Could These Photographs Have Been Timed Any Better?

Some moments in life need to be captured on film. Whether you choose to look back over them for your own pleasure or memories, or you decide to share with everyone on Instagram, there are some memories that you just need to immortalise. Some photographs are accidental, some are funny, some are crazy, and some are tragic, but these snaps are certainly jaw-dropping, and they’ll make you believe in the concept of being in the right place, at the right moment.

Source: Pinterest

Is this guy totally crazy, or should be heralded for his bravery? Personally, we think he should be branded stark-raving crazy! He could easily have fallen from that building at any moment and plummeted to his death. Where is his safety harness?

The sheer number of floors below him beggars believe. It’s no wonder he’s not looking down. Would you dare something so terrifying, or would you stay inside? If you choose the latter, you’re probably the sensible one of the two!

Look Out Below!

Looking at this photograph, you would think this ship is about to fall directly onto its side, spilling all of is precious cargo into the ocean, right? Wrong! Only 4 cargo boxes actually ended up in the sea, the ship didn’t flip, and thankfully, nobody was injured either.

Photo by Maritime New Zealand/Mark Alen via Getty Images

We can only think it must be a miracle. However, you have to question why the cargo was stacked so precariously. There seem to be far too many crates on that ship for its size. The crew didn’t seem too concerned however, so maybe they’re used to such near misses!

Is it a Bird or a Plane?

You could argue it definitely is Superman considering this near miss! This image shows a pilot escaping from his Harrier jet just seconds before it accidentally shoots into the air at an exhibition. Can you imagine if he’d actually gone sky-high unprepared?

Source: Pinterest

Thankfully, nobody was injured, and the pilot managed to escape and land with nothing but his pride bruised. The audience thought it was all part of the show; little did they know how close to disaster the whole thing came.

Always Look Where You’re Going

Let’s hope this guy doesn’t have a fear of clowns as he’s about to get a rather nasty surprise as he wheels his trolley or pastries along! If he didn’t have fear before, he might have one now!

Source: Twitter

Of course, you would think that the clowns would hear the trolley rumbling along and know to get out of the way, but they don’t look too concerned. Maybe they intend to scare the poor guy after all?

In The Splash Zone

What do you think? Accident or impressive stunt about to go a little wrong? This young boy looks prepared for impact as his bike flips and heads perilously towards the water.

Photo by David Cheskin/PA Images via Getty Image

His mother looks terrified at the prospect of her son going for a deep dive, but his sister? She looks quite amused at what’s about to literally go down! Of course, they’re bound to get wet – they’re directly in the splash zone!

If Ever There Was a Picture of Karma in Action

Let this be a lesson to guys everywhere. If you’re going to check out a pretty girl as you walk down the street, be careful there are no immediate hazards about to come and literally bump you back into reality.

Source: Pinterest

He might have enjoyed his second glance at the pretty blonde, but we guess he wasn’t smiling a second or two later as he walked straight into the pole. What do you think hurt more – his head or his pride?

It’s Always Better in The Movies

There’s always that couple who try to re-enact iconic scenes from epic movies. In this case, we see a young couple trying to be Kate and Jack from Titanic. What they didn’t account for was the curious seagull.

Source: Twitter

Maybe he just wanted to get in on the picture or maybe he had just been dumped by his seagull girlfriend, and he wasn’t into the idea of love in front of him. Whatever the reason, this poor woman wasn’t expecting her nose to be almost pecked off mid-moment!

He’s Flying Without Wings

You have to give credit to the photographer here as they caught the moment perfectly! This water-skier looks to have hit a bump of a wave and headed for the skies whilst his buddies carry on riding the waves below.

Source: Twitter

Thankfully, he landed without any injuries and probably carried on with his water-skiing adventure. You have to say that it was certainly a case of the right place, the right time for this talented photographer!

You Should Probably Get Out of The Water, Man

Does this guy know there is a rather large shark lurking beneath that wave? You have to say that he probably does and instead of swimming away in a panic, he chooses to calmly ride out the wave and head back to shore without alerting the shark.

Source: Pinterest

Of course, sharks are apex predators who can sniff prey a mile away. Perhaps this shark simply wasn’t hungry that particular day, and that’s a major bonus for this lucky surfer.

Some Jokes Just Aren’t Funny

This poor woman failed to see the funny side of a so-called “joke” her husband played on her. During a diving trip, he thought it would be hilarious to place a stingray on his wife’s back. Yes, hilarious, right?


Of course, it’s no wonder the woman was terrified, considering that stingrays are actually poisonous. It doesn’t look like this little guy had any intention of hurting her, but can you blame her for being terrified? Her husband was probably in the dog house for a few days after this.

Not Today Buddy, Not Today

What would you do if a 6 foot alligator decided to sneak up on you whilst you were trying to give someone a ticket for speeding? This policeman’s reaction looks entirely realistic to us; in fact, he looks very calm considering the ‘gator seems to have his eye on his dinner.

Source: Twitter

Thankfully, the alligator became a little bored when he realised the policeman wasn’t going to allow himself to become lunch, and he wandered off back to this swamp. The speeding guy? He got away.

Whale Watching With a Difference

Many people have whale watching on their bucket-list, but how many want to actually get this close and personal to these huge, yet mostly friendly, mammals? This big guy jumped out of the water but didn’t realize the boat was so close – he landed right on top of it.

Source: YouTube

Thankfully, no-one was hurt, but the boat did end up in pieces. The passengers had to swim back to the shore before telling everyone about their close encounter of the whale type to anyone who would listen. Handily, this photographer was around to capture it all!

Stay Calm, Everybody Stay Calm!

What would you do if your airboat ride suddenly capsized in alligator-infested waters? You’d panic but expect your knowledgeable guide to talking you through how to handle the situation and escape safely, right? This guide seems more terrified than the passengers!

Source: Twitter

Everyone managed to get out of the boat and back to dry land without an alligator deciding they were lunch. If anything, the boat would have caused so much noise that the gators wouldn’t have come close. You’d think the guide would know that …

There is a time and a place for pole dancing

And this isn’t it! Yes, this woman decided to show the entire subway just how flexible she was with an impromptu pole dance. You would think she’d have put her drink down first, rather than spraying the poor guy sitting nearest to her.

Source: Pinterest

This is another of those ‘right place, right time’ moments for the photographer, who is probably thanking their lucky stars that camera phones are so reliable these days! However, isn’t it a little strange that nobody else seems interested in the lap dance?

If Cats Were Bullets

Cats tend to be a little lazy, and they’re not going to exert themselves unless the end prize is more than worth their time. This furry feline must have seen something they liked very much as they moved at such speed, they resembled a moving bullet.


Perhaps there was a plate of lasagne waiting on the table, and this cat wanted to be Garfield. Whatever the reason, the look of determination is very clear – this cat is going to get what it wants!

Avoid Stings – Save Yourself And The Bee

Bees only sting when they feel threatened, and this photo shows you exactly why. When a bee stings, they die afterwards. Here we see the bee leaving in the sting but also leaving behind many of its internal organs too.

Photo by Dimas Ardian/Getty Images

Wasps? They’re a totally different story, but bees are far gentler, and this photo shows you why we should be doing more to protect these beautiful creatures. If a bee is around, simply move away from it; then you won’t end up with a painful sting, and the bee won’t die.

A Moment to Forget

Teenage girls don’t tend to want to stand out for the wrong reasons, but this poor girl was definitely the centre of attention! When a football hits you in the face, it definitely hurts, but it hurts your pride even more.

Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

Let’s hope she wasn’t too traumatised and that her glasses weren’t broken by the impact. It will definitely be a moment she will want to forget, but unfortunately for her, it was immortalised on camera.

Wait, Do Storks Really Deliver Babies?

The legend that storks deliver babies to their parents could be true, judging by this photograph! Of course, it could also be a case of the right moment, the right time for this by-passing stork.

Source: Pinterest

Either way, the baby looks very happy to be heading down to their parents, so you have to conclude that perhaps the stork wasn’t all that friendly after all! Storks are considered a sign of good luck in many cultures, so let’s hope this big bird was dropping some good luck to residents in the area.

An Angry Pigeon’s Revenge

Who knows what this little boy did to make this pigeon chase him in the first place, but right at the moment when he wanted to empty his bowels all over him? It must have been something bad, that’s for sure!


Of course, a bird dropping their digested dinner on you is actually considered lucky in some cultures, but you shouldn’t ignore the fact that it’s not only dirty but pretty unhealthy too. Let’s hope this little boy got a good bath quickly afterwards!

One Too Many Shots?

No-one else in this photograph seems to be having a bad time, so you have to assume that this girl’s gurn is down to the fact that she’s mid-vomit when the photograph is taken. What a moment to take a photograph – she’ll be traumatised for life!

Source: Pinterest

It’s like that shots were to blame for her sickness. Let’s be honest, one too many shots, and everyone turns green. We can only wonder what her hangover would have been like the next day, not to mention her pride.

Nose to the Water, Ready to Dive

Firstly, this car is far too precious to end up underwater, but secondly, how did it end up there in the first place? That’s certainly a mystery! The other strange element, although quite a lucky one, is that nobody was actually inside the car.

Source: Twitter

Did it drive itself off a cliff and end up vertical before diving into the water? Or, is it part of an elaborate stunt? Either way, being able to capture a photo like this just a split second before the car hits the water is pretty impressive.

That’s One Way to Get Game Memorabilia

Some people will go to extreme lengths to bag some game memorabilia. Let’s hope this guy got to keep the bat when it flew out of the player’s hands and hit him right in the jaw.

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Of course, if you’re going to sit close to the edge during a game, you need to be on the lookout for balls flying your way, but bats? That would be a pretty rare occurrence and a rather unlucky one if this guy ended up needing medical attention.

Move Out of The Way Fish Face!

It seems that fish love a photobomb too! This guy was trying to get the perfect underwater shot for his Instagram feed, but this pesky fish decided he wanted to be the star of the show instead.

Source: Pinterest

You have to admit, this photo is probably better than the original was planned to be – talk about timing. You could even argue that the fish is posing, angling his face to the camera, trying to get his best side!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it …

Cats love to get themselves into odd positions, and the confidence of having nine lives means they often end up hanging from heights or jumping into trouble. However, this kitty cat seems to be auditioning for Mission Impossible!

Source: Twitter

He’s either trying to avoid the rather large dog below or he’s doing his daily pull up routine. Either way, this cat has serious muscles, or you have to admire his bravery! Let’s hope he doesn’t slip and fall into the dog’s clutches!

You Can Never be Too Prepared

There is a reason why things need to be checked before heading out to a show. This poor guy seems to have lost a wheel mid-moment, just as he was about to indulge in a show of donuts for the crowd.

Source: Pinterest

Thankfully, he only ended up with a few scratches, but the bike was in far worse condition. One wheeled bike isn’t going to get him very far. It’s for this reason you should always check your bike and do a little maintenance whenever necessary.

A Case of Unfortunate Mirror Placement

Does this guy secretly like to wear skirts and heels with his uniform, of is it a case of a rather badly timed mirror? You have to admit, if those are his legs, they’re pretty out of proportion with the rest of him, yet still very impressive!


We wonder how many people were a little confused by this bar set-up when they went up to get their drinks. It’s certainly one to make you look twice and wonder if your eyes are deceiving you or not!

There’s a Fine Line between Stupidity and Brilliance

What exactly is going on here? Have these two guys really used a top loader to cut a tree down, using a ladder on top? It certainly looks that way! Of course, you might shake your head at their stupidity, but we don’t know if it worked or not!


If it did work, perhaps they’ve come up with a new initiative, but let’s be honest, it looks more dangerous than anything else. Perhaps next time, he should wear something more than a baseball cap as head protection – just in case!

Look Out Behind You … Oh No!

Let’s hope there’s some set up going on here and that this isn’t a real photo. If it is, this guy is going to have a seriously large bill on his hands – that piece was probably priceless!


Let this be a lesson. When bending over to look at an artefact, make sure there’s enough space between you and the next item. Also, why was this rather antique-looking vase not bolted down? So many questions remain!

The True Definition of a Nose Dive

This poor guy simply wanted to cool down in the hot summer sun and probably show off to his friends in the process. Unfortunately, he ended up misjudging how far away he needed to be and ended up nose diving the pool’s edge instead.


That’s definitely got to hurt! Nobody seems to be looking in his direction at this point, but you can guarantee when he makes an impact, everyone will be looking sympathetically in his direction. Let’s hope he was okay in the end.

A Real Life Video Game

We’ve all played video games that involved having to dodge logs and other projectiles, but few of us expect to do it in real life! This driver had the surprise of their life when the logs from the truck began to spring free and move towards their car like moving targets.


What would you do in this situation? The best advice is to stay calm and try and overtake, but that’s easier said than done at the moment! Let’s hope nobody was hurt, and the truck managed to collect all of his stray logs.

Excuse Me Mr. Monkey, That’s a Crime

We all know that there is never an excuse for peering up a girl’s skirt, accidentally or not, and it’s even a crime. But, this monkey seems to have been caught in the moment and didn’t get the memo.


Maybe the vivid blue colour caught his eye, or perhaps he dropped some of his snacks and was wondering how to retrieve them. Either way, the photographer caught the expression on the monkey’s face to perfection.

A Tragic Photograph Frozen in Time

The photos on our list have all been humorous to date, but this one is sobering and rather chilling. Here we see a mother and child enjoying their flight as they head from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Minutes later, the plane was shot down over Ukraine, causing the death of all on board.


This was 17 July 2014, and its sobering to realise that we really have no idea what is going to happen to us from one minute to the next. It’s thought that all passengers on board were conscious as the plane plummeted to the ground. It doesn’t bear thinking about how terrifying that must have been. May they all rest in peace.

His Chilling Last Minutes

This photograph is believed to have been taken literally minutes before this man, Travis Alexander, was brutally murdered by his girlfriend in 2008. It really does show us that we have no clue what is going to happen in our lives and that some things we can’t control.


Later that day, Alexander’s lifeless body was found in his bathroom. We do not know the motive for his murder, but his girlfriend, Jodi Arias, was captured and imprisoned for the act, now serving life in prison.

A Photograph to Make You Look Twice

On a flight from Sydney to Japan, a photographer by the name of John Gilpin decided to check the lens on his camera to pass the time. He peered out of the window and snapped one of the most accidental and shocking photographs in history.


A 14 year old boy had been hiding in the wheel section of the plane before hitting free fall, plummeting to his death. Gilpin’s accidental photograph remains one of the most well-timed yet truly chilling shots in history.

Leaving Behind The Evidence

When hiking in the woods, you always need to take precautions and be on the lookout; you are in the arms of Mother Nature and the home of many creatures. This hiker was walking innocently when he saw a large 300lb bear.


The hiker managed to take several shots of the bear in captivity before it advanced on him and left him for dead. Investigators found the hiker’s phone after the event, containing tooth marks from the offending bear.

A Chilling Final Photograph

As the US Figure Skating Team bid goodbye to NYC, heading to Belgium in 1961, they had no idea they would be posing for their final photograph. Mid-flight, the aircraft plummeted to the ground and killed everyone on board.


The entire figure skating team were wiped out in an instant, and this final smiling photograph is all their loved one and fans have to remember their last moments. Everyone on board perished, and the story hit the news worldwide.

Let This be a Lesson

This photograph is a strong reminder of the fragility of human mortality. Here we see a Russian stuntman doing a backflip on the 16th floor of a building, with his friends behind the lens.


The stuntman may have been very experienced in his craft, but that didn’t stop him from falling to his death seconds after this photograph was taken. His body was returned to Russia for his funeral, and unfortunately, his family have this photograph of the seconds before his death.

The Sinking of The Unsinkable

This photograph is iconic on so many levels. It is the last known photograph of the Titanic before it sank, but it was meant to be a celebratory photograph of a ship built to be indestructible. This is the moment the ship set sail from Southampton, on its way to New York City.


Of course, legend tells us that the Titanic collided with an iceberg in the Atlantic and sunk to the freezing depths of the ocean. More than 1500 people died that night, and only a handful made it back to shore.

Paul Walker’s Last Moments

Paul Walker was a huge start of the big screen, known for his role in the Fast And Furious franchise. Here we see him climbing into his Porsche in 2005. Little did he know that moments later, he would crash and be pronounced dead at the scene.


There is some confusion over what caused the crash, but police have deemed it to be caused by driving too fast, i.e., speeding. The car ran into a pole and burst into flames, killing Walker and taking his legend with it.

When Mother Nature’s Anger Erupts

Many people head to South-East Asia for their vacations, and Deborah Garlick, a 31 year old vacationer, was no different. Here we see her posing for the camera, enjoying her time. That vacation proved to be Garlick’s last as she was one of 230,000 victims to have been killed by the huge tsunami in December 2004.


As rescuers found belongings long after the effects of the tsunami had subsided, a camera was handed back to Garlick’s family. This photograph remained undeveloped, a snapshot of a vacation that was going well before tragedy struck for so many.

A Tragic And Shocking Moment of Impact

Many films have documented plane crashes, but nothing prepares you for seeing what it looks like in person. Here we see a Pacific Southwest Airlines flight heading at speed for the ground after colliding with another plane over San Diego in September 1978.


Despite being piloted by experienced professionals, the plane crashed to the ground, killing everyone on board and 7 civilians on the ground. In the process, 20 houses were also destroyed.

A Moment Nobody Wants to Witness

The Treasurer of Pennsylvania in the 1980s was Budd Dwyer, accused of bribery and facing prison time. About to be sentenced, Dwyer called a press conference, and everyone attended. At that very press conference, Dwyer took his own life.


Pulling out a gun in front of everyone, Dwyer held the deadly weapon to his head and took his own life. The moment was accidentally televised to the entire Pennsylvania state and shocked the nature beyond.

A Lost Hero on a Tragic Day

Many of us recall the atrocities of 9/11, and they’re burned in the memory. Here we see an NYPD official helping to tend to the injured.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Thousands died on that fateful day, and we should never forget the selflessness of emergency services who put themselves at risk to help. For many, as in this case, lives were lost attempting to save others in the face of danger that was so extremely shocking.

When Anger Causes Tragedy

Sometimes we act in anger and don’t think of the consequences. What we see here is the extreme consequences that can occur when emotions are out of control. Ki-Suk Han was pushed in front of this oncoming subway train due to an argument.


This photograph is taken just seconds before the train hit Han and killed him instantly. The terror on his face is heart-breaking, and all because of an argument that could so easily have been avoided. Learning to control anger is both beneficial and life-saving.

When Innocence is Lost

The abduction and subsequent murder of 2 year old James Bulger is still as shocking today as when the CCTV footage emerged of him being kidnapped in 1993. England was shaken for months afterwards, and the reverberations were felt around the world.

Photo by BWP Media via Getty Images

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this case is that the kidnappers weren’t adults and were two boys of just 10 years old. Their subsequent imprisonment and release in later life has been an ongoing discussion around the world.

When Joy Turns to Tragedy

Heading into space as part of a NASA program is something astronauts work towards for years. This photograph was taken in 1986, as the crew were all smiles, about to board the Challenger. We now know that all astronauts on board died just a few hours later.

Photo by Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

The Challenger launched successfully but just 73 seconds later, burst apart and killed everyone on board. The sheer joy and excitement at being launched into space quickly turned into a tragedy, and the world mourned.

A Cruel Twist of Fate

In 1976, the Democratic Republic of The Congo was called Zaire and it was home to the first outbreak of Ebola. That epidemic killed hundreds of people, including Mayina N’Seka, the nurse pictured in this fateful photograph.


Like many of the nursing staff, Mayina helped care for patients with Ebola, selflessly putting herself in danger to ensure others recovered and survived. Just days after this photograph was taken, Mayina herself succumbed to the disease and perished. It’s hard to think of a crueller twist of fate than this.

Risking it All For a Selfie

Modern society’s obsession with social media was certainly shown in a harsh life when 17 year old Xenia Ignatyeva died whilst trying to take a dramatic selfie. Here she is seen posing on top of a high bridge, smiling for the camera.


Immediately after the photograph was in the bag, Xenia slipped and fell to her death. As she tried to grab hold of something to stop her from falling, she was electrocuted by 1500 volts from live wires.

The Death of a Beloved Mayor

St Louis’ beloved mayor, William Becker, is pictured here, smiling before a demo flight of a new aircraft. The plane was supposed to take a quiet ride around the city as part of a publicity drive. Shortly afterwards, everyone on-board met their deaths.


Immediately after the plane had taken off, the wing on the right side became damaged and fell away. The plane hit the ground and killed all 15 on board, splitting in half on its way down. This photograph is a lasting reminder of that fateful day.

Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

Standing outside during a lightning storm is never a good idea, but this duo of brothers were actually hit just before this snap was taken and remained smiling, still alive and unharmed. Of course, don’t try this at home – it’s very dangerous.


The event happened during a camping trip in Sequoia National Park, California. The picture is amusing because of the static effects in their hair, thanks to the lighting strike. We should be thankful – it could have been a lot, lot worse.

One Final Photograph to Remember

Having your family around you on your wedding day is the least you want, but this photograph has turned out to be more than just a precious wedding snap. On the way home from the wedding, the groom’s mother was killed in a car crash.


Mary Baird was killed on impact as her taxi was hit by a runaway car trying to escape the police. This photograph is one of the last times that Martin Colquhoun saw his mother alive, on his own wedding day.

A Terrorist Caught on Camera

Timothy McVeigh can been seen on CCTV footage in this photograph. How is that significant? This man is a domestic terrorist, having rented out a vehicle to transport explosives to Oklahoma City’s commercial centre, where 168 people were killed.


The photograph was taken minutes before the explosives were detonated, and we see McVeigh walking by, with not a care in the world. It’s hard to comprehend how someone could be so calm with the knowledge he had, or indeed, how someone could do what he did.

A Horror Flight From Hell

Seeing this photograph is enough to stop you from flying ever again. This Air France flight took off from Paris to NYC in July 2000, but during the take-off, a fire ignited and spread throughout the entire plane.

Photo By Getty Images/Newsmakers

There were 109 passengers and the crew on board, and all were killed immediately. The fire was caused by debris which the plane ran over during the take off and this caused an issue with the fuel tank. The engine eventually failed and the plane ran into a hotel.

A Reunion Literally on Fire

Great White are a rock band from the 1980s. As with many bands, they decided to have a reunion and hosted a party at the Station Nightclub in 2003. The reunion turned out to be a huge mistake and a tragic event.


A fire broke out in the club during the concert which killed 100 people. In this photograph, we can see one member of the band looking confused at the flames which quickly spread. The band’s tour manager and the owner of the club both faced trial as a consequence of the fatal fire.

A Dare Devil Stunt Gone Wrong

Trying to do a dare devil stunt can either go wonderfully well or horribly wrong. Here we see a tragic example of the latter. In 1995, a jet skier called Robert Overacker attempted to perform a jet ski across the legendary Niagara Falls.


Of course, the sheer force of Mother Nature is not something to be trifled with, and the power of the water knocked him off his jet ski. During his fall, his parachute failed to open and he was pronounced dead at the scene. This photograph shows his tragic fall.

Before The Tragedy Occurred

There is something extremely chilling about seeing something before you know it’s going to either blow or up or be destroyed. Here we see the famous Hindenburg just before it exploded into flames in New Jersey.

Photo by Historica Graphica Collection/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Upon its explosion, 36 people died, and the German passenger ship was destroyed in the process. There were 97 people on board, with several managing to escape, albeit with burns and other injuries.

A Notorious Photograph For a Notorious Man

Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious B.I.G., is seen here with Puff Daddy (as he was known at the time) in an LA Club in California. As one of the most famous rappers in history, fans of Biggie were left distraught when he died in March 1997.


This photograph was taken just before gunshots rang out from a drive-by shooting, injuring Biggie Smalls in the process. One hour later, he was pronounced dead from his injuries. Music fans today remember B.I.G. for his contribution to rap and his legacy.

A Legend Before His Passing

Ayrton Senna is a Formula One driving legend who’s reputation goes way beyond sport. Known for his expert driving style, here we see him sitting in his car, waiting for the race to start. That race was to be his last, and it was here in Italy that he would meet his death.


Often considered one of the world’s best drivers, Senna collided during the Italian Grand Prix in 1994 and died on that day. Even today, many racing drivers name him as their inspiration, and fans still mourn his death. It just goes to show how dangerous motorsports can be.

The Moment a Politician Died

At first glance, this looks like a family photograph between three generations, but when you look deeply into the background, you see the chilling image of a man with a gun, pointing it directly at the woman in the centre of the photograph.


That woman is then 35 years old Reynaldo Dagsa, a politician from the Philippines. She died on 1 January 2011, and the man with the gun was charged with her murder. This photograph was used as a clear evidence in court.

A Psycho’s Photo Collection

Robert Rhoades, a serial killer, held Reginaina Kay Walters captive and tortured her repeatedly before killing her in 1994. Here we see Walters pleading with her assailant to stop. She was just 14 years old at the time.


Rhoades took photographs throughout the entire process, even going as far as to force her into specific clothes as he did so. Rhoades is better known as the ‘Truck Serial Kill’ and is still behind bars for killing more than 50 women.

Alcohol And Weapons Do Not Mix

This is 21 year old Oscar Otero Aguilar pictured on the night he died. Aguilar was out with his friends having fun, but he drank far too much alcohol in the process. Thinking it would be amusing to do so, the group visited a gun store.


Aguilar took a gun and posed with it beside his head, meaning to upload it to his Facebook profile as a new photo. His social media bragging went very wrong indeed as the gun went off, leaving him dead.

The Perils of Space Exploration

The idea of exploring space may seem full of glamour, but it’s a dangerous and petrifying experience. Vladimir Komarov’s remains can be seen in his photo, of which only his heelbone was left behind. Komarov is the first person to die as a result of a space expedition.

Photo by ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images

In 1967 the Soyuz 1 powered back down to Earth after an issue with the parachute. The astronaut died on impact, charred and with nothing left but bones. This photograph shows officials scrutinising his remains.

A Spooky Start to a Night of Terror

Meredith Kercher was a British student who was enjoying a Halloween night out. Later that evening, she was killed brutally and mercilessly. Here we see Kercher in the hours before her murder, enjoying a night with friends.


There was much confusion over who killed Kercher, and at first, an American foreign exchange student called Amanda Knox was blamed. However, extra evidence came to the fore and it is now believed that Knox was innocent and instead, Rudy Guede was the perpetrator.

Love Will Tear us Apart

Joy Division were an extremely popular and successful British band in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but success didn’t bring happiness to singer and songwriter Ian Curtis. In May 1980, Curtis hung himself at his Manchester home.


In this photograph, we see Curtis posing with his new-born baby girl just days before he committed suicide. The singer had suffered from bouts of depression and epilepsy throughout his whole life and his music often reflected his pain.

An Accidental Instagram Goodbye

Ramon Gonzalez was a famous musician in the reggaeton niche and was extremely popular amongst his fans. At just 27 years old, he died in a motorcycle accident in Rochester, NYC. This is the last photograph to be posted on Instagram, just before he died.


In this photograph, we see Gonzalez wearing full protective gear, suggesting that he was always very careful when riding his bike. However, the collision was so severe that even full safety gear couldn’t save his life.

Humans Do Not Have Nine Lives

Stunt performers need to wear protective gear and take precautions to ensure they don’t injure themselves or worse. Karl Wallenda was not of that line of thought. He was a circus performer and stuntman who often moved towards the dare devil side of the spectrum.


Here we see Wallenda just before he fell to his death. He wanted to walk the tightrope at 121 feet high, with no safety net in sight. He was aged 73 years when he fell and died, with a full audience around him to witness the horror.

Sharon Tate Prior to Her Death

Sharon Tate was a model and very popular actor during the ‘60s. Here we see her very pregnant with her first child with her husband, Roman Polanski, with just two weeks left to go. This photograph was taken literally days before she was brutally murdered.


The Manson Family cult were to blame for her death, alongside the murder of 5 others. Charles Manson ordered the deaths as four Manson family “members” stormed the actor’s home whilst she was alone and brutally killed her and her unborn baby.

Staring Death in The Face

Working with any type of machinery can be hazardous, but for these two young engineers, their job turned out to be fatal. Here we see a large wind turbine located in Holland. After climbing up to the top of the turbine to fix a problem, a fire broke out, leaving the two trapped with nowhere to go.


The engineers were only 21 and 19 years old, and if you look closely, you can see them embracing as they realise that there is no way they can escape certain death. What caused the fire is uncertain, but a short circuit is one theory.

The Dark Side of Social Media

Most people use social media to stay in touch with loved ones, but in 2013, Gabriela Hernandez Guerra used Facebook as a way to say a very impactful and terrifying goodbye. After a tough breakup, Guerra decided she no longer wanted to live and posted a farewell video with what appears to be a noose tied around her neck.


Shortly after the video ended, Guerra took her own life on 8 November 2013. Whilst social media certainly has its upsides, when you see such images as this, you have to question whether tighter controls are needed and more support for those who are obvious in distress.

The Final Moments of a Beloved Princess

The day Diana, Princess of Wales, died, the world was shaken. At the time of her death, Diana was travelling in a car with her partner and driver, paparazzi closely in tow. This photograph is the last image we see the princess before her death.

Photo by Jacques Langevin/Sygma via Getty Images

The image shows Diana hiding her face away from the photographers who were known to mercilessly chase her throughout that time of her life. Her death came on 31 August 1997, as the wreckage of her car was pulled from a road tunnel in Paris.

Jenni Rivera’s Last Photograph

Jenni Rivera was a Latin-American singer, and she was extremely popular. In 2012, she boarded a flight and took a selfie with her entourage, including her PR, makeup artist, fashion designer and her lawyer. Everyone looked to be in jubilant spirits.


Shortly afterwards, the plane crashed and hurtled to the ground, leaving no-one alive. There are many theories as to what happened to the plane, with one theory suggesting El Chapo had ordered the murder.

Friends Amid a War

This photograph looks like a regular group of friends hanging out in the sunshine, enjoying their time together. That’s exactly what was happening at the time. Shortly after this photograph was taken, tragedy hit.


The young boy in the red hoodie was named Mohammed Shaar, and seconds later, he died. The friends were sat in central Beirut during the heightened tensions in the region. Shaar was just 16 years old when the car bomb went off and ended his life.

A Regular Family Evening Out – For The Last Time

This photograph was taken the night before the 9/11 attacks. Nobody had any idea what was about to happen to the city of New York and beyond, not least James Joseph Kelly, pictured here with his children on a family evening out.


Kelly worked in the World Trade Centre, on the 105th floor. Of course, we now know the building was hit by hijacked passenger jets and later collapsed. Kelly died that day, leaving this last photograph with his sons as a memory to cherish.

When Selfies Lead to Death

There is a reason why we are told not to use the phone when driving. Courtney Ann Sanford uploaded this smiling photograph her herself to her Facebook account on 24 April 2014, looking happy and carefree whilst driving and listening to music.


Seconds later, Sanford’s car hit a truck and careered into a nearby tree, bursting into flames. She died at the scene. It is for this reason that we should all put our phones down when driving and pay total attention to the road.

One Last Beautiful View

There’s no denying that the views in the Grand Canyon as stunning. Here we see Colleen Burns, a young tourist visiting the Canyon from Orlando, adoring the view before her and posting it to her social media immediately. She was keen for her friends to share her amazement.


As she stood back up, Burns moved to one side to let another visitor walk past her easily, and at this time, she slipped. Burns fell 400 feet and died instantly, with the stunning Canyon photograph her last living memory on social media.

The Twilight Zone Turns Into The Horror Zone

In 1982, the Twilight Zone movie was being shot with top actor Vic Morrow starring alongside several other younger actors. During filming, a helicopter problem resulted in Morrow’s death. This photograph shows The Bell helicopter crew begin here to disassemble the helicopter that crashed, killing veteran actor Vic Morrow and two child actors on the movie set, The Twilight Zone TV show. The six people aboard the helicopter were slightly injured when it went into the river bed near Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park.

Photo By Getty Images/Bettmann

As a result of the accident, several executives in the movie, including the director, were ordered to appear in court for murder. This was later settled out of court, and all accused were set free without charge.

The Chilling Moments Before a Killer Strikes

HM Prison Barwon in Victoria, Australia, was shaken on 24 April 2010 when a murder took place within its walls. An inmate named Carl Williams was serving time for murder and met his own death during his prison sentence at the hands of another inmate.


Matthew Charles Johnson was also in the prison. In this photograph from CCTV, we can see Johnson about to creep up on Williams and hit him over the head with a metal plate. Williams died from his injuries.

Everest Claims Another Two Victims

Mount Everest is known to be a dangerous mountain, yet that doesn’t stop explorers attempting to reach its peak. Here we see George Mallory and Sandy Irvine during their final preparations before beginning the long climb to the top of Everest itself.


This is the last time the twosome were ever seen alive. A severe snowstorm is thought to have been the cause of their death, and it’s not known whether they made it to the top or not. This photograph was taken in 1924, proving that the allure of Everest has been strong for decades.

Bright Futures Doused By Mother Nature

In 2014, a group of pupils studying engineering at university headed to the Himachal Pradesh area of India to work on a large hydroelectric project. Centred on the Beas River, here we see the group of students excited about their future career prospects.


Shortly after the photo was taken, the river banks burst and sent a deluge of water down the river and flooded the entire area. the students were working on the river at the time and died at the scene.

How World War 1 Began

Many elements work together to create enough tension to start a war. However, this photograph may have been all it took to trigger the start of WW1. Here we see Archduke Franz Ferland and his wife, the Countess of Hohenberg.

Photo by Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The couple are photographed on 28 June 2914 in Sarajevo. Just minutes later, the pair were killed, and war between the Serbian allies was announced. Of course, politics would have run far deeper than the assassination itself, but it was literally the straw that broke the camel’s back and unleashed a world war.

James Dean – Forever Cool

This photograph shows 24 year old James Dean looking as cool as he always did. Here he is filling up his Porsche with gas in 1955. This is the last photograph of the actor alive. He died hours later.

Photo By Getty Images/Bettmann

The same car which Dean is seen filling up with petrol was the car he was driving when he collided with another and caused his death. Mystery ensued later as the car wreckage disappeared in 1960.

The Assassination of a President

Perhaps the most famous assassination in history is that of John F Kennedy during his time as US President. Here we see the last photograph of JFK and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, just minutes before the gunshot rung out. This was on 22 November 1963.

Photo By Getty Images/Bettmann

As the convey moved through the city, JFK was hit by two bullets to his upper chest, murdering him and causing mass panic. The assassin was named as Harvey Lee Oswald, and there has been doubt over whether it was his own work or whether others worked alongside him.

Murder in Plain Sight

Music concerts are supposed to be happy and joyful events, but Pantera’s show on 8 December 2004 in Columbus, Ohia, was anything but. Dimebag Darrell, aka Darell Lance Abbott, was fatally shot whilst playing guitar on stage.


Mid-way through a packed show, Nathan Gale stormed the stage, shooting the guitarist and also killing three more innocent victims. Fans rushed to the stage to try and save their idol, but it was to no avail, and he was dead at the scene, aged just 38 years old.

New Zealand’s Historic Air Disaster

On 7 January 2012, New Zealand saw it’s deadliest air disaster since 1963 when a huge hot air balloon set on fire and wreaked havoc throughout the city of Carterton. A seemingly lazy ride in a hot air balloon turned deadly when the balloon accidentally hit an electricity cord and burst into violent flames.


As the balloon tried to land, it simply picked up speed and headed towards Carterton. In the process, 10 guests on board the balloon died, as well as the pilot. The reason for the accident was put down to pilot error, and he was found to have been smoking cannabis whilst piloting the balloon.

Atletico Chapecoense’s Tragic End

A smiling picture of excited Atletico Chapecoense players and their staff heading to Colombia for a championship match haunted the world in November 2016. This was the last time the team would ever be seen alive. As the connecting plane took off from Santa Cruz in Bolivia, so did the hearts of the team’s fans.

Source: Pinterest

The Brazilian team were completely wiped out, along with the backroom staff. The plane crashed into the mountain and killed 71 people instantly. Six people survived but more died later at the hospital. The football world mourned and wondered how such a thing could happen in this day and age.

A South Korean Ferry Disaster

On 16 April 2014, a passenger ferry overturned and sunk, killing more than 300 people, including students. Unsure what was going on but worried about their chances of survival, many students filmed messages and sent them via social media to their parents. This photograph shows one of those videos.


The ferry was found to be far over capacity, and a huge investigation was launched into blame and how to stop it from happening again in the future. The fact remains that more than 300 people died on that ferry and it was so needless.

A Massacre Targeting The LGBT Community

On 12 June 2016, groups of friends headed out to a local Orlando club for a night of fun and dancing. Little did they know that they were about to be the victims of a massacre at the hands of gunman Omar Mateen.

Source: Pinterest

During the shooting, terrified guests filmed messages on Snapchat to send to loved ones, and the photograph above shows Amanda Alvera, a terrified victim of the shooting. This was one of the worst mass shootings and targeted the LGBT community specifically.

The Perils of War In Pictures

Hilda Clayton was just 23 years old when she died whilst on duty as a combat photojournalist in Afghanistan. An extremely dangerous job, Clayton is photographed here just minutes before her death when a misfire caused an explosion in her direction.


During a training session involving live-fire, Clayton was too close to a mortar tube, which misfired and exploded. Just seconds after this photograph was taken, she, unfortunately, died at the scent along with four other army members from Afghanistan.

Clues Into The Whereabouts of Amelia Earhart?

As the first female pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart won plaudits, but she was pronounced dead in 1937 after she could not be found. This photograph was unearthed in 2017 and shows the pilot after the collision she was assumed to have died in.


The photograph shows that Earhart wasn’t dead at all, but her whereabouts after that point remains a mystery, and no photographs or clues were ever found after that. So, whilst we don’t have answers, we do have another piece in the puzzle of clues.

Inches Away From a Murderer

The death of John Lennon sent shockwaves around the world, and this is the last photograph we have of the icon before his death. What is perhaps most chilling is that standing beside him in shot is the man who assassinated him.

Photo By Getty Images/Bettmann

Amateur photographer Paul Goresh (left) is shown last November 17th with former Beatle John Lennon. Goresh, who describes himself as a life-long fan of Lennon, said he took the last photo of the rock star when he was alive. Ironically, that photo included Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman.

A Fateful Flight With a Tragic Ending

Here we see 25 year old Anna Sergeeva, who is smiling and happy as she’s about to take off on her flight to Rostov-on-Don for a holiday. The beautician never made it to her vacation spot as this was the last time she was seen alive.


The flight had 62 passengers on board in total, as well as the crew. As the crew headed towards its destination, pilot error was said to be responsible for the reason it plummeted to the ground and crashed. There were no survivors.

An Extremely Ill-Advised Selfie

Selfies should never put your life at risk, but increasingly we’re seeing people pushing the boundaries of mortality further and further to try and grab that shocking yet perfect selfie for their social media. That’s exactly what 18 year old Anna Ursu tried to do.


Deciding to take a selfie from the top of a train, Anna and her friend posed and posted their snaps, but as Ursu tried to get down, she grabbed hold of a live wire and was electrocuted with 27,000 volts. Anna died from severe burns in the hospital later that day. Again, selfies just aren’t worth it.

Another Needless Selfie Death

Three young women from Utah are shown in this photograph, just seconds before they were hit by a full-speed train and thrown into the air. Far too busy taking selfies on a train line to hear the oncoming high speed vehicle, the threesome met their gruesome ends.


The driver of the train tried to warm them, but they didn’t move fast enough and of course, the train is unable to stop. Bloodshed in Spanish Fork Canyon for no real sensible reason whatsoever. Tragic.

Witnessing The Awe And Might of Mother Nature

When a volcano erupts, the sheer power and fury is terrifying yet captivating at the same time. In May 1980, 19 year old Jim Hobson was water skiing with his friends at Saddle Dam Park. In the background, St Helens was about to erupt with fury.


As the eruption intensified, earthquakes shook the region, and thankfully, the boys got away without any injuries. However, not everyone was quite so lucky and 57 people were killed during the chain of eruptions that took place.

The Final Day of The World Trade Centre

This photograph was taken the day before the 9/11 attacks, during a particularly intense storm rolling in from the Atlantic. It’s quite emotional to see the two mighty towers standing proud on the NYC skyline, despite the dark clouds appearing overhead.


The following day, the Twin Towers were ripped down by hijacked passenger planes crashing into them, causing the collective deaths of more than 3000 people and leaving thousands more injured. A day that the world will never forget and one which New Yorkers will certainly never forget.

The Bride That Never Made it Down The Aisle

This photograph looks full of hope and fun, but the following events make it sad and tragic. On the left, we have Collette Moreno, about to be married and on her way to her bachelorette party. On the right is her best friend, Ashley Theobald.


Just seconds after this photograph was taken, the duo were involved in a serious car injury and the bride-to-be was pronounced dead in hospital. After trying to overtake a car, the two cars collided, and the bridal party’s car veered off. This is a heart-breaking image that will no doubt remain in the mind of the bridegroom to be.

A Doomed Vacation Photograph

Anyone who boards a plane on their way to their vacation destination doesn’t expect those moments to be their last. Here we see a mother and 15 year old son smiling with excitement as they’re about to embark on their vacation.


The duo were passengers on the doomed MH17 flight that was shot down over Ukraine by a missile, just a few hours after the photo was taken on 17 July 2014. There were no survivors from the tragic and shocking crash.

Risking it All For The Perfect Selfie

There is a fine line between stupidity and genius, and this photograph displays that perfectly. Here we see Jared Michael attempting to take an “impressive” selfie in front of a moving train. Of course, to do so, you must put yourself in the path of a moving train. Stupid? Extremely.


Thankfully, Jared was not hurt, and he got his precious selfie. However, we can’t be sure how many other people he inspired to also put themselves in harm’s way for such a ridiculous cause. So, whilst Jared himself was fine, let’s hope nobody else attempted to do such a crazy and life-threatening thing.

But All Isn’t What it Seems!

The last photograph showed Jared Michael taking his precious selfie in front of a moving train, but if you think he was fine because he was just lucky, you’d be wrong. This photograph clearly showed the conductor kicking Jared out of the way to stop him from being hit.


This brave and alert conductor saved this man’s life, but you can bet he was angry that he had to do it in the first place. The outcome could so easily have been different and the only reason the kick worked is that at that point in the train’s journey, the speed was relatively slow.

A Tragic Hero’s Last Minutes

The Columbine High School shooting in 1999 lives on in the memory for all the wrong reasons. However, this photograph shows us the very best of humanity on a day that also showed the worst. David Sanders, a pupil at the time, can be seen running around trying to warn his fellow students about the crazed gunmen.


However, as Sanders was trying to warn as many people as possible, he accidentally ran into the gunmen and was shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene. In total, 13 people died that fateful day and countless more were injured.