Employees Expose Their Horrible Bosses

One harsh reality of modern life is that we all have bosses one way or the other. Even if you’re the president of a firm, you’ll be held accountable by shareholders, board members, or the public. Good bosses are hard to find, but bad bosses are everywhere.

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You might be surprised, but even the movie, Horrible Bosses, doesn’t do justice. Here are a few examples of bad bosses who have been exposed. There are many of them out there, and if you’ve ever had to deal with one, or any other bully, these stories will fill you with joy.

Stop Being a Victim

What type of boss refuses to let an employee grieve the loss of a father? Calling this guy a robot sounds kind to us. The employer then has the audacity to compare losing a father to losing an uncle and a grandma. We’re not implying that they are good things…

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…but neither of them can compare to the pain of losing a father. “STOP BEING A VICTIM?!” Plus, it all started because the manager misread the schedule and assumed this guy would be present when he wasn’t. Do you still believe you’ve got a worse boss? Read on.

You Shouldn’t Be Comfortable While Doing Your Job

Not only was the employee in this story sitting to alleviate the pain in his two fractured bones in his foot, but he was surprising going beyond the level of the other employees around him, achieving the day’s top spot. But apparently, that wasn’t enough for his employer.

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The employer saw that he had been sitting on a stool for some time. The employee then made a few observations about the workplace, such as how difficult it is to retain employees before resigning. At least he was kind enough to wish his horrible boss a good life.

This Has to be a Trick Question

This has to be a joke. There’s no way they meant this. Unless your family consists solely of the aunts from “James and the Giant Peach,” the answer will almost always be family. And when it’s a high school student doing a summer job, the question is completely absurd.

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Yes, you’ll be missing out on work experience and a small amount of money, but it’s only a summer job. When future employers learn that you quit early, they will not even raise an eyebrow. Make sure your family is taken care of — there will be other summer jobs available.

Hidden Camera in the Bathroom

This one is creepy. The first bad news that Don received was that they found the hidden camera. Then, the second bad news is that they quit. But we’re sure the one that’s going to bother him the most is that this is super illegal.

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Unless you can come up with enough justification for installing a camera in the bathroom, you’ll be lucky to avoid jail time. We can’t think of any places where placing security cameras in a restroom is permitted, and a quick Google check confirms that this is the case worldwide.

At Least She Got a Cake

Well, on the bright side, at least she got a cake. This photo was taken at a farewell celebration for a worker who had gotten a new job. Her old employer and employees gathered to eat delicious cake, which also had a weird message on it.

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Aside from the dark humor, this cake appears to be a touch too cruel for our liking. Just follow the conventional route and send your best wishes to the person leaving. Even if you’re upset because they’re leaving, you don’t need to be this cruel.

Ebola Is the Only Reasonable Excuse

This one has a straightforward backstory: this person has a lousy job, has wanted to resign for over 10 years, and has opted to take a mental health day. We’re not sure if that will help in the long run, but it’s worth a shot.

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Unless, of course, their boss texts them and tells them that the only medical reason they can remain home is because of Ebola. Yep, the exact disease that melts your insides. We can see why he took a mental health day, especially with a terrible boss like this.

Hello, Do You Understand What PTO Means?

Hands up if your boss has asked you to come to work on your off day. Yep. If someone says they aren’t working, you should let them go back to not working while you look for someone who IS working to assist you. PTO stands for paid time OFF!

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Even better, the person who is complaining has an easy approach to resolve the issue immediately: submit a ticket. It’s something that’s been done since the dawn of the computer age. Even the sales department has figured them out, proving that anyone can do it.

Fired for Taking Their Time Off

It didn’t take much for this boss to slam the brakes on an employee who was simply trying to unwind before heading back to work. The boss wanted them on a trip, which was exciting. Unfortunately, the employee will not return to the office until after the trip.

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This is asking someone to cancel the plans they probably made months in advance and pander to the boss’s every whim. There had to be another employee who could have gone on this trip and not someone on vacation. The employee was sacked. But it’s certainly for the best.

No Shift Available Today

This article will include several employers that are far too angry for their own good and who want their employees to work excessively long hours. But this entry is a little different from the others. This diligent worker boarded the bus to work.

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They whipped out their phone only to see an apologetic message from the boss informing them that there wasn’t a shift available. So, what’s a low-wage worker to do when they’re in town and can’t find work? Maybe visit the library, wander through the park, and even feed the ducks!

Working Round the Clock

It can be tough to wait until working hours, often between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., to get some work done. Any time beyond that, you’re looking at a slim possibility, even if you’re a boss or a co-worker who needs to get something done immediately.

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Whether this was a co-worker or boss, they needed to get something done right away. We appreciate the commitment to their work but texting an employee at midnight is all kinds of creepy. Then to ask them to get off the bed and get to work?! It’s sad that this is common today.

3:30 in the Morning

To be honest, we understand that creating schedules for a store is a burdensome task. There will always be several moving parts. Who works the register, stocks the shelves, and supervises the floor? We don’t know, and typically neither do the managers. But this is another example of poor timing.

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A boss texts their employee at 3:30 in the morning. Just in case they didn’t know, this is when people sleep. Except for those who are paid to be awake, everyone is asleep at that point. We appreciate the worker’s prompt response, which came exactly twelve hours later. Touché.

Family Time Can Wait

This appears to be the type of “last straw” story that can be found all over the internet. A worker will do anything a job requires of him or her because they need the money, but they will ultimately reach a breaking point. This employer told their employee family isn’t that important.

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And they need to come to work after making plans with their family. It’s one thing if a boss asks politely, understanding that employees have lives outside of work. However, telling someone to “cancel those plans and come in or you’ll regret it” isn’t going to cut it these days.

Paid by the Penny

We all want to get just what we deserve, but life can be cruel, so that isn’t always the case. But Lady Luck sometimes surprises us and graces us with her presence at the most unexpected times. One of them could be winning a bet against your employer.

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Well, if he doesn’t bear a grudge. However, one boss found a way to make up for his loss by paying his employee in the most uncomfortable way possible: stacks of pennies. Maybe not a horrible boss, but a bad loser who happens to be the boss.

“No” Has Never Felt So Good

As this tweet points out, being an independent contractor has its drawbacks – you must buy your own health insurance, pay higher taxes, and strive to secure your own work – but it also has some advantages. For example, this person is set to enjoy getting paid without accomplishing anything.

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Well, unless his employer comes crawling back on bended knees. One of the best things about working as an independent contractor is that you don’t have to attend regular meetings unless they’re required under the contract. That “NO” at the end of the conversation felt so refreshing.

I’m Afraid That’s Not Gonna Pay the Bills

Remember, there are no laws prohibiting you from discussing your salary or rate of pay. If you like, you can print it on your shirt. You can also ask other people out of the blue if that’s what you want. Whatever works and gets the message across.

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This person wanted to know one of the most important aspects of a job: the pay. The person who is interacting with the potential employee thinks this is a “red flag,” a signal that danger is approaching. The only red flag here is being shady about the pay.

Never to be Seen Again

When you get fed up, you will find yourself doing what others might consider extreme. After months of harsh treatment from the owner and an unwillingness to hire any other workers, the couple who worked at this restaurant decided they couldn’t take it anymore.

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They left the store after clocking out and locking it, never to be seen again. And they even left a message for everyone: “If you’ve been contemplating quitting your job because you’re unhappy, stressed, and overworked, do it! Your body and mind will thank you.”

Nope, He’s Not Making a Mistake

Everyone is recruiting bartenders right now, which is great news for anyone who knows how to mix drinks and give patrons a friendly smile. That is why this guy’s supervisor made a huge error by insisting on his drunk employee coming in and helping out for a long, long shift.

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In the boss’s defense, he understood he had decided and wanted to speak with the employee, but the die had already been cast, and the bartender responded with a brusque, unmissable response. Off to the next bar recruiting! We love to see disrespectful bosses getting told off!

Take it or Leave it

We all have that boss that’s always asking you to come in on your off day. Well, we’ve got an idea — press for the extra cash. Just hear us out. You’re the one they’re coming to, so that sounds like something you can leverage to your advantage.

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Do you want me to work for you? You’ll have to pay for it. If you don’t want to pay, get someone else to do the job for you. Of course, you should only do this if your job is secure — we won’t be held liable for any job losses.

A Theft of Electricity

If you’re like every other person around the world, you have a smartphone that allows you to stay in touch with friends, family, and apps. Also, your phone does not remain charged for too long, and you must charge it at work. One place obviously doesn’t appreciate it.

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That’s because you’re using the company’s energy for your own purposes. As you might see, this is absurd. In fact, a firm fired a worker for this type of “theft,” but was subsequently sued for wrongful termination — and the power he had “stolen” was less than a cent.

Not a Fan of Spying

There is one age-old question we can’t seem to answer. Maybe you’ll help us out — which is worse, having your boss sit next to you and monitor your every action or having a camera spy on you for him? This guy was not a fan of the latter.

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He was fed up with being spied on while trying to just make it through the day and earn an honest living. So, he came up with a solution that we love. But we suspect that even if his boss is a fan of Nicolas Cage, he won’t like this one.

The Friendly Neighborhood Health Inspector Should Go in With Him

We hear many jokes about Taco Bell’s poor food quality, but most of us are fine eating there. We can’t remember having a bad experience with the food. But it could just be our digestive system. This changes when you hear a story like this.

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And then, you realize that you probably shouldn’t go to Taco Bell ever again. At the very least, this employee can call a health inspector with ease. Their job is probably 90% of shutting down Taco Bells, so direct them to one that deserves it.

Do Not Allow Recruiters to Guilt-Trip You

If a recruiter calls you over the phone, they will most likely barrage you with loads of questions. Laughing at them and telling them to go back to their filthy little hole are usually the common answers. But, if you play with them for a while, you’ll get demands.

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Most times, it’s almost as if they own you. They forget quickly how they first crawled up to you on their knees, begging for someone, anybody, to take the job. All of this is done so that they can take a portion of the money you earn.

How Important Could a Collared Shirt Be?

First, we’re wondering what all the fuss is about a collared shirt. It sounds like it’s something related to a sign of status. Maybe you’re the “supervisor” for the day if you get the collared shirt. You must be important if you’re wearing a collared shirt.

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However, you must earn that shirt. At least, that’s how we can interpret this. And, if you challenge your boss, you will never get that coveted collared shirt. We have to admit that we don’t understand this one, but we’re siding with the worker because, well, why not?

The Importance of Knowing the Law

Not like we’re counting, but who sends 32 cry-laughing emojis in a single text? Are you 15? Considering this is work-related, this must count as harassment. We just need to find it in the constitution. This employee requested compensation for the vacation time they didn’t use.

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And the employer seemed to find this a very amusing prospect. The employee then drew out the rule from the book of state employment law. The boss then reacted with a well-considered and responsible…oh, no, wait, he made a two-letter word into a ten-letter word. Again, who’s counting, right?

A Piece of Braylon’s Mind

The backstory of this lengthy text is that this guy worked seven sixty-hour weeks consecutively and asked for a well-deserved time off for his birthday. But the boss denied his request. So, he called in sick instead. Can’t deny that, can you? Oh no, we’ve seen some bosses do.

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The boss figured it out, and this text was the worker’s reaction, listing all the workplace problems. He has already found a new job where he will be valued. We don’t get to see the boss’s answer, but based on what we know of him, it wasn’t a happy one.

One Shift Was All He Needed

Quite frankly, all you need to know if you’re going to enjoy working somewhere is one shift. Sometimes, one hour could even be enough. This employee decided he didn’t like the work culture, which is a common complaint among employees. Bosses really need to do better.

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If you hate going to work, it will be difficult for you to love the work you do. Bad bosses are only half of the problem, and it appears that the boss (and a friend of the boss) was failing miserably in their efforts to create a positive working atmosphere.

Business Has to Run

There’s a sad backstory to this one. The employee in question had recently lost his or her mother, and the manager expected them to return to work the next day. However, anyone with a heart knows that it takes a little longer to get over something like that.

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We suspect the worker did not show up for work the day after his mother died, and the supervisor began cutting hours after jumping the gun and recruiting more people. Considering how companies ask for a 2-week notice, it’s sometimes disrespectful to learn they can fire you without warning.

You Need to Work Some Extra Hours

Most of the time, we’re simply waiting for our employers to say something stupid so we can post it on Twitter, Reddit, or wherever the millennials put it nowadays. This interaction began well, with the manager concerned that the employee lacked the necessary gear.

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The employee mentioned that money is hard these days, so they might hold off on the pricey jacket (it apparently cost more than $300). The supervisor answered with what we’ll call a bad joke, implying that the employee may need more shifts.

That Just About Sums it Up

One of the worst things that can happen in a person’s life is working in a toxic atmosphere. People work to make money, but if their workplace is unhealthy, everything becomes more difficult. This guy decided that enough was enough and quit, resulting in a back-and-forth with the employer.

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He was obviously not pleased with the resignation. We don’t even know the entire details of the “toxic work environment,” and the boss doesn’t appear to be the best boss to work for. Though the fact that the boss dropped the F-word says a lot about him.

Making Tough, but Right Calls

This student agreed to work with the promise that he would have more time to focus on his academics, which is the whole point of going to school. That might seem obvious to you, but it appears that it isn’t to everyone. This person was still being scheduled for 50-hour weeks.

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This is more than most professionals do these days. The boss appears to be blindsided by this, and the student points out that if they have to choose between working fifty hours a week and having enough time to finish schoolwork, schoolwork will always win.

Might as Well Call an Hour Before the Interview

Yeah, while we agree that some of us might still be up at 11:30 a.m, that doesn’t mean we’ll be ready for an interview at 9:00 a.m. Even if you’re just lying-in bed reading, it puts your entire day off.

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And you’re probably out of luck if you already have plans for the morning or need to notify your existing employer. This person used the proper strategy by saying, “No, but keep me posted.” However, we have a feeling that this recruiter will put other people first.

Get Better in 5 Hours

It could be much worse: the manager values the employee’s time and wants him or her to improve (for backstory, the employee had to call in sick). The boss also appears to suggest that this individual is one of the top employees, which is always nice to know.

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However, “you have 5 hours to try and feel better” doesn’t exactly inspire us to get to work. We’re sure if we could, we would love to wish any illness away in less than 5 hours too. And just run to the cash register. That’s how stupid the order sounds.

A Tired Ex-Employee

Planet Fitness promotes itself as a “judgment-free zone,” but anyone who has tried to do more than walk on the treadmills knows that’s not true. There appears to be a lot of judgment when it comes to the people who work there, especially considering there are no benefits or PTO.

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Unpaid lunch breaks are common, but this employee had had enough and taped a beautiful big note to the boss to tell him that enough was enough. Imagine working in a gym where nothing is working out. This is such a heartfelt letter to the management.

First Step to Living Proactively

The employee does not own a car and walks to work every day. That alone shows a diligent worker. But despite this, the manager at his store scheduled him at a store that was miles away, requiring him to walk even farther than he normally did.

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We don’t know how far but jogging five miles can take an hour – much longer, and you’re looking at your entire day, not to mention walking the same distance in the dark. This employee politely declined, stating that he had to move on. We all have to do it at times.

Always be Ready to Quit

There are some jobs that you always must be prepared to leave. Yep, at any time. We understand — it’s tough out there. Whether it’s due to financial constraints or a fear of change, making a significant adjustment in your life will always be a challenge.

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Unless you work for this business, of course. Looks like there’s nothing positive going on here. There are insufficient resources, and nothing seems to work. Human Resources is incapable of even responding to an email resignation. The employee must do their tasks in an old-fashioned way. Time to quit.

Not Even the Graduation Day?!

Only someone who owns a roach-infested store could be so adamant about avoiding taking time off. Plus, do they really believe that if given a choice between graduating and working at a Kmart, anyone with a brain will choose Kmart? They must really think they’re all that.

Source: Twitter

Does anyone even know if they’re still in business? Due to the roach nest, this place is most likely not. We’re glad they got to enjoy their day off, celebrate graduating, and leave them in a mess that they could’ve avoided. But we’re glad they didn’t.

It’s Just the Flu, Right?

This story, like so many others on this list, is about a boss who insists on having someone work with the flu. Look, we’d rather not have anybody with the flu bring us our pasta. We’ll even go to the back and make it ourselves.

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We’re sure that works better for us. Does the employer know how the flu works? It doesn’t go away as quickly as they may think. In fact, it’s more possible that he was just waking someone up from a much-needed nap every time he called.

Who Cares About Their Uncle?

It’s fine if you’re not close to your parents’ siblings. But it doesn’t mean nobody else is. There are those who were brought up by their uncles or aunts. Even if they were only spoiled by their aunt or uncle, that’s a justifiable reason to call out.

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Moreover, you should attend a funeral if you are invited. It’s the right thing to do – or even if there’s one that you should go to. Funerals happen once, so they aren’t something you should miss. Your job, on the other hand, happens daily.

This Has to be Illegal

Many service businesses, such as bars, restaurants, and fast-food restaurants, are having trouble finding employees who will stay for a long time. This person had worked eight days consecutively, and they deservedly asked to take a break on the one day off in the past week and a half.

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But instead, the supervisor shockingly threatened the person’s health insurance. It’s just so terrible we almost feel like it’s illegal. It’s a good thing this employee has options, one of which is to quit on the spot and let the boss deal with the aftermath.

An Allergic Reaction Doesn’t Count

This person suffered an allergic reaction to the vaccine’s second dose. This dose triggers your body’s defenses against the disease and has different effects on people. And there’ve been many reports. This person had no idea what was going to happen and had to go through a series of tests.

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They just wanted to make sure they were healthy. Even though it was completely unintended, that didn’t seem to be enough of an excuse. There was nothing they could’ve done to avoid this. They even promised to be in on Monday! Now we’re pretty sure this one is illegal.

He Asked for a Raise

We all strive to make ends meet, and quite frankly, making ends meet is becoming increasingly difficult. This means that most of us have a seemingly insatiable need for one thing: a raise. The sacred raise that will save our lives and alter the course of history.

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One brave soul dare to make the request. We have a feeling God wasn’t on this employee’s side on that fateful day. His supervisor did give him a raise, but it wasn’t the one he requested. This is probably what the guy who said, “Man plans, but God laughs,” meant.

We’re Not Sure That Works Either

In this picture, you’ll see that a wire has been used to hold some wire cutters in place. We want you to take your time and try to figure out why this arrangement isn’t working so well. You realized those wire cutters aren’t exempt from the five-finger discount.

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The boss of the place (we don’t know what kind of business it is) got fed up with people stealing their wire cutters or, at the very least, putting them down in the wrong spots, so this happened. But, if someone wants to lift the tools, we reckon they will.

We All Make Sacrifices

Instead of a pepper shaker, the owner of this burger place bought 6,000 pepper packets. We want to know if this was a cost-saving strategy or a genuine mistake. With what we’ve seen so far, it looks like the former to us. Or maybe it was a combination of both.

Source: Reddit

One way or another, this meant that an employee would have to spend hours – if not days – cutting open tiny pepper packets and blending them all together to make the burger seasoning. We’re willing to bet that the guy who the boss disliked the least got this job.

Tips Aren’t for the Employees

The subject of tips is a hot topic in the fast-food service industry. On the one hand, you have places that don’t mind and allow their workers to keep their tips. And since many fast-food workers depend on these tips, it becomes a little easier on them.

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We know it’s not fair that their wages are so low, but what do we know? Maybe it’ll get better. But you know what’s worse? When a restaurant doesn’t even share tips among waiters but instead keeps them all for themselves. This horrible boss has exposed himself here.

Fine, We’ll Do it Ourselves

There are many social media networks now, and most businesses can’t possibly block them all. Back in the day when it was just Facebook, employers did their utmost to dissuade employees from spending too much time online. This company’s staff decided to take matters into their own hands.

Source: Facebook

They created their own version on a whiteboard, replete with status updates, photos, comments, likes, and Justin Bieber memes. This must have been in his early teens. Even those who dislike him can no longer bear to share JB memes. Allow the kid to live his life.

Letting the Steam Out

Sometimes it gets so overwhelming that you just need to take a break, especially from your job. One event you can go to let steam out is Burning Man. It’s a music festival where people go to uh, unwind. You know…. unwinnnddd. But all good things must end.

Source: Reddit

And people will eventually return to work to earn enough money to attend the next Burning Man. But what if their manager chooses them “at random” for an illegal substance test? We hope there wasn’t too much unwinding going on during this gathering…

That Doesn’t Look Too Safe

No, you don’t have to look again. It’s indeed a dresser with a large piece of glass on it. All of the old desks were apparently thrown out to make room for these new ones, according to the boss. We’re not sure why the employer did this.

Source: Reddit

They don’t look to be as comfortable or easy to work at, and they also appear to pose a serious threat. Dressers are a little top-heavier than work desks, and that glass seems to be just hanging there, ready to collapse at the slightest touch.

Just List Out the Entire Alphabet

Okay, maybe not horrible, but petty. An employee at an unnamed office was having difficulty keeping her files organized, which was causing the rest of the workplace to slow down. The boss had an idea, which you can see in action here, thanks to a large label.

Source: Reddit

It simply spells out the entire alphabet; there’s no way for things to get mixed up now. Everyone will know what sequence the files are in this way. That should suffice. Another problem is fixed; now it’s time to figure out why the coffee tastes like ramen noodles.

Who Needs a New MacBook?

Having the right computing tool is sometimes crucial to doing your job effectively. It could be the software isn’t up to date, or maybe the hardware isn’t what will help you do a good job since you must wait an hour for it to switch on.

Source: Reddit

After asking his boss if new iMacs are in the budget, this employee walks into his office to find this gleaming new computer. New computers, particularly Apple laptops, are quite pricey. But as they say, dreaming is free. In this case, he can use his imagination while he works.

Employers Have Favorite Employees

Ah, Christmas, when everyone is in good spirits and even the most frugal businesses are willing to offer their employees gifts. Fruity post-it notes, chocolate, pens, and a free jeans day are all options. That’s what this employee got, and when it comes down to it, we’d rather have money.

Source: Facebook

This boss exposed themselves, and no one wants to work where this is considered to be a gift. Seems like the boss did this just for the sake of it. They don’t want to be that boss who didn’t do anything for their employees for Christmas.

No One Takes the Pizza Home

We’ll understand if you need a moment to process this. To think that someone could be so cruel as to toss out perfectly good pizza! Is there any good left in this world?! This pizza is from an office event, and the boss won’t let anyone take any leftovers home.

Source: Reddit

No one knows why. Although it might not appear to be the best pizza in the world, it is still nicer than most other foods. Why would the manager refuse to let them take it home with them? This was one of the most horrible bosses on the list.

Cooperate, or You’ll Be Here for Christmas

For many managers, keeping a business from being understaffed is a 24-hour task because every employee needs a specific number of hours, a certain amount of free time, time off, and so on. They can be a little pushy at times, like in this case.

Source: Reddit

Someone quits, the boss replaces them while they are out of town, and there is a disagreement. Even if it’s a brief and to-the-point argument, it’s still an argument. It all comes to a head with the employee quitting. Now we can see why Sophie quit in the first place.

Not Written in My Contract

Medical professionals, server technicians, and a couple of other professions have jobs that need them to be on call. Many supervisors mistakenly believe that having a corporate phone equates to being on call, but there is a difference. One allows you to communicate all hours of the day for money.

Source: Reddit

The other is a bit different because it allows individuals to contact you during typical working hours. You are not obligated to do something if it is not included in your contract. And even if it’s in your contract, we hope you’re getting compensated for it.

He Needed One of the Magic Words

This picture doesn’t tell the full story, but it lets you in on how a boss couldn’t understand that being two hours away and drunk isn’t the best way to come to work. Instead, they press on and defiantly demand that the employee sobers up and comes to work.

Source: Imgur

The employee retorts defiantly too. Who could blame him? He’s all cozied up with his wife on a weekend vacation. And there are other guys that could do it! The story ends with the guy, who knows his worth, deciding to get a new job despite apologies. Too late!

New Tools From the ‘80s

It doesn’t matter where you work; you need the right tools. Whether it’s on a writing desk, the kitchen, or the garage, using the best tools will save time. Also, you can’t do your job properly if your tools are old and worn out.

Source: Reddit

It might be more complicated than it should be. This employee requested new tools, and his boss informed him that he had already gotten them. As you can see, the tools aren’t exactly new. They were produced in a country that ceased to exist in 1991.

How Dare You Use the Vacation Days Your Boss Gave You?

Vacation days are standard practice and are part of the contract for most employers, whether it’s for salaried or hourly employees. That sounds like a great deal. Unless, of course, your boss becomes upset when you make use of the vacation days he granted you.

Source: Twitter

It’s like a modern-day Catch-22 version. You have no right to use the things I gave you! Unfortunately, we’re sure this happens all the time, especially at certain periods of the year. Honestly, we need these horrible bosses to stop making employees feel bad for taking deserved breaks.

The Exact Reason Why You Should Start Discussing Your Pay

This company-wide email was sent to everyone, and it most likely raised a few eyebrows. Additionally, according to the story, the employee who received the email reported it to Human Resources, who stated that “it was out of place for her to critique her superior’s emails.”

Source: Facebook

If you need any reminders, don’t forget that HR isn’t your friend. They are friends of the company. That’s why they’re there in the first place. It is both your responsibility and right to make their lives as difficult as possible. The employees need to start discussing their salaries ASAP.

Fired for Feeding “the Animals”

Since it is illegal to sell food that is too old or has gone bad, many establishments are forced to discard old stuff at the end of the day. This guy offered a homeless man a bag of mostly fresh bagels and was then fired by his boss.

Source: Twitter

Nothing reflects the world we now live in more than this. But that’s a story for another day. The boss also told the employee that he was fired for “feeding the animals.” ANIMALS?! That is just cruel, and perhaps the boss should be embarrassed for it.

Who Won’t Take Socks Over Three Grand?

After the age of eighteen, “everybody likes socks” becomes a relatable statement, but it’s also what this employer was thinking. According to the employee’s contract, he is entitled to a three-thousand-dollar incentive for generating revenue for the company. But, instead of that large sum, the boss gifted him something else.

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He got a pair of cold-weather boot socks. Yes, it’s comfortable, but it’s hardly the kind of stuff you want to find in your stocking at the end of the year. The employee felt it was time to look for work in a different organization or industry.

How Did They Become a Boss?

We can’t believe what we’re reading. You just can’t make this up. When a mother tries to take time off to visit her son, who is on life support, her boss fires her. The employer attempts to make it seem like the woman is quitting, but she isn’t.

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She only wants to visit her son, who is on life support! The mom stood firm, indicating that she would be speaking with corporate about such a horrifying response and that she would be visiting her son, who is, as we all know, on life support.

Just Once, I Wish My Employees Would Say…

Almost any employee will be offended by such a sign, except the most soulless corporate drone. It doesn’t just include things that many people would find offensive or unpleasant, but it’s also designed in a childish and cartoonish style that belongs in a children’s book rather than a workplace.

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It’s difficult to pick the worst one, but the bottom right says, “Given the chance to keep working here, I would gladly accept a cut in pay!” Well, since you’ve said what you wished your employees would say, it’s time they said what they wish you’d say!

Your Desktop Is a Reflection of You

Sometimes, the way we treat our desktops reflects how we behave in our lives. If everything is in place, it usually means the person is measured and methodical. On the other hand, if things are clustered, that person might find it difficult to be productive.

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While this boss isn’t particularly horrible to any of their employees, they’ve taken the cake for the most cluttered desktop in history. Every square inch of their desktop screen is covered. We’re sure if he could, he would have layered it. Hopefully, they’re a bit organized.

I’m Just as Good as Your Daughter

There is a special breed of employee who genuinely enjoys their work and their boss. Crazy, right? But it’s true. These people will go to any length to gain their boss’s attention, and the most horrifying boss for them is the one who spends more time at home with their family than at work.

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This guy was so envious of his boss’s daughter that he wanted to remind him that he was just as talented as, if not more than, his two-year-old daughter. The only thing he has proven here is that he is on the same level of emotional intelligence as the daughter.

When the Twisted Boss Sends a Gift

Some people clearly have a bizarre sense of humor, you know? Like a boss who goes to a dollar store to get a mug that will do nothing to make workers feel better about their jobs. There’s absolutely no way this person will feel motivated to work.

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“Remember that you’re going to die?!” Who does that? On the bright side, at least they got a present from their boss. Not many people on this list can boast of something like that. We hope this person does find a job that doesn’t seem overwhelming. And won’t kill them.

$1 for a Cup of Water and Ice

This isn’t even a review from an employee; it’s just a review on Yelp, or it could be another review site. The owner of the company exposed himself or herself to being a bully, refusing to let anyone get a drink of water without demanding cash.

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Worse, the boss went on to say that it would be deducted from the employee’s pay – a double dose of horrible boss energy. The client was right in leaving the cup of water, and we sincerely hope the employee hurled it in the boss’s face before leaving the restaurant forever.

A Moldy Lunch Fixes It All

If you’re called to work a night shift around the holidays, it’s only normal that you’ll expect some additional benefits, such as more pay. That’s not the case at this company as shown in this picture, which has workers on holiday without any extra pay.

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But at least they get a free lunch. Yes, an old microwave burrito and a rotting piece of fruit will fill your stomach while you’re working hard, rather than spending time with your family or earning additional money during the holiday (whichever one it was).

Sharing Pieces of Their Minds

Get ready for a long one, guys. Either there has been a lot of miscommunications, or there has been a lot of lying. These types of stories pose a dilemma for us. They’re sometimes framed to make the employee look good because they always come from the employee.

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However, we should all know by now that cutting out stuff that makes you an evil person is easy. We’re not suggesting this happened here – the boss appears to be off his rocker – but encourage people to consider the possibility that the employee is also at fault.

The Boss Can Steal, but Not the Employees

We desperately want to know where this guy works. It appears to be a restaurant of some sort, but what kind of restaurant refuses to accept tips and then shorts customers’ checks? That’s surely not a place we’d want to eat. They presumably don’t change the lettuce very often.

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Nobody seems thrilled here, and we’re not sure who to side with, but we’re leaning toward the worker because what type of boss keeps the tips for himself? This is a horrible one, and the boss has exposed themselves here.

Been on Schedule Since 1922

Yes, practicing with the band is a critical part of being in the band. Even if you know all the songs by heart, you must be able to collaborate with the other players. Grandma’s birthday party, on the other hand, happens only once a year.

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This problem has an easy solution. Grandma should call the band director and explain that she may not have much time left and that she needs to spend as much time with the grandchildren as possible. Who could possibly say no to such a message?

What Did You Do, Cody?

At the very least, this employer is attempting to motivate his employees. But calling Cody out like that isn’t very cool. If there is a genuine problem with Cody, it should be discussed in private. Is it possible, though, that this is just a joke?

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Maybe Cody is the target of the joke, and they had some light-hearted ribbing ready to go on the big screen. This looks to be the case, based on the red text. Or perhaps Cody is truly incompetent at whatever he is doing. Cody, you should be ashamed of yourself.

There Is Love in Sharing

Who brings a whole pie to work? Nobody, because this is always the case; either some pie thief comes across it and doesn’t take no for an answer, or you might just leave a warm one on the sill, so tramps are drawn to the steam.

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Well, this person took a pie into the office, left it somewhere around, and then, they couldn’t find it anymore. Who else would have it if not the boss? Sure, there are undoubtedly some areas where people share resources, but food isn’t often one of them.

One Employee Down and Many Customers Gone

Just so we’re on the same page, “there” in this person’s story is your favorite pasta spot, the Olive Garden. The flu has a reputation for being a nasty illness. Fluids leaking from places they shouldn’t be leaking from, for example. A sick person shouldn’t be serving food.

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They should be in bed, resting, reading the book they’ve been putting off, and most importantly, drinking lots of fluid. This person acted in the best interests of the community. Although she could have done it with a bit more class, we don’t believe anyone would have been offended.

Hold on a Sec…

We’ve seen a lot of things on this list, but this is some fresh horror that won’t leave us for some time. Yes, it is a photo of a coffee machine filled with cooking ramen. The boss of the business appeared to be going through a divorce.

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So, he was spending more time at work – possibly living there. One of the workers noticed the boss preparing dinner, which explained why the coffee always had a funky taste. Even if the boss cleans up after himself, that kind of flavor will linger, and not in a good way.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

One of the biggest problems office workers face at work is keeping their food safe. Of course, a splash of milk in your coffee doesn’t seem like much. But it becomes a problem if everyone does it, then that person won’t have much milk left, would they?

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One boss, however, decided that enough was enough, and it’s refreshing to have a humorous inclusion on our list. We would really like to know how the boss did this. Were there any tools used? We couldn’t say, but we hope it convinced others to stop using it.

Making Sure Things Are Clear

Employees are usually careful at work, especially with a toxic boss. This employee was just working and minding his own business when the boss approached him and slapped the sticker on his chest. No explanation or anything, just “here, have a sticker,” and he walked away.

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It was more like, “here, have a sticker,” and then he walked away. Is it a serious warning or a silly joke that could be easily misinterpreted? We can’t say which one is it. You’ll have to decide for yourself. But looking at those options…jeez.

Looks Fine, Doesn’t it?

What are we looking at here? At first glance, it looks like something you’d see swarming in a sci-fi movie. Maybe an experiment to create a super-human or something. But what you’re actually looking at is a business’s drinking-water filter, which hasn’t been replaced in years.

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According to the boss, it’s still working fine. It seems like a small jungle is growing inside, yet the boss believes there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re pretty sure the water people drink to survive isn’t full of swarming little creatures. But let’s not even think about it.

I Got a Huge Raise

This employee walks into his boss’s office for a crunch-time one-on-one meeting but finds that his boss isn’t on his seat. So, what does he do? Yeah, you guessed right, he held the meeting on his own, and of course, he left with a big pay raise.

Source: Reddit

The employer is not pleased with this and makes a counteroffer. It may appear harsh, but when it comes to this type of thing, both parties must negotiate. If you’re concerned about Steve’s work, we have reason to believe this ended up being a light-hearted joke.

48 Minutes Is Enough Time, Right?

Although this employee lives in a different state than the company, the manager still asks if they can come in with less than an hour’s notice. We can’t even decide which is worse; that they ask them to go in on their day off or that they messaged just 48 minutes before.

Source: Reddit

This request doesn’t make any sense. You’d think this is something that could’ve been solved amicably if the manager had an iota of respect. At least the guy sounded willing at first. The conversation becomes heated, “attitude” is thrown around, and the last line is one that’ll stick with us.

We Also Have a Suggestion Box

Workplaces are complicated places with several moving parts. Those pieces can become jammed or stop working as they should. As a result, there is sometimes a suggestion box to encourage employees to think of ideas to improve the workplace. But, sometimes employers don’t like the idea of a suggestion box.

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That’s because it means things aren’t perfect yet, or that they’ll have to strive to make them so. And the picture above is one such case. While this could be a joke, it might not be the best thing for overworked staff to see first thing in the morning.