People Who Wished THIS Day Never Happened

Have you ever wished you could skip a day? Or maybe tap a button to reset everything and start over again so you don’t have to go through what just happened or is happening to you? How we sometimes wish reality could be like video games.

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We could simply click restart when things aren’t going well, especially those days when something tedious or awful happens. These are the days we would give anything to skip. Whether or not you’ve experienced days like this, here are some people who definitely have, and we feel sorry for them.

Patience Is a Virtue

Every day the words above ring true. We know that cutting plastic packages can be tough, but this person should’ve exercised a little bit of patience, considering he was unpacking a product that could easily get damaged if he was not careful. Accidents happen, so we won’t be too harsh.

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But this is extremely unfortunate. We bet he won’t be in a rush to open any packages in the future. That would be good for him. This is the sort of mistake you never forget, no matter how many years pass. Now he needs to run back to the store.

The Worst Popsicle in History

We will need a mathematician to calculate the likelihood of something like this happening. What exactly are the chances? How on earth does a frog enter a popsicle? This is the worst popsicle in history, and the person this happened to is probably the unluckiest in history too.

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Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it just seems improbable. Did their bitter ex make the popsicle? We’re sure they would give anything to skip this harrowing experience. Anytime they think of this, no matter how many years pass, they will most likely want to throw up.

When It’s Impossible to Land

We feel so bad for laughing at this since it could be potentially life-threatening. But what are the odds that something like this could happen? The landing gear is crucial to aircraft. So losing them literally immediately after take-off could pose serious problems, which is what happened here.

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Although we don’t know what the helicopter pilot will do, we can assume that he will attempt to land back on the gear. That’s a lot harder than it sounds, particularly since he has to properly land a helicopter on top of a small piece of equipment.

The Complete Irony in This Picture

We’ve heard about cars getting flooded. We’ve also heard (or even seen) cars set on fire. It’s really bad. But when a car gets flooded and is on fire simultaneously, they must have done something wrong for the universe to punish them this way. Did they offend mother nature?

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We are just curious how this situation happened. However, regardless of how this scenario came to be, we’re sure whoever suffered this terrible fate would pay anything to have skipped this day. We certainly wouldn’t blame them for feeling that way. No one would want to be in their shoes.

The Final Car Wash

Pools are fun places to be. You dive in to relax and get over a stressful day. They usually aren’t dangerous, but that depends on many things. Unfortunately, they can cause you a lot of problems, and the owner of this car would agree. Again, how did this happen?

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It almost seems like someone dropped the car in the pool with a crane. We don’t know how the car got in, but one thing is sure—the owner would pay anything to turn back time so this situation never happened. We feel sorry for them. Hopefully, insurance covers it.

The Heartbreak when You Spill Your Food

Oh, the pain. No one likes it when their food spills. It really hurts deep into your soul. And it’s even worse when that’s not the only bad thing that happened. For example, imagine spilling your food into your shoes! The double pain this person went through!

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No one wants that to happen, especially when it happens to delicious spaghetti with tomato sauce. We can feel this person’s pain, and we truly feel sorry for them. How could you not? It’s such a terrible situation and rightly the “worst of both worlds,” as they say.

The Heavy Price of Technology

Technological devices are quite pricey. When new ones are released almost yearly, they are always expensive. And while their prices may come down over the years, it doesn’t make them cheap. So it makes sense that it can be quite painful for most people to lose or break a device.

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This guy obviously felt more than just frustration when this happened to him. Of course, no more video games that day, but more importantly, that’s quite an expensive loss for him. From the Xbox 360 controller, this looks like it happened a few years back, but it still was painful.

Your Bike Just Became a Monument

Honestly, this seems like the victim’s fault, but strangely, we still feel bad for them. It looks like they rode their bike into wet cement they didn’t realize was wet. But they surely had enough time to get out of this situation before it became this bad, right?

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Obviously not. Now their bike is stuck in the now-hardened cement. We don’t know how much it’ll cost the city to fix this problem, but the authorities won’t be too happy with it. Hopefully, it’s still useful when or if it’s removed. Otherwise, the bike has become a monument.

Things Change in a Jiffy

Many people have lots of fond memories from their childhood. Sometimes, we try to relive those joyful times, and we are all for that. However, there are certain parts of our childhood that are impossible to relive. One of them is playing on child-sized equipment.

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It’s either impossible to relive or it’ll be weird if we try to do it. As we can see in the picture above, it’s important to know your age limits. It will save you many embarrassing situations. This is a lesson that everyone should take to heart.

When the Tree Comes Knocking

We’ve all seen trees fall on houses, and this is a risk many house owners are aware of, especially those who live in tree-friendly neighborhoods. Although many home builders take extra precautions to prevent this from happening, there is no guarantee that a nearby tree won’t cause problems like this.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much anyone can do in such situations except cut down all trees within a respectable distance of the house. And that in itself is unfortunate because deforestation is something we’re trying so hard to reduce. This owner was probably thinking of how much it will cost to fix all the damage this tree caused.

It’s Important to Read Product Labels

How many of us have bought items from the store and forgotten to read the instructions? We probably just feel we already know the product and don’t need to read the label. However, you shouldn’t leave paint cans in hot places since it could cause problems—like this one.

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Failure to read warning signs on a product’s packaging will often lead to serious issues such as this one. So if you want to avoid expensive problems, it’s important to read the warnings from the manufacturer so you can skip days like this.

We Can’t See Anything

Have you ever gone on a long walk on vacation, hoping to see a breathtaking view? Yes, most people know that feeling all too well. And it’s usually as glorious as they say. But not always. Sometimes, the weather just has other plans, and this person can relate.

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We’re not sure exactly how long it took for them to reach this point, but we know this wasn’t what they were expecting to see. That said, maybe they could’ve checked the weather forecast for the day before heading out. It surely would’ve avoided this complete disappointment.

Thor Wanted to Show Off

There are not too many reasons to want to skip a day than when lightning is out to get you. It looks like you may have to reevaluate your luck. This damage is intense and was caused by a lightning bolt. It doesn’t look like something you’ll recover from soon.

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At least we’re sure your washing machine won’t. We don’t know what anyone would do to deserve this, but at least they got a picture of this event for us to see. Otherwise, we would never believe or wouldn’t know what something like this looks like.

That’s a Waste of Ice Cream

Okay, so this isn’t that terrible, especially compared to many of the other items on this list, but that’s relatively speaking. It’s still quite bad from whatever perspective you look at it, especially for the guy who has to clean up this mess at whatever workplace it was.

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We’re assuming it was some sort of ice cream shop. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this is essentially a waste of good ice cream. Many people could have found some delectable enjoyment in that, but they are no longer able to. So sad.

The Best and Worst Luck Ever

Every now and then, you experience a genuinely unlucky event, yet you manage to escape with a mere scrap of luck. This man had one of those days, as you can see from the photo. Although we’re pretty sure he would have preferred for this day to never have happened . . ..

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. . . he actually had a lot of luck. He really had the best and worst luck. On the other hand, he’s probably not too thrilled with the fact that his car has obviously seen better days. But at this moment, he should just be grateful that he is still alive.

When You’re Stuck in the Air

Many people don’t like rollercoasters, and we can’t blame them. They just feel it’s unsafe and that something bad could happen. While it doesn’t happen often, there’s still that chance. If you like rollercoasters, we bet you won’t want to be stuck in a totally vertical position like this.

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Quite frankly, the only thing worse than this is being stuck upside down. We’re sure that after they were rescued, they called it quits for the day—and probably for the rest of their lives. No more rollercoasters. No one would blame them for that.

When Nature Comes for Revenge

When they’re in a certain kind of mood, birds can be downright aggressive and extremely unpleasant. Although it’s rare to see peacocks outside of zoos, most people don’t expect to be assaulted by one. You never know. A zoo might actually allow such a bird to attack.

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That may also depend on where you go. If so, someone needs to start fixing that. In any case, given how badly it began, this young girl unquestionably seems to need a skip day. We have a feeling she will grow up hating birds or zoos in general.

Falling into a Sewer

Imagine falling into a sewer. What a great way to start your day—or, in fact, to end it. To be honest, there’s never any time in your life that you’d be okay with falling into a storm drain, unless maybe it somehow saved your life.

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But we bet that’s not what happened here. On the plus side, if you can’t fit in the storm drain, you won’t have to worry about spooky shape-shifting clowns. Every cloud has a silver lining, right? This person most likely didn’t think that way, but we’ve got to be positive.

The Non-Existent Pop Tab

This isn’t the worst thing that could happen to someone and is certainly not the worst on this list. But is it something you would be particularly happy about? Certainly not. It’s more like the straw that broke the camel’s back, especially when you’re already having a bad day.

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Okay, maybe we’re making too many assumptions here. However, we understand why something like this would get on this person’s nerves. Imagine they already left the store where they bought this. If they were not in a good mood, this could make them go back home and skip the day.

A New Splash of Paint

Imagine you spend your morning making a nice smoothie and preparing for the day. Unfortunately, you have to spend the entire afternoon and evening cleaning up your kitchen. That’s not how most people would like their day to go, but that’s what happened to this guy.

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He was already thinking about painting the walls and probably had a few colors in mind. But one thing he certainly didn’t have in mind was this style of painting. At least he has a firsthand visualization of what yellow would look like on the walls.

The Epic Blender Fail

Speaking of kitchen debacles, here’s one instance of someone starting off their day with something unpleasant. Guys, don’t forget that you need to make sure the blender is properly closed and secured before using it. Otherwise, this could happen. This person obviously didn’t get the memo.

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We have so many questions, and the biggest one is if the blender still works after this incident. Hopefully, it does because that way, the bad day is only limited to the mess they have to clean up and not the need to replace a kitchen appliance.

It’s Time to Think about a Diet

Look, we’re not people to get into anybody’s weight. We honestly think everyone is beautiful. But when you look at this picture, it’s clear that either that ceiling is too weak or the person above it is probably too heavy. Quite frankly, it could be a little of both.

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One thing is certain. Nobody in this apartment was planning on paying this unexpected bill, yet there they are. After fixing the ceiling and making it sturdy, maybe the person above could go on a diet. That would reduce the chances of this happening again.

If I Can’t Have It, Neither Can You

Many people rely on their morning coffee to get them through the day. No matter what you have to face, good coffee can give you a head start. But what happens if you’re denied the only thing that could make the day worthwhile? You’ll surely want to skip the day.

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Unfortunately, that can’t happen, and you’ll have to accept that your coffee is gone. So you chuck it in the trash and face the day alone. It’s a waste of money, a waste of time, and, most importantly, a waste of good caffeine! Birds certainly do these things on purpose.

You’ll Have to Stay Home Today, Sir

We really don’t know where to start with this. It is as messed up as it is dangerous. And this isn’t funny. How did the people digging this hole not inform the building’s residents of their activities? Why didn’t they block the public from coming closer?

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They just came into the site and got started working like it was an abandoned site. Where did they get their credentials from? Someone needs to lose their job for such negligence because it looks like that guy could lose his job for not going to work that day.

There Will Be a Slight Delay in Delivery

We sincerely hope the reason these cargo containers were so easily knocked over is because they were empty. If they had goods in them, that must have caused a lot of damage that someone had to pay for. No one wants to experience this scenario.

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And if this was caused by someone in particular, then many people would want to skip that day. For sure, anyone who caused this would surely be fired for such an atrocity. It’s so difficult to imagine that we’ll just stick to our initial hope that these containers were empty.

The Worst Day on the Job

There are many departments you can work in retail, and one of them is to organize storage. If you’ve ever worked in storage, you can understand how terrible this situation is. We think quitting the job overall rather than dealing with the mess is something we’d consider.

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Of course, we’re just joking, but this would be a huge pain to go through. And it would be much worse if this was the worker’s fault. They would have bigger things to worry about regarding their job because they’re most likely going to lose it.

Giving Your Ride a New Shine

What can be said about this picture that isn’t already obvious? Even though there was no standard car damage, it seemed to have been one pricey car accident. That’s exactly what happens when your car mysteriously gets splattered in paint. We really need some back story on this.

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What led to this, and how did it lead to this predicament? Who is to blame for this travesty? We know the owner would have so many questions, too, especially if they were not around when it happened. But they would just wish they could skip the day.

The Manufacturer’s Instructions Were Unclear

There were only two possible causes for this situation—defective wiring or blatant incompetence. We don’t really have any pity if it’s the latter, but since we can’t just assume it was the person’s fault, we’ll simply say it was bad wiring because that seems more appropriate for this list.

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The machine’s door is open, which indicates someone opened it either before or during the incident. Perhaps this needs a bit more investigation. Someone get us the yellow tape. If anyone had their clothes in there, they would certainly wish they hadn’t done their laundry that day.

The Cancer on the Wall

Nobody likes seeing their properties damaged. And it can be more painful when the items are expensive. As everyone knows, houses are expensive. It seems they get costlier by the day. While it depends on location, your house probably costs a fortune. That’s why it hurts to even look at this.

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From the situation and the rain outside, we can guess what happened here. And that knowledge makes everything much more painful. We’re not sure how much it would cost to fix this, but we’re sure it would be more than the owner is willing to pay.

You’re Gonna Be Late

When we’re talking about things that could ruin your day, this one sits quite high on the list. And we can definitely understand why that would be. It’s one thing for your key to break, but it’s a totally different thing for it to break while in the ignition.

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And when you combine both things, you already have the makings of a terrible day. We can’t blame anyone for wanting to skip this day if something similar happened to them. Fixing these problems when they arise is just a big inconvenience, especially so early in the morning.

Some Tools Just Don’t Cut It

This one can be frustrating. If you need to accomplish a task and the tool you want to use just doesn’t cut it, what can you do? Actually, you can’t do anything besides lamenting about your luck in life and wondering how you’ll solve the new problem.

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In this case, that new problem is opening a bottle using a broken corkscrew. Why can’t they make these tools sturdier? It seems like their quality reduces every time. There’s no reason why contemporary tools should be breaking so easily. We can understand why this fella quit the whole day.

Is It the Vacuum or the Carpet?

If your carpet is dirty, the next thing to do is clean it. Then imagine that while cleaning it, the vacuum rips off a large strip of the carpet. What a way to start the day, right? We don’t know whether to blame the vacuum, the carpet, or maybe the handler.

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But we know one thing—this really sucks! Well, we need to see the positives, right? It could’ve been much worse. That doesn’t help much, especially when you know you’ll need a new carpet. But sometimes it’s just good to remember that things could have been much worse.

Every Electrician’s Worst Nightmare

Finding and fixing damaged wires can be difficult, regardless of how skilled an electrician you are. An electrician of any skill level would undoubtedly want to bury their sorrows in a bottle when faced with such a large number of cables, most of which appear the same.

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Who could blame them though? Even without knowing which cable has a problem, it probably took hours to ascertain which cable goes where. We definitely don’t envy his job. In fact, we would be tempted to skip the day if this was the first thing we saw at work.

Looks Like We’ll Be Here for a Long Time

Imagine you just want to leave your room so you can go about your day. Then all of a sudden, the door tells you it has other plans. This poor soul had no choice but to wait until someone would luckily release him from his unexpected and sudden prison.

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What could he have done to deserve this? Could it be karma? Either way, someone needs to look into this problem so it doesn’t happen again. Since it looks like a motel, rumors may start spreading, and they soon won’t have any customers if it isn’t fixed.

This Is Not a Laughing Matter

We all like cookies, but no one wants a cookie without any chocolate chips, especially if you bought a package of chocolate chip cookies. It’s even worse that the cookie doesn’t even look like a good one to begin with, even if it has chocolate chips.

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Of course, we understand this person’s annoyance, and we would also demand a refund if something like this happened to us. This is deceptive advertising at its best—or worst. Is this even legal? Who else thinks they should be punished for this act? We definitely think so.

When You Thought It Couldn’t Be Bad

Life doesn’t have to be bad to you when all you want to do is bring cat litter to the basement, right? Unfortunately, it still does. Sometimes the box simply falls apart and creates a huge mess. And just like that, your day is ruined—or at the very least the next few hours.

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After all, cleaning the carpet might be a pain because something like cat litter is what gets it dirty. Perhaps he could just vacuum it, but we know how wrong that can go.

Everyone Would Look Defeated

This list has several debacles that involve vacuum cleaners. We can’t explain why—there must be something about those machines. Apparently, vacuum cleaners are things that cause problems for many people. But it seems like the culprit in this case was not the vacuum but the elevator.

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Whether it was the vacuum or the elevator, it’s obvious that this man wishes he could skip this day, go back to bed, and pretend it was just a nightmare. His day is clearly off to a terrible start. And we would bet that it even went downhill from there.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Let’s face it, would anyone feel like continuing this day if it began this way? We know we certainly wouldn’t. How could this person have possibly missed the noise that must have followed this disaster? We’re assuming they came home to this rather than waking up to it.

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We also want to know if there was a robbery or if this was caused by an earthquake. In any case, it might be among the worst things on this list. There aren’t many other things we can think of that would cause someone to feel as frustrated and defeated.

You Should Have Listened to Your Hunch

A broken TV? That will certainly sting. And if it’s such a big screen TV, you know that will hurt a lot. But it didn’t end there; this family also lost part of the fireplace. It will cost a lot to repair everything we see in this picture.

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Even the happiest people in the world will consider this a major blow. It is surely not what you want in your day. Chances are that this person has had better days. This hurts just to look at. Oh dear!.

Gordon Ramsay Would Be Fuming

Adding a little bit of pepper to your meal can really go a long way—but so can a lot of pepper. In fact, it could go too far. We bet this part of the egg that is covered in excess pepper will be inedible.

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You can already imagine how this incident happened. It’s a small accident that happens quite often, but it isn’t how you would like to start your day. And if you start things off this way, any thought of this day being a good one is gone.

Forgetfulness Can Cause Lots of Damage

There’s no better feeling than getting yourself a fresh haircut when your hair has gotten too full and out of hand. But we all know getting that cut could also get out of hand, and this poor guy would understand. He only forgot one thing.

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He only intended to give himself a quick trim and tidy up the mess that had grown on his head but ended up shaving that spot down to his scalp. We can only assume that after this incident, he decided to shave of the remainder of his hair.

Technology Can Be Dangerous

We’ve all experienced this – you’re in bed scrolling through your favorite social media platform. Suddenly, your hands give out on you, and your phone drops. Luckily, your mouth is there to break the fall. And this, of course, would hurt a bit. But how could you be so unlucky?

Source: Imgur

While this person’s face broke the fall, the phone returned the favor. It may not be the worst thing to happen, but it’s not something you’ll be happy with. He won’t spend lots of money repairing his phone’s screen, but he’ll be spending the money on dental work.

When You Try to Break Up the Fight

We need to ask why bad things seem to happen to good people. This poor girl was only trying to do the right thing and break up a fight in her apartment building. However, it didn’t quite end up well—not for the people fighting but for her.

Source: Imgur

The kids were all right in the end, but the good Samaritan went home with two sprained fingers and couldn’t play her piano for a week or two. Hopefully, playing piano was just something she loved doing and not her career. Otherwise, it could be worse for her.

A Melted Disaster to Start the Day

So while this isn’t the worst scenario that might have happened, this man is still right to complain. After all, nobody likes melted chocolate. Of course, he could decide to dump the bag of melted Reese’s into the refrigerator and let it solidify, right?

Source: Imgur

But that would only lead to a giant chunk of chocolate. Wait! On second thought, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. After all, chocolate and peanut butter go well together anyway—a delicious combination whether it’s in a small or chunk form. He should consider that.

She Didn’t Want It in Her Way

This one is so difficult to look at. No one, especially a professional photographer, would ever want to experience such a horrible situation. However, how are you expected to react when your child, who is three years old, doesn’t realize the damage she has just done?

Source: Imgur

After spending a lot of money on the repairs, we suppose you can just put the incident behind you for the time being and bring it up again when your child is older. Let’s just hope that this poor guy was able to get everything together before the photo session.

Destroying the Uber Driver’s Day and Soul

This is the type of thing that not only messes with a person’s day but can also crush their soul. Panda Express has just ruined this man’s soul. He’s just a hardworking guy trying to make ends meet and put food on his family’s table in this dog-eat-dog world.

Source: Imgur

However, he has ambitions beyond working as an Uber driver, and we have faith in him! But it doesn’t help that he cracked open his cookie and found this kind of fortune. Sorry, dude. Maybe this is the time to pick yourself back up and make your dreams come true!

Was It Sweet or Salty?

There is nothing better than getting up on a Saturday morning prepared to make pancakes. You proceed to whip up the batter, get some chocolate chips, and let it all form into pancake perfection. Next, you stack them high on your plate and add some butter on top.

Source: Imgur

What else? Yep, you reach out for the maple syrup—but it isn’t maple syrup. Instead, you grabbed the soy sauce bottle and wrecked all that fluffy goodness that made your mouth water a few minutes ago. The day couldn’t have started out worse. Perhaps you should skip the entire day.

No Cup ’O Joe This Morning

To be honest, we’ve all had our forgetful moments when performing a fairly mundane task. It also didn’t help this particular person that this happened quite early in the morning. Maybe they had a really rough night or slept late, and their mind was still fuzzy.

Source: Imgur

Remember, something like this can happen to anyone. It’s just a matter of when it will happen. We can only hope that it doesn’t happen to you first thing in the morning when you need a hot cup of coffee to get you through the day.

You’re One with Nature

Nature is a wonderful thing—we all know that. So it could be a magical experience to become one with it. But there’s a lot of difference between going on a hike in the woods under a warm sun and waking up to an ant pile in your bedroom.

Source: Imgur

Although we don’t know precisely how it happened, we do know that this particular person was probably not pleased to have discovered it first thing in the morning. Hopefully, after sending the picture to their friends, they let the ants know they’re not welcome in the house.

Parents Will Always Scold You

We’ve seen a few technology gaffes already on this list, and here’s one. These days, you can buy smart doorbells like the one in the picture below. This bell not only captures anyone who rings it but you can also operate it with a smartphone (surprise, surprise).

Source: Imgur

The downside is you could lock yourself out like this guy did. And if you have parents like his, they will scold you while you’re outside in the middle of the night and shine extremely bright lights in your face. We wonder when they finally let him in. Seconds? Minutes? Hours?

How to Stick the Landing

Sports can be a fun activity to do in your leisure time. But some sports aren’t the safest to choose for your pastime. And some of the most dangerous ones are winter activities such as skiing. This sport requires real athletic prowess as well as technique, coordination, and timing.

Source: Imgur

This amateur obviously lacked all of these. They had a relatively easy landing, thanks to all that snow at least. But if they could go back in time, they would definitely decide to stay warm and comfortable indoors with a nice book. Skiing is best left to the experts.

Not Yet an Adult

Graduation—ah! The day that each and every student eagerly anticipates. It’s a day when you can show everyone—especially your parents—that you are capable of stepping out into the world and leading a complete adult life. But in your mind, you have already become an adult long before that day.

Source: Imgur

However, this brilliantly caught graduation picture clearly shows that this youth still has a long way to go before becoming a functional adult. Good luck, kiddo. We are sure you will do great things. This was just a minor slip-up that could happen to anybody.

Enough Dough for a Week or More

There are many places that would be a dream to work at. From the outside, working in a bakery seems like a great and lovely thing, especially with those yummy, delicious goodies and their smell surrounding you throughout the day. But is it really that great?

Source: Imgur

It’s a high-stress environment, and you do a lot of work. That means certain things are sure to slip through the gaps. Here, it was the active yeast that slipped through the gaps in the trash because it was still growing. Now, who will clean up all this mess?

Tanned Girls Must Never Cry

Humans cry a lot because it helps us process tough emotions, reduces stress, and provides a cathartic experience. However, the urge to cry doesn’t always strike at the most convenient moment or place. Probably one of the worst times to start crying is shortly after having a spray tan.

Source: Imgur

This woman definitely couldn’t have picked a worse time to give in to her grief. And now that she’s ruined her tan, she’s probably feeling much worse. We’ll keep this in mind the next time we have a spray tan. Tanned people don’t cry. Seriously, though, we hope she’s fine.

The Pigeons Leave a Welcome Home Message

If no one is going to say it, we are. Pigeons are just rats with wings, and they’re also unhygienic. This is an awful demonstration of the extent of damage these winged pests can inflict in a matter of days. It is undoubtedly one of the worst welcome-home gifts.

Source: Imgur

They at least showed consideration by only polluting the shower. With running water so close by, cleaning up this terrible mess ought to be fairly easy. We advise them to also get some pigeon spikes for their next holiday. If not, they’ll be seeing this travesty again.

Blew a Little Bit Too Hard

Birthdays can be fun, but obviously, not always. The picture below is a moment before a disaster. It’s like one of those movie scenes where the video stops and the main character’s voice says, “Yes, that is me. You may wonder how I got into this situation.”

Source: Imgur

After such a birthday, we can only assume the woman wished that this birthday never happened. We wonder what they wished for and were so passionate about that they blew the whole cake away. We’ll never know. But one thing is sure—they wanted to restart the day.

Getting Inked All Over

Why is it that the office printer could work every day except the moment you need it urgently? It almost seems as if the annoying machine can sense your desperation and then decide to act up. While some companies have gone digital, some still rely on paper to function.

Source: Imgur

Anytime our office printer has a problem, it could be inconvenient, but it’s typically a paper jam or ink shortage that can easily be fixed. It’s obvious that this machine didn’t get fixed as quickly. We don’t want to be the unfortunate janitor responsible for cleaning up this mess.

Wake Up, You Sleepy Head

Coffee makers come in a wide range of designs, from the most basic one-button devices to the overly sophisticated, high-tech machines that should only be run by a NASA rocket scientist. Putting the cup the right way up is a straightforward instruction that everyone should remember

Source: Imgur

It doesn’t matter the type of machine you have. This is unquestionably a terrible way to begin the day. Not only was the delicious coffee completely wasted, but this person also had to start cleaning up early in the morning when they still hadn’t had their vital cup of coffee.

This Is So Lame

Let’s be honest. Almost half of the coolness factor the Ford Fiesta Flame has is the fact that it has the word FLAME written on the back in silver letters. That’s because the car itself is anything but cool. So what happens when you lose your “cool factor”?

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Now that the F has fallen off, what remains reveals the car’s true self—it’s completely LAME! Both the car and the poor owner were having a rough day overall. At least they no longer have to pretend to be cool. This person would want to restart the day.

Just Move Faster Next Time

So you just got your bike stuck in the train’s doors. We don’t want to sound insensitive, but maybe you were walking a little bit too leisurely to the train station, pal. Everyone knows the metro isn’t the place to slack. Trains are like time—they wait for no one.

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Who can blame them? They have places to be, hombre! Nevertheless, we hope the conductor had the courtesy to quickly open the door so this unfortunate man could recover his bike. Next time, this guy will walk faster.

Cats Are Always Scheming

We don’t want to imply that cats are evil or anything like that, but let’s just say that a dog would be considerably less likely to do something like this. After all, why would you put all these beauty products in a litter box with fresh feces?

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This woman’s cat was obviously plotting something, don’t you think? Of course, it’s possible that it simply enjoys knocking objects off counters, which cats seem to find amusing no matter the situation. But that won’t stop this woman from believing her cat did it on purpose.

Hot Liquid on a Paper Plate – What Did You Expect?

Even though we have a little sympathy for this person, we truly believe they deserve what happened. After putting hot liquid on a paper plate and a large amount of noodles in the middle, what did they think would happen? Of course, they had it coming.

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But hey, maybe they weren’t thinking clearly since they were sleepy. We’ll forgive them because everyone makes careless mistakes now and then. We simply pay more for some than others. And obviously, they paid dearly for this error. The day had already started poorly for them at 3:00 a.m.

No One Can Truly Predict the Weather

The only reason we can think of for this person owning a convertible is that he must live where having one makes sense. It wouldn’t make sense to have the top down if it snows regularly in this area. So maybe the weather just didn’t like him that day.

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And the weatherman had predicted snow. Maybe this person simply forgot to close the top of their convertible. Or maybe there were no signs that it would snow, so they left it open. We bet they were surprised when they woke up the next morning.

The Secret Ingredient Has Been Revealed

This is one of those instances where all we can do is wonder how the heck it ever happened. It’s such a ridiculous scenario that it almost feels staged. But we won’t say it’s impossible. We’ve seen even more absurd things on this list already, and we believe this happened.

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However, if these were their glasses, how did they bake the bread after losing their glasses in the dough? That seems to be the real question here. Unfortunately, we’ll be left wondering about this occurrence because this person didn’t go into detail about what happened.