Photos Captured at the Airport That Will Make Your Ribs Hurt

The next time you’re in an airport, take some time to just observe people. Unless you’re in a hurry, grounded by delays, or could miss your flight, the airport is one of the best places to people-watch. It’s not rocket science. Imagine putting that many people in one place.

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You’re bound to see some interesting moments. And sometimes, weird stuff. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best airport photos. Some will crack you up, but others will genuinely make you wonder what goes through some people’s minds. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight!

Do Not Trust Anybody

A drug-sniffing dog is specifically trained to detect and react to substances such as illegal drugs. Chances are that you’ve seen these dogs at least once before. These dogs do not trust anyone! Even their fellow custom dogs aren’t safe from these guys’ noses!

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A dog’s superior sense of smell — which is a thousand times stronger than a human’s — allows it to easily detect hidden narcotics and other contraband that would otherwise go undetected by customs inspectors. This dog probably thinks its fellow drug detector dog is a dirty cop!

Rocking Chair Everywhere He Goes

Waiting for your luggage to come can be tedious; in some cases, you may have to wait for hours, so this man chose to chill in a rocking chair. We understand airport officials can take a long time, but this guy could be taking things too far.

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He must have had quite the experience with his baggage to pull this off. Now, what we don’t know is whether he brought his own chair or if this airport just happens to have rocking chairs placed around the terminals. But we must admit it’s genius. We all love rocking chairs.

No Kisses Above 3 Minutes!

When we drop off our loved ones at the airport, we often know we won’t see them again for a long time. Those are the most difficult goodbyes to say because we know we’ll miss them. You hug your loved one and try to prolong the moment.

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But at the Aalborg Airport in Denmark, you’re only allowed three minutes. A special Kiss & Goodbye zone exists, where loved ones can park for a brief time to say goodbye to the individual traveling. This would be creepier if there were some guy around the corner with a stopwatch.

No Chance of Mixed-Up Luggage

Luggage mixups are frustrating, but this guy has found a solution. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — this man has the most unique customized luggage you’ve ever seen! There’s a photograph of the luggage’s owner on it. It feels like this man must have lost lots of bags in the past.

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We’re sure that won’t happen anymore, especially with this idea. When your gigantic face is practically plastered all over your luggage, no one will walk away with it or claim it as theirs. It might also be a funny gag gift. This one is definitely going on our to-do list.

Do Not Have an Emergency at This Location

“Out of Service” is something most of us have seen before. It’s irritating, but sometimes it’s for the best. But that’s not the case here. This out-of-service notice was spotted at the airport and is quite courteous.

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We hope people pay attention and don’t get themselves into an emergency anywhere near this phone. You’ll have to admit that while some “Out of Service” signs are understandable, this is certainly out of place. So, what if an emergency happens? We guess you’d have to take your crisis somewhere else.

Some Airport Aerobics to Bide Time

Why not do something productive and get some exercise while you wait for your flight? Staying in one spot for too long is bad for your health; you need to get up and move around. So why not join an aerobics session to stay in shape while waiting for a flight?

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It’s also a fun way to fritter away the hours. This person took it to a whole new level by doing some yoga poses on the moving walkway. She must have had a lot of free time on her hands. Would you join an aerobics class at an airport?

Santa’s Bag of Gifts…or Contraband?

Everybody loves Santa. But this is tough love from the airport security. They won’t give the nice guy a free pass! This hilarious photo is ironic, especially if Santa was trying to avoid the naughty list. We’re wondering what the reason behind this was. But one thing is sure…

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We’ll think twice about sitting on Santa’s lap next Christmas! Or we’ll cringe next time we hear him say “Ho ho ho!” It’s a lovely time of year, but maybe not for Mr. and Mrs. Claus this time around. We’re sure the cops had a field day with this one.

A Blind Pilot Flying You

You can joke about a lot of things, but the horror plastered on people’s faces when they’re told their pilot is blind would be epic! But seriously, is this guy blind, dressed like a pilot, or both? If he is a blind pilot, this explains the turbulence.

Source: Twitter

In any case, it’s both hilarious and a surefire way to scare new passengers. We think he’s just having fun if he’s a pilot, but is he? Pilots can’t be blind, can they? We’ll look that up, but in the meantime, thank goodness for autopilot!

BFFs At First Sight

This guy was going to surprise his family by traveling home for the holidays dressed like this. He met this stranger at the airport before the flight. It goes without saying that they became BFFs. The smile on their faces says it all. This is why we love airports!

Source: Imgur

What makes this unique is that their outfits aren’t just something you’d see anywhere. Christmas or not, this is a strange choice of material to make a suit from. Thankfully they spared the shirt and chose just white. Imagine if it was the same color.

James Van Der Beek Is Loving it

Actor James Van Der Beek is a fan favorite. And he seems to be unbothered by his celebrity status. As an actor who is popular among fans, he knows he’ll always be stopped by them everywhere he goes! But we wonder who took this picture. Could it be a fan?

Source: Twitter

Or maybe another TSA agent. Either way, the actor seems totally committed to participating in this photo op! He’s having a swell time with the security officer. Despite being patted down by security, his enormous grin has gotten us on board the James Van Der Beek train!

Baggage In, Baggage Out

Boredom is the best catalyst for creativity, and this guy appears to be having a great time, but what exactly is he up to here? This guy appears to be riding a motorized scooter in the middle of baggage claim. How did he get up there in the first place?

Source: Facebook

Admittedly, it looks fun. Just imagine zooming around the carousel on a scooter. He’s enjoying his job! It would be interesting to learn how long he managed to stay on the scooter before falling off. We know we said this looks fun, but you probably shouldn’t try this at home. It doesn’t look safe.

More on the Carousel Surfing

Are we missing something here? Because this seems like a popular thing at the airport. And this one is every bit as dangerous as the last one. This surfer seems nonchalant about her safety, perhaps because she knows she won’t be seriously hurt if she falls 2 feet to the ground.

Source: Tumblr

She even looks like a “pro carousel surfer.” But what if all of a sudden, the bags came out and swept her with them? It could be bad for her, but that would have been quite the sight. We’re pretty sure that’ll make waiting for your bags a lot more fun.

No Room for Legs

If you think you’ve seen some crazy things at the airport, wait till you get into the airplane. It’s absurd that we’ve got to pay extra on some airlines just to barely fit into a seat. Is asking for the ability to sit with your legs down and not bent in half too much?

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Or do airlines want us hanging on the aisles like buses now? Airlines are constantly altering their interiors to accommodate more passengers every trip. The passengers, on the other hand, are clearly suffering. Airlines may be making more money, but the reduction in legroom makes us want to avoid flying.

Roller Bag to the Airport

This makes us wonder if this person forgot there are things called “taxis.” In his defense, maybe there were none around. That’s the best explanation we’ve got to describe this image. This poor dude had best hope his small suitcase makes it to the airport in one piece!

Source: Reddit

If the airport isn’t too far away, he might have a chance. We’re not the Guinness Book of World Records, but something tells us this is the fastest a roller bag has ever rolled.

That’s Just Too Short

We’re not trying to tell people what to wear, but if you’re looking for a place where you can see the most daring outfits, the airport is close to the top of that list. Sometimes when you see someone’s outfit, you immediately think they’re going to a costume party.

Source: Reddit

Were these guys? This traveler looks like she’s about to hit a masquerade ball, especially with that Hello Kitty backpack and her matching socks. But this could just be her style. And that’s just what she feels comfortable in. We all have our styles, don’t we?

The Penguins of Japan

Although sushi suitcases aren’t something we’ve seen before, we can guess where this airport is located. To snazz up our suitcase game, we definitely want to invest in one of these sushi styles. Something tells us that stealing funny-looking luggage like this would be difficult!

Source: Flickr

It’s not popular, so it’ll draw attention. And you’d probably be asked where you bought it from like a hundred times by strangers. Hopefully, for their sake, these hungry penguins were able to clear all their food before embarking on their journey.

In Heather Graham’s Boots

What do you imagine Heather Graham’s boots contained that airport security was looking for? It appears she had to have her suitcase searched as well. What could they have found inside? Heather has nailed the laid-back-yet-sophisticated airport appearance. Don’t you see she blends in perfectly with the rest of the crowd?

Source: Imgur

But don’t get too enthusiastic. You wouldn’t be able to see her in line if you were there. As you may well know, fame will get you many things in life. And one of them is a special waiting area. She’ll still be searched just like anyone though. Maybe more thoroughly!

Traveling With the Pocket Monsters

ANA Airlines has taken its plane paint jobs to the next level. The details on this airplane paint job are just unique. This airplane was covered in a Pokemon-themed design. It was actually done as an advertisement for the release of Pokemon GO. What a cool way to fly.

Source: YouTube

How many kids do you reckon would have gotten excited by this? Not just kids; we also want to travel in style! And our gut tells us there were several extra Pokemon finds on board. Just look at the poke balls on the wing. An intricate design!

The Cyberman Loves First Class

Cybermen may be more electronic than biological, but that apparently doesn’t stop them from loving comfort. Even Cybermen desire polished shoes, and we can understand why; a single speck of dirt or dust will spoil their entire suit and make them appear far less intimidating.

Source: Facebook

But we bet you haven’t seen this before. It can only happen at airports. And just like you, we’ve got many questions. Was it just their feet or all their armor that was polished? We’re pretty sure getting these through security must be a total nightmare.

The Ryan Gosling Gloves

You can never catch Ryan Gosling off-guard. He’s always looking 10/10. But he might have taken this one too far. Someone needs to tell this renowned Canadian actor that gloves aren’t necessary in the sweltering heat! It seems like it’s something everybody knows except him.

Source: Tumblr

Jokes aside, he is dressed to impress as he walks through the airport. He appears to be quite willing to pose for paparazzi photos or fan selfies. The tortoiseshell sunglasses and brown suede jacket are a nice touch. Besides the fashion faux pas, Ryan is looking great!

Petition for Aisle Seats, Please

While some airlines keep altering their interiors to make room, there’s one thing they probably should consider — aisle seats. Paying for extra legroom is tricky because the person you end up sitting next to might desperately need that extra space. Poor guy. He must have been so upset.

Source: Reddit

Long flights with space constraints are never a nice combo, but in this situation, we truly feel for this poor guy. He’s caught in the middle and must feel trapped when he has to stretch or use the restroom. No one likes to sit in the middle.

Just Park it Anywhere

It seems parking lessons aren’t only a big deal when learning to drive: pilots struggle, too. If you were ready to board a plane, this isn’t how you’d want or expect things to go. Hopefully, no one was hurt, and the plane was empty at the time.

Source: Imgur

Ice isn’t great for any road trip, and as you can see, it’s definitely not suitable for a taxiing airplane. We’re sure this pilot has some explaining to do about why this mishap happened. Hopefully, there’s an acceptable reason!

Inside Kim K’s Shoes

Like other celebrities, Kim Kardashian must pass through airport security, even if she is carrying a hefty load and her baby in her arms. Nobody is safe from the TSA! Whether it’s dark shades or long leather boots, this diva always dresses to impress when she travels.

Source: YouTube

The airport is like her runaway. Is the obligation to remove shoes completely unnecessary and merely a reactionary measure in response to one person’s decision to hide anything in a shoe? Yes. So, is it wise to wear shoes that require 20 minutes and a gallon of oil to remove? No.

Diving Face First into a Nap

Many people are affected by lights and sound when sleeping. With the abundance of light and noise at the airport, it’s probably the worst place for someone whose sleep is affected by light and sound. But don’t fret, this lady has introduced the world to a ground-breaking discovery.

Source: Twitter

When you have a long layover, then it’s understandable that you’d want to rest your head for a quick nap. But this lady’s unusual sleeping position has to be turning some heads. Maybe she only wants to conceal her face so no one recognizes her. Is she a celebrity?

Handstand at the Airport

This guy has some incredible power holding his pal up with one hand. As if that wasn’t astounding enough, he’s also reading while he’s doing it! We’re curious how long it took after this picture for his friend to get tired of the position.

Source: Facebook

Perhaps a few seconds or more, but the entertainment value made it worth it. The people around are in awe of the strength of the seated guy and the one with the impressive balance up there. Considering how boring it is to wait, this should be considered a service to humanity.

Getting Creative with the Sleeping Position

If you’re looking for creative sleeping styles, the airport awaits. If you think you can’t sleep just about anywhere, you’ve never been exhausted enough. And this lady here shows us just how it’s done. We can’t help but feel this position has some human ostrich vibe to it.

Source: Tumblr

Her back will pay the ultimate price for this position when she wakes up. She has completely folded herself in half. The airport is packed with people sleeping all the time, and we don’t blame them. Airports are the world’s largest free hotels. But it’s not easy to sleep there.

Rihanna Can’t Get Past TSA

When it comes to airport security and the rigorous TSA, no one is immune. Not even Rihanna, one of the most famous people on the planet! She appears to be screened as well, and she does not look pleased.

It really doesn’t matter who you are.

Photo by GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

You’ll be treated equally when it comes to security (well, maybe not entirely equally). Don’t expect to see a celebrity when you travel next. Although celebrities must pass through security, they are given VIP treatment during boarding, so your chances of seeing them are minimal.

The Lady Gaga Airport Fashion Runway

After Kim K., Rihanna, and the like, Lady Gaga is another one whose presence at an airport draws attention. And not just because she’s a star. The flamboyant fashionista actress and singer raises the bar on airport fashion to new heights. She’s taking “runway” a little too seriously here.

Source: YouTube

These outfits have come straight from a fashion runway, not an airport! While most of us would prefer to be comfortable at the airport, Lady Gaga prefers to stand out, which we approve of. Imagine how many people she is entertaining. This is people-watching material at its absolute best!

The Hilarious Gwyneth Hair

Gwyneth Paltrow, an actress and wellness expert, looks hilarious in this airport blooper. We’re curious what Goop would say about this hair disaster. She certainly has some almond oil in her luggage, as well as an emergency brush, an aloe vera face mask, and some chia seeds and matcha tea.

Source: YouTube

All these will help calm her down. We have no doubt that the health queen will have some tricks up her sleeve. She always does, right? Either that or that she will be accompanied by a stylist who will assist her in getting out of this mess.

No Longer Upset About Their Missing Luggage

If you’ve never experienced a luggage mixup or worse, lost your luggage at the airport, thank your stars. It’s such a bad experience that you’ll unsurprisingly be upset. But this airport came up with a brilliant idea. Who’s going to claim these pieces of lost luggage?

Source: Flickr

Miss Philippines looked ravishing as she helped out with the lost luggage at this French airport. She cheerfully greeted travelers at the airport’s lost baggage claim, helping them find their lost property. This is a smart move to keep irate travelers from becoming upset when their luggage goes missing!

All the Sushi You Want

Someone, please tell us if we accidentally walked into an eatery instead of an airport. Don’t be deceived by the fact that this luggage claim in Japan seems like a fine dining establishment. These Sushi-roll-shaped suitcase covers added a special touch to these travelers’ luggage. Sounds like a smart move.

Source: Facebook

How many times have you picked up a piece of luggage only to discover it wasn’t yours?! That’s definitely not happening here. To distinguish their bags, people tie ribbons and slap stickers on them, but this seems like a lot more fun. We think this could make cool gifts!

The Future of Family Travel

These parents have come up with a brilliant idea that has revolutionized family travel. This is a fantastic idea for when your child is too exhausted to move, and it will also keep them from getting lost. Honestly, we also wouldn’t mind being wheeled around the airport that way.

Source: Twitter

But do we have to start throwing tantrums to get this? Come on, there’s no way anyone would want to carry this kid all around the airport with luggage, too. A bit of exercise is crucial, but that load is too big to handle! Props to this parent.

No Durians Allowed Beyond This Point

You’ll probably be shocked to hear there’s a fruit that’s illegal to have onboard an airplane. Yeah, you read that right. The durian is an unusual and exotic fruit with a foul odor. The durian is forbidden to bring on board in airports around the world.

Source: Tumblr

That’s because the odor would be unpleasant in such a confined place. But don’t feel guilty about the stinking durian; in some countries, you can’t bring any fruit on flights that depart from particular locations. We want to try this fruit! … Not on an airplane, though.

Waiting for Mr. Vader

There are things you see at the airport that sometimes you’ll consider spending your break at the airport just watching people and events unfold. We’re not sure if this was a brilliant marketing strategy or just some die-hard Star Wars fans who couldn’t wait for the movie to come out!

Source: Twitter

When the most recent Star Wars film was set to debut, these stormtroopers were seen waiting around the Denver International Airport. Whether superfans or not, this concept did not go unnoticed, and it sparked some discussion and enthusiasm about the next film. Do you think this was a marketing ploy?

Smile for the Camera

Other than watching them on television or at concerts, airports are easy places to spot celebs. While these superstars are allegedly also normal people, we really can’t believe that because no ordinary person gets stopped from time to time to pose for pictures and give autographs.

Source: Facebook

Nicolas Cage must have thought he had escaped the nonsense only to sit next to an enthusiastic fan who took a photo with him. We’ll assume she didn’t show it to him for approval after because he looks exhausted. It had to be a long flight!

Dead or Dead Asleep?

Is this person dead or merely sleeping? To pass the time at the airport, people play a goofy game called “dead or dead asleep.” With this airport traveler, we can’t really tell. He appears to have given up on life, lying motionless on the moving walkway.

Source: Flickr

You’d think that standing would suffice, but he had to have been EXTREMELY exhausted. Who isn’t? Almost everyone is tired at the airport. That poor guy is in desperate need of rest! We hope someone at least called 911 or airport security to check if he’s OK.

The Beastie Boys Are in Charge

“Well, if that’s what the display says…” It appears that whoever put this on display has a good sense of humor. “Fight for Your Right” is a well-known song from the Beastie Boys. The rest of the lyrics sound like this: “You wake up late for school, man…”

Source: Reddit

“…you don’t want to go. You ask your mom, please? but she still says, no. You missed two classes and no homework, but your teacher preaches class like you’re some kinda twerp… You gotta fight for your right to party.” The Beastie Boys are in charge!

Blonde Superstars Don’t Get Free Passes

Yet another story of the strict TSA agents. We hope they get raises at work regularly because they’ve got quite the reputation. Even two of the most popular female superstars, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, couldn’t get past these TSA officials! Sorry ladies, even blonde bombshells don’t get free passes.

Source: Tumblr

Even while walking through security, these celebrities manage to look good and camera-ready. Impressive. It must be a pain to walk through an airport like that, so we admire them for keeping their cool and looking cool as they made their way to the gate. Good job, ladies!

The Larger-Than-Life BMW

This ad was found near an airport in Hamburg, Germany. It has a larger-than-life BMW. Imagine walking through the airport, getting ready for your flight, and coming face to face with a gigantic BMW grill. It can make you want to buy a brand-new car.

Source: Imgur

We’re sure a lot of people came to touch and feel this enormous sign. It’s quite engrossing; well done, BMW! This could be a good item to add to the list of things you can do while waiting for your flight. It’s a nice backdrop for great photos.

Some Stress-Relieving Advertisement for You

With this innovative advertisement, getting off the plane and into reality has become a little more exciting. At the very least, travelers will be entertained while they wait for their bags. They made it appear as if people were swimming through the baggage claim area. Unusual, but brilliant.

Source: Tumblr

Everyone knows how difficult it is to wait for your stuff. “Will my luggage even come out?” is certain to cross your mind, so this amusing promo helps to make the experience a bit less worrisome. Before you know it, you’ll get lost in the stress-relieving ads.

Hats Made of Watermelon

Humans have lived with the belief that we’re not alone in the universe and there are aliens. We don’t know where you stand on that topic, but these guys seem to believe UFOs and aliens are lurking around. And they’re bent on keeping these extraterrestrial figures from reading their minds.

Source: Facebook

If you’re used to tinfoil hats, then these guys have introduced a new, eco-friendly way to get the job done. We can’t help but wonder about the adventure they’re about to have. Or maybe they’re Saskatchewan Roughriders fans. They’ve got a proud history of wearing watermelon hats!

Through the Caribbean Sea, Then

Johnny Depp is known for traveling in luxury, especially with his accessories. His vacation to Australia with his now-ex-wife Amber Heard, on the other hand, was a disaster. They attempted to illegally fly their dogs into one of the world’s strictest countries on their private plane.

Photo by Jun Sato/GC Images/Getty Images

They were rejected and told to turn their plane around. Being famous might get you some additional perks that regular folks don’t get, but certainly not smuggling a dog in. We reckon he might consider going through the Caribbean Sea. He’ll get a better welcome there, right?

Jennifer Doesn’t Look Pleased

When it comes to airport security, no one is safe. Especially with the TSA agents breathing down your neck. Just ask Jennifer Hudson, an actress and singer. She does not look so happy with the fact that she had her head searched when passing through security.

Source: YouTube

Jennifer Hudson has a great sense of style, but we’re curious as to what she’s thinking about her hair invasion right now. Obviously, she isn’t hiding anything beneath her clothes, but we suppose they must take all necessary precautions. We’re sure the security guards are a bit star-struck right now!

Take Your Pants Down, Sir

Yet another example of the TSA agents’ intense work. We’re sure you’ll find lots of amusement just watching them dispatch their duties. TSA appears to be getting a lot more zealous nowadays. They also don’t seem to have any shame at all. After all, they’re just doing their jobs, right?

Source: Reddit

What might he have been hiding in there? We’ll probably never know, but this poor man appeared to be far too tired to protest. He seemed to remove his trousers without reluctance. Perhaps he’d been dragged aside for a pat-down one too many times and was too tired to fight.

Blankets You Can Read

This guy made the best of an unavoidable situation that we’ve all experienced and probably hates sleeping in airports. He is blocking the bright lights from his eyes by wearing a newspaper as a hat. But that wasn’t the only thing he did with the newspaper.

Source: Flickr

He must have been cold, too, because he wrapped himself in another newspaper as a makeshift blanket. He pulled up a luggage cart and placed his feet up to complete his airport bed. At least he’ll have some light reading to do when he wakes up. Props for ingenuity.

Looking Hot While At it

Just like the rest of us, even celebrities like Eva Longoria can’t escape the dreaded airport security. But one thing is while our faces are rumpled and we’re tired, these celebrities still manage to look good for the camera while doing it. That must be a skill.

Source: Imgur

It’s impressive. But don’t go to the airport thinking you might bump into Eva Longoria, Steve Harvey, or Will Smith. That’s because being insanely rich and famous comes with lots of perks. You won’t see these guys standing in line waiting to board a plane like the rest of us.

More Cuteness Than You Can Handle

Someone has spilled all their puppies! Please bring a mop and bucket to Terminal 19. Aren’t these fluffy pups waiting at the airport cute? They look tired and in need of a nap after what was sure to have been a lengthy playtime. And what’s more adorable? They have their own stuffed animals!

Source: Tumblr

This is so cute; our hearts are filled! We would have really loved to be on this flight. Can we all agree to have such adorable puppies on every flight? But on a serious note, these puppies further alight how much time we waste at the airport. They’re sleeping!

Smiling Through it All

It’s fair that celebrities must go through airport security. It’s all for safety. However, it’s quite remarkable that they travel in elegance and remain camera-ready even through routine duties such as airport security! Jennifer Love Hewitt looks casually chic and maintains her cool.

Source: YouTube

We just want to reiterate what we’ve already said: While you may see a star or two passing through security, they are unlikely to be seen standing in line with the rest of us. Celebrities can wait in VIP sections at most major airports!

The TSA Isn’t Perfect After All

The TSA may be strict, but they’re still human. In fact, their failure rate is an eye-opener. Despite all the time, effort, and money spent beefing up airport security, the TSA fails an unbelievable percentage of the time, either in terms of equipment or procedures.

Source: YouTube

They failed more than half of the time, according to a source familiar with the classified DHS assessment. The DHS stated that it offered eight unique recommendations to the TSA to fix its game, even though the (leaked) findings are still classified. We hope they implement them quickly!

The Airport’s Tapestry Crew

An advantage of people-watching is that you learn new things. Especially at the airport where people try different things. We’ve seen lots of entertainment, but we’ve also learned some ways to be comfy. All those bright airport lights and loud noises can sometimes keep you awake.

Source: Twitter

And stop you from sleeping soundly. This family is onto something. They carried blankets and other materials with them to cover their heads and sleep soundly. These beautifully colored shawls were likely purchased from a lucky beach vendor. We’ll surely try this next time. Thanks, guys!

The Canine Co-Pilot

We mentioned earlier that Johnny Depp was rejected because of his dog, but the rules are different everywhere. Small dogs weighing less than 20 pounds are allowed to board flights with their owners and sit in the plane’s cabin, but owners can’t just bring their pets onboard.

Source: Twitter

Dog owners must adhere to a few laws and restrictions before being allowed to travel with their pets. We’re not sure how this cute little guy managed to board the plane. But passengers on this trip appear to have had their fair share of in-flight entertainment!

The Airport Has a Runway

Airplanes may have a runway, but some people also use the airport as theirs too, especially celebrities, considering how they always look camera-ready. But this is no celebrity. The woman in this photo does not look like someone you would assess negatively at the airport.

Source: Facebook

Her skintight dress and wedge heels, combined with her photoshoot-ready hair and makeup, give the impression that she is preparing to enter a photoshoot or movie set. She appears to be taking the airport runway too seriously. Maybe she’s fashion week-bound and needs all the practice she can get.

Another ‘Dead or Dead Asleep’ Case

This looks like it happens quite often. Should we be concerned? She should have probably known that she should be sleeping near other travelers. This is how airport security ensures they are real travelers rather than homeless people, which can be difficult to separate in some airports.

Source: Flickr

What’s more concerning is that this lady appears to be too calm. Is she just tired? While tourists sleeping in airports are typically safe, a few unwelcome touches and gadgets have gone missing! So, whether you’re pretending to be dead or sleeping, be wise and cautious!

Take All the Space You Want

An airport is a place where you might find a lot of people sleeping just about anywhere. Why not, between delays, stopovers, and arriving early, among many other things. Take this lady. She’s out cold on this wooden chair, but it doesn’t appear to be very comfy.

Source: Reddit

But she doesn’t seem to mind. She has practically thrown off her shoes and put up her feet. You must wonder what it was about this modest airport chair that made her feel so at ease. Maybe she has something similar at home. Maybe she’s just exhausted.

Converting Chairs into a Bed

Another entry into our airport sleeping chronicles. When you’re weary and must catch a long-haul connecting flight, there’s nothing worse than not being able to snuggle up in a nice, cozy bed and sleep off your jet lag as you wait for the next leg of the journey.

Source: Facebook

However, you can always make a makeshift bed out of airport furniture as a last resort. While sleeping in some airports is technically against the law, this tired traveler found a way to get some rest. We just hope no emergency forces her to stand up quickly.

Improvising With Your Sleep

Airports can be a weird place at times, but if you’re looking for a good laugh, you’ll usually find it. Take this guy, for instance. He transformed an unpleasant situation into something usable, a cozy sleeping couch. We’re not sure we’d want to sleep with the red suitcase as a pillow.

Source: Facebook

We’re also curious why he chose that as his source of comfort during this catnap. A rolled-up sweater would have been better, right? In any case, huge credit to this guy for not worrying what anyone thinks, and here’s to hoping he doesn’t wake up with a stiff neck!

Just a Quick Nap

Sleeping in airports isn’t just illegal in many places, it’s also dangerous. But it doesn’t seem like many people care, especially as it’s a cheap travel choice for many people. That does not mean it is at all comfortable. This isn’t going to be a fancy night at the Ritz.

Source: Imgur

In fact, we can’t think of a more inconvenient place to sleep. For whatever reason, this adorable duo decided to snuggle up and sleep right here on this bench. We’re curious as to how many minutes of sleep they got while using each other as human headrests!

Bears on the Runway!

Greetings from Alaska! Onlookers freaked out when they spotted this polar bear on an Alaskan airport’s runway. It’s not unusual for airports to have problems with bird strikes, but incidents like this one in frigid Alaska are rare. Take a look at what’s going on here.

Source: YouTube

A polar bear found its way onto a runway at Utqiagvik. The protected marine mammals cannot be hazed or chased by airport staff. Thankfully, the bears raced toward a snow pile rather than airport buildings or equipment, where they could have posed a threat to persons outside vehicles.

Anything Is Possible with Sunshine and a Little Pink

It’s just that there’s nothing “little” about this pink. His statement bag makes it difficult to not like his outfit. We reckon New York Fashion Week is the destination. Or maybe he’s a celebrity gone undercover. If you don’t want to look like a giant chunk of bubblegum…

Source: Twitter

…then you should probably avoid taking fashion tips from this pink fanatic. We believe it’s safe to say that if you want to be completely assured that no one speaks to you at the airport or on the plane, this is the way to go. Genius.

Do You Know Who I Am?

Poor Fergie! She ran into some issues while going through security at the airport. They forced the singer to pass through many security checkpoints and undergo a pat-down. Fergie appeared to be in a rage. If you were Fergie, wouldn’t you be? Celebrities are famous for a reason…

Source: Imgur

…they aren’t going to hijack the plane and keep the passengers hostage for ransom. Celebrities really don’t do those things. Don’t get us wrong, you can check. But could you imagine Fergie the Terrorist, for example? TSA, what the heck are you doing?

Oliver Kahn Saves the Day

We had to find out more about this innovative way to arrive at the airport! And we did… As it turns out, Adidas opted to practically throw players into the public as part of their massive buildup to the FIFA 2006 World Cup with their +10 Impossible Team campaign.

Photo by Sandra Behne/Bongarts/Getty Images

TBWA had developed a massive outdoor campaign on the route leading to and from Munich Airport, showcasing German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn leaping in to prevent a goal. The artwork is displayed on a bridge that spans the highway, in violation of German legislation, which prohibits such advertising on the autobahn.

So It’s Not About Gen Z, Then…

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard people complain about this generation’s addiction to gadgets, especially cell phones. They go everywhere with them and can’t seem to spend one minute without checking the screen or scrolling through the device. Who complains most about this? Yeah, you’re right. Millennials.

Source: Twitter

But if you go to the airport, you might find that this may not be a Gen Z problem. Have you seen millennials suffer from this same terrible phone addiction? If you’ve chastised the youngins for their addiction, then this image will show you that they may not be the worst.

The Olympics Plane Pull

As fascinating as it was to watch a large bunch of small people pulling an airplane, we needed to do some research to figure out what was going on. According to Google, a Plane Pull is a very common event. The Special Olympics Plane Pull is a massive tug-of-war.

Source: Reddit

It pits teams of up to 15 people against a plane to see who can pull a 50-ton plane 12 feet the fastest. Different airlines and airports often perform their own fundraising plane pulls. Who would have thought? We hope there aren’t people on the plane though.

Plank on the Escalator

What an innovative concept! This goofy airport goer is spotted here planking on an escalator! Imagine how bored he had to be to attempt the plank challenge on an old airport escalator. How long do you think he did this for before deciding he’d had enough fun?

Source: Tumblr

What led him to believe that this was the best way to spend his time here? Would you have joined in and planked next to him? This shot also raises the age-old question: is this guy dead or dead asleep? So many questions.

Airport Advertisers Are Clever

The airport is an excellent location for businesses to invest in major advertising. Advertisers can reach more customers because passengers come and go all day and night! Mini Cooper has gotten a lot of mileage out of airport advertising. They ran a one-of-a-kind advertising campaign at several airports.

Source: Twitter

They created a billboard that makes it appear as if the baggage claim belt is delivering the bags directly into the car’s trunk. What a brilliant idea! We feel like buying a Mini Cooper to see if the trunk capacity can carry thousands of people’s belongings!

The Moving Walkway Hijinks

Nobody likes layovers — except perhaps these students! They’re having the time of their life creating moves on this moving walkway. They’re doing whatever it takes to pass the time on this sidewalk by getting into these bizarre poses. We almost didn’t see the guy on the floor supporting them all!

Source: Facebook

Here’s where you can talk about teamwork. They appear to be attempting to form the shape of a letter or simply trying to get some chuckles. In any case, we find it amusing. Hopefully, the bottom guy will be able to keep them all together!

Not What Zyndy Was Expecting

We’ve been in uncomfortable situations with our parents growing up. Most times, they didn’t mean to embarrass us and actually wanted to help. But Zyndy, or whatever that name is, certainly wasn’t expecting this. “Brenda! We need to get to the airport, so fetch me ma greetin’ trousers!”

Source: Facebook

After not seeing their daughter for months while she was gone, this family decided to embarrass her at the airport. Edmontonians have a good sense of humor! Or do they? They claim that they don’t generally dress this way, but they have these flawlessly coordinated costumes, which is incredibly suspicious!