Check the Background First! Photobombing At Its Best

When we take pictures, we’re so focused on how we look that we ignore any other part of the image. That is more common if the picture looks good and we plan to upload it online. But sometimes, looking at other elements in the picture is a good idea.

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We’ve compiled a list of people who have already shared their pictures with the world before realizing something was off. These photos may seem regular at first sight. But when you look closer, you’re bound to find something funny, weird, or plain scary hidden in the pictures.

Bathroom Selfie Gone Wrong

How many times have you taken a bathroom selfie? As long as you have a smartphone, we bet you can’t count the number of times you’ve taken shots in the restroom. And these pictures are strangely the best. Well, that’s only if you get the angles right.

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This is a case of a bathroom selfie gone wrong. We’re curious to know how long this picture stayed on the Internet before she took it down. We usually take bathroom pictures after we’re done with our business, but it looks like she couldn’t wait. And the mirror exposed her.

The Creepy Third Wheel

You don’t have to use social media for long before seeing people in romantic relationships throwing sweet pictures with their partners in our faces. It seems they’re always trying to remind us of how single we are. Okay, we’re kidding. There’s nothing wrong with posting your partner on social media.

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This woman did the same. They say love is blind. Maybe all the love blinded her from the creepy third wheel in the picture. It reminds us of the movie The Shining. Strangely, the original post had this picture on her refrigerator for six years before she realized it!

How Babies Are Made

If you are a parent or plan to be, then prepare for the question, “Mom/Dad, how are babies made?” from your kids. That’s if you’ve not even been asked already. Children are inquisitive, and this is one of the questions they’ll think up during their gazillion free time.

Source: Facebook

This girl went to see giraffes, and she had a great time. While capturing a photo of her, grandma also became a wildlife photographer. We have the feeling that if this kid ever asks how babies are made, this grandma will just whip out this picture. And voila!

Can’t Keep a Secret

Who else has that one friend you absolutely can’t share secrets with? It’s not that you don’t love them but because they have a slippery tongue and will expose your secrets. If someone comes to mind, then you need to send them this picture because it’s a perfect description.

Source: Facebook

With baby showers becoming more popular daily, expectant mothers love hiding their baby’s gender until the celebration. Others would like to wait until the baby is born. Apparently, the baby’s gender was revealed the next day. However, this person was just too clueless to keep a secret.

The Crop Feature Exists

Some photos are so hilarious that you wonder how someone didn’t check the originals. We understand that how you look is very important, and it’s clear that this woman was happy about her pretty smile. She was so happy that she forgot to look behind her.

Source: Imgur

Or did she see what was behind her and deliberately share this picture online to get more comments? We’ll never know, but we can clearly see her friend struggling on the toilet seat. It even looks like the friend is trying to get out of the view of the camera.

Sunglasses in the Bathroom

This is a selfie fail on so many levels. Look, sunglasses are incredible. Wearing sunglasses is a fantastic way to upgrade a simple look, and they make you look cool. But let’s be honest, their main purpose is to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Source: Facebook

So we don’t understand why this dude wanted to protect himself from the bulbs’ light rays. Or did he just want to look cool? If you glance at the background, you’ll see a man taking care of his business. He won’t appreciate this picture being online for sure.

A Quick Picture from Dad

Do you remember your prom night? If you had a good time, then you’ll remember it fondly. Our parents are proud of how good we look, and just before we walk out the door to enjoy the night, they take one good picture as proud parents.

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This father was certainly proud of his son. It’s a cute photo, but if you look beyond, you’ll notice that it could be embarrassing to the poor boy. The dad was so proud of his good-looking son that he didn’t notice his reflection in the mirror.

A Pervert Caught Red-Handed

Most of the owners of these photos will probably regret them, but the OP will be delighted to have taken this one. It was a picture taken at the right moment. This was a nice selfie until it revealed a perv snapping upskirt pictures of a woman.

Source: Facebook

We hope this photo was sent to the local police and the creepy dude was caught. Hopefully, it didn’t take too long for them to see him in the background, so he won’t be able to deny doing this. It is quite appalling, and we can’t imagine how many women were victims.

The Cowboy on a Ferry

Who else grew up wanting to be a cowboy or cowgirl? We fantasized about it and even got our little cowboy hats to complement our dreams. Considering how this man is looking up dreamily in this picture, we won’t be surprised if he’s still dreaming of his cowboy days.

Source: Facebook

Unknown to him, his dreams are unfolding right there. This is one of those pictures that, once you see it, you simply can’t unsee it. The man behind seems to be a midget riding the woman. All he needed was a cowboy hat, and this photo would be complete. Yee-haw!

The Cat Had a Rough Night

Cats are funny creatures. They just behave in so many weird ways, but we still love them regardless. We’ve already seen some weird restroom pictures on this list. And this is another example of why you should always check your back when taking a bathroom photo.

Source: Imgur

There’s always something embarrassing, and if you aren’t careful, the world will laugh at you. It seems like the cat in the photo had a rough night and was drunk. It looks like it’s throwing up after having one too many drinks. The guy cares more about his looks, though.

There Are Two Cute Couples in the Photo

Who wants to grow old with the person they love? We all want to. It’s refreshing to see elderly people in love and still together after all these years. No offense, but that’s something rare nowadays. We must admit that this is a cute couple.

Source: Imgur

Yeah, the human couple looks alright, too. We’re talking about the amorous couple behind the scenes. They don’t seem to care about the cameras and are just deeply in love with each other. That’s why we love them. We bet the humans didn’t notice them.

Always Check the Rearview Mirror

We can’t decide whether to laugh or be a little creeped out because we don’t know the relationship between these two. It looks like this pretty girl went to a sunglasses store. Of course, you’ll try these products on to see if they fit and are the right size

Source: Imgur

And that’s what she did. We’ll come back to the odd sunglasses’ choice later. Our attention was drawn to the mirror behind, where we could visibly see a man checking the girl out. We hope she went back to ask him why he was checking her out. She has proof.

Someone, Please Explain What’s Going On

Have you ever seen pictures of people pretending to do something just so they can get pictures for their Instagram? Usually, they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. But they need to create content, so they make a fool of themselves. We think something similar happened here.

Source: Imgur

First, did he hit the ball so hard that it toppled the golf cart? Or if that’s not the case, then where is the ball to begin with? This looks like what we described earlier—someone trying to get a picture and has no idea how golf works.

Not the Best Timing

How good does it feel to hang out with Dad? Imagine going fishing with Dad on a sunny day. Every kid would love to do that. Quite frankly, we can’t really fault the kid in the picture. There’s little you can do when nature calls. You just must go.

Source: Imgur

They went fishing with Dad, but it was on a small boat. If you’re on something that small, there’s nowhere to go when you need to pee. You’ll need to do your business in the open. We wonder how many people do this and if they’ll be eating that fish.

Grandma Always Comes to the Rescue

If there’s one person in the whole world who would support us no matter what we do, it’s our grandma. She’s just the best, isn’t she? It’s obvious from this picture that this is a super-supportive grandmother. That’s why her grandson isn’t shy about flexing in front of her.

Source: Facebook

There was no one around, so this gentleman told his grandma to help take a picture for the girls to drool over. Of course, grandma was willing. Anything to get him out of the house and find a woman! Nice shot, granny! The lighting and angles are spot-on!

Keeping Your Hands Warm

Gloves are an important accessory in the winter. You’ve got to keep your hands warm when it’s freezing outside. It looks like this was the case in this picture. Before you judge the hand warmer, remember that maybe it was around -28 degrees Celsius when the photo was taken.

Source: Facebook

We don’t know for certain if it was freezing or not, but that’s the only logical explanation we have for this. He just had to improvise. The two subjects of the picture and the photographer were too carried away and didn’t seem to notice the odd hand placement.

A Photo on a Windy Day

There’s a time and a place for wearing your underwear in public. When you’re at the beach, it’s quite normal to be in bikinis. But we doubt this woman would want her underwear to be shown to the whole world this way. This family went on a family excursion.

Source: Facebook

Although it’s not a bad idea to take a family photo on a windy day, it’s important to look at the background before snapping the picture. We’re not sure why the family uploaded this picture after seeing what was behind them. Thank goodness the kids didn’t look back!

The Worst Possible Photobomb

Maternity shoots are a common fixture on social media these days. In fact, expectant mothers go the extra mile to create adorable photoshoots just before the baby comes out. Going by the hashtags on this post, Kristin was due any time, so she wanted one last picture before the delivery.

Source: Facebook

What could go wrong, right? Unfortunately, she got photobombed in the worst way. The dog in the background had other plans and executed them perfectly. We can’t blame him. When nature calls, you just must go, and the same is true for dogs as it is for humans.

Working on Your Thesis Is Tiring

If you’ve ever seen the four walls of a college, then you know how exhausting working on a thesis can be. Well, it’s usually the last homework you do before leaving the university, so maybe it’s worth all the stress. This guy wanted to share his progress with his followers.

Source: Facebook

His hashtags are quite hilarious. The OP wanted to celebrate the end of the school year in good fashion with champagne. Well, they forgot to close one tab, and it’s clear Philippe was also celebrating with porn. We wonder how long it took before they noticed the background site.

Smoke and Pet-Free Home

How many of you have sold or bought something online? We bet there are many of you. There are numerous online marketplaces today where you can buy new and used products. This looks like a picture from one of those online marts. They say honesty is the best policy.

Source: Imgur

But honesty is one of the most difficult things to find online. Many products, especially devices, come with various faults that the sellers hide. This iPhone seller made some claims about the quality of the phone but forgot to hide the evidence showing they were lying.

The Road Rash Picture

Road rash hurts, doesn’t it? If you get a bad road rash, the best thing is to visit a doctor and get some rest. Taking a photo of it with a smug look on your face as if you’re a macho man isn’t the smartest.

Source: Imgur

This man chose to take a photo of his rashes and share it with his Internet friends. Unfortunately for him, he was too focused on the rashes and forgot to pull his pants up. Now the whole world knows how your backside looks. Next time, go to the doctor.

A Quick Work Call

Those of us who work remotely will be familiar with things like this. Admit it; it’s not every work meeting that you’re completely dressed. Sometimes, all you wear is a shirt and a jacket. The bottoms are usually shorts or even underwear, which aren’t suitable for work. But who cares?

Source: Imgur

No one will see it. Something similar happened here. The guy looked great in the jacket and decided to post his photo online. He told the photographer to snap the top part of his body. Technically, the photographer listened, but the mirror in the background had different plans.

Internet Persona Gone Wrong

We see many people post about their lifestyles on social media every day. They have expensive lifestyles, drive luxurious sports cars, and do whatever they want with their money. If you’re not careful, it could get to you and make you feel like a failure. But social media lifestyles aren’t always real.

Source: Facebook

This guy is a prime example of not believing everything you see. We’ll give him some credit for trying, but we’ll have to take some away for carelessness. The bills aren’t the same size, and this proves that the Internet persona is usually a fantasy.

That Bunny Looks Sinister

Many people visited characters like this when they were kids. At first glance, this looks like a harmless picture. But it gets creepier the more you look at it. We are sure this picture gave a filmmaker a good idea about their next horror movie.

Source: Facebook

It doesn’t look like the boy on the right is comfortable with the bunny either. And when you zoom in, you see that the person in the bunny suit doesn’t look very happy. They have a sinister look on their face. We’re sure the parents won’t be coming back.

When Mom Doesn’t Involve You in the Selfie

We’ve seen some embarrassing photobombs on our list already, but we’ll admit this one is a cute one. And we fully approve it. Dog parents will be familiar with pictures like this. This doggo looks tired of these girls taking selfies all the time.

Source: Facebook

Worst of all, they never involve him! Aww! So, he decided to do something about it. What better way to pass along a message than to photobomb the picture and ruin it? He got the job done, and we’re sure he’ll be in the next selfie.

Passing a Secret Message

Most people start their days with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. So posting about how your day is about to begin seems like a normal thing to do. Right? While this may seem like a funny post at first, it has a much deeper meaning.

Source: Facebook

Who knows? The original poster could be indirectly asking for help. Either that or they didn’t notice that the coffee had revealed what was on their monitor. We sincerely hope that their friends reached out to them. If you ever feel this way, please know that help is available.

Jason Voorhees Came to Spread Love

Look, we know you’re free to wear whatever you want to your wedding, but we don’t think wearing a shirt and shorts is respectful. Considering the bride went all out, the least you could do was get a tux. Well, that’s not even the point.

Source: Facebook

If you look at the background, you’ll see someone looking like Jason Voorhees. It looks like the character came to celebrate with the couple on their big day. Or maybe a new Friday the 13th movie is coming out soon, and this was taken on the set.

A Deal-Breaker in the Picture

Here’s another example of an online marketplace. This person wants to sell a Remington 870 tactical assault gun. They’ve put in a few details about their product that’ll impress the buyer, but we bet that’s not what will catch the prospective buyer’s attention. Just look at the seller’s toes.

Source: Facebook

If you’re going to buy the shotgun from this seller, just make sure it’s on one condition—that they wear shoes before answering the doorbell or during the trade. Those toenails are a deal-breaker! How are their toenails so unkempt? Gross!

The Perfect Family Photo

Everyone must be present in the family photo. Many people have family pictures like this from years back. Since everyone now has a life and is busy, it’s difficult getting everyone together to get a picture. So, we reminisce on old pictures like this one.

Source: Facebook

This family wanted a cute family photo and tried their best to include their dog in it. But unlike the other dogs on the list, this one wasn’t big on cameras. So, he decided to take things into his own paws. We’re sure this will make the family laugh every time.

When the Dog Photobombs

We already saw an example of a dog that photobombed a picture, and this is another example. People, when you want to take a picture around the dog, let them in on the shot! It’s clear that this doggo wanted to be in the picture with his owner.

Source: Imgur

There’s nothing wrong with that. But he wasn’t allowed to come out, so he decided to do something about it. He just had to be in the picture one way or another, and it looks like he accomplished his mission. Next time, put the lovely dog in the picture too.

Are You Feeling the Breeze?

This is such a pretty woman, right? Well, you don’t need glasses to look behind her and see something else. The man behind had exposed his backside, and maybe he didn’t care. But he most certainly would if he saw this picture of him on social media.

Source: Imgur

Sometimes we wonder how people like this can’t feel the breeze when too much of their backside is open. At least if you didn’t know it was open, feeling air between your butt cheeks would make a difference. Apparently, he didn’t mind, and we applaud his confidence.

Whatever You Think, It’s a Foot!

At first glance, this looks like a father holding his newborn. But that changes a bit when you look between his legs. If you thought of something different after seeing that, we wouldn’t blame you for it. It’s one of those pictures where you need to look again.

Source: Imgur

But contrary to what you think (you know what we mean), that is the baby’s foot. We admit that it fooled us just as much. This is the kind of picture that will remain in the family for ages. We’re sure it’ll be laughed at every year during Christmas.

Is That Her Hairdresser?

Mirror pictures are good, but mirrors in pictures aren’t always great. Sometimes you get a great shot that you like, but you need to check for the reflection in the mirror before tapping that send button. We’re sure this person didn’t take our advice before sharing the picture.

Source: Facebook

It seems ridiculous that she missed the naked man in the picture. The caption says that she’s happy with her new hair. Of course, she looks quite happy. We’re wondering if it was her hairdresser who took the photo. That’s incredible customer service right there.

A Perfect Moon Shot

We’ve said it countless times, and we’ll say it once again—always check the background of the picture you’re sharing online. Yes, we know that the subject is what matters. You look gorgeous in the photo, but you’ll save yourself some embarrassment by taking a quick look at the background.

Source: Facebook

It’s even more important to check the background in advance when you’re taking a photo of such an adorable girl. After the photo was taken, we have no idea why it was uploaded. Maybe the photographer wanted to show off their photography skills to the world.

It’s Just Poor Lighting, You Pervert!

The pictures on this list concern the backgrounds, but it won’t feel right if we don’t include this one. This looks like a perfect picture of a woman with her back toward a beautiful view. That’s because it is, indeed, a wonderful picture. It was until she uploaded it online.

Source: Facebook

Even when there’s nothing odd with your photo, you always have that friend who finds something pervy in it. Bad lighting cast a shadow in this picture, and the commenter saw something else. Wait, is it really bad lighting though? Now we don’t know anymore. Oh, Francois!

When Dad Trolls the Kids

If you’re lucky to have a cool dad, then you don’t know what the universe has done for you. We can keep going on and on about how incredible it is to have a super cool dad, but this picture pretty much sums it up.

Source: Facebook

This dad wanted to join the party, so he came up with the perfect pose to photobomb his daughter’s picture. Cool dads can be embarrassing too. We’re sure this girl will try avoiding this embarrassing and completely hilarious dad when taking photos for her Instagram followers in the future.

Improve Your Photoshop Skills

This is another example of why you shouldn’t believe the Internet images people create. Some people have dream bodies but don’t want to do the work of going to the gym and eating healthy. So, they edit their pictures. Photoshop is good if you’re making a meme or something.

Source: Facebook

But not when you use it to hide the truth. This woman shared an edited picture on Instagram. Unfortunately for her, she was busted for it. She tried to do some damage control by blaming the filters for the crooked door, but it was too late.

Taking the Perfect Family Photo

It’s not every day that families get together and visit the beach. So once the family is there, it’s only normal that they take a photo to remember the occasion. You could tell this family was trying its best to take a great family photo.

Source: Facebook

The mom looks frustrated, two children are in the water doing something else, and there’s the guy at the back just in his own world. We’re going to give them marks for at least trying. The surfer at the back made this even more hilarious. A classic family photo.

Relieving Yourself on the Deck

We all have that one friend who knows how to ruin almost every picture, right? It’s almost like art for them. Even when you’re serious and want to take a great photo, they still find a way to photobomb. This dude with the polo hat certainly has that friend.

Source: Imgur

It would still be a cute picture if the friend only photobombed, but from the look of things, they’re doing more. If you have a friend who ruins pictures, you should introduce them to this guy because they certainly have one or two things in common.

That’s a Questionable Tree Placement

Trees are great for the environment. We need to plant more trees than we take down. Sadly, that’s not the case in our world today. We get the feeling that this store won’t be big fans of afforestation because that tree’s placement is a bit unfortunate for them.

Source: Imgur

It’s fair to say the store named Forget Me Not won’t forget this one. On the other hand, maybe it’s their fault. We don’t think the tree was planted after they got there, and it was the other way round. Perhaps they need to contact who put up the sign.

That’s Why Your License Was Revoked

Having your driver’s license revoked is definitely one of the worst things that could happen to you. You can’t drive yourself, and you’ll need to hire a chauffeur or get a family member or friend to drive you. This person was heartbroken that their license was revoked.

Source: Imgur

So they shared a picture with their friends. If anyone was confused about why their license got revoked, here’s why. This person is driving at 40 mph while reading this mail at the same time and taking a picture! That’s ridiculous. We’re glad the license was rescinded.

That’s Too Much around the Kids

We have no idea why people keep making the same mistakes repeatedly. There are many pictures such as this one on the Internet. Yet people still don’t look twice before posting their pictures online. Or do they see it and decide to go with it anyway?

Source: Imgur

With billions of Internet users, it’s impossible for someone not to find these things out. The person wearing the transparent leggings may want to rethink their clothing choices next time, especially when they’re around kids. No one wants to see all that, and certainly not children.

Enjoying Fresh Beer in the Open

We saw something similar earlier, and this is another example. First, we understand that everyone can wear what they want. But maybe it’s a good idea to wear something more suited to your body type. And if you won’t, at least have better self-awareness than this guy in the background.

Source: Imgur

There’s no way they wouldn’t feel the breeze on their body, which will prompt them to adjust. But they just didn’t care. It also brings us to the same question we’ve asked: why take a picture if it’s so obvious there’s someone with their backside hanging out?

The Moment of Realization

Everyone has their fears. For many people, it’s spiders. It’s called arachnophobia. From these pictures, it’s clear that this girl has a deep fear of spiders. The pretty girls were taking pictures for their social media accounts. It was all going fine . . .

Source: Facebook

. . . until a special guest decided to make an appearance. The spidey just wanted its picture taken too. But one of the girls got super scared. Fortunately for us, they didn’t delete the photo, and we all got to see this classic picture. Everyone say hi to spidey!

It’s Just a Desk Chair

This is one of those pictures where “if you know, you know.” We bet that’s what you saw the first time you looked at this image. It’s a visual illusion, and regardless of what you thought at first, what you’re looking at is a desk chair.

Source: Facebook

We’re so ashamed that we’re even getting offended by it. But you can’t blame us, can you? It does look like (you know what we’re talking about). This is a result of the camera angle and, of course, how the chair was made. And the OP also knew.

Is That What We Think It Is?

Since we’re talking about that part of the body, maybe we should just delve right into it. Here’s another picture that you’ll need to take another look at it (possibly three or four more looks) before understanding it. But it’s not what you think it is.

Source: Facebook

It’s always good to go viral on the Internet, but for the right reasons. This man is so unfortunate because the picture became viral for the wrong reasons. Many people on the Internet have dirty minds and are quick to jump to conclusions, but that’s only a foot.

A Baby in a Cannon

We assure you that the background of this picture is fine, and there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just a bunch of kids trying to push a baby into a cannon. Totally normal, right? Of course, it isn’t. While this mother was taking a picture, the other kids had different plans.

Source: Facebook

This reminds us of the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers, who sold him into slavery because he was the favorite child. Well, slavery has ended (thankfully). So what other way to dispose of the baby who keeps getting mom’s attention? Yep! Get the baby into a cannon. Problem solved.

What Are You Doing Online?

Just like the college graduate sharing a bottle of champagne with his Instagram friends, this girl was also doing some “casual browsing.” She got caught, and she only has herself to blame. There’s nothing wrong with pausing your day to take a nice selfie for your social media friends.

Source: Facebook

But it’s important to check your picture well before tapping the send button. Besides, who takes an indoor selfie in a dark room with sunglasses on? She made a bizarre decision, and now the whole world can see what she was doing online. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, girl!

It’s Just Their Shadow

Have you ever played beer pong? For those who don’t know, beer pong (or Beirut) is a drinking game where players throw a ping pong ball across the table to try to land it in a cup of beer on the other end. You must have seen the game at parties.

Source: Imgur

It looks like these beer pong players are good at the game, and they’re also good at something else. Guess what? They’re good at looking cool while their friends snap photos of them! What did you think? Oh, you also saw the shadow on the wall. You pervert!

Not a Good Deal

Have you ever run into an amazing deal on an online marketplace? We bet you’ll quickly rush to make an offer before anyone gets there ahead of you. This looks like a good deal, right? We’re not so sure. Two copies of Frozen for only $15 is a steal.

Source: Facebook

But you might end up giving your money to someone who will later spend it on drugs. The crack pipe in this picture indicates that the person was too stoned to take just a simple picture of the Frozen DVD. You might want to rethink that offer.

Throwing the Baby Away

Earlier, we saw a bunch of kids dumping a baby into a cannon. It looks like this person is doing something similar. We’ve had to look at this picture more than once, and we still can’t decide whether the guy in the background is throwing the baby away or not.

Source: Facebook

If he is, then that’s normal, right? We just hope the fall wasn’t too hard and the toddler was fine. But we strongly doubt it. It would have gone viral. We don’t think the original poster cared anyway. They were just concerned about how handsome they looked.

A Photo of the New Wine Glasses

This OP was ready to have an amazing time and took a picture of two wine glasses. Apparently, the glasses were new because he captioned the post “classy new wine glasses PRIME WINE TIME.” He was certainly ready to have some fun and shared the picture with his Instagram friends.

Source: Facebook

However, he was so focused on the new wine glasses that he captured something more in the background. On the other hand, maybe he had no intentions of snapping the wine glasses (wink-wink). We wouldn’t be surprised if he did this one intentionally. But we doubt it.

Where’s Waldo in the Restaurant?

Where’s Waldo is a British children’s puzzle book made up of a series of intricate, double-page picture spreads that show dozens or more people engaged in amusing activities in a particular location. A character named Waldo is hidden in the group, and readers are challenged to find him.

Source: Imgur

Waldo can be identified by his bobble hat, glasses, and red-and-white striped shirt. At first sight, this picture would seem to be ordinary, but if you look closely, you can see Waldo. To be honest, we didn’t think it would be this easy to find Waldo.

Sharing Too Much Information

We bet you’ve heard of “too much information,” or simply TMI. It’s when people share personal or inappropriate information you didn’t ask for! Sadly, we often see these kinds of people on social media. If you need an example of someone sharing too much information on the Internet, just look at this picture.

Source: Imgur

This guy casually shared a screenshot, but he quickly realized his mistake when someone pointed it out to him. Apparently, he should have cleared his search bar before sharing the screenshot with billions of people. A growth . . . where? We bet he would’ve wanted to keep this hidden.

When Grandma Lives among Nudists

Visiting grandma is our favorite part of growing up. We know we’ll get as much candy and cake as we want, and no one is there to stop us. It’s clear from the smiles on these kids’ faces that they were delighted to be visiting their grandmother.

Source: Imgur

However, netizens were quick to spot something else. While it looked like a nice photo at first glance, that completely changed after looking at the extreme right corner of the image. A couple of bums just ruined a perfectly good-looking family photo. Hopefully they didn’t scar the kids.

She Didn’t Notice the Naked Man

Ugh . . . skin issues are frustrating, aren’t they? If you’ve got problems with your skin, it’s best to see a dermatologist immediately instead of taking pictures of it. Anyway, this woman was so focused on her skin condition that she didn’t notice the stark-naked man sitting beside her.

Source: Facebook

She had taken the picture, looked at it repeatedly, and shared it online without realizing it. It wasn’t until someone commented under the post and asked who the naked man was that she looked at the background. Thankfully, nothing “much” was shown to the public.

The Creepy Boy at the Back

The idea of a girls’ night out sounds like a lot of fun and watching a Vikings game adds to the excitement. While many girls would rather head to the club or go shopping, these beauties chose to enjoy a Minnesota Vikings football game. They may not be the best team.

Source: Facebook

But they have their moments, and these girls were there to enjoy. Taking a picture to remember the day is the cherry on top. But wait a minute! There’s a boy in the background staring back at the lens. And he has a sinister look on his face!