The Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Fails at The Olympics

Fans across the world come together every four years to celebrate some of the most talented athletes around. The Summer Olympics goes on for 16 days, and the Winter Olympics showcases some of the most talented athletes who can perform on snow and ice.

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There is competitiveness and tension between the athletes that keep the viewers glued to the screen cheering on for their country. Athletes want attention on their athletic abilities, but sometimes the attention is for the wrong reason, such as a wardrobe malfunction.

Urantsetseg Munkhbat Shares More Than She Planned To

It was the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London; there were thousands of athletes from around the world competing to win gold medals in the UK. Urantsetseg Munkhbat was representation Mongolia in the Women’s 46kg Judo competition.

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She was playing against Paula Pareto from Argentina when the incident happened. Paula grabbed hold of Urantsetseg’s top during a tackle and accidentally pulled it down, revealing her Urantsetseg entire chest to the audience and the world.

That’s Not the Right Flag

Sometimes a wardrobe malfunction that isn’t as obvious happens, and it takes a little closer inspection to spot the issue. It happened to Kayla Richardson, and it wasn’t noticed till after the event. The designers didn’t realize that they had mixed something up on the outfit.

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The flag and the outfit don’t match, which was a vital component of the outfit. The Philippines moment of pride in having one of their athletes doing great in the Olympics was spoiled because the flag on her uniform was upside down.

An Outfit Reveal when Skating

Two French figure skaters Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron who were taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Their performances and high scores were overshadowed by a severe wardrobe malfunction that became the talk of the Winter Olympics.

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Papadakis was in the middle of the routine when disaster struck, and she revealed more than she meant to. The top of her costume came undone. She ended up exposing her chest to everyone in the audience and the millions watching at home.

Stepping on the American Flag was a Bad Idea

Shaun White was a snowboarder who appeared in the 2018 Winter Olympics, where he made a name for himself. The name might not have been the one he intended; when he refused to talk about any “gossip,” he didn’t realize that soon he would be the center of the gossip.

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He did with the American flag that upset people when a CBS reported accused Shaun of “dragging it behind him” and “stepping on it” on the podium. He was accused of being disrespectful and punk for how he handled the American flag.

It Happened Again

Gabriella Papadakis had a previous wardrobe malfunction at the Olympics. It was two days after she revealed her top half in 2018 when she would have another wardrobe malfunction once again. This time it wasn’t her top, but it was the bottom half of her outfit.

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The bottom half of her outfit became undone when she was twirling around with her skating partner. Although skaters wear certain outfits to make sure they can move more freely, it doesn’t mean they aren’t meant to wear anything.

When a Wardrobe Malfunction gets all the Attention

When Kristian Blummenfelt performed at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, he didn’t expect all the attention to be on his body. Blummenfelt competed in triathlon for Norway, and when he won, he expected all the attention to be on her achievement and the medal.

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Instead, his white jumpsuit got the attention of everyone when he won; he didn’t realize that during the race, the jumpsuit had got wet and had become see-through. It was an unfortunate choice in color and jumpsuit that Kirsten had worn to the event.

Underwear to the Recuse

Athletes competing in the 1500m need to have great speed and endure long periods of racing. Although the distance is short, they need to sprint fast to the finish line. Henrik Ingebrigsen is a Norwegian racer who took part in the 2012 Olympics.

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Ingebrigsen came in fifth in the race, but a wardrobe malfunction brought a lot of attention to the Norwegian racer. Henrik Inebrigtsen burned a hole in his shorts due to running and revealed more than he meant to; thankfully, he was wearing underwear.

Dressed to Impress for the Olympics

The Olympics isn’t a fashion show, but that doesn’t mean the athletes can’t stand out, and that’s exactly what Eric Heiden did. Heiden was at the 1980 Winter Olympics; he was a talented speed skater and cyclist who set an extensive record.

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He won gold medals in the 500m, 1,000m, 1,500., 5,000, and 10,000m, and it seemed like Eric knew he would do so well at the Olympics. He wore an all-gold suit when speed skating, and he was dressed for success and took home five gold medals.

Tonya Harding- A Well-Known Figure

Tonya Harding is a name well known to many, even if you have never watched the Olympics. When Tonya arrived late to her skate routine, she caused quite a stir; the drama was already surrounding her because of the attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan.

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She was about to be disqualified if she didn’t make it on the ice soon. She just made it and started skating; when she stopped to show her skates to the judges, Tonya’s lace had snapped, and thankfully the judges gave her a second chance.

The Hulk Moment During Skating

When we think about figure skating and what could go wrong, we tend to think of the skater dropping their partner or falling headfirst on the ice. However, in the 1985 Winter Olympics, Sergei Ponomarenko accidentally exposed his stomach to the audience.

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His custom burst opened and revealed his bare stomach to the world and the judges. Instead of running off the ice, Sergei continued his dance and did not let the wardrobe malfunction stop his chance at winning a medal and impressed everyone.

The Swimsuit Incident in London

The London Summer Olympics 2012 was where Jenifer Benitez competed in the springboard diving game and represented Spain. Jenifer was busy competing when the incident happened; she was in the water when she thought her swimsuit had slipped.

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The swimsuit hadn’t slipped as she thought, but when Jenifer adjusted her outfit, she accidentally had revealed herself to the entire world, but it would be soon forgotten when she won a medal to take home to Spain.

Tensions in the Court

Basketball can be more of a contact sport than some may think, especially when things get heated or a player feels an injustice has been done. Ben Simmons was upset when he was left with a torn jersey, and he made his feelings known to everybody.

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Lance Stephenson had grabbed Simmons’s shirt too roughly and ripped a large portion of the jersey off. When the ref didn’t make it a foul, Simmons got angry at the injustice, he felt he was being shown and threw the shirt that Nike had made on the ground.

The Brazilian Team were Quite Brainy

The Olympics is great for seeing sports that we wouldn’t usually see, and synchronized swimming isn’t something we get to see every day. When the Brazil synchronized swimmers took part, it wasn’t just their talent that caused a stir.

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At the 2012 Olympics, the team took to the water and caused talk around the Olympics because of what they were wearing. Their swimsuits had a ribcage design on the back, and the front displayed hearts and the cap was designed like a brain.

The Wrong Kind of Splits

Athletes tend to grab the tightest clothes so that the material doesn’t get in the way when competing. However, sometimes the tight clothes can create a risk of their own and cause the wrong kind of attention during the competitions, and that’s just what happened.

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Gillian Cooke had one of the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions at the Olympics when preparing for her bobsled race. Cooke bent over to get in position for the race when her outfit split straight down the back, and she accidentally exposed her backside.

Siblings that Stick Together

Maia and Alex Shibutani are siblings and skating partners; they had a wardrobe malfunction during their routine in the Winter Olympics in 2014. The duo was excited to do their routine, but it wasn’t long into the routine when the mishap happened.

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The pair were doing a move where they were intertwined, and their costumes had stuck together. Maia said they had only two reasonable options: to rip through it or abandon the lift, but the pair decided to rip apart, which left a big hole in her tights, but she powered through.

What the Cameras Caught During Polo

The Olympics airs all the time, allowing viewers to tune in whenever they want or watch the sports live. When viewers tuned in 2012 to watch the women polo players competing, they didn’t realize what they would see live; it was more than they were expecting.

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NBC was covering the event when they decided to switch the view to the underwater camera; it caught the moment when one of the US players grabbed onto a Spanish player’s swimsuit and exposed her. It caused many complaints to NBC about the incident.

Flavia Zoccari’s Outfit Failure

When athletes are about to compete, they feel the pressure and the adrenaline rise as they go to the start line. When Flavia Zoccari was on her way to her swimming event, she didn’t expect a wardrobe malfunction to happen before she even got in the water.

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While walking, Flavia somehow tore a hole in the backside area of her suit, exposing her butt. She was quick to react, though. She moved her hand over that area to block the view as she waited for help; she went on to win a gold medal in the 4x 200m freestyle relay.

A Spelling Mistake at the Olympics

The athletes wear an essential part of the Olympics; it makes them stand out, and viewers can tell them apart from their teammates. The uniform usually inspires pride for the players and is something that they are happy to show off, but sometimes mistakes happen.

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Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman had a spelling mistake on their new jerseys; instead of “Nationals” being on it, they were left with a jersey that said “Natinals.” They received an apology from the company president Jim Pisani.

Not the Right Outfit for Surfing

Surfing is an exciting sport to watch, but many things can go wrong, such as falling off the board or getting bitten by local sea creatures. An outfit mishap went wrong for surfer Stephanie Gilmore when she was in the middle of showcasing her moves.

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Stephanie was balancing on the board when her talents were overshadowed by the fact that her swimsuit nearly came off her. Stephanie had to multi-task by holding her swimsuit while navigating the waves; she managed to avoid flashing everyone.

A Little too Excited

When Henrik’s Rummel’s took to the podium, he got more attention than expected; he became a viral sensation back in 2012. The summer Olympics 2012 in London was when four rowers stepped up to take their medal, and one was a little too excited.

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The tight shorts revealed something that had viewers wondering if Henrik was too excited over the win. Henrik told Cosmopolitan that his wife was less than thrilled “Everyone was talking about that and not about me winning a medal at the Olympics.”

True Athletes Keeps on Going

At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Christina Tsoukala was so focused on winning that she didn’t notice anything amiss. The water polo star was competing for Greece and was putting her all into the match and didn’t realize her swimsuit was showing too much.

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It had exposed half of her chest; Christina was only 17 years old at the time and wasn’t aware of the malfunction. It’s hard enough being a teenager without revealing yourself to the world.

The athlete was a pro and kept going despite the incident.

An Almost Revealing Moment

Figure Skating seems to be a dangerous sport when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions for athletes. Nora Hoddmann was one of the unlucky ones when she had a mishap during her routine. In the 2010 Winter Olympics, Nora’s chest became the talk of the town.

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Nora’s dress was about to fall when she managed to grab it with one hand, saving herself from revealing too much in front of the world. The act didn’t come without consequences, as she had to hold her outfit throughout the rest of her dance to make sure it didn’t fall.

Venus Williams Turn

Venus Williams is a household name in tennis, and she is not a newbie when it comes to being talked about. She is a top name in tennis and won many times and talented athlete. Venus has played countless games and managed to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

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However, her time had come, and she was in the middle of a rally, stepping forward to take a swing at the ball when Venus’s skirt flew up and revealed her backside. It was not much as people thought; she was wearing flesh-tone underwear at closer inspection.

Determined to Continue No Matter What

Wardrobe malfunction is a common theme in the Olympics, and unintentional splits seem to be a recurring theme. Ricky Berens was in the pool taking part in the 4x100m freestyle relay when Ricky’s swimsuit split apart at the back, showing his backside to the world.

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Most people might be thrown off their game, but Ricky kept going and ignored the issue; he was determined to win despite the malfunctions. The swimmer admitted he had been worried before he dived, but all worked out when Ricky and his team took home a gold medal.

Pray it Doesn’t Happen

When Yura Min stepped on the ice, she wasn’t expecting a wardrobe malfunction to happen only five seconds into her routine. The figure skater had to choose the spot. The hook off on the back of her top came undone, which could mean her top could fall.

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Yura decided not to stop because it would mean the pair would lose out on some points. The athlete said, “you get a deduction if you stop,” in the middle of a routine, and she decided to keep going. The risk paid off as her top never did fall.

Where Did My Hat Go?

Some Olympic wardrobe malfunctions affect the athlete’s accessories; that’s what happened with swimmer Dana Vollmer. She emerged from the water holding her googles, but something was missing. Vollmer’s swim cap had to go lost while swimming.

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The swim cap had come off just seconds into the world record swim in the 2012 Olympics. Despite losing her cap, it didn’t stop Dana from making new sports records and winning a gold medal in the 100m butterfly to take home with her.

What was the Designer Thinking?

It seems like a difficult task for designers to create a cycling uniform that’s comfortable and fashionable. The Olympics doesn’t need to be a fashion show, but it would be nice if the athletes could go around competing without being a question about what they are wearing.

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The designer thought it would be a good idea if this team wore outfits that looked like it was missing the entire middle and showcasing their abs. It looked like the uniforms weren’t complete, and one team member was wearing a too-big one.

Forgot to Use Spellcheck

Wayne Gretzky is a well-known name in ice hockey and has been a recognized name for years. Gretzky is one of the highest scorers in the history of ice hockey during his 20 seasons run. Despite being this well-known, there was still a mix-up with names.

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If you look closely at the back of Gretzky’s jersey, the letters seem to be a little mixed up. It seems whoever designed the jersey wasn’t a massive fan of Gretzky and didn’t know any ice hockey legend because they made such a big mistake.

A Holey Sort of Day

It’s a good idea to have a few spare pairs of clothes when taking part in the Olympics because you never know what will happen. British cricketer Freddie Flintoff wished he had packed a spare pair of trousers when he had a wardrobe mishap on the field.

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Freddie had somehow managed to cause a hole in his pants and showed it to the rest of the world who were watching. He was celebrating bowling out an opponent; Freddie couldn’t resist celebrating and didn’t notice it was sharing a bit too much.

In a Rush to Get Changed

Olga Graf was so excited to get changed that she forgot she was still in front of the camera. The speed skater was wearing a skin-tight white suit for skating, making it hard to breathe, so she decided to zip it down.

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Olga Graf thought her time would never come to wear a medal at the Olympics, and when it did, she got a little too overexcited and decided she would get changed straight away. Olga said to Huffington Post, “You just want to breathe, and you want to take off your suit.”

It’s a Tad Bit Too Small

Christopher Spring had a hard lesson when he attended the 2014 Sochi Olympics without trying on his uniform first. The bobsled decided to try on the outfit the day before finally and realized it was too small to fit him.

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Christopher either gained weight or was breathing in deeply when the designer measured him for the suit. It was an unfortunate incident that most people would get stressed about, but Christopher saw the funny side and created the hashtag “power belly.”

A Questionable Fashion Choice

There was talk about the US team’s choice of uniforms in 2014 when the Team USA arrived at the Winter Olympics, which was being held in Russia. Ralph Lauren designed the outfits, but people were too distracted by how the outfit looked.

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The team had a cardigan on with stars and stripes all over it, ensuring everyone knew whom they were representing. Many people thought that Ralph Lauren had gone a little bit too far with the outfit, and it took a while for everyone to forget the fashion disaster.

The Need to Scratch an Itch

Taking your eye off the court isn’t a great idea if you want to do your best at the Olympics. However, we all know it’s tough to ignore an itch, and Dutch tennis player Arantxa Rus was struggled not to scratch it.

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She finally gave in and decided to scratch her upper leg, and she forgot millions of viewers were watching, and cameras were zooming in on the moment. Arantxa did wait until the ball was out of play before she scratched, though.

Why is Everyone Laughing?

LeBron James is a big name in basketball and is well known for his skills around the world. He is usually treated with the respect he deserves for being one of the best basketball players around.

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The star still managed to have a wardrobe malfunction while wearing a Nike jersey. Nike has been responsible for a few wardrobe malfunctions since they took over providing uniforms and equipment. LeBron’s jersey split through the middle, and it seemed like he was oblivious.

Suspenders Save The Day

Swedish Skier Henrik Harlaut had an extensive wardrobe malfunction when he was at the Winter Olympics 2014 event. Harlaut had just launched over a jump when his pants fell in front of everyone there and the cameras.

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The incident threw Harlaut off his game, but his suspenders came to the rescue when they stopped his pants from falling too far down, and he was wearing a few layers of clothes. He went on to ski away in seventh place, and the US took the gold home.