Five of the Funniest, Most Poorly Designed Things the Internet Has to Offer

Generally, we all go through life without noticing the little things – especially the well-designed, practical things. We tend to take designs that work smoothly for granted because we’ve got so used to them over the years – plus, with the fast pace of modern lifestyles, a lot of people just don’t have the time to pay attention to every single thing that they come across, use, or encounter. Sometimes, however, there are exceptions to this rule.

When something has a particularly bad design and does not function at all in the way that it’s expected to, it catches everyone’s attention. Whether it’s a poorly worded sign or a completely useless structure, it’s sure to create a stir – and in today’s digital world, it’s only a matter of time before it’s uploaded to the internet for all to see. That’s why we scoured the web to find them – here are five of the best to brighten up your day.

A Not-So-Pleasant Surprise

Whoever is responsible for this strange design should probably be held accountable for all of the hospital bills that have no doubt been racked up as a result of it. What seems like a rounded bridge is anything but – and we bet it’s taken a fair few people by surprise, much to their detriment, unfortunately.

The built-in stairs are almost completely invisible until the last minute
Source: Imgur

The wooden planks all look the same and are angled in such a way that they give an illusion of being a slope, but they are, in fact, stairs. If you’re not paying close attention to where your foot is going, it’s more than likely that you’ll trip and fall – and imagine how hazardous it is for wheelchair users. Talk about poor design!

Only Nice In the Rain

The company that produced this hilarious hooded sweatshirt probably didn’t intend to imply that this woman is only nice to animals when it’s raining! However, what starts out as a poignant message of awareness regarding the disturbing topic of cruelty toward animals actually ends up turning out to be a stark statement that may raise a few eyebrows.

The message on this sweatshirt completely changes when the hood is down
Source: Pinterest

Everything is fine, as long as it’s raining. As soon as the wearer of this sweatshirt puts down the hood, the intentions behind the message on the back dramatically change – to, in fact, the complete opposite. We’re wondering how long it took for this girl to notice – and how long she walked around with ‘ANIMAL CRUELTY CLUB’ plastered on her back!

Distracting from the Point

Now, it’s not hard to guess what the intention of this sign is – it’s obviously limiting vehicle speed to 20 something-per-hour (either miles or kilometers), but the way it’s read – ‘Do not exceed 20 children’ – makes it pretty funny. Of course, we all know that raising children can be expensive and stressful, so it’s advisable to limit the number you have to something manageable!

whoever worded this sign didn’t think it through properly!
Source: Imgur

The major downfall is it probably makes drivers laugh and encourages them to focus more attention on the wording of the sign than their speed! If that’s the case, then the sign’s purpose of slowing people down and making them more aware of the children is completely negated – in fact, children had better be a little more careful of distracted drivers in this area!

A Prickly Kind of Cushion

Could this be the worst-designed set of benches in the history of the world? We think it could be – easily. The wide sidewalks that you can see in this photograph provide more than enough space for benches for people to use to relax and watch the world go by – maybe even read a book in the sun every now and then.

these cacti will put people off sitting on the benches!
Source: Twitter

And what a lovely idea to include some plants in the middle of each – they’re not only pretty to look at but also beneficial for the environment. Out of all the plants and flowers in the entire world, however, the designer picked what can be described as possibly the worst choice in existence: cacti. So, now, whoever wants to rest on this street must do so at their own peril – and are likely to walk away with a few scratches!

Please Give Me Shelter

Whoever was responsible for designing this bus shelter really didn’t think things through properly at all. In fact, it provides pretty much no shelter at all, thanks to the hundreds of holes in the roof. Sure, the design is pretty, and we can see why someone would like it. But you know something’s wrong when people still have to hold an umbrella when standing underneath it!

There’s no choice for these people but to keep their umbrellas up
Source: Pinterest

It’s not only useless in the rain; however – when the sun’s shining brightly, it offers no shade. Instead, the sun rays come piercing through the holes, making for an uncomfortable wait for anyone who was waiting for the bus at the time. Basically, come rain or shine, avoid this bus stop at all costs, for your own sake!