Pool Constructions That Failed to Meet Expectations

The major material needed for this construction are dozens of Heineken boxes, and about $1,000 is needed to purchase these boxes. Just like the popular saying, “there are many ways to skin a cat,” there are several ways to build pools. The Heineken bottles will serve as structures.

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Once the structure has been created, the inside will be lined and filled up with water. The setup will come out very neat and comfortable, only that it cost so much, $1,000 is an incredible amount to spend on pools. It’s advisable to get a hot tub instead and spend the cash you’ve left on a couple of beers. Consume the beers instead of using it as a construction material.

Ever Thought of Making a Trash Bin Pool?

Well, making a trash bin pool requires a trash can and it’s quite easy to come across trash cans, so this makes the cost of construction of this kind of pool free. Most homes in Australia have this kind of pool. Are you staying in Australia and looking to get a trash bin pool? Well, this is how to get one.

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You have to thoroughly clean up the trash bin before filling it up with water and bathing in it. Sitting in an unclean trash bin is unhealthy and makes you feel uncomfortable. The pool basically has to do with cleaning up a trash bin, filling it up with water and relaxing in it.

Looking to Create a Carpool?

Well just as the name implies, the major material needed here is an old car, and this could cost about $500 coupled with other constituents. Creating a car-pool isn’t easy, as the car will definitely be in a wretched condition, with the top half sawn off, lots of rips on the inside, and the liner going inwards.

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Odds will be found around, and you will try to get rid of them. Getting rid of odds? Well, this might sound crazy, but it’s not logical to just check out an old car, and assuming it would make a perfect pool without checking out the odds present and how you can get rid of them.

Heard of the Indoor Pool?

Materials needed to make an indoor pool include a tape and a plastic sheet. Using the tape around your living room and filling up the space with water is a bad idea. No matter how hot outside can be, destroying your belongings on the inside just because you want comfort isn’t worth it at all.

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An indoor pool is a makeshift pool as you can’t always have water in your living room. Emptying an indoor pool is quite easy. You can’t start emptying the indoor pool by opening your windows, getting buckets to scoop water out of the room. Either of these processes are cheap and straightforward, but it’s not advisable to try them out without the guidance of a professional.

How to Come about Dumpster Diving

For a successful dumpster dive, you’ll be needing an old dumpster, water supply, and wooden steps for support. You’ll need about $200 for a successful dumpster dive. Dumpster diving is seen as a perfect substitution for a paddling pool as kids also have fun in it.

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Make sure the old dumpster that you decide to use is old fashioned and has a rigged water supply system; it could also have wooden steps. Dumpster diving isn’t as cheap as you might presume, but the point still remains that the children will look happy and have fun with it.

Construction of a Reverse Boat. What Does This Entail?

For a reverse boat, you’ll be needing a sheet, boat, and wood. The total cost for the construction of a reverse boat is about $100. The boat will be lined with sheeting, and the sides will be properly secured using wooden slats. A hose could be used to supply water to the boat. Although there could be other structures added to the reverse boat construction, this is the basics.

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The reverse boat is a labor of love for American patriots. The reverse boat structure goes really well with alcohol. The refreshing taste of the alcohol is the finesse.

Constructing a Hay Bale Pool

To successfully construct hay bales, you will be need plastic sheets, and about two dozens of hay bales. The materials needed for construction will cost about $150, and this estimate doesn’t even include the hay. A hay bale pool is a summertime perfection as it serves the same purpose as a professional pool.

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You get to create a perfect hay bale pool when you stack up the hay bales correctly in an oval shape, line up the outer part and fill up the closure with water. The hay bale pool is fun and safe to chill in and you need not worry about wood scraps poking you in the eye.

What Makes Up a Perfect Tent Pool?

Making a perfect tent pool requires a lot, but some of the basic constituents include string and tent. The estimated cost to construct a tent pool is about $100 well which isn’t pricey. You might probably be wondering how you can possibly construct a pool without a sheeting or liner. Well, here’s the trick.

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Get a heavy-duty string, a rigid fence, and a fire hose. Coupling these constituents together perfectly gives you a solid one-man pool. A tent pool basically gives you everything you need; wines and alcohols are proximal with a tent pool.

An Inground Pool Construction

For an inground pool construction, you’ll be needing shovels, lots of muscle, a hose, a prayer, and a firm liner. The estimated cost of building an inground pool is about $100. Most pools start as wide holes in the ground however, they aren’t just wide, they are also properly lined, constructed with a top-notch water pump system. This system keeps germs out.

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Keeping germs off is very important as no one would like to spend a few more dollars on medical bills when E. coli could have easily been avoided during construction. Work with good shovels and make sure they are not contaminated or rusty.

How an En-Tire Pool is Constructed

For a firm En-Tire pool, a liner and an old tractor tire are needed. To construct the perfect En-Tire pool, you’ll need about $20. With just $20, you can make your own fun! How? Well, here’s how it works.

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Find a big ol’ tire. The tire could be lying around, or you could decide to purchase one at just $20. With a tape and a big ol’ tire, your makeshift pool is complete. The pool will be large enough to brighten up your summertime. Having summer in an En-Tire pool will definitely be worthwhile as the level of comfort you stand to get is pretty amazing.

The Perfect Cooler Pool for Kids

For a cooler pool, you’ll be needing a cooler this is more like the main item needed to construct a cooler pool. You can always get coolers for free, so constructing a cooler pool really doesn’t cost anything. Coolers aren’t big, and this makes them perfect for the function as kids also aren’t big so they fit in it perfectly.

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A major downside of the cooler pool is that other activities like dancing or pool fights can’t happen, as there isn’t enough space. The cooler pool is just meant for kids to relax and float peacefully; it’s not really for vigorous activities.

How are Private Pools Constructed?

To build private pools, you’ll need trash bags; trash bags cost nothing, or at most $1. You’ve definitely been in a position where you felt really hot and willing to give anything just for you to cool off, or have you ever been tipsy and felt like wrapping yourself up in trash bags, sticking a hose inside the pool, or transforming into a water balloon?

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Well, if you’ve ever been in that position, you probably needed a private pool where you will have good naps, as in situations like this, private pools are the only viable options.

Building a Pool Above the Ground

To construct a pool above the ground, an entire pool and top-notch special awareness is needed. Building a pool above the ground is priceless. The idea of building a pool above the groundworks perfectly on a paper; you simply have to buy a pool and position it in the garden. You might also have to dig in a suitable hole in the garden so that the pool will be laid perfectly.

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Aesthetically, there’s nothing secure about this monstrosity as it has to do with continuous digging and controlled placement. A pool constructed above the ground can’t be easily removed except it’s bulldozed.

Building a Pool Wagon for Summer

A pool wagon is one of the best things that could happen to an individual during summer. For its construction, you’ll be needing a wagon and a liner. These constituents cost about $30. Having a pool wagon is one of the best ways of keeping your children pleased during summer. Adults also see a pool wagon as a solution to heat during summer.

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Constructing a pool wagon is quite straightforward, all you need to do is to obtain an old wagon, line it up, and fill the interior with water. The setup doesn’t look thrilling, and it’s way cheaper than installing an air conditioner. A pool wagon can be compared to an AC as they serve similar functions.

Having a Pool-Within-A-Pool

As the name suggests, you’ll be needing two pools for this construction. The total cost for this construction is about $500. This construction basically involves placing a swimming pool inside a swimming pool. This pool construction looks like the most perfect setup in history. It’s seen as a way of revamping an old pool. Instead of replacing a pool, why not refurbish it?

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Just like fixing a Band-Aid to a damaged finger, this construction involves putting condemned pools into optimal use. Water in pools like this are always clean and void of bacteria and other microorganisms. A pool-within-a-pool is a good option for summer.

Building a Homemade Hot Tub for a Good Summer Experience

For this construction, you’ll need a pool, a steady water supply, and a firm trash can. The cost of building a homemade hot tub is about $150. You’ll most likely not spend only $150 as some other minor expenses will also be incurred. There’s nothing like taking a long nap in a homemade hot tub after a long day in summer.

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Hot tubs are quite expensive, and not all individuals can afford the luxury, but cost shouldn’t be a barrier when you’re looking to taste this luxury. Constructing a hot tub at home doesn’t involve rigging your pool water system to heat the water. It’s not that complicated.

Looking at Summer in a Stock Tank Pool?

A stock tank pool requires a liner and a firm stock tank. About $200 is needed to construct a top-notch stock tank pool. In the history of makeshift pools, the stock tank pool has always been a good idea for summer holidays. Its more fancy compared to other pools as it uses electric tapes.

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The electric tapes make the stock tank pool a little more expensive than other pools, but because of the comfort that the stock tank pool gives, we can say it’s worth the price. The stock tank pool sometimes has a slide on the slide, this slide gives it extra spice.

Summer in a Green Lagoon

Having a pool in your home yard is no doubts, one of the best things that can happen to you, however, this will cost you extra cash, and it’s also quite expensive to maintain. A green lagoon costs about $5,000 to tidy up yearly. However, you can decide not to maintain the lagoon and turn it into a swamp after use.

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To turn it into a swamp, all you need to do is to create a dash of E. coli and perhaps try to sprinkle a variety of Steph infections. Stew up the mixture for about 8 weeks and watch the black lagoon Forman’s creatures pop up.

Building a Pickup Truck Pool from Scratch

To build a pickup truck pool you’ll be needing a liner and a pickup truck. The total cost of building a pickup truck is about $30. Pickup truck pools are wonderful, serving several purposes. Not only can these pickup truck pools transport furniture from one point to another, but they can also serve as pools for mobility.

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A pickup truck pool can be constructed using a plastic liner, a hose, and a couple of beers. Although the whole setup isn’t really fashionable, you’ll get that comfort that you seek. The hose helps facilitate a steady supply of water.

Engineering a Too-Hot Tub for Summer

For a Too-Hot tub, you’ll have to get a wheelbarrow and a plastic pool. The total budget for a too-hot tub is about $150. Everyone loves a nice hot tub, who doesn’t want to kick back and enjoy the bubbles? The need to take dips is so essential that most people tend to risk their lives for it.

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The too-hot tub is plastic, so it’s definitely going to melt if it gets hot. This time, you’ll have worries that the wheelbarrow will fall over, and the hot water contained in it could pour onto an unsuspecting soul. The case of a too-hot tub is natural selection.

Building a Deep Drive

A car working in a perfect condition and a terrible driver are the major constituents of a deep dive. Building a deep drive is priceless and we all know how awkward it is to be stuck in a ride during the summer, especially when the car doesn’t have an Air Conditioner. The feeling is basically like languishing in the devil’s stomach. At this time, what most people wish for is opening up the window and catching a glimpse of fresh air.

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Being stuck in a ride is quite uncomfortable, and at this moment, people tend to want to have that nice pool experience so badly. They would just want to get out of the car.

Main Heating Hack for Pools

Trash bags and Hula hoops are needed for the heating hack of pools. The total cost for the heating hack of pools is about $15. What do you do when your pool is too cold and a fancy?

Heated water isn’t proximal? Well, you might decide to just endure, but that’s not the right action. With hula hoops and trash bags, you can gorgeously warm water in under a few hours.

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To warm up the water, stretch the trash bags around hula hoops and suspend them in the water; these aid floating. The sun also helps heat up the bags and the water. Hula hoops and trash bags are heating hacks that don’t harm the Earth.

Gather ‘Round the Campfire Pool

You should have a source of fire and giant steel bowl to accomplish this kind of pool construction. The total cost of this kind of pool construction is about $500. This pool construction seems like a strange idea, but surprisingly the giant steel bowl used which aim at making human stew, are becoming a lot more popular. Some wood is always placed underneath and this wood helps heat the bowl nicely.

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With an average cost of about $500, this pool construction is definitely not cheap. An enforced bowl with a very firm structure costs a lot, however, the experience is fabulous!

Grill and Chill Pool Construction

Liner, tape, grill, and truck are all needed for the construction of a grill and chill pool. The total cost of a grill and chill pool is about $100. The grill and chill pool construction isn’t the best craftsmanship you will see in the market. The liner doesn’t go across the truck neatly, and the tape doesn’t hold it firmly in place. Having a grill close to water seems like an intentional disaster so it isn’t so good.

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People taking dips show that the grill and chill pool construction is built for people to have a nice time, so it’s probably worth building for summertime. The grill and chill pool construction also make its users vulnerable to food poisoning.

Building a Muddy Money Pit Pool

Ever thought that an unused swimming pool could be used? Well, alongside plenty of bacteria, you can construct a muddy money pit pool. Although strange, the cost of building a muddy money pit pool is reputation. Getting a used pool with plenty of bacteria is quite easy.

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This is because kids pee in swimming pools, rendering the pools useless and making them a proper breeding ground for bacteria, because of the level of bacteria, muddy money pit pools are heavily treated with chlorine. No one wants to swallow a mouthful of bacteria.

Summer in a Ramen Noodle Bath

A ramen noodle bath comprises hot water, ramen, and broth. The estimated cost of a ramen noodle bath is about $25,000. When you’ve thoughts of ramen noodles, you tend to think it’s something cheap and basic, but has quality. Well, you’re not far from the truth having this thought.

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Ramen noodles don’t also serve the feeding function, they are also used for bathing. The Ramen Noodle bath is popular in Japan and used at the popular Yunessun Spa house, it’s popular in Japan because somehow, this pool depicts their tradition. In a Ramen Noodle Bath, you can easily soak your limbs in pork broth or a giant bowl of pepper-flavored broth, depending on your preference.

Having a Fun Summertime in Gutter Pool

With a gutter pool, you’ll have the best summertime ever. Materials needed for constructing a gutter pool include gutter and heavy rain downpour. It costs absolutely nothing to construct a gutter pool as most of its constituents come naturally.

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All you need to do is to patiently wait for heavy rain downpour, wait for it to fill up and overflow, then hop in it, and enjoy the experience. You might have thoughts of the gutter pool being very dirty. Well, that’s not the case as the gutter pool is cleaner than you’d have assumed. It’s also void of bacteria.

Checking out Another Dumpster Dive for Summer

You’ve probably heard about dumpster diving before but didn’t pay much attention to it. Dumpster diving requires a tarp, dumpster, hose, and ladder. The estimated cost of building a dumpster dive is about $30. This makes it quite affordable for homeowners.

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The dumpster dive is what you’d think of when looking for cool play and relax time after a hot day full of activities. You can construct your dumpster dive by putting down a giant tarp in a dumpster then fill up the setup using a hose. You can also decide to add a ladder to the dumpster so that owners can go in and out of the pool with ease.

No Pool? Doesn’t Hinder an Interesting Summer

Another group of individuals looking to have that pool experience using just a hose and tarps. This construction will cost about $10. Tarps are versatile and this makes them most suitable for this kind of pool construction. All you need to do is to carefully put down a blue tarp behind a pickup and fill up the pickup with water, this setup gives the perfect pool for summer.

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Driving around this kind of pool construction is illegal as taps are quite cheap. All you need to do is to hook up a hose and ensure the water supply is void of bacteria. Hats off for this innovation as it’s straightforward and doesn’t leak.

30. Above/Below Ground Pool Giving a Great Pool Experience

Just as the name implies, a major constituent of this kind of pool is a broken above-ground pool. Setting up this kind of pool is quite expensive as you’ll be spending an average of $1,800. How individuals came about this pool is totally unclear, however, there’s no harm in speculating.

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It all started when a homeowner decided to settle for an in-ground pool, he then decided to dig a wide hole in the ground and fix an above-ground pool in it. Making mistakes while fixing an above-ground pool is not cool, which is why owners are extra careful when digging the holes and fixing the pool. Cleanup cost is high!

Building a Wee Pool to Cool Off

Only a toilet is needed to construct a wee pool. It costs about $620 to build a wee pool. Kids can’t do without wee pools. A wee pool started when a kid decided that he couldn’t cope with the fact that his mother always prevented him from using the pool neither was she ready to let him soak himself up in the sun outside.

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He decided to create a pool that will serve both purposes. He had already mounted the toilet seat before he realized he wasn’t taking the right step. Toilet water is freezing and gross, this condition made him stuck in the toilet.

Building the Country Pool for Summer

Hay bales, hoses, and tarps have to be proximal for a successful country pool construction. About $200 is needed to start up this construction. LawnStarter.com explained that constructing an above-ground pool costs about $5,000, if professionals handle the installation.

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A country homeowner decided to save himself from paying this huge sum and create an adhoc pool for himself using tools like tarps, hoses, and hay bales. With these tools, the homeowner was able to come up with a fancy pool, spending a couple hundred bucks. So basically, the contraption wasn’t too expensive.

The Military Style of Relaxation

The military-style of relaxation is accomplished using a dump truck. You’ll be needing up to $40,000 to attain this type of pool construction for military relaxation. You don’t have to put down tarps for this kind of pool construction. With the huge trucks positioned behind them, these pool owners are definitely military men.

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The dump truck used must be void of holes or leaks. Without leaks and holes, it will be much easier to fill up the dump truck with water. The dump truck also doesn’t appear clean, but the point is to cool down, these military men don’t really care about the dirt. A dump truck costs about $30,000, making it way more expensive than the normal above-ground pool.

The Kiddy Pool’s Construction

The main material needed for this construction is a cooler. You’ll be needing about $60 for a successful construction of a kiddy pool. This type of pool has made several rounds of DIY pools, and it’s also a good improvisation. The kiddy pool requires a cooler filled with water. If the kid isn’t that big, the setup will count as a kiddie pool.

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Kids don’t really care about the size as long as the pool fits perfectly and they are able to relax without major complications. This kind of pool construction definitely fits your budget as a chest cooler only costs about $60.

Building a Boat Pool

The main materials needed for a boat pool include a hose and a boat. The estimated cost of constructing a boat pool is about $3,000. You’ve definitely heard about placing a boat on water but turning the boat directly into the water is seen as a kind of extension.

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This is exactly what a pool owner devised. The pool owner filled up his boat to the brim, which apparently, he didn’t plan on using for travel. By filling it with water, transformed it into a pool. Boats constructed this way cost thousands of dollars, so obviously, the pool owner would’ve gotten zero takers when he tried to put it on sale.

Summer with a Back Alley Hot Tub

For a back alley hot tub, you’ll be needing water, tarp, and a hose. The estimated cost of building a back alley hot tub is about $100. You might be wondering what a back-alley hot tub is. Well, it’s used to represent something sleazy, and observing this back alley hot tub, the description fits perfectly. A back alley hot tub is hooked with water and tarp. It also has a well-designed cooling system.

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Pool-goers tend to sun themselves in ad hoc back alley hot tubs. The tub isn’t a high-priced resort, and it gets the job done without complications. During construction, make sure electrical cords aren’t close to the tub.

Balcony Pool Construction

The major materials needed for a balcony pool construction includs tarp, a balcony, and water. The estimated cost of building a balcony pool is about $20. Just as the popular Buzzfeed article said, “a balcony pool set up will leave you dazed and impressed.” The setup seems so unreal that you’ll tend to see the owner as insane.

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One homeowner filled up a balcony pool to its brim with water and the tarp faced downwards. This is called a makeshift pool. One silly move, and there will be a high possibility of several gallons of water falling directly onto the balcony beneath. This causes huge damage.

Lounging in Luxury During Summer

For this setup, you need a pool, two couches and a firm float. This isn’t a basic setup as it costs an average of $10,000. This setup is in-ground looks very appealing while costing a huge amount to install. The crystal blue water contained in the pool is best for swimming.

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Attached to the pool float are two sofas. These sofas give the float-user a befitting place to lounge. It’s also dazing that the contraption was in place for a long period, hence a picture was taken. The sofas can enter the pool water and all that is needed is a strong breeze.

Summer in the City, Strictly Fun

Major materials needed for this include boat and water. The total estimated cost of building a pool nice enough for summer in the city is about $500. The city is one of the best places you can have your pool situated. This is because there will be easy improvisation. Some neighborhoods understood this fact and tried creating a miniature block party for young teens.

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To spice up the party, an ancient, broken-down boat which has been in existence for a long period was converted into a summer pool. Looking at the pool they came up with, you wouldn’t want to say it’s fancy as it doesn’t in any way look like a million-dollar pool, but kids still have equal fun in it.

Unwanted Pool Guest

Alligators and standard pools have to be in place to accomplish this scenario. One thing Florida is famous for is alligators. Florida has millions of alligators, and they enjoy cooling off on hot days just like humans also fancy cooling off after a long day full of activities. One large alligator decided to cool off in a family’s pool, something that has never happened and is not acceptable.

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This occurrence became a common sight on Florida news, as alligator habitats continue to deteriorate as humans construct house structures in absurd areas. This makes creatures like alligators roam around Florida as their natural habitat has been compromised.

The Secret to Life, the Best Way to Cool Off

Some of the materials needed to attain the best cooling experience include water and a trash can. The estimated cost of building this kind of pool that gives the best feeling is about $50. This guy in this picture definitely understood the concept of getting more out of life than giving to life. This DIY pool is a last-ditch attempt to escape the heat that comes with summer.

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Basically, all you need to do to build this pool is to go in search of a suitable trash can, something you can comfortably squeeze into. Fill up the trash with ice water and voila! This mixture will definitely give you a pool that will keep you at optimum temperature no matter the level of heat your body exerts at that point.

The Popular Trampoline Pool Hack

Materials needed for this construction includes a giant tarp, water, shrink wrap, and the trampoline frame. The estimated cost to build this pool is about $45. This pool hack shutdown the internet at a point as lots of individuals looked to change their trampoline into a nice pool. Using the trampoline frame and tarp, creators were able to come about the perfect cool-off spot for summer.

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Trampolines naturally come with springs; get rid of these springs as you’ll only be working with the frame. Fill up the frame with a tarp and using a cling film, secure the entire pool and fill up the hollow space with water. It’s quite cheap but strenuous to construct.

Checking Out a Poorly Designed Pool

Although the pool was poorly designed, the total cost of construction was about $55,000. The pool setup looked like the architect deliberately did a bad job, it all seemed like misery. This improperly constructed pool which we all know won’t guarantee comfort, is located at a motel.

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To be candid, the pool certainly appears clean and able to accommodate lots of guests, so technically a range of accommodation isn’t really the issue. Taking a closer look at the pool, you’ll notice that one section appears shallow at one end, while the other end represents the steep part of the pool.

Constructing a Pool on the Wrong Side

The estimated cost of this construction is about $11,000, according to the poster. This pool owner had just one job which he didn’t execute well. Draining pools is quite hectic, and it costs a couple of bucks. Obviously, that’s expensive, it’s not something you should carry out yourself unless you actually know what you’re doing.

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This man’s experience is why a professional is needed for this kind of job. He unknowingly drained his pool into a wrong place, flooding the whole yard, causing severe damages to his home. The cost of fixing damages like this will be in the thousands.

Building a Versatile Trailer Pool

For a versatile trailer pool, water, pool floaties, and tipping trailer are all needed. The popular Belgian shipping company, Joskin, built this trailer pool, completing the construction with colorful and alluring pool floaties. Taking a close look at the picture, you’ll see that the caption reads “homemade pool derived from a versatile tipping trailer.”

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The water contained in the trailer will appear very clean, bluer than any water you’ve ever come across. This pool is something most individuals would opt-in for. Pickup truck owners should try to learn from Joskin and create their versatile trailer pool themselves.

Working on Driveway Hay Bale Pools

For these kinds of pools, you need water, tarp and of course, hay bales. The estimated cost of building this pool is about $200, meaning it’s quite affordable. It’s a DIY above-ground pool featuring hay bales, and it’s cheaper than most above-ground pools in the market. It’s quite obvious that the homeowner was looking to save money.

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Provided you’ve got the materials, constructing this pool yourself shouldn’t be a problem. Several hay bales will help build great pool structures. Using tarp and water, try to ensure that there are zero leaks, this is necessary to avoid a flooded driveway.

Constructing a Pool from a Bulldozer

The total estimated cost of building this type of pool is about $10,000. Which showed up first? The pool or bulldozer? The contractor is in no doubt going to have a tough time trying to explain how exactly the bulldozer found its place beneath the family’s pool. The bulldozer is probably completely weak, as the engine will have been flooded with water and debris.

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If you observe the bulldozer closely, you will notice there’s confusion on how it got into the family’s pool. Estimating the total cost of building this pool is quite stressful, but the cost of the bulldozer is about $10,000, depending on the type you seek.

Building a Cramped Pool Using an In-ground Pool

The total estimated cost of building a cramped pool is about $20,000- Talk about a cramped pool. One vacation got a little filled up with a variety of people in this pool. Basically, it comprised of about fifteen people, mind you, this pool is designed to accommodate only about one-fifth of this capacity. Though the in-ground pool appears enticing and probably cost lots of cash, it definitely wasn’t constructed to withstand so much weight.

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Claustrophobes might find this picture disturbing, as their anxiety will definitely be triggered. Still, ladies in the pool appear to be having a fun time, despite closed quarters. Grills and barbecues are also going on in the background.

That’s One Way to Do It

Gutter and pools are major constituents of this construction. The total estimated cost of this construction is about $1,500. Getting your pool filled at all times is pretty eco-friendly and important. A pool owner decided to remove the middleman involved in filling up his home pool. He settled for pointing his gutter directly at the pool and let the rainwater do the bulk of the job (filling up the pool).

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You tend to ask yourself, is rainwater clean enough for individuals to cool off in? Well, if it’s coming directly from the sky, it’s pretty nice, however if it touches dirty gutters or buildings on its way down, it’s not something healthy. This method of filling up your pool isn’t the best as rainwater isn’t frequent.

What a Pallet Cleanser Really Does

A chainsaw, several wooden pallets, and pool all make up the pallet cleanser. The estimated cost of building a pallet cleanser is about $1,000. It’s only nice if we applaud the magnitude of work needed to build this pool. The deck of the pool appears to have been built by a collection of pallets. The pool is shaped as a box, and the entire backyard is covered up by a thick concrete wall.

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The deck doesn’t look basic, so a lot of money would have been spent on its construction, unless the pool owner was able to get a cheap lumber. He will be spending a couple of bucks on the deck. For DIY pools, this isn’t a bad idea.

Road Tripping Accomplished in a Special Way

An RV and a pool are structures needed for this construction. The estimated cost of this construction is about $5,000. However, we can say it’s worth the price because it’s an interesting way to take a road trip. Only a few campers have pools on hire roofs, this is because the construction is unique! Research show that this camper is definitely one-of-a-kind.

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This type of construction was initiated by Buffaliko Benedetto, a renowned French artist. Like this invention, Benedetto has also transformed a sedan into a Jacuzzi. The popular cardboard faux-Ferrari was also initiated by this guru.

A Pool with an Impressive View

A modpool is a major constituent of this kind of construction. The estimated cost of this construction is about $26,900. The pool is termed a modpool because it’s devised from a shipping container with dimension 8’ x 20’. Setting up a modpool is quite straightforward. This dimension is one of the several dimensions this mod pool could come in, as there’s also a forty-foot model available.

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Shipping containers are versatile, they could be transformed into several things, from urban farms to prefabs. If these structures could be made, why can’t swimming pools be devised? These Relocated hot pools can get hot in a few minutes.

A Tisket A Tasket – Could this be A Pool in A Basket?

You’ll need about $910 for this construction. This pool construction is one of the few that you might have seen making quite a few of the most impressive above-ground pool list. This list is an intriguing basket idea. We’ve all come across several basket constructions but blowing it up to a 100x its initial size and transforming it into a pool is a unique idea.

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This probably sounds crazy because how can you have a pool in a basket? Well, with the right builders, nothing is impossible! Hire the right professionals and have the best basket pool experience.

Wagoneer for an Elite Summer Experience

Materials needed for a great summer experience with a wagoneer include water, tarp, and trailer. The estimated cost of building a wagoneer is about $300. We had a spate of unique pools, and now it’s reversed to what the majority of pools that made this list appear like. A group of pool goers decides to construct a pool using the good old tarp method. Filling up a trailer using a tarp and filling up contraptions with water.

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The DIY pools end up being way more costly than the regular pools we see. A vehicle like this one cost thousands if it’s unaltered (hasn’t been put into action.) However, it doesn’t look new so, good for them. Making use of a wretched trailer as a pool is one of the best ways to recycle and reuse pools.

Safety Bars for Pool Float

For safety bars you’ll need pool noodles, an above-ground pool, and knife. The estimated cost of building safety bars is about $4,000. Kids manage to hurt themselves in the strangest ways possible, and a typical example of this injury is a heavy bump on the head because of the firm pool edge.

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The metal edge is nice and clean, and the pool is attractive. However, the edges of the above-ground pool aren’t suitable for children. A parent noticed this and came up with a clever idea; it doesn’t cost a lot to soften the hard edges by slicing off skits in noodles and attaching them to pool edges. Pool noodles aren’t that expensive, they cost only about $3.

A Stock Tank plus Pool

Just as the name implies, you’ll need a stock tank and some water. This construction isn’t really expensive as only about $450 will be needed. This pool looks like something you’d come across in a vintage magazine. It’s quite easy to construct. All that’s needed is a stock tank. For those who don’t really know about the farm world, a stick tank is basically used to provide feed to horses or cattle.

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Metal tanks used are capable of holding up to 5,500 liters of water, and they’re usually constructed from galvanized steel. The metal tanks can be easily transformed into pools and there are plenty of similar success stories, where people successfully turned stick tanks into an oasis.

Basic-Yet-Genius. Check it out

Materials needed include water, a kiddie pool, and folding chair. The estimated cost of building this pool is about $30. Hey, why not? The whole point of a pool is to keep its owner cool and comfortable on a hot, miserable day. This pool has definitely done justice. A pool owner wanted a comfortable foot soak, and then decided to build a folding chair that’s half deep inside a kiddie pool. Check out the shade, you’ll see the entire contraption.

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Did we mention that this pool is very affordable? Yes! It’s. You could purchase an inflatable kiddie pool for as low as $20, and a folding chair goes for just $10. Why spend thousands when you can get this pool for just $30.

Stairway to Heaven, A Great Experience

For this construction, you’ll need pallets, tarp, water, and ultimately, AstroTurf. This construe looks like something devised by someone that’s experienced. The steps leading to the pool are made using green AstroTurf coverings and palettes.  This summer oasis cosst about $1200 on average and it’s secured during off-seasons using a tarp.

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If not properly covered with a tarp, rain and harsh weather could rot the wood. The steps could also be directed into a garage, but this pallet pool will need adequate protection especially from these elements of nature that attack it during off-seasons.

Risky Business

This is quite expensive as you’ll need about $15,500 for construction. Shipping containers are the major rage, as lots of people are experiencing what they can transform them into with house DIY projects. Pools are the best for transportation in these modern days, and this split-level container pool is one of the best works of construction we’ve seen.

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Gibson Building, a company in Hinterlands, built the home which is perfectly sized but has some cool elements of nature. It’s all modern-looking and interesting; you’ll hardly get bored with it. The cost of this container is about $5,000.

Popping a Pool, what it Entails

All you need is something pointy enough to puncture the pool with, this will probably cost you nothing and will still save you the unnecessary expenses and stress that comes with maintaining your pool during winter, spring and fall. You will just have to reconstruct it during summer at a cheaper price.

Source: YouTube

Pool popping is actually a financially wise step to take. There is even an online community that is short of nothing but obsessed about the destruction of pools and they make quite a big deal about their activities every year around the months of August and September.

Want to Play Golf in Your Pool? Do this!

The materials needed for this amazing fun summer project would be found on Amazon for $57. For people who want to experience how golfing feels on water, just get the floating Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Game from Amazon and start taking those potshots from the side of your pool.

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The floating golfing set measures 32 by 45 in its breath and length and comes with a 12 X 24 chipping mat, two cups, two flags and a dozen golf ball to practice/play with. The only thing not included in the floating golfing set is a golf club.

How to get a Cup of Joe

A cup of joe literarily costs nothing to get. It will be familiar to people who saw the iCarly kids’ show on Nickelodeon as it appeared a few times during the show. In you are interested, you could actually get a Cup of Joe from Skybucks which is a satirical imitation of Starbucks.

Source: YouTube

In actuality, you can have a skybucks worthy experience if you go to Japan. At a place called Yunessun Spa which is located at Hakone, Japan, you can have your bath in your favorite liquids, such as red wine, hot coffee and green tea amongst others.

Until the Cows Come Home, How to go About it

Want to relax and get some cows perplexed at the same time? The material you will be needing includes a stock tank, water and cows, as evident in the name. The cows in this photo are obviously confused as they discovered three humans taking a bath in their drinking water.

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The price of a stock tank ranges between $250 to $400. It is mostly used to store drinking water for livestock but these humans who are visibly worn out from the heat discovered it could also be used to bathe and cool off from the scalding summer heat.

Building a Pool out of Real-Life Lincoln Logs

Building this pool will cost you nothing less than $20, that is if you already have a felled tree ready at hand. Here, a family with the expertise of making things out of timbre logs made a pool with logs, water and a tarp that probably costs nothing less than $20.

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The logs used were undoubtedly gotten somewhere on the landed property, judging by the looks of it, anyone with the skillful expertise of handling a chainsaw can build the frame and add a tarp that will hold the water. This will keep people refreshed during the hot summer days.

DIY Tubing Adventure- Why Take a Tour to the Waterpark

If you are hoping to ditch the waterpark and have your tubing adventure on the streets, just find a waterbody or hope a flood happens, that would limit the materials you would need for an inflatable pool, a rope and a truck. All it would cost you, minus the truck, will be $10 to $15.

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A flood had recently happened and here comes a truck with an inflatable hooked up to the truck with a rope. It has a guy having the time of his life having created his own DIY tubing adventure.

Need Kayaking Practice, You can do that in Your Backyard

If you have a budget of $7500 to spend on making your pool cool this summer, you can consider getting a Fastlane Current Machine which will allow you to swim against an artificial tidal current right in your own pool.

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When you hear the word kayaking, the first thing that comes to mind is an activity that can only be carried out somewhere with a large mass of water such as an ocean or river. Fastlane makes kayaking in your backyard possible as it makes your pool river-like. Most athletes do use the Fastlane Current Machine to train.

Guitar Hero Shaped Pool

This pool will cost you nothing less than a whooping sum of $50,000 for the professional installation it requires. This pool is sixty-two feet long and is carved up like a Les Paul custom guitar. A Canadian pool-builder which goes by the name of Aqua-Tech built it for a guitar collector named Garry McBurney.

Source: Imgur

Aqua-Tech designed this guitar shaped pool using Pool Studio, a 3D software. Aqua-Tech used the normal dimensions of a guitar and employed the software to design a pool that was built, designed, and carved out to look identical to a Les Paul custom.

From Trash to Treasure, Make Your Pool from Recycled Pallets

For people who love DIY, this pool is the ultimate dream as it is made from strapping recycled pallets, plastic sheets, tarpaulin, towels, and other items which will all cost you between $500-$1,000 together to make a pool that another person would have thought was made by a professional.

Source: Pinterest

It is much cheaper than other swimming pools, but it looks just as nice when compared. Most swimming pools that are above the ground cost thousands of dollars but a trash to treasure pool costs between a few hundreds to a thousand dollars, although it requires a lot of technical know-how.

Making a Pool out of a Shipping Container. What it Entails

Making a pool out of a shipping container is another creative idea on this list. All you need is a forty-foot shipping container, water and cleaning supplies, all of which would cost you between $4,500 to $5,000. Wouldn’t it be so cool if you could just add a ladder and water and get to splashing.

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A forty-foot shipping container usually costs between $4,500 and $5,000, and it must be specially ordered and delivered, mostly online. It has to be clean if you are thinking of turning it into a pool. That is where the cleaning supplies comes into usage.

All-Natural Summer Pool

Natural pools are made in such a way that one would think that it was just another lake or pond in its natural element. And as we all know, there is this serenity that comes from these adorable creations of nature.

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A natural pool could also be called a green or organic pool and is the best option for people who really care for the environment as the pool is usually devoid of any chemicals that is not eco-friendly such as chlorine. It would normally cost about $70,000 to build with the aid of professionals. Guess you have to pay a tidy sum to protect the environment.

Into the Octagon. A Brief Guide on Building an Eight-Sided Pool

This is another DIY project which only costs between $900 and $1,100 to build. This pool is made from wooden pallets and tarpaulin and filled with water by someone who has a lot of expertise in the art of building pools

Source: Pinterest

The octagonal pool was built with only lumber and tarpaulin and filled up with water with a hose. It is actually better than a chlorine filled pool and the use of those woods would be much appreciated by people who are environmentalists. It is also cheaper than in-ground pools but what do kids know? They’ll get to splashing all summer anyways.

Creating a Concrete Oasis

The complete instructions about making this pool can be found on instructibls. For someone to build this pool, they would have to have a budget of around $7000. It is to be built on a flat ground as directed by a pair of builders consisting of a father and his son.

Source: Facebook

This pair were also able to be frugal with the cost by using simple plumbing. The pool, which is 13 x 22 x 5 feet has two major components used in the process of building the concrete oasis; lintel block and rebar. Believe us, it is as relaxing as it looks.

Buried Above-Ground Pool

A pool owner decided to construct an in-ground and above-ground pool in one pool. His photo of getting submerged in this pool trended on popular DIY pool platforms. The pool was discovered to have been more in-ground than above-ground in size and depth.

Source: Pinterest

This pool would have costed something around the range of $10,000 and $40,000 as it looks pretty expensive with its fountains and stone deck. It would have also required the best digging equipment and a person armed with a lot of DIY skills. Apart from the expenses, it is a beautiful work of art.

Love Art? Make Your pool a Painter’s Palette

The painter’s palette pool is a special representation of art. To construct this masterpiece perfectly, you would need a budget ranging between $30,000 to $40,000 and the help of professionals as this is far from a DIY project.

Source: Tumblr

This apt representation or art is made up of different colors instead of the normal chlorinated water which is always a light shade of blue. The owner of this one added an island in the middle of his palette to buff up the aesthetics. The total result of this sums up to the pool being closely identical to a painter’s palette.

Swimming in a Fish- A Guide to Building the Fish Pool

The cost to build this pool is estimated to be between $30,000 to $40,000 in addition to the services of professionals. It is best suited for people who want to add a touch of aquatic aesthetic to their pool. You can agree with us that this pool looks splendid with its colorful fish designs.

Source: Pinterest

The pool is cut in the shape of a fish undoubtedly with the aid of high-tech software. This shows the level of professionals employed to build this pool. The attractive mosaic at the bottom of the pool have been laid out in particular patterns adding to the beauty.

Hydrogen Footprint

This pool is one of a kind. It is a pool in the shape of a gigantic foot. It is an actual representation of a giant human. The main arch of the foot contains the swimming pool with the five toes as hot tubs with their sizes corresponding with the individual sizes of the toes.

Source: Pinterest

This is an in-ground pool which is estimated to cost between $30,000 to $40,000 and it is obvious that it was constructed with the collaboration of pool builders and architects. This is certainly an interesting choice of pool shape.

The Cat’s Meow- Making a Cat Shaped Pool

This pool would have costed up to a $100,000 even back in 1955 when this picture was taken. This cat-shaped pool is in Miami, Florida at the renowned Fontainebleau Hotel which opened up for business around that time this picture was taken. The hotel was designed by Morris Lapidus.

Source: Reddit

The Fontainebleau Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Florida and a couple of blockbuster movies such as Goldfinger and Scarface were shot there. You would have to pay between $300 to $400 a night to stay there so it’s definitely not cheap.

Bison Pool- What You Need to Build a Bison-Pool

This pool probably cost between a $100,000 and $200,000 with the help of architects and pool building experts because of its humongous size. This bison-shaped pool can be found at Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino located in Nevada, Las Vegas.

Source: Twitter

This hospitality structure which consists of a casino and a hotel has over 1,200 rooms and a theme park. The sad news for people who are hoping to visit Buffalo Bill’s is that the place has been shut down permanently for the time being. Buffalo Bill’s was also known for its terrifying Desperado roller coaster which cost over $54 million.

A Violinist’s Dream- Building a Violin-Shaped Pool

This in-ground pool has been constructed and carved out in the shape of a violin and fitted with lights that switch on when it is dark. The pool costs between $50,000 to $100,000. It is that expensive but definitely beautiful and worth the price.

Source: Tumblr

This violin aficionado’s dream was designed and constructed by Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools, the New Jersey based company that specializes in building custom pools to fit any given specifications. The company also offers stone masonry services and claimed that its masons have laid over 200,000 square feet of patio stones.

Presenting the Big-Foot Pool

This is a pool shaped like a paw print. It is definitely a custom made pool and cost will range From around $45, 000 to $60,000. We are very sure that people who love their pets would be very much in love with this pool and this pool is something most likely to be found at resorts that are pet friendly. The colorful mosaics would have added to the price paid for this pet-friendly wonder.

Source: Pinterest

Custom made pools are often expensive because they are not shaped in the traditional square or rectangular shape, and they would have to be specially cut out with aid of professionals.

Swimming With the Fishes- Dreams Come True

Do you know you can actually swim with sharks without necessarily being in the same body of water with them? If you are hoping to do this, hop on a plane and head to the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This pool is built around a tank filled with marine life.

Source: Pinterest

This pool is super expensive as it costed about $30 million to build. It also has a three-story waterslide that runs along the entire length of the transparent glass tank. It would cost you between $100 to $300 to stay at the Golden Nugget for a night.

Devil’s Pool- You Need to See and Swim in This Pool

This is a naturally made pool located at Livingstone, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This rock pool is a popular tourist attraction in the African country attracting thousands of people every year. It gives people the opportunity of swimming right beside Victoria Falls. It might look dangerous but trust us, it is safe enough to swim in.

Source: Facebook

The origin of the name “Devil’s Pool” is unknown, but some people speculated that the name came from the local legends that says that the rock pools of Victoria Falls are interfaces between good and evil. Think anything of it but the pool is not for the faint hearted.

Lone Star Fiberglass Pool

This pool was designed and constructed using the concept of a lazy river by Lonestar pools. This pool will beautify your backyard and it also means that you actually don’t have to leave your backyard for any waterpark to experience the fun that comes with cruising there.

Source: Pinterest

The Texas based fiberglass pool company builds these lazy rivers on-site. Lonestar offers up to 25 different variants of residential and commercial lazy rivers using fiberglass. Their designs, such as the one in the photo, are nothing but exquisite.

Blood Red Pool- It is not a Fetish, Don’t be Scared

This pool can be found at the Library Resort, a tourist attraction site located in Koh Samui, Thailand. The blood-red color of this pool was made using dye rather the color as a visual effect created by the orange, red and yellow tiles fixed to the sides and bottom of the pool.

Source: Pinterest

The total estimation of the budget of this pool ranges from $50,000 to $100,00. The library resort also offers beautiful views of Thailand’s Koh Samui Beach and has over 1,400 books that could be borrowed by its visitors who pay about $300 to $350 per night.

Abstract Pool

This is a custom-made pool which has gotten people on the internet arguing about if it was a stingray, a butterfly or just something in between the two. Whatever it is, the only thing certain about this pool is that it is expensive without even considering the bridge built by its side

Source: Pinterest

The special and unusual design would have certainly added a couple of zeros to its total cost. The pool costs between $100,000 to $500,000 excluding the price of the exquisite stone courtyard where it was built. With money comes the best life has to offer.

Piano Pool- A music Lovers’ Dream Come True

This pool can be found at The Disney All-Star Music Resort which is one of the best vacation locations for families who are obsessed with music as it is a completely music-themed resort with various sculptures of musical instruments such as guitars, drums and trumpets. It is a popular option for people who are Disney fanatics.

Piano Pool

Source: Imgur

This pool is estimated to have cost between $100,000 to $500,000 mainly because it is custom made. The resort is temporary closed for the moment as it is currently undergoing renovations and it is expected to have reopened by the autumn of 2021.

Doggy Paddle- A Pool for Man’s Four-Legged Friend

This bone-shaped pool is best suited for any dog to swim in. The Doggy paddle can be found at the Dioji K-9 Resort located at the Agoura Hills in California. The bone shaped pool was designed by Gary Kerry who has been known to design similar structures for animal hospitals and a handful of Petco stores.

Dog shaped pool

Source: Pinterest

The pool costs between $20,000 to $40,000. The Dioji K-9 Resort is a luxury resort for dogs and it is well known for its high-maintenance of dogs. According to the owners, Dioji is a “tropical refuge” where dogs can chill in the pool with his buddies. The dogs are not usually caged.

Disney Obsessed? You Need to see this Mickey-Mouse Shaped Pool

Disney fanatics are known for being able to spend tons just to be close to their favorite Disney characters. Someone took this obsession to new heights with the construction of a pool shaped like Mickey Mouse. The head of Mickey serves as a hot tub while the other body parts are a swimming pool.

Mickey-Mouse Shaped Pool

Source: Pinterest

Custom made pools are always expensive and this explains the cost of the pool which ranges between $40,000 to $60,000. The hot tub is certainly expensive, not to talk of it being connected to the pool. The fact that it is in-ground also shows that the best professionals were hired to construct this pool.

Cool Summer- Take a Dip in an Ice-cream Shaped Pool

This pool can be found at the “Sweet Escape Mansion” located in Orlando, Florida. The luxury estate is rented out for a night at a whopping $1,385 and it can accommodate about 52 visitors at a time. The cost to build this pool is slated to be between $60,000 to $100,000.

Ice-cream Shaped Pool

Source: Twitter

This ice-cream-shaped pool is one of the major features of the Orlando Paradiso. The Sweet Escape Mansion boasts that it is the only swimming pool in the world to be shaped like an ice cream. The private luxury estate has been showcased a number of times on YouTube.

Don’t Pop It! A Huge Inflatable Pool

When an inflatable pool is made mention of, what comes to mind instantly is mostly a kiddie pool. Zodiac is out to change that exaggerated conception with its humongous inflatable pool which costs over $8000 to acquire. It is easier for people who have a large space in their backyards to set up this swimming pool.

A Huge Inflatable Pool

Source: Pinterest

The pool is called the Ovline Original Oval Pool. This pool is made with premium inflatable materials making it super thick and almost impossible to pop. A lot of people consider it to be cheap because of its overwhelming size.

Sally Sells Seashells

This splendid and simply amazing pool which was built with an estimated amount which ranged from $100,000 to $150,000. The pool is located at Khem Beach at the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa in Vietnam. The luxurious location was redesigned from a nineteenth-century French University by Bill Bensley.


Source: Twitter

The luxury hospitality center houses plunge pools, private balconies, and beachfront villas fitted with luxury suites. The resort charges between $200-$300 per night but it is cheap considering the scenic views of the beach being offered to its visitors.

A Very Balanced Pool- A Yin-Yang Pool

The yin-yang symbol is a significant part of the ancient Chinese philosophy. It embodies the philosophical concept of dualism which explains how contradicting forces can balance one another. The icon has become popularly represented in popular culture, often depicted on designs of buildings, clothing and as we can see in this photo, pools.

A Yin-Yang Pool

Source: Pinterest

This yin-yang pool can be found at the Reiters Supreme Hotel in Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria. The yin-yang side of the pool contains warm water, and the yang side contains cool water. You can always swim naked in the pool.

Flying Pool- Taking a Dip in an Airplane-Shaped Pool

This airplane-shaped pool can be found at The Flying W Airport, which is located in Medford, New Jersey. The pool has a matching wing which is shaped like a “W”. Not only does it serve as a public airport, but it also houses a resort with hotel rooms and a landing strip beach club.

Airplane-Shaped Pool

Source: Imgur

The pool is custom made and the total cost is calculated to be between $100,000 to $150,000. It might be expensive, but it is worth it. Airplane lovers would definitely be thrilled by the idea of swimming in an airplane-shaped pool.

Broken Heart- An Elvis Fans’ Wildest Dream

This swimming pool can be found at the Heartbreak Hotel located in Memphis, Tennessee. It was named after the popular Elvis Presley song. The hotel in a complex stimulated by Graceland and it is just a four-minute walk from the original Elvis Presley’s Graceland complex. The hotel comes with suites and free transportation to the airport.

n Elvis Fans’ Wildest Dream

Source: Facebook

The pool is designed in the shape of a heart with a crack in the middle making it look like a heartbreak. Unfortunately, the hotel was demolished in 2016 but the pool was destroyed with it. Its estimated cost is around $40,000.

Don’t Drink This Pool- You Could Get Drunk

This fictional pool can be traced back to an advert ran in an L.A magazine by Absolut. There was no actual pool although many people wished it was real. The vodka bottle pool side was littered with palm trees and lawn chairs making it look so much like a resort.

This fictional pool can be traced back to an advert ran in an L.A magazine by Absolut

Source: Pinterest

The Absolut vodka brand is well known for its ability to make mouthwatering advertisements. It has stuck to this pattern for close to three decades making it one of the most popular and bestselling vodka brands in the world.

Bowling Pool

This pool is located at the Disney Pop Century Resort close to the ESPN complex at Lake Buena Vista in Florida. It is a component of the “Art of Animation” Disney resorts collection. The resort is known for its pools which includes Bowling, the Hippy Dippy and Computer pools.

Bowling Pool

Source: Pinterest

The resort was reopened back last year after being closed for a long time. The Pop Century Resort charges between $100 t0 $200 per night which is actually not too expensive and the pools cost around half a million dollars to $700,000 to construct.

Swim Like a Dolphin

This pool was discovered on Google Maps by a random person, it was shaped like a dolphin and its rare to find a dolphin-shaped pool. A little island placed in the pool is meant to serve as the eye. The estimated amount for this unique design is estimated to range from $300,000 to $500,000.

a dolphin-shaped pool

Source: Pinterest

The pool can be found at a private residence in Palafrugell in Spain. Tourists do not have access to this pool because it is privately-owned, but Palafrugell has other things to offer such as the numerous coastal towns.

Halloween Decorations. Don’t get Scared Now

This one pool is one of a kind, especially for those who are looking for decorations for the Halloween season and have a pool at the same time. A family decided to make a scary Halloween design by putting skeletons in floating tubes and place them in their swimming pool so they could float around

scary Halloween design

Source: Twitter

Fake skeletons can be bought at Party City for as low as $49.99 and can be taken down (or not) after Halloween. It depends on the preferences of the owner.

You can buy fake skeletons at Party City for $49.99, and who says you have to take them down after Halloween is over? Skeletons can be a year-round decoration with a little imagination and persistence, especially if you’re not going to be using your pool during the winter.

Don’t Drink and Swim- It’s Not Hygienic

The spa industry is so competitive that spa owners are willing to do anything to stand out but is building a pool filled up with wine instead of water and encouraging swimmers to drink a good idea? No, it is a very bad idea.

Red wine pool

Source: Facebook

The only thing needed for this is a pool and lots of wine which could amount up to $10,000 but

asking people to drink from this pool is a call for a disaster as it is definitely not hygienic to drink wine that other people have swum in.