Rib-Cracking Windshield Notes That are Breaking the Internet

Many things happen on the road that cause drivers to interact. When the interactions don’t go well, either of two things might happen. You can let it slide, or you can give them a piece of your mind. In fact, you may end up cursing them out if you get the chance.

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But what if you can’t meet the person responsible for a parking problem you’re dealing with? Well, people get innovative, write comments on paper, and place them under the windshield wiper. We compiled the most hilarious and outrageous of these windshield notes to ensure you have a good laugh today.

Offering Creative Help to Drivers

Children are often taught a lot of lessons, like being kind and helpful to people in need. Whoever left this note never forgot his morals as he offered to help this car owner in the most creative way. The suggestion could be onto something big.

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He not only shows generosity by taking time to create and print this but also makes a nice suggestion that a brief coloring exercise will teach him to park the right way. Perhaps driving schools could use this idea and add it to their syllabus.

The Driver from the Animal Kingdom

In this neighborhood, you have to try your best to park reasonably all the time to avoid the humiliation of being tagged as a PARKING PIG. As you can see, being in a hurry is not an excuse, and nothing will justify bad parking around here.

Source: Tumblr

The note reminds the driver to think of others before he parks like a pig. This is a great way to teach someone an unforgettable lesson. Our favorite thing about this note is that the offense was clearly stated: “Did you really need to take up two parking spaces?” lol

Something to Munch On

Not everyone gets the privilege of being dealt with in this manner. We’re unsure of what this car owner did because the writing is illegible, but it must have really annoyed the person who left this note . . . or should we say peanut butter note.

Source: Facebook

The person took it upon themselves to leave not just one but two notes. The first was on a piece of paper, and the second was designed with peanut butter. Well, at least the peanut butter won’t go to total waste if some birds decide to make it their lunch. So hilarious!

A Happy Never-Again Warning

Despite the anger, the owner of this parking space remembered to leave this space thief a smiley face. The writer took the time to find a piece of cardboard big enough for this long note that specifically stated his next course of action.

Source: Facebook

Unless this car owner likes trouble, we are sure they’ll never do this again, or at least not in this parking spot. There are two clearly stated threats in the note and maybe about 10 hidden ones in the smiley face. The smiley face makes everything more terrifying. How ironic.

This Is a Tricky One

From the look of things, the parties involved in this note seem to have history. We can reach this conclusion by reading the last sentence. Perhaps they are neighbors who don’t get along, but we’re not here to analyze the relationship—only the note.

Source: Imgur

The writer of the note carefully drew a map and parking instructions for the fella who parked in his driveway just in case he was mixing things up. Since they appear to be neighbors, we are pretty sure they’ll keep butting heads with each other for a very long time. Do you think they’ll ever become friends?

And the Winner Goes To . . .

First, we’re wondering how they got this note typed up and printed so fast. So clearly, this was planned a while back. It was a well-thought-out gift (prize? award?) given to someone who has been taking up too much parking space with their small car.

Source: Imgur

You would be surprised to find a note like this on your car. What a special gift on your windshield. Nobody wants to win the prize for most selfish or inconsiderate. This dramatic gesture may not be the nicest way to pass along a message, but it is always effective.

Here We Go Again

This note is on a simple mission to help this driver have better manners. We assume the owner of the parked car took up too much space and left almost no space for the car next to them. It must have been difficult for the other person to get in and out of their car.

Source: Twitter

How do you expect the fella to open his car door? Out of the generosity of our hearts, we’re going to expand the note just a bit. “Do you think you’re the biggest person in the world and other people are tiny bloody sardines that can be squeezed into almost anything?”

Will He Get the Joke?

There are so many ways to warn someone about parking in your spot, but this guy chose to do it very nicely. Hopefully, the person gets the point of the message and doesn’t do it again. But does nice work? Not always. There’s a high chance this will happen again.

Source: Twitter

Why? Because the guy just might not get it. The note makes reference to the comedy film Office Space and depicts a moment from the movie. It has become a popular worldwide meme. And that line “That’d be great”—yep, it’s right from the movie. But surely not everyone knows about it. It could be annoying to tell a joke that nobody gets, but he gets an A for effort!

Free Education for All

Someone gets schooled and reoriented at absolutely no cost! Truthfully his little mistake can affect the entire order of the parking lot, but we can’t get over how detailed this note is. Another concerned driver took time to teach the car owner the right way to park.

Source: Tumblr

After three paragraphs and one illustration, the writer ends it very nicely. The person who did this lovely gesture should be added to the list of superheroes and perhaps handed a key to the city. The note was written with a kind tone, clear explanations, and visual enhancements. The writer truly hopes this person will love making parking easier for everyone there.

Mr. Early Racer Got Served!

So this man volunteered to be the neighborhood town crier and chose to do it in the very early hours of the morning. By revving up his car’s engine every morning, he gives all his neighbors a loud and unpleasant wake-up call, and they don’t seem to appreciate it.

Source: Facebook

Instead of going in for a full-blown confrontation, someone chose to leave him a classic windshield note. They suggest that he take up a career as a speed racer and go easy on his engine because revving it in the cold is bad for it. We’re sure Mr. Speed Racer will not appreciate this note.

No Cause for Alarm

Somehow, alarms are always annoying even when we intentionally set them on our phones. Now imagine that car in your neighborhood with the sensitive alarm system that goes on and off uncontrollably at any time of the day.

Source: Tumblr

The neighbor responsible for this note seems pretty ticked off and even made some threats. Somehow, we think it might have something to do with putting their kids to bed. However, since the note was placed on the tire, we hope the car owner actually finds it.

Sorry, Not Sorry . . . Unacceptable

According to the theory of human niceness, we declare this apology invalid. We know the car owner didn’t park right, but it doesn’t justify denting and scratching their car in return. We’d prefer that he left a threat or, better still, a warning for next time.

Source: Facebook

But it’s also not okay to threaten people. We’re only choosing a better poison. But hey, this is a lesson to everyone who takes up two parking spaces when you only need one. It really gets people ticked off. Always remember, being in a hurry is not an excuse.

Way Out of Line

Either this driver didn’t see the lines in this parking lot or simply didn’t care about staying in them. After successfully and meticulously taking up two parking spaces, this driver must have had a great sense of fulfillment.

Source: Twitter

This guy took the phrase “you’re way out of line” to a whole new level. And look at that clever note by the person who just happened to have some chalk in his pocket. How nice that the driver now has his very own parking spot. You might want to consider keeping a piece of chalk in your car in case you need to leave a little note for someone someday.

Finally, a Sustainable Solution

A good public transportation system is one of the most important amenities a country can provide its citizens because it solves a lot of problems. And from this note left for a car owner who didn’t know how to park, we can see that it’s a great new way to solve all parking problems.

Source: Imgur

Maybe instead of giving parking tickets, law enforcement can force parking idiots to take the bus. What a clever way to approach this issue. Two months of riding the bus every day would definitely change some people’s parking habits very quickly.

Stay Away from My Driveway

There are two common trends among people who don’t know how to park their cars right. (1) They take up more than one space, or (2) they park where they shouldn’t park. This time it’s the latter. When you park in front of someone else’s driveway, finding a note like this is actually one of the kindest reactions you’re going to get.

Source: Tumblr

Seriously! Why would a person park in front of someone else’s driveway? Is that driveway there for no reason? But if you’re going to do it, expect a reaction from someone. The person who wrote this note is willing to just give the car owner some driving lessons.

It’s a Hit and Run!

As we step out of our homes each day and get in our cars, we hope we won’t have to face something like this. There are a lot of horrible people out there who get behind the steering wheel of a car. This person apparently hit a car, and as you can see, he’s not sorry about it. No apology in this note.

Source: Tumblr

But Mr. Hit and Run did explain the nasty reason he’s leaving the note. Somebody saw him hit the car, but we’re also hoping that a security camera also caught him in the act. That would be hilarious. Let’s do better, people. A little kindness and the name of your insurance company would be great. Insurance? Did someone say insurance?

Let the Ratings Begin

Perhaps leaving public reviews on cars would improve the way people park their cars. We think it would be really helpful because clearly a lot of drivers don’t care about how they park. But research has shown that a good reward system can change people’s behavior.

Source: Twitter

What would you do if this review ended up on your car? Would you rip it up? Well, hopefully you’ll try to park better next time. Nobody wants too many dislikes on their car. Reviews are important, right?

Paying Attention, People

Parking lots only have so many spaces, and this guy has hogged two of them. How rude! And being rich with your BMW is no excuse. Take that money and buy yourself some lessons on how to park your fancy car. Grandma will be very grateful.

Source: Twitter

This is just not right to make Grandma park down the street. It’s just not right. We applaud the person who left this note and give him a big thumbs up. We stand against stupidity and rudeness and selfishness.

You Can Take All the Spots

Sometimes when someone does something that doesn’t make sense, all you can do is extend them a hand of love and give them a gift. The person who typed up this note is giving this car owner a really cute dog named Spot. How nice!

Source: Twitter

Did you get the joke? This dog’s name is Spot . . . a gift for the guy who took up too many parking spots. lol. What a perfect dog for this situation. Whenever this lousy parker looks at Spot, hopefully he’ll remember the day he messed up in the parking lot.

No Ticket Today Please

We always say there’s no excuse for bad parking. And clearly this person’s car is somehow illegally parked. Hey, police person, don’t give me a ticket because I can’t get in this frozen car to drive it away. As expected, law enforcement slaps them with a ticket, right on top of that note.

Source: Facebook

That frozen door story obviously didn’t work. And neither did that long, nice, logical explanation. Hey! The law is the law.

Do You Get This?

Yeah right! How funny! Katrina? Really? Okay, some of you may not get this. You might think that all Katrinas are lousy parkers and that one Katrina park job is as bad as a billion other Katrina park jobs. But wait a minute! That’s not what this sign means.

Source: Facebook

Anyone ever hear of Hurricane Katrina—that huge, destructive Category 5 hurricane, the biggest in U.S. history? Yeah, that one. And yeah, it was a disaster, just like this park job.

Let’s Play the Blame Game

Some people have an issue with taking responsibility, and we can see that play out here. Suppose the owner of the parked car did a bad job of parking and you unavoidably hit their car. How about starting the note with an apology? If you were the owner of the parked car, we probably wouldn’t call Tony back.

Source: Imgur

Why? Because Tony, who scratched your car, promised to make you pay for the damage to his car. He’s the one who hit your car, right? Does this make any sense? What a clever way to get away with a crime. Now the Tony Award for Most Clever goes to . . . Tony, of course!

A Grumpy Good Sketch

We appreciate someone with good drawing skills, and that’s our favorite part about this note. But a lot of things impress us with the person who wrote this note. First, there’s humor with the grumpy cat part, and then there’s that measure of grace to a complete stranger.

Source: Tumblr

You can respond in different ways to someone who parks in your spot, but this person chose to leave a cute note and a funny warning that the car will be towed next time. Make sure this doesn’t happen again, Mister. What a nice person . . . definitely better than a scratch and run.

Man . . . That’s Way Too Deep

Wow! This note may hit the wrong nerve because it really makes us stop and just scream wow! Why is this guy so angry? How did this guy park so badly to lead to such a mean windshield note?

Source: Twitter

This person needs to chill, and we’re feeling just a little pity for the lousy parker. He does need to learn how to park right so these deep insults can be avoided. A lot of people probably saw this creative note. How embarrassing!

A Job Not Well Done

When you get this kind of note, you may doubt your parking skills, but that’s okay. Bad reviews always have an effect, but just for a while. It’ll blow over. The writer of this note seems to be a fan of fantasy animated films.

Source: Imgur

This parking menace, according to the giant robot, poses a greater threat than Megatron, and Optimus Prime is not pleased. We hope the parker realized how unhappy this made Optimus Prime and either stopped parking badly, enrolled in a local driving school, or started taking the bus instead.

The Potato Clan Attacks

Okay . . . this is frightening. The potato clan declaring war on the terrible parker scares us, but the fact that someone took the time to carve out this clan and make these potato warriors is just too creepy, although creative and funny.

Source: Facebook

We have concluded that whoever left this note must be a big fan of comics and cartoons. And we advise this ridiculous parker to beware of a possible potato invasion at his humble dwelling. Perhaps a potatocalypse shall be executed therein, and he shall be banished from the land. Hooha!!

A Kind and Competent Instructor

As funny as it may seem, it is not always easy to control your temper. The person who left this note showed us they are a clear-thinking and emotionally mature individual. Instead of leaving insults and property-damaging threats, they leave a parking guide instead.

Source: Facebook

This how-to parking guide has only two parts. A simple title and an instructional diagram that is very self-explanatory. This is a premium driving lesson, and it’s free for this car owner. The teaching was so good that we don’t think the driver will make this mistake again.

Break the Laws of the Land

Some people seem to not mind getting towed again and again. The choice to leave your car parked on someone else’s block for more than 72 hours seems like a silly thing to do.

Source: Twitter

Does this person want to become the neighborhood laughing stock? Imagine causing a scene on a hot afternoon when your car is whisked away by the tow truck driver. We’re pretty sure the offender moved that car pretty quickly and found another block to park it on.

Reaping the Fruits of Someone Else’s Labors

There’s a popular quote that says, “As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.” But this doesn’t apply to this situation. A kind man shoveled the snow out of this space so his family could park there, but a stranger pops in there and parks.

Source: Tumblr

Maybe this stranger was just not aware of all the work that went into shoveling all that snow. So we’ll let it slide. But if they were aware, then this adds another meaning to being “cold.” Apologies to the shoveler, and we wish him well as he clears out another space.

Mission Squeeze the Vehicle Activated

Imagine getting ready to go somewhere important and realizing someone has blocked in your car. What? Are you really going to have to call an Uber driver or take the bus? In our opinion, this note doesn’t do justice to how annoyed this person probably was.

Source: Facebook

On second thought, we like this person’s plan to turn his own car into a monster truck and crush this car to smithereens. Anyway, that’s a discussion for another day. But remember, don’t block someone in, especially if you know someone can turn their car into a monster truck.

Stop the Spread of Terrible Parking

Whoever left this note must have had good grades in biology. After sighting a terribly parked car, they concluded that a person who parks terribly will have a child who also parks terribly. And since they’re on a mission to reduce the menace of bad parking, they offer some great advice.

Source: Twitter

Hey, lousy parker, just don’t have kids. The free condom with the note is a tangible contribution to making our roads a safer place. How about a Twitter hashtag for this? lol. Anyway, let’s stop the spread of lousy parkers.

The Note Becomes the Problem Here

By now we should all know that we can’t control people’s behavior, but we can control the way we react to their actions. The way the writer of this note handled this situation is not too impressive. We apologize, Stevie. We’ll nail this guy here on the Internet.

Source: Tumblr

In case you don’t know, Stevie Wonder is blind and an amazing singer and pianist. So you see why this note isn’t so funny. People need to be more considerate of other people’s plight and experiences before throwing them out there. It must have been a pretty bad park job, however. We love you, Stevie Wonder!

Mother Nature Always Wins

This car was parked by a desperate person who had to use the restroom. They made sure to leave a note in case a police officer happened to pass by. This is a very reasonable explanation, and we hope the police understood and didn’t give them a ticket. It’s worth the try, right?

Source: Facebook

No one can fight Mother Nature and win. Maybe restrooms should have reserved parking spaces so people don’t have to leave this kind of slightly embarrassing note in public. So much for trying their best to avoid a parking ticket.

Robin Hood Saves the Day

Not taking responsibility for hitting someone’s car is one of those things we frown on. It’s such an annoying experience. Yep, a frustrating case of hit and run. But thankfully, someone in the hood witnessed the incident and quickly took down the jerk’s details.

Source: Tumblr

Then he left a very detailed note explaining the incident to the owner of the parked car. Some may think he’s a snitch, but we think he’s a national hero. The owner of the vehicle will definitely appreciate this gesture. Don’t you wish there were more hit-and-run Robin Hoods around?

The Sweet Love Letter

This is definitely not a love letter. We were just kidding. The driver, as he was politely addressed in the letter, parked in front of someone’s house and also moved their trash cans. If rude was a person, it would probably be this driver.

Source: Twitter

The note started off with a pretty nice tone, so it was hard to imagine the last sentence and closing. Insulting someone in a very thoughtful way is probably a great way to get your point across. Also, remember to stay away from people’s trash cans.

New Neighbors, Bad Vibes

When you can’t get a hit song out of your head, this is usually the result. Everybody loved Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” and the writer of this note loved one of the lines. He rammed it right into this note to his neighbor.

Source: Facebook

Although he started in a very creative and unusual way, he clearly got his message across in the second half of the note. “Quit blocking our driveway, Asshat.” That’s as clear as good water. You know he’s not happy, so don’t get carried away by the song.

It’s Your Lucky Day

Whoever left this note made it clear that the car owner did everything right to get their vehicle towed. But because the universe is somehow watching after them, the writer of the note is too tired to call a tow truck. When the universe is on your side, things happen in your favor.

Source: Twitter

However, you won’t be lucky every day, so don’t keep doing the wrong things and expect a smooth escape all the time. One day you may just get exactly what you deserve, but that’s how the world works, right? On a side note, this person must have been really ticked off by the looks of their illegible handwriting.

Mr. Important, the Ice Cream Spoiler

This gentleman is looking forward to enjoying some ice cream on a very hot day, but this lousy parker with an expensive car had to ruin the experience for him. The expensive car took up two spaces in the parking lot, and the ice cream man had to park two blocks away.

Source: Imgur

The two-block walk with his ice cream wasn’t kind to the ice cream that melted before he got back in his car. But the funny part is that he took the time to go back to the double-parked car just to leave this note for the jerk who made his ice cream melt.

The Best Closing So Far

This woman’s terrible parking seems to have gotten her a windshield note, but she didn’t care. She proudly holds up her note for a picture as she sports a big smile. Bad parking could easily land you a parking ticket, and if you ignore enough of them, you could end up in jail.

Source: Facebook

Remember to always park well. However, we couldn’t help but notice the “Maybe?” on this note. Was that a hint of the “Call Me Maybe” lyrics. Maybe not if you look at the glaring closing at the bottom. It’s one of the worst we’ve seen—“Your neighbors who hate you.” Now that’s classic . . . lol.

Prepare for Battle: Winter Is Here

Despite the fact that the final episode of Game of Thrones has already aired, we will not reveal any spoilers. We’ll just explain the note that was put on this windshield. In the series, the Lannisters are notorious for killing everyone who gets in their way.

Source: Facebook

So can we assume that anyone parking here should consider themselves threatened and begin watching their backs? Perhaps Jon Snow will come to their rescue, but let’s not count on that. But we can definitely appreciate the creators of Game of Thrones who have given us an experience of a lifetime. It was such a good show!

He’s a Street Comedian

It’s not easy to find people with a good sense of humor these days, but when you park your car incorrectly, you just might come across a very funny person. The individual who penned this note definitely knows how to use their words and clearly has a good a sense of humor.

Source: Facebook

A faulty car alarm system going on and off whenever and wherever can make you lose your mind, but this person still handled the situation pretty well. They express their dissatisfaction in incredibly polite terms and even use some pretty big words here and there. We think this was a very civilized circumstance.

This Person Is a Star

So there’s a lot of humor and sarcasm in this note, but we can also see the writer’s extreme irritation. Why would someone keep parking across a pathway? Come on, people. How will humans walk across the path if your vehicle has completely blocked it?

Source: Twitter

We really need to start thinking of others before doing stupid things. People can get really attached to their vehicles and even give them pretty names, but cars won’t move on their own when you politely ask them to. But this person who’s walking figured out a way to lighten things up. They turned into a movie star doing their own stunts and slid right over the hood of the car. Good job!

Survival of the Most Skilled

When you come face to face with threats such as those in this note, we advise you to instantly sign up for self-defense classes. The person who left this very long note doesn’t seem to be joking. Can the showdown be avoided?

Source: Imgur

The writer made it clear that he will become their worst nightmare and come after them if they don’t pull up in their parking space. Thankfully, he’s getting a second chance. And was this note clearly inspired by Liam Neeson’s compelling performance in the film Taken? We’ll let you figure that out yourself.

Leave Yourself a Note for a Change

This isn’t a note or carved potato left on someone else’s windshield, but it had to make it to this list because we couldn’t help it. This person apparently has a broken window and chose to cover it with plastic, perhaps because they couldn’t afford to get it fixed.

Source: Imgur

This kind car owner decided to write a note on the plastic to inform nosy people or thieves that there weren’t any valuables in the car. And he added that he appreciated them taking the time to make sure. This is just hilarious.

Boldly Painted and Unapologetic

To completely paint someone’s windshield shows that this has happened too many times and this is the last straw. Maybe the person who wrote this note didn’t have any paper on hand but remembered that can of paint in the trunk. His note was clear and permanent. It didn’t go unnoticed.

Source: Tumblr

Perhaps when the owner of the car spends a lot of valuable time and money cleaning off the paint, he’ll think twice before parking there again. The painter started the note by addressing the owner as a dog with double g’s. We can totally play out in our heads how furious he was.

Threatening the Traffic Cop

We don’t think trying to scare off or threaten the police with ideas from a horror film is a good idea. Saw is a popular horror franchise about a killer named Jigsaw who wears a mask and forces people to play deadly games. Not funny at all.

Source: Tumblr

This car owner took a lot of time to prepare and get these cards printed. He must really like police officers if he wants to play a game with them. lol. This car owner was definitely tired of getting little papers tickets every now and then.

Joke of the Century

This has to be one of our favorite windshield notes so far. Of all the notes you’ve seen that yell at bad drivers, this one is the best. You know that feeling when you see a small piece of paper this size under your windshield—you panic.

Source: Tumblr

We see this message from two angles. First, it was very funny, and second, it may have saved the owner of the parked car from actually getting a parking ticket. If the car was parked illegally and a police officer passed by, they might assume the car had already been ticketed and not bother to stop. What a good deal!

Nobody Asked You, Stranger

This stranger could have kept going without leaving a note, but no! They had to take every possible opportunity to mess with this car owner’s head. You start to question whether the person who left this note was trying to be kind, funny, or just mean.

Source: Twitter

If you get a message like this, you’ll be tempted to look all over your vehicle to make sure there’s no poop on it. You might look pretty silly, but it’s better than driving around with stuff on your car. And are you picturing in your head what two animals mating on your car might have looked like?

Feeding the Poorly Behaved

Along with a note, this person was thoughtful enough to give free food to the lousy parker. They must have definitely thought they were contributing to making the world a better place. While the warning is very clear, we’re not sure about the free food.

Source: Facebook

This free food in the open air will definitely dry up, and who likes dry bread? So we get it now. The bread is, of course, a joke and is sending this driver a message. “I’m feeding you, so now you owe me. All I ask is to stop parking here.”

Strong Language, Beautiful Drawing

This note was well done with all the details perfectly laid out. The drawing of the ferret was done to perfection, and the print was bold and clear. While this is unquestionably one of the more passive-aggressive notes, you have to admire the creator’s ingenuity. All we see here is so much unnecessary effort.

Source: Facebook

Maybe the owner of the car will save this beautiful note and add it to his collectibles. And maybe it will stop him from parking his car so terribly in the future. Always look on the bright side of things.

A Treatise to Read

Apparently finding windshield notes has become a common thing for people who park badly. But look at this long note—this treatise. The writer of this note went into great detail to explain the entire process of writing this note and what happens when people park like “tools.”

Source: Imgur

The writer didn’t appreciate how this person had parked their car, and we want to admonish whoever parked like a “tool” to desist from doing this. Finally, the writer forgot to add that when you compose an angry but funny note and it’s posted on the Internet, it goes viral.

It’s a Bad Parking Party

Well, this was a waste of good party balloons and streamers. We know whoever did this was angry and tried to make their point. Or was this just a set for a music video? But we won’t ruin the fun for this person who awarded someone with a “sh#t parking award.”

Source: Twitter

This party car will take hours to clean, and hopefully the driver will completely regret his actions. But here’s a good question: How did the award-giver get the balloons inside the car? We can’t see it, but we think the front left window was broken. That answers the question.

Bad Parking Business

Is it true that someone went to the trouble to create custom-made business cards to hand out anytime they see a badly parked car? Well, I guess so. See for yourself, although the business name and address lines aren’t very businesslike.

Source: Twitter

Also, we don’t think Jesus would appreciate using his name to criticize other people for their poor parking skills. And when did Jesus take tapdancing classes? It’s still yet to be seen if this card will make the driver repent and never park badly again.

A Concerned and Friendly Neighbor

There is genuine concern written all over this note, and that’s what we really like about it. We also took an interest in the type of paper. When we see good office supplies, we know how to appreciate them. But is this expensive parchment or a paper towel? Then there’s the sweet, easygoing “Yo” greeting.

Source: Tumblr

Informing your neighbor that their car stinks shows how friendly you really are and how much you truly care about them. All we’re getting from this picture is good vibes, and we love it. P.S. The smell of gasoline from a car probably signifies a leak and should be taken seriously.

A Zombie-Looking Meme

This meme is everything. Will it scare the parking space thief? We highly doubt it. Will it give them a good laugh? Absolutely. At this point, memes are the rave from real life to social media.

We should make postage stamps out of memes.

Source: Facebook

But for now, let’s leave them on people’s windshields to show how displeased we are with their parking behaviors. We applaud this meme-ster for bringing memes to the next level of their global takeover while also teaching poor drivers that you can’t park badly all the time and get away with it.

A Shoutout for Equal Parking Rights

We can tell this note was written by a very angry student who needs a place to park so they can get to class on time. Wouldn’t you say they’re yelling at this car owner very loudly? We can’t park in your parking area, so why are you parking in mine? Hey, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Source: Facebook

Embarrassing? We hope so. And maybe this staff person (was it their professor?) won’t want to be seen in this parking lot ever again. Some people don’t care about signs or rules. They need someone to get in their face and remind them of the rules.

Message Went Right through the Rear Glass

Well, well, well . . . the driver of this car will definitely see this very big note. And look! That message went right through the rear window. And this is another instance of people not obeying the signs. We’re guessing that this vehicle doesn’t belong to a resident, and a resident decided to take matters into their own hands.

Source: Tumblr

Clearly, nobody is above the law in this neighborhood, not even if you have a fancy car. Maybe this lousy driver believes they’re exempt from the rules of civilized people. This sign must have put them in their place.

A Superhero Is in Town

We had no idea that this neighborhood was enjoying the free services of a certain superhero. Why didn’t they tell the whole world? Apparently, Spiderman is in town and has been performing brave acts of heroism. If your parking causes a superhero to arrive, it must be bad.

Source: Twitter

Taking up two parking spaces with one automobile appears to make you a supervillain who requires the intervention of Spiderman. Make sure Spiderman doesn’t have to ask you twice to keep your car in one parking spot. Spiderman might look cute, but he’s not always real friendly. The driver should be thankful that his door handles weren’t webbed shut.

This Isn’t about Parking

Whoever left this note took things to a whole new level. The owner of this car did a terrible park job. But the writer of the note seems to believe it has more to do with the driving school than the person who is a lousy parker.

Source: Twitter

In light of this, he left his contact information behind so he could further investigate the matter. lol! Hopefully, the lousy parker understands sarcasm and doesn’t actually give him a call. That would be awkward, but perhaps the conversation they would have will help him become a better parker.

Find Your Own Space

If you have an issue with parking in the right spot all the time, perhaps you should consider leaving your car at home and taking an Uber or riding the bus instead. This is free advice because as you can see, this person does not get a second chance.

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The writer of this note is sending a picture of the license plate to someone called the “courtesy officer.” He’s sure this officer will have the car towed. We hope that will make this driver remember that you don’t get to park in a space for handicapped people and get away with it. No, no, you don’t!

This May Lead to Emotional Damage

We know that every lousy parker will choose a parking ticket over this type of punishment. This is way more embarrassing but well-deserved. Having your entire car plastered with sticky notes is a befitting humiliation for parking in a space reserved for the handicapped. We can imagine the owner’s reaction when they saw this.

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First, it would be shocking, and then there would be that walk of shame to quickly remove all those pieces of paper. The driver can’t wait to at least get them off the windshield so he can drive away and find another place to park. All this could have been avoided by not parking in a handicap spot.

An Advocate for Disability Rights

Helen Keller was an author, disability rights and political activist, and a lecturer. She was born in Alabama, and after an illness at the age of 19 months, she lost her sight and hearing. Once you know this information, this note should make sense.

Source: Tumblr

It’s a stretch to call this window message a note since there are no pen and paper involved. On the other hand, referring to Helen Keller in this context is, well, uncouth and just stupid. This woman did a lot of good, and society is proud of her.

Let’s Back It Up Here

This person didn’t try to hide their frustration and aggression at all. They reminded the car owner of all the benefits of a civilized society—available to this jerk if they follow the rules. Crafting this note certainly took some time and thought and look at the semicolon! People don’t know how to use them anymore.

Source: Tumblr

Finding a semicolon on a windshield note tucked carefully under a wiper blade to make sure it doesn’t fly away tells that this bad parker should be worried. Clearly, the note’s author sees themselves as a vital member of society and will protect it at all costs.

I Didn’t Get the Memo

As sarcastic and funny as this note is, we regret to announce that we’re not sure if it was actually placed on the car of a terrible parker. But we’re sure it could easily be a great example of passive-aggressive behavior.

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We’re confident it’s being taught in schools all over the country as an illustration of passive aggression. Well, we’re not sure how often schools teach this, but oh well, all this information may come in handy someday.

Helping Neighbors Settle In

The author of this note is not pleased with his neighbor’s behavior and is convinced that they must be new to town in order to act in a way that is so out of the norm. It’s never easy to relocate to a new city, especially with no one around to orient you.

Source: Tumblr

Out of the abundance of their heart, the writer chose to give him a lesson on how things work in Chicago. In a strange land, even the most routine activities such as going to the mall can be strange. Parking etiquette is also something you should learn.

Learning to Put Others First

This person uses a popular scripture from the Bible to warn this stranger about parking on their perfectly groomed grass. Why would anyone drive their car up on the lawn in the first place? Are parking spots really that scarce?

Source: Tumblr

But this note writer assumes the car owner is a fellow Christian and then proceeds to be very polite. He’s being a good example of “love thy neighbor,” right? He does get blunter when he basically tells the guy to get off his grass. We’re not convinced these sweet words will win this parking thief’s heart.

What Side of the Coin?

We’re perplexed by this note. At first glance, it appears like the car parked in front of this man’s house is too unsightly to remain there. And then the next sentence seems like he doesn’t want his house to look better. This guy seems a little confused.

Source: Twitter

However, regardless of the confused state of this homeowner, there is no excuse for this other guy to park in front of someone else’s house. And why would this man not want his home to appear more attractive than it is? Like, isn’t that a good thing?

Hitting the Nail on the Head

We finally met someone who’s got no time to waste. Many of the notes on this list use humorous words, irony, and sarcasm. Some of them are long treatises with drawings that add interesting graphics to the message. Some go straight to the point, and some are rude or mean. But this note writer is different.

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This person believes that the shorter the better and doesn’t care how the car owner reacts to the message. And the note is even grammatically correct (do you see that adverb “crappily”?). Yes, shorter is better, and less is more in this case.

A Call for Help

When you believe someone needs help because they don’t know how to park a car, maybe it’s time to call 911. When most people write an angry windshield message, they make certain that their intentions and aggression are clear. But this is different.

Source: Imgur

This note’s author feels the need to give this car owner a few tips, and they manage to sound sarcastic and concerned at the same time. We were almost convinced this person wanted to help this guy, but then, well, maybe not. The sarcasm is apparent.

Trying to Catch His Breath

The handwriting gives this guy away. It’s pretty clear that he’s angry. He’s probably pretty enraged, but he seems to be putting into practice what he’s learned about anger management. He must have taken three long breaths, counted to 10, and parked somewhere else.

Source: Facebook

Next, he got a piece of paper and a pen and pours out his heart in the “nicest possible way,” as he wrote in his note. He goes on to tell the terrible parker about his parking history and tells them what he and the others on this row would appreciate.

Bringing in the Children

Lousy parkers must have the craziest stories to tell. Imagine finding this note on your car. Nowadays, you can learn anything on the Internet from the comfort of your own home—even how to put curses on cars. Everything is out there, crocheting to cooking to curses.

Source: Twitter

It appears that you can learn how to make someone’s vehicle behave badly so you will never be able to find a place to park again. And look at the paper this angry note was written on. Such friendly paper from a children’s hospital adorned with cute cartoon animals—really hilarious.

Where Would Jesus Park?

This note would only have an effect on someone who knows about the famous WWJD (what would Jesus do?) saying. Whoever wrote the note is attempting to appeal to the terrible parker’s better nature by asking them to consider this: where would Jesus park (WWJP)?

Source: Twitter

Anyway, don’t get too carried away with the first part of the note since things get switched up right after that. No more playing nice. Just when we thought this note writer was an angel, they call the car owner a lazy slack. Hey, guy, calm down. What would Jesus do?

Message from the World

Sometimes we don’t know how great we are at something until someone tells us. The same thing applies to being bad at something. You may never know how “brilliant” (i.e., awful) you are until someone points that out. Thankfully, some fellow humans are always willing to be that someone to call you out.

Source: Twitter

The author of this note is one of those “someones.” We just hope the owner of this car doesn’t really think he’s a brilliant parker. Some people just don’t get irony and sarcasm. We hope this person doesn’t really think nobody else matters in this world but him. After applauding his parking, this note writer ends with a shocking closing. You can read it for yourself.

A Little Appreciation Matters

We’ll be ending this list with what we first thought was a thank you note from one driver to another. Apparently, it had all the necessary components of a proper thank you but was actually a sour, angry note after all.

Source: Twitter

There’s a formal and lovely greeting at the start, filled with gratitude for parking. But wait! It’s followed by a colorful adjective and a rather icky name that left off “bag” at the end. Remember, you can avoid getting any of these notes on your windshield by simply parking well. Ciao!