Missing a Few Steps in the Instructions? Laugh It Off

If you’ve ever attempted to build something from IKEA, you understand the struggle of following written instructions. What makes it even more difficult is when they skip over important steps! Perhaps the manufacturers were playing a prank on their customers, but no one really wins in that scenario.

Source: Pinterest

Can you imagine playing a board game for the first time with little to no explanation about the most important rules? Or following a recipe that forgets the “add baking powder” step? We’re not sure who approved that but leaving out steps is only going to lead to disastrous results.

Oprah’s Secrets to a Stress-Free Life

Oprah amuses the world with her idea to remain stress-free at 64. Man, if that woman is stress-free then I’d love to implement her regimen. Her idea: Step 1, have a billion dollars. Just this single step and see how your life changes forever.

Source: Twitter

Somebody, please tell her that we would like to know what step 0 was because all the work was undoubtedly done at that stage. We don’t want a billion dollars; we want to be realistic about our expectations. A few million would also make us happy if only you helped us.

Photoshop isn’t That Difficult

Have you ever attempted to use photoshop? If the answer is no, take a look at this humble attempt to use photoshop in a couple of steps, and the results will blow you away. Just follow the four stages, and you’ll become a photoshop master.

Source: Tumblr

The user has piled one image on top of another, and voilà! The final image seems like it is just a little too good to be true. Was he trying out the art of photoshop or some magic? The true magic comes from their ability to change the palace in the final image completely.

Follow this Single Step to Live Until 100

What is it like to live until the age of 100? Of course, a fortunate few who have reached the age must have their secrets. But this one-page manual makes it a lot easier: Live to be 99, then be very careful.

Source: Reddit

The message is to do whatever you want to do till the age of 99. Eat all the junk, be a couch potato, or whatever floats your boat! Just take care of that one last year so that afterward you can enjoy the cake at your 100th birthday party. Seems like a straightforward strategy to us.

There is an Owl in your Coffee

Latte art can be tricky, but not if you follow the steps of this user. All you need to use are two hula hoops. According to him, drop the hula hoops in the coffee cup and see the wonder the rings can do.

Source: Pinterest

The artist missed a couple of steps that would have placed the hula hoops into what appear to be eyes. You can try this at home and get a good laugh yourselves because the whole thing looks like the hula hoops are drowning and trying to escape from the coffee.

How a Bear Came Out of a Tree

Good news for those who want to learn how to carve something interesting out of wood. The pictures here speak for themselves: Outline a bear and just let the bear come out of the tree trunk on its own.

Source: Imgur

We wanted to learn how to make the perfect shape without accidentally trimming out parts of the bear, and those are the exact steps we are missing here. One would be lucky if the bear just decided to climb out of the tree, seeing our helpless faces.

The Best Dictionary? Google Always

When Google is at your fingertips, why bothering using another dictionary? If this is your thought, look at what happened here. When a word meaning was looked up in the search engine, Google gave its usages instead. Heuristics are, simply put, heuristics.

Source: Facebook

It seems that Google assumes that we already know the meaning of the word that we are looking up. In case you are curious to know the actual definition, heuristics means enabling you to learn something for yourselves, and that’s what we just did. We looked up elsewhere to find out what we needed to.

Learn to Meditate the Right Way

We would assume that the words ‘A simple guide to meditation’ would make anyone open the guide. It instructs you to sit in a comfortable position, feel the weight of the air and your skin, and before you know it, you are one with the universe.

Source: Reddit

While it was supposed to be meditation made simple, it worked the other way round. Anyone who thought meditation was easy would feel the heaviness of the air and sometimes even the universe and would never want to try again. Especially considering all you wanted was a little peace of mind.

Brides are Welcome to Try This

This is a three-step tutorial that shows how to create a perfect bridal hairstyle. To start off, there is a knot at the top and one at the bottom. Then the third photo jumps to a perfectly done hairdo that doesn’t leave much to the imagination what the end goal is.

Source: Pinterest

But the in-between steps are what’s lacking. Normally, we’d say that Pinterest is the way to go, but now that we’ve seen this “tutorial,” we’re not so sure anymore. If someone going to a wedding was able to use these photos to recreate this look accurately, that’d be impressive.

Want to Know the Recipe?

If you have posted a picture of a mouth-watering dish on social media, people will do anything to know the recipe. Look at what this responsible user has done after posting the photo of homemade pepperoni pizza… Just left the users with no answers and more questions.

Source: Tumblr

She explains that she has been using her sourdough recipe that took her a few years to develop, but not a hint of the recipe again. On further probing, she lectures on starting a sourdough hobby and posts a similar picture a few years later. Thanks, but we have better hobbies to pursue.

Getting Rich Made Easy with These Simple Steps

Here are some instructions in simple language to solve your financial problems by making some easy money. Read carefully. The first step’s the most important. Make money, use that money to make more money, and repeat the process multiple times.

Source: Reddit

The most crucial step here also happens to be the most difficult. We sincerely hope that someone will post a guide elaborating on the first step sooner rather than later. Do the first step, and we are sure most of us will prove to be experts in the remaining steps. If only we had some money to start off with.

Complex Structures are Not So Complex

Making geometrical shapes from scratch is enjoyable enough if you have the right instruction manual. Take a look at this one that seemed to be going right at the beginning with simple steps and ended on such a complex note that users were even more confused than at the beginning.

Source: Twitter

The first two steps are easy enough to follow. The bars have to be assembled as shown in the instruction manual. And then suddenly, out of the blue, comes a complex figure with a few balls. We didn’t even realize balls were involved, and when did the bars become colorful?

How to Print a YouTube Video

Have you heard of printing a YouTube video? Yes, that is precisely what we read and are still trying to digest. A user wanted to print a YouTube video, and this was what she was told – Print this out and put it on your wall.

Source: Reddit

One could not expect a better answer than this for such a simple question. We do hope that the user turned on her printer before printing. Or else she would be complaining that the instructions yielded no results. Now we’re curious what video was so good that she felt compelled to print it out.

Disappear From a Bad Place Like This

If you want to learn the art of disappearing, this is the right place and for all the wrong reasons. A user has built a manual to help people that are suffering get out of a bad place. He asks them to just disappear from the place.

Source: Facebook

You have to disappear for six months; not less, not more. He then instructs you to learn a profitable skill and start a business that earns you $10,000 a month. Remember you have only six months to do all this. Better be fast. We wish you the best with this endeavor.

Learn to Draw a Realistic Face

A manual that helps draw a realistic human face must be amazing, especially for people who can’t even hold a pencil right. This book gives instructions to draw the human face with all the features. The guide seems to take the user step by step at a slower pace.

Source: Facebook

We thought we would master it until we reached step 12. We were in for a shock when the shell of a human face suddenly turned into a pretty woman with great hair and professional shading. The shading, by itself, calls for its own training session.

They Call it Hologram Technology

Wearing holographic clothes can immediately draw great attention. So how about learning the hologram technology right away? This tutorial will help you draw a holographic skirt, except that you will have to guess how to add detailed colors yourselves and maybe some shading too.

Source: Twitter

The first two steps guide you through drawing an outline of the skirt and filling it in blue color. Next comes the difficult part of mixing some odd colors to make the skirt look realistic. Strangely, this is not detailed in the guide, and you have to do the magic by believing in yourself.

Solution for the ‘Three Rings’ Puzzle

If you are tired of searching for the solution for the ‘Three Rings’ Puzzle on YouTube or any other place, this tutorial is the perfect solution. But whether it will actually help you solve the puzzle or leave you more puzzled is for you to find out.

Source: Facebook

The three rings are placed one after the other, as shown in the picture, for ease of solving. Each of the rings is then detached so that they are completely disentangled. But our analysis has found that you have to be a magician to do this as perfectly as shown.

Anyone Can Become a Billionaire

Investing can be easy and complex at the same time. Looking at this infographic, we feel that the already difficult-to-understand concept is made to look incomprehensible. But the tutorial promises to make you a billionaire by 40 if you can follow the steps diligently.

Source: Pinterest

But how do we invest in ourselves if we don’t know how to in the first place? Even the piggy in the second picture seems overwhelmed by the whole idea of earning the money to invest. The third step to go for $10 billion makes us want to ditch the idea completely.

Drawing a Rose Equals Drawing a Lettuce

This funny tutorial genuinely made us laugh out loud. It guides us to draw a head of lettuce, paint it red and consider it a rose. Now you may be confused as to how a lettuce can actually be drawn. They just happen to have a solution for that as well!

Source: Reddit

Drawing lettuce is simpler than we thought. Just draw a rose (the way you have just learned) and color it green. You got your lettuce. Thanks to this tutorial, we are sure that if you didn’t already know how to draw a rose and lettuce, you still don’t know.

Drawing a Tree Decoded

How about drawing a tree right from a seed? That’s what this tutorial is all about. It’s very simple. First, draw a seed, though they haven’t mentioned what seed. Next is the difficult step. You have to wait till the tree grows from the seed.

Source: Pinterest

You may ask, what if I drew a sunflower seed to start with? That is a sensible question. As shown in the picture, only time will tell if it grows to be a sunflower plant or a mighty tree. Our suggestion is not to get your hopes too high; you wouldn’t want to be left disappointed.

Retire at 38 if You Are Lucky Like Them

The picture shows Hester and her husband, who planned for early retirement. Who wouldn’t want to retire at such an early age? They say they were fortunate enough to have six-figure salaries and millions of travel points. Now, this is all starting to make a bit more sense.

Source: Twitter

But that’s still a lot to ask for. Why is the first step to everything having a huge amount of money? Guess we stumbled upon the wrong post. It is just not fit for people who neither have salaries nor travel points—just going to have to make peace with this one.

Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Being obese is not a crime, but sometimes it can be better for your health to lose a few pounds. Apparently, it’s pretty easy to lose those extra pounds. At least that’s what the instructions on this bottle of medicine claim. Their explanation seems pretty straightforward: if you are overweight, lose weight.

Source: Imgur

As you might notice, there are many instructions written on the bottle, and this one seems to be the easiest. Wonder why we didn’t think of it before reading it here… Let’s just lose weight! Screw green teas, healthy food, and hitting that undesirable gym. We’re feeling healthier already!

This is How You Install Blinds

If you have tried to install blinds before, you know that it is a tough job. So we thought of going through this manual to get some DIY solutions. But all the instructions included was a list of tools and skipped every other step to get the blinds installed on their own.

Source: Facebook

We guess assembling the tools is the hardest part because the blinds, apparently, install themselves – how cool! What the tools are used for is still a mystery to us. Now we know what tools are not required in the whole process. At least we learned something from this!

Throw Away What You Don’t Need

Instruction manuals are quite handy when it comes to assembling furniture. This is so true in the case of IKEA manuals that just make life simpler. But this one baffled us when we constructed an object and later had to throw it away.

Source: Facebook

Now, this is called a waste of time. Because when we felt accomplished from constructing two objects as instructed by the manual, the biggest blow came. The next step is to throw one of them in the dust bin. Why not throw the manual away instead? That seems like a better idea.

What a Lovely Way to Decorate

Pretty unicorns can be a great way to decorate, so we used this manual to make a wooden unicorn. The instructions in the manual are clear: Take a wooden unicorn, add a lump of clay and get a fully completed unicorn by the third step.

Source: Facebook

It would have been great if we knew how to spread the clay evenly to make the unicorn’s body. But the legendary creature is difficult to understand. It didn’t give a clue about how it actually took shape. Guess the manufacturer didn’t know how to translate the magic into words.

Take These Baby Steps to Success

Dave Ramsey’s seven baby steps have left us wondering if being financially successful is actually a cakewalk. He asks us to save $1000 in emergency funds and straight away pay off all debts. Not to doubt the process, but isn’t there a step missing in-between there?

Source: Pinterest

Though the baby steps definitely offer a feel-good factor when we read about them slowly while steadily saving, investing, paying off the house, and building wealth. Is it some fairy tale story where we begin small and end up owning a huge house and great wealth? A dream-come-true moment indeed.

The Best Gaming Tip Ever

If you have ever tried your luck at the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you would know how tough the game gets once you are near completion. Tip of the day: reduce your enemy’s health to zero while maintaining your own health above zero. Simple enough, right?

Source: Imgur

We don’t think any number of gaming tips would have been of help to taste victory in this game, let alone this not-so-pro gaming tip. If it was so easy to defeat enemies, why not go for a real war? We are talking about real people and real weapons here.

Make a Gingerbread House This Christmas

If you have cookie dough handy, get ready to make a gingerbread house this holiday season. Don’t worry – gingerbread houses taste just as good no matter the time of year. But is it possible to first assemble the roof and the walls and then find all the decorations done once you do?

Source: Pinterest

That’s exactly what these instructions allege. Step 4 shows making the house’s structure, and step 5 directly shows a well-decorated house complete with little windows and a snowman at the entrance. They should at least let us know what magic wand they used to finish up the house.

Anyone For a Triplex House?

Some posts really fascinate us and keep us thinking as to how people can be so creative. This is one such post where you are given a fantastic idea to live rent-free. The trick is to buy a triplex house and rent out whatever units you are not using.

Source: Reddit

This has left us with so many questions. One is how we can afford a triplex house in the first place? And the second is if we’re eventually able to buy a triplex house, should we be really worrying about paying more rent? Any triplex owners are free to answer!

Google is Never Wrong

Answers that Google gives can be very apt and technically correct. But sometimes, they are just rephrasing the question itself. Some poor chap asked Google what day it would be seven weeks from the day he asked. His answer was disappointing, to say the least.

Source: Facebook

Don’t we know that we have to add seven weeks to today’s date to get the answer to this question? I guess it is time to give the calendar app a little love and respect. In summary, he didn’t actually get an answer from Google and was instead ridiculed by the search engine.

Game Developers, Better Hints, Please!

We have already thanked the developers of the Assassin’s Creed for the brilliant tips they offered. Now it is Shadow of Mordor’s developers who have come to our aid. And their hint: Dominate the Graug, which is actually the mission one has to accomplish in the game.

Source: Reddit

For the gamers who fail to dominate the Graug, the hints from developers are the last rays of hope. But it seems they are very strict when it comes to helping the gamers. All they say is, ‘try to complete the mission as instructed in the game.’ Thanks once again.

Fit the Jacket Effortlessly

It is great to have clothes that come with small bags to keep them intact. But you should also know how to fit them inside, or you are up for a battle. These things really fight back. This manual shows how to fit the jacket into its pouch.

Source: Facebook

It seems that the manufacturers had little knowledge about how to pack the jacket inside the pouch neatly. The second picture shows the jacket properly folded and tucked inside, while the third one has no trace of the jacket. Very neat work, but the question is, how was it done?

Drink Wine and Then Drink More Wine

Can you think of an instruction manual with literally no instructions at all? Here you can find one. The task is to assemble a bookshelf in three simple steps, and all the manual shows is a glass of wine. Any guesses, people?

Source: Twitter

We assume that the first, second, and third step is to drink a glass of wine in that order. If you are steady enough, you can think about reading a book. But assembling a bookshelf; is it really possible with that amount of wine inside you? We rest the case.

How to Draw the Map of Australia

The map of Australia is simplified in the most elegant way here. With the help of just two animals (that are obviously easy to draw), you can now draw the map. Unlike others, there are detailed instructions in this but to what use one may wonder.

Source: Reddit

They have been instructed to draw a lion and a lynx, including the intricate details, and then erase them except for the outlines. Now when you combine both, you are supposed to be looking at the map of Australia. We did check but could not find an attached manual to draw the animals.

Adding Bits to the Bird Is the Easiest Step

Drawing a bird can be intimidating, especially for small kids. So here is an instruction manual that helps 5-year olds to draw a life-like bird. The only problem is that the most critical steps of adding shades and bits are missing.

Source: Reddit

You start with an egg, go on to draw a bigger egg, a fan, and a big M. We’re good with these steps; doable by a 5-year old. But what about the shading? We don’t even think an adult can do the shading as shown in the picture without help.

Great Way to Find the Age of a Tree

People type anything and everything in the Google search box, and the search engine gives legendary answers. Someone wanted to know how to find out how old a tree is, and Google advises to find out when the tree was planted.

Source: Twitter

Is there an easier way to find the age of a tree than this? It looks like the scientists wasted a lot of time and effort to study the rings of the tree and come up with the real age and everything. Learn from the search results; quit while you’re ahead.

Good Luck with the Chopsticks

How many of us know how to eat with chopsticks without making a mess? If you are not a native user, it is a skill hard to master, and it is a fact known to all. See what instruction this restaurant gave the users: Good luck!

Source: Tumblr

That is a good instruction to give because we really need that. We liked the honesty showcased by the restaurant people in telling us that luck will only let us enjoy the food with the chopsticks. At least they did not put up an instruction manual that never worked anyway.

Rich Parents Can Be of Great Help

Are you a newbie in business? Take cues from this website that gives a peek into how the founder of GoPro, Nick Woodman, became successful in his business. He and his wife saved around $30K from various things and borrowed $200K from his parents.

Source: Facebook

This is not a difficult thing as borrowing from our parents is the most natural thing we learned since birth. But the prerequisite, in this case, is having rich parents to begin with. No rich parents? Marry somebody who has rich parents and start borrowing right away!

Wish the Raccoon a Happy Birthday

This is a one-of-a-kind tutorial that teaches you to draw a raccoon in a party hat. The first three steps are fundamental. But the last step tells you to directly draw the features and add shades without a clue about how to do it.

Source: Reddit

We give points for the imagination of the person who made the tutorial to draw a raccoon celebrating its birthday and that too in a party hat. It must definitely be someone’s pet raccoon. Which raccoon on earth has the luxury of blowing candles for its birthday in a party hat?

Reuse Is the Keyword

How about learning the art of origami with the help of these easy instructions? The emphasis here is on reusing the wrapper of the soap, and we completely get it. But what magic turned the wrapper into a beautiful swan is what we did not get.

Source: Facebook

The first step shows how to make the first few folds, and the next step is very ambiguous for anyone who is a novice in origami. It is the person’s hands that are more visible here. Suddenly, the swan comes floating out of nowhere, leaving a puzzled look on our faces.

A Pretty House Drawn from Mere Scribbles

Yes, you read it right. This tutorial helps you draw a house from some quick scribbles that are even harder to draw than the real house. The second step itself is so complex that you won’t have the strength to reach step 4.

Source: Pinterest

The final picture of the house is nearly impossible to draw with the tree that looks cool with all the shading and the creepers finding their way up. But remember that all these originated from what looks like a child’s art. A helpful tip: Learn to scribble before even attempting a house.