James Fridman: The Photoshop Troll Strikes Again

Photoshop is a really crafty tool. It’s a new form of art that can be used to enhance a photograph, or even change it completely. Photoshop has developed kind of a bad rep, considering people use it to alter their pictures and create unrealistic expectations forever. However, that doesn’t stop us from using it. Most of us use simple Photoshop techniques, like filters (which I don’t know if that is even considered Photoshop), but some people do this as a profession.

A guy with a manikin portraying as his girlfriend
Source: jamesfridman.com

James Fridman is one of these people. He works with Photoshop and receives photos with messages of what to change. Instead of just fixing the picture to what the customer wants, James decided to add a bit of his personality into his work. Because of how funny he is, it makes for some hilarious pictures! He started off by editing pictures of family and friends, but now he gets hundreds of messages online.

These are some of our favorites.

Specific Bad Boy

Okay, so for this friendly-looking gentleman asked James Fridman to make him look like a bad boy. The editor is known for taking requests quite literally, and this was no exception. James hilariously added a sign that certainly makes this young chap look like he’s breaking some rules.

a guy posing for the camera with a warning sign behind him
Source: jamesfridman.com

I mean, nothing says bad boy like someone wearing sunglasses, a fanny pack, a tattoo, and a mustache. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely getting some bad boy vibes. Not only is this rebel a real bad boy, but James managed to make him a very specific kind of rule breaker. The sign says no fanny packs, sir!

I Left The Hands

This girl asked James to remove the guy in the background, and he did not disappoint. Obviously, she was talking about the random guy behind her boyfriend, but James wasn’t going to waste a perfect opportunity. He technically followed her request and got rid of the guy in the background. But the best part is that he left his hands!

A couple posing for a picture in front of a fairy wheel
Source: jamesfridman.com

He either really misunderstood what this lady wanted, or he let his sense of humor do the work. I, for one, find this hysterical. It’s the fact that his hands are still there. She probably knew what she was getting herself into. After all, James Fridman is known as the Photoshop troll.