The Worst Bathroom Fails of All Time

It’s the details of a house that matter, and the bathroom is one of those things that can easily be overlooked, but what happens when the design is a disaster? Some unfortunate mistakes occur when you don’t plan out the details correctly.

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Lots can go wrong, like a design faux pa or structural problems, such as not considering the privacy that is needed when using the bathroom. Sometimes it can be an oversight the builders and designers made or just the sour tastes of the homeowner.

We Can See You

When using public bathrooms, it’s even more critical that you have your privacy away from prying eyes. What is the point when there is a measurement error, and the door is there but it’s a terrible fit?

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If this was a man’s restroom, it wouldn’t be as immoral because it could be used as a urinal; however, it would be an epic failure if a woman needed to use it. No woman would use this public bathroom unless they were desperate.

Romantic Hot Tub for One

In 1968, the heart-shaped hot tub was designed in Pennsylvania by a resort owner. It was a big hit back then and the go-to hot tub that interior designers loved. It was a trend people followed, installing heart-shaped hot tubs in homes and hotels.

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It isn’t such a hit nowadays, and it would be rare to find one unless you plan a romantic trip or book a honeymoon suite, but they’re still not as prominent as they were once were. It was the must-have trend in the sixties, but nowadays, it’s viewed as a tacky eyesore.

The Seat Looks Wet

Whoever decided that a wet seat design would be a good idea was wrong because the seat doesn’t look cool or different. It just looks like someone peed standing up, and they didn’t have a great aim.

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The design just looks unclean, and it would be an embarrassing addition to any home, work, or hotel. If the goal is to stop people from using it, then this is the go-to seat, but otherwise, it’s a no-no to have a wet-looking seat.

That Looks Dirty

It’s a known rule that bathrooms should be clean and especially when you have guests. It’s hard not to judge when someone’s bathroom is dirty, but that’s precisely what it would look like if you had this countertop design.

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Whatever the designer was going for, it didn’t work. Instead, the countertop looks like someone smeared brown gunk all over it, and nobody bothered to clean it up. Nobody wants their bathroom to look like that.

When the Bees are Busy

Nobody expects to go into the bathroom and get stung by a bee, but this place has a “Beware of the Bees” sign. The reason for the sign is unknown, but it may be a joke or a clever tactical move to keep people away.

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It might be to keep non-paying customers from using the bathroom, or maybe the cleaner hates their job and wants to keep everyone out. Either way, it’s not something many people would risk and would likely avoid.

Not a Great Substitute

Usually, hotels have liquid soap dispensers because it’s more hygienic than shared soap bars. However, it seems like the staff at this hotel were either bad or unsure of what to do when there was no liquid soap left.

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They tried to substitute it by putting a soap bar in the dispenser, but it will not be of much use. It might be a reminder to the managers to buy more liquid soap. Otherwise, the staff will have to resort to other alternatives.

That’s Not Wheelchair Accessible

It must be very frustrating for wheelchair users when there are no ramps or lifts to access the bathroom, but this sign might be even more annoying. It looks like there was a design error that led to an embarrassing mistake for this establishment.

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The sign says “Watch Your Step” but has a person in a wheelchair going up the stairs, which is pretty much impossible. Hopefully, nobody followed the directions and decided to take their wheelchair up the stairs, which would be disastrous.

Unnecessary Steps to the Throne

It looks like the same designer strikes again and decides to add steps to access the toilet. With so much floor space, it’s hard to understand why the owners would decide to place the toilets on top of three steps is a good question.

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It doesn’t look very safe, and it would be unfortunate for someone to lose their balance while going about their business. The design doesn’t consider how it’s not accessible for wheelchair users.

Those Unexpected Emergencies

It’s never fun to be out and about and desperately needing to use the bathroom and trying to find a clean one. However, if you had your very own porta-potty on wheels, then you wouldn’t need to worry about it.

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These people decided to attach the porta-potty to the back of their truck so they would never need to look for a bathroom again. The downfall is that it doesn’t seem to have any privacy, and it’s hard to imagine driving around with this on the back of your car.

That’s Not a Shower

Sometimes, when there are signs up, it makes you wonder why it needed to be said in the first place on earth. Unfortunately, people always do unimaginable things like washing their hair or clothes in toilet water.

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It’s interesting to think about how many people did it before they put up a sign, or did they catch the person in the act of washing their hair in the toilet bowl? It’s not a good idea to wash clothes or hair in toilet water.

A Very Fed-Up Father

Bath times are a challenge, especially if you have four kids. This dad decided to bathe his four kids all at once. He seems a little fed up and has got himself in a bit of a bubble situation. It makes sense that you would need extra soap added with four kids.

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However, adding so much soap was a rookie error, and the bubbles overflowed, covering the entire floor, leaving the dad with a big mess to clean up. It probably was the best bath time the kids ever had though, who doesn’t love bubbles?

Maybe It’s Meant to be a Birdbath

Sometimes, a design comes along, and you must question what they were thinking; this design is one of them. Is this meant to be a hand washing sink or a birdbath? Who knows, but it sure would make it very messy to wash your hands!

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It would create many watermarks, stains, and splashbacks. Maybe the designer thought it would look cool, or maybe they were looking for a way a faucet could also be a birdbath?

Too Close for Comfort

It seems like whoever installed these urinals doesn’t know much about personal space or forgot to bring their measuring tape to work. Maybe they wanted to save on space, but it’s hard to imagine anyone would want to use these urinals.

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It isn’t just a matter of privacy that would be the issue here. What if someone didn’t have the best aim; Not what you would want to happen when you use a public restroom and end up leaving needing a shower and a change of clothes.

When You Mix Nature and Luxury

Camping is all about becoming one with mother nature, but not everyone likes every aspect of camping, such as squatting. This camper decided to create a luxury toilet in the wild using rocks and a toilet they brought with them.

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Who gets the job of emptying the toilet when it’s full? The rocks give it a fancy look and no doubt a way to stop the toilet from toppling on the throne. It’s a new way to decorate a porta-potty when camping.

Feeling Like a King

It’s not clear what the homeowner thought when they installed the toilet this high in the bathroom. Maybe they enjoy the feeling of looking down at everything and feeling like royalty when on the throne.

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The design isn’t very practical, though, because the stairs get in the way of the radiator and the sink. Perfect height for a child or leprechaun to wash their hands in the sink but not easy for everyone who uses the bathroom.

How To Save Money

It is difficult to know if this is a joke, an art project, or a complete oversight, but half of this toilet is missing. The room is so narrow that it’s not even certain someone would make it in, but if they did, how are they meant to use this half toilet?

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It doesn’t seem possible unless you use it as a narrow seat or step on to get to the real toilet. Maybe they hired cheaper builders who decided to do the job on a minimal budget; either way, it would be interesting to see someone try to use it.

Shopping For a New Toilet

It’s great when you go shopping for essential items, and the staff are friendly and helpful and give advice and suggestions when asked. However, this store goes a little further and gives demonstrations, not that strange, right?

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It wouldn’t be that strange, except it’s for a toilet, and usually, most adults already know how they work. It’s tempting to ask for a demonstration just to see how they would react and if they were willing to show how to use it.

An Audience With a View

It’s not obvious if this is a classroom or some sort of meeting, but it doesn’t matter. What is important is that no matter what this place is, nobody wants to use a bathroom without a door and in the same room as others.

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It also seems like whoever created this open toilet also liked to joke around because there is no way anyone could reach that toilet paper when needed. Nobody wants to go in front of an audience, and most people don’t want to see it either.

Another Cruel Design

This isn’t the first toilet that claims to be wheelchair accessible yet has steps to access it. These are supposed to be designated bathrooms for disabled people to access easily, but it seems that this design was overlooked.

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The bathroom door has a handicapped symbol showing someone in a wheelchair but not obvious enough for this restaurant owner to realize that steps leading up to it were a bad idea. Let’s hope they get enough complaints, and they change it.

Don’t Forget to Measure

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your bathroom design is. If you can’t use the toilet, then it’s pointless. It looks like these people decided to add a new addition to their bathroom with a sophisticated marble countertop.

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Whoever fitted it forgot to measure it before installing the marble top counter. It doesn’t look like there is any way to solve the situation unless the countertop is removed, or they could leave it and just not use the restroom.

Let’s Hope Nobody Notices

It’s always good to redecorate and tile your restroom, but it involves measuring and shopping for the perfect tiles. It’s a good idea to get an extra box of tiles just in case there are some breakages and accidents along the way, or you simply run out.

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It looks like they ran out of the blue tile just near the end, and it was decided nobody would notice if they substituted for a different color. Unfortunately, it’s painfully obvious that there is an entire square of white tile among the blue.

A Little Reminder to Aim

It’s a common rule that when using the bathroom, you make sure your aim is on point and makes it into the bowl. It’s always good bathroom etiquette to ensure you leave the bathroom clean for the next person who uses it.

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This bathroom owner decided to include a witty sign to remind everyone to keep it classy and aim correctly. It’s not just men who can make a mess; women can hover over because they don’t want to sit on public toilets, leaving a mess behind.

A Bad Idea for a Bathroom

Having a carpet in your house can be a luxury and cozy addition to any home or hotel; however it’s a bad and unhygienic idea to have one in your restroom. It didn’t seem to put these people off carpeting their entire bathroom floor with it.

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It might feel nice when leaving the bathtub and stepping on a nice soft, warm carpet, but it’s revolting to think about how that carpet would smell. Splashbacks happen and would sink into the carpet, leaving unpleasant smells and stains.

A Room With a View

This homeowner likes nature so much that they decided to have a room with a view when using the toilet. It’s an excellent option to have easy access to the toilet when outside, although this might put a few guests off using the bathroom.

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At least the toilet isn’t impossible to use and has a curtain for when more privacy is needed. It’s also good to know the door can be left open if there is a bad smell or if a quick escape route is needed.

Instructions on How to Pee

There was a trend going around where people were peeing backward into the toilets; maybe it was for likes on social media. This place was so fed up with people peeing backward that they decided to sign about it.

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It isn’t clear how they know why people are peeing in this establishment, and maybe it is evident with the mess? Either way, they decided it was worth putting up instructions not to pee backward when using their bathroom.

When it’s Time to Potty Train

Every parent knows how hard it is to successfully potty train your child. When you are on a roll, you don’t want to jeopardize the progress already made, and these parents were determined not to give up.

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They made sure to bring the porta-potty with them on a walk, and this little boy is going about happily in the wild while his little sister stands guard and encourages him. It’s one of the cutest bathrooms fails that all parents can relate to.

What Are You Doing in the Bathtub?

Let’s hope this is just an error and the toilet paper isn’t needed in the tub because that would be gross. There is a perfect toilet nearby, but somehow the toilet roll is over the bathtub. Maybe it’s just a lack of space that prevents the roll from being closer to the toilet.

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Whatever the reason, there are far worse toilet fails to tan this. However, it is interesting to know if the toilet paper is soggy when used, or maybe it’s a new way to make toilet paper moister.

Wrong Punctuation Can Change the Meaning

There is a reason why punctuation is essential, and this sign shows that the meaning completely changes without it. The sign says that this restroom is for the disabled, elderly, and pregnant children, showing how vital commas are or bullet points.

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The owners might not even notice the mistake unless someone points it out to them, but it’s probably funnier to just leave it. It would be interesting to see what other signs they have around the store.

The Minimalistic Look That Went Too Far

It’s a good thing when the bathrooms have doors, but it’s rendered pointless if the wall is missing. This house was going for the minimalistic look but took it a little too far in their bathroom location.

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It wouldn’t be an issue if the owner lived alone, but they could have guests over who aren’t comfortable going to the toilet in front of people. It is not just about watching when using it, but every little sound can be heard without a wall.

Only For Flexible People

When you need to be a yoga instructor to use the toilet, it might be good to rethink your bathroom design. Maybe the homeowner likes a challenge and enjoys the stress of navigating how they will use the toilet each time.

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It’s uncertain if the goal is to keep everyone out of their bathroom, or they just hadn’t got enough space but decided to do it anyway. It’s a cramped situation to be in and doesn’t make for a very welcoming toilet experience.

When In Doubt Improvise

Some people fail miserably and give up, and then there are the other kinds of people who decide to improvise and fix the situation. It takes a creative mind to figure out a way around these issues, and it seems like they have managed to pull it off.

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Instead of moving the toilet further back and having a complete door, this homeowner decided to cut a hole in the bathroom door so that it could open and close without the toilet being in the way; genius or epic fail, you decide!

Who Said Doors Needs to Close?

There is nothing worse than achieving something like installing a lock and being proud of the accomplishment only to figure out that it doesn’t work. Whoever put this lock on the door would soon find out the hard way.

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The good news is, it looks like an easy matter to fix, but it would be interesting to know how long it took them to find out it didn’t work. Who needs to close the bathroom door anyway and especially if it’s their own house?

The Ring of Fire

It’s often said that you can smell the line of porta potties before you can see them, they are handy to have at festivals or significant events, but nobody enjoys using them. There are worse things that can happen then than a smelly toilet.

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These porta potties went up in flames, maybe someone had way too much spicy food before using it, or it was so smelly that they decided instead of cleaning it, they would just burn them down. Let’s hope the truck in the background is coming to the rescue.

Recycling is a Great Idea

Recycling is a great idea, and it’s a great way to prevent waste, but using a toilet as a barbecue raises some questions. How clean is the toilet, and can you ever clean it thoroughly enough to eat off of it without getting sick?

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Whoever decided to make their toilet into this must have saved a fortune on buying a new barbeque, and it’s something to get the conversation going while at a cookout. A cold beer and a nice meal, what else can a person want?

Maybe They Like the Angle

It’s nice to be unique and have a different style, and maybe that’s why this homeowner decided to make their toilet a bit different. It could also have been a construction error that was played off as, “It was meant to be like that,” and it worked.

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It’s not the worst bathroom fail, and maybe there is a reason for why it’s angled that way. The homeowner could have a good reason why the toilet is angled; maybe it’s the only way to be installed due to space. I guess we will never know.

The Wrong Way Around

It seems like there might have been some mix-up when it came to installing these toilets. Urinals don’t usually have doors because men stand peeing up, and it’s not uncommon to have urinals free-standing in bathrooms without a door.

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It’s designed like this because if someone enters the restroom, all they can see is the man’s back. However, if someone needs to sit down, they usually need more privacy, and a door is expected, but it looks like someone had a bad day and mixed them up.

That Cat isn’t Happy

Cats self-clean and are one of the most hygienic animals around as they use their tongue to clean themselves regularly. When a bath is needed, there are some exceptional situations, such as rolling into something they can’t clean off themselves.

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It seemed like this cat needed a bath and wasn’t happy about it at all, or maybe he jumped into the bath without thinking of the consequences. It’s hard trying to comfort a scared and angry cat, especially when you are naked and they have claws.

Dine and Dash to the Toilet

It’s not uncommon to have a studio apartment with limited space and needed to have an open plan, but it might be taking it a little too far. This homeowner decided to have the restroom right beside the dining table where people eat.

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It might be convenient to have the toilet close by if you just ate some dodgy food. It would be great for visitors because they wouldn’t need to ask to use the restroom; they could just plop themselves down and use it whiles still eating.

Not the Smartest Choice of Design

It would be impossible not to be horrified when walking into a restroom and seeing brown smeared marks across the walls. It would make you want to leave immediately, thinking about the worst-case scenario, running towards the door, and never going back.

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Maybe they were just testing out different paints and colors to decorate the bathroom and couldn’t decide. It isn’t a great look to have and could easily be mistaken for something very unpleasant.

Measuring Tape is an Essential Tool

It’s essential to grasp mathematics when building things because otherwise, mistakes can quickly happen. It’s also essential to have the correct tools such as measuring tape when installing a sink in someone’s house.

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This considerable oversight happened when this was installed, which makes you wonder what the person was thinking. The facet is way too big and extends past the sink, which will cost a fortune when the place floods.

At Least it Has a Door

Bathrooms aren’t usually that big, and it’s not usually an issue, but when the space is so tiny, you must cut a hole in the door it might be time to expand. This designer made a wrong choice when they decided that the door should open inwards.

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The toilet gets in the way of the door, and instead of changing the door and making it opening outward instead, they would just cut a hole in the door. It’s the quickest solution to a big problem.

What is Taking so Long

Sometimes, bathrooms are missing essential things like toilet paper or a socket to plug things into. It seems like this woman wasn’t bothered that her curler wasn’t plugged in and decided to do her hair regardless of if it worked or not.

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I’m sure whoever was waiting on her was wondering what was taking so long, and she probably couldn’t understand why her hair wasn’t cooperating. We all have bad hair days, and this lady isn’t any exception.

May the Force be With You

It’s not every day that you have such a dilemma in the bathroom like this homeowner does because they have too many choices. Someone decided to install a urinal and a toilet that were too close together.

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It could have been a cute his and her bathroom design, but instead, it is a failure because nobody wants to be sitting on the throne with their partner using the urinal over them. I guess a man could try and multitask and use both at once.

Duct Tape Fixes Everything

There is nothing worse than having a nice relaxing shower, and suddenly the showerhead stops working, but this homeowner had an ingenious idea. They used some duct tape, a soda can and made a showerhead.

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It’s a great temporary fix, and who knew duct tape was that waterproof, but it’s not a great long-term solution. Maybe if it breaks, they can do the same thing all over again until they get their hands on a new showerhead.

The Secret Toilet Roll

Maybe this is shared accommodation, and the person is sick of their toilet roll being used by others and never replaced. It could also be a prank by the homeowner who enjoys imagining their guest panic trying to find it.

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It might be one of those houses where you have to bring your paper or simply a bad design, but whatever the reason, a few confused people will wonder where the toilet paper is.

Don’t Overdo a Good Thing

A few years ago, these tiles were all the rage, but it looks like this homeowner went a bit over the top and went all out instead of just adding a few. It doesn’t look great when the whole bathroom is green.

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That isn’t the biggest problem with this restroom. The green tiles around the sink aren’t the most durable and are prone to chipping and looking dirty and impossible to clean. Maybe it’s time to redecorate the house!

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

It’s great when a restroom has a fully stocked soap dispenser, but whoever designed this must desperately want people to remember to wash their hands. In case one is empty, there are multiple backups available if needed.

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It does look a bit silly and a little over the top, having that many soap dispensers on the wall. It might be a good idea if the owner took one or two down and replaced it with a nice piece of art instead.

A Confusing Perspective

This sign found in Thailand is sure to raise some questions about why the man in the sign doesn’t have any arms and why the woman is frightened to use the bathroom. Whatever the reason for the sign, it’s funny to look at.

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It’s such an exciting image that it’s impossible not to keep staring at it and wondering what exactly the message is behind the sign. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation, and it would be nice to know what exactly that is.