These are the Worst Neighbors on the Planet

Look Out Below!

There’s a certain amount of respect you need to have for anyone living in an apartment below you. This neighbor certainly didn’t get the memo and instead decided to practice his skills for the NBA. Did he do it on a court? No! He did it on his living room floor.

Source: YouTube

The worst thing? He didn’t play ball at midday or late afternoon – oh no! Instead, he decided that 3am would be the perfect time to grab a b-ball or two and practice his dribbling skills. From the looks of it, he’s not going to rival anyone anytime soon.

Sometimes it’s Best Not to Know …

Can you imagine peering out of your curtains to find out what the noise you’re hearing is and you see this? Sometimes it really is better not to know what is actually going on! But come on, you’d be very curious to find out why your neighbor was driving around this way, right?

Source: Facebook

We can only assume the little joy ride was at the child’s request. Surely this isn’t something any sane person would suggest doing along the front of the neighbor’s house? Let’s at least hope not.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalker

If we’re honest, we’ve all spied on our neighbors occasionally. We’ve seen a car pull up outside their house and we’ve had a quick look from behind the curtains to see what’s going on. This neighbor has gone from normal levels to totally crazy!

Photo by martin-dm/Getty Images

Not only did he peer through his blinds at everything that was going on next door, but he also used to call up and pretend to be from the FBI to find out even more information. For that level of crazy, that’s a commitment to information!

The Never-Ending Car Alarm

Car alarms go off sometimes, it’s just a fact of life. However, they also tend to stop quickly if the person isn’t in, or the individual goes out and actually turns the alarm off instead! It’s not cool to leave it blaring out all night as this rather disrespectful neighbor did.

Source: Twitter

Maybe he was trying to get noticed or perhaps he had fallen into deep slumber and he didn’t realize the noise outside. Whatever the reason, he found himself awarded the rather dubious title of ‘worst neighbor’ for his efforts!

No Smoke Without Fire

If you’re walking past this particular house and you happen to be smoking a cigarette, you should probably speed up your walking pace, or risk a drenching! We can only wonder what actually caused them to put this sign up on their front lawn. Maybe they got sick of people throwing finished cigarette butts onto their grass?

Source: Pinterest

Either way, nobody is going to enjoy being soaked with water for simply smoking as they walk past. Perhaps they should double-check if the person walking past is innocent of any lawn damage before they get the Super Soaker out?

Second Floor Indecency

Two things here – firstly, the house have drawn their curtains so they’re in no doubt a little scarred from watching their neighbors go at it from the window. Secondly, they’ve decided to shame them in front of the whole neighborhood – we can only assume what they saw was particularly damaging to the eyeballs?

Source: Facebook

Either way, it’s not cool to be getting down and dirty with the curtains wide open. Anyone could see your activities and regardless of how sexy you think you look, it’s very unlikely that anyone will be happy to watch you.

At Least They’re Honest

The problem with buying a house these days is that you’re never totally sure what you’re going to get. You think you’ve got a good deal, only to find endless damp on the second floor when the winter sets in. This owner decided to be honest with their potential buyers from the get-go.

Source: Reddit

We’re not sure if honesty is the best policy here however, as it’s very likely they’re going to be stuck in the house with their terrible neighbors for a while yet. Who would buy a house with a nightmare neighbor thrown in with the price?

Keep Your Political Views Out of it

Okay, we get it, the subject of guns is a contentious one and it often stokes up heightened emotions. However, we all have our options, and they must be respected, right? Clearly this set of neighbors have different opinions on gun ownership, to the point where one neighbor wants to expose the other one’s views.

Source: Reddit

Firstly, why would you go to all that effort to print a sign and put it up in your garden? Secondly, surely their neighbor is completely entitled to their own opinion, as they are theirs? Come on guys, let’s agree to disagree!

You’ve Blown His Mind

Sometimes, you look out of your window, and you do a double take. You can’t quite believe what you’ve just seen. That’s exactly what this guy’s neighbors must have thought when they saw him walking down the street with a bird house on fire on his head. Yes, you read that right.

Source: YouTube

Why he decided to put a bird house on his head is questionable enough, but to set it on fire? Surely that’s dangerous! However, it looks like this guy has more worries than his hair being a little singed.

Just Can’t Throw It Away

There is a reason why trash is called trash – because it needs to be thrown away, exactly like trash! This house doesn’t seem to have got the memo on that, and has decided to keep every single item they’ve ever owned on their front lawn instead. Hoarding isn’t the word here!

Source: Twitter

Can you imagine being a neighbor to this house? Not only does it look terrible, but the smell must be something else. Maybe there are little critters living under the pile of trash too? It’s an eyesore, that’s for sure!

Just Me and My Crab

It’s very normal to look out of your window and see your neighbors taking their dogs for walks. You expect it, it’s pleasant. However, this guy has decided to take his crab for a walk instead. Yes, his crab. Firstly, don’t crabs walk sideways? And secondly, doesn’t it need to be near the sea?

Source: Reddit

We also must wonder exactly what’s in that cup for this guy to assume taking a crab for a walk is a normal thing to do. If you want a pet crab sir, you can have one. But perhaps keep him in the water for his own comfort and not on a leash?

Eat Your Greens

Now, you can look at this particular image in two different ways. The first way is to assume that this is a friendly do-gooder who wants the Halloween trick or treaters to eat their greens and get their daily number of vitamins. Good, right? The likelihood is probably that they don’t want anyone knocking on their door.

Source: Reddit

Children do not like broccoli, so the chances of them taking even one is pretty slim. Maybe they just had enough of people knocking on their doors on October 31st and decided to try other tactics to have a peaceful night instead?

Taking Nosey to Another Level

We can all admit to being a little nosey from time to time but there are limits you have to adhere to. Everyone can do whatever they want on their own property – you can glance, but you should never stare. Clearly, this woman never got that message.

Photo by tirc83/Getty Images

Not only did she stare but she got her binoculars out and had a good, long, hard look instead! She’s not exactly subtle, is she? We can only wonder what can be so interesting next door and why she has decided that being subtle isn’t the best policy.

A Smoking Cat

It’s annoying when people throw smoked cigarette butts on your front lawn, so you can’t blame this household for wanting to do something about it. Deterrence is normally in the form of a threatening note or even a fence around the garden, but they decided to go down the route of humor instead.

Source: Tumblr

Clearly, their cat has a smoking problem and is enjoying the butts that passerbys decide to throw their way. Everyone wants to quit smoking, and this cat is no different. Let the poor little guy have clean lungs!

Mind Your Own Business

The last time we checked, there was no law prohibiting anyone from smoking in their own car. Sure, it’s not the best habit, but it’s not law-breaking either. However, this neighbor decided that someone driving down the street smoking was a terrible thing for the neighborhoods kids to see.

Source: Facebook

The joke was certainly on them when it turned out that it wasn’t even a cigar that was being smoked, but a delicious taquito instead. Firstly, mind your own business! Secondly, can we get a taquito?

Neighborhood Wars Gone Too Far

There is nothing wrong with protecting your property with the use of security cameras. However, when you use them to get one that’s better than your neighbors and invade their own privacy, there’s something a little wrong. That’s exactly what this neighbor did after he was reported to the local authorities for his pool deck invading the space next door.

Photo by sturti/Getty Images

They could have gone to him and talked about it, sure. But is it really wise to retaliate by installing a long line of invasive security cameras, pointing directly at the neighbor’s house? Probably not the best route to solve a conflict between neighbors.

My Wi-Fi or Yours?

Sometimes the Wi-Fi goes out and it’s a total shock to the system. We’re all so completely addicted to being connected that we panic when we can’t get online. However, this neighbor found out that he had been duped by the next-door neighbors when he politely asked if he could use their password until his own service was fixed.

Source: Tumblr

It turned out that next door had been using his Wi-Fi without his permission for a long time and he didn’t even know! This might have turned into one neighborhood spat that even beer couldn’t fix. A weekend without internet? Terrible!

You Always Need a Code Word

If there’s one subject that is certain to cause ructions between neighbors, it’s parking. If you dare park in your neighbor’s spot, you’re risking not only their wrath but probably a spate of reprisals after that too. That’s exactly what happened to this set of neighbors when a parking war kicked off.

Source: Facebook

Upon blocking the neighbor in, he decided to choose a rather embarrassing code word that should be shouted from the rooftops in order to be set free. The alternative? A tow truck and a costly release fee. We wonder what happened next?!

Grab The Popcorn

We all have a slightly nosey side when it comes to our neighbors relationship troubles. If you hear them having an argument, part of you thinks you should turn the TV up to drown it out, but the bigger part of you wants to know what they’re arguing about. It turns out these neighbors have many relationship problems.

Source: Twitter

Sometimes you can’t help but laugh and this neighbor was caught by the couple next door. Rather than deny it, they decided to admit that they found their squabbles amusing. They even ate popcorn while they listened – better than a Hollywood blockbuster!

Don’t Feed the Raccoons!

Okay, raccoons look cute, but they can be nasty. Secondly, once you start feeding them, they’re not going to forget, and they’ll keep coming back for more. That’s exactly what happened when this neighbor decided to leave cat food out for the “cute” critters who came to visit.

Source: Reddit

The problem? They kept coming back time and time again. No, it’s not a cat, and no, it’s not cute and cuddly like you think it is. Perhaps the best advice is to not feed the raccoons and let them find their food in the wild, like they’re supposed to.

The Weird House Next Door

You might think this is amusing at first glance, but can you imagine living next door to it? Weird, for sure! Not only have they allowed their foliage to grow up to unnaturally high levels, almost akin to a creepy haunted house, but they’ve decided to give it eyes and a mouth too!

Source: Facebook

It’s funny to drive past and see but when you open your curtains to see the house next door blinking back at you, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether you’ve stumbled into some odd Sci-Fi series.

Perfect And a Sense of Humor?

Where do these people get the time? Not only do they literally have a perfectly kept household and garden, but they have also managed to cut a Pac Man pattern into their front lawn for comedic value. Could this house look any more perfect?

Source: Facebook

At least it shows that they have a sense of humor and they’re not just focused on having the best house on the street. Either way, that is a seriously impressive-looking house, although you must wonder whether you would dare sit down and spill anything. It looks that well-kept!

Batman is Dead

Sorry to break it to you folks, but even Batman isn’t going to survive being impaled with a wooden pole through the stomach. We’re not sure if this household were actual Batman fans and don’t know of another way to get the image to stay up, or whether they actually don’t like him at all.

Source: Twitter

Either way, it’s bound to have gained attention. Can you imagine the tears of a child walking past, only to see their childhood hero with a wooden pole through their innards? That’s enough to scar a child for life!

Living in La-La Land

This house looks like it should be in a theme park somewhere, certainly not on a regular suburban street. Firstly, it looks cute, for sure, but secondly, it also looks kind of creepy. A fairytale house that looks like it’s there to entice you to the door. What exactly are they hiding inside?

Source: Pinterest

Of course, it could simply be that the owner loves fairytales and wanted to live in his own out of this world house. Either way, it certainly stands out in the neighborhood and that’s probably not something that the other neighbors are too pleased about!

Christmas in Alabama

Some people go all out to decorate their homes for Christmas. However, this Alabama household decided that they wanted to stand out from the rest of the houses in the local area. Rather than have Santa and reindeers flying across the roof and trees, they decided to throw in a car instead.

Source: Imgur

How exactly did they manage to get a car that size up there, and to keep it from falling? We sure wouldn’t want to be the postman walking underneath it every day. The other worrying question is how are they going to get it down?

They Didn’t Think This Through

When you build a house, there are certain boxes that need to be ticked. Most of them are pretty basic. After all, when you build a garage next to a house, you want a car to actually be able to drive through the door, right? Clearly that wasn’t on the check list for this construction company.

Source: Facebook

The house itself is beautiful, set in woodlands with huge trees. The only issue is the huge tree that blocks you from getting your car into the garage. If you have a bicycle; No problem. A car? Big issue!

Wanting to Blend in?

It seems that everyone wants to stand out from the crowd these days, but this household decided they wanted to blend in instead. Rather than stick with regular bricks and mortar, they decided to build their house with a camouflage pattern on the outside. Strange? Definitely. Cute? Not at all.

Source: Imgur

You have to question what type of person decides to camp outside of their home. What are they trying to hide? Why do they want to blend in so much? Do the neighbors like it? Probably not. That’s one huge eyesore on a road of regular looking houses!

A Perfectly Tended Moon

There is so much going on with this image. We’re not sure where to start. Of course, you have to commend the neighbor for having the time and skills to create such a wonderfully procured piece of foliage. That’s some serious attention to detail. However, giving your neighbor a full moon in such a direct way does pose a few problems.

Source: Facebook

We can only assume these neighbors just don’t get on. The other guy does not look too impressed at the view facing him every time he walks into his own garden. Either way, that’s some seriously impressive gardening skills, you must admit!

The Lawnmower Army is Coming to Get You!

This looks like something from an ‘80s horror movie! If you have ever had a nightmare about machines coming to life and chasing after you to death, this image will give you the serious shakes. We can only wonder why this particular guy decided recreating such an image would be a good idea.

Source: Tumblr

Did he want extra help mowing his lawn? Or, more likely, did he just have way too much time on his hands and want to terrify the life out of his inspecting neighbors? Either way, we hope this isn’t something we ever have to deal with ourselves!

A Trash Yard or a House?

Have they had a wild party and not woken up yet? Has there been a very strong wind that’s blown all the trash and landed it on their garden? Let’s hope that it’s not the alternative – that this household is simply very messy and hasn’t been cleaned, literally ever.

Source: Reddit

Who could live in a house, look out of the windows and be comfortable with seeing that amount of mess? All that plastic! This house could single-handedly be responsible for a huge amount of carbon emissions. Clean it up, people!

A Pretty Sad Christmas Party

It’s true that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to throw a good party. Even a ‘bring your own bottle’ party can be great fun, provided you get the decorations right. That’s where this house went very wrong indeed – decorations, or a total lack of them.

Source: Twitter

Did anyone even turn up? This is the saddest Christmas party ever; in fact, it actually looks a little on the terrifying side! Perhaps they shouldn’t try to throw parties in the future. They’re not exactly pros, are they?

A Little Creative License

We all know that trying to sell a house usually involves a slight amount of truth embellishment. ‘Spacious’ usually means just a little bigger than average, and ‘modern’ sometimes plays with the realms of creativity. However, this neighbor decided to go one further.

Source: Pinterest

Open plan? Well, you could argue they’re not lying but it’s not exactly the modern abode that springs to mind, is it? The ‘make offer’ sign is probably the most laughable of them all – who in their right mind would be rushing to make an offer on this place?

No Space to Stick a Pin

Some people like the cluttered look, and some people like the minimalist look. This household seems to go one step further and like the ‘nowhere to actually stick a pin’ look. There are so many ornaments on that lawn. Do any of them actually match?

Source: Facebook

We have a flamingo next to a windmill, with a statue of Jesus next to some birds and flowers. Mismatched is certainly a good description of this lawn, but can you imagine being their neighbor and having to look at that eyesore every day?

Did You Forget Something?

Fences are normally pretty good security tools. The keep out unwanted visitors and they act as a barrier between your home and the rest of the world. However, the point is that the fence covers the house and doesn’t just have a gate, and nothing else.

Source: Tumblr

We can only assume this household was trying to be funny, either that or they really don’t understand the concept of household security at all. If only the rest of the fence existed, the gate would actually look stylish!

Now You See Me …

When you return home from a big night and you’ve had a little too much to drink, stumbling into your house and falling into bed is normally the regular routine. However, this guy couldn’t make it the last few yards to his front door, let alone his bed.

Source: Twitter

It was obviously a little chilly when he finally hit the floor and decided to pull up the turf to keep him warm. He clearly didn’t want to spill what was left of his drink! We wonder what he will think when he finally wakes up in the morning!

Party House Gone Wild

It’s normal to have a party every so often, perhaps on a special occasion or New Year’s Eve. However, this household apparently have a full on rave every single weekend, with more alcohol than anyone could possibly ever drink.

Source: Imgur

We’re all for having fun, but this isn’t the kind of party anyone should be having in a residential area – show a little respect. Living next door to this house must be a nightmare, but maybe the neighbors have decided that if you can’t beat them, you should join them?

At One with Nature

Many people love to live amongst nature. Waking up in the morning to see the mountains, the birds, the lush green land, it’s a wonderful sight. However, along with nature comes native wildlife. This neighborhood is right on the edge of bear country, in fact, there is a very clear sign warning visitors about the presence of bears.

Source: Tumblr

Now, teddy bears are cute, but grizzlies certainly are not. Who in their right mind would want to live amongst bears? You wouldn’t be able to leave anything outside, as that would surely invite four legged friends to come and have a sniff around. No thanks!

This Household is….

We’ll let you insert an adjective there because any house that has two broken toilets at the bottom of the garden isn’t the best investment, right? Let’s hope if they ever decide to sell, they at least remove the offending items before listing it.

Source: Pinterest

The neighbors must also be annoyed about having such an “interesting” ornament staring back at them every day when they open their curtains. The strange this is, it would be very easy to remove them and take them to the trash tip!

Halloween or Just Plain Weird?

Upon seeing these rather interesting characters walking around the neighborhood, you could be forgiven for assuming that it’s Halloween and this is how they have chosen to celebrate. No. It’s not Halloween at all, this is simply how they dress.

Source: Reddit

Can you imagine these two wandering around outside of your house? Look at the size of that weapon she’s holding! We’re not sure whether to call the police or ask for a psychiatric assessment, but either way, we’re glad we don’t live there.

Pretty But Drunk

When this rather attractive young lady moved into the neighborhood, the single guys probably rejoiced. However, that may have turned into annoyance when the realized that she’s a party animal with a tendency to drink ’til dawn, no matter what the day of the week.

Source: Twitter

Parties have their time and place. As long as she’s not blaring out music and drinking from the bottle on the front lawn, it’s all good. However, there’s probably a few who would want to party with her!

Taking Spying to a New Level

It’s not a bad thing to be aware of what’s going on in your neighborhood, but there’s a real difference between that and outright spying on your neighbors. This guy didn’t even bother to try and disguise his actions – he’s got binoculars!

Source: Facebook

If we lived on this street, we’d be seriously creeped out by this guy and his obvious spying problem. What exactly is he looking for? What could be so interesting on that street to go to such levels?

When The Effort Just Isn’t Worth It

When you have a swimming pool and you decide to upgrade, the most natural thing in the world is to empty the old one and then fill up the new one, right? Obviously not the thought process this household decided to go through. Rather than emptying and transferring, they just put the old one in the new one and created an eyesore!

Source: Pinterest

Someone please explain to us what the point of this is? Did the old one have a leak? Surely if they wanted a bigger pool, this isn’t serving that purpose. If nothing else, this looks like a mess and we bet the neighbors aren’t pleased.

Just a Few Steps More ….

When you share a main door with your neighbors, the last you should do is unblock it. That also means not falling asleep intoxicated on your way back from a big night out. We can only wonder what type of fun she got up to because it certainly looks like it was a fun night!

Source: Reddit

However, on a serious note, if you share anything with your neighbors, you should show respect without causing problems. The slightest issue is okay from time to time, but passing out drunk in the doorway isn’t exactly a slight issue, is it?

Drop The Mail and Go

We can only assume that this household had issues with the mail delivery person entering their property to drop off their mail. Obviously the most sensible solution to such a problem is to move the mailbox. They didn’t do that. They installed a giraffe with a long neck instead.

Source: Tumblr

They either love giraffes or they’re being downright sarcastic. Either way, you have to admire their thinking here. The mail person doesn’t have to go onto the lawn, they get their mail and giraffes are always cute.

It’s All in The Description

When you tell someone that you have a hot tub on your roof, the image that springs to mind is an idyllic, chilled out, and quite serene one. You expect people enjoying their time in a beautiful setting. When you see real situation, you realize that they’re actually playing with creative licenses.

Source: Imgur

This guy told everyone that he had a hot tub on the roof. In reality, he wasn’t wrong. He really did have a hot tub on his roof, but he failed to mention that it was an old hot tub that wasn’t installed and was merely thrown up there for effect.

Does He Like Cows?

According to the sign, it’s Jonathan’s birthday. Let’s hope that Jonathan actually likes cows and that they didn’t simply put a selection of ornamental cows around the garden just for the sake of it. Surely, he would be embarrassed?

Source: Facebook

Birthday aside, plastic cows on the grass could be seen as a joke or a rather sad appreciation of such an animal. The garden doesn’t even look well-tended to, so it’s clear the cows aren’t real!

Guttering or Something Else?

Rain guttering tends to have a normal look to it. It’s straight, it goes down the house and it allows the water to run away. This house has decided to play around a little and be creative. We can only hope that’s all they’re trying to do and that they’re not hiding something.

Source: Reddit

Why create your rain guttering in the shape of an actual person? What have they done? What are they hiding? Or do they just really like the tin man from The Wizard of Oz? Anything is possible, quite frankly.

They Really Don’t Like Greg

We feel a little sorry for Greg. Sure, we don’t know him, but what did he do to be publicly ridiculed in such a way? Surely, simply being boring or uninteresting doesn’t warrant such a public response by your neighbors.

Source: Pinterest

It turns out that they really don’t like poor old Greg at all and rather than just ask him politely not to visit their house, they decided to leave a very public note telling him and everyone else what they think of him. Savage!

They Love Cats

We all want our animals to be safe and that involves crossing the road without fear of being injured. This neighborhood decided to set up a cat crossing, but it seems the local cats aren’t quite on board with the concept.

Source: Reddit

Not only do the cats not seem to want to use the crossing to get from A to B, but even a little coaxing doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps we should just let them do their own thing? They’ve managed this long without cat crossings!

Recycling Taken to a New Level

Mailboxes can be pretty boring. They’re literally just wooden boxes that hold the mail. Having said that, they don’t really need to be special or look a particular way, they just serve a very basic purpose. This household decided that wasn’t for them, however.

Source: Twitter

They obviously had no further use for their old microwave and rather than throw it away or recycle it, they decided to use it as a makeshift mailbox instead. You must give them kudos for thinking outside the box, if nothing else!

A Game of Two Halves

This landlord clearly has a favorite when it comes to the people who live in his house. One half has been painted and renovated, looking rather lovely. However, the other half is left looking less than its best. What did the house on the right do to the owner?

Source: Pinterest

You would think they would realize and ask why their house looks far worse than next door’s! Either that, or the painter got bored and decided they would be better painting a different house, for a change of scenery.

Taking Squatting a Little Too Literally

Squatters are the worst. They stay somewhere, don’t pay the rent and take forever to be evicted. It’s not fair when you’re honestly paying your rent and other people aren’t. So, when you have a bunch of squatters who are clearly proud of it, it’s infuriating!

Source: Pinterest

This squatter isn’t just squatting in the house, he’s squatting outside of it too – literally. You can only assume that he’s doing this to annoy the neighbors and make a point. That’s not going to go down too well with the rest of the street!

She’s Not Going to Share

Some neighbors just love to party. They party hard and then they sleep all day long. If you live next door, it’s certainly annoying. However, what happens when you want to get in on the partying action, but your neighbors aren’t sharing?

Source: Tumblr

This neighbor clearly enjoys her partying ways so much that she’s not going to share her bottle with anyone else. So, what’s more annoying? A partying neighbor or one that isn’t going to give you a shot of the action too?

A Little Too Much Alcoholic Lasagna

We all know that Garfield the cat loves lasagna. However, it seems this particular version of Garfield loves alcohol too. He loves it so much that he’s overdone it and passed out on the driveway on the way back home from a party.

Source: Twitter

How many bottles are lying next to him? You can only assume that he had a very good night and wanted to keep all the bottles as a lasting reminder of his fun. However, it probably won’t be fun when he wakes up in the morning.

But They’re MY Leaves!

Fallen leaves are annoying. They fly around the place, clog up the guttering, and become slippery when it rains. We can only assume, therefore, that this household decided they wanted to get the leaves off the ground and cut out the problems.

Source: Facebook

Rather than sweep them up, bag them up, and throw them out, they decided to put them in the trunk of the car instead. No bag, no nothing. Strange? Definitely. Maybe they love leaves so much they can’t bear to part with them.

Look Out Below!

Sometimes a party gets out of control and things start to get broken. It’s normally a TV that gets smashed up or thrown into a pool. Having a soft thrown out of a window is a new one on us. The problem? The offending sofa decided to wedge itself on downstairs’ balcony.

Source: Reddit

You would be a little annoyed to wake up to find your neighbor’s sofa stuck on your balcony, wouldn’t you? How are they going to get it down? And how did it even manage to get stuck there in the first place? So many questions!

Party House Next Door

Living next door to a sorority house isn’t the best thing. It’s probably best to pack up and move if that’s your reality. Why? Because the drunken faces in this image happens on a regular basis, and it doesn’t even have to be the weekend.

Source: YouTube

These types of parties don’t have an ending time, they go on all night long and well into the morning hours. If you live next door, you’re not getting any sleep. You either go and join them or move.

Saving Some Space

We know that trailer parks take up quite a lot of space, so it makes sense to come up with a way to try and reduce that space and free up a little area for new housing, or new trailers if the need arises. This Park decided to start moving upwards, rather than across!

Source: Tumblr

We’ve all seen high rise blocks of flats before, but we’ve never seen a high-rise trailer park before. Maybe it will catch on? Perhaps this is the trailer park design of the future? Who knows, but those ladders don’t look too safe to us.

Where Lawnmowers go to Die

This looks exactly like a lawnmower graveyard, but it’s actually a “normal” neighborhood in the area! They don’t seem to want to throw anything away or reuse scrap for parts. Instead, they just let their old lawnmowers pile up on the doorstep.

Source: Imgur

Would you want to buy a house in this area after seeing that? It’s pretty creepy, after all. What if they come alive after the hours of darkness and start running wild around the neighborhood?

That Doesn’t Look Safe

If you don’t have a sturdy wall to hold a basketball hoop, it’s probably best not to try and install one and instead go to your nearest neighborhood b-ball court, right? This house decided that they were having one anyway.

Source: Twitter

Not only is the hoop held up by several other pieces of equipment somehow attached to a tree, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to stand up to a basketball being thrown at it. Let’s hope nobody is standing too close otherwise they may end up injured.

Is This My House?

We’ve seen a lot of drunken people passed out, but this guy doesn’t look at all comfortable. Who passes out in that position? Also, what did he drink to end up that inebriated in the first place? We can only imagine.

Source: Facebook

The problem is, when you wake up in the morning and you’re taking your kids to school, it’s not something you really want to see. If you’re going to pass out drunk, at least do it in the comfort of your own home!

Drop The Mail and Run

We’re all for creativity, and it makes sense that a creative mailbox or two is going to make the cut. However, this one isn’t creative at all, it’s just downright creepy and quite violent looking! Maybe the owner just likes donkeys or maybe he’s not at all happy.

Source: Pinterest

If you’re going to install a different kind of mailbox, at least consider what it’s going to look like to your neighbors and how it’s going to affect the aesthetics of the neighborhood as a whole. It’s called respect!

Does Someone Actually Live There?

This creepy looking property appears to be empty, and we hope that is the case because if not, the owners have a very poor idea of what a house should be! It looks terrifying and not at all safe either.

Source: Pinterest

To access the top floor, you have to go outside and use the ladder. That’s not normal! Most people use the inner stairs of their house, normally laminated or carpeted. They don’t climb a ladder. Not at all safe and not at all pleasing to the eye!

An Interesting Use

Most household items can be used for something other than their actual purpose. However, using old toilets and faucets as planters for your greenery isn’t something that springs to mind immediately. Effective? Possibly!

Source: Imgur

However, you have to admit that it would have been much easier to just buy some regular plant pots or use the actual garden instead. The neighbors probably don’t appreciate a whole host of old toilets staring at them every day!

You Can Have Your Snow Back

When it snows badly, you somehow need to move the white stuff off your path so you can get out of your house safely. Normally, you move the snow to one side, usually onto your garden. This guy went one step further and decided to dump his snow on next door neighbor’s house instead!

Source: Facebook

We can only assume there is some long-running feud going on, because it’s really not the best thing to make next door’s snow situation any worse than it already is. This one looks like it will turn into a major argument!

He Did What You Asked

It looks like Bob had been nagging at his neighbor to paint his fence for some time. You can’t blame him as in some ways it does look quite unsightly and could do with a fresh lick of paint. However, we’re not sure this is what he meant.

Source: YouTube

It appears the neighbor was fed up with being asked to pant it and instead decided to daub a comical message across his fence instead. You can’t really argue – he did as he was asked to do!

Stay Away from My Yard!

For some people, a fence and a dog aren’t enough to keep their property safe. They want to go one further. This house didn’t even want people walking on the sidewalk outside, so they allowed their dogs to guard beyond their fence.

Source: Facebook

Two dog flaps were cut into the fence so the dogs could stick their heads out and do some barking. Genius in some ways, but rather terrifying for innocent passersby too! What do you think? A good thing or not?

Not Keeping up With the Times

Most people upgrade their TV after a while and go for the latest model, or the best they can afford. It turns out this homeowner is pretty attached to his old-fashioned TV and doesn’t want to get rid of it just yet. He did however want it wall mounted.

Source: Reddit

Old TVs cannot be wall mounted, or so we thought! He cut a hole straight through his wall and wedged the TV in. Applause for thinking outside of the box but surely the rain is going to cause issues with the back.

A House with Character

This homeowner clearly thought that a regular house with four walls and windows wasn’t for them. They wanted something with character, something that greeted the neighbors with a smile. So, they gave it an actual smile.

Source: Tumblr

Now, we’re not sure about you, but that doesn’t look very friendly, does it? The house looks like it wants people to stay the hell away and doesn’t appear very welcoming at all. Maybe that’s the look they were going for all along?

A Toilet Welcoming

Having plants along the driveway to your home makes the place look warm and welcoming. It’s a good, nice touch to have. However, using old toilets as planters might not give the right impression to your visitors.

Source: Imgur

They could have modified them a little more and made them look less like their original state, right? Either way, you must wonder where they managed to find that many old toilets in the first place.

An Outdoor Entertainment System

The sun is shining, you don’t want to stay indoors, but your team is playing, and you need to be near the TV. Problem. The answer? Take everything outdoors and create your own outdoor entertainment system!

Source: Facebook

It seems like a good idea on the surface but think about the neighbors for a moment. The speakers look huge! That’s going to keep people awake all night long. They’re probably not going to be winning any awards for best neighbor anytime soon.

The Award for Best Mailbox Goes To …

We’ve seen a lot of interesting mailbox designs so far, but perhaps this one wins the award for the most creative. However, we have to wonder how the mail people feel when they literally have to put their hand in someone’s butt to deliver the mail!

Source: Flickr

Of course, those who are taking the mail out have an even worse job. Really, who came up with this idea? Surely a regular mailbox would have done the job just as well. What are you trying to prove?

A Lazy Lawnmower

Sometimes, mowing the lawn is one of those jobs that you just don’t want to do. That’s especially the case if you have a lot of land. The answer? Hook up your motorbike to the mower and zoom around in no time!

Source: Pinterest

Of course, the noise isn’t going to put you in your neighbors’ good books and the chances of the mower staying upright as you zoom around the grass are probably quite low. Maybe he should have thought this one through a little more?

An Army of Flamingos

We’re assuming that the flamingos were placed here after the police were called and the issue was for something else entirely. The owner seemed to take umbrage to something and decided that flamingos were the way forward.

Source: Twitter

You have to admit, they do look a little menacing, all staring ahead and looking like they’re about to charge. What exactly did the neighbor report? We’re curious and we want to know!

There’s Something Not Quite Right Here…

When you first look at this image, there’s so much going on that you’re not quite sure what to focus on first. The house seems to be upside down, and why is Spiderman in attendance? We’re confused on so many different levels right now.

Source: Imgur

It seems like the floor is the roof and the roof is the floor – how do you stand straight in this house? And again, why is Spiderman there? If you want to grab attention, this is really the way to go about it!

Watching the World go by

Some people aren’t content sitting in their living room on the sofa, watching TV. They want to be outdoors, with the people, watching the world go by and seeing what’s going down on their street. So, it makes perfect sense to move the sofa outside, right?

Source: Facebook

Well yes, but to put it onto your roof for a better vantage point is extreme, don’t you think? That’s what this guy did, and he can see everything that’s going on now with ease. Annoying for the neighbors? More than likely!

I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day

We’re not sure if this house loves Christmas or not. On one hand, they don’t seem to want to take their decorations down and they want a year-around remainder of that special time. But these decorations have seen better days, so maybe they actually hate Christmas? We’re confused!

Source: Reddit

Regardless, the garden looks like a mess and the neighbors probably hate the eyesore that it creates. What would you do if your neighbor refused to take their decorations down like this?

We Just Love Grass!

It can get very cold during the winter, so of course you need plenty of insulation to keep the heat inside. However, this household decided that the best type of isolation was natural – grass! We want to know who actually mows the grass on the roof!

Source: YouTube

It looks weird, so you can imagine the neighbors don’t particularly enjoy seeing this every day. Maybe they just want to melt into the background and allow their house to be camouflaged? Either way, it’s weird.