Notes to Strangers Have Never Been Funnier

Expressing how you feel with words is great. But you know what’s better? Sending notes! Whether you are trying to send love to someone, being passively aggressive or just plain petty, nothing does it better than writing letters to strangers. Why confront people face to face when you can just send a note instead?

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You can get creative with it and insert snarky comments, sarcastic quotes, or funny doodles. Any way you decide to play it, a good note will always be a great way to communicate. Here are some of the funniest notes people have written to total strangers.

Tick The Box if You Agree

So here is someone seizing an opportunity to start a trend in the weirdest place possible. It’s not every day you’d enter a public toilet to find a clean toilet bowl. But whoever wrote this note made sure of that.

Source: Reddit

Someone decided to be the wise guy and ask everyone that remembered to flush to mark that they did. It’s an undeniably hilarious way to get people to do something as basic as flushing the toilet. Apparently, it worked and everyone else got on board with the joke. Now, if you enter to find a dirty toilet bowl, you’ll know the culprit also has a terrible sense of humor in addition to poor hygiene.

Only Daves are Allowed Beyond this Point

This is an oddly specific note for what is probably some sort of workplace refrigerator. But the warning is quite clear. We can imagine that the Dave that wrote this note is the only Dave that works in this place and has most likely had his favorite green tea drink poached on more than one occasion whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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This hilarious note is a foolproof way to ensure such a mistake never happens at all. Now everyone that opens the fridge knows who owns the drink and will steer clear, hopefully. And what if another Dave joins the company? He might have to think of another cunny way to pass the message along or settle to share.

The Horsy Took a Piss

Most people would call this horse a villain and they’re probably right. We know the owner of the car would most likely feel that way. Good thing the owner of the horse figured out a smart way to make the situation less annoying.

Source: Reddit

We think it’s cute that the owner of the horse saw the need to take responsibility for their pet’s misdemeanor and more interestingly, that they’d do so with a note. Hopefully, the gesture is well appreciated. But what’s absolutely funny is the horse’s name. Tic Tac definitely takes the top spot on the list of hilarious horse names.

The Spot is Mine

Getting a parking space can be difficult at times. In some cities, you might end up driving for several minutes just to find a spot. So, we totally understand why some people would take extreme measures to reserve their parking spot.

Source: Tumblr

If you are one of the lucky few with a designated parking spot, you’d probably feel the same way this person feels about letting someone else take up that space for free. Maybe you’ll drop a cute little threatening note too. Let’s hope this trespasser adheres so they don’t get a vaseline smear or get their car towed by a vexed parking spot owner.

Third time is a Charm

If there’s anything a pet owner must do, it’s to know all their pet’s sneaky little habits. This cat’s parent is quite aware of them and probably learned the hard way. This person has some sneaky little buggers that’ll take the first chance to bolt out of the door to explore the great outdoors and probably return all messy and dirty.

Source: Pinterest

Pasting a sign on the door would warn anyone trying to open the door to be wary of those cunning critters making a run for it. But one sign was probably enough. With three signs, everyone should clearly get the message and be aware of the cat-especially the big one (that sneaky bugger).

Too Rich to Sue?

This case is a little hard to judge. On one hand, it’s great that the person that left this note was kind enough to own up to the fact that they hit someone’s car rather than just leave.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, we don’t think it’s fair to simply look at someone’s car and simply assume the person is wealthy enough to not need the insurance money for the scratch. Since we have nothing else but this note to assess the situation, we might have to agree with them until further information emerges.

I’m a Quitter

We used to think that the two-week quitting notice was the standard at any job. Anything but that would feel a little unprofessional. It’s even worse when all the notice you give is a piece of paper taken from a notebook and with a stick drawing to announce you are quitting.

Source: Pinterest

This person’s note is up there on the list of “top ways to quit your job like a savage.” It earns some mad points for creativity and the “effective immediately” clause is the cherry on top. Best of luck with your future endeavors we guess.

No Time for Great Grammar

Just like the last one, this is someone else putting up a notice about quitting their job in a hilarious way. At least this person gave the two-week notice as expected and there was no doodling. But it’s obvious this guy doesn’t care so much about this job. As you can see, very little effort went into getting the grammar or spelling right.

Source: Reddit

We’ll have to give him an A for the movie reference though. In case you didn’t get it “that would be grrreaaat” at the end of the note is a line from the movie “Office Space”. The line was repeatedly spoken by Lumberg, the unbearable boss in that movie. We sense a subtle jab at the boss here.

Poetic Farewells- I’m Sorry for Quitting

It’s not every day you see a poetic quit notice so we appreciate a great one when we see it. We think it’s creative that this person is going in the direction of the classic “I’m sorry for your loss” card. Maybe it’s a little over the top and dramatic. But we’re all for it.

Source: Pinterest

At least Alex was kind enough to give them two weeks to get their hearts ready for his leave. We want to believe he’s important enough to the crew for such dramatic effects. The cute poetic note should elicit some emotions too.

It’s Hard to Resist

Nothing brings out the urge to scribble something better than an extremely dusty case (or in this case a car completely covered in snow). We must admit, cars like this are literally asking to be written on.

Source: Reddit

It’s even harder to resist such an enticing offer to write something snarky when the car in question is wrongly parked. Since there’s enough snow on the car to put in your message, there’s no need to post a note on the wiper. The message is straightforward and to the point. Hopefully, the owner of the car finds it and does a better parking job before all the snow melts.

Let’s Play “Find the Ticket”

Traffic cops, meter maids, and parking police share something in common and that’s the fact that they are universally hated by everyone. But while no one likes to get a ticket for a traffic offense, we have to admit that they’re only doing their jobs in trying to keep everyone safe.

Source: Twitter

Someone decided to play a little game with the traffic warden by forcing them to search for the parking ticket that allows them to park in that space. It’ll make the cop sweat a big sorting through those tickets to find the right one. It’s pure evil, to say the least. But we have to admit it’s genius too.

Marking New Territories

If you have encountered one of those people that seem to think they deserve everything then you have to agree with the person that wrote this notice. People like this will disregard parking lines and park anywhere they like, much to the inconvenience of others.

Source: Twitter

Good thing someone called them out on their douche behavior this time. This person took the time to draw out new parking lines, just for this inconsiderate driver. Hopefully, that’ll do a good job of letting them see their folly. Of course, the obvious question is; Does this person walk around with chalk in their bag or was this just a coincidence? Either way, it’s thumbs up for whoever did that.

No Spoilers Here Please

There’s something about epic TV shows that makes us want to keep up with every moment. But even if you don’t want to miss a thing, you probably don’t care much for spoilers either. For a show of epic proportions like Game of Thrones, avoiding spoilers after missing an episode is as difficult as preventing winter. During the GOT heyday, it was difficult to walk around without hearing someone talking about the previous episode.

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The person that wrote this note thought ahead and wanted to take every precaution possible to ensure that none of their co-workers spoils the show. We have to applaud the effort and hope they weren’t disappointed eventually.

Public Disclaimer-The Love Note isn’t Yours

It’s hard to imagine the embarrassment one might feel after discovering you left a love note on your wife’s car the other night, only to realize that you got the wrong car. If you find yourself in a tight spot like that you can probably clear up the confusion by sending out a disclaimer as this person did.

Source: Reddit

Of course, you have to feel bad for the person that received the written love note as well. How disappointing would it be to feel that you’ve got a secret admirer only to discover the note was not meant for you? Ouch.

The Most Versatile Cake Ever

You most likely won’t come across a cake as versatile as this one. There’s just so much information to digest. First, you have to be impressed by the detailing of the writing on this cake. It’s neat and precise. Secondly, we feel this is a pretty cool way to announce your resignation-a little parting gift for everyone to pad the disappointment.

Source: Twitter

Third and perhaps most impressive is that the cake is not only announcing this person is quitting, but also the perfect way to promote their new business. If the cake is as yummy as it looks, some of Chris’ old colleagues would be turning up to request their own cakes too. Hopefully, their won’t be resignation cakes like this. And by the way, happy birthday Chris! We almost missed that.

Frosty Glass Mishap

Having someone walk in on you while you are in the bathroom has to be top on the list of most awkward things. For this person, their effort to prevent such from happening backfired in a bad way. Imagine installing one-way frosted glasses so no one can see you in the bathroom only to discover that the glass was installed the wrong way in.

Source: Reddit

It’s a good thing the neighbors were kind enough to let you know and even kinder not to have the conversation in person. But the situation is still very much awkward and moving far, far away isn’t out of the question.

Untitled Resignation Letter

How long should a resignation letter be? This person just showed us all there’s no point in following rules when you’re quitting anyways. Some people may like a lengthy resignation letter with kind wishes and a flowery appreciation to everyone. This person isn’t having any of that.

Source: Tumblr

Some people prefer to be straightforward and direct and there’s no question that whoever wrote this note is one of those people. The message is clear enough for anyone to understand. Whether or not it carries any form of emotion is up for debate, but we get what it suffices.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics

There are several ways to register your displeasure at someone blocking your driveway but leaving a cute little note has to be one of the best ones. It’s even better when you can throw a snarky quote in there.

Source: Imgur

Someone blocking your driveway probably doesn’t deserve something as creative as this note. But since they’re probably new to the area maybe they deserve to get off with a warning this time. They’ll probably start singing the tune in their head then stop midway when they realize it’s a message for them. Way to go neighbor, you got them bad.

Who is Jay?

Okay, this note raises a lot of questions. First, it won’t be farfetched to assume that Rusty is a dog, and not letting it get out of the apartment is a top priority (the note doesn’t tell us why though). Keeping the AC inside is understandable too although we must ask why people need the notice to know that.

Source: Pinterest

But the biggest question of all is, who exactly is jay? Is he a child or another pet in the house? Why is he not allowed out? And is anyone wondering why his name was added as an afterthought and not as part of the original notice?

A+ for the Effort

How can one avoid jury duty without making it obvious that that’s what you’re trying to do? You could write a note explaining the reasons you are not available or simply do what this guy did; He wrote a note that makes it obvious you are too insanely hilarious to be able to act as a fair judge to someone else.

Source: Imgur

There are many ways to try to wiggle your way out of your civic duty but this one is a pretty solid one that actually worked. Although it would have been nice if they just called his bluff so we can see if he’ll indeed follow through on his cosplay threat.

A Message from The Prime Himself

“Optimus Prime does not approve of this parking spot” has to be the most hilariously accurate way to tell someone their parking sucked. We love the humor and lighthearted nature of this note. The tiny caricature at the bottom of the page is quite accurate too.

Source: Twitter

At least this driver now knows to pay more attention to their parking or risk the wrath of the holiest keeper of cars. Whoever parked that car may never know who left the note for them, but at least they’ll do better next time.

Everyone Knows Dishes Don’t Do Themselves

Doing dirty dishes has to be one of the biggest disputes that people living together have to deal with often. Writing a note to remind someone to wash their dishes must be the ultimate passive-aggressive move to drive home the point. But this person found a creative way to do it, so we absolutely applaud them for that.

Source: Pinterest

We can assume that this note came after several attempts to get the recipient to comply and place in on the dish sink. Hopefully, this creative message hits home and they turn a new leaf.

Use the “SPOON SPOON!”

This note feels quite justified and a creative solution to an obvious problem. If you are like this person and you get irked by people getting their hands all over the objects that go into other people’s mouths, you might consider adopting this solution.

Source: Facebook

Just don’t miss the chance to make the note more hilarious by using “Spoon Spoon” instead of Spoon Scoop. It’d have been an absolute hit if they didn’t miss that chance. It’s still profound anyways and the message is clear.

Sincerely Sorry, or Not

Who else loves it when a terrible boss gets it? We know we do. A sarcastic apology is probably one of the most badass ways to quit working for a boss that’s unsympathetic to the personal issues of their employee.

Source: Tumblr

This employee has been having some personal issues and seems to have been enduring some bad working conditions. He/she has clearly had enough and was now giving their employee the middle finger. If this boss expected to read an apology, they probably got a shocker. Maybe they’ll learn to treat employees better in the future.

Is that a Ticket on My Windshield?

Who else can relate to the sinking feeling you get when you see a piece of paper on your windshield thinking you’ve gotten a parking ticket? Someone figured out a way to turn this scenario into a funny gag and we love it.

Source: Twitter

We are not certain whether this practical joke was just a gag between friends or a revenge sort of thing. Maybe it was even a traffic cop that decided to pull off a joke on this motorist on a boring day at work. Whatever the back story behind this prank is, we want to believe it did the trick.

Don’t Touch My Reindeer

You know what they say about rules? Something about it meant to be broken or something else along that line. Whether you agree or not you have to agree that most people’s response to instructions not to do something is almost always an invitation not to do that thing. And that’s exactly what happened here.

Source: Twitter

This person left a note telling her co-workers to steer clear of the reindeer mug. This seems like an invitation for them to touch the mug. Not only did they touch it, but they took pictures and responded with a note of their own. It seemed they didn’t use the mug though only touched it. Hopefully, that’s what the person really meant, and they will find the joke as funny as we did.

I’m Not Mad

This letter reeks of passive-aggressiveness and from the content of the note; it seems to be a well-deserved one. It’s another employee to employer note with a sarcastic tone and loads of snarky comments.

Source: Pinterest

After reading this letter and many others like it on this list, it is safe to conclude that employers need to start treating their employees better. Creating a better work condition and paying attention to the employee’s feelings will ensure that you don’t receive a resignation letter like this one.

Grumpy Cat Disapproves

Cats are adorable. Why do you think those cat videos have so many views on YouTube? We doubt anyone would want to get on the bad side of a charming creature like a Grumpy Cat. Here’s a cute little warning from Grumpy Cat to someone parking in his space.

Source: Imgur

Of course, we hope the recipient of this message is not too focused on Grumpy cat and misses the message on that note, because it is super important. You don’t want to cross Grumpy cat, do you? You might end up getting your car towed. You’ve been warned!

Can Andy Move in Permanently?

Ever woken up to a stranger crashed out on your couch and you spend the first few minutes trying to figure out who it was? Maybe you had a party of some sort in your home and things got a bit out of hand. If your unlikely guest is someone like the guy that wrote this note, you don’t have to play “guess the stranger” for too long.

Source: Reddit

Not only did Andy introduce himself (at least he gave his first name), he is also the politest random house guest-washing the dishes, cleaning the stove, and even taking out the trash. No doubt you’ll probably want to wake up every day to an “Andy” on your couch.

You’re Ruining My Life

Well, this note is just heartbreaking. This person is about to get a parking ticket for the fourth time in a week for something they have absolutely no control over. No one can really make the mail move faster.

Source: Pinterest

The big question here is whether the police will cut the guy some slack and not issue a ticket this time or just ignore the note because the law is the law? We don’t know what the traffic police did eventually, but we can only hope that humanity triumphed at the end.

Really? How Hard Can it Be?

What’s your first reaction when you discover that your roommate or spouse has left the cups or dishes undone again after using them? You’re probably asking ,“really?” and wondering how hard it can be for someone to wash their own dishes instead of just putting them in the sink.

Source: Twitter

Next time you are thinking of the best way to get them to listen to you, you can probably try this strategy. The only problem will be how to get post-it notes that just have the word “really” printed boldly on them. You could just print yours too. That should do the trick

Can y be any Closer?

A bit of sarcasm tends to sting a little bit more than a polite request. So next time you feel you have a clearly justified complaint, try writing a short passive-aggressive note like this one. It’ll probably show your displeasure better.

Source: Reddit

The note reads more than just a simple request for the recipient to not park too close to the building. It’s more like a “did you really do that?” kind of thing. If you write a note in a moment of anger, make sure it is this good.

Follow Your own Rules

As a boss, if you’re holding your subordinates to certain standards, it is only fair that you set a good example by following the rules too. Not only will that get them to respect you more, but it will also help you avoid getting an angry note like this.

Source: Facebook

Not only did this boss set a bad example by showing up late, but he also didn’t call or text to communicate even though the employee is locked outside. We feel the note writer’s frustration is justified and hope he gets a callback and an apology.

Secret Message for the Boss

It’s not every day you find a product tag with a secret message like this one. You’ll probably have to take a second look to find the secret message. But you’ll most likely let out a loud laugh or chuckle when you do.

Source: Pinterest

Whoever thought of this cool way to tell the world how they truly feel about him is a creative genius that truly deserves a better boss. We are impressed by this creativity. What’s even more interesting for us is the fact that this boss might never find out about this secret message.

Look Over Here!

If you’re friends with or married to someone noticeably attractive, you’ll probably find yourself in awkward situations like this more often than you want to. It’s common for people to focus more on the attractive person in a group and totally ignore the other person.

Source: Imgur

But it’s not cool and can make things really awkward for everyone. It is even worse if you are a waiter meant to be serving everyone at the table. This person wasn’t having that and decided to leave a note for this waiter instead of a tip. Hopefully, that’ll teach him to be more professional next time.

Who Cares if You Feel Better?

We think whoever wrote this note did well leaving an update for whoever is coming into the bathroom next. It’s a lot better than walking into the bathroom to discover the damage yourself.

Source: Facebook

But we doubt the recipient of that note cares so much about the second part of that message. We doubt they’d care to know how you were feeling afterward. Thank you for the update pal, but parts of it were unnecessary!

Sweet Or Creepy? You Decide

Love notes are usually cute and sweet, but we don’t know what to make of this one. We’ll probably let you guys give your verdict on whether the guy in the blue shirt was being sweet or just creepy with this note to the class hottie.

Source: Tumblr

We doubt a note like this would get him a positive response and he just missed a chance at what would have been a cute how-we-met story. Maybe something less creepy like asking her out to grab a drink would have been more appropriate.

Who Ate the Doorknob?

This has to be the most unlikely explanation for why something like a doorknob suddenly disappeared. If you’ve ever lost a doorknob, maybe you should ask your neighbors about it. This neighbor left a note that he took his neighbor’s doorknob because it was….wait for it…a muffin.

Source: Reddit

We have so many questions starting with what the missing doorknob actually looked like to be taken for a muffin. There’s also the obvious question of what he did with the doorknob muffin after he took it. Did he try to take a bite? Unfortunately, he was probably too embarrassed to leave a name or apartment number so we can get the answers we need.

Nasty Passerby

If you left your car door open by accident, you’ll probably expect one of two outcomes. Either someone nice finds it open and decides to help you close it or an unfortunate situation where the person is not a Good Samaritan, and they decide to steal your stuff.

Source: Reddit

But this case shows, there are some other crazy scenarios you can end up with that do not fall into any of these two categories. The person, in this case, finds the door open and decides to do something so insane. What’s worse is the fact the offender goes on to leave a note bragging about it.

Profound Words from A Stranger

Sometimes what you need to brighten your day and get you going is some words of encouragement from an anonymous stranger. This little note is a profound pick-me-up that’s worth sharing. This note will definitely go a long way to encourage whoever sends it.

Source: Twitter

It’s easy to get carried away with life and go about with the pressure that we need to have everything figured out. This short note is a reminder that no one really has everything figured out. We are all just trying to figure things out as we go and that’s totally okay. A little reminder like this occasionally is always welcome.

Sorry, I’m Retiring

We’ve all been there before. Struggling with a faulty printer that’s jamming paper or sloshing ink all over your paper. It’d take a great deal of patience and self-constraints not to knock the printer off the table in those moments of anger.

Source: Pinterest

But have you stopped to think about how the printer might be feeling while failing at what it is meant to know how to do best? Maybe that’ll help you to be kinder to the poor thing. As this cute heartfelt note shows, sometimes an inanimate object disappoints not because it just wants to but it just can’t help it. After 14 full years of service, we think grandpa printer here deserves the retirement.

If You Gotta Eavesdrop…

Here’s a helpful tip for any potential eavesdropper out there; if you’re going to eavesdrop, you might as well leave an encouraging note for the person you’re eavesdropping on. It’s the least you can do for listening to their conversation.

Source: Tumblr

Note that we don’t condone eavesdropping on people’s private conversations. Of course, there are situations where you can’t just move away or help it. Apparently, this was one of such situations and the eavesdropper totally redeemed himself with this kind of note. Way to go!

It’s Okay to Quit Sometimes

It’s not every day that you’ll find an employee’s reason for quitting absolutely understandable, but this is one of such occasions. This particular employee quit in the middle of a shift and thought it wise to leave a note for any customer that’s not getting the service they need to explain why it is so.

Source: Facebook

Apparently, this employee was attacked by a co-worker, but the boss did not do the expected and sack the erring employee. If someone quits their job because they do not feel safe and protected, it’s a perfectly justifiable excuse, and this call out is quite understandable too.

You Can’t Deny Facts

Still on the matter of “creative ways to quit a job” here’s another one. It seems there are no hard and fast rules for writing resignation letters. If you stick to the facts, you’re totally fine, like the dude that wrote this note.

Source: Twitter

It is indeed a fact that the picture he drew was a dinosaur-and a cute one too. Another important fact is that this person is quitting in two weeks. If you can’t argue the first, then you probably shouldn’t argue the second fact either. Not sure if this note would somehow soften the blow of them leaving or make the boss feel worse.

Thank you, Liz,

We think everyone needs a friend like Liz in their life; Someone with such a kind heart that would watch out even for a total stranger. Of all the random acts of kindness we have seen around, this one is definitely up there with some of the best ones.

Source: Pinterest

Liz knew that something as little as a driving ticket is enough to ruin a beautiful day or make an already terrible day worse than it already is, and decided to do something to help. If only there were more people like Liz out there in the world. We hope this person indeed forwards this act of kindness someday.

Monster in the Attic

From the look of things, these guys really did as much as they could and might have been able to finish the world had it not been for the monster in the attic. We can’t really blame them for splitting really quick after discovering there’s a monster in the house.

Source: Pinterest

Of course, that note left us wondering what the monster they’re referring to might be. Is it a giant rat, raccoon or even a bear or a good old attic goblin? It’s hard to tell. But given the fact that extermination is part of the services they rendered, and they had to request backup for this particular monster, we’d want to assume it’s something massive.

Real Life Dash and Lily?

If by chance you’ve watched the Netflix Original Series “Dash & Lily,” then you’ll totally get why this cute little note reminds us of it. For context, the series is about two teens that leave each other notes and even dares inside different books at a bookstore even though they’ve never met. Pretty cute right?

Source: Reddit

We’ll leave the ending for you to discover by on your own but we can only hope that these two bookworms find each other and become great friends after this note. It would be an adorable story to tell someday.

Just a Harmless Compliment

There’s something adorable about genuine compliments with no ulterior motive of any kind. Just being sweet and kind without expecting anything in return. Such acts are rare these days, but every once in a while, examples like this note shows that people like that still exist.

Source: Imgur

This person dropped a beautiful note complete with a cute little heart to tell someone just how pretty she is. He didn’t ask for her number or leave him, just sweet words that are sure to bring a smile to her face. People should really do this more often.

Avoiding the Squirrel

Notes that own up to offenses are really sweet and it’s hard to stay angry at people that do this. Take this man whose wife destroyed a neighbor’s mailbox. Not only did they own up to it and dropped their contact, but they also have the sweetest excuse for it too.

Source: Facebook

Apparently, destroying the mail was for a good cause. As the husband’s note explained, she was trying to avoid a squirrel but ended up nailing the mailbox instead. That should count as some points in her defense. This woman and her husband have a big heart and we can ignore her terrible driving.

When Nature Calls, Even the Traffic Cop Can’t Stop You

Who can resist when nature calls? This was clearly a case of “you gotta go when you gotta go” so we can’t really blame this dude for parking his car in a no-parking zone. It’s great that he left a note to explain why he’s flaunting the rules. Maybe that’ll help him get off easy.

Source: Reddit

This situation is a good argument for why you shouldn’t be too hasty to judge people when you don’t have all the facts. Hopefully, this driver comes back out in time to move their car out of the way before it bothers anyone.

Strongly Worded Note for the Terrible Barista

This note might come off a little too harsh, but we understand the frustration of paying for a cup of coffee only to be handed a hot cup of terrible tasting water. It’s no different from leaving a review on the company’s website, only this time, just the Barista’s reputation is at stake which is sort of a good thing for the diner.

Source: Reddit

The fact that this happened more than once probably pissed the old-timer off even more. The writer was pissed off enough to draft a note to announce his displeasure with the service he was getting. This barista would have to do better or risk getting bad reviews like this every time.

Thank You. Boom, Mic Drop

We’re starting to learn that not every note that starts with a “thank you” is a letter of appreciation. So we’re unsure what to make of this one. The first part of the text sounded like a sincere appreciation for a wonderful time, but the rest of the text and the mic drop that follows is making us think otherwise.

Source: Twitter

Either way, the message is clear, this employee is leaving for good and from the tone of the letter, they feel really good about tendering their resignation. No harsh words were said but the sarcastic tone of that message is loud enough.

What’s the Golden Sedan Lady’s Problem?

This kind lady is on a noble course trying to get everyone in her neighborhood to read more books for free. She welcomes everyone to take a book or two from her library, to return it when they’re done. Pretty impressive move!

Source: Reddit

And what’s up with that golden sedan lady? She’s ruining a noble mission with her selfishness and deserves more than just nasty looks. She can borrow the books like everybody else and return them when she’s done. How hard can that be? We hope this note suffices to tell the Golden sedan lady off.