Take a Look at Even More Hilarious Signs Only Found In Texas

Texas was once a no-land, man, but it’s no longer the land of cowboys and outlaws that we associate with the state. It is one of the largest states in the United States, and as a result, it is highly diversified. Isn’t it true that there’s never a dull moment in Texas? Yes, absolutely. If there’s one thing that Texans excel at, it’s expressing their thoughts.

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They aren’t scared to express themselves, no matter how frank or foolish it may be. Texas residents are recognized for their rigidity, charm, and sense of humor. A sense of humor that shines through even in the most unlikely situations. Read these more hilarious signs that can only be found in Texas. We have a good idea of where your next road trip will take you.

A Handful of Advice

Italy is the spiritual home of coffee. La dolce vita, historic landmarks, and Francesco Totti are all in Italy. Of course, there’s coffee – or caffè. Few countries do coffee and Italy, and travelers are in for a beautiful treat. Coffee is, after all, a part of life in Italy. This wonderful nation’s cultural fabric is part of it. It’s a taste, a savor, and a consumption experience.

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However, the entire Italian coffee experience is now cross-border, and genuine, high-quality coffee can be found anywhere, including Texas. On the other hand, the Texans have some real counsel they’d like you to know about—a final visit to our favorite amusing eatery for some sensible advice on avoiding overpaying for coffee. There is nothing like a perfectly prepared latte.

Vast Nothing

It’s not every day we get to see a large, bold state with wide vistas and a fiercely independent culture like Texas. While it is home to some of America’s greatest cities (such as Houston and Dallas), the Lone Star state is also home to many little communities with their peculiarities and charms.

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Most have vibrant local arts and music scenes, while others have been abandoned and on the verge of extinction. When we compared the map of Texas to the map of Europe, we could see how large it was. Unsurprisingly, there are large swaths of nothingness in Texas. A 22-mile stretch of land is nearly as long as a marathon, so that’s a lot of nothing.

Ahead Is the Lake

We see warning signs every day as we drive, and if you travel often enough, you may not even see them. However, they require your complete attention to keep you, your fellow passengers, pedestrians, and road workers safe. What good are warning signs if they don’t alert you to an impending danger?

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Well, these placards don’t always do their job, at least not in this situation. Finding yourself in the water before seeing this warning would be far more awkward than amusing. We can’t say we blame them; a sign is a sign. This notice appears to have been placed before the lake had filled up. Perhaps this photograph was taken during a flood season and now appears sarcastic. We can see why some passers-by found this amusing.

Do You Need a Boost of Faith?

Churches of various denominations are springing up all over, but not all are in typical church buildings. They can now be found almost anywhere, and their practices are rather modern. Because most churches have a lot of empty walls, why not utilize them to display information like your church’s mission, vision, and other relevant information?

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This church made use of the space, although perhaps not in the way that you might think. This one was intended as a pun, and it’s not just funny but also truthful. Life can be a roller coaster, and when things get bad, individuals often turn to their faith and spirituality for comfort and guidance. This symbol suggests that you keep pushing forward and have more trust when things get tough.

You Won’t Get the Warm Welcome You Expect

Many people believe that all people from Texas are pleasant and hospitable, but as this sign shows, this is not the case. It’s not exactly the friendliest welcome sign we’ve seen thus far. Texans, what happened to southern hospitality? We’re sure there’s plenty to see, but we’re skipping the area where this sign is located.

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Maybe they’re sick of the cowboy and oil jokes, or maybe they just want to keep their city to themselves, but don’t expect a warm Texas welcome from this metropolis. Perhaps this is merely a precautionary measure, but we’re not taking any chances. Thank you for your consideration, but no thanks!

Suicidal Deer Crossing

The purpose of street signs is to warn drivers of what lies ahead, but some people believe this deer crossing sign crosses a line. Conventional “deer crossing” highway signs weren’t getting the word through, so we assume the sign makers came up with something a little more amusing.

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“Suicidal Deer, Next 2 Miles,” reads the sign. This is the first time we’ve seen a sign like this. We believe the deer was unaware of incoming traffic and stepped out into the road without looking or even knowing to look. As a result, keep an eye out and drive gently for the next mile.

Hokey Pokey Dance

A drive across Texas will undoubtedly be intriguing, especially if you know where to look. The city is littered with various signage addresses current events and childhood recollections. Many individuals would rather not acknowledge it, yet these indications entail a lot of memories.

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As previously said, the Texan has a good sense of humor. They have a great sense of humor and, of course, a little wordplay thrown in for good measure. What we observe in this circumstance is yet another outstanding example of wordplay. When we were kids, we used to do the hokey pokey at birthday celebrations. Don’t forget to give it a good shake!

Sauces With a Kick

Hot sauce is having a moment worldwide, and it’s still a terrific meal to try. Who wouldn’t want to eat such a fiery crimson dish? Certainly not us, and certainly not the Texans. They are enamoured with this meal and are vocal about it. It’s simply that they enjoy something other than chili, which isn’t something that appeals to everyone.

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If you’ve never been to Texas before, entering the state and seeing this sign pretty well sums up your whole stay. Guns appear to be a recurring topic in Texas. Beer and spicy sauce are a popular combination in the United States. The combination of all three may be precisely what you need to get you out of any sticky situation.

Trespassers Beware!

Some property owners truly know how to take the “No Trespassing” signs to the next level. Their terrifying, straight-to-the-point message will undoubtedly make one delighted to pay attention and just avoid the premises. There will be no miraculous elixir to get you off, but something very, very horrible will happen if you don’t.

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Although trespassing is an issue, one homeowner has devised his remedy. It’s possible that whoever attempts will fail since this homeowner appears to grab their pistol in such a case. It’s preferable to presume that passing isn’t safe and that no one will be wounded. In any case, stay away.

Cows With Intelligence

Closing the gates once you’ve used them should be one of the most straightforward tasks that man can undertake. It shouldn’t be a fight to close the gate, just as it wasn’t a hardship to open it in the first place. Should everyone not do so? Yes, they should, and we believe so.

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Not everyone, however, agrees with this viewpoint. Some people, such as the property owner, in this case, understand how stressful it may be to close the gate. Instead, he appeals to his cows rather than insisting that people try to seal the gate. The idea that the cows would lock the gate after themselves is wishful thinking. Maybe the cows are more intelligent than we give them credit for?

Weather Made Specifically by Satan

In Texas, you can expect to see almost every form of weather. The good, the bad, and the not so pleasant. One-third of the state in the west has chilly winters and little humidity. In the winter, the eastern two-thirds of the state has sub-tropical weather with periodic cold fronts.

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Summers in Texas may be hot and humid. Scorching heat and unrelenting sunshine are prevalent during this season, and the heat can even be described as hellish. It’s no wonder that they’re joking about handing it up to the devil in return for more pleasant weather.

Be Warned About the Bull

Warning signs are normally placed to provide valuable pointers. They don’t require much more attention, but occasionally the individual who puts them up makes such an error that they wind up being more amusing than useful. In this case, the indication is that we are unsure how to characterize adequately.

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Is the notice promoting trespassing if they can run as fast as an athlete? We are unable to comment. What is clear is that the bull is fast, so you’d better have some sprinting legs if you want to make it across that field alive. This warning sign is one of our favorites since it conveys a serious message in a fun way.

Woodrow`S Silly Pokes at the Environment

Is it possible to make a joke about the environment? Given what our environment is going through right now, that is a little bit contentious. We understand that the topic is too serious and gloomy to include some humor, but we honestly feel there is no harm in making light of the issues we care about.

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However, not everyone is concerned about how these jokes might seem, including this Texan pub. If beer existed on Mars, it would surely make it a more appealing destination to visit. This may take some time, but in the meanwhile, we can stop at Little Woodrow’s for a drink while simultaneously attempting to save the earth.

Be Careful of the Sharp Edges

Signs are designed to provide just the most basic of functions. They can, for example, offer instructions or the name of a street or location. Maybe they’re there to alert us of potential danger ahead. On the other hand, a warning sign might sometimes induce more fear and anxiety in a person than is required.

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They also execute zero functions, such as the one in this example. This sign isn’t really practical because the true message is printed in tiny type at the bottom, but it would make a passer-by giggle at how careful you should be around the sign’s sharp edges, which are smooth and curved.

Quirky No Trespassing Warning

In a world where we’re constantly overwhelmed with information, it may be important to shock people to capture their attention, as this odd signage demonstrates. Nothing else will get to you and tell you of the broader reasons not to regard trespass on the property if the sign in this instance does not.

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Although using all three seems overkill, the signage does a good job conveying the intended information. Stay away because you’ll be lucky if you get it out alive, and even if you do, you’ll wind yourself in court. When it comes to trespassers, it appears that Texans have no pity. If you continue to break the rules, the consequences are yours to face.

Sorry, Mr. Nap, We Missed a Lot of You

Sleep is very, very good. While it’s critical to obtain a healthy seven to nine hours of sleep each night if you fall short on sometimes, a nap may be quite beneficial. Even if you get adequate sleep, it’s still a good idea. Not all naps are made equal, and various factors influence how effective naps are.

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Many people swear by naps as a great way to unwind and refresh, while others find them ineffective and disturbing to their sleep. We all have regrets throughout life, arguably the most common among adults. How much would you want to sleep every day after lunch? Even so, you live and learn!

Jokes on You

If you travel frequently, you’ve certainly noticed that street signs in different countries are nearly identical. That’s not surprising; they’re frequently written in such a manner that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, can comprehend them and avoid getting into trouble.

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If it differs from your hometown, though, even the smallest alteration in size or color will be noticed. This sign’s design is a little strange. If you want to catch the fine print at the bottom, you’ll have to be able to read it rapidly, especially if you’re traveling at 69 mph. We’re guessing you’d think twice about that speed restriction, which is normally rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10 miles per hour.

Welcome To Texas

Billboards, of course, differ from one location to the next. There are minor changes in color and shape across the state, but they pay little attention to the amusing signs we see all around Texas. Sometimes, this is strong evidence that certain things have no limitations, particularly the Texan’s sense of humor.

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It’s no wonder that this sign exists if brunch is an unpleasant experience unless a drink accompanies it. We’re curious which line was the longest, assuming that the sober line was the longest, as the blind would be unable to read the sign, and the drunk would be unable to stand in a line!

No Checks Around Here

Being a Texan is fantastic. It’s almost as if you’re in an elite club where everyone is continuously gushing about how great it is. Outsiders may find some things they do strange, but that’s acceptable if they are comfortable with these activities.

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Remember, as an out-of-state visitor visiting friends and family in Texas; there are a few customs you may need to be explained to when things are going on around there. Texans want to do things the traditional way. This includes making purchases. However, there are no checks. In Texas, checks are essentially worthless pieces of paper.

Calling It Like It Is

Finding good food in the large cities of the Lone Star State is easy. Any time a new hot restaurant opens in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, it’s covered by the local news and state-wide media. Even if you don’t catch the grand openings, you can still find good eateries. All you must do is go to the right place to see what the locals like in any larger cities across Texas.

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In small towns, though, it’s not as easy. Some places are incredible, some are so-so, and some are not great but continue to survive because they’ve always been there. A sure-fire way to find a great place to eat is to ask the locals. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we’re on the more decisive side of things; sometimes, we’re not. The key is to find the right person to deliberate with.


We have stared up at the night skies in awe of their beauty and grandeur for as long as there have been humans. The heavenly bodies that move overhead are the subject of innumerable songs and stories, and scientists have been studying them for years. While light pollution and modern-day electricity make seeing the stars impossible in most cities, there are still spots where these magnificent lights may be viewed with as much clarity as ever.

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Texas is one of the few spots on the planet where the stars are still visible. Texas has a plethora of excellent astronomy spots. There is something for everyone in Texas. Even science nerds with a sense of humor can be amusing. What brightens your day for you?

Look Up at the Clouds

Clouds are responsible for a lot of fantastic occasions. It adds to the glitz and gloss of photos. Professional photographers use clouds to create the most dramatic effects in natural portraiture. Taking a good shot of lovely clouds, on the other hand, is no simple effort. They appear in various shapes and sizes, and some can only be seen in specific conditions and locations.

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Have you ever played charades with the clouds? Our obsession with clouds may have originated in our childhoods, but clouds aren’t only for children. These natural aspects continue to fascinate me. The romanticization of clouds is common, so this sign is so amusing. Now glance up and see what fascinating shapes you can find.

Safety First

Americans possess weapons for several reasons, and they use them in various ways. Gun ownership varies along with several demographic, social, and psychological factors. Gun owners are split regarding how significant possessing a gun is to their entire identity.

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It’s easy to feel frustrated in America’s never-ending battle for gun sanity, but not in Texas. This state recognizes that every small step toward gun regulation has the potential to have far-reaching consequences. Some believe this topic keeps their community safer. In Texas, gun regulation is no laughing matter. But they manage to make it amusing in some manner.

The Best Friend of a Man

For a variety of reasons, we adore our dogs. They give us hugs and kisses. They’re very cute. They keep us on our feet. But, perhaps most importantly, they’re the best comedians on the planet. You can’t blame a dog for attempting—especially when they sound so adorable. They are, after all, man’s best buddies.

Source: Instagram/@elarroyo_atx

It’s easy to think about these animals from a human perspective, but have you considered them from an animal’s point of view? If you haven’t already, this eatery will certainly think for you. Here are some ideas for dog owners to consider. The sign would also appeal to your dog.


Texas is one of the few states in the United States with year-round dramatic weather variations. Summers in Texas are often hot and humid, with heat waves, while winters are chilly and windy, and the weather is partially gloomy all year. The temperature normally ranges from 39°F to 96°F throughout the year, with temperatures seldom falling below 26°F or rising over 102°F.

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The state’s vast size results in various weather patterns depending on where you are, such as the north and northern panhandles, the west, east, and south, and the coastal areas. The oppressive heat in Texas has the potential to drive people insane. Whatever the case may be, phoning the ex is never a smart idea.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Characteristics that quiet people excel at are often overlooked and forgotten in a world that values extroverted and loudmouth characters, such as a chatty person with communication skills and busyness. On the other hand, these attributes have a lot of value and are occasionally required.

Source: Instagram/@elarroyo_atx

We feel this restaurant’s sign agrees. Is it possible that it’s merely a misunderstanding? If such was the case, we assume this sign was written by someone who had a bad day. That should be taken care of with some meditation. And if it doesn’t, we have no way of knowing what the employee will do to the next rowdy customer.

Happy Holidays Nonetheless

You can’t say anything these days against women, disabled people (sorry, ‘those with disabilities’), gays (sorry, ‘LGBTQ’), poor people, immigrants, or anybody else without being labeled as sexist, homophobic, classist, racist, or any of the other ‘-ists.’ Any topic including inclusiveness (oh, since that’s what we’re supposed to call ‘diversity’ now) is branded as politically correct.

Source: Instagram/@elarroyo_atx

Is it a matter of mind and language control? Is it a type of statement intended to flatter a wide range of identities while causing no ruffles in the lives of people who live with the reality of discrimination? Or is it the conviction that language does impact how people think? Regardless of your viewpoint, political correctness may be quite tough to manage. This sign, on the other hand, is still functional.

Examine the Situation

Many caring and generally wonderful individuals can’t think of a single romantic thing to do, much alone plan the perfect Valentine’s Day experience for their significant other. This isn’t surprising, given that the term “loved on” is subjective, and we have no way of knowing who truly loves us.

Source: Reddit

Valentine’s Day is a day of reckoning for singles, individuals in romantic relationships, and everyone in between. Make sure you’re in the right group. You may spend the day with your lover in a very simple yet incredibly romantic way if you do. You may order dinner from a restaurant, crack open a bottle of wine, and curl up in front of the television.


As previously said, being an introvert may not be all terrible. Many people misunderstand introverts, such as antisocial, hostile, shy, or lonely. However, being an introvert may be beneficial in certain situations. Introverts derive their energy from spending time alone, which is a very nice thing to do.

Source: Instagram/@elarroyo_atx

Just like vegans pick and choose their meals, the employee who had this sign-up pick and choose his social connections. Or, more likely, he’s having a horrible day. Introverts would appreciate this amusing sign regardless of the scenario. Sometimes all you want to do is stay at home.

Is It Possible for You to Hear Me?

Being a Deaf person in a hearing society is riddled with daily communication frustrations and figuring out how to impact social relationships. However, they aren’t the only difficulties that exist. When discussing the deaf experience, we tend to focus on the disadvantages of being deaf rather than the benefits or lighter side, which can be humorous.

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But, to be proud of their deafness, they should have a sense of humor! And being able to see the lighter side of circumstances can help you feel more at ease with your deafness. Whoever made this sign has a sense of humor. Pancakes for breakfast that you can eat as much as you like to seem like a fantastic idea. Musical performances in schools for the deaf, on the other hand, are not so popular.

Framed Eve From the Garden

In the privacy of your own home, taking some “me time” in the restroom should be a quiet experience, and it generally is, but what happens when you must use a public restroom? Even the most bathroom-averse person has experienced that dreadful moment of terror when you must quickly look for a restroom while praying that you don’t encounter something too gruesome inside.

Source: Pinterest

The most terrible bathroom design blunders made at least one, if not all, people’s bathroom visits strange, unpleasant, frightened, and maybe humorous. You won’t believe these shoddy designs, which range from toilets with no stall to soap dispensers that are inconveniently situated. This bathroom sticker will give you pause for thought. Who can say for sure what happened in the Garden of Eden?

Getting Across the Street

Several weird drunken behaviors have been reported over the years, including inebriated robbers, unfortunate purchases, and pricey taxi journeys. Some of those participating in this intoxicated behavior had good intentions but got lost along the way, while others perhaps wish they hadn’t gone out that night in the first place.

Source: Twitter

They often believe that their personalities alter and feel extremely different when drunk. We’re certainly not the only ones that think the drunk is entertaining. This sign does as well, and it did it humorously. The alcoholic stroll should be avoided at all costs. Both walkers and drivers should always be on the watch.

Winter Seasons

The sunshine has mostly disappeared, and the leaves have fallen from the trees, indicating that winter is fast approaching. Now is the time to put on your snow boots and gloves. Winter may be a nightmare for individuals who live in frigid climates. We all know it’s coming, and we all have strategies for dealing with it, some of which are more effective than others.

Source: Imgur

There is something for everyone, from the little concerns of attempting to seem trendy while wearing a coat the size of a mattress to the more severe difficulties of winter depression and nearly freezing to death. It’s always wonderful to dress for the season. Especially when there’s a positive spin on body image involved. We’re curious to hear what they have to say about summer.

Rest in Peace Cesar

They say no great narrative begins with a salad, but we’re not sure if that’s true since this is hilarious. A wonderful, substantial salad may demonstrate that eating healthily doesn’t have to be a chore. On the other hand, a poorly prepared salad is unsatisfactory and often leaves you hungry an hour later.

Source: Instagram/@elarroyo_atx

Salads appear in some of the funniest jokes, yet none are nasty. These salad one-liners are all spotless. As a result, all of them, including this, are ideal for providing a funny glance. In a nutshell, this salad-related food joke is hilarious. So, if you’re looking for salad comedy, you’ve come to the correct spot. This meal is presented in all of its delightful hilarity here. Salad is usually such a lovely, nutritious option. It didn’t appear difficult to add a homicidal touch to it. Caesar, rest in peace.

Wedding Proposal

The romantic getaway to Europe, the luxury hotel room decked out in rose petals or the five-star restaurant where the ring sits at the bottom of a very expensive glass of champagne: we’ve all heard the typical and sometimes cliché stories of marriage proposals: the romantic getaway to Europe, the luxury hotel room decked out in rose petals or the five-star restaurant where the ring sits at the bottom of a very expensive glass of champagne. (No, you don’t drink it.)

Source: Reddit

Then some make “innovative” offers. Although this may refer to a wide range of circumstances and settings, these are the ones that make you think, “Wow…and they said yes?” You can’t afford to miss up on a deal like this. You propose, and the two of you head to a shooting range to celebrate. Who could say no to something like that?


Road journeys may bring up a plethora of emotions all at once. While some of us will love wide highways, blue sky, cool beer, and the realization that we have finally grasped the meaning of country music, others will not. Because going on a road trip unprepared and relying on the compassion of people to get you through the storm is akin to throwing a bunch of wild animals into a ball pit.

Source: Reddit

You may have the fun of your life with some unlikely new pals, or you could get kicked in the nuts by a mixture of nature and culture as the grownups of the world nod and say, “I told you so.” Singing in the vehicle with a friend is the only thing that comes close to singing in the shower. We recommend starting with Bohemian Rhapsody and seeing where it leads.

You Are Welcome

Life is hectic, and it can be tough to progress toward a goal when you have a lot on your plate. Without a doubt, if you don’t set aside time every day to develop, improve, and laugh, your time will be lost in the void of our increasingly congested world.

Source: Twitter

It’s always good to come across photographs like the ones below because you understand some people see the world in the same humorous manner you do. Even though this sign is quite honest, it’s difficult to think anyone would want to enter. You do so at your own risk.

Seven Dwarves and Snow White

You may need to read this passage twice since it appears to be a general statistic, but, in reality, it is about Snow White and her seven dwarves. People have found a way to bring this classic film back to life after living in relative luxury and obscurity in their own private Hollywood Hills compound for years.

Source: Facebook

We don’t know what kind of experience this individual had with the film, but we’re sure being in a Disney classic made them extremely pleased. Hopefully, all other passers-by, particularly dwarfs, will be pleased with the signage in the same manner. Regardless, it’s as amusing as it appears.

Cowboys Are Liberals

The politicians fighting against, or accountable for, what we’re sobbing over occasionally provide the fuel for that laughter. Either these politicians make jokes about themselves, which seldom ends well, or everyone else makes jokes about them. A presidential debate is one of the best occasions for the latter.

Source: Reddit

These situations always wind up on Twitter as Political Joke Thunderdome, no exception. Voting Democrat in Texas, which is recognized as a Republican state, may be an unexpected option for some. However, it should make no difference where you reside; you should vote for whomever you want and dress whatever you want.

Candy Crush

Isn’t it true that we all need a good chuckle now and then? Video games, on the other hand, have always been amusing. From Donkey Kong’s ponderous kidnapping animation to the Uncharted series’ hilarious wordplay, developers have utilized every tool at their disposal to make us laugh. At the same time, we shoot, jump, explore, and speed.

Source: Reddit

The storyline, the mechanics, and sometimes just the organic thrill of playing against friends all contribute to the hilarity. Whatever the case may be, we can all recall games that had us doubling over our controllers, paralyzed with laughter. These kinds of requests are among the most vexing on the internet, and this restaurant wants you to know how irritating they are. On this one, we’re completely with you!


Yes, it’s debatable, but we believe that spotting someone else’s error is one of the most enjoyable things. And, especially if it’s a stupid mistake, we immediately don our grammar police hats and behave as if we’re some arrogant know-it-alls since we could never make such funny typos, right?

Source: Imgur

Making errors is natural, and it distinguishes us as human beings. The errors flow as effortlessly as the laughs when completing a spelling check. Our favorite Austin eatery pulls it off again, this time with sarcasm and language. So, although their cuisine is great, they should certainly use a spellchecker.

A Sad Breakfast

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast. It’s the key to getting your day off to a good start. Regrettably, things do not always go as planned. And there’s no turning back when breakfast goes awry. You might as well call it quits for the day. This is what these folks did. It’s all right. Tomorrow is a new day.

Source: Reddit

We suppose it all depends on how you define brunch. But adding a drink to almost everything indeed improves it; you must tolerate alcohol before noon. We also want to assist them in obtaining the employee they are seeking. Many stupid blunders may be avoided with a little planning and mindfulness.

If Only You Could Pay Attention

Whether it’s fast food, quick-casual, full service, or fine dining, the average American restaurant experience is virtually always amusing. Customers interact with servers, cooks, other personnel, and diners at other tables, in addition to enjoying a range of foods.

Source: Instagram/@elarroyo_atx

As a result, individuals appreciate and share humorous stories about the restaurant sector in the United States and their own eating experiences. This Texas eatery competes well for the title of most witty in the state. These are good words to live by. Learn how to make others smile by learning from this guy’s blunders and the restaurant’s comedy.


Coffee, oh, the wonderful world of coffee. Whether you dabbled part-time while studying or work full-time as a barista, you’ll know that it puts your nerves to the test. There’s no doubt about that. Working in catering teaches you patience like no other job — you interact with some of the most difficult individuals on the planet while putting on your best, phony grin… You are usually deserving of a medal.

Source: Reddit

What is it about a cup of coffee in the morning that makes us feel better? Whatever the case may be, we apologize if we offended anyone by not being sufficiently always caffeinated. This eatery appears to have discovered the secret to happiness in coffee beans and is willing to share it with everyone interested.

All Hail Selfie

All praise Paris Hilton, the self-proclaimed originator of the selfie! However, it’s unclear who performed the first one, but let’s assume it was the Hilton heiress in 2006. With that said, aren’t selfies fantastic? You don’t have to rely on someone else’s photography abilities (or lack thereof) to acquire a decent image, and you can do it whenever you want without any further assistance.

Source: Reddit

While you may want to chronicle every part of your wonderful life, snapping a snapshot of oneself can occasionally turn out to be a complete mess. When you have a smartphone or a camera, who needs an apple? If you’re often taking selfies, it could tell a lot about you, so instead of attempting to record the moment, just enjoy it.

We Adore Children

Is there anything better than waking up in the middle of the night because your 3-year-old is poking you in the eye and attempting to convert you into a pirate? Children are the reason you’re starting to see more grey hairs on your head and having more sleepless nights than you can count. They are, nevertheless, the driving force behind your daily efforts to become a better and healthier person.

Source: Instagram/@elarroyo_atx

Kids say the craziest things, and while most of the time they’re innocent, they may occasionally lead to uncomfortable situations. Children put a lot of pressure on their parents, and they claim that the older they get, the worse the situation becomes. We can only hope that as the scope of the problem grows, so will the tax advantages. See, we’re also capable of cracking a joke!

Grammar Is Important

Do you make assumptions about someone’s IQ or education based on using language incorrectly? Words, language, and punctuation greatly impact others, whether you like it or not. However, even the most educated persons are prone to making basic writing and speaking errors.

Source: Imgur

This eatery understands what they’re doing and knows how to bring out the humor, which is more than entertaining. This sign is an example of irony in action. Don’t be misled; they’re aware that they’ve committed a grammatical error, and they’re using it to make a point. We must give it to them; it’s hilarious.

Be Cautious!

If only we had a dime for every time a caution sign made us laugh and make us forget the genuine meaning. We understand that there are warning flags in place for a purpose. They’re there to keep us out of trouble and, on occasion, to save us from terrible peril. However, they do occasionally make us chuckle, which is inescapable.

Source: Imgur

These warning signs make us want to be cautious, whether it’s an extremely clear caution that should be common sense or a hilarious image accompanying a message. That is, once we’ve stopped laughing. This sign is certain to make you chuckle! True, mistakes must be made for lessons to be learned. Therefore, we hope no passers-by were injured due to this sign’s reading.

Keep an Eye on the Road

When the news is full of doom and gloom, we all need a little pick-me-up, and what better way to accomplish that than by laughing at some humiliating, awkward, and humorous driving moments? Getting behind the wheel of a car is a rite of passage that comes with various emotions and, of course, comedy.

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This restaurant understands how amusing it can be to find a way to combine driving with dining. Although the wording on this sign is accurate, it almost feels like it is attempting to take us off guard. Perhaps you’re a passenger observing the signs as you pass by. If you’re a motorist, remember to look, watch, and always listen.

Willy Wonka Misconceptions

Willy Wonka is one of the most well-known movie characters ever. Willy Wonka was first and most famously seen on screen in the iconic 1971 family picture Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Gene Wilder’s outstanding portrayal brought the distinctive and hilarious character to life. The film follows a group of children who can access the eccentric Wonka’s wonderful candy factory.

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So, please accept our apologies for the lengthy details we just reiterated. Like this amusing signpost, not everyone believes in the true genesis of things. We can’t help but express our astonishment. In some ways, it was a case of survival of the fittest. I suppose it helps us consider the Oompa Loompas and all the obstacles from a different perspective.

Today`s Sign

There are so many amusing signs out there, and we appreciate every one of them! Custom signage has its own set of ups and downs. Believe me, and we’ve seen everything! Nothing beats a very humorous sign for grabbing someone’s attention. A good sense of humor is also a wonderful strategy to attract new consumers.

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Sometimes all you need is a good laugh after a hard day. If you’re seeking a sign that now is the right moment, these are the ones to look for. When you think things can’t get any crazier, a new phrase or joke will make you reassess how crazy this term is. It’s no wonder that, with so many amusing signs around, the males want to get rid of their laugh lines as well.

Bobby Pins

Most of us have had a poor hair day or a horrible haircut at some point in our lives, and when it occurs, it feels like the end of the world. However, some people have gone to the other extreme and had huge hair catastrophes that resulted in humorous incidents. We’re simply thanking our lucky stars that anything like this didn’t happen to us at this moment.

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Not all great hair disasters are due to mistakes; others are deliberate, as this sign demonstrates. Follow the trail of hair clips your girlfriend leaves in her wake to find out where she’s gone. Bobby pins may aid in controlling a girl’s hair, yet they seem to vanish faster than Houdini.

Now Hiring

Job interviews are stressful and frequently unpleasant, but they can also be humorous for those not directly engaged. Interviewing and recruiting candidates for a given post may be tedious, and recruiters secretly wish they didn’t have to go through it. By design, job interviews aren’t supposed to be amusing, unpleasant, or embarrassing.

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However, this does not always deter prospects, and recruiters occasionally inject comedy into the process. You may be happy with yourself after a great exercise, but in Texas, comedy reigns supreme, so unless you have a hilarious tale to tell to go along with it, people may be less interested. When you’re relating your gym stories, keep that in mind.

Oh No Tequila

Tequila is a fickle mistress. You never know when she’ll call your name or what will happen when you pick up the phone. One thing is certain. At one point or another, we’ve all been there! Many individuals have attempted to combat tequila, but most have failed. Who do you think you are in comparison to this guiding spirit?

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Some individuals don’t consume tequila as often as other spirits, but it’s definitely in the top three, with bourbon and scotch in many top three lists. We’re still not sure if this individual drank too many tequilas. Anyway, these aren’t exactly Pumba and Timone’s words, but we believe they’d like this take on the original. You’d be OK in any case!

Heimlich Maneuver

The Heimlich technique conjures up ideas of heroic amateur lifesaving — it’s simple to learn, simple to do, and its widespread use is an ingenious approach for converting any restaurant patron into a first responder. Sure, you hope you’ll never use it, but it’s a good thing it exists.

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A medical breakthrough of this size usually necessitates years of peer-reviewed study to back up the claims. This is a fantastic question, and the answer is a resounding yes! Make a fist with your hands, push it into your upper belly, and make a fast upward movement for those who might require it. Don’t say we don’t provide you with important information.

Still Can’t Relate

We’re all human, and typos and misspellings are among the most prevalent blunders in the world. While spelling and grammar mistakes make English instructors’ wince, misspellings on signs and notifications may occasionally give them hilarious new meanings. Others are simply wonderful because they are so terrible.

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Which is better: flan or plan? We are still unable to relate to each other in this situation. We can only hope that whatever God has in store for our tastes is as nice as flan. Flan is said to be heavenly. Therefore that may be what inspired this joke. Whether it’s flan or a plan, this eatery is providing us with yet another amusing play on words.

Grow up Math

What was it about the geometry book that made it so adorable? Because it had acute angles. Okay, we admit it was a little cheesy, but we all know that teaching math isn’t always the most interesting topic. That means you’ll need to develop ways to make courses more enjoyable. Plus, the finest math jokes may aid in teaching math principles. Consider all the options.

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Students may use these jokes to help them remember how to answer various arithmetic problems! The eatery in Austin has come up with yet another amusing placard. We are taught that we must address difficulties that arise as adults. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a creative math joke, but it’s the ideal verbal trick to put a grin on anyone’s face.

It Has No Brain

Retail therapy is a well-known mood booster, but large corporations frequently lack the human touch that makes shopping more pleasurable. But don’t worry: these little companies and store owners have added a lot of amusing jokes and messages to provide a little amusement to their clients’ days.

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Texan humor is known for signs like these. It may be well programmed, but the human mind is just as strong, and it is requesting that whoever is controlling this computer consider carefully before utilizing it. Machines can also malfunction, necessitating human involvement. The operator must think carefully and apply their expertise to do this.

You Have to Be Happy in Happy Town

You’ve surely heard the phrase, “When Hell freezes over.” If you’re from Hell, Michigan, that isn’t such a far-fetched concept. The town of ZigZag, Oregon, takes its name from a river that winds its way across the terrain in a zig-zag pattern. On the classic TV show “Hee Haw,” Good Grief, Idaho was praised for “having a population of three with two dogs and one old grouch.”

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Happy is a real town with people who know how to promote themselves. Turn that frown upside down and start smiling, as they say. Nothing is more important to the citizens of Happy than being cheerful and welcoming tourists. In this community, we can’t imagine somebody being sad.

A Little humor in Hondo

Puns and witty allusions have grown commonplace on highway message boards around the country. The welcome sign is the first thing people see when approaching a small town—every excellent community has one. They might be simple and touching, or they can be rather clear, but they properly display the people’s sense of humor in both situations.

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The town of Hondo has a strong religious vibe to it, and even its welcome sign refers to it as “God’s kingdom.” They request that their citizens and tourists adopt friendly Texan driving habits and drive slowly in congested places. While passing through Hondo, you might be able to take in some of the local sights.

Friendly Driving

Nothing beats the feeling of adventure you get while relaxing in your car, making your way down a gorgeous road while listening to a nice song on the radio. Perhaps you’ve got excellent company in the car which keeps you cheerful the entire time. Perhaps you’re planning a later stop at the world’s greatest roadside eatery. Whatever the situation may be, you seem to be overflowing with joy and happiness.

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That, however, is a romanticized picture of driving. Driving environmentally friendly implies driving slowly in congested places before speeding up on the interstate. The roadways in Texas are noted for aggressive driving. So, unless you’re on a Texas highway, slow and steady typically wins the race.

Greetings, Vegans!

Nobody said being a vegan was simple; it requires self-control and planning to live up to your values. The way vegan converts eulogize about the virtues of their dietary choice while criticizing others for their ‘unorthodox’ meat-eating preferences is a common allegation hurled at vegans. While it normally stems from a positive place, wanting people to feel as good about themselves as vegans, it can grate on meat and dairy eaters.

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This restaurant does not appear to be vegan-friendly. Even though there is enough proof that a plant-based diet is better for the body and the environment, we nevertheless enjoy their wit. We believe that enough food will be for both the animals and the vegans to eat.

Love for Sports

There’s nothing quite like getting engrossed in a friendly game of football with your pals. While a competitive streak is admirable, players seldom leave a game without a smile on their faces. Whether you’re a great sports fan or not, the joy of watching a game live in a stadium with thousands of your closest friends is likely to be something you can connect to.

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Not only does the clamor of the crowd appear to instil a sense of camaraderie, but the supporters may also be as exciting as the game itself at times. Texans are proud of their Longhorns, which appear to be the same moniker for the football, basketball, and baseball teams. We’re sure they’re grateful for all the compliments on the sign. Being clever, powerful, and sexy is a triple thread!


We all know how enthralled youngsters are with Legos. It’s a stage that some of us have had to grow out of as well, though some of us never truly did. It’s a rare youngster who hasn’t spent some time as a child playing with LEGO bricks. Whether we used our imaginations to create our own houses, cars, and robots, or we opted to follow comprehensive instructions to make our own Star Wars Millennium Falcon, the LEGO brick has become a global favorite among children.

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Another important question to think about. There are probably a few things that hurt worse than stepping on a piece of Lego, but it’s on the list. A stubbed toe, as well as stepping into the corner of your coffee table, will make you jump around in discomfort. Fortunately, the discomfort will fade in a minute or two, and you will be able to resume your day.


It’s not the cookie that you crave when you see a fortune cookie; it’s the fortune. I mean, there are a lot of baked pastries out there, but how many of them can also tell you your fortune? At the very least, pretend to be it. On the other hand, is there a greater fortune teller and secret message carrier than a delectable one? Some of the fortune cookie messages, on the other hand, are so unexpected that they completely take individuals off guard.

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When it comes to cookies, signage may sometimes pose questions that make us ponder. They may have a point here. Why aren’t cookies called bakeries? They’re baked, not cooked, and fit under-baked foods rather than general cooking. This will have to fall under the category of classic unsolved questions.

Orange Burnt Green

But what good is a round of golf if there’s nothing to laugh about? Every golfer enjoys a good yarn, and most of us have a few hilarious tales to tell about misadventures on the course. Many of the stories told in clubhouses have become part of the game’s folklore. They occasionally change or are repeated so often that their origin and validity become hazy.

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This is quite an amusing golf tale. Jordan Speith is one of the youngest professional players ever to win the green jacket at Augusta National, and we believe he deserves all of the praise he can receive. Our favorite hilarious sign eatery is certainly ecstatic that a Texan has won the championship.

Drink & Derive

No one wants to be the subject of a bizarre drunk driving tale, yet people do it every day. Drunk drivers come in all kinds and sizes, and they will get behind the wheel even if they have only had a few drinks and believe they are sober or if they are entirely unable to focus or walk.

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We all know not to mix alcohol and caffeine, but who thought trying to perform some math was also perilous ground? Here’s some more traditional Texan wit, with the restaurant owners making a brilliant pun about drunk driving. A serious message is given with a sense of humor.

Friends of Batman

Even though Batman is the most serious superhero in the world of comic books, he is prone to getting himself into some bizarre situations. Over the years, Batman has been dubbed a variety of names. Dark brooding, scary. However, the word “hilarious” does not normally spring to mind. There are exceptions, like the Batman TV program, but for the most part, Batman has always remained the brooding Dark Knight to current Batman fans.

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Batman wasn’t always like this, but he does make certain people happy. It is critical to be content and to love oneself. It’s also crucial to have a desire and a goal in mind, and if you ever get the chance to ride in the Batmobile, we say go for it! Many people’s bucket lists would include that item.

Thank You, Brian

You must first master the road rules before taking your DMV driving exam. The government has strictly enforced traffic regulations to safeguard the safety of road users. Road markers and markings are other precautions that the government have implemented on our highways. These are used to warn and inform drivers about what to expect on the road ahead.

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There are occasional exceptions, such as when we can’t seem to put a meaning to these indicators. Brian, thank you very much! This gives us great pleasure. We know you keep up with what’s going on in the world because of your day job. If you could provide us with some further information on the catering firm, it would be really helpful!

Real Estate

Preparing residences for potential purchasers to view and transporting clients to home showings are both parts of a realtor’s profession. It’s all rather routine in most cases. But, occasionally, these trips may not go as planned. While a listing agent’s job is to put a house’s best foot forward to get top cash for the seller, there may be a snag or two when home buyers walk through the door that they could never have predicted.

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In other cases, the sellers are overly devoted to what will soon be their former residence. Well, property prices may be rising, and we all know how Willie Nelson feels about things getting out of hand. This restaurant’s signage appears to specialize in making light of a serious matter.


Every day, we all need to chuckle a bit, and you may discover humor in the most unlikely of places if you look around. Even on the menus of restaurants! These signs are typically intended to inform us about excellent prices, wonderful cuisine, or restaurant opening times. They may be extremely inventive and artistic in their attempts to entice people inside.

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However, these signs may sometimes be amusing, either purposefully or accidentally. In other situations, the writers were well aware of what they were doing and utilized their imagination and wit to create something amusing. Another amusing Austin restaurant sign. This time, it’s informing you that this is your final opportunity to quit and that there won’t be any food for long. It’s probably a good thing if you’re in the mood for yoga instead.

Soy Milk

Complaint after complaint may be found in the Visitor Posts area of every major food corporation’s Facebook page. Because the internet is flooded with every potential complaint, most messages go unnoticed. Still, people pay attention when someone truly tears into a firm with a relevant offense.

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This isn’t a complaint; rather, it’s a humorous term directed towards certain people who feel eating. This is another sign from the same amusing eatery. It’s certainly something to explore, as “soy” simply means “I am” in Spanish, and if milk could introduce itself, it would be a hilarious concept to consider. We’ll respond, “No soy senor,” because it’s a joke.

Tight Pants

There is a popular belief that there is no negative publicity. Well, one restaurant put that notion to the ultimate test by declaring some of the most popular Texan characteristics, which certainly got folks talking, albeit we’re not sure for what reasons. It’s for the better welfare of all Texans, but it’s also a little amusing.

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This eatery, like Austin, has a terrific sense of humor. These are interesting facts that any tourist or local may verify. Perhaps this should take the place of the city’s customary welcome sign? Nonetheless, you’re already in Texas, so take advantage of all of these fascinating personalities while you’re there.

Dinner for Mommy

Our parenting game can be on point at times. Even when the kids are clean, dressed, fed, and behaved, parenting may be challenging. Children are wonderful, the sunshine of our life, yet they may test our patience at times. That’s why it’s crucial to have a good sense of humor because if you don’t, they’ll drive you mad!

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Nothing is overlooked in parenting, and everyone is content, if not joyful. Then there’s the rest of the time. As a parent, you will undoubtedly appreciate this. This eatery is located in Austin and is recognized for its trademark Texan humor. It’s preferable not to consider whether or not these words are correct, but rather to take your mother out for a drink since she most likely deserves it!


There will be no diving. There will be no running. Before entering the pool, take a shower. These are the strong warnings on most pool signage, particularly at public pools where large crowds congregate on hot summer days. This sign is a warning that isn’t immediately evident but makes you consider for a moment. This is a timeless classic.

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In reality, the same statement may be seen in several styles. This sign takes first place since it is large and simple to read. It’s crucial to have a clear message, but it’s also important to make people remember what you’re trying to say. This may be accomplished by emphasizing a message. We completely agree with this sign since the messaging is spot on, and it’s a terrible act.

Are You a Hairy Person?

Making signs is simple: write anything you want in large letters and add graphics for clarity or creative purposes. And just because they’re usually intended to deliver critical information doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining. However, no two people have the same sense of comedy.

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After all, we all have unique perspectives and experiences that drive us to find some things and persons more entertaining than others. Perhaps Texans like direct and to-the-point communication. This sign foregoes all politeness and asks a direct inquiry. If you believe this sign is speaking to you, being bold and asking a simple query might be the answer.

Texan Humor

Texas is more than a state; it’s a way of life. Those who reside here are aware of it. Those who do not will never be able to. Texans are used to being the target of jokes about their accents, football obsessions, strange weather, and unapologetic pride in their home state. We adore Texas and can’t think of a better location to call home.

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Whether you reside in Texas or are just passing through, you should pay attention to what these signs tell you; else, who knows what can happen. This sign serves as a caution, although we’re not sure what it’s warning of. It’s unclear whether or not there’s a bridge nearby or how high it is. The maximum height permitted would be far more useful, but

We’re Sorry, But We’re Closed

If you phrase your words appropriately, a sign may be a terrific method to get your message through. Because if you don’t, you might wind up with a wacky word salad that leaves folks perplexed. And they’ll laugh — they’ll laugh while pointing their fingers. So make sure you proofread it thoroughly! We’re still curious about the significance of a sign that reads, “Not responsible if birds devour your funnel cake.”

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There are several nonsensical signs, as well as translation errors. As far as signs go, this one is a bit perplexing. Not only will visitors be unsure whether they are open or closed, but it is unlikely to draw many people inside. Someone should probably tell them they shouldn’t feel bad about being honest.

Not a Regular Cat Food

We all use our automobiles regularly, and although they bring convenience, they can also be a source of frustration. We’ll have to stop at a gas station at some point and fill up the tank with gas. When we do that, we usually snarl. After all, petrol prices seem to be rising all the time, and we don’t always want to spend the money to fill up the tank.

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We all know that these stations are necessary, but this one go above and beyond to keep visitors there for longer. Service station cuisine isn’t recognized for being very nutritious or tasty. This sign is here to remind you that there are alternative options for as cheap as they sell it at the gas station, and they won’t look or taste as bad.

More Than a Regular Psychic

Have you ever heard of Psychic Karate? If not, now you’ve seen it surely exists in Texas. Texas is a home for different hilarious professions. The person who put this up seems to take the business and probably their passion seriously as they are not ready to leave any part.

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We are not in a position to blame the owner of this establishment because they certainly want to have some fun with their job. However, we want to know how that is working for them. Maybe we may have to go up to Texas to see if we need the psychic karate.

Total Population

Texas is a big place and has some small towns within it. One of these small towns is Alpine. Alpine is a small town with a few thousand people or stays within it. However, the population of the people living in the town seems to have increased on this sign. It’s the season of increasing rain here.

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The sign blessed the town with many people even though it miraculously added a total with the small stats written about the town. No one is here to judge; we are just amazed at the total population of the Alpine town.

Changeable Weather

Laredo is one of the few exceptions for the weather situation in Texas. You must have heard about bipolar humans; little did we know that the weather in Laredo has this bipolar syndrome. It is also safe to say that the weather is confusing in this town where everyone knows everyone.

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This point is evident in how the weather can go from being hot and cold in a matter of hours. The sign indicates that a small town is where people keep an eye on one another and gives visitors a heads up about the weather.

Rain Gauge

With the hot season and high temperature, it is not a surprise that the dust in Texas are vast. Most Texans will laugh off this sign because they understand it as their reality. The lid of a beer bottle comes to mind when they think and compare how much rain and dust they can collect.

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The rusty lid is an indicator that rain barely falls in Texas. Although some areas are highly susceptible to hurricanes and may not experience so much dust, most people living in or visiting Texas can relate to the dust in Texas than rain. Well, they don’t have an option, do they?

Hot Summertime

If you have been to Texas in the summer, you will know how hot it must be during the summertime. The reason for that is not far-fetched as the state is in the South and very close to the equator. It is fair to say that Rihanna had Texas in mind when she sang Diamond.

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Maybe she should have said Texas because the sun surely shines bright in Texas. The sign points out funnily the four seasons in Texas. While some areas have more arid conditions, summertime in Texas screams hot, hotter, and hottest. The four seasons are a sight to beyond, as illustrated in the sign.

Vast Landscape

Texas is a big place. It is the second-biggest state in the United States of America. That is why there are many places to visit and different locations. The sign here is the Texas Map trying to give perspective to the size of Texas.

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The landmass in Texas is no hidden fact, and it shouldn’t surprise you when you drive for days before reaching the other side of the state. You may want to consider taking this Texas map with you when embarking on this long trip. Enjoy the ride around the second largest state in the US.

Texas and Speed Limits

Texas is a beautiful place with wide and open freeways. The absolute and vast nothingness on the highways of Texas can be refreshing and dangerous at the same time. The reason is that it is easy for you to get too comfortable on the road and exceed the speed limit.

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Thereby putting your life in danger and also end up facing penalties for over-speeding. This sign here gives you the average speed limit options, tells you the best, but also tells you to throw caution into the wind if you please. However, you have the free will to choose what you want, but the sign won’t be evidence for you in court.

The Best Cars

Another interesting thing about the Texans is that they love their cars. They do not just drive any type of vehicle. They go for the best, which to them are the trucks. The sign humorously condemns the SUV by referring to it as a vehicle with a congenital disability.

Source: Twitter

Anyone with an SUV will get the message after checking this sign. It is a subtle shade with a dry wit directed at the types of cars the Texans think are not qualified to be called cars. Maybe we all have to sell our cars to be worthy of living in Texas.

Second- Hand Vegetarian

No one is a total vegetarian like the Texans. Texans love their food, not any meal but the rich Texan meat. They love their steak and a whole lot of meat. However, they are still the best practicing vegetarians. Funny, right? That’s right.

Source: Pinterest

Texans are the best practicing second-hand vegetarians. They eat fresh grass indirectly from the cows they eat. After all, cows eat grass. This sign points out that fact in a hilarious manner. It is classic humor that stresses the Texan’s strong love for fresh meat. We might just join the Texans and become second-hand vegetarians ourselves.

Texas Food Pyramid

Every Texan loves good food. It is no doubt that Texas is the home for lots of meat, tasty ice cream, delicious pies, and of course, the favorite Tex Mex dish. If you don’t know, the Tex Mex combines a Mexican dish with a Texan style and flavor.

Source: Facebook

This sign right here shows that this establishment is not just about the excellent meal but about the Texan tasty food. The food pyramid shows the delicious meals for grab – from the lovely pecan pie, chicken fried steak, BBQ, Tacos, amongst others. You sure will have a full stomach by the time you leave.

Fancy Nachos

The owners here are ready to give you significant portions of nachos. It is funny how they painted this image by comparing the nachos with the customers behind them. A customer may be concerned with the size of their behind at this point because we do not know whether that will be a determining factor in the way they would be served.

Source: Twitter

However, there is free wireless internet for you to enjoy. Therefore, with the free and limitless wireless internet, you may want to consider taking and uploading some pictures of you enjoying the big nachos when you eventually get served. So, enjoy the internet and your nachos!

Extra Cold Beer

An extra cold beer is available for you whenever you feel low and depressed. There was a reason you are not together with your ex again, and this beer is as cold as your ex’s cold heart. Now, that sounds harsh. Well, it isn’t; the bar owners care so much about you.

Source: Tumblr

The sign is up for you to remember that this bar offers the best beer ever in history. This beer is also not just good as it tastes better than your ex’s cold heart, but it will also remind you of how and why you broke up with your ex in the first place.

A Little Reminder

Everyone should get treated better in their workplaces. Bartenders are human as well and not magicians or superheroes. Even superman has a limit to the number of people he can carry at a time. There is much pressure on the bartender when everybody wants a drink simultaneously.

Source: Imgur

Therefore, this sign is a little reminder that patience is vital right here. The exciting part about this sign is that it has a pinch of humor in it while it does its job of reminding you to treat the bartender nicely and wait your turn.

Not on the Menu

The bar owners have different items on the menu, but women are certainly not one of them. We’ve seen various movies and heard stories of how the couple fell in love with each other after meeting randomly in a bar. However, the owners of this bar do not care for such stories as they do not want you to come to their bar to pick women.

Source: Tumblr

Therefore, you may have to bring your woman to the bar if you’re going to spend time with a woman in their bar. If you want a chance at romance, you may have to look elsewhere as women are not on the menu in this bar.

Bargaining Time

It’s bargaining time, people! Let’s check this deal out, please. This seller has probably violated some laws and is most likely facing a jail sentence. The seller has some selling before they head to jail, or maybe they are trying to sell some things to avoid going to jail.

Source: Imgur

We still can’t provide a reason for this rush of a sale. Whatever the case may be, it sure looks like this is a jail time sale. Many people may be bidding for this sale, but we may be lucky to cut some big deals. Let’s make that bargain, shall we?

Daddy’s Little Girl

She is daddy’s little girl, and no one who maltreats her goes free. Guns don’t shoot themselves. Texas is a place where almost every home has a gun. However, there is relative usage regarding guns here in Texas. This sign is hilarious to warn off guys who have no intention of doing right by Texas’ girls.

Source: Pinterest

f you are dating a Texas girl intending to hurt her, you may want to take heed; her dad might have a gun safely tucked at home waiting to try it on you. Remember, guns don’t fire themselves; angry Texas’ dads are in charge. Just a brief warning from us to you.

The Adventures After Death

The big question on this sign is as old as humankind itself. However, no one has successfully answered the question. There are many stories and answers coated with many words over the generations. Some say life after death is an interesting one. Others say there is, in fact, no life after death.

Source: Reddit

Once dead, all is gone. Either way, all the stories are pretty adventurous as one can only know if there is life or no life after death only when dead. If you have that adventurous spirit to find out, then you may trespass. After all, what better way to find out than dying? However, if you do not wish to die, then do not trespass.

Keep Out!

Helicopters are a standard transporting system in America, and no one needs to be told that these not so little birds with spinning blades make much noise and are dangerous to go around them unsupervised. It can be fancy to kids and makes a lot of sense in the air.

Source: Pinterest

Although it is funny how you wouldn’t know there are helicopters around that area and need to be vigilant because they make much noise. However, the big, bold letters on this signpost should scream danger if you do not know that. You were warned to keep out and stay safe. Keep off the area; it’s the big birds with spinning blades’ territory, human.

Danger Lies Ahead!

Indeed, danger lies ahead. The United States of America has a record of court cases where victims sue establishments for their actions or inactions. However, the case will be different here. The sign was up; you saw it and overlooked it. You either adhere to the signpost or go through the danger.

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If you ignore or forsake the sign, you may get hurt, and if you sue, you would only be wasting your time and endangering your finances. Either way, danger lies ahead as long as you ignore the signs. Going to court with this case will yield nothing as the sign will be used as evidence against you.