Tattoo Ideas That You Would Never Want For Yourself

Tattoos have always been a way of expressing yourself, the life you’ve lived, and most importantly, for weaving a story around yourself. Usually, one look at a tattoo can tell you a lot about a person. However, this is not only true for good, well-designed tattoos but bad ones as well. Unfortunately, there exist a plethora of tattoo designs out there that are tasteless and just plain unattractive.

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You must be thinking, “How bad can it be?” Why don’t you take a look at the designs we have compiled and be your judge? We are sure that you will agree with us when we say that these designs are an abomination to the world of tattoo art

American Idiot Indeed

This tattoo is not only too childish, with the explosive cloud burst around the name of the famous American brand, “Green Day,” but it is also poorly executed. The members of the band look nothing like themselves, and the placement of their faces looks strange.

Source: Facebook

The contrast between the band members’ realistic portrayal and the cartoon-like cloud image at the bottom is jarring to the eye. If this person was indeed a fan of the band, he should have thought twice about getting this terrible design.

Please Plan Ahead

This tattoo seems self-explanatory. The message is clear: that whatever you do, you need to plan, including tattoos. And since this person didn’t plan ahead, they are left with a highly questionable tattoo indeed.

Source: Reddit

But perhaps this tattoo was meant to be intentional? Well, whatever it was, there is no denying that this was a complete waste of tattoo ink and the artist’s time. Maybe next time, this person should plan for a better tattoo.

Meat Lovers Represent!

Meat lovers do tend to parade around their love for chicken, but maybe not to this extent. This colorful tattoo looks like it’s been taken out of Tom and Jerry, with its animated meat character that seems to shout, “Meat” for some reason.


Whether it’s because of all the stars or the wizard’s wand that the meat character is holding (which begs the question, “why?”), this tattoo just comes across as tacky. Perhaps this person’s love for meat might have been better expressed orally… like everyone else.

A Meat Tattoo Done Right

While there are several bad tattoos on this list, this particular one is an exception. With its sausage-human holding a bottle of sauce in hand, while the words “Guilty of being delicious” frame the tattoo, this particular tattoo comes across as tasteful and artistic.

Source: Twitter

This seems to be the kind of tattoo that you would want to get on your arm to cover it up for the corporate meeting but leave exposed for parties and barbecues. Meat lovers, take note, this is how you get a meat tattoo to look good!

Can’t Stay Inside The Lines

Usually, when people get bad tattoos inked into their skin, a drunk story is behind it. The same seems to be the case for this one. However, it looks like the tattoo artist was the drunk one in a weird twist of fate.

Source: Pinterest

The bicycle is wonky and looks like it was inked on in a hurry. The lines are drawn, and we certainly feel sorry for this person who ended up with an unrideable bike on his body. We sincerely hope that this tattoo was inked somewhere not usually visible to people!

Is That America’s Sweetheart?

There is no denying that this tattoo is supposed to be an acting legend, Marilyn Monroe. The question is, “What happened to her face?” In an attempt to shade in her face, this tattoo artist seems to have entirely blackened Monroe’s best features.

Source: Imgur

As a result, Monroe looks like she just took part in a boxing match and came out the worse for it. Thankfully, as permanent as they are touted to be, tattoos can still be removed – an option this person should consider.

A Tattoo That Speaks For Itself

Armpit food tattoos never bode well, and this one is a prime example. This woman has big sliced onion tattooed right on her armpit. Perhaps it is an indication of how her armpit smells?

Source: Twitter

Whatever it is, the tattoo is just an eye-sore. And the blue aura that the onion seems to emanate makes it nonetheless so. We’re questioning the big smile that this person has on her face in this photo!

Tramp Stamp For This Worker

Tramp stamps were trendy in the 1970s, and it looks like they haven’t gone out of style yet. This worker’s beautiful butterfly tattoo is just peeking out from underneath his t-shirt, and it’s a ‘WTF’ moment.

Source: Pinterest

Maybe this was a Ted Mosby kind of situation, and the tattoo resulted from a devastating break-up and a string of poor decisions. Well, all we can say to this one is… butterfly, fly away.

A Tattoo That Is Meta

Another self-referential tattoo makes it onto our list. Why, oh, why do people continue to get these? Again, the tattoo is in text form, reading “I regret this tattoo.” It looks like this person was going for a cool look but completely missed the mark.

Source: Imgur

This tattoo is sure to be a source of regret for this person in the years to come. Fortunately for us, this tattoo seems to be making fun of itself, and there’s nothing else to say. Our job here is done.

Love For Laundry

There are many tattoos out there that are questionable, but they seem to have meaning behind them. This one, however, just seems unnecessary. It seems bizarre that someone would want a washing machine permanently inked into their skin.

Source: Twitter

If this person loved laundry this much, they should know that they should separate the colors before putting the clothes in. What a complete disaster all around!

Darwin On The Arm

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution shook humanity down to its toes, and understandably so. This person seems to have gotten a tattoo to honor this theory, but its placement and size have us wondering what went wrong here.


Even though the tattoo is done in a minimalist style, it is still placed in an unfortunate body corner. Wrinkles are sure to render this particular concept unrecognizable in no time.

Traditions Are Meant To Be Broken

Family traditions are essential to follow, but not if they are just plain ridiculous. And this seems to be the case for this tattoo situation. This person appears to have shaved off his mustache and inked the words “Family Tradition” on his upper lip instead.

Source: Twitter

This tattoo not only has us questioning the sanity of the tattoo-owner but also of his whole family. Seriously, what kind of tradition is this, and why are they still following it?

Typo On A Tattoo

Typos in the text make for hilarious reads. But they are only hilarious because you can correct them in the very next message or even just delete the message altogether. Unfortunately, it is much more challenging to erase permanent ink. This is why this person is stuck forever with a typo on his chest.

Source: Pinterest

The tattoo looks like it was chosen by a child who needs to learn his spellings. Maybe this person should get another tattoo correcting his mistake with an asterisk below this one. Or just get it removed entirely. Either way, something needs to be done to make this right.

Extra Lives To Correct Your Mistakes

This tattoo seems like a random string of video game symbols, but for those who have played Contra, this tattoo will make a lot of sense. This is actually the Konami code, which granted several extra lives in the game. A boon for players, that’s for sure.

Source: Twitter

It seems like this woman wishes she has some extra lives. To correct some mistakes? Maybe. She should really use those extra lives to get some better tattoos inked on her body.

This ‘Mask’ Character Needs A Mask

For those of you who don’t know, this is Eric Stoltz from the movie ‘Mask.’ While the actor is incredibly handsome in real life, he is definitely portrayed in a bad light in the movie. And why anyone would want Eric Stoltz from ‘Mask’ is beyond us.

Source: Imgur

Perhaps this person just loves talking about his tattoos because he is sure to be doing a LOT of explaining wherever he goes. Let’s hope that he’s up to the task!

Black And White

Some people can go overboard when it comes to their tattoos, but this man seems to have gone in a different direction, with a chessboard inked onto his face. Starting right from his bald head down to his chin (including the eyelids and the lips), this man is just one big walking game of chess.

Source: Pinterest

If he really loved chess that much, he probably should have just bought a chessboard. This was completely uncalled for. He really didn’t have to put himself (and the rest of the world) through this.

Scribbling Is Fun

Do you know what happens when you give some color pencils to a child and no paper to draw on? The whole world becomes a canvas, and it looks like this woman’s back was a recent victim of a child’s drawing.

Source: Pinterest

If this really is done with permanent ink, we sure are glad for one thing about this tattoo – that it exists on this person’s back. The tattoo owner won’t be able to subject her eyes to this abomination often enough, and neither will we!

Snip, Snip On That Nip!

Nip tattoos can definitely be classy, but only if done right. This one just looks painful, with a huge red lobster closing in on this person’s nip with its sharp claws. The tattoo definitely has a dash of danger added to it, but there is no denying that this whole image just makes everyone who looks upon it… uncomfortable.

Source: Facebook

You can’t help but just imagine those claws closing in around that nip and just… snip! Ouch.

Stupid And He Knows

We don’t know what circumstances led to this tattoo existence, but what we do know is that this tattoo is absolutely right. If this person isn’t stupid, then we don’t know who is?

Source: YouTube

The beer bottle in his mouth certainly completes the picture for us, and it’s… not pretty. Oh well, at least one good thing came out of this tattoo. Newcomers can be warned of this man’s stupidity even before he opens his mouth!

Too Cool For School

This person shouldn’t be boasting about being too cool for school. Instead, they should have gone to school and learned their spelling. But maybe this typo was made intentionally to signify that they are indeed “too cool.”

Source: Imgur

Of course, the awful drawing of a school bus doesn’t help matters. We kind of wish the tattoo artist put more effort into this design, but maybe they also knew that it was a lost cause.

Blue Screen On The Arm

It certainly seems like people will get pretty much anything tattooed onto their skin these days, including the mundane blue screen of death that Windows displays to us whenever our computer fails us.


Is this a message that something inside this man isn’t working very well too? Even if this wasn’t the intention with which this tattoo was designed, it does give off a not-so-subtle hint that this man’s system might be broken.

New Tattoo, New Mom

Congratulations to this new mom! On her baby… not her tattoo. The tattoo that she seems to be wearing proudly in all her glory is confusing, to say the least. It’s a big circle with a line running all down her face, down to her neck.


Minimalistic tattoos are almost always beautiful, but not this one! We just can’t put our finger on what this woman was going for when she requested this design for her face.

Stinky Pile Of Dog Poop

This one just speaks for itself. The huge stinky pile of poop really looks like it’s a metaphor for how awful the tattoo itself is. We really hope that this was the result of a dare because no one in their right minds would ever get this inked onto their skin, even for fun.


With a size like that, this tattoo must have taken at least several sittings. We just wonder whether she had any misgivings throughout any of them or whether she really is proud of this design. Well, whatever floats her boat. YOLO, right?

It’s My Life!

Everyone on this planet would have heard Jon Bon Jovi’s most famous song, “It’s my life,” at some point or the other in their lives. It’s a pretty cool song that has now almost come to be considered an anthem for the age of youth.


As such, it makes sense that this person would want the lyrics tattooed onto their arm. What doesn’t make sense is the mistakes (not one, but two!) that even the tattoo artist seems to have missed. It’s is a pity indeed.

The Writings On The Leg

This person must have some pretty special people in his life to have their names tattooed on his leg. Whoever, Patsy, Ritchie, and Alice can rest assured that they are forever in someone’s heart… or rather, on someone’s leg.


While this is a sweet sentiment, it just doesn’t seem to have been executed well. The childish writing and the placement of the tattoo (on the leg, seriously?) have us questioning whether Patsy, Ritchie, and Alice are actually happy about this tattoo.

Mermaid Belongs In The Sea

This guy should really have left his mermaid fantasies where it belongs – in the sea. Because this mermaid on his arm has us questioning the beauty of all mermaids in popular fiction. Not only do the top and bottom half look disjointed, but it also seems like the tattoo artist ran out of ink just when he got to the tail.


This is no Little Mermaid, to say the least. A child could have done a better job on this tattoo, and that’s saying something.

Just Do It!

We think this person took Nike’s tagline (Just do it!) too seriously when deciding on what tattoo to get on his feet. As a result, he got a huge Nike logo, the iconic swoosh, inked permanently onto his skin.


While we agree that Nike has a brilliant logo, we still think that it should remain on clothes and shoes. The minute it shows up on our bodies, you can be sure that someone has gone completely off their rocker.

Never Question A Mom’s Intention

This cool mom goes to any lengths to make sure her son receives the best education possible. As a result, she auctioned off her forehead to the highest bidder, which happened to be, who offered her ten grand in exchange for a sweet bit of marketing.


We really hope her little boy grows up to get a good education and avoid making stupid decisions like his mom.

The Man With Two Faces

This one reminds us of Lord Voldemort as he took residence at the back of Professor Quirrell’s head in the first Harry Potter movie. This man seems to find amusement in inking another face onto the back of his head, and we just can’t figure out why.


The mustache completes the picture for sure, but this is just one of those garish tattoos that you never wish to see in your life ever again.

What Is It Supposed To Be?

This tattoo looks like a sad little blueberry sprouted some very weird-looking arms and legs. The dopey eyes and the backward feet definitely make for one strange image. No matter from what angle we look at it, we can’t make sense of it.


Is it a child’s drawing made into a tattoo? Maybe. Or maybe it’s the visual representation of a nightmare. We’re convinced that it’s the latter.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Stars are beautiful things and form a part of our culture in myriad ways. Perhaps someone told this woman, “You’re a star” when she was young, and she took it to heart. But the starry art-work sprinkled across her face just seems to distort her face (the look on her face confirms it!) and makes her look pock-marked.


Maybe if this tattoo was inked onto a different part of the body, it might have looked better. But right now, it just seems exceptionally unappealing.

Exciting Plane Crash

These planes are definitely positioned in the ideal position to get to a most thrilling landing strip. But these cartoon-like planes (that seem to be angry, for some reason) belong to a children’s coloring book, not on this woman’s body, and certainly not in permanent ink.


The planes that look like they are headed for a mid-air collision might just hold some personal meaning, but it’s still a terrible tattoo idea.

I’m Loving It!

We all love McDonald’s, and the happy meals they offer definitely make us happy. But not happy enough to get a tattoo of our McDonald’s receipt. What could have possibly possessed this man to tattoo his bill onto his arm?


No matter how memorable a meal one has (and it certainly seems like this man had a memorable one that March night), nothing calls for a tattoo of this sort.

He’s Got A Six-Pack

This guy seems to have a sense of humor, for he has tattooed a six-pack of kegs in the place where his six-pack abs should have been. We can’t help but imagine this guy going around telling people that he’s got a six-pack and pulling up his shirt to reveal the joke.

Source: Pinterest

Dad jokes aside, this tattoo just seems to signify that this man has given up on getting his own six-pack abs – a sad prospect, indeed.

Mike Tyson Can’t Go Wrong

Tribal tattoos went out of fashion long ago, but when world-famous boxing champion Mike Tyson rocks it, we have to admit that it looks pretty great.

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

In fact, it looks so good that it might just inspire a comeback for tribal tattoos. Compared to everything else on our list, this would be a welcome change.

Shoes That Get You Places

Converse shoes are pretty comfy, and they look great whether you’re playing, skateboarding, or even just taking a casual stroll across the park. But they don’t look great when they are tattooed directly onto someone’s feet like they are here.

Source: Twitter

But let’s give credit where credit is due. The art-work is admirable. But these converse shoes definitely get a thumbs down from us.

Medusa On Aaron’s Face

Aaron Carter, a popular music artist, has been known for his whacky tattoos. But this one might just be the whackiest of them all. The artist got Medusa tattooed on his face’s right side and put up this photo with a very self-tooting caption.

Source: Imgur

The caption read, “IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CAN’T BE DENIED.” Wow, talk about bad taste.

Comfy Living

This tattoo forcibly reminds us of how much Chandler and Joey treasured their Barcaloungers in ‘Friends.’ But it also reminds us how Monica thought they were incredibly ugly. If she ever saw this tattoo, she probably might just have a stroke.

Source: Pinterest

This black leather recliner with foot-rest definitely looks comfy, but it belongs in front of the TV. Not on someone’s arm.

A Permanent Proposal

Or should we say a permanent refusal? No one likes cringe proposals, and this one just might cut it as being the cringiest one we’ve seen in a while. This big red heart is going to stay on this man’s body for the rest of his life, so we hope for his sake that Nina said “Yes.”


But on second thought, when we see that ‘Marry’ is spelled as ‘Merry,’ we hope that Nina said “No, thank you” and stayed far, far away from this man.

Britney’s Meltdown Immortalized

Britney Spears’ infamous meltdown made the tabloids go crazy and apparently made this person go crazy as well. Having her face from this moment permanently tattooed onto their skin, we’re wondering if they really admired Britney’s meltdown that much.


This is one moment that perhaps Britney, along with the rest of the world, would have liked to forget. Thanks to this guy, that’s not happening anytime soon.

Nip This In The Bud, Please!

Another nip tattoo, and this time, it’s combined with another wrong decision – a nip piercing. But hey, at least this guy has a sense of humor, and he might just get a few laughs out of his friends every now and then for this nip tattoo.


It also makes sense that he got a cow tattooed onto his nip – both of which give milk. A bad joke all around, but whatever works for him!

No Regrets In Life

This is it – the bad tattoo that started it all. The typeface is classy, of course, and if you don’t look closely enough, you might just miss the typo. But once you notice it, you can’t help but shake your head at the typo’s added irony to the tattoo.


Well, we really hope that this person took his own advice and had no regrets.

Blue Avatar Takes The Cake

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai is a true masterpiece of art. This man decided to get this masterpiece tattooed across his entire face, including his eyelids and ears. And the tattoo artist did a great job on it.


This must have taken a tremendous amount of effort, but it seems to have been worth it. It certainly detracts attention from the fact that this man seems to have lost an eye.

This Tattoo Definitely Required Courage

The sentiment of this tattoo, which reads “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway,” is actually quite nice if you ignore the glaring spelling mistake of the word “Courage.” Considering the number of tattoos that end up with bad spelling and grammar, we’re convinced that tattoo artists need to hire copy editors.


At least this man seems to have the courage to deal with his spelling mistake as he proudly shows off his tattoo.

Fame Can Go Into Your Head

This tattoo, which reads “Finaly Famous,” is unappealing, to say the least, and embarrassing to say the most. The tattoo alone is cringe-worthy, but add in the spelling error, and we just can’t help but wonder what happened to sense and style in this world.


Of course, it doesn’t help that this woman seems to have some questionable neck piercings. A classy woman to bring home to mom, huh?

The Land Down Under

This guy is just screaming in our faces that he’s a proud Australian. Beginning with what looks like the most recent tattoo, which is a collection of stars in Australia’s shape, to the Southern Cross Constellation, a boxing kangaroo on his chest, we can tell that this guy just loves his country.


While we love some patriotism, perhaps this might have gone a little overboard.

Beauty Or The Beast?

We’re not entirely sure what the point of the tattoo is. But if this is the image of a loved one on the arm of a lover or a husband, we hope to God that she was happy with the gesture.


Because the tattoo itself looks very poorly designed, and she looks like she’s got all her teeth blacked out. What happened here, tattoo artist?

Tropical Burger In The Breeze

Ah, there’s nothing better than laying down at the beach, with the breeze in your hair, palm trees swaying lazily in the background, and a big huge burger right next to the tree… wait, what? This burger just seems entirely disproportionate and out of place in this tattoo.


Maybe this person just loves the tropical scenery and burgers, but we must admit that this was a terrible way of combining the two.

Anything For Drake

Drake, the rapper, is known and admired by fans all around the world. And as always, it comes as no surprise that the rapper has a crazy fan or two tucked away in some corner of the world. Well, we seem to have found that crazy fan here.


There’s nothing tackier than a forehead tattoo, but this woman just made it worse by tattooing the rapper’s name across her forehead. Drake, please don’t let this woman get too close to you.

Avocado Pit In The Armpit

Avocados are all the craze these days, and whichever new diet fad crops up, avocados make a big feature in every single one of them. This person clearly loves avocados, which is why they seem to have tattooed the two sides of a ripe avocado onto their armpit.


But the bizarre aspect of this tattoo is that a skull replaces the pit of the avocado. Is it to signify that the fruit is not that healthy after all? We’ll never know.

Music Junkie At Live Concerts

We all know that a music lover’s ultimate dream is to see their favorite artists live on stage. This person seems to be one such music junkie who is proud of all the times he saw his favorite bands live.


This doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea for a tattoo after all. Especially considering some of the other tattoos on our list. But they seem to have misspelled Gwen Stefani’s name. Uh oh!

Nip Tat For The Disabled

There’s nothing wrong with advocating for the rights of disabled people. In fact, we are all here for it. But this nip tattoo just seems like a bad decision to us all around.


If this person was disabled or an advocate for the disabled, surely there was a better way of putting that point across? This nip tattoo might just cause people to stay away from nip tats altogether.

A Face Tattoo, On A Face

Yeah, this is a face tattoo… of a face, on a face. The face tattoo looks like it belongs to this man’s child, and while we’re glad that he’s proud to be a father, we are not pleased that he’s subjecting us and the rest of the world to this atrocity.


At least we know he loves his kid. But we’re not too sure if the mom was involved in this decision. In fact, it seems highly unlikely.

The Next President… Not

Presidential races are known for bizarre occurrences and stunts that presidential candidates pull in order to get more votes. But no one who has ever stood for President has ever done this, including Kanye West.


This man has “Jeb 4 Prez” tattooed across his neck. Oh, Jeb, we hate to break to you, but nobody’s voting for you with that tattoo, bud.

This Woman Loves Black

This is perhaps one of the crudest tattoos we’ve seen yet. This woman has the words “Once you’ve gone black, you never go back” tattooed across her back, and if you know what this means, you would be judging this choice of the tattoo along with us.


The picture of Africa with a big red heart only makes matters worse and renders this tattoo a little racist, to be honest. All we can say is that we hope her boyfriend is happy with this tattoo.

Open For Judgment

This boy has clearly made all sorts of wrong decisions in his life, and this tattoo is perhaps the cherry on top. But he doesn’t care, for he has left it up to God to “juge” his actions.


Not only is the typo mortifying, but the image of the all-too-cool grim-reaper floating below the text is a huge contrast with the text itself, which looks like it might have been inked on by one of this boy’s friends.

Aging Man, Aging Tattoo

Have you ever wondered how your face tattoo would look twenty years down the line? Well, the answer is right here before your eyes. This man’s wrinkles have rendered his tattoo almost unrecognizable.


What’s more, this photo looks like it’s a mugshot. It makes you wonder what this old man must have done. If you ask us, that tattoo is a crime, and it needs to be set right!

Love For Asian Culture

This man really wants to show off how passionate he is about Asian culture. Unfortunately, he seems to have mixed up two different Asian cultures in this tattoo – Chinese (hence, the pandas and the bamboos) and Hindu (the ‘om’ symbol).


Maybe next time, he should do some more research on these cultures before getting it inked on to his skin, especially if the design will be as bad as this.

Gucci Mane And His Coldstone Treats

Another famous face makes it onto our list, and this time it’s rapper Gucci Mane. But we are not entirely sure what this rapper meant by tattooing an ice cream right onto his face.


We all love ice creams, but who knew one would love these desserts so much that they have them inked permanently? Or perhaps this design has a personal meaning attached to it. Either way, it’s not the best tattoo out there, especially for Gucci Mane.

Ninja On The Nose

This person is clearly a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They’re also huge fans of nose tattoos. But combining these two was perhaps the worst decision they’ve ever made in their life.


But this one particular tattoo might have looked a lot better elsewhere on the body. Perhaps on the arm where they could have fit more than just the head of the turtle.

Say Cheese!

We know why this man decided to get this huge smile… on his chest. He couldn’t get one on his face, so he compensated with a tattoo that does the job for him.


But seriously, that’s a lot of teeth. Maybe he’s a dentist who just really loves seeing a set of nice, healthy teeth. Or maybe he wants to show off the little cigarette that is sticking out of this set of lips. We’re just glad he’s ‘smiling’ about it!

Satan’s Minion In Real Life

This guy has got horns jutting out from his forehead… oh wait, it’s just a badly designed tattoo. We sincerely hope that this tattoo was the result of a dare because no one would do this to themselves of their own free will.


What’s that on his chin? A goatee? We can only speculate that that’s what this tattoo is, but the question remains, why on earth would this man want a goatee tattooed onto his face when he already has a real one?

I Live By The Motto, YOLO

YOLO is now a catchphrase for most people, usually when they’re about to do something ill-advised. It seems like this person really believes in this catchphrase. Unfortunately, he forgot to turn on his spell-check, as his tattoo reads, “You only life once.”


Ironically, the sentiment of his tattoo should help him get over his spelling error soon enough. Because YOLO.

Eyebrows That Spin A Tale

This man seems to be posing for a mugshot. Ironically, he also appears to have shaved off his eyebrows and tattooed the words “Wrongfully Convicted” in their place. Whatever crime this man committed, he should have stuck to oral forms of communication.


If anything, this tattoo is more likely to aggravate the judge than he appears before. And we’re not blaming the judge for that.

A Double Stamp Tramp Of A Children’s Book

This woman might just have put us off our favorite children’s book forever. “Alice in Wonderland” takes on a whole new meaning, with this double tramp stamp of a cake and a drink, with the words “eat me” and “drink me” written above it.


We have seen some crass tattoos so far, but this one really takes the cake (pun intended).

Crazy Cat Lady

Another eyebrow tattoo, and this one almost makes us feel like the previous one was a lot better! This woman has shaved off her eyebrows and tattooed a couple of sleeping cats right above her eyes.


If she really loves cats that much, she should have at least got a better design instead of this wonky line art that looks like the art of a five-year-old. We can barely even make out that these are cats, for heaven’s sake!

Angels And Hotdogs

Hotdogs are a universal favorite. And if you love it enough to have it tattooed onto your body, well, you do you, bud. But why the unfortunate placement of the tattoo on foot?


Worse yet, why the wings? Has this hotdog died and gone to food heaven? Is it a hotdog angel now? So. Many. Questions. But all we can say is rest in peace, hotdog. You really did not deserve this fate.

Struck By Lightning

Another mugshot, another crime. Yes, we’re saying that the tattoo is a crime, and nothing can convince us otherwise. This particular tattoo looks like an imitation of Harry Potter’s lightning-shaped scar.


If it really is supposed to be Harry’s scar, the tattoo is completely off base in every way. Not only is the placement of the tattoo weird (why is it dead center?), but the shape makes us wonder whether this is really lightning at all.

Steak Curtains And Cobwebbed Windows

This tattoo gets more confusing the more you look at it. But let’s break it down, shall we? There seem to be some steak curtains that have been opened and tied with some giant Elizabethan-style bows. Alright.


The steak curtains seem to be hiding broken windows that are covered in cobwebs. Now, we’re officially at sea. What is this imagery supposed to represent? An 18th Century gothic butcher’s house?

God Bless America

We all love a patriot, but this one might have gone a little overboard with his face tattoo. Need we mention that he chose to cover his whole face in the American flag? Plus, each of his cheeks sports the words “The Land of the Free” and “God Bless America.”


As if the American flag did not indicate that this man is from the States, he also has “U.S.A” tattooed across his forehead. Stating the obvious? Um, yes.

Edgy Skull Tattoo

We have to hand it to this guy; skull tattoos are known to be incredibly painful. But if he was going to get an incredibly painful tattoo, we just wonder why he decided to get this?


We’re not even sure what this tattoo is, to be honest. Is it a blueprint of sorts? A map of rivers brimming with the blood of his enemies? Who knows? All we know for sure is that this guy wants to be edgy. The thing is, we’re not sure if he succeeded.

A Ladies’ Man

Another face tattoo in the place of a mustache. While we can say that whether ladies love facial hair or not is their own prerogative, we can’t say the same for this particular tattoo.


With the words “Ladies love it” tattooed across his upper lip area, the guy is not fooling anyone. It doesn’t replace the facial hair he shaved off, and it’s not done in good taste. Ladies must be running as fast as they can away from this tattoo.

Tattoo With Care, Wear With Pride

We don’t know what this obsession with men and their facial hair is, but it needs to stop as soon as possible. But unfortunately, some of them end up feeling less masculine because of their lack of ability to grow it.


This man has a not-so-neat solution to this problem. He just tattooed hair all over his face, and not in a very realistic manner. These cartoon versions of a mustache, a goatee, and sideburns can’t replace facial hair, that’s for sure!

Daddy Longlegs On Your Face

This man is in a walking Halloween costume. He’s had everyone’s worst nightmare tattooed right onto his face, and we can only hope that he did it because his favorite superhero is Spiderman, and not because he has a weird obsession with spiders.


The tattoo, which covers his whole face, is a little too realistic for our taste. We wouldn’t want to be looking at this man’s face ever again!

Hide My Hairline

A receding hairline is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a law of nature. But what isn’t a law of nature is the abomination that’s on this man’s forehead.


We’re not sure if he was trying to cover up his receding hairline or not, but this tattoo fails miserably in that department. Not only is it a terrible tattoo, but it also calls even more attention to this man’s hairline, if that’s possible!

Every Rose Has A Thorn

And this one sure has plenty. As if the piercings and the hairdo weren’t enough, this woman got a huge red rose tattooed onto her forehead.


We get that the goth look is in at the moment, but there’s a limit to everything. Everything else in this woman’s face transformation is undoable, but not the tattoo! But she doesn’t seem to be regretting her decision. Oh well!

More Facial Hair Tattoos

Why haven’t people realized that tattoos instead of facial hair is a bad idea? This man at least hasn’t come to this happy realization and has thus distorted his face with some crude tattoos.


As if the rigid mustache wasn’t bad enough, he decided to give himself a unibrow (inspired by Frida Kalo, maybe). What’s worse, he also has a couple of Chinese throwing stars tattooed onto his neck. He must really be a fan of those ninja movies.

Cookie Doppelganger

It’s always fun to find your splitting image in other people. Sometimes even in inanimate objects. But in a cookie? That’s a first!


Unfortunately (or fortunately, according to him), this man resembles this cookie in so many uncanny ways. His blackened jaw and the spikes on his forehead look almost as if they were inspired by the cookie he held in the photo. We hope the cookie tastes good, at least.

Pirates Of The United States

This man must have really wanted to grow up to be a pirate. When his dream didn’t come true, he tattooed a pirate patch onto his eyelid.

Source: Pinterest

But it doesn’t end there. He also wanted to represent America in the pirate narrative. Hence the star-spangled banner is tattooed right across his balding head. As an American pirate, this man is living out his dream, but he doesn’t seem too happy about it!

Martian Or Mummy?

This man has the stuff of nightmares tattooed onto his face. Is that an alien or a mummy? Whatever it is, this tattoo cuts a ghostly figure across his face, and we’re sure we’re not getting to sleep tonight.

Source: Twitter

The swirly ghosts that have been tattooed across his shoulders only add to the creepy image. If the spirit world inspired this man, this was definitely not the best way of showcasing it!

Oh, The Horror!

This woman’s face is covered in bat tattoos. Yeah, you read that right. But as if the bats were not enough to convey her message, she had the very obvious word “horror” tattooed across her forehead. The text, unfortunately, resembles the text in which “Goosebumps,” the children’s psychological thriller series, has been written in.

Source: Pinterest

Bizarrely, she also seems to have some diamonds falling from her forehead. If this isn’t a medley of lousy tattoo ideas, then we don’t know what i