Epic Ways That Teachers Trolled Their Students – We Only Wish Ours Were Like This

Ever thought, what it feels like to handle a group of teenagers, and teaching them, the lessons for life? Teachers dedicate all their efforts and energy for their students, even if you don’t care. Even with all the pressure on their shoulders, they always manage to find the best ways for their students. They go to very long stretch and some time a lot over the edge, to add some humor and happiness in their lessons. If you think we’re bluffing, have a look at the following photos. It shows how some teachers trolled their students with their out of earth humor and ideas.

All the single papers! Beyonce is often referred to as Queen B and this teacher wanted a slice of her success.

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The teacher used the line “if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it”, and swapped the lyrics with “if ya wanted a grade, ya shoulda put ya name on it.” It may sound ridiculous, but it gets her point across.

Walk of Shame

Angela was trying to balance her personal and professional life, but there were certain things she wasn’t willing to give up on, even if it came at the expense of losing sleep.

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What she didn’t anticipate was for her student to catch her trying to catch up on the homework she assigned her class while wearing the outfit she wore to the bar the night before. Teachers have walks of shame, too.

From Physics to Physical

They say physics is a part of our daily life. We use it, experience it and feel it all the time, even if we don’t realize it. Well, this picture is a clear example of it. It was a regular physics class until a student asked had some doubts.

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The teacher took a stand against the traditional methods and started teaching center of gravity and mass distribution with a demonstration. Although her intentions were good, her proximity might be too close. At least that’s what her student’s face is saying.

Let the Foot Be a Lesson

Remember the time when you use to spend a long time playing games or watching movies at night and then felt sleepy at school? Most of the time, the teacher sent us out of the class for it, but not this guy. He knows other ways to make his point.

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He thought of answering his student’s negligence with some mischief. The guy down on the floor and tied his student’s shoelaces together. The dozing student has no idea what is coming for him. And we are damn sure; he will never forget this lesson.

Biology with a Tight Outfit

Biology is a complex subject. Explaining the importance and position of all the body parts is not easy, especially when you have to use a board or some pictures.

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This teacher bought a tank top and tights with printings of all the body parts and muscles, and there you have the live 3D model of human anatomy. The only thing to consider is the top. Where are the sleeves?

Scuba Certified Yearbook

Did these teachers know they were going to have a blue background for their yearbook photos, or did they just bring with them costume options and went along with whatever felt right in the moment?

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The outcome is funny, and there is no doubt that if the staff in this school handed out awards for Most Valued Educators, Jack, Joshua, and Kimberly would win by a landslide.

Hard Work with a Different Perspective

Exams can have many adverse effects on students, but it has some positive results too. It makes them more innovative, primarily when they haven’t studied enough. In this case, they innovate their own methods and tricks to get passing marks. This student over here literally created a new living being for it.

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Luckily heaven was on his side. His teacher liked his man-dolphin so much that he granted extra marks to all the students of that class. Something tells us, you are going to see a lot of these man-dolphins during the next examinations.

Is it Time to Retire?

Technology has risen to a great extent in the last decade. Parents, teachers and many other people often struggle in understanding new technology. But the situation in this picture is an extraordinary case. Because it’s about a written assignment that made the teacher feel helpless.

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Honestly, this writing can make anyone feel old. If you find this student, please let us know. We don’t want to know what this writing means or why it’s written that way, but we would like to know how they did it.

The Burning Revenge of a Teacher

This teacher was watching TV when he came across a documentary about bugs. When he saw one roaming around in his classroom, he took a torch and set the insect on fire.

Source: 5funfacts.com

Gladly, now we don’t have to fear the deadly bug sting. However, we don’t know whether to trust this teacher or not. It looks like the school will be recruiting a new teacher soon.

Sin, Tan and Bill Cosby

Remember the trigonometry chapter that gave us nightmares? For some of us, it’s still something we don’t want to talk about and this teacher knew the perfect solution to deal with this fear. He mixed this chapter with something that you will never forget like Bill Cosby.

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Everyone knows that visual and relative content is easy to remember, but this teacher is the first to use it practically. We wonder, if he can teach other chapters the same way and if he does, what pictures or character will be there, especially for 1/Cos c.

Green Envy

This woman dreamed of becoming a history teacher since the first time she heard a famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States.

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The quote was: “The more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” So she knew she was going to get her Masters in Education and History despite those who claimed she is not capable of achieving such things because of how she looks.

Walkens Not Accepted

The Oscar-winning actor who is well known for both his immense talent and somewhat nervous disposition, Christopher Walken, is not the only one forbidden from walking into this school’s principle’s office.

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It doesn’t matter if you have starred in Pulp Fiction or Catch Me If You Can – if you don’t have a scheduled appointment, you’re not going to get a meeting. Walken’s stern expression is proof of that.

Merry Mathematics, Ho Ho Ho!

Math is not bound to anything, at least not for this guy, and his students. They are stuck with it even during Christmas. Fortunately, this guy had a blessing from Santa and has the perfect gift for all his students.

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So, he dressed in a Santa cap, presented them with the ultimate equation of Christmas. Don’t know how or where he learned this equation with the answer, merry = X-mas, but he sure nailed it. No way, his students are not paying attention to him now.

May the Force Be with the Students

Not so long ago, there was a kid who wanted to pursue his career as an art teacher but the circumstances didn’t agree. He became a teacher but for physics. But then he saw Star Wars and new ideas took over his mind, providing a solution to his problem. This inspirational moment resulted in the birth of a legend.

Source: youtube.com

Just look at the artwork. It has every detail of the actual work and all this effort for just a straightforward formula of F=ma. We want this guy to find a canvas for his drawing works because masterpieces of art like this don’t deserve a whiteboard duster. They deserve immortality and preservation.

The Blend of Stress and Relief

Sitting in the class for a whole lecture is tiring. The only hope for all students in this scenario is the clock. It shows that the time is passing and they will be free pretty soon. But this teacher turned it into something completely different, like a boss.

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He tagged the wall clock with a piece of paper with the phrase “Time is passing. Are you?” I don’t know whether it’s rude to take away the glimpse of hope from the students or a kind gesture to tell them to focus on class. Lucky thing we aren’t a part of this teacher’s class.

Boom, You Nailed It!

Getting good grades in exams can make anyone’s day. It feels like all the hard work we did and the stress we went through has paid off. But we bet that you can’t surpass this student. This student was so anxious about the exam that he studied too much. No wonder he got A+ in it.

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This student surely deserved a standing ovation but what this teacher did is far beyond everything. He wrote a note on the test paper about his feeling after checking the test paper. The teacher says that he wanted to draw a hammer to show her how she nailed the test. Something you don’t hear or see every day. This teacher too, nailed it, with his dialogue.

Lord of Ring – Race Against Plagiarism

Sauron and his followers are not ready to give up that easily. This time they have chosen plagiarism as their weapon. Moreover, this time he is doing it with the help of some students, like this one who’s not interested in writing his assignment on his own.

Source: brightside.me

But evil won’t win. A friendly, neighborhood teacher knows who to ask for help. So, Behold Gandalf, the plagiarism detector is here for the rescue. He says directly lifted assignments shall not pass. Once again the evil lord Sauron has failed, thanks to the skills and knowledge of this teacher.

There’s No Rest for the Cheaters

Cheating on an exam is a common habit of students. They think it as an easy alternative, but teachers know it. They are ready to go to every height to guide their students and prevent them from cheating. This guy literally, took it to a much higher level.

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The lord snow of this class is sitting high on the ladder turned watchtower, from where he can watch everything. Well, one thing is for sure, these students are never ever relying on cheating ever in their lives.

Because You’re Not Mozart…

Ordinary is boring, and this music teacher knows it very well. So instead of the old and traditional, “do not touch” sign, this funny board came to action. It states that the students who are not Mozart shall not play piano without permission.

Source: 5funfacts.com

The phrase seems pretty reasonable until you read the ironic ending of the tag line, “Because he is dead.” In short, this teacher is saying not to play instruments without actually saying the phrase. We surely don’t know if this way is working well for the teacher, but we are sure it’s doing great for humor.

Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert!

Admit it or not but everyone loves shortcuts. No wonder skipping a chapter of a book to know the final ending is common. But, what if that book is Game of Thrones? Well, not a single fan will ever do it. Almost every college student of today is familiar with this book and its serial. Its a great topic for discussion, if your teacher is not a savage like the guy we have here.

Source: giggag.com

This teacher literally read the book and knows all the future events. In turn, this knowledge is helping to attain control over all the students. Whenever they start to cause nuisance, he begins to tell about the next game of thrones event and there is no way anyone can let that happen.

The Triangle of Mysterious Homework Tasks

The world is changing every day, but some parts are always the same. Like the excuse for not doing homework. Students still stick with, “the dog ate it” or “it went missing.” However, Josh Hance overdid it, which was not a very good move, probably because of his teacher.

Source: mandatory.com

Mr. Azrai couldn’t take the same excuse over and over, so he came up with an ultimate remedy. A remedy that was sweet and insulting at the same time. He presented his student with a special certificate known as the Bermuda Triangle Award.

The Elements Of Gaga

Lady Gaga released a successful single in 2009 titled “Bad Romance”. This chemistry teacher was very witty and grabbed his students’ attention by using the periodic table in order to recreate the intro of the Lady Gaga’s song, which ensured that they would remember this collection of elements.

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Just imagine showing up to a science test and humming a Lady Gaga song to remember the correct answers. That is a guaranteed A in both music and chemistry.

Experience Student vs. Inexperienced Teacher

The feeling of finishing our schooling and getting a professional certification is the best experience for everyone. The first instinct after it is to find a decent job and enjoy life the way you want it. Turns out this girl also though the same way and joined as a teacher after her bachelors.

Source: YouTube.com

However, things are not that easy, especially with students. In this case, students trolled their teacher by swapping her duster with a bleached sponge. But, their teacher came loaded with things to deal with them all. After all, she was a student once.

English Teacher with a Past

The award for the most savage teacher of all time goes to Cal-Tefler, the English teacher of RCHK. This guy doesn’t need an introduction because it’s more than you can handle. In his interview for the yearbook, he revealed the side that none of his students ever saw.

Source: buhamster.com

He told them that he lived in a cage with biohazard signs and worked as a teacher at McDonald’s. Moreover, there are references about how he had a childhood from the laboratory, something none of us would ever expect from a teacher. Well, who knows, the world is a strange place. I wonder what this guy will say during parent-teacher conferences.

Awesome Teacher and the Sinking Ship

What happens when you mix a bank-breaking blockbuster movie like Titanic with comedy? Well, you get an extraordinary teacher with weird teaching methods. Ways that you will surely love. This homework drawing is a clear example of this situation.

Source: tips.feedytv.video

Instead of using the boring “label the drawing,” this teacher has used “Label me like one of your French girls.” And yes, you are right; it’s the famous dialogue from the intimate scene of Jack and rose. A bone structure with telling you to label it as a French girl is creepy and funny.

Intergalactic Princess Fighting for the Students

High schools and colleges tend to provide the best security to all their students and staff. They have strict rules and you have to carry an ID card while you are in there. However, they never said that these cards have to be boring.

Source: brightside.me

A teacher from the royal high school of California, Brain Dennart, did something that will make you believe it. This guy’s ID card has a picture of him dressed as Princess Leia with her blaster. While it is really hilarious, we wonder, will there be Han Solo or any other Jedi in the high school?

Help and Punishment in a Single Go

After a certain age, we all have something that makes us feel embraced. We suggest that you never tell about this thing or person to anyone, especially not your teachers. They can use it as a perfect way to make you do something.

Source: pinterest.com

The teacher knows that most of her students are embarrassed by Justin Bieber’s songs, the perfect tool for getting students to work. Every time someone forgets a pencil, they are offered one with “I love Justin Bieber” written on it. If you are in this class, you should probably keep a box of extra pencils. No way am I using those pencils. No offense to the singer though.

Prank Photos

If you are going to take your student’s phone, why not make the most of it and change the background picture with an embarrassing one of the school staff?

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Isn’t it every student’s dream to turn on their phone an see their teachers staring back at them? Even outside of school hours, haunting their every move. What could be more fun than that?

Looking Professorial

When a teacher doesn’t come to class and a substitute is sent to take her place for the day, students usually run wild and free. They feel like there’s no authoritative figure there to set order.

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This teacher knew very well that if she wouldn’t show up, no work would be completed that day. So she had the substitute project a slide with her picture on it looking serious and professional, to set the correct tone despite her absence.

Homework Task That You Can Pass

The toughest part of teaching is the random questions and weird tasks that the teacher has to deal with. What would happen if one such teacher tries to return the favor to the students? Well, this assignment board is what comes out of it.

Source: giggag.com

This board has activities that seem exciting and impossible. You can’t learn Kung Fu or end world hunger or vanquish your nemesis within a week. Our guess is, the teacher already had a lot on her plate and didn’t want to add another. So, the teacher assigned tasks that don’t need any checking.

You Shall Pass

Frodo the hobbit was determined about his future and decided to join a school. He was having a good time with his friend Gandalf who was in charge of stopping people with his “You shall not pass” roar. However, Even Frodo needs an off day to roam in the corridor, and even Gandalf has to make an exception in this case.

Source: 5funfacts.com

This permission slip belongs to a kid who was named Frodo by his teacher. The lord of ring fan teacher also added some other reference to the little hobbit like his journey points and date. Don’t know whether this pass is valid or not, but let’s be positive, at least the kid has a pass.

Where The Heart Is

Growing up in the South, this teacher never thought that she would return to her old school and teach 3rd graders.

teachers in front of her class
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In fact, if you asked her of her fondest memories as a child, she would have said that listening to her favorite teacher teach the class about Geography made her feel as though she was where she belonged. That’s why she left her job as a lawyer and pursued a different dream.

Hall of Fame or Wall of Shame

Social media, selfies, and fame is the craze of today’s student. It’s a great way to earn a reputation for most of them. However, their teachers have something much better up their sleeves. They used this very thing as a remedy for the mischief and mistake caused by the students.

Source: mandatory.com

The teacher created a hub for posting their pictures, but only the embarrassing ones. They call this place the hall of shame. The strategy is simple; the student holds a board with their mistakes on it, and the teacher takes their snap. This picture then lands on the notice board for public shaming. A pretty mean, but strong technique. The one we don’t want to face.

Snake In The Class

Why have an ordinary and boring yearbook picture when you can show off your staff friendship in a way that will leave everyone in tears? This trio was already well-known for their shenanigans around the school, but this was pretty crazy.

snake on a person's body
Source: Pinterest

Overall, the attempt to pull off the best picture prank came out well. If these three were drama or art teachers, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Teacher Turned Stromtropper

Whether it is to protect headquarters, or stop Luke, stormtroopers always failed. They are considered the most useless part of the galaxy war. No wonder one of them decides to do something different. He came to earth and started a new life here.

Source: youtube.com

He infiltrated a school and succeeded to gain the post of a teacher. However, truth can never be hidden forever, even for creatures like him. The yearbook picture revealed his real identity to the whole world. Luckily, we now have proof of his existence.

Tears Of Students

This teacher had enough of his students making faces and complaining over the smallest matters, and no way was he going to teach the entire school year knowing he needs to tip-toe around his students.

Source: pinterest

So he thought he would come up with a creative solution to the constant whining . To place a sticker on his water bottle reading “students’ tears.” That way, the grumbling would be lowered to a minimum.

The Historical Yearbook

Every teacher is very passionate and dedicated to his/her job, but some are just unmatched in it. Like this history professor who is ready to do everything to be the best. Even if it means becoming a part of history.

Source: buhamster.com

During the yearbook photographs, when everyone was overcome with the urge to look good. This teacher maintained his character. He dressed like an old general and presented a black and white photograph. It’s like he wanted to tell other teachers that they are not making enough effort.

Rick Rolled In

No one likes tests, especially if they come as a surprise and didn’t give the students enough time to prepare. This music teacher felt bad about surprising his students this way, but as a teacher, it comes with the job.

Source: pinterest

That’s why he thought about adding a little pick me up at the end of the test: a question about the song his students knew very well. That way, a pass was given no matter how they did.

All Play, No Work

Looking back at first grade, it seems all we ever did was draw, play, sing and generally have fun. As we moved up a grade, lessons became harder and school turned more demanding, which is understandable, but also much less fun.

Source: pinterest

This teacher decided to become a first grade teacher so that her students would always look back and remember how much they loved her. Unlike the horrible math teacher they will have in the not so distant future, for example.

The Dark War Lord and His Microbes

A spark of something interesting can enhance the overall interest towards a lecture. This microbiology teacher accepted to become Darth Vader for it. Honestly, there is no way anyone can resist this avatar.

Source: tips.feedytv.video

Besides, he has a lighting sword for anyone who doesn’t follow him. But, seriously, where do you find such teachers? Just look at this guy, he is wearing a full costume. We don’t know much it weighs or how hot it is, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to wear. Massive respect for such passion.

Bribe Your Way out

Exceptions are everywhere, even in the field of teaching. For instance, this teacher over here knew that he had to give reviews to all the parents at the conference, so he thought, why not earn some profit from it?

Source: brightside.me

He placed a board with different stories and scenarios. You pay him the price, and he will cook the perfect review story for your parents. We haven’t seen such a trick before, but we wish we could have. It’s a fairly decent price to ensure desired results during a parent-teacher conference, especially if you have been mischevious.

Late Work – We Don’t Do That Here

Writing a set of tasks for assignments and then checking the assignments along with test papers and other documents is very stressing. The situation gets even worse, with students showing up to submit their work after the due dates. Such students deserve a lesson, which this teacher served them.

Source: tips.feedytv.video

He skipped the usual speech about how their late assignments delay the whole grading procedure. He simply placed a trash bin with an arrow on the whiteboard to put all the delayed assignment inside it. Well, he sure nailed it like a boss.

Yo Mamma Physics

Every teacher was once a student and possesses a great sense of humor, or at least some of them do. One such teacher wrote this question paper, the most impressive paper you will ever see. It turned out that he knew how to lighten the tension of exams.

Source: pinterest.com

The teacher removed every annotation of science and replaced them with “Yo Mama” jokes. Apart from that, we don’t know the science behind these jokes, but then again we are not here for science, are we?

Everyone Needs a Break

Teaching is a tough job. You have to teach continuously and also treat each student with equal attention. It sometimes gets challenging to concentrate in such conditions, so, a break is a must.

Source: buhamster.com

However, you can’t leave the school without a substitute at your place, which is difficult as everyone is busy. Lucky for this guy, it was Halloween, so he had a third option, a cardboard cut-out. This cut-out ensures that the seat stays occupied and hey, it doesn’t talk or complains.

Fool the Fool Who Thinks You Are a Fool

A legend once said, “sometimes you act a fool, to fool the fool, who thinks you are a fool” and this teacher did precisely the same. He was fed up of everyone fooling around him, so he decided to deal with them in their way.

Source: youtube.com

He showed up in the class wearing a clown dress including the puffy nose, rainbow tie, and colorful wig. It looks like he’s giving the students a taste of their own medicine. No doubt, no one is ever going to treat this guy without the utmost respect.

Let the Ions Games Begin

Some students have distinguished respect for their teacher. It looks like our friend here nailed it. However, he isn’t the only one to do it.

Source: 5funfacts.com

The physics teacher too liked this student’s way of answering and replied the same way. They two generated a whole story from something as simple as the electrovalency of protons and neutrons. This time, hats off for both these geniuses.

No One Will Fail Again

You think that answering a quiz is difficult because you have to choose the correct answer from multiple options. Well, think of teachers who have to prepare these questions. They have to write the right one as well as find giving wrong answers for all of them, even if they don’t want to.

Source: giggag.com

However, Mr. Gann was utterly exhausted and decided to let it go for once. He wrote the correct answer and told every student about it. It seems like no one is failing this quiz . And don’t worry, there are no tricks, no conditions just the quiz and its correct answer.

Humor Certified Math Teacher

Math is the most hated subject of all time. Even the grumpy cat admits that this subject can make anyone cry. Don’t know why it goes beyond decimals and fractions. Moreover, why can’t it be funny or entertaining for everyone like the students of this math teacher?

Source: mandatory.com

We want to inform all the students and this school that they have found the most precious gem in this world. She almost makes me feel like going back for maths classes.

Say That You Love Me

The internet went crazy when it saw these pictures of two teachers. The male teacher is clearly trying to get the female teacher’s attention. Unfortunately, it’s obvious to everyone but him that she is completely uninterested.

Source: Reddit

It’s tough for teachers to date when they work such long hours, both in school and then overtime grading papers. Plus, only other teachers really understand what it’s like. Credit to the student who caught this interaction and posted it to Snapchat for others to enjoy. Do you think they ended up going on a date? We’d be surprised!

Who Is She Teaching?

We all know the feeling of not wanting to go to class. The students this teacher was teaching were very familiar with that same feeling. But they didn’t want to be marked absent for the day. So, they hatched a plan to ensure that didn’t happen, though there was one major flaw.

Source: Twitter

The plan consisted of placing their uniforms at the chairs, hoping it would pass as students. Sadly, the absence of bodies in the uniforms gave them away. We hope they’re doing well in her class if they thought they’d be able to pull the trick off successfully.

The Curse of the Substitute

It’s a universally unwritten law that the rules go out the window when you have a substitute. Substitute teachers have a tough time teaching when the students just want to mess with them. If you aren’t fully convinced, just watch the movie School of Rock!

Source: Facebook

This teacher, however, covered his bases when he invited an unconventional type of substitute to lead his class. We can hardly be-leaf this ‘treecher’ ourselves. We’re that the students were kept on their toes when they walked into the classroom to see this thing at the front desk.

Where Did the Teacher Go?

Someone should tell this teacher that camouflage works best in the wilderness. Yes, you can crouch in bushes and hide in forests if you’re rocking camo, but in a classroom? It just doesn’t have the same impact. If she is attempting to hide anything, she’s not doing a good job.

Source: Twitter

One student thought it was a good idea to take a photo of her camo… And it just proves that she sticks out more than wearing something white. Perhaps this teacher needs a lesson on when she should wear camouflage. And this student requires an example of subtly!

Do NOT Ask Stupid Questions

We all know that it’s likely to occur at least once a day or even every lesson: A student will ask a dumb question. If you teach, you are well familiar with the breaking point with dumb questions. Especially since there are only so many times, you can handle these kinds of inquiries.

Source: Facebook

You get to a certain point when one stupid question can turn you into a monster. How hard is it for these students to do the reading? This teacher looks like she is really fed up with the stupid questions with that hand-on-hip staredown.

Teachers Can Be Cool, Too!

This group of high school seniors got the best photobombing ever. The class was interviewing and recording each other around the school for a final assignment. It sounds like an entertaining project, but what takes it to the next level is their teachers’ involvement.

Source: Reddit

Whenever a teacher saw students filming for their assignment, they would make goofy faces in the background or show off some awesome dance moves. We hope they got some extra credit if they included clips showing off their teacher, especially for keeping a straight face despite how funny it was.

Maximizing Desk Space to Include a Bed

Math can be incredibly exhausting to try and figure out. Some people pick it up quickly, while others seem to never get it. This poor student looks so over it and flat-out tired of trying to understand. If it was a calculus lesson, we understand the pain.

Source: Twitter

Good for her for maximizing her desk. We just want to know how long it took the teacher to see that this student had fallen asleep out on her desk. Hey, if she doesn’t have a future in math, maybe she has a future as a contortionist or professional napper!

Individualized Education Plans

As a teacher, supporting your students by providing enough individualized instruction time is crucial. This teacher is always ready to assist her students by walking over to their desks while making herself comfortable by sitting on the other desks nearby.

Source: Facebook

One student had their smartphone ready to photograph this situation. Did we mention that it is typically the males who need extra help in class? We can only hope this teacher confiscated this student’s phone because no one wants to be photographed when they’re just trying to do their best at their job!

A Heavy Course Load This Year

Do you reckon this student is hiding from her teacher or trying to transmit the knowledge through physical touch? She surely can’t be the first student to have balanced a pile of school supplies on her head before a nap.

Source: Pinterest

Whether the stack was intentional, or her classmates pulled a silly prank on her, it still shows how much of a heavy course load she’s dealing with this year. Perhaps she was protesting how much homework she was getting from teachers. It looks like a pretty big pile to carry on her face!

The One-on-One Disciplinary Discussion

This teacher has developed her own way of working with uncooperative students. She doesn’t like relying on typical techniques for disciplining her students, so in place of scolding and timeouts, in front of their classmates, she prefers to have a private discussion.

Source: Pinterest

After a student misbehaved, this teacher waited for the class to leave before proceeding to have a one-on-one chat with the student. She didn’t need to discipline her in front of the rest of the class to explain why she was frustrated. Though the photo was taken without the teacher’s consent probably didn’t help the student’s case!

Learning How to Sit in Class 101

As children, we are taught the correct way to sit, from posture to appropriateness – particularly in school. You sit in the chair and work from the desk. This girl has obviously taken it upon herself to use her desk differently during class.

Source: Reddit

Do you think she was aware she was being photographed? It’s certainly an interesting position. Maybe her teacher can bring her back to first grade and reteach her how to use it correctly. After all, knowing how to sit in a chair properly will get you far in life.

Thorough and Intricate Lessons

Remember when you were in school and had to take notes? Teachers would have us constantly write down information that they thought was most relevant until we absorbed the information. This teacher seems to be borrowing from that strategy.

Source: Twitter

This teacher looks to be teaching about the correct nouns to use when discussing groups of things, like flowers and sheep. She is making the whole class write down every example, whether or not they understand the concept. Her students are in for a long lesson if she’s planning on going through each example!

Senior Prank That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

The same old pranks can only be funny for so long, so these high school students thought they would fully commit with this one. The same, repeated pranks are boring. Taking letters from the school sign resulted in the school being renamed “LOL High School.”

Source: Facebook

Though the student body probably laughed when they saw it the next day, we know we did; the staff was likely not as amused. We’re just curious how they managed to get up that high to remove the letters… That’s one tall ladder they had to sneak in without being seen!

Personal Mariachi Band for the Day

This senior class thought it would be hilarious to hire a Mariachi band to follow the school’s principal around for the whole day. Most teachers would be completely annoyed about this, but this headmistress was a real trooper about the whole thing.

Source: Twitter

She even posted a picture with the band on her social media account – coolest principal ever! Our teachers would’ve gotten rid of this band faster than you can say, “No me gusta.” It looks like some people were destined to be teachers – even if the students do test their patience every once in a while.

Personalized Alarm Clock

We have sat in class trying to stay awake during a particularly boring lesson. It happens more often than we’d like to admit, especially for students in high school. This teacher chose to have a bit of fun with one of her students who fell asleep while she was teaching.

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After a solid nap, he woke up to his teacher giving him this almost creepy smile. She figured that creeping him out was better than yelling at him. Will her strategy deter him from falling asleep in future classes? Not very likely!

Buried Under Mountains of Paperwork

Honesty time: Paperwork is the main reason why many of us aren’t teachers. Grading papers is a hassle and leaks into your personal time. Those who think that a teacher’s day ends with the last school bell are wrong. There are always mountains of work to complete.

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Unfortunately, grading papers is part of the job, and teachers have no choice but to accept it. We’re obsessed with this teacher’s way of grading papers! What’s the point in grading them individually? Now, they can be done earlier and continue binge-watching their favorite Netflix show.

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Halloween is the time to try out a new look. These design students wanted to emulate their teacher since they enjoyed his class so much. It was a fantastic choice because their teacher wore the same outfit to school every day and always had a coffee in his hand.

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They pulled off an epic group costume. Imagine his surprise when he walked into a classroom filled with versions of himself. We have a suspicious feeling he absolutely loved that they chose this costume and that so many students agreed to participate.

Thanks for the Support!

For this senior prank, these students chose an interesting way to show their appreciation for their teachers. Their strategy was clever: tons of bras hung together around the school with a sign thanking the teaching staff for their support throughout their education.

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We’re positive that the largescale simile made their teachers proud. We’re unsure where they got all the bras from or who had to clean it all up, but that’s likely a problem for the teachers. The one thing you want to do is avoid getting tangled up in that intricate mess!

The Most Blunt College Professor

You would assume that a college professor’s level of patience would be a tad higher when it came to their students. In Dr. Lopez’s case, it couldn’t be further from the truth. He was fed up with the class before it even started, and he wasn’t shy about showing them how he felt.

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His first presentation was short and sweet…minus the sweet since he asked them to leave so quickly. At least his students got to leave class earlier than they expected. After all, no one likes sitting through hours of syllabus review. We’re into this teacher’s honest methods.

Things to Remember: The Alamo

Quality teachers are often out to inspire their students to work towards their futures. This motivates both students and teachers to make it through the school year. Inspiring just one student means they have made a real difference and that they’re doing a good job.

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This inspiration is often shared through quotes or tidbits posted in the classroom, like “Keep your hands to yourself” or this “Things to remember” list. Though no one seems to know why remembering the Alamo is in the number one spot. At least they don’t have homework!

Hit With a Dose of Reality

One important aspect of teaching is knowing how to keep the dreams of their students alive. That is typically done by a teacher sharing their wisdom with students to be able to implement in their lives in and out of school. It seems that not all educators are on the same page.

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This teacher decided to give an astronomy-based lesson that destroyed the dreams of their students. Well, we certainly won’t be wishing on stars anytime soon. While teachers have to share the facts, does that mean that they also need to crush all their students’ dreams?

They WILL Set Your Paper on Fire

This teacher is not messing around! We’ve all used tricks to reach an assignment’s page length. The logic is there: the bigger the font, the fewer words you have to type. Well, this teacher is not about to let that fly with this list of rules and intense warnings.

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This teacher is sick of their students trying to cheat their way through her assignments, so she went to the extreme of lighting papers on fire if they didn’t follow her clear rules. We hope they take her seriously, or else their paper will be added to their teacher’s nightly bonfire.

April Fools Taken Very Seriously

It is common for students to prank their teachers annually on April Fools all around the world. Thankfully, in South Korea, you’re not likely to get into trouble for pulling these pranks. On the contrary, it’s seen as a tradition and is taken very seriously.

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These students tilted themselves and their classroom on its side. This is such a solid prank, right? We wish we could’ve been there when the teacher came in to see everything on its side. Perhaps they put their desk on its side to teach sideways and join in on the prank.

Poor Test Scores With a Side of Fries

We assume that teachers are taught how to inspire and encourage students, particularly those struggling with the class material. There are always a number of students who don’t put forth much effort and perform poorly on tests. There isn’t much more a teacher can do when that happens.

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In this classroom, though, when a student gets an F on an exam, they earn a McDonald’s employment application. It’s a preview of their future if they don’t get better scores on their tests. We think it’s pretty creative and, if nothing else, helps fast-food restaurants recruit new employees.

Making a Senior Prank Stick

This senior class wanted their senior prank to stick in people’s heads for a long time, so they went with sticky notes. They pranked their computer teacher by making a sticky note mural with a heart, rainbow, and Super Mario. Obviously, the teacher’s a fan of video games.

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Hopefully, the teacher applauded their efforts, given the absurd number of sticky notes used. We’re unsure if their teacher was thrilled about the clean-up, though. Think about it; they already have so much to do after the final school bell! Perhaps they saved it for the next day?

Always Question the Man

We’ve found the coolest student-teacher combo right here! This student took a risk and questioned his test rather than blindly go along with it. Questioning everything is a big reason how so many great minds have made history, like Isaac Newton and now this student!

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The teacher was clearly impressed and awarded bonus points to this student while reminding him to always question the man. What would our grades have been like if our teachers would’ve graded like this? We’d have all passed all of our classes with flying colors!

Teacher Taps Out for Quick Nap

Students fall asleep in class all the time. But teachers don’t have the simplest job and always work late. But when do they find time to sleep? This teacher was apparently so overtired that no amount of coffee was going to help him function. He deserved a little shuteye.

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He got comfortable and fell asleep right there. We’re feeling confident that the students didn’t complain. It gave them plenty of time to finish the homework they had forgotten or play on their phones. Sure, no one learned any new material, but occasionally sleep is a bigger priority.


Grading papers is a demanding and repetitive assignment. Though, every so often, there are hilarious answers that make it worth it, as long as the teacher has a good sense of humor. We are sure that this student didn’t impress his teacher with his #YOLO answer on the quiz.

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This teacher should get credit for incorporating their own hashtags into their quiz grading. They all allude to the idea that if the student doesn’t try harder, they’ll end up working at McDonald’s and earning minimum wage. We think both of them have a better future as a stand-up duo!

He Reached His Breaking Point

Being a teacher is an emotional job, especially tough when your students just want to be on their phones all day. More often than not, teachers can keep it together pretty well. And when they can’t hold it together, they can at least wait until they get home to emotionally explode.

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However, this teacher hit his breaking point when he started sobbing, in the fetal position, in front of his students. Obviously, he had a rough day, and his students weren’t helping. Maybe remembering that the school year didn’t end for months was what sent him over the edge.

Living in the Digital Age

Texting has become more of a problem for teachers, with every student seeming to possess a smartphone. It used to be that teachers only had to worry about passed notes and paper airplanes going between students. However, that was before the dawn of the digital age.

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Now that students are always on their phones, teachers have a new obstacle to overcome. It’s obvious that smiling at your crotch in public is pretty weird. This teacher makes this point directly to his students. Does he read their messages out loud for the whole class? How mortifying!

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Teachers can also get bored during their class. They have to find ways to make the paper grading and repetitive days a bit more fun. They have to do something that switches things up enough to instill a tiny bit of fear into their students. Teachers need some entertainment in their lives.

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This teacher was inspired to make his own fun with a practical joke. We wish he had gotten to see all of their faces after the test when they talked about their true or false answers. We wonder if he explained his prank before they had nervous breakdowns.

No Teenage Stink Zone

Not only do teachers have to deal with students texting in class, but they also have to deal with those students who want to charge their phones. Some teachers are chill about students plugging in a charger in the classroom, but this one certainly was not one of them.

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This teacher is mostly concerned about the smelly body odor of her students. She would rather their batteries run out than smell their teenage stink. Her air freshener is there for a reason and will not be replaced by a charger. Perhaps it’ll encourage everyone to wear more deodorant.

Your Test Scores Had Me Dead

Coping with bad test scores and students failing your class is enough to make any teacher super stressed out. When you’ve put in the work to educate them all year, it’s tough to see those results. This professor found an unconventional strategy to find humor in his class’ situation.

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He fully committed by getting into a coffin just to tell his students that their test scores killed him. We’re not sure who we need to call, but this man deserves an award for his commitment. He has a seriously wild sense of humor to make this prank a reality.

Teachers Can Be Too Tricky

By the end of the semester, everyone needs a good laugh, especially the teachers. The most diabolical prank for a teacher is giving out an end-of-semester “quiz.” It’s also a fantastic way to see who follows the rules of reading every question before beginning the test and who doesn’t.

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This teacher didn’t think his students would actually fall for it until he heard people counting aloud. What’s the lesson to take away from this? Read every question before we start making any marks or answer any questions. If only our bosses gave us assignments like this one…

Capturing a Teacher’s True Essence

Picture day is one of the biggest days of the school year when everyone wants to look their best. Many of our parents and relatives have older school pictures still hanging in the house. This school is like any other, where everyone takes picture day very seriously.

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This teacher decided to give his students a photo to remember him by and brought his bird to be in the photo with him. Who cares about getting your hair done or your outfit for your picture if your teacher is going to outdo you?

He Just Left His Classroom

Any teachers dream about your “drop the mic” moment when you just leave the classroom? This teacher was obviously done dreaming about his Coach Carter or John Keating moment and became so saddened by his students’ lack of studying that he just up and left.

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He couldn’t even be bothered to leave through the door. He just left through the window. We have a suspicion that he went straight to the headmistress’ office to quit officially. Teachers certainly don’t get the praise they deserve, and this one has hit his breaking point.

Incoming Call From Unknown Number

What could be more mortifying than your smartphone ringing in class? How about having to answer it and put it on speakerphone? That’s what this teacher does if a phone rings during class since his classroom policy clearly states that they aren’t allowed in his classroom.

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His students decided to play a prank with these rules. The girl who put her phone on speakerphone had a fake call from a testing center to update her that she was pregnant. The teacher was so flustered that he told her to hang up and then was let in on the joke!

Teachers of the Round Table

Teachers want to make a good first impression when first meeting their students. It’s a new beginning for everyone. This teacher decided that the best way to show his new students his personality was to start the school year off in a medieval costume. Completely normal, right?

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He even came prepared with a medieval sword. We’re hoping he teaches history so that this whole situation made sense. Because the alternative is that he’s just kind of weird, can you picture trying to learn math from a knight? Actually, now that we think about it sounds pretty cool.

Comfortable in Their Own Classroom

We’re positive that if it were socially acceptable, most people would come to class in pajamas. Unfortunately, school dress codes decide what is deemed appropriate to wear to school, and your matching pajama set doesn’t make the cut.

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This professor, though, is obviously fed up with the semester. He showed up wearing his pajama set and slippers. He’s a little too comfortable in his own classroom. At least he didn’t have to waste time in the morning choosing what to wear. He could just go straight from bed to his class.