Get Ready To Laugh: Warning Signs That Are Pure Genius

When it comes to hazardous or dangerous environments warning signs are important. These days, companies and businesses could get in a lot of trouble for not having the correct warning signs on location to alert customers and passers-by about any hazards they may come across that could harm them. As a result, plenty of lawsuits had been filed through the years that cost companies some serious settlements.

Warning Sign in a store called Friedman's Fresh Markets
Source: Pinterest

It’s easier (and cheaper) to just by a sign. For example, we see “wet floor” signs all the time, at restaurants or stores, because if someone accidentally slips, it could be extremely dangerous, and the company could have a huge lawsuit on their hands. So, clearly, warning signs are important, but sometimes, they are straight-up hilarious.

Get ready to laugh your face off because we gathered some of the best warning signs from all around the world.

Get A Room

Have you ever gone to the airport and see that annoying couple make out for hours before one of them has to catch their flight? Or worse, are you one of those annoying couples? If you are in a relationship, you know how important a goodbye kiss it, but not everyone likes seeing it.

Warning Sign near a bus station
Source: Twitter

When you’re separated from your loved one, it’s only natural to get in as much kissing as possible before and after they leave. But some single people would appreciate it if you keep the PDA to a minimum. In this case, we lonely people don’t need to worry too much. It’s simple, keep it under three minutes or get a room!

Don’t Dive!

I think we can all agree that the best way to live life is with humor, and nothing is better than a little toilet humor. This one is just way too good to resist. If you enjoy diving, you probably recognize this sign. In many cases, it probably saved a lot of lives. Waters can be dangerous, and injuries and drownings are a real concern.

Warning sign on a toilet seat
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But when it comes to toilets, you’re pretty much safe. I mean, no offense, but whoever dives into a toilet kind of deserves what’s going to happen to them. But this sign clearly states that you shouldn’t… so if you were planning on it, you might have to find a different toilet. I appreciate the creativity and find it hilarious.