, making your kids siblings, not triplets.

Math themed conversation – How long is a triplet pregnancy
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Thankfully, I think most people are aware of how pregnancies work, and I really hope this was just a joke. Sure, some species carry their babies for multiple years, but not humans! If you carry your child for more than nine months, you should probably see a doctor.