Online Commenters Aren’t Always the Brightest Crayons in the Box

Once something gets put online, it’s on there forever. This has led to a large catalog of senseless moments being immortalized for our entertainment. Thankfully we can probe these moments and laugh at the misfortune of others.

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We can only hope that our actions never get on one of these lists as we all do stupid things from time to time, of course. Here we have a look at hilarious moments where internet users have been exposed and their mistakes have been published for all to see!

Fooled By a Marketing Trick

Not everything on the internet is what it seems. This video of a tractor destroying that beautiful-looking Benz is a marketing video from an insurance company. But the guy behind the post saw it as a new way to rack up views on his channel.

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We would all desire to get back at an unjust boss by wrecking their favorite car, but sadly this one turned out to be a false caption. In this instance, the fools were us, viewers, for thinking that this was a true story.

The Fake Fuel Protest

It’s very funny how the guy who posted this got caught off-guard. They didn’t expect anybody to recognize the image as a traffic jam in China rather than a demonstration in Germany.

Source: Twitter

I give them credit for their imagination and desire to rally people against corruption and exploitation, but there are many other ways to promote the cause rather than fake news. In real life, no mass fuel protest has ever happened in Germany.

The Wrong Time for Musk

Elon Musk is a renowned billionaire and the founder of the famous Tesla car manufacturing company. He is also famous for his funny and sometimes inappropriate posts on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Source: Reddit

It was a surprise that this was posted about him rather than by him for a change. Time Magazine posted a claim which Musk was quick to call them out for. The Post headline read: “How to Not Get Fired by Elon Musk” and it was sure to stir up some drama on the internet had the man himself not intervened.

O’Dowd Puts the Record Straight

We are all used to news about false celebrity claims, and this post by the Irish Daily Mail is a good example. More often than not, the celebrities themselves are quick to correct the false news, and Chris O’Dowd didn’t hold back.

Source: Twitter

He wrote, “Nope, didn’t say that,” when Irish Daily Mail claimed he only wanted to play Irish characters rather than American ones. Exaggerated rumors are very common these days, with the growing desire to get traffic into their websites. Check your facts before posting, Irish Daily Mail!

Reversing Into Huge Embarrassment

Accidents are very common, but it’s easier to get out of trouble by blaming someone else. Just be sure to get rid of any evidence that may point to you being the culprit. A perfect example is in the screenshot below. I can only imagine the amount of embarrassment the person got when they were called out for lying.

Source: Facebook

But seriously, who reverses a car into a wall and forgets to check the damage done? At least then, they would have noticed the bits on the pavement and gotten rid of them. A cringy moment indeed when the white lie was exposed.

The Definition of Fake News

Never post a claim without proof from a reliable source, or else someone will call you out. This is the basic rule of posting things on the internet. A certain someone came to learn that the hard way.

Source: Twitter

The guy came up with his meaning of the ‘acronym’ NEWS, without posting any reliable source. And then the famous dictionary publishers, Merriam-Webster, quickly denied with a simple “No.” Am I the only one cracking up by the publisher’s reply? It was quite savage.

The Truth Behind Writing in Space

We all know of the never-ending rivalry between Russia and the USA. Their competition for greatness has led to many breakthroughs, especially in the space sector. This rivalry has led to the two trolling each other almost everywhere, including item marketing.

Source: Tumblr

This Russian pencil manufacturer took creativity to a whole new level and wrote this behind their pencil cases. This raised questions about why the USA used so much money to research on a pen. However, an educated user came out and explained the complicated history behind NASA’s pressurized ballpoint pens, putting the internet trolls back in line.

Am I A Joke To You?

It is not uncommon to meet self-appointed teachers on the internet. I don’t know where they get the courage and audacity to try and educate everyone before confirming whether they are right or wrong.

Source: Tumblr

A classic example is this professed English master who had the guts to educate the world on words that are not part of the English vocabulary. It is hilarious how another user used a well-known meme to educate the so-called English professor. Next time confirm your facts before posting.

The Mountain’s Sisterly Love

If you are a fan of the famous TV show, Game of Thrones, then I am sure you know Sir Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain. He is a hard character to miss as he easily towers above the rest of the cast. However, we were surprised to learn from an Instagram post that he is the short one among his brothers at home.

Source: Twitter

This is funny because the guys pictured with him are not his brothers. They are Icelandic basketball players, which explains their tallness. Even the mountain himself went online to rectify the mistake and revealed that he does not have a brother but two sisters.

Not Dead Just Yet!

By now, we are used to trollers and spammers posting fake celebrity death stories, which is a terrible thing to do. Can you imagine yourself waking up to a post about your death? These death hoaxes are intended to stir up the internet, and many people end up believing them. It is, however, worse to see a verified publication account posting such things.

Source: Twitter

This was the case with the famous movie site Rotten Tomatoes who messed things up. They posted a tweet appreciating the famous John Carpenter’s well-lived life, which indicated that the famous creator was dead. John was, however, quick to correct them and prove that he was still very much alive.

Musk Picks Another Battle

It is normal for journalists to get and give information on various topics, which is part of their job description. However, not all news is to be shared as some might compromise an organization’s security and must be edited out from the final news.

Source: Twitter

This journalist tries to reprimand Elon musk and his team for reviewing her articles before being posted. Elon, however, explains to her, in a rather savage way, where he considers the line is fit, and what isn’t fit for public consumption.

Not Mark’s Favorite Film

You can get people to watch your movie more if it is recommended or loved by other renowned actors. Heroic Hollywood used this strategy to try and market the new Zack Snyder’s movie, Watchmen.

Source: Twitter

They wrote on their Twitter account that Mark Hamill called it his favorite movie. This was, however, false and Hamill was not shy to speak up. He even emphasized the “NOT” in his tweet, which goes to show not only is it not his favorite movie, but he is also not even a fan of the movie.

Egg On Their Face

It’s a well-known fact that some people are not capable of simple tasks like boiling an egg. However, the internet has made this simple process available to everybody. Recipes, however, don’t include how to eat the egg itself, which should be a very straightforward task. I was surprised to see the tweet below.

Source: Reddit

Like, really, who eats boiled eggs with the shell on? Even when making an omelet, you crack open the shell and cook the contents inside. You don’t just cook the whole damn thing. It’s funny how the guy can operate a computer but does not know how to do a simple task like eating a boiled egg.

What’s The Point of 2D Braille?!

There are so many wrong things about these pictures. First of all, whose idea was to write brail in 2D on a door sign. How are blind kids supposed to read it? Telekinesis? There is also humor in how the sighted person reads the door number in brail instead of the numbers above.

Source: Reddit

Let us hope that the school fixed this mistake. It must be embarrassing for whoever came up with this idea. I would be stunned to find out that a whole board approved this.

A Real-Life Sims Glitch

For those who do not know about IKEA, it’s a place where you can buy things disassembled at a lower price. You assemble them yourself. It’s more like a place you can get stuff to try a DIY project. A terrible example is depicted below.

Source: Facebook

All I can say is that either the guy who assembled this chair was thinking about putting his cat there or he was a little too drunk. Or maybe they are trying to develop a new invention, a new version of office chairs?

Try Reading a Book

I salute Johnnie Sheffield from the comment section. I could not think of a better way to put it. We all know that this site on the internet called Google could confirm facts before posting them.

Source: Facebook

I think we should put up a task force specifically dedicated to searching for people who post such things and punish them. It is not wise to pretend to be a know-it-all. I don’t see anybody else who perfectly fits the article description than this guy.

The Double Prank Relationship

We all have our definition of the perfect couple, but to me, this is the true definition of “meant for each other.” The fact that these two think alike is enough for me to believe that soulmates exist.

Source: Twitter

We are used to relationship goals like wearing matching sweaters or exchanging jewelry, but sharing the mind is a whole new level. Both of them hide to scare each other. Their house must be one fun place to live in.

Iron Man Lives! … Kinda

If, by any chance, Stark Industries are looking for a new engineer, here is the perfect one for you guys. Look at that masterpiece she made from plastic. Just imagine if you provide her with your tech; the horror she would be able to make.

Source: Twitter

Also, am I the only one who noticed that she was provided with instructions but still managed to butcher the design? If by any chance the Lego Company went bankrupt, I would blame her. I am sure they use her work in their new instructions manuals as a ‘never try this’ example.

The Government Already Knows

During these times, it is next to impossible to hide your identity. Cameras are positioned everywhere, be it at the local coffee shop or the ATM. Your face has already been recorded everywhere you’ve been, whether you like it or not.

Source: Imgur

The last thing you should be worried about is using your face to open your phone. If it is the government, you are afraid that they already have multiple copies of your face. Big thanks to Tash THEE Bae for educating 6’3.Slim.Bahamian.

Take Your Time Friend

It is heartwarming to know that kind and understanding nice human beings do exist. The stranger below understands that Sufjan might be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and finds it difficult to concentrate.

Source: Reddit

He encourages him to take his time, making me want to give him a medal. It’s a good reminder that you don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero. Be there for people who might need you, even if they are strangers. Kindness surely does go a long way.

Indoor Poos are Always the Way to Go

When it comes to marketing your amenities, there are bad advertisements; then there is this. That sign is the definition of an eyesore. As the sign says, the last thing anybody would want is to dine in a hotel with turds all over inside.

Source: Facebook

Whoever designed that sign should be fired as soon as possible. Next time they should make sure the word count can fit the sign. Hopefully, they rectified the mistake. It, however, gives us something to laugh about, so maybe it is not a complete flop.

Well, This Is Awkward

It is common for everybody to make a mistake, especially when it comes to grammar, and there are many ways to correct someone without being a jerk about it. It is funny how things end up backfiring on inconsiderate people.

Source: Pinterest

That is the case for this user who was calling out others for confusing simple grammar rules and ended up messing himself up. I am sure he saw his mistake and ended up regretting it later. Always beware of karma is all I can say for this case.

It’s Not a Verb …

Be sure to check up on your English teacher because I know many of them thought of face-palming when they saw this post. All their hard work flushed down the drain. I would recommend that the post be taken down from the internet to prevent it from causing any more chaos.

Source: Reddit

But I appreciate how the post was corrected. At least people online are not shy to point out your mistakes and show you how much of an idiot one can sometimes be. Maybe they need to go back to school.

A License for Thor

Only in Canada can you find someone trying to pass off a fake driving license with Thor’s details. Who is the genius behind this, and how stupid does he take the other guy to be? Even a five-year-old could tell that the license was fake.

Source: Twitter

He must have thought long and hard to come up with “69 Big Hammer Ln” as the street address. I give him credit for the effort to stick to the character and use accurate Chris Hemsworth biological details.

Knowing Your Cities and Countries

Ok, I take back what I said earlier. This is the person who perfectly fits the article’s description; an idiot. I will repeat what I said earlier; check your facts before calling out people for things you are unsure about. Hetaliagirl104’s post is the perfect definition of backfiring.

Source: Tumblr

They fit the same description they used; uneducated swine. The post itself has grammatical errors which they did not think to correct before they sent it. I like how the other person replied by sending a picture of the map to silence them.

Not Quite Evolved Enough

The internet never seems to lack perfect examples of people who argue without confirming facts first. That is what Google was made for, to research about things you are not sure about. No need to act like a know-it-all and end up embarrassing yourself, as in this case here.

Source: Facebook

The guy literary uses the explanation of evolution to deny the use of the term itself. The best advice when arguing scientific or geographical facts is to research and know the truth before getting into an argument.

Just So Much Learning

I do not think I have ever been more confused in my life. What exactly is the job description? What exactly will you be doing when offered the job? Will you be developing development or leading leadership?

Source: Twitter

I would be really surprised to find out that there are people who applied for the job. Whoever wrote this job description had to be under the influence of something and be given a month off or go back to school.

Humor as a Security System

Note to self. Always crack jokes in the house to discover whether any burglars are hiding in any of the rooms. The police should also consider using this method to flash out hiding criminals as they seem unable to contain their laughter.

Source: Imgur

But seriously, I expected burglars to be smarter than this. This might by far be the most stupid way to get busted. I would have appreciated it if the newspaper publishers included the joke used by the man to flush out the burglar.

A Question You Can’t Get Wrong

Is there any way that I can get this teacher to set my calculus exams? I would give anything to get to know the person who set this exam. The Queen should knight the teacher for giving the students an easy life.

Source: Reddit

If all exams were this good, we would have enough graduates to fill these empty job positions. We would also have extremely underqualified practitioners running around with graduation papers. It would not come as a surprise to find out that some people did not know the answer.

A Smooth Way to See God

No, wait. Do not be so quick to judge. Maybe she is a Formula One fan who wanted her tires to resemble Pirelli’s slicks? I have a lot of questions. How long did it take for her to sand down one tire, let alone four? What does she do for work because she seems to have a lot of free time on her hands?

Source: Twitter

All I can say is that if she was researching the smoothest way to go to heaven, she might just have made a groundbreaking discovery. Hopefully, someone told her before she got behind the wheel.

At Least Humor is a Universal Language

Ooh, that must be one expensive mistake. Do you mean to tell me that this guy has no English-speaking friends or workers? Or that the whole town is devoid of people who understand English to help correct this mistake?

Source: Reddit

After using a translating tool, here’s a piece of advice: be sure to confirm that what you wanted to be translated has been done correctly by someone well-versed in the language to avoid similar mistakes. But maybe they wanted an eye-catching sign. If that is the case, then they have done a terrific job coming up with one.

Missing Out On a Nine

The last thing service providers should be doing is sending unnecessary text surveys that nobody wants, unless there are rewards for answering them. And if you are sending one, make sure that it works properly at least!

Source: Twitter

What they should do is concentrate on improving their signal quality and range. That’s what customers want. No wonder this customer decided to downgrade the rating that they were asked to give.

Stop Embarrassing Yourself

What is it with people arguing about complex topics like astronomy without facts? The first easily notable red flag is poor grammar skills. Anyone who notices that and still goes ahead and believes the stuff posted afterward needs to have a long hard look at themselves.

Source: Reddit

Another important thing is pointed out in the comment section. The space idiot provides a rock that can be seen reflecting light as proof that rocks don’t reflect light—what a great way to sink your boat.

Subtitles Are a Little Better These Days

This had me laughing on the ground for a good five minutes or so. I just love the way the translator admits to not knowing what the character said instead of pretending and adding fake words. This was very common in the past when you got foreign films from pirated websites that incompetent translators translated.

Source: Reddit

You were very lucky to get a film with subtitles that told the film’s storyline in question. This was before the modern age of Netflix, HBO, and other modern streaming services.

Let’s Have a Hard One Next Time, Please

There is nothing wrong with not being good at math. Many people are not; it is a pretty hard subject. The problem only comes in when one insists on justifying a wrong answer without stopping for a second to consider it.

Source: Facebook

That’s the case with this universal dullard who calls people out for trying to correct him by telling them to go back to school. I would want to see his reaction when he found out that he was wrong. If it ever happened.

When Ghosting Goes Wrong

The definition of ghosting someone is completely ignoring their existence no matter how hard they try to get in contact with you. There is no need for added sophistication, but you might get into trouble if you try and be smart about it.

Source: Reddit

Another simple rule is to avoid correcting your own grammatical mistakes as this only alerts the other person, who might not have noticed, to see your mistake. This makes you look even dumber. Just avoid the problem by not ghosting people in the first place.

Too Long, Didn’t Read

The acronym TLDR stands for “Too Long, Didn’t Read” and is commonly used on articles with amazing titles but takes too long to get to the main point. Most articles contain a lot of useless information, which prompts courteous social media users to TLDR them and add the main point after, making life a lot easier for other users.

Source: Twitter

A good example is this post. It does not take rocket science to know that when a dolphin jumps into your boat, the best thing to do is to throw it back in the water.

That’s a Beautiful Woman

Those who know the famous show RuPaul’s Drag Race don’t need to look at the picture twice to know what is happening. The show is about drag queens; men who impersonate females and compete for the grand price of 100,000 dollars and fame.

Source: Facebook

On one of the posts, some guy accidentally mistook Cristina Aguilera, who had come on as one of the guest judges, for one of the drag queens and called her out. Netflix themselves corrected the man who had just ended up embarrassing himself while trying to criticize others for what they did.

A Decision Was Made Here

A good example of someone who had a specific goal but got distracted and ended up letting go of his dreams. The person responsible had woken up that day and made a mental note to begin exercising.

Source: Twitter

They had driven to the store, picked up the equipment they planned to buy, but accidentally took a wrong turn while heading to the cashier to pay and got lost in the Oreo aisle. That’s when they realized that there was a lot more time to exercise in the future and took some packets to go.

Don’t Bone Apple Tea

That’s one way to ruin your birthday. Post something grammatically incorrect and wait for the comments to come pouring in. If you are not sure about a certain phrase, just Google it and avoid such embarrassing mistakes.

Source: Reddit

Also, guys, check what you have written and make sure it makes sense before you post, especially when you want to brag about something. Anyway, I hope he enjoyed his birthday. That steak looks delicious.

You’re Not a Vehicle, Susan

It is very tedious dealing with insurance companies, with all the phone calls and paperwork that needs to be filled. It kind of makes you regret buying the car in the first place. It turns out it is no walk in the park for the insurance company, either.

Source: Twitter

Some customers just simply don’t understand the tasks they are required to complete. A good example is Susan here. But we can’t blame it all on the poor old woman. The insurance company employee did not specify which pictures they wanted.

Coming Through Another Adversity

Here is a story about two people who deserve to live in two completely different worlds. The first is a complete imbecile who has the gall to sabotage the wheelchair of a Paralympic athlete less than an hour before he has to compete in it.

Source: Reddit

The spiteful monster sliced three tires and broke the frame before disappearing. The other person is Belgian cyclist Peter Genyn, who, despite his wheelchair being vandalized, managed to compete still and win the competition! An incredible man.

When Will We Ever Learn?

It seems dumb people have been around since the dawn of time. The internet has only been a place to make them famous. It is, however, appalling to see even the very best of society acting very questioningly.

Source: Reddit

If Immanuel Pfeiffer had died because of his stupid act, he probably would have deserved it. His pride and stubbornness would have been the end of him. It seems that we’re still happy to make this same kind of mistake today.

Remember To Read the Bible

Wow. It is official. Rarely do people think before they post? If they did, this person would not be called out for something as simple as the story of creation. Yes, most of the things created were great, but others are harmful to us.

Source: Reddit

You would not expect people to start eating poisonous plants just because God created them. Plus, the other guy corrected him by reminding him that banning a plant was the first thing God did.

More than a Little Bit of Mascara

This is the perfect example of the product not matching the description. Don’t get me wrong, the message is sweet and encouraging, but it comes from a person with a face covered in layers of make-up. The eyes themselves look to be a struggle to keep open because of all that mascara.

Source: Facebook

The last thing we need is hypocrites on the internet. Do not be out there preaching water while taking wine. The only upside to this dismal post is that she seems to have made a new friend.

What Did You Think It Meant?!

Please, those around the guy behind this post, please confirm whether they are okay. This is similar to saying that you’ve found out that you can’t see because your eyes are closed or that you can’t sleep because your eyes are open.

Source: Facebook

There should be an option for users to delete irrelevant posts from the internet to save those who posted from embarrassment. I am sure the posts lack likes and comments because nobody wants to be associated with the guy. Please, Facebook, take this down to save us the trauma.

How Will You Pick Up, Austin?

It’s hard to fathom how anyone can be this stupid? How has he managed to get to this point in his life without seriously hurting himself? Let’s just hope he never needs to call anyone to get some help. Austin, how can you not get simple logic?

Source: Facebook

I can’t even start to imagine how long Pierce and Erin laughed before they composed themselves to start explaining to him what they meant. I pity them if they have to deal with Austin every day. This should be a full-time paying job for the two.

Dye Your Hair, Not Yourself

There is a reason why dye bottles have the instructions ‘applied with adult supervision. This is to avoid such accidents from happening. I can imagine the amount of effort and time used to scrub off all that die from the body, let alone the tub and bathroom walls.

Source: Twitter

It would have, however, been the perfect accident had it been Halloween. We wonder how long it must have taken for the poor girl’s skin to get back to normal. What a mess she made.

Missing 50% of Your Brain Cells

It is okay having problems in math when it comes to complex sums, but there are some basics that everyone should know. 50% extra means that you get half of the original size added on, so 50% more than 12 is 18.

Source: Imgur

Isn’t math your strongest subject? Well, there’s no shame in that, but you then wouldn’t make posts on the internet acting like a know-it-all. It’s a funny mistake but one that the internet has immortalized.