Olympians Can Give You a New Perspective on the Human Body

The human body is filled with massive potential, which some few can unlock, and others aren’t. Those who could unlock their potential and harness their physical might have done so through tremendous efforts and sacrifices. Those few are sometimes referred to as athletes and Olympians.

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Change is constant, and the life of an Olympian revolves around a series of changes. While it is only expected that Olympians will have some bodily changes since they engage in massive physical fitness, some of these changes are far from attractive. Olympians’ bodies go through some massive transformations, and here are some bizarre ones.

So Much for the Love of Cycling

For an Olympian, various body parts have to work in unison, but the legs are arguably one of the most strained pairs for a cyclist. Body-building activities and long hours of cycling can make the legs of a pro cyclist go through some odd transformations, as observed in this scenario.

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The legs above are those of ex-world champion cyclist Janez Brajkovic after an intense race. That transformation is because his legs are purely composed of muscles, and this experience is not uncommon in cyclists. The official doctor of the Croatian cycling team also agrees, “I have seen cyclists shortly after three weeks of cycling races in Spain, Italy, and France, who looked like him.”

Is It Worth It?

Being an athlete or Olympian could be oddly satisfying for quite several people, but the process of achieving tremendous success in this field is not as easy as it sounds. Athletes have to go through massive treatments and therapy, and evidently, not all of these procedures are attractive.

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The athlete in this photo is Michael Phelps, who is by far the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time. This Olympian, who has 28 medals, goes through some rough therapy that does work for him. Cupping therapy is an alternative medicine known to help athletes, but is it worth the pain?

Varicose Veins

There are different downsides to different career choices, but undoubtedly, being a cyclist presents more than just one. A cyclist does not just go through intense fatigue levels; their body structures are bound to change alongside them. A good look at the picture shows one of the odd transformations a cyclist has to endure.

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The picture in this scenario is the leg of George Hincapie after a long race at the Tour De France. The picture shows that Hincapie is suffering from an unsightly case of varicose veins. This unusual vein formation indicates that the veins are blocked and are falling out of function. This problem is likely caused by the prolonged hours upon hours of him sitting on his bike.

Synchronized Swimming

At first glance, one would probably wonder what sort of human mutation this is, but you tend to see the hands that rise from the water below with a closer look. Well, this is not any form of human mutation, but what you’re looking at here is a performance during the artistic swimming competition in the Olympics.

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This picture of women from synchronized swimming can give quite a stare, and we don’t want to think about it for too long. This game must be one of the most grueling sports in the Olympics so far. Artistic swimming requires a combination of technical perfection, choreography, synchronization, artistry, and expressive power. A great deal of time must be spent on the training, and it is exhausting to even think about the need.

An Athlete From the Future

Athletes are known to go through many undesirable pains during their careers, but what makes it a bit difficult to comprehend is how they deal with those pains as if nothing ever really happened. Most of the time, Olympians act as if they are on a pain resistance pill produced sometime in the future.

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From the picture in this scenario, it is easier to conclude that the athlete is having a great time while some electric buzzing material helps keep the feet warm. That is far from reality. The feet in this photo belong to an Olympic sprinter with a tear in her feet.

Gymnast Love

Sports is much more than a hobby for gymnasts and other athletes but a dedication that requires tremendous sacrifices. Gymnasts on bars and poles flying through the air can look beautiful, but these feats are not achieved without paying the price. The photo in the scenario signifies one of the many hardships gymnasts endure.

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The bloody hands of the Olympic gymnasts pictured in this scenario are a perfect example of the pain gymnasts have to go through to succeed in their craft. Hours upon hours of continuous practice result in cuts and scrapes that are not usually one-time occurrences, as well as the subbing of one toe. One may wonder if this is worth it, but only gymnasts can provide suitable answers.

Black Eyed Cyclist

Cuts, tears, bruises, and black eyes are just the everyday experiences of individuals who practice one sport or another. Individuals who suffer these injuries do not necessarily have to be involved in games like wrestling or boxing. Still, it’s also a common experience for athletes, even in sports like cycling.

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The image captured in this scenario is not that of a boxer or other extreme sports but the Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten. The black eye she suffered in the picture was not from a fight but the aftermath of a training session. This may make one wonder, and if she suffers this kind of damage from a training session, cycling is much tougher than we thought.

Freezing Baths

A warm bath does have a lot of therapeutic capabilities, but what about an ice bath? It does. Away from the freezing part, an icing cold bath also has its immense benefits as many Olympic athletes, irrespective of their sports, are known to use cool ice baths to cool down.

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What sounds unconvincing about the whole experience is why one would decide to do such a gruesome activity even after a prolonged period of intense training sessions. The benefits from this must be really rewarding for anybody to choose to go through this kind of freezing, ice-cold agony.

Strange Therapy

In almost any sport, the legs are an important part of the routine and can be, arguably, a determining factor towards success. Olympians and other athletes who want to reach the pinnacle of their careers are known to take their body training sessions seriously, no matter how strange they may appear.

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The picture in this scenario seems quite odd given the large black tube this athlete has wrapped around her legs, but those are just leg compression kits and are quite common for every athlete. The idea behind its use is that it helps increase blood flow to certain areas of the body. It looks pretty strange, we might admit.

Young Athlete

Most athletes’ career journeys span many years, and for some, it starts while they are still toddlers. This is sometimes difficult to stomach, but it is the actual reality. It is rather surprising how some have devoted their time to a sport, right from a very tender age.

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Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian gymnast, is one of the few notable names whose career started pretty early. This athlete was the first person ever to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0 at an Olympic event, and she got that at age 14. During her career years, Comaneci won nine Olympic medals and four world artistic gymnastics championship medals.

It Is Not About Sizes

Just about anybody can go on to become an award-winning Olympic medallist, and most definitely, it’s not always about size. Rather, it’s about effort and determination, and Simone Biles is a clear example of that. This Olympic gymnast, currently tied with Larisa Latynina, is gradually on her way to becoming the most decorated gymnast of all time.

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Simone, pictured in this scenario, looks tiny standing next to the US volleyball player David Lee who is 6’9″. In all fairness to her, just about anybody would have looked tiny standing next to him. These stars might be of contrasting sizes but are both great athletes in their fields.

Not Your Regular Pair of Hands

Competing in the Olympics brings different kinds of physical and mental strains on Athletes. The need to do better means they need to push to the extraordinary, which could eventually negatively affect athletes, one way or another. Some of these effects are severe, and others manageable.

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The hands pictured in this scenario are Hidilyn Diaz, an Olympic gold medallist from the Philippines. There is no doubt that the whole country is indeed proud of this athlete, but her hands signify that there are more wounds than we can see. It is still unbelievable what athletes would have to go through for a gold medal.

Multi-versatile Athlete

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the history of the world, but this athlete has more than one act up his sleeves than just sprinting. While it is a bit unbelievable, he is also really flexible, and it turns out that this renowned sprinter also has an interest in gymnastics which he does quite well.

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Usain, pictured in this scenario trying out a move, never seem to stop amazing people nor falls short of a man with many talents. It’s honestly hard to believe that any person could have this much talent. Usain, an experienced sprinter, had tried his hands on gymnastics and was also interested in football.

Superhero From Another Planet

If you’ve ever had an opportunity of being close to an athlete or an Olympian, then you should understand how seamlessly they do so many amazing things. These actions may mostly seem like an attempt to tease nonprofessionals, but it’s just a regular activity in their everyday lives.

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The athlete picture in this scenario seems like she was performing her signature moves at the Olympics, but this is just a regular warm-up activity. The British synchronized swimmer, Olivia Federici, has a few stretches before her training sessions. If we didn’t know better, we would have said she’s a superhero from another planet.

Olympic Medallist

Most great athletes are people known to defy whatever life throws at them to become masters at their craft. Their experiences make their stories worth the attention but also is what drives their yearn for success. No doubt Cody Miller has been one of those notable names whose story is indeed inspiring.

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Cody is a competitive swimmer born with pectus evactum, a deformity that causes the chest to cave. This condition made him take 1up swimming lessons at eight to monitor his heart and breathing. Miller eventually won an Olympic bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in the men’s 100-meter breaststroke. He never let the deformity hinder his dreams.

Water-Defying Hands

There is the tendency that we’ve all, at one time or another, had to experience pruned hands after being exposed to water for a long time. These pruned hand experiences might give quite a shiver, but they are nothing compared to the ones athletes have to go through, and the picture in this scenario attests to that.

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The hands seen in this picture belong to the Dutch long-distance and marathon swimmer, Maarten Van Der Weijden. The picture was taken after a just-concluded 101-mile swim, which is more like the equivalent of swimming from Pennsylvania to New York. This pretty impressive swimmer has had to go through many water-defying encounters. He is known to have swan the Elfstedentocht for charity.

Brains at Work

Athletes’ career journey usually requires a significant input of physical strengths and perseverance, but it also requires a great deal of the use of wit. If you don’t agree with us on this, maybe this picture in this scenario might make you understand a bit further. The Dutch cyclist pictured here had to find a way to maintain balance, and she put her brains to work.

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While we must admit that this move was quite a wild one, it seemed like the only plausible option in this instance, and it did work out fine. The athlete pictured in this scenario is the Dutch cyclist Laurine Van Riessen, and it is incredible. It turns out anybody who needs to learn a bit of balancing had to meet Riessen for some lessons.

Stretchy Legs

Relaxation time needs to be fulfilling, isn’t it? Well, everybody would agree to that. To almost everyone relaxing after a long day at work mean different things. To you, that could mean sitting down on the couch to catch up on some episodes on Netflix, but for Aly Raisman, some quality relaxation time Includes stretching her legs above the head.

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This definition of relaxation can be a bit weird, but not for a former American artistic gymnast and two-time Olympian. Aly’s flexibility is something a lot of people have continued to envy. The athlete pictured in this scenario has now retired, but despite that fact, she’s still able to contort her body in many ways that marvel.

Fashion Superstar

Athletes don’t necessarily have to star on the field alone; they can also be superstars when it comes to fashion. As we can see in this picture, their fashion style can be noticed when they walk the red carpet for a big event, attend an award night, or compete in the Olympics.

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The athlete pictured in this scenario is Julia Manusco, and she’s a good definition of swag in person. To her, appearance is as important as winning the game, and she plans to do both in style. From her sunglasses to the backward-facing cap, this lady has a good sense of style and later wins a bronze medal.


It is easy to think of athletes as just individuals who are always competing to outdo their contemporary sports, but this assertion is not entirely correct. Certain games require athletes to work in teams, and just like you might notice from this picture, they also have a thriving community.

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This room photographed contains some breath-taking amounts of talents on display, and this is what one is more likely to get when you have a room filled with superheroes. The photograph captures the level 10 training camp at Karolyi, Texas. Individuals who reach this stage have to have dedicated their lives to the sport to reach this level of athleticism.

A Game For Everyone

Size and height are regarded as important elements to being an athlete but is it? Well, not always. Certain sports might limit their participants to some specific physical characteristics, but that doesn’t mean individuals who don’t fit in one can’t go ahead to compete in another game that suits just about their body type.

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The picture in this scenario just about sums everything up. At first glance, you might think it’s the same picture, but a closer look shows it two different basketball players and, of course, two separate gymnasts. This just shows that no matter the size and stature, everyone can be an Olympic athlete. You just might need to find out what works for you. Don’t be like this basketball player in the right who is already thinking about football; stick to one.

Just On Track

When you eat, wine, and dine the tracks, what do you become? Yes, you guessed right. The track, of course. It wasn’t enough for this Olympic runner to have some good time running on the track; he also had to become the track. This does look a bit freaky, but we should salute this kind of dedication.

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The man in the picture had to do what he had to do. No questions asked. The only question we plan to ask is how he got such an amount of back muscles, which he shows off. The only plausible answer is that he had completely devoted his time to the sport, and that’s commendable.

Extreme Legs

We heard that athletes have some of the best body types, which are correct, but not all the time. The bodies of some of the best Olympic athletes, who are at the peak of their physical fitness, can no longer be referred to as human bodies even though they are not necessarily that of a god.

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Athletes’ bodies can transform tremendously over time, such as we can notice from this picture. It is safe for us to say we don’t have the right words to describe this. At least we get to see some considerable number of veins on a single leg that we didn’t know existed.

Does He Look Uneasy?

Some of the best athletes are known to get uneasy during a game, but not for the really, really good ones. These have made the game an extension of themselves that they just have fun while doing it. Unbelievable? Check out this cool photo of one of the greatest sprinters of all time. Does he look uneasy?

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While it might be difficult to determine if he looks uneasy here, he is still by far the only one who had time to look over and smile for the camera in between a race. We must admit, it is still one of the coolest photos of all time. There are by far not so many words to describe bolt, but he is incredible.

Great Powers Even for a Small Man

Some of the greatest Olympians must have come and gone, but their feats remain long-standing even after their exit from the center stage. One of these great individuals whose story lives on is Naim Suleymanoglu. This name might not sound so familiar, but the monstrous calf pictured in this scenario belonged to Naim.

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Naim was a three-time Olympic gold medallist and a seven-time world Weightlifting champion. This fellow sets multiple records and became one of the greatest Olympic weightlifters ever. Rumour has it that his calves pictured used to intimidate even the strongest of people. Naim was only 4’10,” but he possessed such great power even in a small body.

Spooky Routine, yet Again

Olympians do have a weird way of relaxing. It’s almost unexplainable why they choose these patterns, but who are we to question it if it works out for them? In this picture, we have Aly Raisman once again. This time she’s not doing some leg stretching routine, but it’s also spooky.

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Aly, this time is using some cupping therapy to get the blood flowing in her legs. Though a bit intense, this therapy is very important as gymnast requires an adequate blood flow and this kind of routine can’t be overlooked. In her career, Aly has captain both the 2012 “Fierce Five” and the 2016 “Final Five” US gymnastics teams, which both won their competition.

Time to Celebrate

It is always best to never underestimate the abilities of an athlete who is hell-bent on winning. The man pictured in this scenario flipping through the air is Fabio Basile, and this was the moment he achieved his long dreams of becoming the World number one Judo Title Holder.

Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Fabio achieved this dream by defiling the odds to beat the previous Korean World number one Judo titleholder. Let’s just say we won’t attempt to be on his bad side. Fabio not only succeeded in defeating the Korean, but he also made a celebratory backflip, which, unfortunately, remains unpleasant to the defeated opponent, but who cares.

SCI-FI Alien

The image in this scenario looks like one taken off from a sci-fi movie wherein aliens have been on a rampage, but it’s not. The x-ray image here is also not from an individual who has been involved in a very bad accident. Athletes perform some of the freakiest of routines ever, and this image attests to that.

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It will take a lot of convincing to prove that this x-ray is a real image of a human being who is perfectly fine and normal. The image is of an Olympian captured while performing a regular exercise. It still looks unbelievable but surely one of the freakiest x-rays of all time.

Ultra-Endurance Expedition

A little bit of adventure does no one any harm but taking on an ultra-endurance expedition like the one embarked upon by Alex Gregory is a whole new level. The intense journey to the polar embarked upon by Alex gradually saw him transforming to a Santa Claus, but it’s far from a Christmas miracle.

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In this scenario, Alex’s hands pictures are frozen, and he is definitely in a lot of pain. His hands spent too much time enclosed in wet gloves. This expedition has up to11 world records, including the first man-powered vehicle to reach the earth’s polar ice cap.

Water Bender

Who says humans haven’t been able to control the elements? Well, if you believe so, then you’re still a little bit in the past. For generations, humans have been looking for ways to harness the forces of nature, and it seems they are slowly making headways. In just about time, Olympians will be able to throw fire, blow wind and throw chunks of earth from one place to another.

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If you noticed, we didn’t speak about humans harnessing the power of water; that’s because the Olympian captured in this scenario already succeeded at that. It wasn’t enough for this Olympian to just be an Olympic swimmer. He also had to become the first human to control water.

Multi-Talented Woman

Some specific persons have been able to defy the logic of reasoning, and some of these humans have undoubtedly been athletes. While it is difficult enough to imagine how a person can be so good at one specific thing, it is also more confusing to imagine how some are just extraordinarily brilliant at everything.

Source: Instagram/@simonebiles

One of these individuals with an extraordinary brilliancy in many things is the athlete, Simone Biles. It won’t be out of place to imagine there’s nothing Simone can’t do. This athlete had already won 32 Olympic and World Championship medals and is currently tied as the most decorated gymnast of all time.

Game of Will

Cycling is a fun activity everyone should engage in when done as just an exercise routine or for the pleasure of doing so. However, it can quickly become dangerous when it becomes a game. Athletes who wish to compete in it as a sport must surely have a lot of strength and, of course, some willpower.

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The individual pictured in this scenario didn’t get a spray tan that went wrong; rather, these are the legs of a cyclist who just finished the Tour De France. Like mentioned earlier, lots of strength and willpower are required. The legs are now in three different shades, which are rather disturbing.

Massive Thighs

If you’re not prepared to have your body transformed to something different from what it currently is, then you probably shouldn’t be thinking about becoming an athlete or even a cyclist. Cycling can make some serious modifications to the human body, just as captured in this scenario.

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The picture shows how just a routine can massively transform the human body. It is fit to say that these guys are not to be messed with because it could end badly. If you don’t plan to have some massive thighs just as this, then you’re probably aware cycling isn’t for you.

Ready to Dive In

It would be disappointing to think that the only place swimmers dive into is a pool filled with water. These individuals dive into a whole lot more, just as we can see Ryan Lochte planning to do in the image. This is not just any meal but a 10,000-calorie meal.

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The meal pictured in this scenario is not meant as a feast for five men but solely for Ryan. Other men who can finish this meal don’t in no way look like Ryan as their abs are nowhere to be seen. Ryan is expected to finish this meal in preparation for his upcoming Olympic game. Let’s just hope he brought his appetite along.