From Funny to Cringeworthy: Photos for the Records

We’ve all been in cringe-worthy situations. Honestly, these things happen to many people, and we just can’t help but be embarrassed. Some people are just unlucky that their moments were captured. From unfortunate and painful looking to just deplorable and irritating, there are many pictures on the internet.

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Sometimes, these pictures are very funny. But just like a bad pun, you laugh and still shake your head. We’ve compiled some of these images in this article. You’ll find some pictures that scream, “I can’t believe they did that” and others that make you laugh at someone’s misfortune.

When the Computer Makes Sure You Fail

Computers don’t usually make mistakes – at least, that’s what we were told. But they sometimes do. And when these mistakes happen, it usually doesn’t favor the user. In this scenario, the computer claims this student got a question wrong even when he clearly got it right.

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The problem is you can’t argue with a computer; you’ll have to accept it. School is already hard enough as it is. Now imagine it being made even more difficult by completely unnecessary technological issues. Nothing is more annoying than being punished for doing the right thing.

What’s Your Head Doing There?

No one ever imagines having to call the fire department because they got their head stuck. That’s just embarrassing. And, of course, it doesn’t help if true friends are there because those are the people who will post your shame online for all to see.

Source: Reddit

We hope the firefighters managed to keep serious faces while dealing with a hilarious situation like this. It would be even more mortifying if even the emergency guys laugh. We won’t be surprised if they see this often enough that it’s no longer funny to them.

There’s No Use for This

When it comes to cars, people usually prefer a certain color because they use it regularly and that’s what they want to show up in. However, most of us regular people would be delighted to have a Lamborghini and would never start whining about its color.

Source: Reddit

People are certainly entitled to their preferences, but it is absurd to criticize your parents for buying you such an expensive car. To us, it doesn’t matter the color – it’s a Lambo! Then again, perhaps buying your teenager a Lamborghini is ridiculous regardless of how wealthy you are.

Don’t Try This at Home

On one hand, this looks kind of clever. At least, it’s a creative way for him to achieve a goal with what he has on hand. On the other, we can feel the looming potential of that board breaking. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Source: Reddit

So, this is a dreadful idea that we can’t help but cringe over. He’s not high enough to be in serious danger, but in any case, we strongly advise against doing this. Simply put, it’s extremely unsafe and dangerous, and it would be difficult to explain at the ER.

It All Comes Down to Phrasing

This teen had good intentions. However, he really ought to have phrased this joke about his haircut a little bit more carefully, though, given the situation of the nation during the past 10 or so years. After all, this specific statement would be a little unsettling to anyone.

Source: Reddit

We’re quite sure he didn’t expect the police to come. Although that’s funny to us, he undoubtedly found it quite nerve-wracking. That’s why we’re placing it on our list of things that are both painful to look at and also a bit funny.

Ugh! Now the Car Is Damaged

Here is just another example of a person who has way too much entitlement. It also involves a Lamborghini. Apparently, just a tiny bit of water on the car would ruin the whole ride, meaning the owner would have to replace it with a new luxury car. How awful.

Source: Reddit

It’s quite obvious that we’ll all cringe at things like this – at least anyone with a regular income would. We’re not saying all rich kids are entitled, but average-income people definitely don’t think like this. It might sound like a generalization, but it’s a reasonable one.

Now, That’s Concrete Evidence

Imagine that your car is hit from behind. That would already be a very unpleasant situation that nobody would especially want. But suppose that, in addition to this, a cement truck rear-ends you and accidentally spills part of the cement onto your car. That must be awful.

Source: Reddit

We can’t help but cringe for this driver because his suffering is so obvious. Why did fate have to compound his suffering in this way when being in a car accident is already terrible? Just unfortunate, really. Why did he leave home today?

There’s Something About UPS

From FedEx and Amazon to Hermes and UPS, everyone has their preferred delivery service. But they’re all different in terms of service. We’re not going to condemn any postal service here, but we have to admit some of them damage lots of goods, especially expensive ones.

Source: Reddit

This man ordered a product that had tempered glass, but UPS apparently ignored the box’s “fragile” warning. It is quite agonizing to wait for a package to be delivered just to be let down when it does because someone wasn’t careful with it.

Protecting Mr. X’s Anonymity

Mr. X needs to take this newspaper to court. It’s obvious that the person in charge of editing this picture overlooked the basic principle of Photoshop: ensure no reflection reveals the true picture. They could’ve just checked one of the Kardashians’ Instagram accounts!

Source: Reddit

The Kardashian-Jenner family is constantly accused of editing its photos. Poor Mr. X will now need to relocate. We just hope this isn’t a murder or drug case. If it is, his life could be in danger regardless of where he moves. How was this published?

When Someone Says ‘Just Hanging Out’

It’s obvious that this man was singing along to Sia’s song “Chandelier” and took some of the lyrics too seriously. We can imagine him jumping on the floor before this happened. But honestly, this building must be reinforced urgently. How big was he for this to happen?

Source: Reddit

This is why it’s best to go to a gym instead of working out at home. Or maybe the person living here should buy a much lighter chandelier, especially one that won’t fall off the ceiling. What are the odds of something like this happening?

Things Could Be Worse

Everything is fun until it starts raining and you only have one umbrella when there are around 10 people who need to be kept dry. We wonder why they can’t enter one of the nearby buildings, but maybe they can’t because it would be an obvious solution.

Source: Reddit

Common sense isn’t very common. Still, we’re quite sure that umbrella isn’t enough to keep them all safe from the rain, except for the lucky guy in the middle who is surrounded by several bodies. We’re sure he’ll stay dry throughout the ordeal. At least someone got lucky.

What a Long-Distance Relationship Looks Like

This set of earbuds, like Romeo and Juliet, was obviously not meant to be together. The fact that neither can function independently is very heart-breaking. This is the drawback of using wireless earbuds instead of headphones, even though they are undoubtedly more convenient.

Source: Reddit

Although our headphone wires occasionally tangle (which can be frustrating), at least we won’t lose half of them overseas! This is why some people favor traditional approaches to contemporary solutions. We can’t blame them, and we’re sure this picture will further reinforce their beliefs.

When the New Mac Is Lit

This person will learn an important lesson the hard way. And that is to always be aware of your surroundings. While we all have clumsy moments, not being aware of how close you and your belongings are to an open flame is quite ignorant.

Source: Reddit

We’re just happy that only the laptop was damaged in this case, and nobody was harmed. Of course, even the laptop is a big loss, but it could have been a different story if a curtain or something similar had caught fire. Hopefully, their Mac is insured.

Giving Your Car a New Interior Makeover

Anyone hauling paint in their automobile should never forget this example: Make sure the cans are secured and try to steer clear of any particularly big bumps! Your car can end up looking like this poor person’s if you ignore our advice. Although we are cringing, we aren’t actually laughing.

Source: Reddit

We understand damage is costly, especially how much it would take to fix something like this. So, all we feel is sympathy for the car owners because car repairs aren’t funny. OK, maybe they can be a tad bit funny, but we try to be more sympathetic.

A Terrible Tragedy Has Happened

We all love pizza. But one thing we don’t love is when our pizza is destroyed, and we can’t eat it. This is a popular picture on the internet, but we cringe any time we stumble across it. It is just a terrible thing to happen to anyone.

Source: Reddit

In fact, it’s almost impossible to find this funny even when it’s happening to someone else. That’s because it’s just really, really sad. No one should ever laugh at the death of pizza, regardless of who it has happened to. Our heart goes out to the owner.

The Car Now Belongs to Nature

We have no idea why this enormous swarm of bees decided that the side-view mirror of this car would make the ideal gathering spot. Was there anything on it that appealed to them? Was it perhaps covered in pollen? Or do they simply hate this car in general?

Source: Reddit

We will never know, but we feel bad for the owner. We don’t know how he’ll recover his car from this huge wave of bees that have taken issue with his presence, except with a flamethrower or a pretty strong water hose. You’d better get creative, buddy!

When the Toilet Paper Rolls Away

What is one embarrassing situation that almost everyone can relate to? What happens when the toilet paper you need so badly flees your stall and moves far away? If you don’t have any extra toilet paper to replace what you’ve lost, then you’ve got a big problem.

Source: Reddit

Hopefully, the person who took this photo was a kind neighbor and gave the person in that stall their toilet paper back. Wouldn’t that be just basic human decency? It would take a wicked person to only take pictures and ignore his plight.

He Just Couldn’t Miss the Sale

Some sales are too amazing to pass up, and you just don’t have the time to park your car and enter slowly. That is why, to reach his destination on time, this guy had to drive right through the walls and windows.

Source: Reddit

We sincerely hope he made it out of this alive. How much of this is he responsible for paying for? That might depend on how at fault he is for the accident. If he was to blame, the cost would be high and is not something to be laughed at.

It Happens to the Best of Us

Everyone has experienced this situation at least once: You’re eating with your phone in your hand when all of a sudden, it slides out of your palm and into your meal. Your food is ruined, but more importantly, the food is now all over your phone.

Source: Reddit

At least it’s easy to clean phones, but it can be a huge problem if you get liquid food on them, especially if it gets into the crevices. We can almost see the disgust on this person’s face as they stare at the screen. Hopefully, their phone wasn’t damaged.

That Looks Like False Advertising, Right?

Anyone who sees this image will know right away why it is fair to feel sorry for the person who ordered this pizza. They were practically robbed here, right? They ought to have some redress, like suing. Unfortunately, we don’t think that’s going to happen.

Source: Reddit

Even if we are certain that this image and event are not particularly recent, we can still sense his wrath through the internet and the screen. But does it really matter? Even now, we find ourselves feeling sorry for the man. It must be rough for him.

No Escape from the Seagulls

Getting buried in sand can be a fun activity, which is why we’re cringing for this poor guy – but we’re still laughing at him, too. With all that sand on him, he’s not getting away from those seagulls. But hey, he wanted to be the sand guardian.

Source: Reddit

Even the legendary Poseidon quivers before him. It’s all a part of the job he chose to take on, and he must face it. It’s a thankless task, but he does receive sympathy and occasional amusement from others around him. At least someone should clean his face!

We’ve All Been There

Ah! That moment in elementary school. This has happened to everyone who has ever drank a Capri Sun, and they have probably all made the same expression. It’s like a slap in the face. Why would fate treat anyone that way? Surely, nobody deserves this, right?

Source: Reddit

Maybe she should use the tried-and-true method of sticking the straw through the bottom. While some may consider that heresy, at least you won’t worry about something like this happening. And that’s surely one advantage that’s worth considering. We can certainly understand why it’ll bring elementary lunchtime PTSD, though.

When Everybody Hates You

Flights can sometimes be unpleasant and frustrating. But one smart way to make the whole thing a bit more bearable is the option to watch movies on the tiny TVs they give you. Well, unless you’re the only guy on the whole plane without a screen.

Source: Reddit

Did he annoy the pilot? Is that one TV being serviced in the shop? We don’t know, but we’re sure it sucks to be this poor guy. He’ll probably just have to watch whatever his friend is watching while leaning on his shoulder. That’s assuming they’re friends.

How Did This Happen?

We know they said we shouldn’t ask, but we can’t help it. How did this happen? We really are confused. Was the car placed on the rock deliberately? Why is the rock even in the parking lot? And how did the car drive on top of it?

Source: Reddit

We’re thinking that the driver, in some way, didn’t really mean for his car to be in this situation. Despite this, we believe this is still a solid choice for our list in both the “funny” and “highly unfortunate” categories. We hope they got out of this quickly enough.

Ice in the Bathroom

Snow and ice can be an issue depending on your climate. But we have many questions. First, where does one live that much ice intruded on their toilet in the middle of the night? Imagine walking into the restroom and seeing this.

Source: Reddit

We think this would be one of the fastest bathroom trips in history if anyone could manage that. We feel sorry for anyone who has to live here. However, we’re not sure why they would voluntarily choose to do so. They clearly need a heater.

Does He Have a Career in Football?

If you can help it, ensure nothing hits your computer screen at high speed. But you would think chapstick, of all things, shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case if your brother throws like an NFL quarterback.

Source: Reddit

Most of us are quite familiar with the agony of a damaged computer screen, and the mere thought of it makes us cringe. Computer repairs are very expensive! Anyone who experiences it should get some sympathy, at least – just like this guy.

What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Shopping for clothes online should qualify as an extreme sport. Most importantly, when you order something online, it can be difficult to know how it will fit or feel on you. You won’t find out until it shows up. Sadly, things don’t always turn out well for people.

Source: Reddit

On the other hand, it might result in scenarios that are incredibly funny to those of us who browse the internet for amusement. We sympathize with this girl because of her awful circumstances, but we also find it hard not to laugh. Her comment makes it funnier!

This Looks Like a Minefield

We don’t really need to explain why this picture makes us cringe. Everyone must have stepped on a Lego at least once in their lives. So, we all know how undesirable and painful it is. That said, we don’t envy anyone in this situation.

Source: Reddit

If they’re lucky and particularly diligent about finding all of them, they’ll probably only be stepping on Legos for the rest of the year. If they want to keep their sanity, they’d better put lots of time into that search! And that’s us keeping it real.

He Must Have Been Vaporized

It’s somehow funnier that there are only little footprints at the scene of this ink explosion than if someone were still standing there. While the image makes us cringe because someone must have permanently lost a whole outfit that day, it is also hilarious. We promise that we’re sympathetic.

Source: Reddit

But we just can’t help ourselves. We have questions, though. Is the person in the shoes responsible for cleaning up this huge mess? If it’s the same guy who was involved in it, then we actually feel a little bad. He’s no doubt wishing he could restart the day.

That’s a Terrible Way to Compensate a Hero

For all their work, superheroes in movies don’t get much compensation, except a few “thank yous” here and there. That’s not nearly enough. It seems that’s the order of things in real life, too. We know how rough things have been in the past few years.

Source: Reddit

Some brave souls have put themselves on the line every day throughout this difficult time, and they don’t get enough appreciation and compensation for their efforts. Even when they do, it’s never enough. This is an example. We feel their pain, but at least they were acknowledged, right?

They Don’t Really Care

Regardless of what they say, it’s almost impossible to believe the authorities really care. And occasionally, it’s clear they don’t. Take this man, for example. He is being charged by his city for something that was entirely their fault and completely out of his control.

Source: Reddit

It’s sad because we can’t even say this is an abnormal situation because it happens quite often – more than you’d believe. That said, we can’t help but cringe on behalf of this poor internet user. They have it really hard. We won’t want to be in their shoes.

We Feel Your Pain, Bro

We really feel for this guy because we understand the pain of losing a car, especially in this way. Many of us fear the possibility of this happening, even when it’s unlikely. Yet, the guy in question seems composed.

Source: Reddit

It makes his ill luck funny. We kind of feel bad for laughing at his pain and suffering, so let’s just say that we hope he has great car insurance. If he doesn’t, then we’ll settle for feeling bad because there’s little we can do for him.

That Doesn’t Look Like Breakfast

No one likes to see their meal ruined because everyone loves food. This is why you should remember to tighten the tops on the condiments at all times. Adding this much salt by accident will undoubtedly destroy your food. However, it also makes us laugh a little.

Source: Reddit

It surely wasn’t funny to this person, though. Given that the unfortunate event wasn’t all that terrible in the grand scheme of things, this is one of those instances where we can still find humor in things. Our sympathy only goes so far, but oh well.

That Looks Like Olives to Us

Speaking of food disasters, you would think that food service people would, at the very least, be able to correctly follow customers’ orders. That’s not always the case. It’s unacceptable when it comes to pizza, though. Imagine ordering an extra topping and getting this in return. Please, request a refund!

Source: Reddit

Without a doubt, you are very justified in wanting your money back. We promise we don’t find your situation funny, sir. We don’t joke about food, especially pizza. And in our opinion, anyone that finds this funny is a cruel person.

Why Did You Leave the Door Open?

Everyone knows you should always close your car’s door and lock it, but this is absolutely critical if you live in a cold climate where the weather can get snowy quickly. If you don’t close your doors, then be prepared to end up in a similar situation.

Source: Reddit

This must be bad for the car! We cringe particularly because we can imagine what a terrible pain it would be to deal with this issue, let alone how much it might cost to fix. Seriously, if you live somewhere where it snows, shut that door!

‘Please, Do Not Fold’

If you ever need a reminder that the post office doesn’t care about you or your packages, then take a long look at this picture. Most delivery people know this awful truth but don’t care what’s inside a package or how it should be handled.

Source: Reddit

Apparently, they don’t care to read the instructions on the package. Or maybe they read them and just ignored them. That’s what makes people cringe when they find their valuables all ruined due to the negligence of the post office staff. Is being careful too much to ask?

It Doesn’t Look Like Fun Anymore, Does It?

Nobody wants their car to be damaged because repairs are an unexpected expense that they haven’t budgeted for. If your car sustains severe damage like this, the problem will only worsen. The driver will have to pay a hefty price.

Source: Reddit

Towing, repairs, and potential medical expenses are just a few of the bills involved in off-road driving that make us cringe. Just look at the way he’s staring at the car. We already feel so bad for him. He seems to be rueing all the expenses already.

This Should Be a Crime

People love their brand-new, sparkly shoes. But as expected, they hate it when those shoes are quickly soiled or ruined. Having said that, we’re not sure how this guy managed to get his brand-new sneakers into the watery mud. He must have missed seeing the mud.

Source: Reddit

Or maybe he was caught in a flash flood. Either way, we can almost feel his agony. Reality has dealt with him, especially since he must have paid a good amount for those shoes. Too bad there’s no such thing as shoe insurance. At least none that we know of.

The Flavor Nobody Asked For

This picture is difficult to look at, not because of some arbitrarily awful thing that happened to someone but because it shows one of the worst soda flavors ever. We bet no one on God’s green earth would want to taste ranch-dressing-flavored soda.

Source: Reddit

Why? You probably never see it marketed anywhere because it doesn’t seem like it would be very successful. Where did he find it? It has to be a limited-edition product. They probably wanted to test the product to see the reception. We can guess how that went.

The Party Never Stops…Or Maybe It Does?

Although most people never want the party to end, sometimes it just does. It usually stops after a terrible accident. Take this one, for example. Sadly, for the people in this picture, we find it hilarious. It’s not bad enough for us to feel truly bad about it.

Source: Reddit

Even though they had to wash their clothes and other belongings due to the liquid that was spilled, we’re sure everyone was laughing after the incident. When someone’s misfortune is harmless, sometimes it’s worth laughing at. And this one is funny. Great camera skills!

They Just Keep Missing the Point

This picture captures the exact feeling when you argue with someone for hours, only for them to keep missing your point. Whether intentional or not, we can agree that this photo is relatable. Sometimes people just keep talking about something irrelevant.

Source: Reddit

We don’t think there’s any other picture on the internet that so perfectly encapsulates what we would feel at that moment. Look at the guy’s face. He’s just letting it happen because he seems to have lost all the will to argue. Let them just believe what they want.

Let the Fish Check the Feed

That phone is obviously being called back by Mother Nature, and this person will just have to realize that it is no longer their possession. Even if he succeeds in retrieving the phone from the water – and that’s a big “if” – it would have sustained extensive water damage.

Source: Reddit

And it would already be lost because, quite frankly, no phone repairer can get that back on. It’s best to simply accept defeat, let this phone live with the fish, and go out and buy a new one. Sorry, bro, but Mother Nature isn’t always kind.

Who’s Gonna Clean All That Mess?

Who else thinks that Nerds aren’t as popular as they used to be? Maybe it’s just us. This doesn’t mean they’re not still enjoyed by many people. Yet, no one would be happy spilling them all over their car, especially given how tiny and numerous they are.

Source: Reddit

To clear this mess effectively, you would have to use a vacuum cleaner or something. We suppose you could still eat them, but depending on how clean your car is, that could be a little odd or unpleasant. Whoever spilled the mess should clean it up.

When You Buy Something from Wish

This is what happens when someone buys the knock-off version of a product, thinking nobody will notice. You’re wrong because everyone notices. Of course, it’s usually cheaper when you buy the product from Wish instead of Amazon. But are you prepared for the heartbreak that will follow?

Source: Reddit

This guy’s face shows he wasn’t prepared. There’s always a risk when getting a haircut but paying a little bit more for the services of an expert reduces that risk significantly. He should be glad his hair will grow back soon. Unfortunately for him, we’ll laugh at this picture forever.

Could This Be a Sign?

We can only hope that this isn’t a sign of bad things for this marriage in the future. Otherwise, their union will literally be a car wreck! They seem to have taken it in stride, though, given that they still went through with the day. So, maybe it’s a good sign.

Source: Reddit

Perhaps the cosmos cleared all the potential negativity out of the way on the first day of this couple’s marriage? Regardless of whether it’s a good omen, this would make a cool wedding picture! We can imagine them showing this to their kids in 30 years.

Everyone Is a Winner

These brothers won the lottery on the same day. But we can all see the sibling that the universe favors. Anyone with a sibling will agree that there’s always one sibling for whom the stars always seem to align. They just always get lucky.

Source: Reddit

The other sibling, usually the middle child, always seems to get the short end of the stick. We already know the unlucky one in this family. But it’s incredible how he keeps smiling. He’s obviously happy for his brother, as we all should be. That’s a lot of money.

When Your Ex Leaves a Fork on the Road

When people say they are at a fork in the road, we don’t think this is what they mean. It looks like the owner of this car drove over a road where people were having a picnic. Even if they didn’t get a picnic delicacy, they came away with a souvenir.

Source: Reddit

Did someone actually think, “Oh, this is the best place to eat this lasagne, right in the middle of traffic”? This obviously looks like the work of a Florida Man, so it would make sense a lot if it happened there. Well, time to take the car to the shop.

Guys, the Road Doesn’t Need New Paint

Those unlucky construction workers will have to work extra hours. Either that or the locals will become used to the new color of the sidewalk because it appears that nobody wants to clean it. We can’t really blame them, but we expect a “Not My Job” fight to break out soon.

Source: Reddit

These people will probably claim it should be handled by street cleaners. Meanwhile, the street cleaners will claim the mess was caused by the construction workers, so they should get rid of it. Whatever happens, we’re sure it’s going to be a long day.

This Is Everyone’s Biggest Fear

Is it just us, or does everyone get scared of forgetting their keys or accidentally locking themselves out of the house? Another very real fear is getting the key stuck in the door, and then you’re locked out of the house. No one wants to go through that.

Source: Reddit

Then there’s this guy, who must have found the dumbest way to be stuck outside his home. He remembered to take the keys. The key also didn’t break. However, he swung the key to the other side of the door while it was already locked. A different kind of nightmare.

Drinks for Preschool or What?

What you can see in this image are ice cubes made using Spaghetti-O’s. Why do they exist? We don’t know. But we can emphatically state that we hate it without a shadow of a doubt. Who would want to have any drink with this in it?

Source: Reddit

We’d probably drink it fast to avoid a disgusting end. Whatever the case, we only hope that no guests will be served anything of the sort. We don’t think this offer would particularly entice anyone. Maybe some pre-schoolers would like it, but even that is unlikely.

Someone Will Lose Their Job

If you ever need a reason to put the car in park when you’re done driving, this is it. Otherwise, your beloved Porsche will end up going for a swim. We have a feeling the person who made this colossal mistake will certainly be fired. This is an expensive error.

Source: Reddit

How do you work for a car company – one of the most popular ones even – and forget the most basic rule of parking? Well, this is certainly a lesson learned. It just hurts to see that it was learned the hard way. It was a beautiful ride.

Is This False Advertising or Daylight Robbery?

Do you want to cringe? Imagine going to a store to buy food and they rip you off. There is hardly any cheese on this microwaveable cheeseburger, which is already a disgrace. We’re a little curious to learn if you could submit a legitimate complaint about this.

Source: Reddit

We doubt the grocery store that sold this burger would pay attention, but come on – isn’t this either theft or false advertising? They should refund this person some money for the missing cheese. Each little bit matters! We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

Welcome to Your New Home

Some comedic sketches have been so overdone in the media that you’re sure there’s no way they could happen in real life. For instance, have you ever seen someone slip on a banana peel? We’ve seen it so often in movies, but not in real life.

Source: Reddit

Well, this must be the real-life Goofy because the popular comedy trope has happened to them! We hope they at least have their cell phone with them on the roof, or there’s someone in the house who will notice their absence, so they won’t be there for too long.

Technically, They Aren’t on the Floor

We’ve all been instructed by our parents on what not to do. This kid is technically correct, considering the instruction his mom gave him. But who in the right frame of mind would choose to eat their meal on such an expensive piece of technology and risk damaging it?

Source: Reddit

His mother will discipline him for this even though he technically listened to her. For us, this is just as funny as it is cringeworthy. We’re sure you’re as pissed as we are. All we can think about is that Apple device. He’ll have some explaining to do.

When the Universe Forces You to Diet

The universe is clearly trying to pass a message to this person that they shouldn’t have a snack. It’s not clear why this vending machine has something against this person eating chips, but it seems unlikely that they’ll get any today.

Source: Reddit

Well, one way to make sure you stick to your diet is to buy this magical vending machine. Who needs self-control books when you’ve got the universe looking out for you? This isn’t an awful situation, so we’re going to laugh without feeling bad.

That’s One Way to Ask Your Crush to Prom

If you want to ask your crush to prom, there are many creative ways to do it. But this is absolutely not one of them. Not now, not ever. We won’t generalize and say that all girls hate bugs, but a large percentage do.

Source: Reddit

Unless you’re determined to get turned down, steer clear of this method. Besides, this guy must have hunted down all these bugs and killed them without damaging their bodies. That’s just too much effort for something so cringe. No one on earth would want it.

You Need to Learn the Game, Bro

Some people feel no shame in courting many people at once. We think that’s shallow and just plain rude, and that’s why we don’t feel sorry for this guy. Whether he deserved it, this makes us cringe a little bit, knowing what befell him. What a disaster.

Source: Reddit

It only shows that you should exercise much greater caution when trying to get away with things like this, not that we would ever advise anyone to do so. You can completely avoid it and never have this issue. But if you do, be smarter about it.

At Least He Is Trying

We’re just going to say it: Don’t cheat. Really, don’t mess people up like that. But we know not everyone will listen. So, if you’re going to do it anyway and want to apologize for it, make sure this isn’t how you do it.

Source: Reddit

Is this better than saying nothing at all? We don’t think so. If this is your idea of a worthwhile apology, perhaps it would be better to accept your fate and move on with your life. We don’t think this would get you anywhere.

When She Tells You What’s Wrong

Nobody likes to see a warning light on their dashboard while driving. It never indicates anything good and almost always indicates a very costly repair is forthcoming. Due to this, we can’t help but feel incredibly sorry for this person. Nope, we’re not laughing about this one.

Source: Reddit

None of us would wish something like this on someone. Yet, we’ll admit that it’s the dude’s fault in some way – possibly due to poor maintenance. Or maybe he faked it for this post. We wouldn’t be surprised, but the caption is funny.

Imagine the Damage He Caused

We’ve all entertained the concept that we might unknowingly leave the gas station with the pump still in the gas tank. Usually, it’s only paranoia, and nothing of the sort ever happens, just like many of our thoughts. Unfortunately for this guy, it actually happened.

Source: Reddit

If you’ve ever wondered what that would look like, this is a picture. We can almost feel his pain. Luckily for him, it looks like he drove off after the gas was turned off. If not, the whole ordeal would’ve been much worse and cost him lots of money.