The Most Hilariously Embarrassing Moments Captured on Planes

It’s possible you’re about to enter a plane for the first time, and you’ve deemed it fit to see how others behave on planes so you can follow suit or start an entirely new trend to avoid being embarrassed. Glad you came to the right place!

Source: Tumblr

We’ve gathered loads of interesting pictures for you, and what you’re about to see will convince you that there are no limits or standards to what kind of pictures should be taken on a plane. At some point, you’ll have to ask what they were thinking, but be warned – this is going to be a long and funny ride.

Too Close for Comfort

Understandably, flights can last many hours, making your butt and back ache from sitting too long, but this passenger takes getting comfortable to a whole new level. With the woman’s leg up on her man’s head, we believe she’s having a sound sleep down there.

Source: Tumblr

However, we’re not sure how the man is doing. Hopefully, he doesn’t get a cramp in his neck for being used as a footrest throughout the flight. Other than that, we think it’s really cute and that the couple is making lemonade out of their lemons.

Play Time for Flight Attendant Amy

Truthfully, we’re very worried about whatever seems to be going on in this picture – not just for the flight attendant who is lying in the overhead compartment but for all passengers who were on this flight. Not to be rude, but this doesn’t fit the standard for flight attendants.

Source: Tumblr

Flight attendants are meant to be perfect and well-behaved at all times, so this leaves us wondering if she was intoxicated or perhaps this was a comedy show, compliments of the airline. We’ll make sure to grab the show tickets next time.

Who Let the Dogs In?

Before we say anything, we want to see which passenger owns this cutie. That way, we can get an explanation for why red circles were drawn on the dog’s face. It looks like a target, or maybe a Target ad, which is kind of cool anyway.

Source: Tumblr

Maybe it’s costume day or the owner didn’t want any mix-up with other pets on board, but one thing we can say for sure is the dog’s owner isn’t taking any chances. Losing anything dear to your heart hurts, and pets are usually dear to their owners. Bon voyage, Target Dog!

Cue to Jump off a Plane

We don’t know about you, but if we saw “An Isis Production” pop up on the screen as soon as the plane took off, we’d think we were about to be featured in a plane hijacking. That had us worried for a second, but this was not the case.

Source: Imgur

Every passenger on this flight landed safely, although they must have either found it funny or scary or both to capture this moment. Good thing they did so we can write and laugh about it now. On to the next hilarious plane picture!

A Lonely Yet Happy Flight

Isn’t that ironic? Is lonely fun? Maybe this passenger was alone, but it sure doesn’t look like he feels lonely. As a matter of fact, when you live in such a fast-paced world where there’s so much happening, this would be super exciting.

Source: Tumblr

To be the only passenger on a 160-seat plane would feel like an escape from the world, and you might pray it never ends. With all the food and entertainment on board for this lone passenger, what more could a person ask for? Lol

More Innovations Needed in the Air

When airlines decided to make room for more pets and animals on flights, they probably never imagined that anyone would bring a kangaroo on board. Really? Kangaroos are full of energy, and it takes a lot to keep them still. That explains this picture.

Source: Tumblr

We see a man holding tightly onto the kangaroo to avoid it hopping around on the plane. Let’s not talk about how uncomfortable that is for the owner and how terrified the passengers could be. Let’s focus on the possibility that someday an elephant might be on one of our flights . . . hmmm!

No Better Place to Play

Could there be a better place than the overhead compartments in an airplane to play hide and seek? Well, not for these kids. From what we can see, they seem to be experts at this game and are happy their parents found them after such a long search.

Source: Twitter

Here’s one thing! If you’ve paid close attention so far, you realize that the overhead compartments seem to be the winning spot for interesting pictures on planes. Remember to add that to your notes as one of the spots to take pictures . . . hahaha!

Outright Display of Weirdness

Here we spot another passenger sitting with their legs up, and we are genuinely concerned about other passengers who saw this on the plane. Anyone who may have had enough of this weirdness may have walked up to the passenger and asked them to drop the legs. However, we doubt that would work.

Source: Reddit

Anyone who decides to put their legs up in a plane in such an embarrassing manner clearly doesn’t care what anyone thinks, even if it’s against flight rules. We would have asked you to add this popular pose to your notes, but this is just shameless.

Do We Need Bigger Seats?

Maybe the seats are too small or the woman is too tired, but everything isn’t right with this picture. There is a level of exhaustion that can make a person sleep very heavily in a plane, and this woman seems to be at level 9, and we’re not done.

Source: Tumblr

Based on how her face is positioned and her mouth is open, chances are high that she is snoring, which makes it easy for her to steal the show on this plane. Go, ma’am! We’re cheering you on. But if you’re this tired, you really shouldn’t travel alone.

Who’s the Makeup Artist?

For us, it’s all about the orange lips that match the orange jacket. This flight attendant is rocking the matching makeup look better than any other. But shouldn’t he be a waitress at a circus rather than a flight attendant? Either way, we’re loving the smile and the enthusiasm.

Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

Also, the fruit punch looks yummy. And notice the woman behind in a similar orange jacket who wanted to be in this picture. But it’s all good. If you meet this flight attendant or anyone with odd makeup on your flight, you already know what to do. Focus on the bright side like we always do.

The Dog Is So Fly – Furry Copilot

And we mean this literally! As you can see in the picture, this cute super dog is on a mission to co-fly this plane with the co-pilot, who is also the pet’s owner and trainer. Whatever this dog’s name is, we are huge fans already. Hopefully, there’s an Instagram fan page for the furry co-pilot.

Source: YouTube

It’s fair to expect that the dog will be on Instagram since this is the rage right now and a very proud owner is involved. However, it would be greatly appreciated if passengers on board were informed of the one dog and one human pilot situation. That way they can make some tough choices and calls before boarding the plane.

Panda Beauty and Companionship

Before we complain about safety or anything, we’re just going to take a second to appreciate how beautiful and peaceful this panda looks. We don’t want to pick sides, but it seems more focused than the buddy sitting next to it. The panda is very engrossed in eating lunch.

Source: Imgur

Can we blame the young man for looking uncomfortable? Of course not! How comfortable can you be with a large panda sitting next to you on a flight? We really have to get that list of animals allowed on planes so we can manage our expectations.

The Penguins of Madagascar

It’s more and more pets and animal discoveries on this end as these adorable penguins flap through the aisles of the plane and past the passengers. The guests are taking time to snap their pictures, which kind of convinces us that they may be the celebrated Penguins of Madagascar.

Source: Imgur

It’s all in their confidence and power flaps. I’m sure you know that penguins have been on a passenger plane before. We wonder what kind of pets we’ll be seeing next. Stay glued to your screen for another hilarious set of interesting pictures taken on planes.

Toddler Hanging in the Air

The only reason we’re not freaking out about this picture is that the windows are closed and we’ve fallen for this cuteness. Other than that, a simple look out the window would be scarier for this cutie than for us.

Source: Reddit

It seems this kid strayed from mommy to find a new seat, and he’s hanging onto it with a lot of confidence. We all know kids do and say whatever they want to, so yeah . . . keep doing you, cutie. We enjoy you in all your glory.

The Yummy Burger Seat

Two things are clear! First, no one was expecting this woman to bring a large burger pillow on board. Second, it’s amazing that the burger got its own ticket with its own seat and is strapped in tightly for safety.

Source: Twitter

Well, that is one super lucky burger. Not a lot of things are handled with such care these days. We hope the owner never changes her mind and keeps up with this expensive treatment. Whatever her reasons are, we are here to support the movement.

An Annoying Hair Strike

If you’ve ever tasted your hair or another person’s hair, you know it’s nothing delicious. How about hair covering up your face and making it hard to breathe or easily do what you want to? Could this be the plight of this passenger?

Source: Tumblr

The woman sitting in front of this person has pulled her hair back and let it fall over the back of her seat, and truthfully, it is taking up a lot of room. The man looks really upset about this while the woman relaxes peacefully. We don’t know how this ended, but we hope this annoyed man didn’t grab her hair and yank it.

Mr. Bizarre Stretching the Boundaries

When we say this pilot took picture-taking too far, we would only be stating the obvious. This has to be one of the most daring and dangerous shots we’ve seen so far. The pilot has stretched his head out the window to take a selfie in the air while still trying to control the plane.

Source: Tumblr

We see how turbulent the wind is, and his face is following the wind’s movement. Anyway, we believe he has achieved his aim because he took a bizarre risk for a bizarre picture and is getting bizarre attention. Well done, Mr. Bizarre, on setting new trends.

Held, Taped, and Soundly Asleep

This isn’t what it looks like. It is not a kidnapping on a plane. According to sources, the man taped in the picture consumed a drink that could make him act out of the ordinary and in an unsafe manner toward other passengers.

Source: Reddit

What happened? Did they have an emergency landing and put him off the plane? We confirmed that an emergency landing was not an available option, so they had to improvise. We might feel sorry for the man, but from the look of things, he’s sedated and can’t feel a thing. Anyway, this is not a normal sight at all in an airplane.

Traveling with a Fake Turkey

No, we’re not saying that turkeys are bad. We eat them. We’re simply stating that this turkey looks photoshopped and may not be on the plane. However, there’s no harm in bringing your pet turkey along on a flight, especially when the seats aren’t fully booked.

Source: Reddit

Anyway, in case you’ve been planning to go viral, remember not to go over the top by bringing unusual or prohibited items on a plane. We don’t want you to get thrown out of the airport or, worse, get arrested. Note: you can always photoshop the item into the picture! (wink…)

A Queue of Sleeping Beauties

Is it the airplane music? Is it the food or the drink? No, it’s probably the movie that’s playing on this flight. It might be very boring and made everyone in this line fall asleep. We’re still considering other reasons responsible for this. It could have been a really long flight.

Source: Reddit

Or maybe they fell into this deep slumber because they didn’t get enough sleep the night before. But it’s better to have peaceful, sleeping passengers than troublemakers who cause problems and make the pilots regret their choice of career.

Poor Child

This has to be one of our favorite pictures in the bunch. The little girl’s expression about the man’s foot stretched into her seat says it all. With her fingers pinching her nose and her face scrunching a smile, we can tell his foot is oozing something unpleasant.

Source: Tumblr

All passengers should consider rubbing their feet with scented oil or powder before throwing them around in other people’s faces. That’s a very important tip to avoid being the joke on board. Always remember that kids react however they want to because they’re innocent and honest.

Recreating a Sci-Fi Film on Your Flight

Trust us, there is no cause for alarm. There were no dinosaurs on this plane, at least not live ones. But isn’t this shot just creative? Putting toy animals by the airplane window and taking pictures of them from a very good angle – why didn’t we think of that?

Source: Imgur

When you travel with kids, take their toys along to keep them occupied. And when they fall asleep, you can get some time to play with the toy too. If you’re too shy to play with it, you could become a photographer and take such Internet-breaking shots.

Napping in the Sky

Have you ever dozed off behind the wheel? Hopefully not because we don’t want to imagine how that would turn out. Our hopes are also very high for this pilot and all who were on this plane, and we hope this sweet-looking nap happened before the plane took off.

Source: Imgur

However, we would never shame this pilot for taking a nap. They may be superhuman but they are humans, too, and need to maintain their sanity and good health to ensure all passengers and goods get to their destination safely. So have a great nap, Pilot Brad.

Beholding a Beauty in Flight

If you fly first class very often, you are likely to run into celebrities and other public figures. Sometimes you might get a chance to meet them and take pictures with them. It was rumored that the lady in this picture is a model who works with big brands.

Source: Facebook

We also believe this flight had many beautiful Victoria’s Secret models on it traveling to an engagement. This is just confirmation that anything can happen on a flight. You can meet the love of your life on a plane ride. Don’t hesitate to book it today. P.S. This is not an advertisement . . . lol.

Drinking Game on Board

With this picture, we don’t want to jump to conclusions because there’s a lot to see and analyze. First, we see all the bottles of beer in front of the sleeping man, but there are also two full cups there. Maybe he didn’t drink all those bottles by himself.

Source: Tumblr

Now we’re thinking that maybe this man and a co-passenger were playing a drinking game. It looks like that, but I guess we’ll never know. Now he’s in a deep sleep with his mouth wide open, and a baby is crawling around on the seat in front of him. Phew! So many laughs in one picture.

Feeling Fly with Your Power Dog

If a pilot made all this effort to dress up his dog for this flight of the century, then we’ll gladly add it to our list. Here we see a happy man and his furry friend ready for takeoff. With the doggie all dressed up in cool shades and an awesome costume, we believe nothing can go wrong!

Source: Twitter

This dog is gonna be sitting pretty, cool, calm, and collected, providing motivation until his co-pilot lands the aircraft. We love to see this kind of teamwork. We do have a little tip for you. Make sure your dog doesn’t have a phobia of heights before flying with him!

Teeny Little Friends Are the Cutest

The kindness and innocence of babies are so beautiful to see that it’s almost making us teary-eyed right now. They are quick to give us a smile, stretch out their hand, and break down the walls of communication with a touch. It’s a phenomenon that should be studied.

Source: Tumblr

In this picture, we get to experience this baby’s love in all its glory. The adult passenger reports that he has earned a new best friend on the flight through the constant holding of hands. How sweet! Luckily, he didn’t get to experience the tantrum-throwing side of babies.

Saving the Perfection for Later

Sleep now, look more beautiful later! We believe this is what this flight attendant was thinking when she forgot about being proper and perfect and fell into a lovely slumber. Thankfully, the seatbelt prevented her from falling.

Source: Imgur

It’s simply her lucky day as the passengers sitting in front her are pretty chill about this and do not seem to give her a judgmental look. However, we hope she doesn’t get fired if her superiors see her. With this photo evidence, though, all we can do is give her our best wishes.

Flossing, Forgetting, and Recovered

All kinds of people board planes. Young, old, fit, sick – there’s a lot to discover and learn on these flights. One thing we know is that people can lose or misplace their dentures. Maybe the owner of this set misplaced them or forgot to put them back in after brushing their teeth in the cramped airline restroom.

Source: Reddit

If the sight of random dentures is too disgusting for you to behold, then you probably shouldn’t be lurking around in airplane bathrooms. Just stay put in your seat and wait until the flight lands before relieving yourself. P.S. Watch your diet and liquid intake before the flight to successfully achieve this.

Operation Help the Man!

This picture is an absolute call for intervention, and we’re going to give you deeper insight. With his weird poker face, this man appears to be a mannequin at first glance, and if you haven’t noticed, his seat belt is buckled incorrectly. Put the seat belt around your waist, not your chest, please.

Source: Tumblr

So here’s a couple of recommendations. If you’re boarding a plane for the first time, observe what other passengers are doing and listen to instructions before doing anything. Second, airplanes should consider providing some mini information on how to wear seat belts.

A Captivating Movie

Who would think a movie could hold a dog’s attention for this long, and such a big dog for that matter? First of all, a big kudos to the airline for this choice of movie. It seems perfect not just for the dog but for everyone sitting and captured in this view.

Source: Reddit

Another lesson learned is that movies are a good way to keep dogs in place. The owner of this dog also gets a shout-out from us for successfully training his pet to be on his best behavior, especially in high-stress situations such as a flight full of humans.

A Good Way to Improvise

The earplugs in her nose indicate that this woman wanted to try something new, and we are here for it. We’re thankful to whoever chose to take this picture and share her innovations with the world. When she wakes up and sees this photo, she’ll almost certainly laugh out loud or get angry and explain why she had to plug her nostrils.

Source: Tumblr

We will not tag this as an epic failure because we know this woman must have her reasons for putting her earplugs in her nose. Maybe she had a runny nose and didn’t want it to drip so she used the closest available tool. Isn’t that a good reason to make such an error? We say yes, and on that note, we move on to the next picture.

The Way to a Passenger’s Heart

Freebies and great food, especially pizza, are what a good plane ride is all about. In 2015, Delta Airlines held the record for winning their enraged passengers’ hearts by delivering boxes of delicious pizza. The flight was delayed for hours due to bad weather. The passengers were relieved when the pilot’s message came on.

Source: YouTube

He informed all the passengers when the plane was finally ready to take off that pizza was being served. They immediately went into a pizza-party mood. Delta learned an effective way to pacify disgruntled passengers whose flight had been delayed. Pacify them through the stomach. Let’s hope other airlines follow suit.

Trying to Avoid Cardiac Arrest

Airlines have to acknowledge how tense people can be on a flight. And they need to be more careful when selecting the in-flight movie or the music playlist. Looking closely at this picture, we might want to ask management for an emergency landing if we spotted this notice on our TV screen.

Source: Tumblr

Playing MythBusters about plane crashes on an airplane is simply unacceptable. It’s one of the many things that could cause a heart attack. We hope that airlines take the time to review all their in-flight videos and select those that are calming and enjoyable rather than frightening.

Whose Selfie Is It?

We’ve been trying to decide if the four smiling men in this selfie are friends or if two of them are just photo-bombing the twins’ picture. Whatever the joke was, it looks really contagious, especially the twins’ smile.

Source: Reddit

Perhaps they are old friends who have run into each other on a flight, which is actually one of those things that happen often. So, keep in mind when preparing for your flight that you may run into old friends. How would you want friends from way back to see you?

A Fundamental, Threatening Life-Vest Error

Look at the sign on the chair. It says, “Life vest located under sea.” Is that a typographical error or the result of wear and tear on an older plane? Another possibility is that a passenger vandalized it.

Source: Twitter

Phew! This is a tricky situation. You know we hate to jump to conclusions and love to clarify things. If you haven’t figured it out already, you should note that the life vest is under the “seat.” Make sure to always clarify any funny instructions you find on a flight.

Nowhere to Run

Some situations in life require you to flee, and others require you to accept whatever it is and make the best of it. This picture shows one of those situations where you just have to accept the situation, at least for the duration of the flight.

Source: Tumblr

Sitting next to your ex on a flight may not be the best experience, especially if you didn’t stay friends after the breakup. We believe this is the case here since they both have funny faces and maintain a considerable distance, although selfies show some form of cordiality. We hope it wasn’t the longest flight of their lives.

Another Party on a Plane

Now this is not a regular party but apparently a mask party, but it bothers us a little bit. Why did this pilot choose to wear a horse mask and not something more superhero-ish? Hey, you’re about to fly a plane. Can you stop trying to be a clown?

Source: Reddit

Anyway, having fun on board is fine as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the trip, particularly the passengers’ safety. Having reasonable fun is very important in these situations. We’ve already seen a pilot being all cheesy with their dog. After all, our goal is to arrive safely at our destination.

About to Call 9-1-1

This lady looks like she needs some rescue team to get her off this flight or at least change her seat. Imagine being halfway through a 10-hour flight when you suddenly get a horrible fragrance coming your way. We’re not talking about a mild odor here; we’re talking about stink!

Source: Reddit

Now the challenge for her is to find the source of the smell. When she looks around, the passengers on her sides appear to be wearing their shoes, so where might the odor be coming from? When she looks on her phone camera in reverse mode, she witnesses one of the most terrifying things she’s ever seen!

A Romantic Gesture of All Romantic Gestures

When a man in love is bent on making his woman the star of the show and center of attention, nothing is too big to achieve, including serenading her on a plane. Truthfully, this just takes romance to a whole new level.

Source: Twitter

To add to the Hollywood-ness of the situation, we’re guessing this man had high hopes for this big move. We hope it worked out and the whole drama did it for him. Maybe we’ll update you on this very romantic couple soon. Maybe, just maybe, they ended up together.

Reviving the Good Oz Times

There’s nothing quite like a Wizard of Oz throwback and an airplane theme! What better way to make the most of an aisle than to transform it into a yellow brick road? This flight crew transformed the plane into the Wizard of Oz, and the captain and crew dressed up as the amazing characters from the classic film.

Photo by Michael Schneider

Or maybe this was the set of a drama of some sort. I guess we’ll never find out. In the meantime, what is the best way to get to seat 17C? Of course, you follow the yellow brick road! You can choose to play along or be a boring adult.

Nobody’s Done It Better

We finally found the winner of the airplane sleeping contest. Before spreading his legs and enjoying a power nap, this guy patiently waited for the person sitting next to him to get up and use the washroom. We can’t judge him because finding a comfortable position to sleep on a flight is very hard.

Source: Facebook

You find yourself in unusual situations and discover that you are far more adaptable than you ever anticipated. Hopefully, the little nap he gets before his seatmate comes back will suffice for a while. But remember to maintain some composure. There’s always a camera lurking around.

Airing Them Shoes Out

You must have noticed that getting your feet comfortable is one of the most common problems we’ve seen in these hilarious pictures taken on planes. Many people take off their shoes, but if you have smelly feet, that won’t be a pleasant experience for those sitting around you.

Source: Facebook

When this man took off his shoes, we’re sure he got some strange looks, so he decided to air them out by holding them right under the tiny air conditioner. We are 100 percent sure this didn’t make things better but only made him look weird. Like really, who does that?

Airplane Comfort Couldn’t Get Better

There’s nothing more exhilarating than boarding your flight and discovering you have your own screen right in front of you rather than suspended from the plane’s ceiling. We know it’s enjoyable, but this isn’t how in-flight poker is supposed to be played.

Source: Facebook

Besides, how did someone in the economy section have enough space to touch the screen with their foot? We’re impressed with this use of space but not with how he’s handling this airplanes furniture and property. Make sure you do better, please. You don’t want flight attendants telling you how to behave.

Who Hates the Daily News?

On this flight, it appears that someone read something in the newspaper they didn’t like. When you’re unhappy and want the world to know it but you’re stranded on a plane, you have little choice but to vent your rage on the one item that initially irritated you.

Source: Imgur

It seems fair anyway. Who even reads a newspaper these days? But this will give the people who clean the airplane some extra work. Could this mean that passengers could be subject to some kind of psychological test in the future to make sure no one expresses their anger this much?

Playing House on the Plane

When you’re on a long flight, sometimes all you need is your own small hideaway. We’re not sure how he did it, but this passenger found a way to construct his own safe space, and we’re impressed and waiting for him to invite us in. Sure, looks like fun.

Source: Facebook

As mentioned earlier, getting cozy in a plane can be really hard. You have to make a lot of compromises and even get innovative. He just wants to feel like he’s in his own home rather than on an airplane, and we love how he owned his space.

We Are Hair Again

If you are going to spread your hair all over someone’s screen, you could at least make sure it looks good. Aside from the fact that this woman is blocking this passenger’s view, she also appears to need a really good haircut and style.

Source: Facebook

We’re not sure if it’s the lighting or the fact that she recently returned from a 10-day beach vacation, but this woman’s hair appears to be in bad shape. If there is a hairstylist on board, we definitely need one. This is a critical situation!

A Different Kind of Toy

When your child’s favorite toy is like a popular on-screen serial killer, you have to be ready to explain it to everyone, so they don’t run away from you or your kid. If your kid insists on bringing a toy like this with them, you just have to go along with it.

Source: Tumblr

You don’t want your kid to be cranky during the flight because of one toy. You might want to ask the crew if you can make an announcement before the flight departs. You’ll reassure everyone that this is simply a doll that your child insists on lugging around with them wherever they go!

Keeping the Routine Perfect

If you are a fan of staying fit, then you know that maintaining your physical fitness routine is critical! It’s so vital that you must protect it at all costs, even in the air. This passenger had to get down on all fours in the middle of a flight.

Source: Facebook

He was fortunate that there was enough room on this aircraft for his pushup session. We’re sure his personal trainer is ecstatic about his dedication and consistency. If this passenger is also a fitness trainer, we’ll enroll in his gym classes.

Right Activity in the Wrong Place

Keeping nails well-trimmed and neat is a small activity, but you have to be intentional about it. However, as important as it is, we didn’t expect this passenger to be filing her toenails while she was on the plane. Is it possible to contact security? This should be against the law, not to mention it’s revolting.

Source: Facebook

Isn’t a nail file supposed to be on the list of things not allowed on planes? So how did she get it on this plane in the first place? We’re guessing someone was fired as a result of this, and that’s a good thing!

Crossing Boundaries Ain’t Cool

Imagine how difficult it must have been for this poor woman to sit in the middle seat on an aircraft when the man next to her fully took over her leg room. But if you’re taller than five feet five, you know there’s not much room for you to get comfy in your seat.

Source: Imgur

We are not approving the man’s behavior, but as much as we sympathize with this unlucky woman, we absolutely understand this guy’s point of view. But next time, why not ask the other passenger if you can take over their space because you’re bigger.

Little Room to Play

When the passenger in front of the man reclined her seat back, we wonder if she put the man’s comfort into consideration. We wish the poor soul could have moved over to the empty seat next to him since he appears to be having difficulty completing his crossword puzzle.

Source: Tumblr

Or we could look at the bright side and realize that we’re completely misreading the scenario. Maybe he’s having a great time using the chair as a headrest. It does make a lot of sense if we take time to think about it. It’s commendable of him to make the best of the situation.

Time to Start an In-Flight Zoo

We just got the most incredible business idea, and it’s simple. Since so many different animals are allowed on planes, it’s time to make an in-flight-zoo where passengers can see the animals and even adopt them. How about training the animals to be performers too?

Source: Imgur

Thrilling passengers with an animal show wouldn’t be a bad idea, and we got this inspiration just by looking at this parrot. It’s also been insightful because we didn’t know that birds are allowed on airplanes. We only hope this parrot can keep a secret!

The Only Woman Left

Look at the happy, wide grin on this woman’s face. Could flying alone be this exciting? You hear stories all the time about folks who board their flights and have the entire row to themselves. Consider getting on your flight and waiting for the rest of the passengers to the board but no one shows up.

Source: Reddit

The big grin may not be your first reaction. You first want to ask a couple of questions. Are you on the correct flight? Are you safe? There is no one on the plane but you. It’s like flying on a luxury plane when in reality it is just your everyday economy section. Oh dear, you are in luck!

The Overall Best in Sleeping

Goodness! Why have we never thought of this sleeping position before? Leaving the entire seat to sleep on the floor and putting both legs up by the window – that’s something! We’re requesting a window seat on our next flight. Sleeping on airplanes just got easier.

Source: Reddit

You may consider this sleeping position, too, but we hope your legs don’t cramp from keeping them up there too long. After seeing all these pictures, it may start to feel like you’ve been on all these flights. It’s normal. It’s what we do as humans. We make the experience feel so natural.

Take This to Heart

Before we say anything more, we just want you to know there’s always someone ready to take that embarrassing picture of you. So, you may want to think twice before taking any actions on a flight and be very conscious of your surroundings so you can simply enjoy the flight.

Source: Twitter

Now that you’ve seen all these hilarious and interesting moments captured on airplanes, we want to advise you of one thing. Boldly “do you” whether in a plane, airport, or in the air. Keep defying the standards of what is cool or pretty, and hopefully your pictures will also make the rounds on the Web.